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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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her career spanned 30 years in public service. governor newsom's office tweeted a statement this evening, highlighting chan's legacy. saying that we are deeply sad about the loss of wilma chan. she championed health care and affordable housing and support for families. she has touched the lives of many. our thoughts are with her family at this time. a statement was released calling her a trail blazer. it reads she was not only the first asian-american elected to the county board of supervisors but she was the first woman and asian-american to serve as state a simile majority leader. she spent her entire career in public service, leading to better the lives of children and seniors. good evening and thank you for joining us. i am ama daetz.
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dan: i am dan ashley. let's move to the other story. the vaccination of children as young as five is underway in the bay area. the cdc gave the green light to begin vaccinating children under the age of 12 for the first time. kate larsen is a member of our vaccine team. she is in the newsroom with the latest on the efforts in the bay area to vaccinate the youngest age group yet. >> yesterday after the cdc gave its final endorsement of pfizer's pediatric covid vaccine, it was up to the scientific safety review to give it one last green light and the group unanimously concluded that the vaccine is safe for 11 euros. that means california kids are off to the vaccine clinic. >> sky seven overhead as santa clara county rolled out the
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first vaccines in the bay area. -- pediatric vaccines in the bay area. >> i am five. >> she got her first dose. >> it was great. >> our sites have been preparing for weeks knowing this was coming. we have on boarded staff, we trained them about the difference in the dosages. >> dr. jennifer helps run the vaccine clinic. kids lined up for a pediatric pfizer shot which is one third of the dose -- the dose of the adult vaccine. >> they are trying to decrease anxiety among the younger age groups. for those particularly anxious, our nurses are trained to help the family give them a big bear hug and hold them in place to get it over as quickly as possible. so far, so good. >> families eager for protection and got up early for the long-awaited shot. >> so excited. >> they made a morning of it,
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kids ready for sleepovers and all of the other activities they have missed during the pandemic. >> usually flu shots, she feels scared, today she was so excited, she was like i want to do this. >> now parents can take a collective sigh overly and say they are able to provide that same protective factor to their children. >> she is also a mother looking forward to getting her six and eight-year-old daughters vaccinated. >> i would not advocate or recommend something for my own patients or anyone else's patients that it would not do myself as a mother or my own children. >> they plan to open up vaccine appointment on thursday and get shots in little arms by november 8. i spoke to dr. matt willis who plans to take his 11-year-old
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son to a vaccine clinic. he also hopes to have 15,000. that is 75,000 5-11 euros vaccinated in the next month. >> here is a question for you, now that all children five and older are eligible for vaccines, will kids have to show proof of vaccination to go to kids like restaurants, movie theaters and events? >> it is an interesting question. san francisco is trying to answer it. dr. susan phillips said proof of vaccine for the 5-11 your group would happen no sooner than eight weeks from now. that takes us to the end of the year. she did say head some point, they will have to show proof of vaccine to access the same settings as adults. we will see how that all shakes out. >> at the public health office today, preparations are underway to begin vaccinating young
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children. the first vaccination site will open in san rafael. it will be on saturday. kids -- parents have mixed feelings -- parents have had mixed reactions. >> i don't want the government playing russian roulette with my child's life. >> it is so clear that it is the right thing to do. >> marin county has the highest vaccination rate of any in the state. >> president biden has urged parents to get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible. >> i know that some parents have been waiting for the stay but some families may have questions. this vaccine is safe and effective. get your children vaccinated to protect themselves, others and stop the spread and help us beat this pandemic. >> the president said his administration has secured enough vaccine supply for every 5-11-year-old in the country.
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on friday, we have a half-hour dedicated to getting answers to your questions on vaccines for your children. dan: sports making news tonight. one of the best make -- best known players for the giant, buster posey announcing his retirement. larry, what is your take? larry: my take was initially "whoa." i thought he would come back one more season. after 12 years in the majors, three world series titles and too many concussions to count, buster posey is apparently planning to announce his retirement tomorrow but we don't have the official news conference time yet. he guided the team to three championships and served as a leader in the clubhouse, a mentor for young pitchers. he is a future hall of famer. he took off 2020 because of covid and the adoption of two
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baby girls. he could have come back and played year for $22 million but walking away on his own terms -- kerry crowley said he is somewhat surprised. >> i had the expectation that buster posey might want to play one more year but listening to his comments after the anil ds game five, you got the sense that the future was weighing heavily on him. he has always put his family first. 2020 being the obvious example of that. while it was kind of a shock to a lot of giants fans, i think the people who really follow buster posey's career expect 2021 or 2022 will be it for him. >> buster posey is not one of those look at me type guys. the idea of coming back for one more year and having some big farewell tour is deafly not his style.
