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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for their age in the country. >> this is a time for parents to celebrate. we now have a vaccine that is eligible for quality 8 million golden. -- 20 million children. >> the rush to get ready. >> a controversial college dorm design is drawing criticism at u.s. b. the social experiment that has an architect quitting and protest. can you imagine a dorm without windows? >> i cannot. >> i know that it looks like has windows. it is a lie. we will get into it. >> i visited a friend at the university of michigan. it encourage you to go outside and be part of the committee? >> and encouraged me to sleep in. >> this is worse than prison. >> is a former ra, i am
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horrified. >> good. you are watching abc 7 news live. let's get a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we are looking at fog. through his a lot of it out there. look at the visibility. plus a quarter mile, and a quarter mile ride on at petaluma. half a mile in santa rosa. this is barely leaking to the west. you can see that it is trying to encroach upon the bainbridge full plaza. temperatures are cooler this morning. mid 40's to mid-50's through 7:00. hazy sunshine at noon. woosley sunny in the afternoon. mid-60's at the coast, 70's for the rest of us, and run 64 with clouds. no rain by 7:00. shortly after, rain. i will show you that, coming up. >> a milestone in the fight
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against covid. some of the first elementary age children have received their first dose. the cda -- cdc gave the emergency use authorization. we have a live desk report about pediatric vaccines expected to intensify. >> this was moments after the cdc gave the green light on tuesday. president biden calls this a major step forward. this is video from pfizer in wisconsin. tens of thousands of doses of the covid vaccine are coming up the production live. they were unanimous in giving shots to the children. the first shots were administered in the age group to the nation. just a few minutes after it was signed off on the plan. she is on gma this morning. >> we have done a due diligence and review the science. we made sure we had the doses for our children, and art parents can have a peace of mind
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about getting their kids fax a, and they will be protected. >> the rate of virus transmission could be cut by about 8%. up to 600,000 cases could couldd prevented. studies show that the vaccine is still safe and highly ineffective -- effective in children. only mild side effects. despite reassurances, there are a great deal of parents who are hesitant about giving their kids the shot. according to one study, nearly two thirds of parents say they are going to hold off on giving their children a shot. >> some children will be getting a vaccine as soon as this morning. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is joining us live at the santa clara county fairgrounds. >> good morning. santa clara county is ready. they will be giving the first shot at 830 this morning. it will be at sackler county
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fairgrounds. this decision to approve the vaccine for five to 11-year-olds just came down yesterday afternoon. santa clara already has kid freddie -- friendly decorations ray to go. some counties, like san mateo, do not have shots yet. santa clara county does and they are wasting your time. >> i think there is a the end of the tunnel to the pandemic, and this is just one step closer towards that. >> other bay are other bay a san mateo and san francisco say they should be ready and have doses ready to go by the end of the week. if you're looking to get your child vaccinated today, intercounty does not have a clinic up and running, go ahead and check with the pharmacy chains. many of them have said they would be ready to go as soon as the cdc got approval. it looks like that varies by location as well. we checked in with san francisco pharmacy, cvs, and they will be
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ready by sunday. walgreen says they will be ready by friday. santa clara county has 175,000 kids between the ages of five and 11. they are going to be busy. they are getting started today. they say will get a few weeks to get started. there try to keep it fun. they are even handing out frisbees at the fairground to keep it can't friendly. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> that is the scene in san jose. in the east bay, there getting ready to back say kids between ages five and 11. it could start as early saturday. that is when the clinics are expected to have the pediatric vaccine rate ago. parents should also check with their doctors or their local pharmacies to see if they have availability. the county is hosting a virtual town hall meeting tomorrow at 6:00 to answer any questions. >> 64 officers are on leave for not meeting the deadline to get vaccinated.
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100 sworn officers, just over 97%, have complied with the mandate. 700 27 non-sworn members, and all but 16 or vaccinate. the police officers have also been placed on leave, and everyone placed on leave could be fired. >> you may now park rvs and install homes in cw rules aimed at creating new opportunities to fight the region's homelessness crisis. the red official regulations would be in effect. rvs in tiny homes would not be permitted on city streets or state owned property. they call it historic and it will provide more affordable housing for the homeless. >> a welcome sight to help one of the biggest issues facing the city. the first faces of the safety ambassador program were introduced by maryland. she admits the city needs help when tackling crime.
