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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 10, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sending a message on the world stage. her remarks at the u.n. climate summit overnight. kumasi: the covid promise. health experts when the hopeful new treatment could be coming to a city near you. reggie: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew is here with the forecast. drew: low cloud cover and dense fog. worst issues in the north bay, panel luma to santa rosa, three miles of visibility. we have pockets of fog first thing this morning and they will lift after 9 a.m.. san jose, cloudy skies. in the afternoon, brighter, warmer by 4 p.m., mid upper
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60's. kumasi: first responders in alameda county respond to a new vaccine mandate. emergency personnel have weeks to get vaccinated or face weekly testing. amy:amy:amy:amy:amy:amy:amy:amy: weeks to comply with the new mandate in alameda county. health officials say sheriff's deputies, emts and firefighters must be vaccinated to go inside health care facilities like hospitals or mental health centers or they must get tested weekly for covid. the sheriff says 54% employees have shown proof of full vaccination. he encourages everyone to get the shots. >> having people vaccinated when you are exposed to thousands of people, it makes everyone safer.
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it makes the first responders safer and the people we come in contact safer if everyone is vaccinated. amy: the sheriff respects who choose not to get vaccinated. he hopes employees will not quit over this, saying they have shortages at the department and they need every officer they have. this mandate says employees must get vaccinated or start weekly testing by december 21. abc 7 news. reggie: pfizer has taken the next step to getting millions more a booster shot. we first told you about this yesterday. that request would clear the way for all adults to get a third shot. the nation records an uptick in daily case numbers. >> pfizer has put in a to the fda about this. they have submitted new data showing efficacy of a booster
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would be 96%. new information suggests the outcome this time could be different. the fda will not be calling its independent committee to review pfizer's data which means authorization could happen before thanksgiving. the new data, excuse me, the new daily average sits at 71,000 cases per day, up 13% in the last two weeks. in colorado, 5% of icu beds are available. >> hospitals and i see you's are filling up -- icu's are filling up. reporter: 21 states see an uptick in cases by 10%. the common denominator, nearly all the states are transitioning to colder weather, forcing people indoors. if the fda authorizes pfizer's expansion, the proposal has to go to the cdc. reggie: a covid treatment pill
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could likely be available within one year. >> one has already received emergency use authorization. it was shown in a clinical trial if you give it to people early in the course of infection, you diminish by 50% the likelihood they will be hospitalized or die compared to placebo. reggie: dr. fauci gave the update during a virtual town hall meeting. in addition to that pill by merck, pfizer asked the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid pill. kumakumakumakumakumakumakumakuma attorney's job is on the line. >> that is our job for the next
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eight months, to make sure we can counter this false narrative coming from the recall and paint a picture of what is happening. kumasi: the organization behind the effort forced to vote on the future. they say he failed to prioritize public safety by being too lenient on repeat offenders. >> it is about san franciscans not feeling safe under this district attorney when he does not hold to account and act responsibly when it comes to repeat offenders. kumasi: unlike the governor recall, he will not be running against anyone. reggie: chronicle, the board's priorities have been "misplaced"
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and she now supports parents' calls for change. that recall. kumasi: governor newsom will visit a covid and flu clinic in los angeles county highlighting the ongoing efforts to increase vaccination rates. he addressed what has been on the minds of a lot of people over the last two weeks. he canceled a trip to the u.n. climate change conference. yesterday, he was at the california economic summit in monterey and said his kids wanted him to spend halloween with them. >> they kind of had an intervention. they couldn't believe i would miss halloween. i am defending myself. i have to go, this and that. my wife was going to go as well. i woke up the next morning with something familiar to a lot of parents, that not in your stomach.
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i had no chance. i had to cancel the trip. kumasi: governor newsom took his kids to work last week at the state capital. reggie: union square closure. another major retailer shutting down. kumasi: car free future. some say it is where one bay area city is headed. reggie: new payment app pressures. the irs will soon be looking into your venlo or paypal accounts depending how you use them. drew: after yesterday's storm, we enter a dry pattern. rainfall chance tuesday next week, 0%. this morning, dealing with fog. afternoon is brighter and warmer.
