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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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isolated thunder is possible. starting at 5:00, then notice at 8:00, heavy rain in the northbay and impacting other parts of the northbay as well. the heaviest rain and strong wind overnight and late night, until about 3:00 a.m. by the morning commute, it will be quite wet, the bulk of the store may have passed through but roadways could be wet and there could be ponding and localized flooding. commuters should err that in mind. we expect totals to be significant. a wind advisory in effect from 7:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow with gusts up to 45 miles per hour at times. that is the entire bay area. a winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning for the sierra. we get the rain, since -- of the sierra gets the snow, and i will have the forecast later. kristen: thank you. now to laura anthony, live in
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san rafael, where preparations for the storm are underway. hopefully they are almost done. laura: pretty much. it is a bit more on the county and city level than here along the street. i can tell you it is just starting to rain those big drops, things are supposed to progress through the evening. two weeks ago at this intersection at lincoln and third, these cars, if they were going through, would be almost up to the door jumbs with water. -- jambs with water. now another storm is taking aim. >> all the way inside, about two inches deep. laura: the general manager of soul food does not want a repeat of this, a sudden storm surge from last month's atmospheric river that came directly at her business. >> throughout the afternoon, it
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started building up and going inside the restaurant. we took as many towels and you know, the material we had to lock in and keep it on the sidewalk, but unfortunately, two or three inches in the restaurant. laura: last time, san rafael about -- got about 12 inches of water in a few hours. the expectations for rain are about a quarter of that or less this time. still, the owner of this store, where thousands of dollars of merchandise was destroyed last time, is hoping no repeat performance. how important was it to have your store flooded? >> stressful, anxiety. laura: to avoid scenes like these, public works crews have spent several days cleaning out storm drains and doing other preventative work just in case too much water comes down to fast. it is the kind of work being done all over the bay area, including in contra costa county. >> lessons learned from the last
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storm. some areas became problem areas. we are making a concerted effort today to get to those areas. laura: atsol food --at sol food, the manager told us they managed to survive the pandemic so getting through a storm should be easy. >> we try to help the community and serve the customers. until another disaster takes us out, we will be here. laura: just as i have been standing here, the rain is picking up. i had an interesting conversation with one of the public works officials in contra costa county, i said how prepared are you for these storms we are now calling atmospheric rivers? he said it depends on which part of the system you are looking at. flood control, they have the of space, bring on the rain. he said when it comes to the road systems, they are for the most part built for what they call a 10 year storm.
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the last storm we had two weeks ago was more in the 50-100 year storm range, shattering all kinds of records. kristen: wow. given what they have gone through, do you see people sandbagging? laura: no. we thought we might see at least in this area they had the flooding, some sandbags by the doors or left over from last time, but for the most part these folks are feeling like this particular system is not going to be a repeat. i will tell you the san rafael city public works folks made sure they went around to all of their sandbag filling stations in the last couple of days and restocked the sand, so it is available. it will be there for folks if they feel they need it. kristen: if they want it, it is there. thank you. you can keep an eye on the weather, including live doppler 7 anytime on tour app.
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dan: more on the weather in a few and it's good -- few minutes. the family of a child shot during a gun battle went back to the scene of the crime today. you can see them paying tribute to the child. jasper died as the family was driving near 7th street. the shooting highlights the concerns about growing violence in oakland, especially this indiscriminate kind of violence. lucy peña spoke with officers, who said the violence on the streets is ending up on the freeway. luz: the family was driving home in the city of oakland. a bullet hit and killed a 23-year-old -- 20 month old sleeping in his car seat. >> the level of gratuitous violence has crescendoed to a level we haven't seen in a decade. luz: we sat down with the
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president of the police officers association, this is the second homicide on the freeway in the last three weeks. >> 119 homicides as of this weekend. violence is spiraling in oakland, continuing to escalate on the streets with shootings, and we've had 653 homicides and shooting so far this year. this is a 30% increase over last year. luz: his main concern is seeing violence on the streets of oakland moving onto the freeways. what is happening? >> from our perspective, you have a retreating police department, down to 681 police officers, over 100 less than 18 month ago. luz: oaklands councilmember believes the family was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting. >> at one time we had a gang
