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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 4, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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mike is going to tell us how long the wet weather lasts. kumasi: a sweeping plan to require vaccines were testing for millions of americans. the new rules we are expecting president biden to reveal today. >> the death of an alameda county supervisor. while we have learned about the crash and how she being remember this morning. kumasi: and it is the end of an era for giants fans. buster posey expected to announce his retirement today. the tribute in one local paper. >> good morning. you're watching abc 7 mornings. >> we want to start with a check about rainy forecast. mike: wet commute this morning, that's for sure. the entire way for me. that steady rain you can see right now is moving into the eastern parts of contra costa and alameda counties.
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there's also some steady, stop across the north. you can see it is pushing everything off to the south and. behind it, some pockets of drizzle during the morning commute. looks like we are going to be driving on wet pavement for the better part of the next three or four hours. we will hang around 60. very mild this morning but as we transition to a nature of sun and clouds find new, not as warm as yesterday. more rain on the way. i will see you in a bit. >> we are waiting for a major announcement from the white house. president biden expected to declare covid-19 a workplace hazard which would make vaccines were testing mandatory for private businesses with more than 100 employees. amy hollyfield's during that live in walnut creek with more. amy: everyone who works in an
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office, listen out. this would impact about 80 million americans, people who work in businesses with more than 100 people. the announcement is expected to declare covid a workplace hazard. that would give the president the power to issue a vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100 or more people. there's already a mandate in place for federal workers and some states are already pushing back against airman some governors including the governor of georgia calling it unconstitutional. >> i believe when georgians are given all the information, they should be free to make the right decision for themselves and for their families. to protect not only their lives, but also their livelihood. amy: texas and florida have filed lawsuits against the mandate. the president is expected to make an announcement for private businesses today and give
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businesses and workers time to get vaccinated in implement of the mandate. so we do expect businesses to have a few weeks until this is put into place. >> drop-in pediatric covid-19 vaccinations today. sky seven is overhead at the county rollout, the first noses in the bay area yesterday. this was -- doses. the county plans to vaccinate 2000 5-11-year-olds. >> our sites have been preparing for weeks. we have on board and staff, we have trained them about the difference in the dosages. >> you can get an appointment for your child online. vaccine is available for younger kids, many of you are wondering if your kids will have to prove if they are vaccinated. jobina is a live disc -- best
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with what san francisco officials are saying. jobina: dr. susan phillips expects the current mandate to be extended to children ages 5-11, but not right away. this means younger kids would be required to show proof of vaccination to enter certain public spaces including restaurants, gymnasiums, and large event warriors gains, for example. dre meeting tuesday night, dr. phillips said the order would take effect once enough time had passed. children are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second dose of pfizer's vaccine. the shots are supposed to be given three weeks apart. when the mandate is extended to younger children, they will not be required to show a photo id along with proof of vaccination since many don't have one. students in san francisco are not required to be vaccinated to attend in-person classes, but governor newsom issued a statement that is expected to go into a act in phases next year.
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kumasi: tomorrow afternoon, we have a half-hour dedicated to getting answers to your questions about vaccines and your children. bay area reggie: members and state leaders are remembering long time alameda county supervisor nolan chan theory chan was walking her dog yesterday when a car hit her near shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda. she suffered a head injury and died shortly after. this morning, flowers lined the streets where the crash happened as the community she served speaks about her legacy. >> people don't even know how much they are going to miss her yet. then this here now, but they are not even going to realize how much she did for the community for many years to come. >> she was very strong. she was fearless. she was very astute politically. she was able to get things,.
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reggie: the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. chan's career in politics spent 30 years including time with the california assembly and the board of supervisors. she is survived by two children and two grandchildren. we will keep you updated on her death and the outpouring of support. if you enable push alerts, you can get breaking news as it happens where you live. kumasi: it is going to be an emotional day for san francisco giants fans. buster posey expected to announce his retirement today after a 12-season career of one to ever work. giants fans show their love for buster at the warriors game. some wore the jersey of the seven-time all-star and three-time world series champ. he was more than just a baseball player to a lot of people who we spoke with. >> he is an amazing player. i am 27 and i remember seeing that when i was in eighth grade,
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high school. a kind of inspired me moreof ins this route for the local teams. >> pretty emotional for us giants fans. he has been here for 12 years. he is the heart and soul of the giants, we are going to miss him. kumasi: buster with the last player still on the giants who played on all three world series title-winning teams. no word yet on what time his retirement announcement would happen. we do know this will be the front page of the san francisco chronicle sports section today. it is normally green. today, it is orange. mike: he is one of the reasons i became such a big giants fan. going to miss him and everything he stood for. live doppler, you can see over in the east bay and down into the south bay, let's assume in. highway 4, 580, the cut through between those two all getting light rain right now.