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kumasi: nancy pelosi stepping onto the world stage. she spoke earlier this morning at the cop26 summit in scotland. she doubled down on america's commitment to rejoin the global effort to solve climate change. >> america is back. our president was here. there were many successes achieved in collaboration, not dictation or condescension, but in collaboration with other countries. kumasi: u.s. transportation secretary pete t -- pete buttigieg will give remarks. reggie: making the skies greener. united airlines, jetblue, alaska airlines agreed to speed up the development and use of sustainable aviation tools. amazon's jets are delivering
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countless online orders as we speak for next day or one-day shipping. the white house has set a target of dropping emissions 20% by 2030. kumasi: in the east bay, you can learn more about an initiative aimed at creating safer streets near uc berkeley. the southside complete streets project will hold a virtual meeting about improvements. organizers say the project would improve conditions for people walking, biking, transit and delivering packages. it also includes dedicated bus lanes on telegraph avenue. go to berkeley southside complete streets online. reporter: we are going to start with a live look at the toll plaza. metering lights are officially on and the backup is officially there. thankfully the stall on the upper deck has moved out. you should have a clear ride
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into san francisco. oakland, 880, coliseum c southbound. traveling south on 880, you run into a big slowdown between san lorenzo and hayward. there is no reason for that exactly, just the morning commute traffic. drive times really beginning to pick up antioch to concord, 27 minutes on highway 4. drew: we are t we are t moisture from yesterday creating pockets of fog. northbay, petaluma, santa rosa, fairfield, mild visibility, along the coast, fog and drizzle down to 4 miles visibility. we will see cloud cover lift that, by 10:00 a.m., cloud cover breaking down and fog moving out. into the afternoon, a sunny day with temperatures warmer today
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compared to yesterday. highs around the regent, brighter and warmer afternoon. 66, oakland. 68, san jose. highs around the bay area sponsored by disney+. >> let's go. we have a lot to talk about. ♪ >> yes, i like what you are saying. ♪ >> we are going to do this together. >> awesome! ♪ >> what happened to your shirt? ♪ >> i have been looking for this for a long long time. ♪
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reggie: the california attorney general will join other leaders for a roundtable on bias and hate. there been a series of these talks across the state. california saw a 31% increase last year in reported hate crimes, the highest in a decade. the news conference is at 2 p.m. kumasi: san jose voted to remove a controversial statue after decades of public protest and debate. >> he is not someone who deserves this level of honor in our city. kumasi: the statue currently sits at west street, west st. james, julian streets near san pedro square. he was a former mayor of san jose but played a role in the american conquest of mexican land. yesterday's removal vote was unanimous. issues with security and the
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need for maintenance were cited. >> nono, this has everything to do with the immoral and unethical practice of acquiring land and a sense of superiority. kumasi: the statue will be moved to storage. it cannot be destroyed. that would be against federal laws protecting artists work. >> abc 7 is helping you take action. check out our resources on how to find and be an ally. reggie: if you are looking to help your community this holiday season, consider donating to a local food bank. food banks are dealing with costs and supply chain issues on top of an already increased demand during the pandemic. the alameda county community food bank in oakland is spending $60,000 a month on food right now in extra. the shiloh mercy house feeds 300
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families at a food giveaway every wednesday including new families every week. >> our clients are sharing with us, the rising food cost is something that is a huge stressor right now for them. it is something they cannot afford. reggie: shiloh mercy house has a community event today. if you use payment apps, the irs may be looking more closely at your accounts. starting january, payment apps would be required to report a user's business transactions if they total more than $600 per year. this includes payments for goods and services. the changes part of the american rescue plan and is designed to crackdown on unpaid taxes. kumasi: a southern california mom says her son plays hockey and wanted a way to remember how he lost his first tooth. this is nolan with a
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string, connecting his loose tooth with the puck. he appears hesitant at first. he whacks his own tooth out after encouragement from his parents. ok. reggie: no no no no no, absolutely not. jobina: absolutely not. drew: we need to zoom in. tangent. my dad grew up in canada and played hockey. my grandfather lost a tooth with a puck to the mouth. kumasi: this is intentional. drew: we put a string on a doorknob. reggie: you did not do that. did you really? what era did you grow up in? drew: early 90's. reggie: what was going on? [laughter] drew: that was how you did it. kumasi: that is not needed. drew: i got beautiful teeth.
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kumasi: trauma. drew: weird things happen when you grow up in the 1980's and 1990's. reggie: what was going on in pennsylvania? drew: you know what? to each their own. cloud cover, the sun is slowly getting up. fair amount of cloud cover causing issues. northbay, petaluma down to zero visibility. this is already a mess from road construction. please take it slow, adding fog to the mix. this is going to linger at least through the 9:00 a.m. our. -- hour. we get to the 60's later today. by 10:00 a.m., the cloud cover begins to break down. the afternoon will feature brighter skies compared to yesterday with a warmer afternoon. 68 in san jose today.
