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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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at six here on abc 7, who live and wherever you stream. what is the state doing about it? where is our money going? we are left tonight, digging into those questions. reporter: sources tell us that several state departments art meeting with lawmakers to discuss alternative contracts that could save us more than $300 million. these meetings come as the state is taking heat from legislators for failing to release a report detailing any assessment of the labs is. when california launched its first state-funded covid testing lab, it came with a big testing lab. this is a cliff the tweeted out. wanted 25 million dollars valencia branch lab. he said it will double the
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testing capacity, guaranteeing before-48 testing results and cut the cost from $150 to $30. did all of that happened? >> no. reporter: he is an attorney, a nonpartisan watchdog group. not only were they not delivered but the state renewed the billion dollar contract despite health officials warning that they could lose their license. >> there are questions raised about previous issues with the contract. reporter: they conducted an investigation late last year that found significant deficiencies in the lab including inconclusive test results. last month, scott woke sent health and human services this letter saying they should release a report promised seven months ago, detailing the investigation into their deficiencies. delaying the public release of
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the report with little to no explanation is unacceptable. they sent a second letter weeks later to help the auto renewal of the contract up to $1.7 billion. his office said no response. >> surprised that the state did not take a more lessons learned approach in possibly get out the deal. reporter: she is the health campaigns director for the public interest research group. a coalition that specializes in health care solutions. when it comes to evaluating contracts, what should be the priority? >> turnaround times are as promised. consumer tests and volume tests are matched. reporter: neither of those were fully met in the contract. there lab was expected to reach the capacity of processing 150,000 tests per day. public records obtained by the i team shows they never exceeded
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processing 40,000 tests per day with one of the slowest turnaround times compared to its competitors. >> i would be concerned about costs. this is not free. reporter: according to state data, the pcr covid test costs around $55, not three dollars promised. public records shape -- $30. only half of those were processed in one day whereas summer bio is charging $10 per pcr test with an average of 94% of samples processed over the past year. >> why does it cost us 50? especially if you have other people in the market that are doing this in the $10 range. reporter: we brought this example to the state asking if they were considering companies demonstrating cost-efficient results but yet to get a straight answer. the sounds from the state comes as they cashed in on impressive third order. we looked into their financial record that shows they generated
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$560 million more in the first half of this year from just operating activities compared to last year. it was slightly more than its competitor and on par with quest. i want to add. we have repeatedly watched out -- reached out for further comment on this but have yet to hear back. dan: thank you.ou ama: a couple more headlines. the covid pill dramatically cutt hospitalization and death rates by 90%. it will seek authorization from the fda. 11 states led by missouri filed a lawsuit against the audit administration for the vaccine mandate against private businesses. similar challenges are made by 15 other states. in her and co., 5-11 age kids can will their sleeves for a vaccine. -- in marin county.
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we are live in san result were the biggest clinic site is getting ready. reporter: thousand kids will get their first vaccination dealt here at miller creek middle school starting this weekend. lots of preparations being made to make kids feel safe and comfortable. lots of signs and decorations. finding an appointment for the kids is like finding the golden ticket it almost impossible. pediatric doses of the covid-19 vaccine in cold storage, ready for the clinics across marin county. >> these are the syringes that come with the pfizer pediatric dose. it allows us to get to point to cc. reporter: the county has received 2700 doses this week. she tells parents that it is safe. >> it is very safe there the risks of covid-19 disease are much greater than any risk the
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vaccine would present to the children. reporter: parents interest in the shot has been overwhelming. most appointments were booked within 15 minutes. now, completely full. they have spent this week trying to get his sons vaccinated. >> we went online. everything was book and i tried my luck today and see if there was any availability. >> were happy we are getting vaccinated. we won't have to go with a mask. reporter: this means a safer haircut experience and snipped sjogren's hair salon in the area. >> am looking forward to them being vaccinated. the comfort level of people and we will see more of our clients back. reporter: she is not ready for kids to get the shot yet. >> we have had some reactions with the other vaccines we have
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given. we are just holding out and see how this goes. when we have to make the decision, we will. reporter: the largest clinic will be at the same site where teenagers got vaccinated earlier this year. this clinic will be different. >> we will play music. we have funny headbands with feathers on them and bouncing stars and hearts. while the kids know it will get a shot, it will be more entertaining and fun. reporter: no walk appointments are available. keep checking the website. more appointments will open up as vaccine supplies arrive next week. or checked with your health provider. the goal here is to get at least 75% of 5-11-year-olds in the county fully vaccinated by the holidays. dan: we sp we sp we sp we sp wep
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answering questions about vaccines and your children on the 4:00 news. one concern is about long-term effects, especially from pfizer and madura mrna shots. >> there is no science or evidence to see if this affects their fertility, growth or anything in that sense. we will know about the long-term effects of covid-19 itself. in the long term, protect them against the actual virus we are fighting. she had some advice on how to prepare your kids for the vaccine. talk to your children. the most important thing to to o is plan ahead. talk to your kids. ask them if they have any fears. dan: if you miss anything from today's conversation, walk it on our app on roku, apple tv and other devices.
