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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 11, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we will see you next time. [alause] right now on "america this morning," drama in the courtroom. what could happen next in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. >> don't get brazen with me. >> will a mistrial be declared. what legal experts are saying and why basketball star lebron james is weighing in. inflation nation. we all know prices are rising but this morning the eye-opening new figures when it comes to how much less your paycheck is buying these days. what can be done about it. not ready to return to the office? just how many americans want to keep working remotely. veconditnsn lauiin thelewin mot
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is america on the verge of a the key signals. and later the biggest moments from country music's biggest night. ♪ whenever i want to if i didn't love you ♪ good thursday morning, everyone, on this veterans day. we begin with the dramatic turn at the kyle rittenhouse murder trial and a major question now lingering over the case. >> the defense requested a mistrial. it comes after the accused killer took the stand in his own defense breaking down in tears while describing the fatal shootings in kenosha, wisconsin, last year during protests over racial injustice. >> this morning, legal experts are weighing in on what could happen next. day eight of the kyle rittenhouse trial gets under way this morning after intense drama in court wednesday including an irate judge.
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>> that's basic law. it's been basic law in this country for 40 years, 50 years. >> reporter: and rittenhouse breaking down on the stand. the 18-year-old is charged with shooting three people killing two of them, joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber, during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, last year following the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse says he opened fire in self-defense. he says rosenbaum threatened him before the shooting. >> sorry for my language. he screamed, if i catch any of you [ bleep ] alone, i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: rittenhouse choked up with emotion while describing his encounter with rosenbaum. >> mr. rosenbaum was now running cornered from in front of me - with mr. zeminski and there
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were -- there were people right there. >> reporter: overnight nba star lebron james mocking rittenhouse tweeting, what tears? i didn't see one. man, knock it off. that boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court. >> the problem with a breakdown like that is if you're inclined to believe him, you feel sorry for him and if you are inclined not to believe him, you think he's faking it. >> reporter: he traveled to kenosha to protect businesses from looting and offer medical help. >> you're not a certified emt. you weren't on that night, correct? >> yes. >> so you lied to him, correct? >> i told him i was -- i told him i was an emt, but i wasn't. >> why do you need the gun when you go out there? >> i needed the gun because if i had to protect myself because somebody attacked me. >> why would you think anybody would do that? >> i don't know. >> reporter: then this heated
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moment, the judge scolding the lead prosecutor for attempting to discuss a video of rittenhouse from days before the shooting even though the judge had ruled the footage inadmissible. >> -- any of my rulings -- >> that was before the testimony, your honor. >>was -- get brazen with me. you knew very well -- you know very well that an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do that so don't give me that. >> reporter: the defense seeking a istrial with prejudice. if the judge approves the request, rittenhouse cannot be retried for the crimes. >> that's not going to happen. when the judge says under advisement, it means i'm going to think about it. i'm not going to deal with it right now, and it's not going to happen unless something else occurs. >> we expect to hear from three more witnesses. jury deliberations are likely to begin next week. for the second consecutive day, a judge has rejected former president trump's effort to keep
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his white house records secret from the committee investigating january's attack on the capitol. the same judge who denied trump's request to block the release of the documents has now refused to allow him to delay the case. he will not have to take his executive privilege fight to the court of appea, t ss that cou gth national archives will begin handing over his records to the committee tomorrow. let's turn to your money and concerns about inflation. your paycheck is not going as far as it used to. now some experts are pushing the white house to take more action. abc's ike ejiochi is here with the details. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. the record inflation is threatening to undermine america's economic recovery. a new government report shows the largest jump in consumer prices in more than 30 years, the price of just about everything going up. used cars and hotel rooms cost 26% more right now compared to a year ago. steak up 24%.
