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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 10, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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don't miss it. >> i'm so happy to bonn the ground. morning" -- aaron rodgers fined. the nfl hands down punishments against the star quarterback and the green bay packers for covid safety this, as we learn new information on when vaccine boo booster shots may be available. a key ruling in the january 6th investigation. can documents from the trump white house be turned over to investigators? why the judge says yes. and the response from trump. the horror in houston. >> up with of the scariest things i've been through. >> witnesses described the concert tragedy where eight people were killed. why one security guard hired for the event refused to show .
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a change a fads channg >>o more grades? the growing movement to skip letter grades in school. and the battle to save phone booths, to the announcement over "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. it's wednesday, november 10th. good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with the pandemic and the nfl handing down fines for quarterback aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. >> it comes after days of controversy surrounding what rogers previously said about his vaccination status. the punishment is tied to a halloween party he attended. >> nearly a dozen states are seeing an increase in hospitalizations with covid to
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better staff hospitals. first, the aaron rodgers fallout. here's meghan tevrizian. >> reporter: aaron rodgers, i sidelined by covid and his team, are facing fines for breaking covid protocols. the news coming after rodgers claimed he misled his fans. >> i made some comments that people might have felt were misleading. so anybody who felt misled by those comments, i take full responsibility. >> reporter: rodgers confirmed he is unvaccinated. the packers will be fined $300,000. roger r rodgers and other player paying $14,000. for attending a halloween party.
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>> you cannot defend what he did in a football sense because the rules are there. and he violated -- he put himself in a position where the protocols were going to be imposed on him. he's not the backup tight end. he's the leader and the r.- quarterback and one of the best in the >> reporter: the rogdgers controversy comes as there's an increase in cases. cases have doubled in colorado, where 95% of icu beds are now full. >> we're seeing people get very sick and die from this disease. these people don't need to be dying right now. >> reporter: meanwhile, pfizer is requesting authorization to give covid vaccine booster shots to all adults, a decision from the fda could come before thanksgiving.
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back to aaron rodgers. he is expected to return to the field on sunday. the packers scored only one touchdown last week. a judge has cleared the way for hundreds of records for the trump white house to be released to the congressional committee investigating january's attack on the capitol. the judge rejected claims, saying that presidents are not kings. biden has already agreed to let lawmakers see the documents. trump's legal team is appealing. the ruling came just hours after the house subpoenaed ten more trump aides, including mcenany, or steven miller. >> i haven't received documentation at all. it's an attempt. and you know this, to distract from the failures of the biden presidenty. took a wrecking ball to our
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economy. >> that means no. you're not going to be showing up to testify in this. >> reporter: the justice department is deciding whether to fine steve bannon for contempt. the decision could determine if other trump allies cooperate or defy their subpoenas. new details about the emergency response to the concert disaster in houston. eight people were killed when people tried to surge towards the stage, crushing each other. a 9-year-old boy is among the victims still fighting for their lives. this morning, a group of teenagers giving their firsthand account of the deadly tragedy in houston friday night. >> that's one of the scariest things i've been through. the gates had fallen. police were everywhere. it was chaos in the making. >> reporter: the teens describe a lack of security. jonathan espinosa says several people were passing out and he
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claims that security did little to nothing to help. >> my ribs are getting collapsed into the gate. an i look at the guard. he looks at me. i can't do nothing. >> reporter: one security guard hired to work the event told tmz, he didn't show up for the job because he felt the conditions were unsafe and the security team was understaffed. >> passed by a man with a -- i guess it's like a snapchat screen. it said -- what was it? oh, it said, lsd for $15. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" reports investigators are looking into whether counterfeit drugs played a role in some of the deaths, including pills laced with fentanyl. eight people died and dozens injured when the crowd surged towards the stage, crushing each other. at least 18 lawsuits have now been filed. the event organizer, live
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nation, and the rapper on stage, travis scott, are named as defendants in most of them. our abc station in houston said, following the concert, scott was at a party. he was unaware of the fatalities of his concert. >> i'm devastated. >> reporter: questions remain about why he kept performing for 40 minutes after officials declared a mass casualty incident. the houston firefighters union said it had trouble communicating with medics at the scene. they could only communicate by cell phone. hundreds gathered in iowa to remember a high school spanish teacher killed allegedly by two students. the service was held and today would have been her 67th birthday. she was reported missing. her body was found in a park. two 16-year-old boys are being held in the case.
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great britainer was a mexico native. but police say they do not believe the killing was racially motivated. the defense is presenting its case in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the footage shows rittenhouse in a face-to-face encounter with joseph rosenbaum and later ritter. rittenhouse claims self-defense. two offered accounts of how he acted after the shootings. >> how does he look to you? >> sweating. pale. >> does he say anything? >> he repeats, i just shot someone, over and over. he had to shoot someone. >> i remember pulling his hair back. and his comment was, my life might be over. >> one charge has been dismissed. he was charged for violating a
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cure few. another change to facebook. it will no longer allow advertisers to target people. the company says it's an effort to stop advertisements from using targeted ads to discriminate against or harm users. the change takes effect in january. time for a look at your wednesday weather. it's another day of snow and hail for the mountains of the northwest and northern california. lower elevations closer to the coast will see more rain. a cross country storm moves into the plains and the upper midwest later this afternoon. the same system will bring strong storms to oklahoma and parts of texas, where an isolated tornado is possible. checking today's temperatures, 70s across the southeast. 50s around the great lakes. 83 in phoenix.