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prevention task force within our police department that specifically dealt with that activity. the gangs right now, now we central americans and even the mexican cartel, senna loa -- sinaloa on our streets, and not even referencing other gangs involved. shootings have grown dramatically. luz: the councilmember wants to see the task force come back along with more police. >> we are in the process to the academies, increasing the number of officers. luz: another key solution that other cities have implemented our cameras on the freeways. meanwhile, the family asking those responsible to turn themselves in. in oakland, luz pena. dan: dion lind spoke with a family today, and their emotional story coming up at 5:00. meantime, a former miller valley
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man wanted to the fbi is seeking asylum in the leroux's. evan newman -- in belarus. evan newman appear to on the state media, who portrayed him as being persecuted by the u.s. government. newman is wanted on six counts in the riot including assault, violent injury and disorderly conduct. the 48-year-old is not a stranger to bay area news. he appear in court in sonoma county in 2018, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of entering a disaster zone during the 2017 tubs fire. kristen: from bustling business corridor to a failing street, california avenue in palo alto as been hit hard during the pandemic. but as dustin dorsey found out, residents and business owners still believe it can thrive despite pandemic bows. dustin: closed, shuttered,
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empty, not normally words used to describe the businesses on california avenue in palo alto. we counted 10 for sale signs. >> since the pandemic, we lost the cleaners, the bakery, we lost so many different is this is on this street and it is really sad. dustin: judy is a business owner and says there are many reasons businesses have closed. a lack of staffing, high cost of rent, less visitors due to covid, but not necessarily the closure of the avenue. she says the closed street helped her business survive because the restaurants have thrived. >> if the restaurants survive, it is better for us, we need our restaurants to survive. they bring customers to us and they are our neighbors and we support each other. they would not have survived not for the street closure. dustin: as a result of the
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popularity of the area, even on a monday, no shortage of guests enjoying lunch. for many, it is hard to see the empty storefronts, but hope remains that california avenue will continue to be a popular place in palo alto. >> we are stirring to see things coming back, it is kind of gradual but we are hopeful about how things are going. >> there are places for lee's but -- lease, but we are hoping they will come back because people of california avenue. dustin: california avenue will continue to be closed until june of next year, when the city council is expected to discuss a permanent closure of the street. kristen: ready for visitors. another post-pandemic milestone today as covid travel restrictions are lifted coming into the u.s. where is newsom? clearing up questions about the governor -- it is no big secret. high-tech batteries -- bias.
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versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. kristen: the u.s. lifted restrictions today on travel from a long list of countries like mexico, canada and most of europe after more than a year and a half due to the pandemic.
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our reporter was at sfo today when a flight from india arrived. amy: hugs a long time in the making as travelers arrived from india and reunited with family, almost two years after international travelers were banned from the united states. >> we have been talking through the facetime, or any one of those mediums. but we are really feeling after touching down here, so relieved, i cannot tell you. amy: some stare waiting for a special reunion but site -- some are still waiting for a special reunion but say they are waiting for flights now the band has been lifted. >> our grandfather wants to come and visit his daughter and look at his granddaughter for the first time. amy: it's not just family reunions people have waited for. one business traveler said he normally comes here four times a year. >> i can serve more for the
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company and do customer service as required. amy: international travelers must have a negative covid test and show proof of vaccination to enter the united states. one traveler said he thinks the requirements are too extreme. >> i think it's great we lifted the travel ban, but i don't think there should be vaccination restrictions on where people go. amy: but everyone agreed it was time to lift the ban. >> we've been able to travel all over the place so i think it is reciprocal. amy: a manager here says it appears travelers are taking advantage of the ban being lifted, saying they expect 600 more international travelers today than last monday. kristen: in the north bay, sonoma county has released guidance for holiday gatherings and travel. the advice mirrors what health officials nationwide are saying good citing the cdc, officials say the unvaccinated should
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avoid travel and gatherings and keep distance wincing people outside. -- when seeing people outside. also monitor yourself for two weeks after a holiday gathering. if you are sick or have symptoms, don't travel or attend a gathering. researcher destination to know whether you need proof of vaccination or negative test. dan: let's talk about one of the trending topics on twitter, gavin newsom. late last month, the governor pulled out of plans to go to the cop 26 conference in scotland. recently speculation has been running rampant about why he hasn't made any public appearances since then. phil has been looking into this and he is live with answers. what is the deal? phil: it is pretty interesting and it sort of underscores how big a name gavin newsom is in california, the country and the world. as you said, the twitterverse exploded today, beginning with rumors, where is gavin newsom?
