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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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school board meeting that shocked and embarrassed
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is kgo news. -- >> employees and shoppers running and hiding as word spread of an active shooter. it turned out to be a false alarms. ama: the mall was given the all clear tonight two hours after police responded. we are joined live from the mall on what caused this chaos. reporter: this was a false alarm with no actual shooter in the mall, and no one getting hurt. milpitas pd tells me this is not the first time something like this has happened. scenes of chaos and confusion outside the great mall in
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milpitas friday night. >> everyone was panicking. >> my wife was two stores down. all i could think was what is happening with her. reporter: milpitas pd received reports of a fight possibly with a knife that broke out among several people in the mall. >> when they arrived at the scene, there were unrelated reports of a possible shooting that occurred within the burlington coat factory. reporter: those separate incidents's entomology locked down, as people were seen running, assuming there was an active shooter. milpitas pd say they found of evidence of a shooting in the mall. the law enforcement response was quick and forceful with san jose pd, the senate clara county sheriff's office responding along with the milpitas police department. >> unfortunately this is too commonplace. we trained to great lengths to
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respond to situations like that. reporter: similar incidents have happened at the great mall in the past few years. >> this is the third time in the last two years we responded. reporter: some mall employees say this helped prepare them for friday's events. >> working at the great mall, this type of thing occurs a lot. we were pretty much equipped to stay calm. reporter: milpitas pd tell me those involved have been detained, and the cause of it is under investigation. abc 7 news. dan: we sent out this push alert on our free abc 7 app. we later sent updates as the mall was given the all clear. if you want alerts like this, we will keep you informed. the app is free to download.
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ama: san francisco school leaders and parents are calling for an investigation after a district meeting was zoom bombed. hackers showed pornographic images and used racist slurs. reporter: tonight's members of the san francisco unified action committee are demanding an investigation. this was a moment an unidentified person hacked the zoom meeting focused on uncovering racism within san francisco's public schools. >> calling racist names, using the n-word, and showing images. reporter: 40 people witnessed the attack. one was apparent and volunteer. do you feel this incident was targeted to this committee? >> absolutely. this committee has been under attack since its inception.
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reporter: she had her computer connected to the living room tv, her children witnessed the verbal attack and accident lease all the pornographic images. >> i do not know how my daughters are processing it. i am worried about it. it will require counseling. reporter: a similar incident happened in january during antiracism lesson. >> the black community and all of our allies should not rest. reporter: they are considering extra layer's of protection for the upcoming meetings. >> there needs to be a police investigation. we need to see its linkage to other issues, threats, violent behavior we have seen around similar discussions. reporter: abc 7 news.
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dan: supervisors are set to approve a $2.5 million settlement for a lawsuit filed by the mother of a man shot and killed by a rookie officer. it happened almost four years ago. the 42-year-old carjackers led officers on a chase. when he got out and started running, the rookie officer fired his gun through the window of his patrol car. the officer had been on the force just four days. >> i would hope these cases would cause a police officer, when necessary, to pause before using deadly force. reporter: the officer was fired -- dan: the officer was fired and is facing manslaughter charges. >> the motion is adopted. [applause] ama: democrats are celebrating
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after passing a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. it is a victory for nancy pelosi, whose leadership was put to the test during the month-long standoff. $100 billion would go to roads and bridges, $65 billion for expanding broadband. it goes to the president's desk. dan: hundreds of young children got vaccinated against covid-19 in contra costa county today, the latest county to open clinics for children ages 5-11. several other counties will begin tomorrow, including marin and san mateo counties. with younger children getting vaccinated, kid friendly event venues are hoping to see a strong boost in business. the economy is part of building a better bay area. business owners say their phones have been ringing off the hook. reporter: it is friday
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enjoying around of minigolf. >> we try to find things we can do outside as a family. reporter: they went outdoors because it is safer for his unvaccinated kids. saturday that will change. >> getting the vaccine tomorrow. we have been through a long season, we are excited to open things up and get back to normal. reporter: business has been rebounding, but as more people are eligible for the vaccine, people can now try for a hole in one. >> booked solid this month, half booked for next month. reporter: the owner of this minigolf course thanks as kids are vaccinated, he will see more families come through. >> i think we will get more birthday parties as word gets around. the more we get, the busier we are getting. reporter: and he is not the only
