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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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area. you're going to be looking live in a moment at sfo, the u.s. lifting its international travel ban while you were sleeping. amy hollyfield is there live with the kind of boost this will have on reggie: our local economy. reggie:it is monday, november 8. we are going to first get started with a look at your weather because it is going to be raining tonight. lisa: we have a system coming in tonight. it will be a level two. we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. there are a lot of clouds offshore. this will be moving in and time for the evening commute in the north bay, then spreading south. in the north bay, upper 30's. we will look at a gorgeous view
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of mount tam. rain increases after 7:00. >> happening now, a step forward for san francisco's economic recovery. you are looking live at san francisco international airport. the united states just relaxed its border restrictions for international travelers at midnight. the first international flight just landed minutes ago. amy hollyfield is live there this morning, hopefully with a good sign for us that tourism is on the way. amy: this is going to be great for the city. international travelers are important to san francisco's economy. travel industry officials say international travelers make up 60% of tourism spending in san francisco. the u.s. will now allow international travelers to come to the u.s. if they are fully vaccinated and have a negative covid test within three days of travel. you have to have both.
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travelers tell us they are happy to see the ban lifted, althoughe still too limiting. >> is great that we have lifted the travel ban. i do not think there should be vaccination restrictions on where people go in this earth. health, proof, that is understandable, but mandated vaccination is out of bounds. amy: starting today, airlines are expected to check for vaccine records and match them with travelers' ids. if that does not happen, they could face a $30,000 fine per infraction. cdc workers will be spot checking to make sure travelers are complying. the band for chinese travelers was put into place in february
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2020. in march, 30 other countries were added to the list. we expect some loving reunions now that this ban has been lifted. reggie: about the stampede at a music festival in houston that killed eight people. the first lawsuits have been filed against concert organizers as well as travis scott and drake. the mayor of houston promises a thorough investigation. mona kosar abdi has the details. >> overnight, a prayer vigil for victims of the music festival tragedy. the church is just miles from the stadium where a performance turns deadly. 50,000 people were at the concert when authorities say the crowd surged toward the stage, pushing fans to the ground and trampling them. eight people died in the chaos, including a 14-year-old and
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danish baig, who died trying to save his fiancée. the family of franco patino is grappling >> with his death. >>never believe anything like this would happen to my little brother. he had a big heart. >> multiple lawsuits have been fired against scott, drake, and live nation. one lawsuit claims the festival was a predictable and preventable tragedy. >> the crowd is heard chanting stop the show as an injured person lay on the ground. an apple music livestream shows scott stopping his performance several times. >> somebody passed out here. >> police say the show was stopped 40 minutes after they first received reports of fans in distress. >> i was on the floor screaming for help. >> arturo sanchez was
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hospitalized after he fell to the ground and severed a heart attack. travis scott issued a statement saying he is devastated and will help those impacted. drake did not immediately comment. live nation pledges to support the investigation. jobina: more than 3000 people have signed a petition to remove travis scott from the line up at coachella. gma spoke to an attorney for an astroworld attendee who broke multiple bones at the festival. he says >> chaos at travis scott events is not new. this happened before. history has repeated itself. we hope by filing this lawsuit that travis scott and other artists understand concertgoers want to be safe. jobina: stands out to him is how many
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warning signs there were at previous concerts. >> to cross the line into terminal conduct, you need a level of recklessness on his part at the concert itself or the planning of it. there are comments he makes at the concert about rage on. it depends on when that was said and in what context. jobina: you can watch the entire interview at 7:00. reggie: a strict vaccine mandate goes into effect in l.a.. people will need to show proof of vaccination to enter most businesses. they can also show a recent covid test. 70% of americans over 18 are now fully vaccinated. vaccinations could soon be required. new federal rules call covid-19 an occupational hazard. a federal appeals court blocked the rule, questioning its
