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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 11, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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these organisms. in just one day, they successfully released more than 3 million coral larvae, hoping each spawn finds a place to settle and thrive on the recovering reef. but it's a drop in the bucket. peter knows much more needs to be done to ensure the entire great barrier reef can thrive once again in the decades to come. >> we need real and effective action, internationally and in australia, on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. otherwise, the future of the reefs looks very bleak. >> our thanks to bri did. t. up next, the biggest names of country music and the biggest night. ♪ cause a country boy's all that i know how to be ♪
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♪ finally tonight, it was a who's who of the brightest stars of country music. chris stapleton, who took home six cma awards, including male vocalist of the year. ♪ teamed with jennifer hudson to bring down the house in a tribute to aretha franklin. ♪ you make me happy when skies are gray ♪ >> and that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> a san francisco public school educator hit and killed by a car. what witnesses and family say about the intersection. >> palo alto left with no black police officers. residents weighing in. >> macy's christmas lights on in union square. looking in the shadows, a number of closed businesses. details in my story. >> a stretch of sunny days ahead, temperatures coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a beloved san francisco educator dead after being hit by a car in front of the school where he taught. parents and residents have been sounding the alarm's about that intersection. could evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz. it happened at the intersection of franklin and union street. kate larsen joins us from the newsroom with more on what happened and how the school is responding. >> neighbors are very upset a young educator lost his life. but nobody i spoke to was surprised a wreck happened in that intersection. just before 8:00 around the start of school, a car hit and killed a pair educator outside of elementary. two cars were involved in the code did -- collision that left a pedestrian, a man in his 30's, dead. the school identified him as andrew zeman, a beloved staff member and alum of the school.
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>> i came outside, i heard the crash, i saw the guy pinned against the wall, and my neighbor, a nurse, she checked his pulse, and said no pulse. so they pulled up and put him on the floor. >> the man was on the sidewalk when he was hit. there are now flowers on the sidewalk where he was also walking moments before the crash. >> it could have been me, honestly. or it could have been me and him. >> he's owned the market for 30 years and said that intersection is dangerous. mark making improper turns is unsafe. he dropped his daughter off at school minutes before the crash. >> san francisco, wake up. the intersection is not great. especially for my children. maybe i'm being selfish. but i think i have the right to.
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i pay my taxes. take care of my kids and everyone else. someone died today because>> principal wrote "we are struggling to understand this loss of tragic life, especially because he meant so much to students, family, and staff. he taught from the heart, with patient and kind, and always a positive role model. >> school is closed for veterans day. on friday when students and faculty return, grief counselors will be on campus to help the sherman community. in the newsroom, kate larsen. >> such a shame. this may surprise you. there are no black police officers on the palo alto police department. a former officer confirms the recent retirement of a sergeant has left the black population in that community with no representation on the force. tackling issues of race and
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social justice is key to building a better bay area. amanda del castillo spoke with residents who say more needs to be done to improve diversity. >> palo alto recently celebrated the retirement of a police sergeant, recognizing her longtime career in law enforcement with a special resolution at this week's city council meeting. the development meant the city police department would be without any black officers. >> the council needs to make sure we do our job to recruit african-americans to this department. i believe it is the first time in three or four decades we have been without an african-american officer. that is shameful. >> abc 7 news spoke with the former officer who confirmed it to be the case. the former officer added "throughout the entire department currently, there are only three black employees, two dispatchers, and one record specialist." >> this is something i'm glad residents spoke up about. >> councilman tanaka plans to
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ask about an ethnic breakdown to talk about how the police foe is reflective of the community. residents say although palo alto might be a melting pot, they don't feel it is the case for the police department. >> we can walk around and see what type of people are wearing a police uniform. definitely not diversity. >> recruiting has become much more challenging. with a shortage of applicants and other issues industrywide. while the city must do more to diversify its police department, others say safety matters most. >> we are very good here. that is a higher priority than affirmative action or recruiting particular groups. >> i reached out to several city officials, police chiefs, and association for, and have not heard back.