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one. many families did not feel safe playing games or laser tag with strangers. >> we have issues with some parents who are hesitant about having their kids come to birthday parties. reporter: with the new eligibility, he expects business to bounce back. >> we help parents will be more comfortable allowing their kids to come to laser tag parties, and get back out to do things. kids and families should be able to do together. reporter: abc 7 news. ama: we assembled a panel to answer questions about vaccines and your children. on question is about the long-term effects of the vaccine. >> unfortunately we do not know what the long-term effects of covid-19 itself. in the long term, protect them against the actual virus we are fighting, covid-19. ama: you can watch this on our
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connected tv app, roku, fire tv. >> eye. dan: a san francisco hairdresser describes the paintball attack that has left her partially blind. ama: international travelers will be able to visit the u.s. again. dan: gas prices are climbing in california, one county topping the bay area's $5 a gallon. >> rain is headed our way. the forecast, coming up. ama: first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> we have so much show tonight i might get sick. are you in "the antman" movie. >> we can talk about it. ♪
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story we brought you last night, a san francisco police sergeant known for helping addicts get off the streets is accused of robbing a rite-aid as he battled his pain pill addiction. reporter: san francisco police sergeant devin cole has been with the department 27 years. his attorney says those who knew him are stunned at the allegations he is facing. a san mateo police department spokesman says wednesday night while off duty, he robbed this rite-aid, and resisted arrest.
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>> it is my understanding sergeant cole walked into way rite-aid armed with a weapon. that is not his duty weapon. he demanded prescription medication. upon leaving the store he was tackled by sheriffs or police officers and arrested. reporter: he kept his addiction hidden. his use of pain pills began in 2010 after a doctor prescribed them for a severe k9 bite. a spokesperson says he was assigned to the field operations bureau and placed on unpaid leave. he was involved in the healthy streets outreach command, where he helped those with substance abuse issues get off the streets. >> he was a very sympathetic ear
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to addicts and able to understand the struggle while not being able to overcome the struggle himself. reporter: the district attorney says he posted bail, his arraignment is scheduled for november 18. >> they have sworn to uphold the law, the question becomes paramount. reporter: when asked if they would review any have his cases, a spokesperson said we are looking into this. he is now in rehab. abc 7 news. ama: a san francisco woman is facing possible blindness in one eye after being shot by a paintball. she was sitting at a bus stop after the concert when someone drove by and shot paintballs at her and her boyfriend. a paintball hit her in the lower left eyelid and left her bleeding. >> i was hit in my leg, my eye,
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and my hand. i felt my hand staying. i was peeling something off my face. i realized, i am blind and i cannot see. everything was very dark. ama: the paintball likely damaged the lens of her eye. doctors do not know permanent. she may face cataract surgery in the future. dan: you could see long lines at sfo and other airports. after an 18 month travel ban, international travelers may enter the u.s. but show proof of vaccination, and have a negative test. things could be a little slow monday as everyone adjusts to this. ama: california saw one o saw oe
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largest increases in gas prices this week. the price of regular went up 4 cents, pushing the average to $4.62. some places in the bay area, prices are starting around $5 a gallon. >> it is making a big difference. ama: sell expensive. the most expensive gas in the state is in mono county. drivers can expect to pay around $5.38 for regular. a light savings time ends sunday morning, and the debate goes on if it is a good thing. in 2018 californians voted to get rid of it. the department of transportation which oversees it support sick, saying it saves energy and results in fewer traffic fatalities. doctors believe not having a time change is better for our bodies. >> when we set our clocks for a
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time that does not align, we get misalignment. that leads to the immediate effect of not feeling good after our time changes, and long-term health effects like increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke or cancer. ama: daylight savings time officially end sunday at 2:00 a.m. dan: former grateful dead bassist, phil lesh, announced his restaurant will be closing. terrapin crossroads is in san rafael. they could not agree on a new lease to use the nearby beach park for concerts. lesh said terrapin crossroads was always a community, and it could reopen elsewhere. ama: san francisco's memorial club and hotel reopened after a pandemic closure. the 75-year-old landmark had to lay off most of its staff, now
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it is back in business. ♪ celebrate the marine corps 246th birthday, and include opening a special bottle of cognac that has been in the bar for decades, saved for the last surviving members of the first marine division that served in world war ii. dan: one of uc berkeley's famous nesting falcons is recovering at the wildlife center in walnut creek. the male raptor was found with a number of injuries last week. he and his mate have lived atop the school bell tower for years. he apparently got into a fight with arrival falcon. birdwatchers are wondering if he will get back with his mate. we will see. it is like a soap opera. spencer: as the falcon turns.