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all wet right now with some light rain. same thing about south drive and as you head into los altos, it will be raining shortly. the next couple of hours, changes of light rain continuing up until about 9:00. then we see in the drizzle, especially in the higher elevations. by noon, it is over. this morning, the steadiest rain moving on. water still remains on the road throughout the entire morning commute. temperatures, very mild this morning. 56 in castro valley. a whole lot lower in the mid-70's along the east bay. upper 50's to mid-60's, about 59-63 degrees. going to be significantly cooler tomorrow, 10-15 degrees. let's break out your planner for the east bay, where you can see
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the slow migration of temperatures jumping about one degree every hour as we are headed all the way up to about 4:00, where we will see more sunshine. people drop down to about 59 degrees. this is the big story this morning, tracking the small chance for saturday, and a lesser chance of rain, well, lesser amounts for monday and tuesday. looks like it might not make it. we will talk about that coming up next. jobina: we are going to start with the crash we are following right now in oakland on southbound and 80. if i bring in our 880 camera, you can almost make it out. this is in the southbound lanes. you might be able to see out the left-hand side in the lashing light, but it is kind of blurry because the camera is wet from the rain. also from the bay bridge, check that out. a portion of the lights are out on the western span.
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i don't feel that this camera really does it justice. when you are actually driving on the bridge, which i was this morning, it is dark. just a heads up, it is going to be slick and not as bright as usual. back to you guys. reggie: the holiday season rolling into starbucks today. the festive drink he will not see on the menu. kumasi: and vandalism on halloween night. the community effort to crack down on this bad behavior. reggie: a bear that broke into a california home and got up to serena: it's my 3:10 no-exit-in-sight migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late,
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>> new details about vandalism on halloween night. among the destruction, homophobic and racist slurs spray-painted on walls and windows, some of them aimed at specific teachers. we have more on the community effort now to crackdown on this terrible act. >> a look at the vandalism and destruction left by halloween
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night. in just 90 minutes, a prize-winning pumpkin smashed to the ground by one group. surveillance footage shows another taking part in schoolwide egging. but it is the actions of a third being considered the most disappointing. >> they spray-painted racist and homophobic slurs across campus. and in some cases, targeting specific teachers by name on their classroom walls and windows. >> the principal took office july 1. he says he was made aware of what he called challenges understanding some instances of bad behavior are beyond the high school. >> of course, the schools have a great deal of responsibility for shaping the behavior of students, but parents are often involved. members and the school district addressed underage drinking, drug use, and parties. there would be harsher punishment for parents who hosted parties and provide alcohol to those underage, and for kids caught breaking the rules.