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arms full of clothes on fillmore street -- once the investors are fully up and running, there will be 50 around the city, friendly faces to help provide directions or at-risk crime deterrence. >> the former writers wide receiver is expected to be in court today. he was arrested for a dui after a deadly crash. the raiders have announced that they have now released him. this is video of the aftermath of this crash that happened early yesterday morning in las vegas police say that he was driving a corvette when he rear-ended an suv, causing it to burst into flame. the driver died. both he and a woman in his car were hurt. >> there were people yelling, saying don't touch it. we felt helpless. there was not much you could do. >> he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. >> he led the receiver yardage
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for the raiders. they offered a statement, offering thoughts and prayers to the victors family. >> much happier news this morning -- the beginning of the holiday season. we help with the holiday ice rink in union in san francisco. the ice rink was closed because of the pandemic. the festivities included cast members of different san francisco -- deer san francisco. it rings in the holiday season skating. it is open from 10 a.m to 11 p.m., and that goes through january 17 tickets are $19. >> us shocking warning. debris discovered piling up higher than average person. neighbors plan to finally get it on the move. >> plus something else to keep the ion. a supply chain crunch -- these are now targeting containers on the west coast. a tactic they are using to take off with your goods. let's take a look at the satellite. you can see the spin in the
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the roads, especially in the north bay. the inland bay areas, and the bay is filling up with fog. it is going to be warmer this afternoon. jacket two no jacket. look at the fog on 101. not quite napa valley. temperatures are in the upper 40's. 47 in san ramon, and around dublin, pleasant. thick fog there. mid-50's for most of us around
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the bay. we arewe arewe arewe showers. slick streets and some fog. the morning commute could be a little dicier, but this morning, --. >> it is looking busy. everything else is looking good. we have a news update. they flipped on at 5:36 a.m.. those lights mean that speeds are going to be at the limit on your way to san francisco. it is 880 at the coliseum, and for your reference, those headlights are traveling south that is coliseum. it is looking good. our busiest issue is around this time, concord.
6:13 am
highway four is going to be 24 minutes. >> thank you. how the supply chain shortage may start to affect the price and taste of your next glass of wine. >> and rare criminal charges fired against a -- filed against a police officer who killed a man on duty. the new update that change the case. >> i only rembert to safety meetings that involve the entire group. if there were more, i was left out. >> the head of the rustic camera department who resigned just the day before the dentist -- deadly shooting on the set. speaking about what he saw, on gma. >> as we had to break, live look outside. look at that. the city is beautiful.
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>> take a look at this. this is in los angeles. crews are going to start cleaning up the mess tomorrow. neighbors say that homeowners have been collecting items for years and then just dumping them onto his property. now the dupree is piled up in the front yard so high that it is taller than the average person. >> they haven't done anything. they should send somebody, they could take a picture, and then when i call, vacation for one month. describe the homeowner as a man in need of mental health treatment. he finally agreed to allow people to clean up the property, stirring tomorrow. >> a san francisco police officer has been charged well on duty. the rare charges are for shooting that happened back in 2017. this is a body camera video showing the late sean moore. he was shot minutes later by a
6:17 am
san francisco police officer, kenneth cha, drinks couple. the victim survived, but three years later, he died. two years after that, the san francisco da filed homicide charges. he died as a result of the bullet wounds. he represents moore's mother. >> you could not hear it. this is a photo of the officer, following the shooting. his lawyer issued a statement saying that it was lawful. he defended himself against his partner and about us all. >> these are targeting shipping containers that are backed up at the u.s. ports. containers are filled with high electronics and household goods. that is according to cargo net, a site that tracks supply chain thefts.
6:18 am
>> california southernmost version is stolen, followed by texas and florida. long beach says that it's containers are safe, but there are reports that criminals are limiting containers once they leave on freight trains. >> too much wine and not enough bottles. this is a real problem for some local winemakers. usa today spoke with longevity wise, and one of the consequences for the last bottle shortages that wineries have had to leave their wine and oak barrels for longer, giving it a strong possibly overpowering, oaky power. they have everything tey have ev to distribute wine in and carver. >> uc santa barbara is moving forward with controversial plans for a massive new dorm. it is bankrolled by billionaires. we are hearing that 94% of the dorms in the 4500 bedrooms have
6:19 am
no windows looking outside. instead, they have artificial windows. they are, supposedly, better than actual windows. in a new interview with publication, architectural record, a consulting architect with university design review committee quit in protest, describing monger hall as a social and psychological experiment. monger called the architect an idiot. this is going well. the $1.5 billion project is scheduled to open in 2025. now. might? he had two boys who went to college. i am a former resident assistant in my college. we all know what a college dorm smells like. now imagine no windows. >> no fresh air.