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constitutionality. so far, at least 27 states have filed lawsuits against the mandate. jobina: abc 7 news spoke with a congresswoman. she believes it will withstand legal challenges. >> we have to think of it in terms of other workers. it is not just your right not to get vaccinated. it is not your right to somehow end up impacting others and causing them to get sick. jobina: the rule allows employees to remain unvaccinated but they must test on a weekly basis. reggie: jill biden is kicking off a campaign to encourage covid vaccines for kids ages five to 11. her first stop will be at a school in virginia. it was the first school to administer the polio vaccine in 1954. earlier this year, the first
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lady traveled across the country to answer questions and combat misinformation about the vaccines. jobina: california are giving covid vaccines to children ages five to 11. they started accepting online appointments for young children following the green light from the cdc. walgreens started administering pediatric doses at stores over the weekend. if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. they are dedicated to getting you answers. click on that big blue box. jobina: -- reggie: an east bay woman accused of killing a teenager. jobina: and the popul
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reggie: happening now, former president barack obama speaking at cop26 in scotland. his speech will lay out the progress made in the years since the paris agreement took effect. he plans to highlight the leadership of young people and urge more action by governments. he will host a youth roundtable later today. the conference ends friday. lisa: we are looking at a gorgeous start to the day. you can see it is clear here in san francisco, 51. it is 40 in morgan hill. numbers drop into the upper 30's to the north here. it is 39 in santa rosa and fairfield. low 40's and livermore. the clouds will thicken today. rain is on the way by the evening commute in the north bay. it is a system with strong,
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gusty wind and we will see most rainfall in the north bay, anywhere from one to two inches to a quarter of an inch in the south bay. today, temperatures in the low 60's. >> we have traffic trouble in the east bay. you will notice on the maps that is where we are seeing the slowing, southbound 880. an accident has been blocking the left lanes since this morning. it is jammed. if you can, take 680 as an alternate or plan on extra time. the second slowest spot is at the toll plaza. we have a few slow rid rid rid d minutes westbound. jobina: the san francisco bay ferry is bringing back a popular route today. this route was suspended during the pandemic.
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the water transit authority is launching a weekday short hop service connecting the main street terminal -- terminal. how a 16-year-old girl may have just had her life saved from a kidnapper thanks to quick thinking and a viral hand gesture she saw on tiktok. reggie: plus, this beautiful moment at the new york city marathon. jobina: from one chicago legend to another, scottie pippen set to give his side of the story between him and michael jordan. it is a bombshell interview this morning. reggie: words were said. i do not think he will be invited to the jordan household for thanksgiving. jobina: but was he ever? reggie:
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jobina: accused of killing 18 she tried to rob. police say on thursday the 19-year-old went to meet the owner and fairfield. his parents say he had been working several jobs and plans to buy it with $7,000 cash. officers ended up responding to a neighborhood after getting calls about a man down. police described what happened as a robbery gone wrong. >> his hand was cold. for some reason, it was comforting. i do not know why. it was comforting that somebody was there with him for a period of time. jobina: held without bail.
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a 22-year-old man is in custody in a quadruple shooting. police say it happened during a fight at a family party. a 28-year-old man and 44-year-old man were killed. police are still actively investigating, but they also add there is no threat to public safety. reggie: a girl is reunited with her family after she was kidnapped from her home. she used a hand gesture that is popular on tiktok to signal for help. here is the signal. it was created in response to the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic. -- they were in kentucky when she made that gesture for help. another driver noticed it and called 911. he gave updates as he called -- followed the car. >> our guys were waiting at the
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top of the ramp. we had one cruiser get behind the vehicle. we had another cruiser get in front of the vehicle. we boxed it in. reggie: he is in jail and unlawful imprisonment charges. heartwarming moment at the finish line of the new york city marathon. a tiktok user captured this finish. it shows two runners who stopped to help another runner who could not make it any farther. it happened about 650 feet from the finish line. they picked him up and help to make it across with the crowd cheering them on. love to see that. my legs would have been out in the first 650 feet. i am just saying. jobina: --