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search for us to download it now. ama: a suspect or a badge and now he is in rehab. >> we got some -- spencer: i the forecast coming up. dan: you've heard about ptsd. a story about pre- ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief.
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(child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. dan: highway 37 is back open after it was shut for several hours because of a terrible crash.
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we were over the interchange. a tanker truck, coca-cola truck and white car in the collision. the car was sandwich and you see him being loaded out out to a helicopter to get rushed to the hospital. ama: two people killed in a head-on collision in san jose. we were over at the scene. police say around 10:15, that read chevy truck drifted into the eastbound lane and slammed into a bmw. the driver and passenger died. the mw driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. dan: a police sergeant helping addicts off the streets is accused of robbing a rite aid after he bound his own addiction. we have the story. reporter: devin cole has has has with the department for 27 years were he was known as a dedicated officer, a husband and father which is why those who knew him
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are stunned at the allegations he is facing. >> everybody is shocked. reporter: eight spokesperson says he robbed this right aid and resisted arrest. he is representing him. >> it is my understanding that sergeant cole walked into a rite aid in san mateo, armed with a weapon. it is not his duty weapon. he demanded he be given prescription medication on the basis of his addiction and upon leaving the store, he was tackled by two sheriffs or police officers and arrested for the offense. reporter: cole's use of pain pills began in 2010 after a doctor prescribed them for a severe dog bite. he provided these pictures but didn't know that this was a dog that bit him. a spokesperson said he was assigned to field operations bureau and placed on unpaid leave. he was involved in the healthy
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streets outreach plan. he helped those with substance abuse issues get off the streets. >> he was probably a sympathetic ear to a lot of addicts and help them to understand their struggle while not being able to overcome it himself. reporter: the da says he posted a 57,000 dollars bail. his arraignment is scheduled for the member 18th. >> they have sworn to uphold the law. the law in question becomes paramount. reporter: when we asked if they would review any of his cases, a spokesperson said we are looking into this. he is now in rehab. 70% of americans are very or somewhat worried about global warming. more and more of them are showing signs of the anxiety or depression as a result of that worry. reporter: some take action.
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some worry. bottom-line, more young people are reporting depression or anxiety when it comes to global warming. >> houses on fire. it is time to panic. >> the world is not the way it used to be. it is depressing. >> you may have heard of post traumatic set -- stress disorder. they came up with this concept of three -- pretsd/ it is this new idea that involves anxiety and depression. reporter: he is seeing more and more people bring up the subject of global warming in therapy, setting feelings of sadness and despair. he says in california, the wildfires and smoke are a trigger. the stakes are high. >> 50% said they would have fewer children and one of the reasons stated was their fears around climate change. it is very new.
