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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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difficulty reducing the chances of a winter surge. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. ama: we understand you have been in touch with the state. how many doses will california receive this week? >> we are told more than one point 3 million doses have been ordered. that is enough to cover one-third of california's five to 11-year-old population. at the state says their federal
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contract with pfizer includes enough doses to vaccinate all 3.5 million children in this age group across the state. ama: try to that update. here is what the superintendent said earlier today now that the cdc has given its greenlight. >> it has to be approved by the california department of public health, so as soon as all the approvals have, in the vaccines arrive, we will be ready to begin administering. ama: the superintendent met with fourth grade and fifth grade students at malcolm x academy. he answered their questions about the vaccines this. district says 95% of students aged 12 to 17 are dan: a southwest airlines pilot is facing assault and battery charges in san jose over a confrontation about masks with a crew member. police say it happened on october 18 and gateway lace at the doubletree hotel near the airport.
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the crew was spending the night there. the competition happened at the hotel bar. >> officers responded to a disturbance at the doubletree hotel. it appears two males were in ann argument that escalated over a subject wearing a mask not wearing a mask. dan: southwest placed the pilot only while this is under investigation. >> for the first time in san francisco history, and on-duty police officer could be tried in a homicide case. the police is charged with voluntary manslaughter as well as assault with a deadly weapon from the shooting in 2017. the man who was shot died three years later. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone is here to explain today's charges. reporter: at big part of this is coming from the autopsy of sean moore that was performed last january, and it found that two of the gunshots that hit him damaged liver and right:
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colon and led to his death. this body camera video shows the confrontation. officers originally responded to a neighbor's report that moore had violated a temporary restraining order. moore denied that and or told officers to leave. there was a back-and-forth. district officers say in 10 minutes, the officer elevated and nonviolent and contractor one that took sean moore's life. that was in 2017. moore did not pass away until 2020 while in jail on a separate case, but an attorney says the autopsy is key here. >> we think there is a clear nexus between the gunshots and the time of his death, and the fact that it took that long for him to die does not then negate the fact that what caused it was the officer's conduct. reporter: this is officer kenneth cha, and a picture
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showing some of the injuries he suffered during this encounter with moore in 2017. the san francisco police officers association said in a statement, "we support the officer's constitutionally protected right to present his defense against these charges." in a statement, district attorney chase aberdeen says "rebuilding community trust requires us to hold officers who inflict unlawful violence accountable." also keep in mind, the city of san francisco settled out of court earlier this year with moore's family for $3.25 million. j.r. stone, abc 7 news dan: now to fairfield where an active-duty air force member and a brother and sister from pittsburgh were arrested in the killing of a 19-year-old woman who was last seen leaving a halloween party. today two of the suspects made their first court appearance. the district attorney is calling this case a love triangle. reporter: today their bay area woman charged with murdering 19-year-old millennium shump
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over the holiday weekend in fairfield made her first appearance in solano county superior court. only still photos were allowed in the courtroom. >> what you don't normally see is we have a woman that is a shooter. reporter: beauchamp was first reported missing on saturday police. say she was last seen at a halloween party that friday morning leaving with two active-duty air force members. the group allegedly went back to this home on cascade lane in fairfield, where police and members of travis air force base office of investigation believed 21-year-old jessica quintanilla of pittsburgh shot and killed beauchamp. >> there is an indication it may have been a love triangle. reporter: beauchamp's remains were found sunday. hejessica's brother, who was also in court today, and 29-year-old one para peralta was also arrested. the scene in according to
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charging documents, marco quintanilla has been charged with having knowledge of the murder and helping his sister cover it up. preralta has not yet been charged. however, officials tell us the county is still determining whether it plans to do so. . the solano county district attorney's office would not confirm if peralta is one of the air force members that beauchamp left the party with friday morning. jessica's brother dale has been set. families said that they will miss leilani beauchamp's smile, demeanor, strong-willed, and passion for life and the love she brought to their family. in fairfield, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. dan: still ahead, the san francisco school district looks to dream more than. a half million dollars from its budget. and look at how the district got into this position and what it is now asking