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the farewell will come at a news conference tomorrow. more coming up later on in sports. >> huge dark, great player. he was always humble and went about his work. >> team leader, totally respected by everybody in the giant clubhouse. everything you would want from a player. i know the giants were hoping that he would come back for one more year. >> especially after a great year. he is going out on top. >> we are expecting more rain tomorrow ahead of a stronger storm that is in the forecast for next week. you can see mostly clear skies in this live and gorgeous picture from our tower camp, just a nice sunset on this wednesday. spencer: sr: sr: raindrops may fall tonight. the approaching storm
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late tonight, we have some light and scattered showers that are going to begin. most locations will receive under 3/10 of an inch of rainfall from the system. we expect it to be in the north bay and then for the morning commute,, before it gets underway, most of the rain will have swept through the area. ifififif you're going out to work, that means you should exercise caution when driving. rainfall totals by midday tomorrow will range from only a few hundredths of an inch to about a 10th of an inch in some locations near the bay to over a quarter of an inch in more locations. there is more to follow. i will have that in my 7-day forecast. >> new details about the deadly
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halloween party shooting that took place on the property of city councilmember,they are dece charges against 19-year-old benjamin calderon. the da office file charges pending further investigation. police say early saturday morning, a large fight broke out at this party. four people were shot. >> people gatherederedered danville in honor of a man shot and killed by police. his mother and sister also took part in today's memorial. >> he was a kind man. thank you for everyone who extended their support and love. we will continue to fight for justice but hopefully this will never happen to anyone else again.
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>> shot and killed during a slow speed pursuit. jurors deadlocked on a charge ae voluntary manslaughter. >> coming up next, transforming treasure island, long gone are the heydays of the naval base. tonight, we're talking new housing, transit, building a better bay area. >> san francisco is changing how parents pick their kids' schools. do you get your choice or the neighborhood choice? >> it is more
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> you could say one of the best spots in the bay area is right in the middle of the bay. treasure island. it is a space being transformed. we are talking about new housing for thousands of people and new transit options as well. this development could help build a better bay area and we got a peek at some of the details today. melanie woodrow gives you a look at what is to come and what has already been built. >> city officials traveled across the bay to would be a new project on treasure island. they have seen massive strides on these two islands in housing, transportation and infrastructure development. >> it is amazing to see what this place is going to become for people and how this place is
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going to, live again. again.ive again -- comeomeomeomm >> parts of treasure island are raised three feet for sea level protection. geotechnical work has strengthened its foundation and insured it's seismic resiliency. -- ensured its resiliency. the first homes that will be built here are 105 apartments which will be 100% affordable housing for formerly and currently homeless veterans. >> to have the first project honor those who have served means a lot. >> we are so pleased that it shows the city's commitment to making this a place for everyone. >> it low post stores,
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restaurants, offices and 300 acres of new parks. the 6 billion-dollar dollar project is expected to create 2000 union construction jobs and 3000 permanent jobs. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> a walkout over sexual harassment parties. they marched to the district headquarters. students claimed the district does not do enough to support victims of sexual harm. >> something the students brought up to me right now is they don't feel comfortable going to a teacher or administration. one of the things we are doing today is making sure that every teacher, every staff member, every administrator knows how to handle each situation that might come up.
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classes to teach about consent. san francisco public school's are facing budget cuts as the district tries to tackle the clinic enrollment. other schools in san francisco are trying to do the same. leah melendez tells us one option is to change the placement process to bring parents back -- >> schools are funded by the state by the number of students enrolled. before the pandemic, the district had about 60,000 students. during the pandemic, 3500 students left the district, a loss of 6%. >> i did think some of the families that had the means during the pandemic look for schools that were open outside the district. >> some families moved to other cities because of san francisco's high cost of
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living. that 6% decline translate into a loss of $35 million in state funding. >> we were working on a lot of different strategies. >> that is the educational placement director who is working to change how parents pick their schools. it would be called a zone based process. >> instead of selecting your top anywhere in san francisco regardless of where you live, the school district would have parents opting for the ones located in their zone. giving them a more neighborhood school option. >> it is a big change. >> trying to help people not have to travel too far. they can create the zones where there is some flexibility and some consistency. >> the rollout of this zone based process is expected to bring -- begin in 2024.