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the field of psychology is not that prepared for it. reporter: some are connecting on this website. the new field is often dubbed climate anxiety, grief or eco-anxiety. climate where psychologists are pushing for new training, education for clinicians. >> anxiety and fear is a rational response. if we are to solve this crisis, we gotta get beyond that and get engaged. i think engagement is the antidote to anxiety that we have. reporter: other suggest we connecting with nature by going or imagining going to the woods or beach to see the environment. dan: love it or hate we are doing it this weekend just like we have every year. what would happen if we did not? we will explain what we are talking about next. >> alzheimer's
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-not exactly. that's bargain bliss setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. -feel so tall right now! -i know, right? could you just. while you're up there? -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [announcer] our amazing 20 percent off wine sale is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet. dan: we will follow ama: we will fall back this weekend. we will turn the clock back one hour. it is eight 100-year-old practice and the debate raters
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on on whether this is a good thing. we take a look at the pros and cons for both sides. reporter: sunday at 2 a.m., we will will back our clock's as daylight savings times and. it is a highly contested topic we ask five people their thoughts. >> i don't like it. i feel like it gets dark too early and i miss the sunshine when i go home from work. >> i do. >> i do not like it. >> i get that extra hour of sleeping. reporter: our survey is not the end of the debate but many people agree. the department of transportation overseas it and supports it. it saves energy and results in fewer traffic fatalities. many school officials are for your >> kids have to go to school in the dark and the schools would have to change their time schedules and that messes up parents work schedule. it messes up the school starting time.
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it is just not good overall. reporter: without it, klotz would stay the same but when the sun rises and set would change. under our current system, it rises at 7 a.m. on january 1 and at 5:00 on july 1. if change, it would be dark until 8 a.m. and sunrise would be at four: 41. despite that reality, some believe that not having a time change is better for our bodies. wexler me set our clock to a time that doesn't align with that so :00, we get misalignment. it leads to the immediate effect of not feeling very good after our time changes but also to long-term health effects like increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and others. >> we voted on this in 2018. we voted to get rid of it but that has been held up by the federal government. they still need to decide if 34-door falling back time is the one we set our watches too.
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there is no sense of time as to when that will happen. ama: oh, the debate. dan: every year. i go both ways on this. part of me, i love it when it is light longer. i also kind of like it cozy in the wintertime when it is darker. i don't mind it. i know people want to get rid of it but to me, it marks a seasonal change. ama: i like it when the holiday lights are out. you don't want it to be 8:00 and you look at holiday lights. spencer: on the other hand, it seems dreary when it gets that dark at the afternoon. i'm ok with the change. i am not misaligned. some people would say that i am. dan: working our hours, doesn't matter what type of sun is out. spencer: it's dark when you get off anyhow.
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will affect stuff on sunday, sunset will occur at 5:04. 61 minute difference in case you are not counting. let's take a look at weather conditions. it is cooler in most locations right now than it was yesterday. when we head into the weekend, expect collier whether if you look at it from our rooftop camera. 60 in oakland and san jose. 57 at half moon bay. losing my voice here. we get towards the golden gate. you see this guys are becoming increasingly cloudy. other readings right now. mainly upper 50's in almost all these locations. concorde is the warm spot degrees. here is a stunning view of the western sky from the east bay hills camera. it is just beautiful.
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setting sun and clouds there. we will see cloudy conditions with some patchy north date drizzle. clouds will linger and maybe a few more lights pringles in the north they. dry on sunday but widespread rain returns monday into tuesday. here's tonight's forecast animation. we may see a sprinkle or two later tonight in the north bay. another impulse will move in tomorrow morning and possibly produce a few scattered sprinkles but once again, south and east of the golden gate will remain dry. we will see some partial clearing as well. under cloudy skies, low temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's. chillier in the north bay. tomorrow's high art -- are around the mid 60's. not much of an increase across the bay. even our inland areas will not warm up more than a couple degrees tomorrow. skip ahead to monday.