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currently, it is an ongoing conversation, and effort that lies on the entire community. >> we all hold of our end. >> with her father's permission, i spoke with a heisel jr.. >> parents should help their kids understand right from wrong because i do believe that some people do go to parties really just to be in that kind of environment, with those kind of people without the drugs and alcohol use. >> she is convinced any effort to crack down on the effort of bad behavior will take some time. >> i don't think it's going to be this instant, overnight change in being a junior, i don't think this could be fixed before i graduate. kumasi: in the east bay, some oakland tech students are upset over their school response to reports of sexual harassment. >> we need then to be active in supporting students who are victims of these kind of crimes and we need them to take this issue more seriously than they do. >> hundreds of students staged
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this protest yesterday over oakland unified school district's sexual harassment policies. some students directly confronted the spokesperson. >> kumasi: oakland unified will start classes next week at oakland tech teach students about consent and appropriate sexual behavior. a big change to the enrollment process is in the works in san francisco unified school district. the financially have been struggling district says it wants to scrap the current lottery-based system to increase enrollment. officials say they are working to create a zone-based process that would start in 2024. >> and ensure that families will have a choice amongst a small group of schools that they will
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be close to their home, they will be protectable, they will the schools will be much more diverse because families are attending neighborhood schools. kumasi: the district says it will also hold in-person enrollment workshops for parents and even go door-nothing to help aaron fill out applications. 3500 students left the district. >> a homeowner says a bear broke into a southern california home, made a mess of the place, and ate all the fried chicken. >> i will explain in john shared this video that shows that they're sitting on the kitchen counter, chowing down on a bucket of kfc. the reason he is saying that ca is because ditka is his parakeet. he is calling to make sure that the bird is all right. the kitchen bear, as we will call him or her, wasn't the only uninvited guest. the homeowner says there is at
5:17 am
least one more bear inside his house, and another one was waiting outside. he eventually got all of them out by making loud noises. i have a feeling it wasn't until that bucket of chicken was totally decimated. >> i'm with you on that one. i mean, i love affairs. >> i don't think that i would be standing in the kitchen which it seems like he was doing. what do you get out of there? >> i am terrified looking at that. about right now if he had left. >> that's true. >> that brave, brave man.
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you need to be aware wet outside this morning. future radar looking at the next six hours, how quickly it dissipates from steady rain at the patchy drizzle to just about nothing by the time we get to the lunch hour. temperatures this afternoon with increasing sunshine. going to hit the mid 60's, near 70 degrees. about 3-5 degrees cooler than yesterday. the breezes will be faster along the coast than they were yesterday. we are driving in drier and cooler air. look how much cooler, significantly cooler. most of us are right around 60. how about low 40's, barely 50 tomorrow morning. scatter a shower or two into the afternoon.
5:19 am
here is the difference from yesterday's model run. forecasting, but it is starting to show the atmosphere more toward the monterey bay than here. you can see the significantly heavier rain to our south. flip-flop, we tend to wait to see what happens. tomorrow will be in the 60's, a little bit cooler saturday. the cooling trend continues. next week, barely in the 50's to low 60's. reggie: the five-day festival of
5:20 am
lights is in full swing in india and around the world. take atake atake atake atake ata we celebrated with this fireworks show on the hudson. during today's main celebration, more than one billion people across the world will exchange gifts, spend time with loved ones, eat and pray. the love -- kumasi: the holiday season is returning to starbucks. the festive drinks include the new sugar cookie almond milk latte as well as old favorites like the peppermint mocha, caramel latte, and the chestnut and praline latte. this is said to me, mike, and jobina. the eggnog latte did not make the cut. reggie: you all were just talking about eggnog the other day. kumasi: don't you feel like our friends could make it? like they have some in the back?
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i think they could. reggie: but we're going to try the new one, i thought. right? kumasi: yes, but then later i also want my eggnog. i love eggnog, friend. reggie: when i pick up the sugar cookie i will ask them if there is eggnog in the back. kumasi: thank you. for later. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: uber eats: the most popular grocery items delivered over the past year and the most popular take-out. kumasi: rising home heating costs. the multiple factors contributed to the increase this winter.