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reggie: does anyone want to do? breakers with me? they are doing the sign up now and i thought, should i do this? jobina: it is the one where you dress up, right? lisa: i would cheer you on. jobina: i will bring the silver blanket thing at the end. lisa:::::::::: good morning. we are looking at a decent day before the rain moves in. we are looking at that level two system and all the cloud cover offshore moves in tonight. the evening commute will be impacted. we have strong, gusty wind in the overnight hours. the rest of the bay area will get into heavy downpours. 41 in martinez with temperatures in the upper 30's. it is a cool start with dry air
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in place. skies are clear, but clouds will be advancing throughout the day. we will call it cloudy for the afternoon. here comes the rain in the north bay. we will wait until 7:00, 8:00 until we see that in the north bay. the rest of the bay area pushing through san jose. left over showers in the morning hours, even a chance with thunderstorm -- of a thunderstorm. we will look at it to move quickly through the bay area, but we love that rain. we are looking at over an inch and a half in the north bay my perhaps an inch around richmond. that rain shadow comes into play around san jose but redwood city should pick up 4.5. 37 mile per hour gusts not
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uncommon in oakland, so we could have some limbs down and havehes on adways fr early morning commute tuesday. there is rain at lake level with 60's today. it is a cloudy afternoon. reggie: coming up on gma. >> it is monday morning and we have to start with the latest on that deadly concert disaster. lawsuits are being filed after at least eight people were killed, hundreds injured. we are live in houston this morning. the country is reopening for vaccinated foreign travelers today. what it could mean and why it could be trouble at some airports. it could be a boost to the economy. we are kicking off the antarctica expedition, about to begin a mission to the coldest continent, learning what it
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reveals about climate change and a spectacular trip to see some magnifthey may he swells up t18 feet. best of luck to theieave done 2. it was not pretty -- once. it was not pretty. with the patch and everything. we were doing deadliest catch. even the captains were done for. reggie: this is the part of the show where i say what hasn't ginger done? >> it was not antarctica. that has yet to be on my list. reggie: the one thing she has not done yet. it is always good to see you.
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jobina: dan will need just played the final game of his career. he announced his retirement after the game. ascod most goals mls history, reaching 171 yesterday. >> this is the last drive. i told myself i would cry, but thank you guys. it has been an amazing ride. thank you for this wonderful ride, for being a partner with me, pushing beyond. jobina: he played 17 seasons. reggie: pippen is opening up in this new memoir. he shows details about his road to superstardom and his take on the chicago bulls dynasty. he also writes about his relationship with michael jordan and they docuseries the last
6:26 am
dance. he says the documentary glorified jordan. >> do you think michael jordan would be as successful without you? >> no, but i do not think i would be successful without him. we complement each other in a lot of different ways. we kind of competed and pushed each other to be great. reggie: unguarded will be released tomorrow and you can watch the full interview at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. jobina: no lies were told. reggie: the other thing he gets into his house he did not get paid for that. jobina: why is his salary from 1994 to 1998 pulled up on this computer right now? when i tell you these numbers -- the math is not math thing -- mathing. reggie: you are checking receipts and carrying the one. jobina: and the two and the
6:27 am
three. it still is not adding up. reggie: i see. jobina: another group of bears at it again but this time caught on camera in the central valley. one of them took advantage of being in the spotlight. reggie: a cyber security breach of multiple u.s. defense groups. jobina: in the aftermath of the astroworld's disaster, the questions you can ask ahead of time to keep a loved one safe at these concerts. reggie:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking news now at 6:30, heartbreak in brooklyn, a tall are struck and killed by a
6:30 am
stray bullet on the freeway. the family now urging the suspect to surrender. jobina: you are looking live at the tarmac at sfo this morning. the u.s. travel ban lifted overnight, the first flight arriving just minutes ago. reggie: we are bracing for another atmospheric river. lisa argen tracks the storm timeline for you. good morning on this monday. you are watching abc 7 mornings. let's start with that forecast. lisa: it is clear, cold. you can see the clouds offshore. they will move in today, allowing for increasing clouds and a pretty view of 15. temperatures are in the low 50's.
6:31 am
it is 40 in morgan hill and look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing well. here is a look at what is going to happen today. clouds increase through 11:00. by 5:00, the commute could be impacted from the north bay to the east bay. there is our heavy rain by 8:00. reggie: we are waking up to major news for travelers. the u.s. has lifted its covid travel ban for more than 30 countries. this is video of two u.s. bound flights performing a take from london heathrow. the first flight from india landed at sfo less than an hour ago. amy hollyfield is live for us with more on what this means for families waiting to see their loved ones and for our local economy. amy?