6:20 am
>> and no shade to boys in college, but as a former boy in college, with a roommate, --. >> they are encouraging people to get out in the community and they should not spend as much time in the dorm room, they hope that this will help them do that. >> where the going study? >> the library. >> the library is not open 20 47, is it? >> yes. >> are they really? >> i know you do not support this. >> i need a window in my life. >> thank you. >> mom said if you do everything i say, don't say that all. >> have to keep talking, but here's a nicer subject. here's a look from the tower, and another look from sutro tower. a gorgeous morning shaping up. there is an afternoon ahead of us, with rain and then showers
6:21 am
tonight through tomorrow morning. while there will we wake up, and cooler highs this weekend, but for the most part, it will be great -- dry. santa lakeport. everyone else is around 73 degrees. mid to upper 50's, with the scattering of clouds, little bit of fog, some drizzle, higher elevations with scattered light showers and our letter -- lower elevations will jump ahead to friday. it is leading a little further south than the last couple of models, so we will put a slight chance of some scattered showers in the north and friday night, and a little bit of juice over the rest of us on saturday morning. saturday afternoon and sunday will be dry. we have a week to possibly model -- moderate atmospheric river, but look at the totals. they are very healthy. a couple of hundred. they are a nuisance on friday night and saturday, and the rest of the week is dry. anywhere you see green, east bay
6:22 am
hills, northbay, more than an inch of rain, will the rest of us will have about a half inch to an inch. a good soaking storm there. one tonight or tomorrow, we take away, even through those showers being light at the end. the 70's and the 60's all the way through tuesday next week. we are barely around 60. that's monday now. we bumped it up to moderate. >> good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> we have a look at what is ahead. >> great to be with you. i am back with a hard hat on for the second is we, and now i added letters of a life jacket, and i don't know. for pete's sake, we have a lot to talk about. i am on a barge. this is the breakwaters project where they are protecting the bay on staten island. it is from sea level rise. we will also get into the solutions for the island because with the current rate of global warming, 80% of the 1200 islands will be uninhabitable by 2050.
6:23 am
we get into the climate crisis, but we also have to talk about the big night on election night. how big it was for the gop. the republicans, glen young can winning the race just a year after president biden won state. all eyes are on new jersey. that one is close, and we will tell you what it means for midterm elections. also, the major step forward in the fight against covid. the cdc is authorizing a pfizer stop for five to 11-year-old. it is an arms this morning. we have the doctor of the cdc to talk about the decision and the rollout. you can see it right here on gma. so much more on the crisis, but also the solutions. so much more on the crisis, but also the solutions. we will have all of when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪
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>> you love to see it. for the first time since 1995,
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elana bray's our world series champions. you know the city is going crazy this morning. the braves shut out the houston astros, seven 20, to win the series. it will be held held held >> a shocking claim about the deadly suiting -- shooting on the set of the movie rest. there may have been sabotaged onset, as we hear from a crew member who quit the day before halyna hutchins died. safety procedures relax, and not follow through on the set of them. he is on gma higher-ups were told about the tragedy. >> i put in my resignation letter that the relax covid policies from albuquerque, a of preparing the crew for we were doing that day.
6:27 am
>> we are also hearing from the attorney of the armory for russ. he has no idea where live rounds came from, when she loaded a revolver that was to be his first scene. the attorney suggested that someone might have intentionally tried to sabotage the set. >> there is no purpose for a live round on the set. zero. there is no reason for live rounds, and she doesn't have live rounds. she didn't purchase any ammunition. >> fbi investigators are now part of this investigation, and forensic evidence is now being examined at quantico. >> at 6:30 a.m., the recall for a popular brand of car that has broken for no reason. >> and a small business has landed on the favorite things list of 2021. sales are booming. >> annette homework option that is promising to be the first of its kind. >> as we had to break, a live
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>> building a better bay area. this abc seven news. > a.m.. children five through 11 are able to get the first vaccine shots in the country. some kids in the bay area are getting there is just hours from now, and there is an easy way you can check for appointments. >> combating climate change. it is the main focus right now for our world leaders. meo fight thecisions you can effects really. >> another round of rain is moving in, and you're looking live at it outside as you start the morning dry. mike is tracking the storm timeline for tonight. >> good morning.