6:25 pm
we got a coming storm. by monday afternoon and evening, rain will arrive and spread quickly. a mix of rain and snow will fall in the sierra by monday evening. that rain in the bay area will stay with us through the night on monday and all day into tuesday night before it winds down and falls apart. rainfall totals from that system will vary widely but they get a pretty good soaking. anywhere from half an inch to over eight tenths of an inch in oakland. what -- north bay be our wettest location. one and three quarters inches of rain. almost one and a half in santa rosa. it will be a pretty wet storm and one that we need. here is the seven-day forecast. dry on sunday. rain arrives. a level one storm the storm will intensify it with gusty winds and steady at rain.
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that will be a level two and we have dry weather to enjoy for the remainder of next week. dan? dan: breaking news. we are over the great mall where there is a heavy police presence. not sure what drew this response. we are seeing people post that the mall is locked down while others evacuate. we will bring you an update as soon we learn more. ama: we heard a lot about setting goals to combat climate change this week. meet the uc berkeley scientist who can help us now if we are meeting those goals. also ahead. >> i am potentially losing my eye. dan: a fun weekend took a devastating turn for a young woman. you will hear her story and how you can
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so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> live breaking news. dan: this is a live look at sky seven over the great mall. you can see the huge police response. ama: it is not clear why there are so many officers. we have seen people posting on
6:30 pm
social media that it was evacuated while others say it is locked down. dan: joining us on the phone is aust who works at the food court. we appreciate you coming on. what did you see? what can you tell us? >> i was working working workini guard saw a suspicious man. look like something was going to go down. i looked up the fooi looked up they were surrounding the food court. they were yelling like get on the ground. later, i saw a gun. they ran through the mall and they had to evacuate. dan: let me interrupt you. if your tv happens to be on, turn down the volume? it is interrupting. so we can hear you better. and please continue. >> is this good?
6:31 pm
ama: still breaking up a bit. he works at a gelato store inside the mall and was speaking to us about officers coming in. we don't have them anymore. he signaled the connection is not great but we are taking a live look at this breaking news at milpitas. we just saw what appeared to be more people, shoppers from inside the mall walking out. calmly. not running out. dan: hands in the air, some of them it look like. austin, the fella working at the gelato store describes being told to get down, get down on the ground. there is a huge police response there. here is a tweet. just minutes ago. trains will not be stopping at the light rail station at the mall due to the police in the area. when things clear up, we will resume service. ama: it is unclear.
6:32 pm
we are continuing to fall this as we take a live look overhead dan: we don't want to speculate. we are waiting until we get more information before we tell you what is going on. as you can see, enormous police response or at whatever has transpired, it was reported initially as being serious and warranting a large response. it will get back to that as we learn more. a san francisco hairstylist could end up partially blind after being shot with a paintball after outside lands. ama: we spoke to the victim. it is a story you will only see here. >> i was on the bench like this. my partner was in front of me. reporter: she is describing the exact moment her life change. it happened early last saturday morning after outside lands ended. she was sitting on this bench waiting for a ride in the sunset district when somebody drove by and shot at them with
6:33 pm
paintballs. her boyfriend was hit in the back but she was facing traffic and was hit head-on. >> i was hit in my leg and then my eye and my hand. i felt my hand. hand. i was peeling something off my face. reporter: it hit her in the lower eyelid cutting her skin and left her bleeding. within seconds, she realized that was not the worst of it. >> the second i realize and came to i-8 was like i am blind. i cannot see. everything was dark. reporter: the paintball damage the lens of her eye. she is not showing bruising on her face because the blood is pulling inside her eye. doctors don't know if the blindness is permanent. san francisco police could not say how serious a problem this was. last year, four people were hit i these attacks in bernal heights. about the same time, officers arrested a 19-year-old who shot at a pregnant woman with
6:34 pm
paintballs. she is not sure why somebody shot at her. she thinks it may have been people carried away during halloween but she wants them to know the injury they caused is no joke. >> is just kids, whatever. i am potentially losing my eye and i don't have vision. it is very frustrating. reporter: this has left her unable to work as a colorist as a salon person. they set up a gofundme for her medical bills. ama: you will find a l l gofundme account on our website. dan: technology we have trackedd for several years is now on display for the world at the cop 26 summit going on in glasgow. it was developed at uc berkeley by a researcher who believes it can be a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. reporter: for this you see