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in the meantime, the district will have in person workshops for parents and they will do outreach on social media and will start knocking on doors. >> we will be going to people's homes that we know have young kids. >we will help them fill out the applications. >> some kinds -- sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. >> are you ready for more rain? we will get some and more on monday. spencer
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>> a christmas tree from northern california is on the way to the u.s. capitol. the tree is from the six rivers national forest. it is an 84 foot tall fur nicknamed "sugarbear." it will be on the west lawn for the holiday season. >> the safeway holiday ice rink in union square held this opening celebration this morning. this would be the only outdoor rink in san francisco this season. special events include free beginners lessons, 80's themed flashback fridays and drag queens on ice. the rink is cashless and touchless and you must be vaccinated to get in. when you get in, well worth it.
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>> i like the dancing s'mores out there. >> it is on his -- the rain is on its way. the temperatures have increased since yesterday. 3, 4, even more degrees. quit a 24 hour temperature change. here is the view looking down quite a 24 hour temperature change. 59 at half moon bay. clear skies at the golden gate as we look northward. 68 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield, 70. the view from the east bay hills camera looking at the western sky.
6:24 pm
early tomorrow morning through the overnight hours. moderate strength -- a moderate strength storm arrives on monday. a storm of light intensity producing many scattered showers. it will be breezy at time. by 10:00 tonight we expect rain to be falling in much of the north bay and then that wave of rain will go southward and eastward during the overnight hours and into the early morning. most of the morning commute begins and the rain will start to ride down. we get partial clearing by midmorning tomorrow. rainfall totals, only a few hundreds of an inch. up to about 10th in the bay
6:25 pm
shoreline locations. the overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50's, low 60's at the coast. upper 60's to near 70 in the mildest inland locations. we will skip ahead to monday for the next significant storm. that one will come in during the early morning hours as well. there will be rain throughout much of the day monday and into tuesday. then into tuesday evening. three quarters of an inch or more in the wettest locations. those will be in the north bay. dry on friday. saturday morning, we have a week impulse moving through. it won't be much of a storm. it will produce may be light showers. clouds linger on sunday. don't forget to fall back to standard time. then we get the level two storm
6:26 pm
on monday. we will keep the ranking up there. then into midweek, next w midwe will get a partial hearing. -- clearing. >> the bay area traffic is mostly back after taking a break in the pandemic. that means pollution is back. just how much? a stanford study has some answers. >> he is finally home. this man's nine month battle with coronavirus. it is a story that he is only telling to abc 7 news. >> alzheimer's exhausts family finances and futures. please join me at the walk to and -- end alzheim
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♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. al t ave topicaelf. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> dozier has been waiting nine months to welcome home his owner who barely survived his battle with coronavirus.
6:30 pm
>> davis nearly lost he fought for nine months and survived. >> noah finally got to go home. david dorsey was there. >> it is another chance at life. coming home is one of the steps along my journey. it is not over yet. i can't wait to continue to see what comes up in the future. >> accompanied by one of the many doctors that treated him throughout his battle with covid-19, noah davis exits the hospital for the first time in nine months. >> we have to give credit to an entire system. his recovery has been been hope we can put in our history books. >> to understand how momentous a day this is, let's take you back to january. >> my family and i had been very
6:31 pm
careful but my mom picked it up on one of her trips down south. she came back and i gave her a hug and there it was. >> what his parents would only see mild symptoms, david's battle with covid -- >> with oxygen levels down to 65, he was intubated, he required multiple chest tubes and spent eight weeks in a coma. his parents were not sure if they would ever see their son again. >> there were a lot of days of just being honest. i did not think he was going to make it. >> i thought i had survivors guilt. it was devastating. people say you don't think it will happen to you. -- like people say, you don't think it will happen to you. >> sally put the phone to know his to speak to and pray to her
6:32 pm
son. -- sally had people at hospital put the phone to his ear to sak his dog dozer slept d door every day noah was in the hospital. as he enters back through his doors again, he and his parents can't help but think about the journey it took to get here. >> it feels good to have him home. i have not really thought about it. i did not think we would ever get here. >> to see him walk through those doors and come home is a blessing. >> i want to thank the staff and my family. it was another home. even though it was how i had to go through, they stuck with me.