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66, palo alto. 61, pacifica. the northbay will find cirrus clouds continuing to dominate the sky. 67, vallejo. 65, san leandro. inland, a lot of sunshine this afternoon, upper 60's. 68 in little more. nick seven days, morning fog to sunshine. warming trend gets underway today. shaping up to be a nice weekend. 60's and 70's. early next week, cool down but all in all, dry skies the next seven days. reggie: say goodbye to shopping at one union square storefront. the closure that could have you changing your holiday shopping plans. kumasi: a collision of worlds. the upcoming ama's.
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reggie: facebook making a major announcement. the change you will see in targeted ads. kumasi: we are checking in with ginger. ginger: great to be with everybody. coming up on gma, big setback for former president trump overnight. a judge ruling that he cannot keep his document secret from the january 6 committee. the concert catastrophe in houston, a medic who responded to the scene is now speaking out. we have more on concerns ahead of the concert. don't miss our extraordinary expedition to antarctica. amy and our crew are navigating the rough seas, set to bom e rsev to broadcast live from the treacherous great passage. gma going a little country. we are in nashville with the countdown to the cma awards. it is a big morning and a party you don't want to miss right here on gma.
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reggie: i'm looking this up. will casey musgrave's be at the cma's? she is my number one right now. kumasi: she has to be. she is really sweet. >> i have not yet met a country artist who is horrible. i want to meet one. that would make me feel like life is right. reggie: the amount of envy i feel that you have met her is surging into my soul right now. i will have to take a minute to recover. >> she is so kind. reggie: one day. all right. ok ginger, see y
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reggie: facebook and instagram cracking down on some targeted ads. sensitive categories would include health, race, sexual
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orientation and political beliefs. targeted ads can lead to negative experiences for people in underrepresented groups. previously, advertisers could target ads to anti-semitic and pseudoscience communities. another retailer shutting down. dsw is calling it quits, closing its union square location after it opened in 2012. it is the latest in major closures around downtown fueled by the pandemic. the specific reason was not clear. the company has not released additional details including how many workers it will lay off. kumasi: bts is coming to the american music awards. ♪ kumasi: this combo. the group is taking the stage with megan thee stallion, bad
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bunny also set to perform. cardi b is hosting this year. watch the 2021 american music awards, sunday, november 21, right here on abc 7. reggie: next, one bay area county with a change on how it handles its inmates. the community says this is a long time coming. kumasi: remembering a barbecue legend, her food making so many happy through the years. her son is speaking to us about the traditions he will carry. reggie: drunk driving update. how you will be
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: vaccine mandate for
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first responders. another bay area county is delivering the ultimatum. numbers show it needs to pick up the pace. >> the heart wrenching shooting of a young toddler from fremont. a safe solution may have already been found in another bay area county. reggie: airbnb's new making posts more appealing. good morning, you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we start with drew. drew: good morning friends. areas of dense fog. issues in the northbay now, residual moisture left over from yesterday's storm condensing into that fog. zero miles visibility, fairfield. we will have this until 9 a.m. sfo cam, cloud cover.
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brighter skies this estimate. early on, more sunshine and warmer temperatures will reach the mid 60's. reggie: alameda county first responders haven't faced a vaccine mandate until now. they have a long way to go if they want to get everyone on staff vaccinated. we are live in dublin. amy: this mandate covers first responders like firefighters, emts and sheriff's deputies in alameda county. first responders must be vaccinated or test weekly for covid. the alameda county sheriff says 54% of employees are vaccinated. he hopes officers won't quit because of the mandate. >> we need every badge personnel we can dealing with the shortages we have on staff now.