6:32 am
amy: white, and blue here. it is lit up to welcome travelers here. travelers say this is good news. they are very happy to see this has finally happened, saying it just seems right that we should be welcoming other countries as well. international travelers must be fully vaccinated to come here to the united states. they must show a negative covid test taken within three days of travel. they are now welcome here, which means a lot for families who are anxious to see their relatives. >> it is great news. if you have family in spain -- we have family in spain and they are coming in december. they could not travel for a year and a half. they are finally coming over. amy: san francisco travel
6:33 am
experts say this is great news for the city, which relies on international visitors, saying they make up 60% of tourism spending. the airlines are expected to check for vaccine records and match them with travelers' ids. if that does not happen, they could face a fine per infraction. cdc workers will be spot checking to make sure travelers are complying. one traveler told us he thinks this is too strict. he does not think a vaccine mandate should be in place for travelers. everyone we have talked to agrees this is good news for travelers from other countries who are now welcome here again for the first time since 2020. reggie: happening for the first time since march of 2020, fully vaccinated canadians can enter through the land borders, ferry terminals. restrictions end today for non-essential travelers. canadians welcomed --
6:34 am
us back in august. chp wants to find the shooter response over the death of a little boy weeks away from his second birthday. jasper wu was killed when peopl inside two cars started shooting at each other. this happened saturday afternoon as the boy's family was driving near 7th street. >> just so devastating. >> shock and disbelief over the sudden death of jasper wu. his family's neighbor was stunned to hear the news. >> i cannot believe it. i see the family always in the front of the house with their kids. >> the 23 month old was asleep in his car seat when the car was struck by gunfire saturday afternoon. >> we have another callnother cl
6:35 am
a child bleeding from the head. >> this video was takenenen the shooting. it shows police on the freeway investigating the scene. >> we heard there was a shooting . when we heard it was a child involved, it was just heartbreaking. >> the child was likely caught in the crossfire of a freeway gunbattle. evidence may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child passenger was struck by a stray bullet. the family was too upset to be interviewed but told us they want those responsible to surrender. an oakland city councilmember was outraged. >> this is insanity. i see it every morning, the gang activity has risen especially when it comes to little ones, young ones, family members, pets. >> chp now requests tips from the public to catch those involved in the gunfight.
6:36 am
an east bay family mourns the loss of an energetic boy with a big smile. reggie: police are looking for the person who shot at two kids. this happened yesterday just after 1:00. police say the juveniles were hurt while trying to get away. investigators say they are trying to determine what led to the gunfire, which happened not far from the campus. jobina: the first lawsuit has been filed against travis scott and live nation after eight people died during the astroworld using festival. most of the victims have been identified. the youngest was 14 years old. the crowd of 50,000 went toward the stage as scott performed. some have said scott and his team did not stop the show even
6:37 am
as people tried to get their attention. he did pause to ask for help, saying he saw someone passed out. >> i am devastated. i could never imagine anything like this happening. jobina: would not have continued performing if he had known. many of those who were hurt our young and in their early teens. five people under the age of 18 were sent to the hospital, including a 10-year-old in critical condition. experts say parents should do research before sending their children to large concerts and events. >> make sure they have an assigned seat and they are not in standing room only where there is risk of a stampede. jobina: event, make sure they have a meeting point.
6:38 am
they suggest doing research about previous performances by the artist. look out to see if there have been safety issues. in california again. jobina: you are looking live at the big board at the stock exchange. reggie: uber's idea to try to stop a driver shortage. lisa: good morning. by the look of it outside, you would not expect that we will have rain, wind, and mountain snow in the next 12 hours. you can see the cloud cover offshore. it has yet to move into the bay area. it is a level two into tuesday morning. showers are heavy at times with a possibility of thunderstorms. we are in the 40's, even 30's in the north bay.
6:39 am
a lot of dry air and place. we have to advance the cloud cover. wind is getting breezy in higher elevations by tonight at the front marches across the bay area. wind will accompany it, over 35 miles per hour from the east bay to over 45 miles per hour on the coast. we have a wind advisory in place until early tomorrow except for the south bay. the south bay will be the recipients of the least amount of rain. looking at over an inch in richmond. certainly welcome rain coming our way. snow levels will be high. looking at the clouds increasing with low 60's today for most. frances: it has not been a horrible commute, but there has been trouble in east bay this morning, where we are seeing some slowdowns.