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as the clock turns back, we do that this weekend. we fall back to standard time. here is how sunset times will change. tomorrow at 6:05. sunday at 5:04. we lose 61 minutes of daylight. here is a lovely view from the exploratorium. clouds are increasing. low to mid 50's in san jose, morgan hill, half moon bay. emeryville looking to san francisco, 51. napa, fairfield, 52. one more view from higher up, the east bay hills camera. cloudy overnight. mainly clear right now but clouds are increasing. patchy drizzle may occur
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overnight. clouds tomorrow with early-morning sprinkles. dry on sunday with widespread brain returning monday into tuesday. -- widespread rain. we do not expect any wet weather to move south or east of the golden gate. that pattern will continue into the midday hours before we get partial clearing in the afternoon. tonight mostly cloudy, lows in the low to mid 50's. we will see lows drop into the upper 40's. tomorrow, partly cloudy, highs from 60 at the coast to mid 60's around the bay shoreline. it will not be a very mild day. inland temperatures about the same range. monday afternoon ahead of the rainfall, it will rush in and the afternoon and evening, and we will have wet weather monday
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into tuesday night before it starts to taper off. a mix of rain and sleet will over the sierra. rainfall totals tuesday night just below one inch in the south bay. a half-inch around the bay shoreline. more than one inch northbay. the storm intensifies on tuesday with gusty winds. drier skies and brighter conditions wednesday and thursday and friday next week. thursday and friday next week. am the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started.
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on most silverado 1500 crew cab pickups. music and dancing at the indian community center in milpitas, also known as the festival of lights, diwali stands for new beginnings. a big night for the center which did reopen over the summer. dan: the warriors have gotten off to a great
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river rock casino. larry: the rest of the nba is starting to notice the warriors roster, starting to feel like the glory years. total destruction of the pelicans. steph curry, four threes in the first quarter. step back, flyby, splash. 19 points for steph. no zion or brendan ingram for the pels. steph threads the needle to jordan poole, one of 36 assists for the dubs. gary payton ii. look out below. 17 points in 18 minutes. he did what? -85. they are now 7-1. the nets and pistons, harden
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loses the ball, casually goes after it. the nets won, but that is embarrassing. aaron rodgers tried to explain his position not getting vaccinated and made rings worse. he claims he is allergic to ingredients in the shots -- that is extremely rare. he said he was concerned about side effects with the j&j shot. he has covid, getting treatment from nonscientist, joe rogan. he repeated this gem. >> if the vaccine is so great, how come people are still getting covid and spreading covid, and unfortunately dying from covid? larry: repeating again, the vaccine is not 100% protection, it is designed to keep you out of the hospital or the morgue. david shaw has not had any nice
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like this, stanford hosting utah. thomas ran overl. ur t the first half. 38-0 utes at halftime. lloyd, the rare one yard pick six as utah demolishes the cardinals. 52-7. sports
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news class live and on-demand. the app is available wherever
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you download. ama: thank you for watching. i'm ama daetz. dan: >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- regina king. lenny clarke. and a special appearance by bill murray. plus music from the kid laroi. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. welcome. very nice. thanks. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for joining us. please relax. i'm happy you're here. i'm kind of happy to see no one's wearing a costume tonight. although there's a guy in a gold gym tank top that may be in costume, i'm not sure. [ cheers ]


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