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. president biden is set to make a major announcement today involving the private sector. he is expected to declare covid-19 and occupational safety hazard which would allow large businesses to require their employees to either get the vaccine or be tested regularly. reggie: dropping vaccine clinics
5:24 am
-- drop-in vaccine clinics open today. information on how each bay area county is handling the vaccine rollout. mike: and number three, it is raining this morning. this slight storm is going to bring a steady rain, especially in the east bay and the south bay. then, some patchy drizzle for the rest of the morning commute. jobina: number four, those conditions are very slick out there. a new crash in martinez. injuries are involved. kumasi: number five, nearly all-white jury was selected in the trial of amanda is the killing ahmaud arbery, and unarmed black man. the defense argued that some of the potential black jurors already had opinions on the case. reggie: number six, longtime alameda county supervisor wilma chan has died. she was hit by a car while walking her dog yesterday. kumasi: number seven, giants fans favorite buster posey is expected to announce his retirement after a 12-season
5:25 am
career. this is according to a report from the athletic. no word yet on what time the announcement might happen. reggie: the cost of heating your home this winter is expected to jump as much as 54% compared to last year. here's jenae norman. jenae: getting prepared for rising home heating costs. >> if you are miserable in your home because it is cold this winter, you're going to be even more miserable when you open your heating bill next month. jenae: experts like andy frank,, president of a new york-based company helping clients make their homes more energy-efficient saying multiple factors are at play. >> a lot of that has to do with the demand that has come back since copen, that people are creating more energy. and with a colder winter, price increases could even double what you paid last year. jenae: coming up, we will have
5:26 am
the expert advice you need to keep those heating bills from burning a hole in your wallet. kumasi: make sure it's delivery people feel safe. they just announced a new feature powered by adt that allows employees to reach out to an agent if they feel they are in danger. san francisco and five other big cities across the country. americans are going bananas. according to uber eats, bananas have been the most popular grocery items delivered over the past 12 months. in fact, it has delivered more than 12 tons in the u.s. overall, the most-ordered items, french fries, pad thai, garlic knots, soda, and miso soup. cheese fries are actually on the
5:27 am
rise. orders increased by more than 1200% over the past year. reggie: wow. kumasi: french fries are not good after like 20 seconds. reggie: that is the problem. sometimes i will still eat them, but i will be disappointed with every bite. kumasi: this is a waste of my calories. reggie: i feel like you need to personally get -- french fries, otherwise it is a no. kumasi: people don't care, i guess. reggie: i don't understand that. the microwave doesn't help. coming up, no more plastic . the airline getting rid of water bottles. kumasi: and kid-friendly vaccines. reggie: an update on the health of the man at the center of the tiger king people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®.
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as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. announcer: building a better bay
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area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: new concerns about the upcoming trial and killing of ahmaud arbery. the controversy surrounding the jury. kumasi: and get your umbrella, because we are seeing a wet start to the day. mike is seeing that we can eventually expect to see sunshine. >> a covid-19 mandate that would impact 80 million americans. the private rules the president is effective to announce today. kumasi: and the kid-from the covid vaccine sites. a first look at the clinics around the bay area. reggie: good morning, it is thursday, better known as faux- friday. kumasi: it goes, friend. reggie: abc 7 is live right now. kumasi: and we want to start with mike. mike: here is a look at what is going on down in the south bay. look at this, it is raining, we
5:31 am
have got a 1 on the storm impacts scale with the steady rain right now. by about 7:00 it leaves us with some patchy drizzle for the rest of the morning commute and some wet roads. it put the last hour or so in motion, giving you an idea of where it has been, where it is going. it keeps moving off to the east end to the south and has about another hour and a half before it is out of here. you can see this is the steadiest it has gone, but there are still some pockets in the north bay, and in the higher elevations. we start to see the transition to sunshine by the lunch hour. we are hitting the low to mid 60's. we don't warm up much from there, even with increasing sunshine. mid to upper 60's by 4:00. headed out this evening, we are quickly dropping into the upper 50's to low 60's. i'm tracking at least two more chances of rain in the forecast. reggie: covid is an occupational hazard that employers have a responsibility to protect
5:32 am
against. that is a strategy we expect to year from the president to force companies to mandate vaccines or testing. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek. amy? amy: this can impact 80 million americans, from office workers to grocery store clerks. anyone who works at a business that has more than 100 people. that is the strategy, reggie. the president is expected to declare covid a workplace hazard, and that gives the president the power to issue a vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100 or more people. there is already in mandate in place for federal workers and some states are already pushing back against that requirement, but some governors are calling it unconstitutional. texas and florida have filed lawsuits against that mandate. they are expected to unite against this mandate as well. they are calling it federal overreach and saying they worry it could further hurt businesses already dealing with a labor
5:33 am
shortage. the president is expected to make an announcement about this new mandate for private businesses today, and that it will demand that workers be vaccinated or get weekly covid tests, and that the unvaccinated wear masks of work. -- at work. kumasi: thank you, amy. there are new concerns this morning about the upcoming trial of three white men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery. he was shot to death while jogging near his home in georgia last year. jobina: this trial is being called a major test for racial justice in the deep south, but questions are being raised because nearly all of the jurors chosen are white, even though ahmaud arbery was back. the final jury in the glynn county trial will include 11 white people, most of them women, and one black man. race was a key issue in jury selection after the prosecution acute to the defense of purposefully blocking black jurors.