4:17 pm
he had become almost a daily fixture in our news lives, through the covid vaccine and epidemic, and the recall election. there barely was a newscast that went by without seeing gavin. he opted out of glasgow, and after he got his booster shot, he vanished from the radar, leading some to start speculating, did he have a bad reaction and are they trying to cover it up? that has become a political fact of life in america today. the twitterverse can start a rumor that is difficult to stop. what is the story? the governor did opt out of glasgow, it is a long trip to scotland in october, not the most enjoyable weather. since president biden was going, gavin newsom would be evening a three minute speech. they decided not to go. he has been in the office working, he has not been in front of the camera, something
4:18 pm
strange for our governor. his wife took exception with some of the tweets, inferring they were ducking, he is simply at home, and said it is time for the haters to stop hating. all of this played out not only in the twitterverse, but cable news media is picking it up, and even london newspapers started picking it up. this is one of those things in american political life these days. dan: it is a slaughterhouse on social media. his wife will have no luck getting them to calm down. earlier we heard from the governor's office, walk us through what they are saying. phil: they basically said last week governor newsom worked in the capital with staff on urgent issues, including covid-19 vaccines for kids, boosters, the ports, and the budget. he will have public events this week related to the economy and vaccines. standard fare, basic translation
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was he opted out of glasgow at the last minute, they had a week booked in scotland, he had no place to go, it was time for him to hang out at the office and get some work done, hang with the family. like i said, in today's twitterverse, and absent politician faces a lot of questions. if you say family allegations are keeping you from a summit, you better have a better answer than no comment when people start asking questions or you will be on twitter. let's not forget, he is a possible presidential candidate, so everybody will be keeping their eyes on him. dan: that's why everyone is curious when he is not in public for a few days, because he is so often in public. the governor was seen in public at a wedding this weekend, but there were no photos. nothing untoward, right? phil: this is interesting, because gavin newsom not in trouble going to the french laundry during the covid
4:20 pm
shutdown. this weekend, he went to one of the most exclusive events in the state, the wedding of ivy getty. it happened at city hall, where a designer transformed it into a harry potter type castle. it was a fairytale wedding officiated by house speaker nancy pelosi. you would think people would send out photos left and right but this was so exclusive that all of the guests had to park phones at the door because vogue had an exclusive covering it. they are a rare breed. dan: they are and they move in strange circles. thank you. kristen: we are dealing with a more literal storm. here is spencer christian. spencer: light rain falling already in parts of the north bay and along the coast and higher elevations.
4:21 pm
as you can see, there is a lot of heavy rainfall just offshore and moving rapidly in our direction. the camera lens, maybe you can see the outline of some spotty raindrops that have fallen. most of the bay area is not yet receiving rain. these are current conditions, 60 in san francisco, oakland 59. 59 at half moon bay. it is getting cloudier. 58-59 at at at at at at at at at fairfield and concord. here is a view from our rooftop camera, looking at cloudy skies over the bay. rain arrives in the north bay and continues arriving the next few hours. heavier rain and wind through us tomorrow morning for the entire region. dryer and milder are in the week beginning wednesday. the approaching storm -- arriving, i should say, ranks two, moderate intensity.
4:22 pm
we should expect rain heavy at times, accompanied by strong, gusty wind and isolated thunder possible. forecast animation taking us into the late night. it will be a steady procession of rain and showers through the region. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the commute gets underway, lots of wet roadways, probably some ponding and maybe localized flooding. the most intense elements of the storm have pushed to the east toward the sierra by then but there will still be trailing showers going into midday and afternoon tomorrow. we expected the wind to be quite strong and a wind advisory from 7:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow morning. winds generally out of the south with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. there is a possibility of unsecured objects and tree limbs being alone around with other debris. it's possible we will have some power outages as well. rainfall totals by late tomorrow
4:23 pm
night range from a third of an inch in san jose to have an inch or more around the bay shoreline, maybe 1.5 inches in oakland. in the north bay, where we expected the heaviest totals, santa rosa expected to have 1.75 inches. notice how powerful the gusts will be by midnight. well over 40 miles per hour in many locations, not only along the coast but inland spots as well. that will taper off tomorrow. in the sierra, a winter weather advisory until 7:00 tomorrow morning. we expect a chelating snow. overnight lows mainly in the low 50's, low 60's at the coast. mid to upper 60's everywhere else. after tomorrow, partial clearing at least on wednesday with the growing clouds. mainly sunday -- sunny and mild into early next week. dan: inside a new high-tech jet. but this isn't about getting you from here to there.