6:31 am
you are watching live on abc seven and who live, and wherever you stream. we're going get started with mike. >> let's start with the fog we are dealing with. it is widespread. it is very thick. the visibility is dangerously low. less than a quarter of a mile. just a mile, half of the bay. even some fog. you can see it right at the top of the breach. as you look south, from our roof camera, this is slowly leaking to the east. it is calm to a barely offshore breeze. we are not dealing with all that, we can deal with cooler weather for all of us. mid 40's to mid-50's by 7:00. look at all the sunshine. 60 to 67 by name. temperatures are 73 of 4:00, and then you can see the cloud increasing as our next storm starts to move in at 7:00. more on that coming next. ask thank you. a major milestone in the fight against covid-19. vaccines for kids ages five to
6:32 am
11 will start happening today. the cdc is just officially record -- recommending pfizer for the age group. it will kick into high gear on monday. that is when the white house says it will be readily available. in that area, some counties are giving out shots today. abc seven news reporter amy hollyfield is at the santa clara fairgrounds. that is where kids will get vaccinated in a matter of hours. >> santa clara county is ready. they have been planning for this. they are ready to go. they're going to give shots at the fairground. it starts at 8:30 a.m.. they even brought in kid friendly decorations and they will be giving a frisbees. the array to go. we talk to other counties in the barry -- bay area, and they are not quite as prepared. they are still waiting for their doses. they still need a few days. >> people have to have a little bit of patience. maybe by the end of this week, you will be able to shop.
6:33 am
people will be able to start planning, and in the first week, or so, we want people to have a plan. that is for gay the child vaccine. -- getting their child vaccinated. >> of your county is not ready, you can check with the major pharmacy chains like cvs. they said they would be ready as soon as they had approval. this will vary by location. isng, anwareen isan francisco sath house said that doses were sent out before approval. that is the case in san jose. they have a hundred 75,000 kids in this age group, so they want to get started. that will kickoff at 8:30 a.m. this morning at the fairgrounds. life, abc 7 news. >> thank you. you can find of exactly what your county is doing with vaccine distribution. we have a guide on our website. it is on our webpage at
6:34 am >> the entire bay area is back in the center for disease control's orange or red tear for covid spread. seven counties are in orange, which means there is substantial spread. san francisco, ran are in yellow. -- are in red. it is indoors indoors indoors county. they have seen a 168% increase in cases over the previous week. >> lieutenant governor of california is at caught between six. they are taking part of a new stoppers -- conference with governors and news envoys. she is taking the place is governor newsom cannot go because of family obligations. yesterday, global leaders reached ambitious agreements that could improve the health of our plan. >> i can't think of any today's more accomplished dealing with climate than these two days. there is a reason for people to be worried. i am worried.
6:35 am
>> yesterday, more than countries vowed to cut methane emissions by 30% in two years. they also promised to protect earth's forest to help south africa wean itself offs of coal. the summit runs through december 12. >> with climate issues front and center, you are wondering what you can do to help your environment in your home. the temperature you sell your thermostat is very important. heating and air conditioning accounts for almost half of the energy used in your own. ceiling drafts and improving installations can cut your power use. you can also invest in led light bulbs and smart appliances. >> they always use less energy over time to save money as well. >> unplug your appliances when you are not using or charging them. electronic devices that are plugged in still use energy, even when they are fully charged.
6:36 am
>> and other impactful thing you can do is to cut down on foodways. americans throw away almost 40% of the food they buy. each are leftovers. compost food scraps and donate extra foods to soup kitchens or food banks. >> a report on misinformation and social media. it pinpoints the sources of climate change dial and how a small group of conservative publishers is driving public opinion about the environment. >> we are at the live test to explain. >> there were warnings about 10 publishers. they spread the vast majority of climate denial content that is making it into our social media fees. according to the nonprofit, the center for countering digital hate, far right outlet right part, and ben shapiro's the' daily wire, are among those 10. the publishers have received more than one billion visits to their sites in the last six months.