5:34 am
of the 48 potential jurors, one fourth were black, but the defense claim that some of the potential black jurors had already formed opinions on the case. >> i wasn't surprised. that is just some of what we have already been facing in this case, just another part of the injustices that we see here in glynn county. >> prosecutor sake gregory mcmichael and his son travis started chasing ahmaud arbery in their truck when neighbor william bryan joined in and starting reporting. travis allegedly shot ahmaud arbery three times with the men saying they thought he was burglarizing homes, and they were trying to make a citizens arrest. all three men have pled not guilty. opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow. reggie: house democrats added paid family leave back into president biden's $125 trillion domestic policy package. -- $1.85 trillion the mystic policy package. debates expected to start in the house also include work permits
5:35 am
for immigrants and state and local tax breaks. of those expected to wrap up by tomorrow, the smaller one truly dollars infrastructure. kumasi: san matekumasi: san to help children feel at ease when they get there covid vaccines. kids ages 5-11 will be greeted by superheroes on the red carpet with life-size games of chess and connect four. three weeks gathering donations for large cutout posters, colorful bandits, and other items to make these vaccination sites more kid-friendly. the hope is that it will make the shot a little less scary. >> when you put just a little bit of something for them to look at for old or bubbles to
5:36 am
distract, the shot is nothing. kumasi: the county has received 2700 doses for kids ages 5-11. the first vaccination site is going to open this saturday at willow creek elementary school where they held a clinic earlier this year for teenagers. the site will then rotate to different public schools throughout the county each weekend this month. reggie: not all parents are so excited about getting their kids vaccinated. a group of parents in the north bay gathered to protest yesterday, part of the worldwide walk against vaccine mandates. the gevity superintendent says he understands there are parents who have concerns. >> we understand the concern. this is a very big decision, we don't minimize that. but we also are so clear that it is the right thing to do. reggie: they say the phones have been ringing off the hook with parents hoping to get their kids the shot. the county has the highest vaccination rate of any county in the state.
5:37 am
tomorrow afternoon, we have a half-hour dedicated to getting answers to your questions about vaccines and your children. that is from 4:30 to 5:00. touring the newest community. the project bringing 8000 new housing units. reggie: santa claus making his annual visit to the bay area. but first, a check on your weather with mike. mike: let's take a look at live doppler 7. the steadiest rayna starting to turn over to some scattered showers. definitely going to be wet the next couple of hours. light rain right now. he way back to old quarry
5:38 am
road. here is a look at future radar. still some pockets of light rain possible up in the north bay for the next several hours. the rest of the mountains could have some areas of drizzle as the lower levels of the atmospheric stay saturated for several more hours after the steady rain leaves us. you can see the light rain falling here in walnut creek as we look south on 680. everything is caution because of the wet weather. whether you need to slow down on the roads, whether the decks will be wet, stay inside. mass transit grabbing that umbrella to keep you dry. what the rain has done, look at our temperatures up to 30 degrees milder than this time yesterday, pushing us into the upper 50's to low 60's. 58 in lafayette, the 16th to antioch. this is across the board. san jose, about 59. go back to the east bay valleys
5:39 am
and you can see temperatures jump from 60 at 8:00. and a lot of cloud noon. breaking out into the sunshine in the afternoon hours. if you are heading out this evening, already 60 by 8:00. a chilly night on the way, and a couple more changes of rain in the seven day forecast. jobina: we are starting here and traveling in the eastbound direction on 80. we have a solo car spin out that is blocking a lane. we have been seeing a number of issues this morning because of those slick conditions on the roads. check out this pretty big backup we are looking at right now, westbound 84 cutting boulevard. we also have a large water main break being reported near santa rosa. all eastbound traffic along highway from mission boulevard is closed right now. wrapping up here with a live look at the san mateo bridge, we have just seen a lot of crashes happen and we have only been on the airport early nine minutes.
