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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 9, 2021 12:37am-1:06am PST

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this is "nightline." tonight, concert catastrophe. the astro world tragedy. 50,000 fans, when the crush that killed at least eight young people. >> i just remember feeling someone's chest under my foot. >> families grieving, demanding answers. >> you go to a concert to have fun, not to die. plus, scottie pippen, unguarded. >> and the chicago bulls are nba champions. >> the nba legend telling his story and setting the record
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straight on his most famous teammate. >> do you think michael jordan would be as successful without you. >> and bruce spring s s s honoring america's heroes. >> "nightline" will be right back. i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. ♪ ♪
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thanks for joining us. the shock of the draj tragedy o astro world turning to anger and calls for accountability. those there and survived reliving the horror. some wishing they could do more to help. >> i was hearing so much about astroworld, a time where you're never going to forget. i mean, i'm never going to forget it, but it's definitely something i never thought would happen. >> reporter: astroworld weekend in houston, one of the most anticipated music events of the year. and lucas was pumped to be there. friday night at nrg stadium. and travis scott is just beginning his set. when suddenly the crowd rushed towards the stage. bodies crushed up against each other. many others pushed to the ground in the pandemonium. >> if you heard travis scott's
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music, it is super aggressive and driving, the sort of music that makes you want to jump around. >> reporter: eight dead, 300 injured and 25 hospitalized. >> i just remember feeling someone's chest under my foot and my other footsteping on someone's shin or arm. i had to step as hard as i can to keep myself up. >> you could really feel the bones breaking under you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the two-day music event is the brainchild of 30-year-old rapper travis scott. boyfriend of kylie jenner. officials estimate roughly 50,000 people were there. at one point early in the afternoon, dozens of excited fans waiting to get in overtake security. jumping over barricades, and each other, as they pushed their way into the music festival. police regained control quickly.
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but lucas said that energy continued throughout the day. he took videos of mosh pits forming spontaneously. shortly after 9:00 p.m., a jigit clock counting down to scott's performance amps up the audience. >> the way to describe it, i just felt like a python grip, just whatever position you were in, that's it. you choose that and you better stick with that, because there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: people start falling from the weight of the crowd. as eager fans pushed towards the stage. >> we've all been to festivals before, when the main act comes on, people rush the stage. things get packed. >> when did you realize this was different? >> the second i got shifted about 70 feet to the right without intentionally moving at all. i started telling myself, something is going to go wrong.
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because if me, this taller guy, is struggling, i can only imagine what a shorter person or a girl or a child that i saw that was at the concert could be going through. i said i need to get out of here. >> reporter: these videos showing individuals passed out. some receiving cpr. while others are seen carried away. as a former marine, lieu skas jumped into action. his military training kicked in. >> i just checked a woman's pulse and started giving cpr. after a minute and a half, she became more responsive. >> reporter: by around 9:30, calls begin pouring in to police. and the houston police declare this a mass casualty event. >> reporter: still, the show continued. >> it's a very complicated thing, which is to be avoided, if possible. because once a crowd figures out
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the performance that they expect, that they paid for, that they waited for a very long time is not going to happen, people behave in negative ways. >> reporter: vehicles with emergency lights flashing descend upon the scene. pockets of the crowd try to get performers to stop the show. some people even chiming on top of a podium to try to get the attention of the camera operator. scott does pause briefly several times. this apple music live stream showing him announcing someone needs some help. >> we need some help. somebody passed out right here. don't touch him. everybody just back up. >> reporter: finally at 10:10, nearly 40 minutes after the chaos began, the performance is stopped, leaving eight dead. 27-year-old danish baig, 21-year-old axel costa.
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16-year-old breanna rodriguez. and 14-year-old high school freshman john hilgert. this is not the first travis scott concert that has stirred up controversy. in 2015, scott walls arrested in chicago after he encouraged his fans to climb barricades to get on stage with him. then, in 2017, a 23-year-old man was left partially paralyzed when he said he was pushed from a balcony at a new york city show, where scott encouraged a different fan to drop to the floor. the injured man filed a lawsuit against scott, his manager, the concert promoters and the security company. the case is still pending. also in 2017, scott was arrested for allegedly inciting a riot at an arkansas performance encouraged people to rush the stage. he paid $7,000 in resttation to two people injured at the show. >> security teams dread travis
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scott shows. i talked to a prominent security person today who said that he's never been as frightened at work as he's been at travis scott shows. this is a security guy. he doesn't scare easily. >> reporter: in 2019, hundreds of fans pushed through the entrance barricades, sending several people to the hospital. travis scott post thing video to his instagram account at the time. who is travis scott to the kids? >> to a lot of these kids he's a hero. i mean, he came up from the streets and look at where he is now. he's a multi, multi, multimillionaire. he's living the dream for a lot of these people. all the more reason why they would listen to what he's telling them. >> reporter: over the weekend, scott reacted to the drtragedy. >> i could never imagine anything like this happening. >> his fans are called ragers. do the math. you know? >> reporter: sources say that travis scott will provide full
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refunds to everyone. they will not perform this weekend. scott has also pledged to cover funeral costs and provide therapy sessions for those affected. >> a lot of people have said, he could have just said, whoa, let's take it easy for a minute. that's what you see other bands do. >> reporter: a criminal investigation sund way, with the fbi aiding. which scott says he supports. >> part-time, hourly wage workers are scarce in every professional field, which includes event security workers. doubtless, that was an issue at the event organizers were grappling with. how that manifested itself friday night, we don't know yet. >> reporter: the organizers of the event, live nation, face dozens of lawsuits. they said today they continue to support and assist local