6:32 am
even 1, 2, 3 people leaving because of this would be detrimental. amy: the sheriff encourages employees to get vaccinated but respects the right to choose. the health department says it is putting the mandate in place because first responders due to the nature of their job are at high risk for spreading covid to older and medically vulnerable residents in health care settings including firefighters, sheriff's deputies, emts. they need to be fully vaccinated or start weekly testing by december 21. abc 7 news. kumasi: california is reversing course in the battle against covid with cases climbing again. 6000 new cases a day, hospitalizations jumped 4% in two weeks. that puts the state back in the red category for high transmission. the next few days, months are critical for whether we will see
6:33 am
a winter surge. reggie: we are learning more on the astroworld music festival in houston. eight people were killed. jobina: accusations mounting over security emergency response last weekend at the astroworld festival. more people are coming forward to give first-hand accounts of the chaos. several teenagers who were injured describe a lack of security. jonathan espinoza said several people were passed out and security did little to nothing to help. >> instantly, my ribs are getting collapsed into the gate. i look at the guard, he looks at me, he is like, i can't do nothing. jobina: they security guard told tmz he did not show up to the job because he felt conditions were unsafe. others describe lack of bag and
6:34 am
rampant drug use. investigators are looking into whether counterfeit drugs played a role in some of the deaths. 18 lawsuits have been filed against live nation and travis scott. questions remained about why scott kept performing for 40 minutes after officials declared a mass-casualty incident. kumasi: there has been a setback for former president trump. a judge rejected his claim executive privilege to keep the committee investigating the insurrection from gaining access to his white house records. this comes as they target inner circle. they sent 16 subpoenas to officials in or around the oval office and former president trump when the riot unfolded, including stephen miller and kayleigh mcenany. the committee is asking for documents to be produced by november 23 and for recipients to appear for closed-door depositions. reggie: president biden will
6:35 am
visit baltimore today to talk about the infrastructure bill passed by congress. we're getting ideas to how california will benefit. alex padilla and zoe hosted an event in san jose to outline the projects funded by the $1.2 trillion package. >> the largest ever federal investment in public transportation and a critical step toward a more sustainable future. reggie: money to help make san jose station the grand central station of the west, also includes $8 billion to help fund the bart silicon valley extension, $5 million to update the power grid and $3.5 billion to improve drinking water in california. kumasi: the plan includes legislation to help stop drunk driving. carmakers would be required to install technology in new vehicles to detect and stop drunk drivers.
6:36 am
monitoring systems could roll out of all new vehicles as early as 2026. this is called the sin is call important legislation in history. in all, $17 billion is dedicated to safety programs on the road. reggie: the county is changing the way it interacts with i.c.e. the sheriffs office will no longer respond to requests and no longer transfer inmates to ice custody. the sheriff heard from dozens of people about how ice has negatively impacted families. he said it is the job of the sheriff's office to protect the public, not to enforce immigration law. kumasi: a berkeley restaurant that has been a staple of the bay area for 50 years is mourning the loss of its matriarch. she was the heart and soul of jones barbecue. she died of covid in september. her family recently made the
6:37 am
news public. the restaurant has been a fan favorite since 1973, even welcoming famous faces there like the rock. abc got the opportunity to speak with one of her sons about carrying on her legacy. >> sharing and loving and doing the best we can for our community the best way we can with what little we have, we will do as much as we can. that is what my mom instilled in myself. kumasi: jones fans will fans wil to hear that the family continues the annual event, the toy drive held on december 18. >> how did live ammunition get on the set? >> do you believe sabotages a possibility? reggie: abc news exclusive, on the rust movie set shooting, but top prosecutor in charge answers what comes next. kumasi: you're looking live at the big board, new york stock exchange, down right now with another update next. reggie: this year there is a new
6:38 am
season for fresh live crab up close and personal. reporter: starting with a live look at the bay bridge. chp issued a wind advisory for the bridge. if you're headed toward the toll plaza, that is packed. metering lights came on at 5:34 a.m. clear conditions in terms of blocking issues. we don't have any crashes coming in now. chp issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. that fog has moved in. we will talk more about that. before i wrap up, i want you to get an overall view of the drive times. out of antioch, the slowdown keeps increasing toward concord on highway 4. drivetime 38 minutes. drew: we are tracking pockets of dense fog in the north bay. tracking that visibility, pressing closer to the north bay, petaluma, one of those spots dealing with thick fog,
6:39 am
visibility down to two miles. 101 road construction even tougher with fog. similar in fairfield, zero miles visibility. certainly slower than normal because of that cloud cover. 10:00 a.m., that fog is breaking down, that cloud cover is moving out. by the afternoon, we expect brighter skies and warmer conditions. highs warmer today compared to yesterday, upper 60's. 65 in the city. 68, san jose. look at the next seven days. storm door temporary closes from wednesday through next tuesday. rain chances at 0%. put the rain gear away for the time being. other highs around the bay area. >> let's go. we have a lot to talk about.