4:24 pm
how it could help the environment. kristen: and something you do
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4:26 pm
kristen: new technology to reduce carbon emissions is being tested aboard an experimental aircraft. dan: clement and the environment are important pillars of building a better bay area. we got a rare look in the test plain to see how it will improve aviation's carbon footprint. david: at first grants --
4:27 pm
glance, it looks like a new addition to the fleet, but special markings and this notice inside make it clear this is an experiment or aircraft. the front half of the cabin stripped of seeds and outfitted with racks of electronics for a crew of 10 flight engineers and suppliers to study new technologies to make future jetliners more sustainable and fuel-efficient, and to reduce carbon emissions. >> we are looking at community noise, we are looking at how to use recycled material. we have just conducted a test on different sustainable fuel. david: boeing and alaska have been collaborating for two years. they will finish the work next work -- let -- month. >> the data sometimes goes to design engineers, sometimes it goes to suppliers we are partnering with. sometimes the data will go to
4:28 pm
outside agencies like noaa. david: two go pro cameras behind at the ground are helping to develop an algorithm to reduce turnaround time. about one third have been deployed, including this distinctive split wing left that leads to greater fuel efficiency. the eco-demonstrator is making the rounds. this is the first time it's been to san francisco and it leaves here tonight and heads to dubai. it is also the focus of a field trip for middle school students. david lui, abc 7 news. kristen: can a technology change what some consider bias and technology? we put the new google phone to the test. dan: and how about the future
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: smart phone users with darker skin tones have complained about the pictures they snap not looking like them for years. some see it as an issue of bias in smartphone technology. google has released what it calls the most -- world's most inclusive camera to fix the issue. julian glover put the pixel six to the test. julian: we are trying to snap a perfect picture, but it turns out all phones don't photograph all skin tones equally. there is nothing worse than posing for a picture, taking the picture and seeing something like this. not good, right?
4:32 pm
the photo on the left from the iphone eight, the photo on the right from the samsung nine. both are several generations old but demonstrate the problems with photographing dark skin complexions, and when you try to fix the problem, it can deliver a great, almost as she looked. >> there is bias, whether it is film photography. julian: patrick is a senior editor at cnet. he says all smartphones are better at taking pictures in recent years. here is that same phones. but patrick says google's latest is a major improvement. this is being old is the most inclusive camera ever, is it? >> yes, i think it is. julian: googles real tone
4:33 pm
technology was developed to eliminate these long-standing biases toward lighter skin complexion. >> a lot of that shows up in technology when you sit in a room a very creative and smart people and you see a lot of people that look by skin color. you have to wonder how much is affecting the things they program. julian: the leader of a googleso initiative says they have taken years working on these tools. >> the mission of our imageimagg equity work is ensuring we deliver best in class imaging experiences for people of color, especially darker skin tones. julian: what does that mean for you? >> in a moment i'm going to take some photos. julian: with patrick as photographer and our producer joining me as models, we put the phones to the test under tough
4:34 pm
lighting conditions. first up, how well does the camera juggle dim lighting and different complexions? here is the picture from the pixel six could nice, even skin tones with few shadows. here is the galaxy and iphone 13 pro. the s 21 is slightly softer and more blue. the iphone has more shadows and a darker look overall. we preferred the pixel six. >> they see a face and a picture and are able to see a greater diversity of faces in complex lighting situations. julian: we wanted to see how the phones handled a variety of skin tones in one picture. we stood in front of the same window i snapped the selfie for a challenging backlit scenario. here's how the pictures came out with jc joining us this time. let's start with the galaxy s 21. jc and mary show up fine but i am covered in shadow. the iphone picture casts a blue
4:35 pm
hue on all of us and washes out mary lou trying to bring me into focus. now the pixel six, equally lit that there is a stray light that removes some saturation from the photo. this time we all preferred different pictures. >> i think this one looks more true but this one is prettier. julian: it is work in progress. >> the work is never done. our teams are already working on the next phone. julian: it is a process centered on machine learning that patrick says will continue to improve in all smartphones. >> no matter what phone you have, it is taking multiple images, combining different parts. as phone cameras get better, this is between eight professional camera and something like a phone camera, that is going to shrink. julian: so much comes down to personal preference. most photographers will admit the best camera is the one you have on you so you can capture the moment. we reached out to apple for
4:36 pm
comment and they told us they are also were -- also using machine learning and working with photographers to make sure the photo you snap is as lifelike as possible. samsung told us they are also using ai to make sure the cameras inside galaxy phones are taking the best possible pictures. i am julian glover, abc 7 news. dan: you can get in touch with julian on twitter and facebook. he's also on instagram. kristen: aaron rodgers will not be canceled by one of his sponsors. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected.
