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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the major republican victory in virginia. the message to president biden and the democrats. also thousands of children now getting vaccinated. and the nfl star revealing he has covid and won't play in the big game. now questions over his vaccination status. tonight, after the republican victory in virginia, president biden now sending a message to democrats in congress, saying the democratic party needs to, quote, produce for the american people. and urging congress to pass those two bills held up by in-fighting among the democrats. tonight, virginia's republican governor elect glenn youngkin celebrating his victory, in a state president biden won by ten points just a year ago. rachel scott standing by tonight. the first covid vaccinations now under way for children ages
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5 to 11. the government shipping 15 million doses of the pfizer vaccine across the country. tonight, parents with questions. how will this work and how soon can my child get the vaccine? whit johnson reporting. tonight, the bulletin warning of a threat to an american electrical grid. abc news obtaining a newly released intelligence bulletin revealing a potential plot to disrupt an electrical grid in the northeast. tonight, homeland security describing the alleged plot involving a drone. gio benitez with late reporting. guns in new york state. tonight, the supreme court taking up the biggest second amendment case in more than a decade. justices hearing arguments over new york's strict gun control laws, banning most people from carrying guns in public. but what the justices signaled today. pierre thomas standing by. the explosive new allegation about the deadly movie set shooting in santa fe. the attorney for the woman in charge of the guns now suggesting sabotage may be to blame.
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the stunning story overseas tonight. the daring rescue. police saving a 4-year-old girl kidnapped during a family camping trip more than two weeks ago. so, how did they find her? the nfl star charged in a deadly dui crash. prosecutors today saying he was going 156 miles per hour. and green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers tonight testing positive for covid, after saying he was immunized. new questions, and he will not be playing in the big game against patrick mahomes. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we have a lot to get to. vaccinations for children 5 to 11 now under way and the nfl star testing positive, out of the big game. but we begin tonight with the major message sent to president biden and the democrats. overnight, the republican victory in the governor's race in virginia. a state president biden won by
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ten points a year ago. tonight, the president with a new message for his fellow democrats in congress -- get the work done, get the bills passed. republican glenn youngkin, a newcomer has been elected the next governor of virginia. democrat terry mcauliffe's bid to tie former youngkin to president trump did not work. and in new jersey tonight, another message sent. phil murphy, who had been well ahead in the polls, in a race too close for comfort. republican jack ciattarelli nearly tied with murphy. late today, president biden saying he heard that loud message from voters, saying, quote, the people want us to get things done. and he turned his focus on democrats on the hill, the in-fighting, and the two bills, including that bipartisan inf infrastructure bill that already passed the senate, all being held up. abc's rachel scott leading us off with the warning shot from voters and the new message from the president tonight for his own party. >> reporter: president biden tonight acknowledging that voters in virginia and new jersey sent a loud message
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to the democratic party. >> people want us to get things done. they want us to get things done. >> reporter: in virginia, a state biden won by ten points, voters chose republican businessman glenn youngkin as their new governor. youngkin campaigning on pocketbook issues, rising prices for gas and groceries. >> there is no time to waste, our kids can't wait. we work in real people time, not government time. >> reporter: he also tapped into frustration with covid regulations and vowed to ban critical race theory, though it's not actually taught in virginia public schools. >> we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> reporter: his democratic rival, former governor terry mcauliffe, had cast youngkin as a clone of former president donald trump. >> i call him donald trump in khakis. >> reporter: but it didn't work. suburban voters who rejected trump last year embraced