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aaaaaahhhh! for bundling made easy, go to uh-oh... reggie: the community calling for change after a toddler was killed by a stray bullet during a freeway shooting. he was shot in the forehead as his family drove along 880 in oakland. what can we do about this? one liter says
6:43 am
cameras installed along highway 4, since then freeway shootings have dropped 60%. >> cameras that are capturing the license plates in real time, can certainly be a great tool in solving crimes. reggie: chp is still trying to solve the crime that killed jasper. gofundme account has been closed because they got so many donations. coming up today, we sit down with the oakland mayor to ask about the investigation and what the office is doing to make oakland safer for everyone. 11:30 a.m. today on midday live. kumasi: the district attorney is still deciding whether to press charges in the movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. in an exclusive interview with abc, she says she still does not
6:44 am
know how live ammunition ended up on the set. there is no proof this was a case of sabotage. >> i think the most concerning thing is that there were so many levels of failures on the set. >> is it your understanding more live rounds were found on the set? >> yes. >> how many? >> i cannot release that information at this time. kumasi: the d.a. says she knows who loaded the gun but declined to say who. according to an affidavit, the assistant director handed the gun to baldwin. the 55th annual cma awa annual m be live from nashville tonight. you can watch it right here on abc 7 news. preparations are underway at bridgestone arena. this is what it looks like this morning. time lapse video showing everything coming together. luke bryan hosting the show.
6:45 am
there will be several all-star collaborations. carrie underwood, jason aldean will be performing their hit, if i didn't love you, for the first time in front of a live audience. the singer is admitting he is nervous. >> i keep getting these best female singers of our era duet partners. i don't know why a keep doing that. it will be fun. kumasi: jimmy allen, chris stapleton, top nominees each with five nods. they are making history as the first lack country stars -- the first black country stars nominated for artist of the year. it airs at 8:00 right here on abc 7. reggie: for your morning money report, a major update to the look and feel of your twitter feed. they just debuted their monthly subscription service called twitter blue. first launched in june, it is now here.
6:46 am
subscribers will have access to features like the ability to undo a tweet, a mode that makes reading threads easier to follow , customizable icons and color themes. users also have access to add free articles for more than 300 new sites. it does not let you behind the pay wall. mmhmm. $8 billion. that is how much doordash is paying to acquire a food delivery company. the ceo says it will accelerate product development and improve the value. today, thetoday, thetoday, thete automotive, $78 per share. that values the company at $66.5 billion. that is dwarfed by tesla's market valuation of $1 trillion.
6:47 am
at this stock price, they would already be priced close to ford and general motors. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange this morning. slightly down 30 points. kumasi: if you could work remotely from hawaii, would you do it? airbnb says it can help you make that decision easier. there is a new feature to make it easier to work remotely when you are on vacation because airbnb now lets you check the wi-fi speed in your vacation rental before you book. the short-term mental platform says this is a result of the pandemic and so many people working from home. a 30 minute zoom call with a celebrity. bidding is now open on ebay for the fifth annual veterans day celebrity auction. actors sean penn, jerry
6:48 am
seinfeld, jon stewart and jimmy kimmel and media personalities like george stephanopoulos and anderson cooper are just a few of those who are up for bid. if you want to know who has gotten the highest bid so far, it is none of those we just mentioned. it is weird al. weird al. [laughter] more than $5,500. that would be an interesting conversation. drew: i get it. reggie: do you? drew: it would be fascinating. don't you feel you know a lot about the other people? reggie: what about paul rudd? drew: he could just he could jul minutes. reggie: i met paul rudd. he was really nice. [laughter] drew: we love that about celebrities. reggie: he came in for an interview at cnn. i didn't interview him, sadly.
6:49 am
he was super nice. mike and i are in a paul rhoads movie, which i will remind everyone everything will time. drew: oh you are. do you know the exact time code? reggie: i have never seen it. drew: you have never seen yourself? reggie: i just collect the checks. drew: a penny every two years? reggie: it wasn't bad actually. we can talk about that later. [laughter] kumasi: he gets happy when that check comes in. reggie: we do. drew: oh my gosh. [laughter] i did not know this. i need to know what they pay you. who knew? we have to talk about this. cloud cover right now. we are finding pockets of dense fog out there. visibility in the north bay,
6:50 am
down one mile. fairfield even worse. 80 in this area around fairfield, certainly a lot slower than previous mornings because of that thick fog. that will linger through the 9:00 a.m. our temperature wise we are mainly in the mid and upper 50's. 59 in palo alto. let's timeout the cloud cover. 10:00 a.m., the fog begins to dissipate. the clouds lift. brighter skies dominate the afternoon. even some warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. south bay, 67. 70 in morgan hill. along the peninsula, berkeley city, afternoon sunshine. a lot of cloud cover in the city. we get afternoon sunshine. 65 downtown. northbay, partly cloudy, 66 in petaluma.