5:40 am
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kumasi: people gathered in danville in honor of a man shot and killed by police three years ago. this group came together yesterday. his mother and sister also took part in a memorial. >> he was a kind man. thank you for everyone who has extended their support and love. we will continue to fight for justice. hopefully this will never happen to anyone else again. kumasi: he was shot and killed during a slow speed pursuit. a jury last month convicted officer andrew hall of assault with a firearm in the shooting. jurors deadlocked in a charge of voluntary manslaughter. people at the gathering said that one of the dea to retry
5:43 am
hall that charge. claims were filed last week, a decrease of 14,000 from devised figures the prior week. continuing claims were also down to just above 2.1 million. that is down 134,000 from the previous week. tomorrow morning, the labor department will release the october jobs report. transportation authority celebrating a new class of 27 bus operators. the group just graduated a challenging nine week training course. the new class brings them closer to reaching the goal of returning to full-service after experiencing eight driver
5:44 am
shortage for more than two years. backup of cargo ships off the coast of california and get items on store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season. the state legislature is now meeting to find solutions. the majority of backups are at the port of los angeles and the port of long beach, the two largest in the nation. here is one solution: redirect some ships from southern california to the port of oakland. it is currently operating at 50% capacity and is ready to help alleviate congestion. >> this is not a competition. but one of the solutions has to be to encourage our supply chain partners to utilize the maximum capacity of gateways kumasi:. last month, the biden administration ordered them to operate 24 hours per day to ease the backup, but now, warehouses have filled up and there is a lack of space to put all of the items that are now coming off the ships. a new community is coming soon to san francisco's treasure island. city officials were led on a tour yesterday.
5:45 am
the transformational neighborhood 20 years in the making is taking shape on the site of a former naval base. it is going to have 8000 housing units including 2000 that are low income. the project includes transportation improvements as well, in ferry service. >> people love it here. that is why it is so important that we have opportunities for people to get around and did here. and what better way than a place surrounded by water to ensure there is actual ferry service? kumasi: starting on january there are going to be 17 roundtrips per day from treasure island. reggie: this was the opening celebration for the ice rink yesterday. it was close last year because of the pandemic.
5:46 am
holidays. the lights are all around and so i'm super excited. number of special events like flashback fridays and drag queens on ice. it is open daily from 10:00 to 11:00 going through january 17. you have to purchase your tickets online and you also need to show proof of vaccination to get in. kumasi: santa claus will be coming to town very soon. he will begin visiting some of the bay malls next week. parents can take their kids for photos and visits with santa at the shopping center in palo alto. st. nick will will will will wil available at santa rosa plaza on november 18, and then he will start making appearances in the great mall on the first of december. reggie: i was just looking at how santa was doing last year.
5:47 am
mike: good. six feet away. weren't they behind plexiglass, too? reggie: kind of wild. we will see what they do this year. mike: kids cannot be denied. and a lot of times, it is the parents forcing them. 5:47. you may want to force the kids to grab an umbrella or maybe a raincoat this morning. super commuters, we are looking at also 205 and 580 around tracy, a little wet. heading toward saratoga, right there on nine and 85, some light rain falling. this is what it looks like when the rain has passed. it is still pretty slick as we look east across the san mateo bridge, and here is a look at 87 down in san jose. it is definitely wet, also. a damp morning, but a dry and brighter afternoon. much cooler tonight. stars and limited fog thanks to
5:48 am
the dryer air. deepest valleys dealing with the fog. it will definitely feel like fall. as far as what is going on with temperatures today, late sunshine will push us into the mid to upper 60's. look at the well of 40's. more of us in the 40's tonight that in the 50's. if you do drop into the 50's, it is barely 50-51 degrees. saturday morning, we have a chance of drizzle and then a random shower is a we getting cold front tries to push through. clearing and breezy conditions during the latter part of the afternoon. sunday looks pretty quiet. monday, a big difference, a shift in the atmospheric river. less rain for us all the way through tuesday. we will still get some, but if you follow the model, that is significantly less. 2/10 to three quarters of one inch of rain. of course, we still have a couple more days to fine-tune
5:49 am
that forecast. after today, looking at low to upper 60's friday, upper 50's to mid-60's through sunday. even cooler next week. upper 50's to only low 60's. kumasi: ford is now the first major u.s. automaker to make a vaccine. company says it will require salaried employees to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 by december 8. worker to do not comply will be put on leave for a maximum of 30 days. after that time, your job protection ends. the company sent the message to 30 2000 salaried employees thing the health and safety of its workforce remains at top priority. ford says it will consider religious and medical exemptions. reggie: alaska airlines cutting back on in-flight waste. passengers will receive boxed water instead of plastic water bottles. recyclable paper cups are replacing plastic cups. alaska is partnering with the brand "boxed water is better"
5:50 am
for that initiative. they are fully recyclable. alaska says the change will remove 22 million plastic cups and 32 million plastic bottles every year. kumasi: the early black friday deals just keep on coming. one major retailer has just opened up sales for the season. some exclusive money-saving ideas this morning. the details reggie: on a crash involving henry ruggs. it appears he is now out of jail. kumasi: and growing questions about aaron rodgers' vaccination status. the treatment he said he received instead of a shot. reggie: alzheimer's exhausts family finances and futures. please join me at the walk to and alzheimer's this saturday, or you can walk from home in your own neighborhood. he
5:51 am
when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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see you later teeth stains. colgate optic white renewal ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ deeply whitens with the power of hydrogen peroxide. and, try the optic white whitening pen to remove 15 years of stains in just 1 week.