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youngkin last night. and today, both virginia's democratic senators declaring their party has only itself to blame, pointing the finger at house progressives for refusing to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill until there's a deal on a sweeping series of social programs. >> only in washington could people think that it is a smart strategy to take a once in a generation investment in infrastructure and prevent your president from signing that bill into law. >> reporter: president biden asked today what democrats should do differently to avoid massive defeat in the midterms. >> i think we should produce for the american people. we have to just produce results for them to change their standard of living and give them a little more breathing room. >> oh, what a night it was. >> reporter: republicans today, ecstatic. and not just because of the win in virginia. in new jersey, the governor's race much tighter than expected. the contest between democratic incumbent phil murphy and republican challenger jack ciatarelli still too close
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to call. >> all right, have a virginia! >> reporter: but in virginia, republicans, perhaps, learning a lesson of their own. though donald trump endorsed youngkin, the candidate kept the former president at arm's length. didn't even mention him in his victory speech. still, today trump complaining he should be getting credit for the win. >> instead of giving us credit, they start saying, oh, he's more popular than trump. it's unbelievable. >> rachel scott at the white house. president biden appearing to send a message to his fellow democrats in congress. voters want democrats, he said, to get things done. of course we know moderates pointing the finger at progressives for refusing to pass that bipartisan plan passed in the senate until they get their way with the president's other bill. and the american people are watching all this, the voters sending a message. so, are democrats on the hill going to vote, are they going to get anything done here on the president's domestic agenda? >> reporter: david, this was a wakeup call for many democrats. house speaker nancy pelosi insists the agenda has not
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changed. she is promising to bring both bills to the floor for a vote by the end of the week. but a growing number of democrats say after last night's results, they cannot afford to miss another deadline. david? >> rivhe ch, thank you. now to the pandemic. tonight, children across this country 5 to 11 years old are now getting vaccinated, less than 24 hours after the cdc director, dr. roselle walensky, gave the final go, for the pfizer vaccine for children. millions of doses tonight rolling out. some arriving at chicago's o'hare airport in temperature-controlled trucks. children rolling up their sleeves at texas children's hospital today and across the country. tonight, new york city announcing they will be vaccinating children at public schools. for parents tonight, major pharmacies are launching appointment websides and the government's website will be up by friday. here now, whit johnson. >> reporter: across the country today, from california to connecticut -- >> good job! >> reporter: -- thousands of elementary school children
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rolling up their sleeves to get their first covid shots. how did it feel? >> it felt good. and some people don't need to really be worried about it. it may hurt for a little bit, but then it will be fine after >> reporter: millions of doses making their way to thousands of doctor's offices, farm sips and vaccination sites over the next week, after the cdc director gave the pfizer vaccine the green light for kids 5 to 11. >> i feel relieved. it's just relief. just an extra burden that's been taken off. >> here we go! >> reporter: some brave youngsters getting a little support from therapy dogs. 9-year-old patrick and his 5-year-old brother paxton, who had leukemia. 1 at texas chirp's hospital, already scheduling 38,000 appointments. today's shots, emotional for some parents who have lost family members in the pandemic. >> it means they have a layer of protection now that they didn't have before. >> reporter: but it may take days for parents to get their kids the shot. major fopharmacies like cvs and
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walgreens will start vaccinating this weekend. and the white house acknowledging, parents won't be able to search for a location on the federal website,, until the end of the week. >> as soon as next week, we'll have enough vaccine in enough places and parents will be able to schedule appointments to get their kids their first shot. >> all right, whit johnson with us live tonight. and as we head into the colder weather, we know families getting together for the holidays. and i know health officials are out with a new model showing just how much covid cases could actually drop with younger children now getting vaccinated. >> reporter: david, a new cdc forecast suggests that vaccinating kids 5 to 11 years old could reduce covid transmission across all age groups by 8% between now and march next year. that's an estimated reduction of 600,000 potential cases. >> whit johnson, thank you. next tonight, the new warning about a threat to an electrical grid in the northeast. abc news obtaining a newly released intellgence bulletin