6:51 am
sausalito, 64. in the east bay, dealing with cloud cover. afternoon sunshine, same thing in union city. inland, upper 60's later this afternoon. pretty close to average this time of year. 66 in san ramon. morning fog to sunshine today, warming trend by the end of the week and the weekend really shaping up nicely. a lot of sunshine temperatures in the 60's and 70's. kumasi: in honor of veterans day, the warriors are hosting a hoops for troops week. the worries are facing tworriest timberwolves at chase center, tip-off at 7:00. friday, they will host a veterans resource fair and workshop. it will help transitioning military members and their families. reggie: early veterans day parade at the clinic today that starts at 11 a.m. this morning.
6:52 am
this is video of last year. during today's event, families and loved ones can drive by the facility and safely waved to their veteran loved ones. physical distancing, masking and hand sanitizing will be in force to ensure a safe event for all. kumasi: soon you will be able to buy fresh crab from san francisco. it will be a one year pilot program. it is not known at this point when the crab will be available. state wildlife officials delayed this crab season for the third year in a row to protect whales and sea turtles from becoming entangled in lines. iconic california animals have gotten their covid vaccines. the hc otters at the monterey bay aquarium have all gotten their shots. the vaccine, made by an animal drug company, is different than a human dose. >> once we have the animal in the net, it is done in a matter
6:53 am
of seconds. they don't get a band-aid. kumasi: the aquarium's director of veterinary services says the otters have had no side effects. it is the first in the nation to have a sea otter vaccination program. there is evidence similar animals can get covid. it is important to protect them because sea otters are endangered. reggie: and so cute. a fisherman makes a rare catch in portland, maine. a cotton candy lobster. >> tomorrow, today is sunday, happy fallback day, we will contact some of our friends and see where we might be able to deliver this lobster. i'm not going to sell it. i'm not going to cook it. this is a beautiful lobster. we want to preserve it. kumasi: aww. reggie: he named it haddie after
6:54 am
his granddaughter. he says this is one in a million. he is talking to aquarians that may want to adopt it. about how he is handling haddie. [laughter] she is a queen. she didn't want to bother, now you drug her out. reggie: can't he just put her back. kumasi: take a picture. anyway. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: friday is disney+ day, , giving away 10 free annual subscriptions to new customers. 10 winners will be announced friday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: we will take a live look
6:55 am
outside right now. we will be right back.
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kumasi: alameda county first responders face a vaccine mandate including firefighters, sheriff's deputies and emts. reggie: against usc has been postponed because five coaches and 24 players have coaches. 99% of the team is vaccinated. kumasi: san francisco district attorney will face a recall election next june. recall organizers collected more than enough ballot signatures to force a vote. drew: early-morning dense fog will lead to a brighter and warmer afternoon later today. afternoon sunshine with mid and upper 60's. jobina: we don't have any major blocking issues on the roadways but fog is impacting the commute. the golden gate bridge fog divisor he. reggie: we just mentioned this.
6:59 am
tonight is the country music awards. luke bryan is hosting the show. there will be several all-star collaborations. watch it all right here on abc 7 at 8 p.m. kumasi: here's an idea for pulling that tooth out. this is nolan in southern california. he tied a string to the hockey puck and slapped the tooth out of his mouth. drew said he did something similar. you missed this story. jobina: so. disclaimer. my dad is a doctor. [laughter] when we have a loose tooth, he would bring a syringe from work, numb my gums and take the tooth out. drew: she is not afraid of needles. just afraid of tying her tooth to something.
7:00 am
kumasi: that is traumatic. drew: i lived to tell the tale. reggie: your p ♪ good morning, america, for our viewers in the west, breaking news overnight, a major setback for president trump. rejected. a federal judge denies the former president's efforts to keep his white house documents secret including videos and photos related to the january 6th insurrection. as the house committee ramps up its investigation into the riot. also this morning, new fallout overnight for aaron rodgers. the packers quarterback and the team now facing a fine for violating covid protocols. the horror in houston. we hear from a medic who responded to the deadly concert disaster thrust into an out-of-control crowd. boosters for everyone? pfizer formally asking the fda to authorize boosters for all adults 18 and older.


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