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the most inflation, fuel oils to heat homes, up nearly 60% and gas up nearly 50%. >> many people remain unsettled about the economy, and we all know why. they see higher prices. >> reporter: the white house blaming much of the inflation on energy costs and saying since the data for this report were collected, the price of natural gas has fallen, but critics not so optimisti foreuretrr summers says he's been warning the white house about inflation for months and pandemic stimulus packages pumped more money into the economy creating huge demand for products while supply was unable to keep up. >> i think they're just not recognizing just how much demand is being created by the tremendous wall of money, 15% of gdp in one year that they released. >> reporter: and even though wages have been rising, inflation is negating that increase. real hourly wages are actually down 1.2% from last year.
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the news site politico quoting the ceo of one of the largest u.s. companies saying, i don't think the administration is on top of it all. >> it's kind of a downhill road, and it's not going to be so easy to put the brakes on. >> reporter: and now the president's nearly $2 trillion social spending plan could be in trouble as lawmakers like senator joe manchin worry that more government spending could make the problem even worse. manchin tweeting, from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know the inflation tax is real, and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. now, the inflation is also affecting your taxes. the irs announced that income thresholds for tax brackets will be higher next year. >> ike, thank you. turning to the pandemic, covid cases are on the rise again. in the last two weeks the average number of daily infections rose by 15%. one of the new hot spots is in colorado where four counties have a vaccination rate under 30%.
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local officials are now urging vaccinated adults to get a booster shot even though the fda has not given the green light for all adults just yet. >> every area of the country is different with different covid case counts and different resource needs, so you should listen to your local department of public health, especially if they have the resources in order to be able to give boosters. meanwhile, the rising number of covid cases in southern california has forced officials to re-open the covid testing site at dodger stadium. it's clear many americans are not ready to return to the office full time. a survey in new york found only 28% of manhattan office workers are back at their desk. president biden will mark veterans day at arlington national cemetery by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. in honor of the tomb's 100th anniversary, the public got a rare chance to walk up to the memorial and pay tribute to america's unidentified fallen service members. 96-year-old world war ii veteran darryl bush placed flowers at the tomb.
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he was shot five times during the battle of the bulge in 1944 and he said at one point he thought he would be an unknown. let's take a look at your veterans day weather. thousands were left in the dark when a strong storm hit areas around tulsa, oklahoma, overnight. the storms stretched into north texas with hail, strong winds and heavy rain. the system moving east is bringing storms from the gulf coast into the carolinas today. it's all part of a coast-to-coast storm system that will hit the midwest with heavy rain today. the northeast gets that rain tomorrow. checking today's high temperatures 50s in boston and seattle. mid-50s from denver to chicago, as well. 80s for the southwest. coming up, the growing impact of the nationwide teacher shortage. but first alec baldwin now being sued for that deadly movie set shooting. what the lawsuit is revealing
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. back, now, with the start of a six-month space adventure. four astronauts launched overnight from florida, on the spacex rocket. they are due to arrive at the international space station today. they said it's an honor to fly on this veterans day. a new lawsuit has been filed in connection with the shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie. the lawsuit targets baldwin and the movie producer, claiming negligence. and it reveals information on what it was like on the set that day. this morning, the crew that witnessed the death of
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halyna hutchins is speaking out. he was in charge of lighting. he was only feet away when alec baldwin fired the fatal shot. and he held her as she died. >> they had live gun rounds on this set. they had live ammo on this set. that should never happen lawyer ha filed the first lawsuit against the film's producers, accusing them of failing to follow safety protocols. they single out alec baldwin for what they describe as reckless behavior. saying the scene did not call for him to shoot the revolver. and it should never have been pointed at anyone. >> you don't take a real gun, point it at a human being, pull the trigger, shoot a bullet and they die and the answer is, huh, i didn't know it was loaded. >> reporter: he claims to have seen guns left unattended between takes. >> it shouldn't be the chief of lighting that's walking around a movie set who has his responsibility, telling them to make the guns safer, to remove the guns.