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revealing a potential plot involving a drone to disrupt and electrical grid in pennsylvania. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, a newly released intelligence bulletin obtained by abc news reveals a potential plot to disrupt the u.s. electrical grid. this is a modified drone recovered from the top of a building in pennsylvania, right next to an electrical substation. two ropes hanging from the rotor arms. at the end of them, a thick copper wire strung in between. the department of homeland security tonight saying it "was likely intended to disrupt operations by creating a short circuit to cause damage to transformers or distribution lines." and concern tonight that illicit use of drones over energy infrastructure and other potential targets is only growing. >> drones are very difficult to detect and even harder to defend against. and there are so many targets, critical infrastructure, power plants, dams, water purification plants, that it makes it almost impossible to defend every one. >> reporter: the july 2020
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incident did not lead to any disruption of the electrical grid, but officials believe it is the first time a drone has likely been used to try to deliberately damage our energy infrastructure. and david, federal officials say whoever was behind this removed the camera, the memory card and all markings in an effort to hide their identity. david? >> all right, gio benitez with us tonight. thank you, gio. now to the supreme court tonight taking up the biggest second amendment case in more than a decade. justies hearing arguments over new york state's strict gun control laws banning most people from carrying guns in public. but what the justices signaled today. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, after nearly two hours of oral arguments, some supreme court justices sounded skeptical of a law in new york that requires rez dentds to show a special need to secure a permit to carry a concealed hand begun in public. >> carrying a firearm outside the home is a fundamental constitutional right. >> reporter: some of the conservative justices worrying
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local officials have too much discretion. >> why isn't it good enough to say, i live in a violent area and i want to be able to defend myself? >> reporter: but new york solicitor general barbara underwood suggesting that efforts to weaken laws like new york's will lead to a good of more guns on the street. >> they multiply the number of firearms that are being carried in very densely-populated places and there is a much higher risk. >> reporter: and the justices expressed concern about concealed carry weapons in crowded public spaces. the liberal justices seemed worried about a wild west mentality spreading across the country. >> that's what you want, no restrictions? >> we're asking that the regime work the same way for self-defense as it does for hunting. >> reporter: david, eight states have laws like new york's, giving local discretion in deciding who receives a conceal carry license. if this law is struck down, it could mean thousands more gun
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owners with concealed weapons on the street. david? >> all right, pierre thomas live at the supreme court tonight. pierre, thank you. we turn now to that explosive new allegation in the deadly shooting on the set of that movie "rust." a lawyer for the armorer, the woman responsible for the weapons on set, now suggesting the possibility that this was sabotage. abc's kaylee hartung again tonight. >> reporter: today, the lawyer for hannah gutierrez-reed, the armorer on the set of that deadly movie shooting, suggesting the tragic incident might have been the result of sabotage. >> we're afraid that could have been what happened here, that somebody intended to sabotage this set with a live round intentionally placed in a box of dummies. >> reporter: even suggesting in another interview without offering any evidence that it might have been the act of someone among the disgruntled crew members who had recently quit the production citing concerns about pay, housing and safety. camera operator lane luper was among those who quit. can you even imagine that this was an act of sabotage? >> no. god, no. nobody would do that.
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especially on the crew, we're all friends, we all become so close. it's just absurd to think of that. >> reporter: nearly two weeks later, authorities still trying to determine how live rounds wound up on this new mexico movie set, after alec baldwin fired a prop gun, not knowing it contained the bullet that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> there was a box of labeled dummy rounds that hannah had been pulling from. somebody put that live round or live rounds in that box. when you do that, you can only have bad intentions, because you're going to confuse the rounds if you're the armorer. and they appear very similarly. >> reporter: and we've just learned halyna hutchins' husband matt has hired his own attorney. david? >> kaylie, thank you. we turn to news oversea tonight. talks with the u.s. and european partners will resume now on november 29th. it's the deal that the u.s. withdrew from under former president trump. china, russia, france, germany, the uk and the u.s. all party to those talks with iran.
