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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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counting down the days for a vaccine mandate. it's all about safety first. his job. >> governor newsom answering questions about where he's been. >> and honoring veterans. hoops for troops to help veterans and their families. >> you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew: we are seeing some residual fog. the north bay right now. this is live doppler 7 look at petaluma where there are zero miles of visibility. this fog will linger through the
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9:00 a.m. hour before clearing out later on this morning. a live look outside at the exploratory in camera right now. the day planner later on today, it's a brighter and warmer day. pockets of fog out there and brighter skies mid day and into the afternoon. we clear the clouds out and temperatures are pretty comfortable in the mid to upper 60's and close to average. >> first responders are waking up to a new vaccine mandate. sheriff's deputies and emts will have this week to get vaccinated and face further testing. we are joined with more on this latest mandate in the bay area. reporter: this applies to first responders like firefighters when they go inside a health care facility. this mandate and alameda county
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just went into effect. sheriffs deputies, emts, and firefighters must be vaccinated to go inside health care facilities, hospitals, a mental health care center, and they must be tested weekly for covid. he encourages everyone to get the shots. thousands of people in a jail setting or our public, it makes everybody safer. and we come in contact safer. reporter: won't quit over this saying that they have shortages and they need every sworn officer they have. this mandates as employees must get vaccinated or start weekly testing by december 21.
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>> pfizer has taken the next step. we told you about this on abc seven mornings and it would clear the way for all adults to get the third round. >> pfizer has put in our request to the fda, pointing to data that a booster shot raises vaccine efficacy by 96%. an fda advisory committee voted down a similar request in september but new information suggests the outcome could be different. sources tell abc news the fda will not be calling the independent committee to review pfizer date at which means authorization could -- data which means authorization could happen before thanksgiving. up almost 13% in the last two weeks.
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colorado, just 5% of icu beds available. >> hospitals and and and and up with patients going on ventilators and many of them dying. >> 21 states are seeing1 statesg uptick in cases. nearly all of the states are transitioning to colder weather, forcing people indoors. the request still has to go to the cdc. reggie: promising is from federal health experts about the covid-19 treatment bill. it could likely be available within a year. >> one has already received an emergency youth -- use authorization. it was shown that if you give it to people early in the course of infection, you diminished by 50% the likelihood that they will be hospitalized or die compared to placebo.
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reggie: dr. fauci gave an update during a town hall meeting. in addition to the pill by merck, pfizer asked the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid treatment pill. if you have questions, ask the vaccine team dedicated to giving you answers. click on the big blue box. >> the district attorney's job is on the line and his campaign is talking about its strategy leading up to the june recall election. >> that is our job that we can counter this false narrative and painted picture of what is happening. >> election officials say that they collected more than enough valid signatures to force a vote on his future. he says he failed to prioritize
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public safety by being too lenient on repeat offenders. >> it is about san franciscans not feeling safe under this district attorney where he does not hold to account and act responsibly when it comes to repeat offenders. >> unlike the governor newsom recall, he will not be running against anyone. if he he is recalled, there will be a replacement appointed. the board said the board's priorities have been displaced -- misplaced. the school board president gabriela lopez, vice president, and commissioner all facing a recall election set for february 15. reggie: governor newsom will
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finish -- visit a covid vaccine clinic. the governor dressed what has been on the minds of some people, where he's been over the last few weeks. he canceled a trip to the u.n. climate change conference. yesterday he was at the california economic summit in monterey it is said his kids wanted to spend halloween with him. >> the kids could not believe i was going to miss halloween and i'm defending myself yet i got to go, this and that. i woke up the next morning with something familiar, that not in your stomach that i had no choice. i had to cancel that trip. reggie: he also took the children to work next week at the state capital. the community calling for change after a toddler was killed by a stray bullet in a freeway shooting. jasper wu was shot on the
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forehead as his family was driving along interstate 880. in 2015, the county installed cameras along interstate 80 and highway four. freeway shootings have dropped 68%. >> the camera is capturing the license plate readers capturing that information can certainly be a great tool for law enforcement. reggie: the chp is crime still that kill jasper wu. it far surpa far sur goal. we will talk with the oakland mayor to ask about the investigation of what the office is doing.
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a hoops for troops week. partners will donate their seats to active military members. the warriors have faced -- will face the timberwolves and will host a veteran resource. drew: the bay bridge toll plaza. drops on the lens and there is a fine mist and drizzle out there this morning left over from our storm yesterday. that hangs with us the next couple of hours. the afternoon is brighter and warmer and drier. the issue we have riue we in the north bay. we will zoom on to street level where we are at zero miles of visibility. take it slow in this in this is very localized.