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'san francisco public schools face severe budget cuts as the district deals with a $125 million shortfall for next year, certainly a major discussion point that this evening's school board meeting getting underway now. abc 7 news senior education reporter lyanne melendez is on the story. lyanne: just last month, san francisco unified was told by a consultant from the state department of education to get spending under control. >> time is of the essence and slow tackling bite by bite, we can't eat this whole pizza at once. lyanne: the school district faces the school board to approve any budget cuts. the superintendent was vague
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about where the cuts will be made. >> it is the discussion we are having to get to a place where we have established budget. reporter: the president of the school board warned that before making any budget cuts, she will rely on the public's input. >> a lot of my work is sharing what it is we have to prioritizing our budgeting. reporter: is known that the school board has made controversial and costly decisions. 125 million dollars to cover the murals at george washington high school. $60,000 on lawsuits when it tried to remain schools, and $150,000 to defend a lawsuit against one of its own board members, allison collins. the state has charged the school district to come up with a recovery plan or possibly face a state takeover? superintendent, will you have a physical recovery plan by december 15? >> we are working on that and you will be able to hear that
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tonight. >> i anticipate we will make that deadline. it just means a lot of work in the next two months. reporter: it cost the district more than $1.1 billion to operate. the district shared a harsh reality, "everything we do exists because there is a need for it, but we cannot afford to continue to do what we are doing. in san francisco, leon melendez, abc 7 news. am are short-term ago, the san francisco board of supervisors approved a settlement with the three largest distributors of opiates. one of the settlements will be paid out over an 18 year period, and the other with johnson & johnson will be paid out over nine years. dan: las vegas raiders wide receiver henry ruggs iii been charged with dui after a deadly crash. he had emerged this season as the star, leading the raiders in receiving yards. the crash happened this morning in las vegas. police say ruggs rear-ended an suv, causing it to burst into
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flames. the driver was killed and the woman riding in his car was hurt. he is now facing a felony charge. the raiders released a statement saying, "our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family." the team says it is working with police to gather more information. ama: new developments in the civil lawsuit filed by widow of kobe bryant. family members are suing los angeles county after photos of the january 2020 helicopter crash that killed the nba player and others were leaked. the county had requested independent medical exams to determine their level of emotional stress. a judge denied that motion. today the l.a. county board of supervisors approved a $2.5 million settlement for a few families whose loved ones were are increasing and now some worry that it could lead to a shortage on things like turkeys and christmas t
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>> supply chain issues could soon impact the holidays with growing concern that things like thanksgiving turkeys, christmas trees and holiday gifts might be harder to get. news reporter from our sister station in los angeles takes a closer look at the problem. reporter: with halloween in the rear view heror the road ahead to the rest of the holiday season looks complicated with every part of the supply chain strained. some have seen it manifest on the road itself. >> just regular things like tires and different stuff that people need to travel or go somewhere, they're on back order or can't get them. reporter: from furniture to food not low on supply up on price. latest consumer price index shows cereal and baked goods are up 2.5% from last year, food at home or away is up 4.5%. meat, poultry, fish and eggs up 10.5% again compared to last year. which may be more spendy.
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and just one of the issues. port of los angeles executive director jean sekera on ways to fix. >> we have patio chairs but christmas trees are on the vessels outside at anchor and a true story of what's happening today. about making sure that we can highlight those cargos and containers that have to get in here and move through the system. versus those that are not as timely. >> i'm a little nervous if i buy something it will take two months. ask then i won't be ready for the holidays. reporter: it's already happened to-wise bell. >> i went to -- to isabelle. >> i went to pottery barn and ordered a swivel chair. and i wanted it before christmas. because i always have people over for christmas. and they said it's not going to come until the end of january. so that was a little disappointing. reporter: for now if she can't get the gifts she needs in time she'll leave it up to the recipients to get what they want later. >> i just -- giving gift cards. which is not as exciting.
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but -- >> what can you do? >> it's something. reporter: our team spoke with the, s. -- with the u.s.c. business professor if there are so many issues on road and at sea why not fly things in by air? he says it comes down to cost. things that are more expensive would get more so. he expects this problem will stick around for at least another six months. in pasadena, abc7 news. >> and on the subject of shortages it may be tough to find dungeness crabs for thanksgiving. the state delayed crab season to protect mike rating whales from getting tripped in the fishing lines. it was scheduled to open on november 15 but could start a week later a recent survey found 48 humpback wheels along fishing zones. the delay includes fishing areas from monterey to point arena with the mendocino county coastline. >> so our weather. it was nice out today. >> it was. sun came out. but more rain is coming.