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and the new pentagon report tonight including that china aims to have 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030. china currently has about 250 warheads but the report finds that china is ramping up faster than anticipated and could have 700 in just six years. just last month, we reported here that china test launched a nuclear capable hypersonic weapon. the other story we're following overseas tonight, a 4-year-old girl who vanished while camping with her family she was missing for more than two tweakweeks. investigators were losing hope of finding her alive, and they now have. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: tonight, the remarkable moment showing australian police rescuing 4-year-old cleo smith, carrying her to safety. >> are you okay? we're going to take you to see your mummy and daddy, okay? >> reporter: cleo vanishing 18 days ago in the middle of the night while on vacation with her parents at a campsite in a remote part of western
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australia. authorities launching a massive search, thinking at first she had wandered off. but then more clues, the tent's zipper was pulled up too high, beyond the reach of a small child, prompting police to believe she was abducted. detectives revealing only that they acted on forensic clues to locate her. and during a dramatic raid overnight, finding cleo in a locked house, only a six-minute drive from her family's home. >> it's a wonderful moment where they found young cleo in one of the rooms, asked her her name, "what's your name?" and she said, "my name's cleo." >> reporter: after the raid, a 36-year-old man now in police custody. finally reunited with her family tonight, cleo's mother posting on instagram saying, "our family is whole again." tonight, police describing that reunion, saying cleo's first words were, "mummy," followed by hugs and lots of tears, as you would expect. david? >> just an extraordinary ending
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finally tonight here, made in america. the bakery creating desserts and jobs. and they're out to send a message, too. no resume needed. if you want to work, we'll hire you. tonight, the brownies made in america, baked in america and creating jobs, too. in yonkers, new york, at greyston bakery, they're making brownies, 12 million pounds a year. this is the first day on the job for a room full of new hires. no fancy resume needed. >> open hiring, no questions asked. >> the bakery has a policy called open hiring. >> all they have to do is put their name on the list and when the next job becomes available, they get it, no question asked. no background checks, no interviews. >> it's troy winfrey's first day. >> it gives me a feeling of hope. and it feeds my ambition to want to do the right thing and do
3:57 pm
good. >> maria gomez has been here three years now. >> the opportunity that they gave me, i appreciate that a lot. >> abigail, one year on the job. and just promoted. >> it's one year now and i've made a step. so, i'm looking forward the next year, the two years, the more years to come. i will still be moving forward. >> and quentin fedrick telling us he's grateful for the opportunity seven years ago. >> oh, it meant a lot, because at the time, i was down on my luck, i had no job and it meant everything. and it gave me a chance to, you know, build up my self-esteem and, you know, make money, you know. and when you work, you know, you just feel good about yourself. >> greyston has been hiring employees this year for 40 years and other companies are taking notice, using their model. 1,350 new hires at other
3:58 pm
businesses, too. >> a lot of folks have not gotten the first chance. this is an opportunity, not a promise to bring people into the organization. >> tonight, the new hires that were given a new chance. james croft now at work. >> some opportunities you just won't have because of your past, you know? some opportunities will be there. i guess it just depends on the person and your drive, you know? so -- i mean, you just have to keep going, you know, opportunities will come. >> greyston bakery. the brownies look delicious. check them out and help create a job, too. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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>> buster posey is retiring, he has been the face of the franchise for the past decade, coming off a fantastic season. andrew baggerly broke the story, a news conference is expected tomorrow. posey helped lead the giants through three world series titles, he was rookie of the year. now 34 years old, had his share of concussions and other injuries. he has decided it is time to walk away, leaving a huge hole for the giants to fill this off-season. we will have more throughout the afternoon. thank you for joining us. kristen: now to today's other top story, covid vaccinations for kids. the cdc encouraging parents to vaccinate their young kids ages five to 11. the agency updated its website today with a list of resources to help families make the vaccine decision. larry: 15 million doses of the
4:00 pm
pfizer shot are on the move as we speak, they are being sent to cities all over the country. kristen: the white house says it is ready and distribution will kick into high gear on monday. >> today is a great day for american parents, families, and children. we have taken a giant step forward to accelerate our path out of this pandemic. kristen: shots are going into arms here in the bay area. larry: let's get to kate larsen who is live this afternoon in the newsroom with the latest on efforts in the bay area to vaccinate the youngest age group yet. reporter: after the cdc gave its final endorsement of pfizer's pediatric covid vaccine yesterday, it was up to the western state workgroup to give one last green light and today, governor newsom's office said the group unanimously concluded the vaccine is safe and effective for five to 11-year-olds which means


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