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authorities in their ongoing investigation so the fans who attended and families can get the answers they want and deserve. we will address all legal matters at the appropriate time. families of the victims beginning to speak out. >> you go to a concert to have fun, you don't go to a concert to die. >> reporter: back at the stadium, a somber sight, paying tribute to the young lives lost so tragically. this is where the festival happened. this is where you go to pay respects to the people that unfortunately passed away. >> a vigil, candles, flowers, photos. it has to be surreal for you. >> yeah, one second i was having the time of my life, and probably the best time of my life, to just -- i'm just getting so many goose bumps to my toes thinking about someone's mom is going to receive a phone call. >> do you take any sol elace knowing you may have kept some people from being a face on that ? >>
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you know, scottie pippenen stands tall as one of basketball's greats. but he long played in the shadow of arguably the greatest, michael jordan. now, he's speaking his mind
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about their partnership. here's abc's michael stba championship six-time nba all-star. two-time olympic golddalist hall of famer. scotty, you did everything that you could do in the game. >> i never played for the accolades. that was never by goal. >> scotty coming hard on the drive. takes it all the way to the rick. >> oh! >> reporter: scottie pippen dominated the court, dunking on opponents for nearly two decades. what is the one thing you think people don't know about snit now, the former small forward is telling his story in a raw new memoir "unguarded." he starts by taking on the last dance. >> jordan is the most talented player in the nba, by far. >> i feel like the documentary only told a story that sort of glorified him as a player, and not as a team. >> reporter: the ten-episode
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documentary chronicled the rise of michael jordan and the chicago bulls' dynasty in the '90s. you called michael jordan selfish in this book in the first chapter. why is that? >> that's who he was as a player. he was a great scorer, but a lot of things that he did was based on him as an individual. and i think basketball is a team game. >> reporter: pippen says "the last dance" was a chance for jordan to tell his story but "unguarded" is a chance for pippen to tell his. scottie pippen grew up poor in the small town of hamberg, arkansas. the youngest of 12 children. you talk in the book about staying on your side of the tracks. and this really played a big part in your life. >> things happened to african-americans in different times of the night and things of that nature. my mom and dad made me, you know, kind of walk a straight line, kept me in church, and
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knew when to be at home. >> reporter: when she was a child, an older brother was partially paralyzed b paralyzedb >> any faimy father gave me a l responsibility at a young age. sports was motivating to me. >> reporter: despite being kicked off the basketball team his sophomore year, he did make it out. you learned growing up everything can be taken away from you without warning. was that lesson a gift or curse? >> probably a curse. i take it as a gift, because i was able to be rewarded with a lot of things by taking that path. those are things if i took a different path, i may not have come my way. >> scott pippen of central arkansas. >> reporter: june 22, 1987. changed your life forever. >> yes, it did. >> at 21 years old, standing at a towering 6'7", pippen was drafted fifth overall pick in
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the nba by the chicago bulls. >> i was very excited. i mean, having an opportunity to play with michael jordan and the chicago bulls team that was on the rise. so i was looking forward to it. >> reporter: but the rookie says he quickly saw how wide the divide was between the team's star player, michael jordan, and the rest of the players. >> there was things that he could get away with that other players couldn't get away with. designing practice so michael could play golf afterwards or have a late practice so michael could play golf early. >> reporter: despite that, they became a power house duo. pippen's legendary assist matching jordan's shooting prowess. watching you two on the court, it looked like two best friends out there crushing everybody. what was your relationship like off the court? >> it wasn't what you saw on the court. we always will have that respect for each other. but our friendship is not where
12:58 am
people see it on tv think it is. >> do you think that michael jordan would be as successful without you? >> no. but i don't think i would be successful without him. i think we both complemented each other in a lot of different ways. and we kind 06 competed and pushed each other to be great. >> and the chicago bulls have won their first-ever nba championship! >> 1991. you win your first championship. how did that feel? >> it was the greatest feeling. i had been dealing with a lot of pressure, you know, and just playing alongside of michael. we never got any credit, you know. it was all praises to him. he scored 35, we lose. he get the credit. you know, and we get all the criticism. but it was really gratifying. more so just to win for the city of chicago. >> reporter: they would go on to
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win five more championships. what was it like playing with dennis rodman? >> it's a lot of fun. one of my greatest teammates. i thought i would never say those words. >> reporter: why? >> we had some tough battles. you know. he told us how to compete for a championship. he taught us how to fight. >> literally fight. >> yeah, literally fight. playing with dennis, he made basketball fun again. he was a character. but he was a huge piece for us being successful with those last three championships. without dennis, there is no title. >> reporter: but with those incredible highs came heart wrenching, unfathomable lows. earlier this year, scotty's eldest son, an tron, passed away at the age of 33. we know you're extremely proud of him. what do you want the world to know about him? >> man.
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you know, he had a strong heart, and, you know, he fought through all of his issues, through asthma. he just wanted to be normal. he was one of those kids that, you know, he didn't -- he didn't want anyone to feel sorry for him. >> and got a great example in you. >> yeah. >> reporter: pippen hopes by sharing his story, he can be a source of inspiration. knowing what you know now, what will you tell 7-year-old scottie pippen playing basketball on those pine street courts? >> believe in yourself and dream. >> how do you want to be remembered? >> as the greatest of all-time. >> our thanks to michael. up next, the boss rocks in standup for heroes. ♪ ♪
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