6:37 am
they 180 6 million subscribers across social media, and that includes facebook, twitter, youtube, and instagram. on facebook, the 10 outlets that account for more than two thirds of user interactions on content related to climate change denial. facebook says it is putting disk labor -- this claim or labels on these posts. the center for countering digital hate found that 92% of the content did not have those labors -- labels. and sputnik news are also named in the top 10 publishers on this list. >> thank you. abc 7 is dedicated to combating climate change to help build a better bay area. you can see our full climate watch coverage on the bait area connected tv at. you can download the app wherever you stream. >> a critical budget battle is now building. the plan is laid out for positions in danger of getting the cut. >> you are looking live at the
6:38 am
big board of the new york stock exchange. we are down by about a hundred points. we will have another update on the markets, next. >> imagine this. you called your bank scam, anth bank tells you it's your fault. customers are coming forward to share their experience, and it is a top story on >> a big story weatherwise -- fog. it is in areas that are used to it. at least during the summer months. along the east bayshore, as been very minimal. oakland, towards the bay plaza. temperatures are running from 52 57 and ella media -- alameda. same thing in pacifica. lack of fog and 50 in mountain view. let's take a look at what to expect for these bay today. average high 68, and it will be about a degree warmer by 4:00. look at all the sunshine. gorgeous afternoon with light winds. there will be a touch of haze, but it will be more humidity than anything. we are a little more humid than
6:39 am
we should be for this time of year. activity planner -- everything is good. tried during the daylight hours. bony heat air conditioner. now there is some fog if you are moving until 10:00. as you can see, it is spitting up the coast. it is coming in tonight as a one with rain and then scattered showers. let's take a look at the radar. watch the cloud cover go away, leaving us with sunshine. as we head toward 7:00, 8:00. a few scout showers, and a couple coast communities. write to mounted -- moderate rain. it is moving into the rest of the bay, and a quick moving storm. five or 6:00. we are left over with some showers some higher elevation drizzle, even a little dog. finally, by noon, the storm is completely over. over a third of an inch possible. catering to about five hundredths in the south bay.
6:40 am
see you in a bit. is that commute i wish it were. starting on mina boulevard, things are going to be down to about 60 miles prior. the good news is that no injuries are involved, what you are going to run into even more traffic as you continue further south from pleasant hill into walnut creek. a live look at 680, you can see all of those taillights, where people are traveling southbound. that will not let up for a while. here a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a little slow, but not too bad. an overall look at the map i drop off and pick up my kids from school
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cybersecurity officials are telling agencies to shore up their defenses against cyber
6:43 am
attacks and hackers. cybersecurity and infrastructure agency is directing that vulnerabilities and instructs each government agency to find fixes for hackers that can be taken advantage of. the u.s. agencies have been targeted by state actors in the past. it gives agency 60 days to act. >> your voice, your vote. key results coming in across america this moring. applicable landscape in america has shifted. in virginia, the republican candidate for governor has been elected. it sends a stark message to democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. the live desk -- that is not the only reason democrats do her. >> analyst say that tuesday's vote on key races will give us a taste of what we can expect that your during the midterm vote. so far, this is not good news for democrats who are looking to hold onto congressional majority section. it is also a potential roadmap for republicans. in virginia, we are projecting
6:44 am
that abcs -- the republican candidate will be winning. he was locked in a statistical dead heat going into the election day. exit polling showed ranked jobs and education is the first and second priority. the pandemic was for the list. >> it is very clear that glenn young can has done better than other republicans have been 12 years. >> and new jersey, incumbent democrat bill murphy is locked in a closer than inspected race. he was heavily favored to win, but that race is still clue -- too close to call. here city, a democrat is not to the next mayor. he was sadly favored to win, and in boston, a democrat will become that city's first woman and asian american male -- mayor. in minneapolis, they rejected an
6:45 am
option to replace the police permit with a safety office. that comes following the murder of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police officers lester. >> thank you. there is a new gun law that is aimed at protecting kids. this was approved by the city council last night. this ordinance requires all donors -- gunowners to store their guns in a locked container or keep an engaged trigger lock on their firearms. other bay area cities have enacted similar ordinances, including palo alto, san jose, and redwood city. >> the san francisco school district is playing out a plan to deal with a massive budget deficit. they're trying to avoid a state takeover. education is part of building bait -- better bay area. there isthere isthere isthere is shortfall for next year. they claim that declining enrollment was exacerbated by the pandemic. now they face difficult cuts to staffing, including special education and changes to class