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>> yeah. absolutely. we have more wet weather in the forecast but i hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. because take a look at this live picture. how could you not? from our east bay hills camera you're seeing the blue skies there, san francisco, oakland, mid 60's, got up into the low 70's from mountain view to morgan hill. san jose, half moon bay, 63 degrees and just a scattering of clouds from our san jose camera, nothing to be concerned about. upper 60's, napa, santa rosa, 71 in fatherfield, 69 in concord and 65 in livermore. live doppler seven showing a few clouds off the coast a few clouds over the inland east bay. and a lovely absolutely lovely view from our emeryville camera looking back toward the golden gate bridge. areas of fog tomorrow morning. showers arrive late tomorrow night and we do have a stronger storm early next week. so stay tuned for that. fog forecast tomorrow morning we're going to have some fog not just near the coast but around the bay and parts of the valleys. between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m., visibility will be poor across
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parts of the pay area. as we take a look at your morning temperatures, they will be in the 40's and the festus. this morning we had measurable dresal and some dense fog. tomorrow morning not expected any drizzle but certainly the thick fog will be around at commute time. afternoon highs will range from the mid 60's along the coast in places like half moon bay to the low 70's in concord. also in livermore, san jose, 69 in oakland,0 santa rosa, san rafael, a level one system coming in wednesday night into thursday. scattered light showers. expecting anywhere from about .01 inches to .03 inches. it will be breezy at times so tomorrow night as we time this out in the northern portion of our viewing area, at 9:00 that rain line starts to shift at 11 o'clock p.m. over the north bay this yellow could be a brief pocket of moderate rain but overnight the best kind of system. the wet weather starts to move southward and eastward. while you're sleeping. 4:00 a.m. commute time if you're
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an early commuter there will be slick roadways and then that system pretty much is out of here by the time the lusmg -- the lunch hour begins. rain totals san jose might not get anything measurable but places up to the north up to a third of an inch. now we are looking at an atmospheric river. this one could bring us much more rain than the weak system coming through tomorrow night. this is a mad the -- moderate strength atmospheric river for monday nowhere near the severity of the last one that passed through. but stay tuned to the accuweather seven day forecast. a level one tomorrow night into thursday morning. it's just light rainfall for the most part. a brief break, a slight chance of some showers in the north bay saturday night and don't forget daylight saving time ends and fall back one hour sunday morning at sunset at 5:04. we've bumped up monday's storm to a level two which is a moderate strength storm. and we will still have some wet weather on tuesday. >> g start -- good start to the rainy season. >> let keep it going. >> an environmental group will sue the federal government over last month's oil spill in orange
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county. a ruptured pipeline released more than 25,000 gallons off the coast of huntington beach. today, the center for biological diversity says it plans to file suit for what it claims is the government icefall you're to review and update plans for oil platforms off the coast. that's the department of the interior's responsibility. it has not yet responded to our request to -- to a request for comment. what caused the spill is still unknown. >> let's show you what it looked like outside the station today. abc7 offices and studios got a little more colorful as you can see. several of our co-workers planted these bright flowers in anticipation of saturday's walk to end alzheimer's. the purple flowers are in memory of someone lost to alzheimer's. yellow flowers honor those caring for someone with alzheimer's. the walk is a fundraiser to find a cure. you can form your own team or donate to the abc7 memory makers team by visiting >> great cause. facebook announces plans to end
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rok:search abc7 bay area and download it now. ama: facebook plans to shut down its facial recognition system that automatically identifies users and photos and videos. the company cited growing societal concerns about the use of that technology. more than a third of facebook's daily active users have opted in to the setting. the chapping will delete the facial recognition templates of more than a billion people. it's expected to be completed in december. dan: well, finally tonight, netflix is now bringing gaming to its platform. ama: netflix games was just announced this morning. subscribers can play games on mobile, anywhere in the world. netflix is starting with five choices right now including cards, shooting hoops, and a stranger things immersive experience. i'm interested in that. so far the games are only available for android, smart phone users but netflix says it does plan to offer games on aal devices, dan, in the coming months. so everybody can get if on that. dan: you know how that's going to catch on. world news tonight with david muir is next. we appreciate your time.
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i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel and for all of us we will see you here at
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like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the vote just moments ago. the key cdc panel unanimously in favor of pfizer's vaccine for children 5 to 11. vaccinations could begin as early as tomorrow morning now. cdc director rochelle walensky just signing off on this and what parents should know tonight. alsz tonight, that election showdown in virginia. the polls have now closed. what it could say about the country, about the president's agenda. tonight, the exit polls and what we know about this governor's race already. between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin. tonight, new signs the house could be nearing a vote on the president's house infrastructure bill. the bipartisan one, repairing roads and bridges and broadband. the second bill, universal pre-k, affordable child care,


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