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temperatures are mainly in the mid to upper 50's. good morning, oakland. 57 in the city. 59 in fremont. we expect a lot of the cloud cover to break down for mostly sunny skies. we will feel a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine in the mid to upper 60's. very close to where we should be this time of year. we will hit about 68 in san jose. >> we are going to start with a live look at the bay bridge. we have a car stalled on the upper deck right now right around treasure island. the chp has also issued a wind advisory here. they have issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge but it doesn't really look too bad. a better commute today versus the rainy start yesterday.
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kumasi: nancy pelosi stepping on the world stage. commitment to rejoin the global effort to solve climate change. >> our president was here and had achieved -- there were many successes achieved.
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in a collaboration with other countries. kumasi: a judge will give remarks reggie: dealing with prices of supply chain issues. the allegheny county community food bank is spending an extra $60,000 a month. also in oakland, the shiloh mercy house feeds 300 families every wednesday and that includes new families every week. >> our clients are sharing with us the rising food cost that is something that is a huge stressor right now for them. it is something that they just can't afford. reggie: shiloh mercy house also has a community market. kumasi: after decades of public
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protest, the thomas fallon statue in san jose is coming down. issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. reporter: san jose city council made it official that the thomas fallon statue is coming down. the 12,000 pound bronze sculpture sits at west saint james and julian streets. it will soon be moved into storage. >> thomas fallon is not someone who deserves this level of honor. reporter: the city pointing to three specific required reasons for removal. significant adverse public reaction, issues with security and the need for excessive maintenance after demonstrations by the community. >> this has everything to do with the immoral and unethical
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practice of acquiring land and a sense of superiority. >> they view him as a colonizer and oppressor. it was on what was then mexican land. >> $450,000 to take down. some tense moments of former mayor tom mchenry took questions from counsel. mchenry was instrument of putting up the statue had maintained that history matters. >> sins of oppression, all of those happened under each flag. and they deserve to be excoriated. and they have been. reporter: many don't just want to see it go, they want it gone. the city can't destroy the statue because doing so would be
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against federal and state laws protecting and artists work. kumasi: when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. we are giving your resources on how to find and be an ally. reggie: if you use payment apps like that mode or paypal, the irs might be looking a little more closely at your accounts. in january, payment apps will be required to report business transactions if they total more than $600 a year. that includes payments for goods and services. the changes part of the american rescue planet designed to crackdown on unpaid taxes. kumasi: an artist in the netherlands is combining pizza and skateboarding. his what the end result is. a pizza skateboard.
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and came up with this cheesy creation. it takes about three weeks to make one. as for skaters hungry for a taste of back. if skateboard costs about $800. >> when i was in high school, i was on a skateboard and i landed a kick flip and retired. i will never get better than that. kumasi: i appreciate thisreciat analysis. drew: it's what you get. i did one thing on a skateboard and i was done. i knew my limits and my mom is like, you done. reggie: i believe we are too tall to be on any sort of wheel. drew: essential of gravity is that much higher. reggie: you look like big bird
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coming down the street. drew: it's not a great look. retire on a high. a lot of fog out there this morning and in the north bay. here's a look at the bay bridge. you can see it is not completely clear. low cloud cover this morning and pockets of drizzle along the coastline. i do expect brighter skies s head to the afternoon. we have visibility less than two miles and some thick fog in the north bay. i met the cloud cover. we do expect sunshine on the north bay. this is mainly north of santa rosa, but the trend will be for the cloud cover break and brighter skies compared to yesterday. 68 in san jose later on today. 65 in cupertino. 66 in san mateo.
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62 the high and half moon bay. downtown morning cloud cover, some drizzle. sunshine later on. into the north bay, 68 in santa rosa. 67 in vallejo. oakland will have afternoon sunshine and 65 in san leandro. 68 in pittsburgh, 60 -- the next seven days, morning sun today. a warming trend underway by the end of the week. in the week looking really nice. 60's and 70's and we will cool off the temperatures early next week. no storms coming our way the next seven days. reggie: organizers are getting ready for an early veterans day parade at 11:00 this morning. in this video is from last year.