6:33 pm
-- it was hard to go through, they stuck with me. >> welcome home. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news, in san jose. >> pretty young to go through that. >> fewer cars on the roads and fewer planes and the skies helped reduce carbon emissions however stafford's annual emissions study are returning to prepend debit levels. why there has been such a quick rebound -- pre-pandemic levels. why there has been such a quick turnaround. >> stanford researchers say it is up 5% from last year and close to pre-pandemic levels. >> when you park the car in the driveway or -- as soon as the
6:34 pm
infrastructure comes back into service, it is the same pollution as before. >> economic growth does not have to mean more carbon emissions. he points out that the u.s., japan and mexico were reducing emissions before the pandemic. >> emissions decreased over the last decade but economies grew. i don't think there is a tight coupling between economic growth and emissions. >> china could be a major exception. due to tight power supplies, coal mining and coal burning have increased to ramp up manufacturing. nationally and in california, ev sales are breaking records but a lecture vehicles only represent 10% of the market. it will take 10 years before the gas powered vehicles go out of service. >> when we clean up the power sector and the transportation sector, we don't just sell climate problems, we save lives. >> even with ambitious
6:35 pm
made, progress can be difficult in washington. >> the clean energy bill is mired in congress. we have. -- we have not done much for this. >> you can see our full slate of abc 7 climate watch coverage from the connected tv app. download it wherever you stream. >> the backup of cargo ships on the coast of california is one sign of the problems. the port of oakland could plaofk role in solutions. we have the latest on this. >> this is the crisis. this is life and death for a lot of people. >> leonard graves is talking about backed up cargo ships on the ports of long beach and los
6:36 pm
angeles. the problem not only felt by frustrated consumers desperately searching online and in stores for holiday gifts, -- >> i know a lot of people are concerned about not getting christmas presents but i am concerned about our customers and their customers not having the parts to fix wheelchairs. they are going to be laying in bed and dying. >> our current congestion crisis was caused by a perfect storm of factors. from increased consumer demand to covid-19 shutdowns to a lack of sufficient infrastructure. to a shortage of available materials. >> it has become an environmental issue. trucks waiting to offload our idling on residential streets. the emissions are part of the hours long discussion as the california state assembly and senate select committees
6:37 pm
discussed possible solutions. >> i am hoping that the port of oakland which is experiencing 50% capacity right now has the ability to be a part of the solution which will help alleviate the supply chain backlog. >> the problem needs to be fixed fast because some can't wait another day for their order. >> i need a part and i needed now. i can't lay in bed for months and months. that is not healthy mentally or physically. >> election day has come and gone. while we may not notice changes locally, races across the country give us a hint of what the country feels and what the future might hold for the biden administration.
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>> we had elections in the bay area. five local counties had voters casting ballots and even though turnout was low, results are
6:41 pm
still being tallied. noah griffin was elected. in santa clara c parcel taxes are passing. the kenwood fire protection district special tax is passing in a landslide and measure s, sonoma county tax extension is winning. other results are being tallied. two measures in san mateo county will narrowly pass. measure a about parking in woodside and measure b about the school parcel tax. >> let's talk politics. in a major defeat for democrats, glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia. the virginia election results showed annette and grace in virginia. they are flashing warning signs for president biden and the democratic party. >> in the race for virginia
6:42 pm
governor seen as a referendum on president biden and democrats in congress, a big win for republicans. mcauliffe, becoming the first republican to win a statewide race in 12 years. >> together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. >> glenn youngkin kept former president trump at arms length. instead, drilling home issues like the economy, covid mandate and the teaching of race in schools. that helps flipped suburban voters who overwhelmingly supported president biden. 54% of voters approve of the president's job in office. >> the economy is turning for the worst really fast. i do think parents have say over
6:43 pm
their kids education. -- >> we will have to wait a little longer than we hoped. >> a closely watched race in minneapolis, voters rejected a proposal to replace the city police department despite calls to disband and defund the police after the murder of george floyd. >> i think this is horrible. >> terry mcauliffe conceded in the virginia race this morning. one key take away is there could be renewed pressure on democrats in the nation's capital to pass legislation on the president's agenda while they have the majority in congress and the white house. >> rain arrives back in the bay area tonight and will it linger into the morning? spencer shows you what tomorrow's commute will look like. plus: >> a sneak peek at a bad lie
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> the oakland ballet company took their show on the road with a preview performance of luna mexicana, a dance show designed
6:47 pm