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reggie: it appears henry ruggs iii is now out of jail and expected back in court on wednesday. his bail was listed at $150,000. yesterday he was arraigned on a felony dui charge. prosecutors say he was driving more than 150 miles per hour when he rear-ended an suv, causing it to burst into flames. the driver died. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> i have never seen a case in my 41 years here in las vegas a person who is charged with a crime driving in excess of 150 miles per hour. reggie: police also found a loaded gun in his car. prosecutors filed an additional charge for that and he could face up to 46 years in prison if convicted. as part of his baildihe can't dr his passport and have high-level electronic monitoring.
5:54 am
kumasi: green bakumasi: quarterback aaron rodgers will miss this sunday's game against the chiefs after testing positive for covid-19. he told reporters in august that he was immunized against covid, but it turns out he never got the vaccine. espn is reporting that rogers had an alternate treatment prior to the start of training camp. the nfl has considered rogers as unvaccinated since the start of the season. the earliest he can return is november 13. the man at the center of the netflix docuseries "tiger king" says he has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. joe exotic says his prostate biopsy came back with cancer. he is still waiting on results from other tasks. he says he does not want anybody to pity him. he is currently in prison for a murder for hire plot and for animal abuse. he is asking to be released so he can receive treatment on his own.
5:55 am
san francisco as he is facing criticism for his latest netflix comedy special. he will be screening his documentary at the che center. the film is called it is sold out even though the comedian says he has been dropped by film distributors after his recent net looks, a special sparked a fight with transgender activists. chapelle says he is not going to let himself get canceled. he is taking matters into his own hands and bringing the documentary to attend cities across the country. kumasi: 25 years. that is how long it has been since the spice girls released their first album. ♪ it debuted in the ago today. november 4, 1996. it went on to top the charts in 18 countries. and it is still the biggest-selling girl group album of all time. reggie: wow.
5:56 am
i did not realize that. kumasi: light, who else is it? reggie: i guess so. more than destiny's child. kumasi: i mean, it was huge. reggie: it was in the moment. we are tracking two big covid-19 headlines. the biden administration has released more details about the plans to mandate vaccines for millions of private sector workers. kumasi: an amy hollyfield is live and how this could impact your company, plus the pill that has just been authorized to treat covid-19. reggie: a tragedy in alameda. a beloved county supervisor hit and killed while she was walking her dog. the local community now speaking on her lasting legacy. kumasi: plus, another pg&e payback agreement. millions of dollars for starting the kincade fire two years ago. reggie: foutside at 5:56.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, a vacci mandate for millions. the biden administration giving you details about new workplace policy and what it could mean for your job. >> he is the heart and soul of the giants. >> he is family. even my daughters were like
6:00 am
daddy, he is retiring. they were all shocked. reggie: bay area great callingng it bringg re , e emioodbye. kusi: if you haven't stepped outside, you want some rain boots or novella. you are looking live outside and mike is tracking lingering showers. reggie: you are wat you a news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. love the conviction -- go get those boots. do something. [laughter] take care of yourself. here's a look at the storm impacts scale, mainly for this morning. we are starting to see the steady light rain moving off to the east. we will have some patches of light rain, especially up in the north bay, and some drizzle possible to the rest of the morning commute. we doubt that into san jose, you can see around willow glen down toward


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