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families and loved ones will be able to drive by the facility and safely waved to their veteran loved ones. physical distancing and masking will be enforced to ensure a safe event for everybody. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: the special performances just announced. kumasi:
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. alameda county first responders are facing a vaccine mandate and that includes december 21. reggie: and authorizing a booster shot for all americans 18 and up. they say it raises vaccine efficacy by 96%. kumasi: and district attorney jason putin. illeyilley willey willey will
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reggie: when the when your pilot program will start. drew: and number five, morning fog and dance. later on this afternoon, it is brighter and warmer with temperatures in the mid to upper 60's later on today. jobina: a new crash where major damage was involved. the chp has not confirmed major injuries. this will be the northbound one connector. kumasi: and number seven, congrats to nobel peace prize winner malala who has tied the knot with her partner in a religious ceremony saying that we are excited to walk together for the journey ahead. reggie: the santa fe district attorney is speaking to abc news about the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the yellow although in film. reporter: in this morning's gma first look, and abc news exclusive. one-on-one with the santa fe district attorney.
5:25 am
>> how did live ammunition and up onset? reporter: it's been three weeks since the shooting of halyna hutchins. crewmembers at the center of this investigation prepared to wait months for it to be completed. reporter: what has been most concerning as you learn the lengths they tried to save a dollar here and there. >> there were so many levels of failure on that set. and places where this tragic incident could have been avoided. reporter: we will have more on what the santa fe district attorney says his next kumasi: kapok group bts coming to the american music awards.
5:26 am
with megan thee stallion. olivia roderigo also performing and you can watch the 2021 american music awards at 8:00 p.m. on abc 7. reggie: eight billion dollars is how much san francisco bay's doordash is paying to acquire delivery company walt paste in finland and has more than 4000 employees in two dozen countries. the ceo says the move will accelerate product development and improve the value they provide. remembering the bay barbecue legend. kumasi: in former trump administration members have been subpoenaed. the deadline to submit documents. reggie: any paid subscription service. how much to undo.
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instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. >> building a better bay area. moving forward and finding solutions. reggie: more astroworld attendees coming forward to describe the lack of security at the music festival. while one security guard didn't even show up to the event. kumasi: in six weeks left until christmas. the postal service is looking for thousands of workers. reggie: $1 trillion infrastructure bill. kumasi: crab season is upon us reggie: abc 7 morning's life right now on hulu live in wherever you stream. kumasi: let's get a check of the
5:30 am
forecast. drew: starting out with some dense fog and leftover moisture. love doppler seven here you can see this is where we are having our main issue. we are finding some thick fog traveling on 101 in the area. it will linger through the 9:00 a.m. our before this cloud cover will lift. you can see the san francisco skyline and half at this hour. things will change later on this afternoon. we are finding brighter skies, warmer temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60's close to average for this time of year. we will find those numbers climbing. reggie: alameda county first responders haven't faced a vaccine mandate ike the
5:31 am
surrounding bay area counties until now. people that must be vaccinated or test weekly for covid. 54% of his employees are employs vaccinated and he's hoping sworn officers won't quit because of this new mandate. >> we need every we have. even one or two people leaving would be detrimental.
5:32 am
they say are at high risk because of the nature of their job for spreading covid to older and medically vulnerable residents. vaccinated or start testing. kumasi: reversing course in the battle against covid-19 with cases climbing once again. category. the next few months are critical because of the holidays and that will determine if we see another winter surge. reggie: eight people were killed when a crowd of 50,000
5:33 am
concertgoers tried to surge. we are at the live desk with the latest. jobina: accusatio after last weekend's astroworld festival. more people are coming forward to give first-hand accounts in the chaos. several teenagers who were injured describe a lack of security. jonathan espinosa says several people passed out and he said security did little or nothing to help. gate. the guard looked at me and said i can't do nothing. jobina: a security guard hired to said he did not show up because he felt conditions were unsafe. investigators are looking into
5:34 am
whether counterfeit drugs played a role. 18 lawsuits have been filed against live nation and travis scott. questions remain about why scott cap performing for nearly 40 minutes after officials declared a mass-casualty incident. kumasi: a setback for former president trump, a judge rejecting his claim of executive privilege to keep committees from gaining access to his white house records. it's and 16 subpoenas for officials and around the oval office and former president trump on the riot unfolded. that includes senior stephen miller and kaylee mckinney. -- kayleigh mcenany. reggie: today, president biden will visit baltimore to talk about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by
5:35 am
congress. and we are getting an idea of how the bay area benefit from this. an event was event was event wae outlining some of the projects. >> this is the largest ever federal investment in public transportation and a critical step towards a more sustainable future. reggie: the package includesnclu money for the grand central station of the west and can fund the silicon valley extension. 3.5 billion will include drinking water in california. kumasi: the postal service is gearing up for the holiday rush. the rush can come even earlier this year. j.r. stone's in oakland with a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations.