to celebrate latino culture. also celebrate in the -- shedding a light on the impact of covid on the acumen to be -- the community. >> it is about a little girl named luna on dia de los muertos. she think about her family and her past. -- things about her family and her past. >> this was brought to hayward park school. >> their clapping and applause makes me so happy. >> the dance is inspired by dia de los muertos. in the age of covid, it is meant to raise awareness about the pandemic's deep impact on
6:48 pm
the latino committee. >> the latino community was affected especially. it is time to come together as a family and as young people who are looking back at different generations. we will celebrate them and their lives. >> contemporary elements seemed especially relevant at this park where 60% of the students are latino. >> to see their cultural rubbers and it was lovely for them. for the other kids to have exposure to that culture. >> there is a layer of sadness to the story but also a strong message of hope. >> they all come to visit her and she wants to celebrate and dance with them again the way she used to. it is very heartfelt. it makes me feel connected to my culture. >> in haworth, laura anthony,
6:49 pm
abc 7 news. >> they perform and saturday at 2:00. you can find tickets on our website and on oaklandba >> let's return to the forecast. spencer: rain and i go together. we have a level 1 storm coming our way tonight and it will continue into the early morning hours. it is going to be wet. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the low to mid 50's and then tomorrow, look for highs as the skies begin to clear. ranging from low 60's at the coast. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. another weak impulse coming through. we fall back to standard time on sunday and then a stronger and more vigorous storm comes in on
6:50 pm
monday. we will get white a nice little soaking next week. >> loving this pattern, spencer, thank you. >> big sports news. >> the giants suddenly have a huge hole to fill. buster posey regular turbid -- buster pos welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this.
6:51 pm
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i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working but first always going for a run or going to the gym. i love reading. i love cooking healthy. it's super important to me. i was noticing that i was just having some memory loss. it was really bothering me. so i tried prevagen and it started to work for me. i wish i had taken prevagen five or ten years ago. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> it truly is the end of an
6:53 pm
era. buster posey expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. busterbusterbusterbusterbusterbr accompaniments are a mile long. seven-time all-star, road series winner. silver slugger. gold glove winner. i could go on and on. he was tremendous this season. he hit .304 and pete probably says buster's legacy is right up there with the greatest giants of all time. >> buster posey won in a way that others did not including barry bonds. he will be remembered for his rings. it was not just a memorable phrase down -- parades down the
6:54 pm
ed. that is something that really tugged at the heartstrings of the fan base. >> it is the return of kelly oubre as the warriors host. check out klay thompson in full uniform, working out today. thompson has not been cleared to practice with the team yet. nor with any contact. the warriors will be cautious and return around january. onto football with a 3-4 record, arizona and the rams, it goes like this is a make or break stretch for the 49ers and their playoff hopes. the good news is the niners are potentially getting some reinforcements back. george kittle, jeff wilson jr., robbie gould. we don't know about their game
6:55 pm
status until later in the week. when you have 85 back on the field, the energy is obvious. >> out there. just another weapon for us. we have jeff wilson as well. it is a good wednesday for us. >> we need all players back on deck. having george back, one of our captains and one of the best players on our team, that is a huge boost. >> aaron rodgers will miss the sunday's game against the chiefs because of covid. aaron rodgers said that he was immunized against covid but he never got a shot. the nfl has been treating him as an unvaccinated player. that means he has to quarantine. the earliest he can return is intended. that is only if he remains a symptomatically at you can get
6:56 pm
away with some of this in the middle of the season but inevitably, somebody will come up positive as we get closer and closer or maybe into the playoffs. it could be extremely costly for some teams. i know people want to make their own personal choice but you're looking around at a bunch of guys saying our star quarterback is not playing this week? that is what is at stake with a lot of these decisions. >> starting at 8:00 p.m., it is the goldbergs, the wonder years, home economics and then the connors. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. i am -- i am ama daetz. >> thank you for being with us and we hope to see you for abc 7 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a hotel senior sales manager from thornton, colorado... a project director from los angeles, california... and our returning champion-- a healthcare data specialist from new york, new york... ...whose 5-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. you know, it all came down to final jeopardy! in yesterday's game. tyler rhode was the only one
7:00 pm
who came up with the correct response, and as a result secured his spot in the tournament of champions. can he make it six straight wins? or will it be tony or julian's turn to reign as champion? let's start finding out in the jeopardy! round with these categories. starting with... followed by... and... tyler, you are our returning champ. you select first. chair-ish, $600. - tyler. - what is la-z-boy? no. julian. what's barcalounger? - that's correct. - "love" for $600. - tony. - what is summer of love?


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