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kristen: time for the four at 4:00. basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar says green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers damaged professional sports. in an online post, he wrote that rogers deliberately lied by saying he was immunized when he was not vaccinated. he said aaron rodgers brought back the dumb jock stereotype. one of aaron rodgers's sponsors is sticking by him, in a statement state farm says we don't support some of the statements he has made but we support his right to have a personal point of view. what do'think about kareem abdul-jabbar's words? >> i don't agree with every thing there was said but i do think aaron rodgers damaged his image, he will be seen as lacking in integrity and honesty
4:40 pm
because he clearly intended to be misleading by saying i am immunized. he is smart enough to know that everyone is concerned whether he is vaccinated. i don't know if it damaged all of professional sports, and furthering the dumb jock image, but he certainly damaged his own credibility. >> i agree. state farm -- his point of view? he lied. it's not a point of view. >> it is a bummer, he's one of my favorite quarterbacks in the league. he is fun to watch. a self-inflicted wound. political leaders in orville are defending the ability to declare themselves a constitutional republic. the city council passed the nonbinding resolution last week to push back against orders they deemed were government overreach. legal experts say the resolution is mostly symbolic and does not shield orville from following federal or state laws.
4:41 pm
california has among the lowest covid infection rates anywhere in the country. ama, it is symbolic and it means almost nothing but sort of making a public statement. what do you think? >> i am just ugh, are we done with this? just keep each other safe. >> the supreme court has ruled interpreting the constitution meaning that municipalities have no independence outside of the state, so it is symbolic. interesting the city attorney pointed out this is kind of like sanctuary cities, when cities declare they don't have to follow figure -- federal regular asians. >> every once in a while -- federal regulations. >> every once in a way texas threatens to secede from the union. >> and some people say go for it. >> some people threaten the same thing. [laughter] >> let's talk about an electric car expert at ford that has
4:42 pm
worked for tesla and apple. doug field told the wall street journal he expects cars to become warlike iphones where automakers -- become more like iphones or auto makers allow owners to customize vehicles. also, circle of friends could went together on a car and decide who gets to drive it win, and i guess when i say drive you get to sit there while he drives itself. >> there is no question -- the first time i sat in a tesla, i thought this is where the future is. we see more and more of that with more of these car companies coming out with similar and even advancing what tesla has done. that's where we are headed. >> think so. >> spencer? >> i think so. [laughter]
4:43 pm
>> you are going to go get one so all four of us can use the app. we get along but what about when we need to share a car? >> i have looked at some tesla's, i don't own one, but the thought of sharing it -- >> maybe if we were buying sailboat. if you can't wait until thanksgiving for turkey, we are here for you. krispy kreme has four new thanksgiving donuts. pecan pie and dutch apple pie, a cranberry filled doughnut with cranberry orange icing, and a heart-shaped donut with chocolate icing and a turkey face. it does not taste like turkey. [laughter] i'm not even going to waste time talking with spencer. ama, we like this. >> i would try any of those. i love dutch apple. there is a place in michigan that has a great dutch apple doughnut. i tried to become pie. i am glad none of them taste like turkey and mac & cheese
4:44 pm
mixed together. >> when it comes to sweets, i am a debbie downer, sorry. there is one doughnut i like, the old-fashioned. >> that is my favorite! >> a classic. >> sort of like me. [laughter] >> i think they could do a sweet potato flavored doughnut. >> that would be a good one, because of sweet potato pie. >> that is not a bad idea. >> we won't even charge them for that idea. just make it happen. >> as long as they provide it. >>
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dan: wet weather coming in once again. spencer: level two storm tearing down on us right now. let's look our impact scale, moderate intensity. rain has begun to fall already in parts of the north bay. we will see. the heavy rain overnight along with strong -- we will see periods of heavy rain overnight along with strong, gusty winds. it will leave behind probably slippery roadways for morning commuters. we have a wind advisory in effect from 7:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow and gusts could be up to 45 miles per hour. there will be snow in the sierra, a winter weather advisory for the sierra until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. let's look at our seven day
4:48 pm
forecast. afternoon tomorrow, we will see some tapering off of the storm, maybe partial clearing. certainly partial clearing on wednesday. thursday through next monday, mostly sunny, dry and mild with highs in the low 70's. dan: thank you. kristen: at last week's u.n. climate summit, more than 100 countries signed a pledge to limit emissions of methane. it is a leading cause of climate change. dan: there is one source of methane that may surprise you. dan lieberman shows you what you put in the trash could make a big difference. dan: when you think of climate change, you think of culprits like cars, industrial and power plants, but justin green is focused on the food from your fridge. >> eggshells, here is a pit from a peach or something. dan: he runs big reuse, an environmental nonprofit in new york city that helps divert food and yard waste away from landfills, into mountains of compost.