6:35 pm
researcher, the fight against climate change began on rooftops like oakland, it is part of a large network of sensors that blanket the east bay and parts of san francisco. help cities around the world. to reduce carbon goals set out in the cop 26 conference in scotland. >> cities are making big claims and ambitious targets. we want to help them understand if they are on track. reporter: to grab their attention, he installed sensors where they can get noticed by a worldwide audience. the city of glasgow itself. >> week started in august. we have had 10 operating since the start of august prayed we have a three month record. reporter: they can detect trends
6:36 pm
on a micro scale. his team could document the dramatic drop in emissions. they emptied out during the initial covert shelter in place. the system known as beacon is up and running in los angeles with talks on their way on the east coast and with at least one city in the u.k.. >> it is fabulous to see it come to fruition in ways that will be helpful as they try and manage the emissions. reporter: perhaps play an important role in document our progress in the campaign against climate change. the sensor system will remain in glasgow, monitoring greenhouse gases as well as other plans. we have one sensor located right across from our studio across the embarcadero. reporter: with the pandemic waiting, they are ready to book travel but what will it cost them? them? i will
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where this is in milpitas. this is a live look over the great mall where there is a large police response. dan: people have been evacuated. tim johnson just arrived at the mall. they have gathered some information about what is happening there. tim? reporter: like you said, the large police presence here. we don't have a lot of information. when we came in, we were greeted by a wall of police activity. a lot of officers. i will step aside and give you a look at what we are seeing. what we have seen, this main entrance here by the great mall under that sign, we have seen officers ushering people out in groups of 10-15 with their hands above their head. they are given a quick check to make sure if they are ok then they are released here. i spoke to a gentleman who worked at the he told me he saw three men with
6:41 pm
guns enter into the mall. everything started to unfold can see we have this caution tape. there is people observing, waiting for loved ones print i spoke to loved ones who had somebody inside the mall and it waiting to hear from them. a lot of confusion. the number one priority is to make sure everybody is safe. a lot of unknown details at this time. we will stay out here and reading you guys the very latest. back to you. we will come back to you as need be. as we take another live look over the great mall, this is the side with the police activity right there. you can see a swat tactical vehicle as well. we heard tim talking about what
6:42 pm
happened. there being let out 10 at a time by officers. we will watch over this scene as we get more information and bring you the latest.
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6:45 pm
ama: we returned to the breaking news. we have skype seven and over this scene there is a lot of police activity. dan: you heard our reporter talking a few minutes ago. there were reports of three people entering the mall with guns. triggered this innermost response. we have heard of no shots being fired. we don't yet know if that has been confirmed. ama: people on social media reported different things. others say it was locked down he saw people being escorted out 10 at a time. somebody in the food court says they saw somebody with a black mask running to the mall followed by police. customers ran out as well. vta tells us that that that that longer stopping at the great mall light rail station. we will stay on top of this for
6:46 pm
you. dan: after more than one year of covid lockdowns, the world is reopening and americans are ready to travel. if you are one of those considering booking a vacation, here's the key question: how much will it cost you? we are here with a forecast. reporter: it is a forecast. we have been told that pent up demand is really going to raise the cost of travel but is it really? not a reality? i took a deep dive and this is what i found. the pandemic is slowing down so travel is looking up. what will it cost you to take that trip? i asked three experts. >> what is so fun is there are so many places opening up. >> they have been booking like
6:47 pm
mad. >> i can demand is increasing. reporter: it may seem like prices are skyrocketing but they are not that bad. >> prices have been down for about the last year or two. it could be that prices are going back to normal levels. we just got used to them being dirt cheap >> it feels high because prices were rock-bottom in the middle of this thing. prices are still depressed a bit. reporter: the price of domestic flights is going up quickly. international affairs remain a bargain heard she says that is because demand is being met with supply. >> there are so many laces opening up right now. united airlines just announced at least 22 new routes starting in early 2022.