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coming up, nasa's trip to the moon delayed. $300 an hour. the urgent search for snowplow
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back now with a stunning sight on the coast of ireland. that's a trash barrel that floated all the way across the ocean from myrtle beach, south carolina. who needs a message in a bottle when you've got a barnacle covered trash can, right? it traveled 3,500 miles. new evidence suggests the supply chain crisis is getting worse just as holiday shopping ramps up. a new online survey finds an increasing number of items are now out of stock. 33% more than last year at this time. the products with the highest
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out of stock levels are electronics, jewelry and clothing. we all know there's been a shortage of truck drivers but there's also a shortage of snowplow drivers. the shortage is so bad one city in massachusetts is preparing to pay drivers up to $310 an hour this winter. now to the latest on the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie "rust." just days after baldwin called for all movie and tv productions using guns to hire police officers, our kaylee hartung sat down with the santa fe district attorney who is leading the investigation. >> reporter: mary, you've said on the set of "rust" they were cutting corners. what has been most concerning as you've learned the lengths this production went to try to save a dollar here and there? >> there were so many levels of failures on that set. there were several different places where this tragic incident could have been avoided, and it wasn't avoided. >> the d.a. says it could take
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months to wrap up the investigation. we'll have much more of her interview later on "good morning america." a dramatic scene here in new york city when an suv crashed into a boy on the sidewalk trapping him beneath the vehicle. the crash happened just around the corner from where actor william demeo and crew members were filming the tv series "gravesend." they helped lift the suv saving the boy. >> we lifted the car like literally two feet off the kid and then he was bleeding. i looked at his head, and he was bleeding and on the floor, and i was really nervous for him, but i kept telling him you're going to be okay. >> the 14-year-old is listed in critical but stable condition. nasa's return to the moon has been delayed for at least another year. plans for a 2024 moon landing have been pushed back to 2025. nasa says legal issues surrounding the selection of spacex for the mission contributed to the delay. coming up, the mystery over why nba players are missing more three-pointers. is the ball to blame?
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prosecutors are requesting a 51-month sentence for the so-called qanon shaman who became the face of the u.s. capitol riot in january. jacob chansley stormed the senate chamber while shirtless and wearing horns. it is the toughest sentence recommended so far in connection with the riot. also in washington new calls for an investigation into a video posted by a congressman depicting violence against democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez. gop congressman paul gosar is defending the video, which also depicts him attacking president biden with swords. abc's ike ejiochi is in washington with the very latest. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mona. democrats are demanding republicans take action against paul gosar after the congressman released a parody video showing himself killing a colleague. this morning, a video posted by republican congressman paul gosar depicting violence has been removed from his twitter account after gosar faced fierce criticism. >> first of all, he has no business being in congress. he should have never been elected. he doesn't belong there.
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>> reporter: gosar says his team created the video showing a cartoon version of himself killing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez then charging at president biden with two swords. twitter flagged the tweet saying it violates its rules. an aide tells abc news, gosar then deleted the video on twitter, but overnight it remained posted on his instagram account. >> sadly the republican conference is now characterized by numerous kooks and dangerous cranks. >> yes. >> of which he is one. >> reporter: in a new statement, gosar says he is not encouraging violence. he says the video depicts the fight taking place next week on the house floor over president biden's agenda. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for the house ethics committee and law enforcement to investigate the video. meanwhile, ocasio-cortez is slamming gosar in a series of tweets calling him creepy, a collection of wet toothpicks and accusing gosar of being so weak he couldn't open a pickle jar. now house republican leader kevin mccarthy has not responded to requests for him to comment
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on the video gosar posted. mona. >> ike, thank you. in sports some nba players are blaming the ball being used at games for some poor shooting. the league just switched its ballmaker from spaulding to wilson. players have complained the wilson balls' softness isn't the same. they also claim the ball lacks grip. the league's shooting percentage is at its lowest level in more than 15 years. the players union is asking for more feedback on the ball. meanwhile, the league has suspended nuggets star nikola jokic for this violent shove during monday's game against the miami heat. miami's jimmy butler and markieff morris have been fined for bad behavior. coming up, should teachers no longer grade students? the growing debate. also ahead, one very also ahead, one very expens bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges.
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♪ time to check "the pulse," and we begin with school grading systems getting an overhaul. >> so after seeing a spike in ds and fs during the pandemic, more schools are doing away with points and deadlines. instead they're evaluating kids on what they're actually learning and giving them opportunities to revise their work. >> supporters say the new wave of grading will reduce inequities. critics say we're being too easy on kids. next the debate over phone booths. should we save them or get rid of them? >> lots of people in the u.s. say they're obsolete and ugly, but authorities in the uk have decided otherwise. they're trying to protect 5,000 of those famous red phone booths. they say the booths are still a lifeline for people in rural areas and with bad cell reception. okay, next the piece of movie memorabilia that just sold for big bucks. >> it was the costume worn by everyone's favorite christmas elf. >> okay, people, tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., santa's coming to town. >> santa!
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oh, my god! santa here? i know him. i know him. >> i know him. will ferrell's costume from the movie "elf" has just sold for $300,000 at auction. it was only expected to sell for $40,000. >> surprised that will himself didn't bid on it. >> yeah. well, netflix is reportedly testing a new feed for kid inspired by the success of tiktok. >> and according to bloomberg, a feature called kids' clips will offer younger viewers short videos. it won't have original content, just highlights of netflix's children shows and movies. >> kids will only be able to watch 20 clips at a time. and finally, it's official. there is a new sexiest man alive according to "people" magazine. >> the new sexiest man alive is paul rudd. "people" magazine calls the actor a marvel of a man on its cover. >> the 52-year-old says his wife was stupefied at the news and,
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yet this is abc 7 news. >> a new bay area county counting down the days for a vaccine mandate. it's all about safety first. his job. >> governor newsom answering questions about where he's been. >> and honoring veterans. hoops for troops to help veterans and their families. >> you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew: we are seeing some residual fog. the north bay right now. this is live doppler 7 look at petaluma where there are zero miles of visibility.


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