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in palo alto, amanda del castillo. >> when it comes to issues of race and social justice, we are helping you take action. check out our list of resources on how to find your ally. go to action. >> knew details out of napa county. a man is dead after a portion of a large oak street fell on him. the victim identified as brian sussed. it happened shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. he was trimming tree branches when a branch high up fell and struck him in the back. he died at the scene. >> a woman in highland hospital in oakland after being shot in front of the fox theatre. it happened about 2:20 p.m. on telegraph avenue, not far from the oakland school from the arts. investigators have not revealed any details into what happened or why, or the severity of the woman's injuries. the concert was canceled. >> a little over a week from the
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lighting of san francisco's union square christmas tree. while there is excitement, there is noticeable change. some stores are permanently closed. a few area landmarks have yet to reopen. the economy is a key part to building a better bay area. j.r. stone went to union square and has more on what holiday shoppers can expect. >> the christmas lights are up, on, and lighting san francisco's union square. >> it feels good right now. >> while the feeling among many shoppers and ice skaters is a good one, there's concern over stores that look like this. empty and closed. >> we saw a lot of businesses close. >> francis came to union square with his wife to get pictures by the christmas tree, ice skate, and feel the holiday crowds. only problem, the christmas tree is not lit up until next week and crowds are not quite there. >> sometimes i like coming out with a lot of people. >> wednesday, there were at
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least five empty storefronts within one block of each other. the nearby shoe store also closed. the manager at golden gate taproom tells us while business is coming back, it will not be anywhere close to normal for them until the sir francis drake hotel reopens. right now, it is boarded up. it is not to say visitors are not coming. this group of women opted to come to san francisco for their college girls reunion from 1985. while they are loving the sites and extra security around union square is obvious, the tour guide did warn them. >> we were in a couple of areas and he said previously he would have had it is a safe area. he said now there have been incidents with shootings. >> still, because yuko morgan says good things are happening here in union square. >> we know bottega is under construction.
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they are doing an expansion. there are a few more attendants who will be expanding. >> j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> chances are you can get your booster shot even if you are not in a high cegory as classified by the cdc. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it, supplies available. health secretary. he later clarified saying in general, he urges californians to get boosters of someone in their home has a medical condition or if they work around others. cdc guidelines say higher risk categories get a high-risk booster. officials say it is not as restrictive as it sounds. >> i think the public heard they have to be 65 to get a booster. that is not correct. >> when you factor in underlying
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conditions and exposure, there are few people who don't meet the eligibility criteria. if you have question about covid-19, ask about covid-19, go to and click on the big blue box. >> a southbay veterans day tradition is returning. the veterans day parade begins tomorrow at noon at highway 87. we will travel to market street. streets will be closed. the theme for this year is heroes in motion. our media partner reports the parade will feature more than 70 units. last year's celebration was virtual. held a celebration since 1919. >> police raiding the home of a former northbay mayor accused of sexual assault. the evidence officers were looking for. >> cal football players open up about canceling the game because of the covert outbreak. the team also implementing new health policies.
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how would bay area musician scheduled to perform at astroworld is honoring the victims. >> warmer weather on eendveran . >> a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight show is going to knock your compression socks right off.
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>> sonoma county sheriff's dictate gives leaving the house. he resigned as mayor for sexually assaulting multiple women. he was not home during the time of the raid. investigators spent two hours in his house and were seen living with a backpack. >> those are items we will -- we will be looking for. that could either approve or disapprove that a crime occurred. >> the attorney accuser believes there is video of the former mayor's assault on his client. the sheriffs department spokesperson says of photos and videos can often be used as evidence and messy violence cases. >> four people face charges in the murder of a teenager in belmont back in 2019. 17-year-old mohamed atta of redwood city was found shot to death outside of elementary school.