6:48 pm
prices for flights will still be pretty reasonable. demand is increasing tremendously but they are adding back all those routes. reporter: u.s. travel association keeps track of prices and the cost of travel will increase less than 7% in 2022. if you want to book a flight to get home for your family for thanksgiving, it will cost you. they are filling up fast. if you went to a mexico beach instead, you can get a round-trip for $275. you can go to europe for $200 more. december holiday flights are still available at good prices but you better book fast. for winter travel, spring or summer, this is how our experts say you can lend a deal. >> save money in general by traveling to the places that people don't want to go or traveling to places where people want to go during these places.
6:49 pm
that is off-season traveling. reporter: hotels could be the largest part of your budget. use a service like hotwire and search for last-minute deals. >> you can save 60% on these hotels. you can get a 4-5 star hotel for a 2-3-star price. -it >> reporter: how do you get a deal? >> be vigilant and be ready to jump on it. the lower the priority is, the faster it goes away. reporter: this probably over with for thanksgiving unless you want to spend money. in december, get on it right this second. for summer travel, start inking about booking as early as january. reduce some serious searches. dan: no time to waste. thank you. ama: we are taking another live look at the great mall in
6:50 pm
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ama: we continue to follow the breaking news. dan: you can see a heavy police presence at the mall. they have not been able to give
6:53 pm
us details. busy area at with the situation at the mall. enormous number of police vehicles and emergency responders after reports said there were several men seen with guns at the mall. ama: as we zoom in life people calmly walking out the mall. if you've never been there, it is enormous because of that name. dan: sprawling. ama: incredibly large. a lot of people to get out of there. we have somebody who is hunkered down in a star to be evacuated. are you on the phone with us? how are you? >> i am good. ama: what can you tell us about what happened? you are hunkered down now? >> we are barricaded in a back office. we made our own arcade and jammed the door for our own safety and we are following protocol and wait for the police. dan: we have a picture of him
6:54 pm
hunkered down at the mall that weekend put up. what did you hear it before you hurt you had to shelter there and lock yourself down? what did you hear? what were you told? >> we didn't hear anything from where our store was in the mall. we have a into our mouth and told us to evacuate. as guests ran out, employees followed put a call and we ran to the back room and locked the door. dan: you sound remarkably calm. are your colleagues the same way? >> we are pretty nervous. working in this mall, this type of thing happens frequently. it is something we have gotten used to at this point. ama: you have gotten use this? sorry, that caught my attention. you have drills for this? does this really happen -- >> my time working at great mall, this has happened another
6:55 pm
time last year. ama: sounds like they are rnds i to go out when this happens and getting people to where they need to be. no update since you have been hunkered down on when you might be able to get out of there? >> not at all. we are waiting for police to escort us out. for the most part, we are sitting pretty here. dan: sit -- stay safe and take care of yourself and your colleagues. thank you for coming on. we can show as we leave, show him and his colleagues there at that store. one more time at the great mall. there they are. we are locked and safe at the mall. your friends and colleagues. i imagine there are a number of employees who are in the same boat there. somewhere in that mall which is a huge facility, waiting to be evacuated. ama: it feels like an indoor
6:56 pm
outdoor mall. it feels like it is massive and we can see people coming out. it sounds like they haveaveave plan in place for when something like this happen. dan: the word you used is key. slowly. no rush. no panic. that is a good sign. vta service stopping. they're not going to do it right now. they apologizing for the inconvenience mall as soon as it is safe to do so. they're skipping that soft. -- stop. ama: taking every precaution. we don't know any details from place paid we have not heard anything at this point. they are busy dealing with this. you can see how massive that is. dan: you can imagine how much
6:57 pm
time it takes to evacuate and to search because -- exactly right. the other thing we have not seen to the best of my knowledge. a lot of police but no ambulances to my knowledge. nobody coming out who is wounded. that is a good sign. we'll keep you updated. ama: it have more info at 11:00. dan: we appreciate your time and stay with us for more and we will see you at 11:00.
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