5:36 am
reporter: here come the packages. christmas is 6.5 weeks away but already. the u.s. postaltaltaltaltaltaltl processing and distribution center in oakland. they started ordering holiday packages more than a month ago and is well aware of the demand. >> it is taking longer to get things from the usps. even amazon slowed down a little. reporter: it could be due to supply shortages or retail shipping from overseas. they saw a 48% increase in package demand. we expect a high package numbers again. this is the second year the automated sorting system will be used for 30,000 packages soon be through this oakland facility every day. >> making sure tg sure delivered on time. reporter: the week of december
5:37 am
13 is the busiest of the year but this year, the day could come earlier because of supply chain issues and the push so many are making to byerly. >> i have anyway. anyway. reporter: machine is automated but usps still in need and looking for thousands of seasonal workers across the bay area. eyewitness news. kumasi: if you plan to ship the gifts this holiday season, he is a way to make sure they get there before christmas. december 13 for retail ground shipping. in the east bay, a newly released audit will verify
5:38 am
claims about the director of the open parks and recreation and development department. in 2019, whistleblowers accused him of misusing federal money to repay his friends. they found the director channel $75,000 to the parks and recreation foundation to defraud the city. a friend was paid $4500 to in oakland employed by phone for five days. it is unclear what will happen to the director's position. reggie: a staple in the bay area for 50 years is mourning the loss of its matriarch. mary was the heart and soul of everett and died of covid in september. the restaurant has been a fan favorite including welcoming famous faces like the rock.
5:39 am
>> sharing a loving and doing the best we can with what little we have. thatthatthatthatthat reggie: mary's family plans to continue her favorite annual event, a christmas toy drive. kumasi: sexiest man alive. can you guess who it is? many say he is ageless. >> it is on the video. you can hear it plain and simple. reggie: outrage from a mother after her daughter was sucker punched during a basketball tournament. she's calling out another mother for inciting the violence. drew: we are going to start you out with a pretty foggy picture right now. this is the bay bridge. the lights on the the the the
5:40 am
the picture this morning. the worst fog is in the north bay where from santa rosa to petaluma we are around three miles of visibility and the spot will linger through the 9:00 a.m. our -- hour. san francisco at 57, 50 nine san mateo, 59 in napa. by 10:00 a.m., a lot of the cloud cover is breaking down. and we find a fair amount of sunshine and a warmer afternoon compared to yesterday. highs across the region getting pretty close to average. southern california and a lot of sunshine in the upper 60's to lower 70's. tahoe looking beautiful later on today. a lot of sunshine and 55.
5:41 am
jobina: good morning. we are going to go back where we are following the crash and there doesn't appear to be any slowdown or injuries. just major damage. a live look look look look lookk the lights of traveling westbound. issued by the chp for the bay bridge. things are moving smoothly. on time from antioc
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kumasi: country midget --
5:44 am
country music lessons -- country music legends will be coming together tonight. we have a look at what to expect. ♪ reporter: coming to you from the heart of nashville, the cma's, the biggest night in country music, is here. this year's show was hosted by country star and american idol judge luke bryan. >> a country music spin country music has been so good to me. dream. >> this year marks a groundbreaking time for country music as the genre welcomes more diversity. making history as black country stars being nominated.
5:45 am
>> i don i don i don i don up in winning the actual award. acceptance came with the nomination. reporter: collaborations make the cma's unforgettable. harley pierce -- the actress and american idol alum jennifer hudson said to make her cma debut. and returning to the stage, raining entertainer of the year. this year, cma's will welcome back fans in person. limited tickets to the public. abc news, los angeles. kumasi: tune in tonight to see who wins the 55th annual cma awards at 8:00 right here on abc 7. reggie: a mother outraged after
5:46 am
her daughter got sucker punched during a youth basketball tournament. the video you are about to see is hard to watch. a player mr. shotton fell backward, knocking down 15-year-old lauren hamm. the to get up but the other girl takes a swing at her, knocking her down again. her mother players mother told her to hit her. >> it's on the video. the ref that was there also heard it. the mom basicallyicallyically violence against my daughter. she told her daughter to go and hit her. that rises to the level of assault. reggie: mother were ejected from the tournament. kumasi: pretty soon you can buy fresh crab straight from the boat. allowing the sale of live crab at fisherman's wharf.