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the earlier accident that blocked the left lanes has been cleared, so traffic is recovering. the bray bridge toll plaza is backed up toward the foot of the bay. it is a 15 to 20 minute wait. westbound traffic is crowded. the slow spots -- -hi mommy! -hi honey! up up up up up oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds
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industry -- energy, health care, and education sectors. at least one of them is in the u.s. hackers have stolen passwords with the goal of maintaining long-term access to those networks. an executive expects more victims from this hack. it is not clear who is responsible for the attacks. jobina: former president barack obama is taking the stage at the climate change conference. he said when it comes to climate change time is running out. >> what is also true is that collectively and individually we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more. jobina: he also laid out the progress made since the paris agreement took effect. he will take part in a roundtable with leaders today.
6:44 am
a washington post investigation has found many countries under report greenhouse gas emissions to the united nations. a report of nearly 200 countries reveals a gap between what nations declared emissions to be versus greenhouse gases they are sending into the atmosphere. it ranges from at least 8.5 billion to as high as 13.3 billion tons a year of underreported emissions. the united nations is trying to strengthen the reporting process by finding ways to provide support to developing countries. reggie: president biden will take a victory lap of sorts after the house approved his trillion dollar infrastructure package. the president is scheduled to travel to maryland. he will explain how his deal will upgrade ports. his visit comes e-sports in southern california struggle with a backlog of shipping that is disrupting the supply chain. the package also includes the
6:45 am
largest investment in roads, bridges, rail lines, and airports in decades. >> this bill this bill this bill see the effects of this bill and the next two to three months. reggie: he is also expectedo exx campaign for his human infrastructure bill. it is facing opposition from republicans and moderate -- moderate democrats. reggie: -- jobina: elon musk is turning to his twitter followers to make a financial decision. he posted on twitter asking if you should sell 10% of his tesla stock. more than half said yes. he says he could face a massive tax bill this year and the only way to pay it is to sell stock. he has criticized a proposal by democratic leadership to enact a billionaire's tax.
6:46 am
shares slumped after he proposed the selloff. uber is taking about dispatching new york city's yellow cabs. it is a possible solution to see -- to solve the driver shortage. an executive has lobbied the taxi and limousine commission chief on the idea. no additional details have been released. natural gas prices are hitting their highest level since the winter of 2005 to 2006. the most common fuel used to heat homes is costing nearly double compared to a year ago. analysts say u.s. households that rely on natural gas will spend 30% more to keep their homes this winter. we will take a live look at the u.s. stock exchange. we are up 118 points. reggie: we are talking every angle of the coronavirus pandemic. it is part of abc 7's commitment
6:47 am
to building a better bay area. experts think another surge could be around the corner. 61% of californians are fully vaccinated. we talked to an epidemiologist who says the winter months hold a significant risk. the latest data is giving him a flashback to november. >> cases are up 20% overp 20% or where they were two weeks ago. that is worrisome but it could also go down. reggie: surge could be preventable. a new memorial is paying tribute to people who have lost their lives to covid-19.
6:48 am
city. it will be up for the next week. it is inspired by a similar memorial in washington, d.c., where 700,000 white flags were planted to represent covid deaths in the u.s.. 626 county residents have died d of the virus. cities across the bay area are providing free vaccines to kids five to 11. the city plans to eventually require five to 11-year-olds to present proof of vaccination to get into certain indoor businesses. jobina: about 1000 young kids got their shots at this county run clinic. a vaccine clinic was also held at a nonprofit outreach for low income and immigrant families. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. they are dedicated to getting answers.
6:49 am
warning about a mountain lion sighting after one of their officers hit one driving past the hillsdale boulevard exit. the officer hit the brakes as the animal darted across the road but was not able to stop in time. the mountain lion ran off. the officer was not able to find it after the crash. the officer was not hurt. jobina: we have all seen animals making surprise appearances on traffic cameras and now a family says a bear did something they did not expect. take a look at these three bears. one of them sticks his face right up to the linens and licks it. she says she knows these bears well. they appear to be a mother and two young bears. this is the part that gets me. they parent leave visit one to
6:50 am
two times a week. -- times a week. reggie: and they do not like being watched. they are shy. reggie: they are out there naked. they have nowhere to hide. then they see this camera pointed at them. she had had it. that is the narrative i am playing in my head. jobina: i will get with that. lisa: start of this morning with clouds moving in for the first part of the day and then mid-level clouds. it is this system here arriving tonight with wind. a look at our east bay hills. temperatures are in the 40's. 48 in oakland. in the north bay, it is a beautiful start to the workweek.