6:46 am
sizes. >> special education teachers are already overworked and overburdened by school district. these cuts will negatively affect the most vulnerable students while driving even more qualified special education teachers away from our district. >> the school board must approve the fiscal recovery plan by december 15 to avoid state takeover. >> the top story on we are hearing from more bank customers who are coming forward, saying imposters trick them into transferring money. this is through cell, popular quick paying app. this is one of the victims. they post as bank of america ages, tricking her and getting her to send money. she immediately called be of a to file a claim, and be of a denied it. >> they told me because dell is a third-party company, they did
6:47 am
not have control over that. i said if you have contracted with this company, and use them, i don't see how my money is in protected. >> after seven on your side got her money back. the bank of america tells us they are considering each case individually, and they may now display a warning every time customers use the app to give money to someone new. >> if you have a consumer issue, go to our website, abc 7 to connect with the on your site team. >> time for your money report. many of the largest retailers have black friday beginning on monday. they all announced that they are going dark before the biggest shopping weekend of the a. macy's, kohl's, traders goal -- joke and barnes & noble will also be closed on base giving day, but experts say you don't need to wait to black friday to score prices. you can shop online.
6:48 am
>> it is about shopping early, and a lot of major retailers are offering big sales right now. i am also hearing that the number of deals over black friday and cyber monday will be fewer. >> not all stores are are thanksgiving. cvs, rite aid, whole foods, and old navy will all be ceiling -- staying open to. you can still be seeing ads on your next zoom calls. the san jose-based zoom says ads will only be seen by users with free, basic accounts, if they are in a meeting hosted by another basic tier user. the ads will be seen in the browser window after the call has ended. sumas not -- zoom has not released when the ads will roll out. the new york stock exchange trading is underway. we are down by about a hundred 11 wins. >> there could be a trademark -- we are down by a hundred 11 points. there could be a trademark
6:49 am
problem with metta. last week, facebook announced they were changing its name. the metta ceo founder said it filed for the trademark in august. facebook applied for the name on october 28. the filings have not been approved, meaning the metta pc does not own the metta branches yet. this sets the stage for a battle. they're willing to sel sel to mark zuckerberg for $20 million. >> tesla says it is fixing a problem involving 12,000 cars. it caused some of the electric vehicles equipped with all self-driving software to hit the brakes for no reason. tesla is sued -- issued a recall notice. the problem is with an automatic software update that got pushed out on october 23. false collision warnings were issued to some drivers, and that is what your -- triggered the brakes. 99.8 percent of those cars have been upgraded to a new aversion
6:50 am
of software that fixes the issue. >> ford's electric vehicle may look a lot like your grandpa's car. >> it does. >> but has a big change. the outside of it looks like eight classic at 100 pickup from 1978, but under the hood, this is an all electric concept vehicle. ford is considering it right now. it has all-wheel drive. it is just an idea. they think it will work with consumers when a retro look but have a high on the future. >> no timeline on when this may go to production, if it ever happens. >> it should happen. >> the more i look at it, the more i like it. i think the success of the mustang electric is really going to push them to move this forward because a lot of people didn't think that would be a success. just because they took the mustang name. it worked. >> maybe this will work also.
6:51 am
>> let's take a look at weather. six if 1 a.m. inseconds point. here's a look at the east bay hills. some of the fog that was trying to develop over the bait is a veteran, but a low morris developing a long san francisco bay codes. the shoreline. warmer and try today. wet and wild are tonight. a quick change. we have a chance of showers, friday through saturday. a little bit of drizzle, but most the weekend is going to be tried. monday and tuesday are trending well also with a week to moderate atmospheric river possible. mid 60's. all the way to 63. most of us will hit the low to mid 70's. tonight, milder than this morning. mid to upper 60's. there are some green spots out there. that is scattered showers. there will be dresser -- drizzle in our higher elevations. it will be really sash waiting -- saturating the lower levels, and there will be fog with the clouds open. let's move to friday.