4:49 pm
>> it all breaks down. a lot of this stuff you see here is the stuff that takes longer to break down. dan: it is amazing the heat coming off of this. >> it can get up to 260 degrees. -- up to 160 degrees. when we put our food scraps in the garbage or our yard waste in the garbage, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. in landfills, it generates methane, which is a major climate change gas. dan: according to the environmental protection agency, solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the u.s. >> that's a bigger number than some heavy hitters like the aviation industry. dan: according to the natural resources defense council, as much as 40% of the food supply in the u.s. is going to waste, more than half of that ends up in a landfill, releasing emissions equal to 3.4 million vehicles. $400 billion is spent on wasted food every year. nearly 20% of u.s. farmland devoted to food that is wasted, using up an estimated four
4:50 pm
trillion tons of water. it's a big problem, one that green says composting can help counteract. >> when you compost, you're adding in oxygen. it feeds those bacteria so their -- so they are aerobic bacteria, and they don't generate methane. >> it starts at our refrigerators. the primary source in the u.s. of this wasted food really is at the level of the individual. dan: as much as 8% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we stop wasting food. so next time you're about to throw food in the garbage, think again. >> it is pretty easy to compost in your own backyard. if you are in a community like new york city, you have to be a little more creative. we collect at farmers markets, community gardens, and we bring it back here. anything from your food scraps to yard waste, soiled paper towels to even meat can be composted at these large scale systems. just imagine the amount of waste that we generate every year and one third of it could be turned
4:51 pm
into compost and go back to improving soils, you know, at farms or in our community. dan: dan lieberman, abc news, new york. kristen: a bay area food bank getting a boost in time for thanksgiving. today, foster farms delivered more than 8000 pounds of turkey to the san francisco marin food bank to provide an thousand meals to local residents. the company begin the program about a decade ago to help feed the hungry and encourage others to donate. >> thanksgiving is a time of year that everyone should be able to participate in. food insecurity continues to be a problem in the bay area and this is our way of trying to help out. kristen: the san francisco marin food bank distributes food to some 50,000 households every week. that is 20,000 more than before the pandemic. dan: this friday is disney+ day and there are a lot of deals. disney is offering the service for two dollars for one month and you can get some special perks at the park. there is even new merchandise on
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kristen: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, dancing with the stars, followed by backstage pass: countdown to the cma awards. then join us for the news at 11:00. the eight remaining couples hit the floor on dancing with the stars tonight, jamming to a special theme never done before the show. george could knock you -- our reporter has a preview. george: this basketball star says that is what you will get with his cha-cha to rhythm nation. >> everybody ♪ all for you ♪ it is not our fault. [singing] george: a country sin
4:56 pm
cha-cha to escapade. amanda kloots and her partneloot will do a jazz routine to miss you much. >> she will dig deep to get that janet sassing us. -- sassiness. >> janet's essence is really powerful. hopefully she can bring that strength to the ballroom. george: an argentine tango to anytime, anyplace. an olympic gymnast will sombra -- samba with her partner. not a fan of double illuminations. >> why? george: an actress will dance aa positive light. -- pasa doble. all does take its toll. >> we are working hard every day
4:57 pm
but we are having so much fun. exhaustion. from working so hard. it is matched by the amount of fun we are having. >> it starts to compound, the stress of all, week after week. it is challenging. >> if your feet could talk, what would they be telling you? >> [inaudible] george: after their first dances, they will be back to win extra points with dance off rounds. it begins at 8:00 here on abc 7. kristen: meantime, meantime, me, moves into night and you can get the latest forecast, breaking news and more with our abc 7 bay area news app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area.
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are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward in finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a heart broking mother breaking her silence about the death of her son just days after the 23-month-old was caught in the crossfire of a shooting on interstate 880. look at that beautiful young face. thank you for joining us. >> you are watching abc 7 news at five, hulu live in wherever you stream. we are learning more about the young victim who is getting ready to celebrate his second birthday next month. his family is grappling to deal with his death as his mother pleads for help from the community to help find his killers. jan lynn has her message at 5:00. >>


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