6:51 am
it wil wil wil most of the day for the atmosphere to moist enough -- moisten up. that happens into tuesday morning. we could see and isolated thunderstorms. over an inch of rain, maybe two inches in the sonoma hills here. looking at the pen about a half inch. to the south bay, a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch. the santa cruz mountains could see an inch of rain. when the rain comes down heavy, we could see tree limbs coming down. low-level areas could see ponding on the roadways and there is a look at 11:00 tonight. even 50 mile per hour winds around the bay area.
6:52 am
the wind begins to dial back, but still showers here in today it gets cloudy with numbers in the 60's. looking at the forecast, a level two system tonight ending tomorrow and then mild and sunny conditions the rest of the week. jobina: a young girl's true when her mural was unveiled. yesterday, she got her wish of creating a public mural using her own artwork to inspire others in the community. make made it possible. the mural reads, it does not get easier. you just get stronger. reggie: this event is partartarr citywide program to get people outside to enjoy parks and outdoor spaces. several miles of streets were
6:53 am
closed to cars yesterday. the parks and wrecked apartment plans two more of these in the spring. -- rec of these in the spring. jobina: netflix is planning to release its games on ios individual titles to work with apple's rules. reggie: this friday is disney+ day and there are deals you can take advantage of. disney is offering the service for two dollars for one month. subscribers will also get special perks at its parks. there will be new merchandise, including marble and -- marvel and star wars items. disney is the parent company of abc 7. this is not on disney+. i forgot the new episode was on last night until you reminded me
6:54 am
in the group text. jobina: you have to watch that. reggie: is that your favorite show right now? jobina: absolutely. what is your favorite? reggie: that is it. i am empty currently. i do not have a lot piling up. jobina: insecure. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand for apple tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download the app now. jobina: sunrise. we will be right back.
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jobina: here are the seven things you need to know this morning. the first lawsuits have been filed against the astroworld festival organizers as well as travis scott and drake. eight people died and hundreds were hurt after a crowd of 50,000 surged toward the stage. reggie: the search for a person who shot a boy in oakland. he was killed saturday at his family drove on i 880.
6:58 am
the family is asking those responsible to surrender. jobina: america's pandemic travel ban on international visitors is over. visitors must be fully vaccinated and have a negative covid-19 test within three days of travel. reggie: four astronauts are due to splashdown off the coast of florida. -- splash down off the coast of florida. lisa: it is a nice start to the day. clouds will be increasing leading to heavy rain at times. our level two system brings in wind as well. frances: a new accident accident reported on northbound 85 as we look alive at the maze. you will see westbound 580 is backed up toward the toll plaza. jobina: if you need an extraxtra jolt this morning, you may want to go for a cappuccino.
6:59 am
today is national cappuccino day. you can celebrate by visiting your favorite coffee shop and giving them a shout out on social media. reggie: jobina: lisa, you go first. lisa: i would go for a cappuccino, since you are asking. reggie: what kind of milk? lisa: low-fat. frances: i will take a cappuccino without milk. reggie: that is my order as well. jobina: i will do oatmeal -- oat milk. you have converted me. don't you save more water? reggie: plus it is creamier. almond milk is basically water. lisa: change my order. i want oat milk.
7:00 am
reggie: you have made it easy for the reg. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west as we start a new week with you, the investigation into that concert tragedy. deadly disaster. at least eight people killed and hundreds injured during travis scott's performance at astroworld. the crowd surging toward the stage, crushing people into barricades, some collapsing to the ground. chaos.performing throughout the- [ crowd chanting "stop the show" ] as fans plead to stop the show. what scott is saying now as lawsuits are filed against him, live nation and superstar drake. and this morning, were houston officials concerned about the crowd before the event? clear for takeoff. as the u.s. opens its borders for the first time since t


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