6:52 am
the storm system is lighting in a little further than we thought, and you can see the lowest levels on our future radar. it is moving through a couple hundreds of and it's. by saturday afternoon and sunday, it is tried. monday evening, later begin to the unit, there will be heavy rain. on tuesday, it will be tuesday morning. why miami having such a hard time talking? tuesday morning commute will be played by wet weather. here's what to expect. the first storm is a nuisance, a damp start. then we try out and we look at monday, into tuesday. santa cruz, east bay hills, more than an inch, and most of us will have a half inch to an inch. that's why we bumped it up to 82. it will be a one, and in between, we have cooler weather starting at 60's in the forecast.
6:53 am
>> thank you. the special garden is now up in front of our offices at abc 7. several of our coworkers planted bright flowers in anticipation of the walk. the purple flowers are in memory of someone lost to alzheimer's. the yellow flowers honor those carrying alzheimer's. the walk is very personal to one of our purse -- producers who lost his father in 2004, and his mom known as the disease >> each stage in advance, the memory fades little more until they don't even know who their loved ones are. my mother right now, i walked in and she told everyone i was her brother. saturday's walk begins at 10 a.m. at pier 27, and reggie will be there. you can form your own team, or you can donate to the abc 7 memory makers team by visiting hope to see there. >> if you're looking for a team,
6:54 am
there is a smart home gym option. it is called the temple move. it is meant to be a less connected option. use your iphone, connected to a dock, plug it in here tv. this comes with weights, dumbbells, and it is available for four dollars. >> ok. business is booming since making oprah's favorite things list of 2021. sonoma lavender companies orders have increased tenfold since it was revealed on gma. the company makes eatable, huggable stuffed animals. each contains a pouch. it can be stuffed with lavender or eucalyptus. the stuffed animals include teddy bears and bunnies. they sell for about $40 on the website as well as on amazon. >> which do you want? >> what we look. >> the monkey is cute.
6:55 am
>> i like the poodle. lavender so soothing. >> i know. >> this is a good idea. >> it is a really good idea. >> look at the little lamb. his name is lovey the lamb. i like you. >> i'm happy for them. >> i'm happy i found this mud -- mug. >> that was an adventure. >> but it is back. it was found. >> up next, the seven things you need to know today. the number you need to hear. >> as we had to break, live look outside. look at the sun.
6:56 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
6:57 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ but our here, we are just getting started. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> if you're just joining us, there are seven things to know this going. some kids are already getting the covid-19 vaccine. the cdc gave the final go-ahead yesterday to vaccinate children,
6:58 am
ages five to 11. >> santa clara county is ready. they will be getting shots to kids at 830. that is at the expo hall. >> for a list of every other bay area counties plans, you good >> former raiders wide receiver is doing court today. he was arrested in a deadly dui crash in las vegas, yesterday. >> there is a bold claim for the lawyer of the armor of the alec baldwin movie rust. he says someone may have tried to sabotage the set by mixing live rounds into the ammo used during production. >> wet weather is on the way, and here's it at 8:00. the storm will bring rain and showers. that will be around a 12 hour. >> get ready for a slow ride if you are headed towards the bridge, heading in the westbound direction. you can see the slow crawl. speeds are under 30 miles an hour. >> here's a number seven.
6:59 am
how would you feel about never springing forward again? >> the american academy of sleep medicine called for a prominent end of daylight savings time. the group says that changing time twice a year has a negative impact on our sleep patterns and our health overall. of course, we are set to fall back this we can. ucs, you say no. >> i want a longer day. more son. >> we get up early in the morning so we probably want the son of earlier, but, as i've said many times, in the summer, the sun comes up at 4:45 a.m. in the morning. do you want the sun coming up that early? >> customer up. >> let it sign down. it sets at 7:30 p.m.. >> i get good rest. >> i want the sun later in the evening so i can be outside. the sun doesn't need to be out
7:00 am
it 9:00 tonight. if you get up on the east coast come as it is 9:00. laydown. good morning, america to our viewers in the west. after a consequential election night we'll break it all down this wednesday morning. breaking overnight, stunning shift. republican glenn youngkin wins the closely watched governor's race in virginia and the race in new jersey too close to call a year after president biden won both states. what the big night for the gop means for the president and next year's midterm elections. another milestone in the fight against covid. the first vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds already going into arms this morning after getting the final green light from the cdc overnight. the government shipping out millions of doses across the country. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us this morning. the trial of kyle rittenhouse underway.


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