5:47 am
it will be a one-year pilot program and it is not known when the crab will be available. protecting turtles from becoming entangled. reggie: iconic animals animals received their covid-19 vaccines. the vaccine made by a a a a a drunk company is different than what a human does. >> it is done in a matter of seconds. they don't get a sucker and they don't get a band-aid. reggie: that hardly seems fair. the authors have had no side effects. there is evidence otters have similar animals can get covid. it is important to protect themt because sea otters are endangered.
5:48 am
kumasi: do you want a 30 minute zoom call with a celebrity? actors jason sudekis, sean penn, jerry seinfeld, jon stewart, jimmy kimmel, and george stephanopoulos and anderson cooper are just a few up for bid. the money raised will build homes for wounded veterans. those that have received the highest bid so far, it's none of those. it's weird al jankovic. more than $5,500. reggie: just eat it. kumasi: twitter has debuted a monthly subscription service. the service was launched in june in canada and australia, but now it is here in the u.s. subscribers can undo a tweet.
5:49 am
and it makes threads easier to follow and customizable app icons. users also have free access to articles from hundreds of news sites. don't you feel like itttttttttt isn't that the worst? reggie: i suppo i suppo i suppoo but i can't subscribe to every single one. kumasi: i was saying like a mass subscription. drew: undo a tweet? i just deleted. reggie: i feel like twitter should be paying me for this content. kumasi: that's another discussion. drew: get your three dollars a month. kumasi: -- reggie: isn instagram constantly on you to do reels and they will pay you? drew: i have beef with instagram. i'm getting people i should maybe follow in my feed and i'm scrolling through like, what?
5:50 am
who is this person? i curated my feed in a specificd way. ok? the algorithm is trying and i don't want it. kumasi: you all are just mad this morning. drew: we are mad. i like what i like. stop trying to change it. just make it chronological. sunshine will come out and it is such a different picture. the skyline is pretty much chopped in half. the biggest issue with that fog is in the north bay. we have been talking about this all morning long. petaluma down to zero visibility.
5:51 am
early this morning. a little mild for this time of morning and this time of the year. cover to break down and the clouds to begin to dissipate. the south bay is brighter and warmer compared to yesterday. on the peninsula, it is bright. we will see some sunshine, 65. mid to upper 60's with 66 in oakland. the next seven with a warming trend that will take over on veterans day. even the weekend looking really
5:52 am
nice. saturday and sunday reggie: one and 100 million. an incredibly rare catch and the fisherman has decided what he will do with it. kumasi: and the bay area city with the most expensive zip code in the country. reggie: marvel movies getting an upgrade. the films you
5:53 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. but our here, we are just getting started. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k
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how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. reggie: the bay area is number one once again when it comes to the priciest area to live in the country. we are number one. property shark released the most expensive zip codes in the u.s. atherton on the peninsula. you have gone to these fancy neighborhoods.
5:55 am
it takes the top spot for the fifth straight year. atherton hit a new record for median home sales. the average home is $7.5 million. san francisco has the highest concentration of the most expensive zip codes of any city. heartthrob to superhero. now he is initially the sick siesta man alive. -- the sexiest man alive. paul rudd was announced for 2021. his humility, gorgeous green eyes, easy grin, and apparent ability to go back in time and continue looking like he's in his 30's. he will be invited to dennis with george clooney, red pit, michael b jordan, and spend a lot more time on yachts. marvel fans will get a better
5:56 am
view right from their couch. more picture. like penta and iron man are part of the new releases that will be available in the new format on friday. a celebration of the disney p global community. we will disease the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: amazon joining forces with major u.s. airlines. a move to improve how you get your online orders. reggie: another vaccine mandate for bay area first responders. and for one law enforcement agency, they will have to pick up the pace. kumasi: governor newsom finally giving an explanation in answering the question of his sudden absence.
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> making news at francisco's top prosecutor in danger of losing his job. the team strategy to get you to vote no. >> we had of course the dark period of four years. america is back.
6:00 am
reggie: the speaker of the house sending a message on the world stage. her remarks at the u.n. climate summit overnight. kumasi: the covid promise. health experts when the hopeful new treatment could be coming to a city near you. reggie: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew is here with the forecast. drew: low cloud cover and dense fog. worst issues in the north bay, panel luma to santa rosa, three miles of visibility. we have pockets of fog first thing this morning and they will lift after 9 a.m.. san jose, cloudy skies. in the afternoon, brighter, warmer by 4


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