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police announced they have arrested four people. 23-year-old ruben guy on from indianapolis. age from 17 to 21. and are from the bay area. the initial investigation reveals he knew the suspects. >> two people are still in critical condition following the crowd surge. eight people died and hundreds were heard during wrapper travis scott's performance. investigators at the venue today. the police chief said they are pursuing video and talking to witnesses. they announced the formation of the texas task force on concert safety. a bay area musician who scheduled to play at astroworld planning to donate his profits for the victims families. he was supposed to play the
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second day but it was canceled. travis scott and other performers made similar pledges. promoters are also offering refunds to all attendees. >> by now you probably heard the football game against usc has been canceled after more than 40 players and staff test positive for covid. the coach at a couple of players held a news conference to address the issues brought up by the berkeley department of public health. here is lee and melendez. >> last saturday, it was because they were playing with a depleted roster. those out had tested positive for covid. >> there has been a lot going on. the feel outside of a lot of people's control. kind of playing shorthanded and frustrating. >> a few days later, another test for an outbreak. players and coaching staff have been infected. the athletic director said early on, players and staff were
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tested every day. as the season continued and 99% received a vaccine, they only tested those who were symptomatic. >> that is really how we worked our way through the season as symptomatic. any symptoms we test, we have the availability on campus. that is how we approached it. >> berkeley public health reacted differently, saying cases emerged in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested were sick or stayed home or war mask indoors. late today, the head coach said they did the best they could to follow health guidelines. >> there are people here who help us with all of that on a daily basis. is everybody perfect and and protocol? i can't say that. >> he promised there will be multiple testing during the week. the game will be played on december 4, the last home game of the year.
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>> come up with a way to help alleviate the global supply chain. it will nearly double available slots for commercial driving tests. the idea is to get more commercial truck drivers on the road to help fill the shortage. a lack of truck drivers has been cited as one reason shipments are solid at ports across the nation. including los angeles and long beach. partially reopening after a lightning fire close to town in mid-september. some of the main attractions will remain off limits because the camp he complex fire is still burning. it includes the giant forest, home to general sherman, the largest tree anywhere in the world and an icon and treasure. >> we had a nice day. >> we did indeed. it sounds like many more nice days to come. >> since it was so nice, we thought we would keep it going.
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the rage is building in. the storm track heading into the pacific northwest. we need the rain. but at this point, it is all going into washington and oregon, where we have the river setting up. we have mild fall weather coming our way. one low of 70 today. concord, 71. 72 in santa rosa. mt. view, 70. in case you want to spend time outdoors, you have the day off or are taking part in the parade, you are looking that good to moderate air quality. the trend will carry over the next couple of days. live doppler 7 tracking the fog. visibility down three miles in santa rosa. but we don't have widespread fog like last time. dryer air coming in. temperatures in the 50's. san francisco is sparkling. cooler morning with areas in the
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fog. mainly sunny and mild. a cooler pattern for early next week. you look at the hourly fog, the north bay. beginning with the fog if you are commuting, give yourself more time to go. i knew, it is gone and temperatures rise. low 40's to the mid-50's. definitely cool enough you need to bundle up for the afternoon. temperatures in the south bay. almost springlike. morgan hill, 69 in santa cruz on the peninsula. sunshine, 69 in palo alto. downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. north bay terrace, 72 in novato. 71 in san rafael. does not get much better than this if you want outdoor time. 68 in oakland. you need the sunscreen. and linda areas are mild. pittsburgh, 72 degrees in livermore. for those of you wanting to know when our next rain chance is, we
1:36 am
have nothing over the next seven days. monday, a system will bring rain to northern california. we will see cloud cover and cooler weather. our next opportunity for rain doesn't look like it will arrive until about the 19th, possibly the 20th. the seven day forecast, a mild veterans day. the warming trend continues with mid 70's and, low 60's co. side. those temperatures in the 60's and 70's through the weekend before dropping off early next week. a little more cloud cover and a couple of systems passing to the north. good-looki
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>> on the eve of veterans military personnel sat courtside to watch the warriors take on the timberwolves. this video sent to us from the warriors shows tonight's event,
1:39 am
which was courtside seat donation night. hundreds of season-ticket members donated courtside seats to the brave men and women currently serving our country. >> and we salute them. a great game. the first place warriors going for six straight wins. >> what a show this team is putting on. andrew wiggins used to play for the timberwolves. he was dun
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> warriors continuing their winning way. steph curry did not go for 50. subplot was andrew wiggins going off against the team who discarded him, the timberwolves. jason richardson known for throwing it down on people's heads. warriors channeling their energy award. gp two with the warriors up 10. andrew wiggins puts carl anthony towns on a


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