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>> reporter: the suit claims the producers cut costs, in part, by hiring inexperienced crew members, including the armorer. the district attorney is not buying it. do you believe sabotage is a possibility? >> no. >> reporter: the d.a. says it remains unclear how the ammunition got on to the set. >> we don't know how they got on the set. and how they got there, i think, will be one of the most important factors, going into a charging decision. >> as for the lawsuit, he is asking for an unspecified amount of damages. former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs iii, faces four counts of dui and reckless driving. he hit 156 miles per hour before slamming into an suv, killing the woman inside. his lawyer claims firefighters were slow to put out the fire. but officials deny there was any
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until now, nearly three months later for her husband, an afghan native, to finally join them. a teacher shortage is forcing seattle public schools to close tomorrow. hundreds of teachers took tomorrow off making a four-day weekend with veterans day and they say there's a lack of substitutes to take their place so they will make up the day next year. staff shortages are hitting the north pole. department store santas are in short supply this season due to covid concerns. one report found the number of avaluable santas is down 15%. we turn now to the premature baby being called a miracle. he is finally home after being born at 21 weeks. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning a celebration for a little fighter who beat the odds and is now a world record and appl] this is 16-month-old curtis means. a smiling healthy baby boy, but this was curtis when he was born at just 21 weeks weighing less than a pound at 14.8 ounces.
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his chance of survival, less than 1%. >> i knew it was too early to have him, and i would just like pray to say, please keep my kids here. >> reporter: now he holds the guinness world record for the most premature baby to survive. wednesday the hospital where he was born, the university of alabama at birmingham, surprised curtis and has mom with the award. >> when i knew that he wasn't hang gday,'d j ov tre hve
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time to check "the pulse." we begin with country music's big night. >> the stars gathered in nashville. luke combs took home entertainer of the jeyear. >> it was jennifer hudson, with a tribute to aretha franklin, bringing the house wn. ♪ i want you to take me >> i respect it. one moment that everybody was talkingbout washen luke bryan poked fun at aaron rodgers,ho recently said he is unvaccinated against covid after saying hit was immunized. >> it is so great to be here with all my fellow artists, tested and together. or immunized. who is it?
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>> well, viewered noticed the de-eye fro carrie underwood after the joke. her husband spoke out in support >rian wast nounced thetock market. >>it'sigher than ford's value. >> rivian started when his ceo realized his drives were tesla's ceo, elonmusk, sd $5 to pay taxes.s company's stock we m b in the early sge of a millennial baby boom. >> young americans have been buying homes. an sales of preancy tes, well, they're way . >> for now, good in the>05rean1t
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. checking the top stories -- the ban on mask mandates at schools in texas has been struck down. a judge says it violates the americans with disabilities act. testimony resumes in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. jury deliberations could begin next week. a judge has approved a $626 million deal to settle lawsuits in the flint, michigan, water crisis. not all pipes have been replaced yet. heavy rain from the midwest to the east coast. storms across the south. snow in the northern plains. and another snowstorm for the northwest. finally, part two of our sky-high adventure over new york. >> here's will ganss.
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>> reporter: it's the highest open-air building ascent in the world. city climb, located above the edge at hudson yards. the opportunity of a lifetime for thrill seekers. and anybody else. every climber fit with jumpsuits and harnesses, clipped in on the front and the back. >> it just got real. >> reporter: safety check by four separate climb guides, zip ties around each carabiner as the final proves safety measure. each walking into the open air, tethered only to the building. >> we love the clicks, baby. we love the clicks. >> [ bleep ]. oh, man. >> reporter: first view, facing east, above the vessel, above new jersey, and then making that turn, walking up 161 heart-stopping steps. >> just a heads-up, we might
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have an evacuation. come on, andrew. you got this. >> you're stronger than you believe. stronger than you believe. >> yes. >> you got this, andrew. >> finally, making it to the apex, climbers making the deal. >> four states. pennsylvania that way. new jersey that way. connecticut that way. and new york city all around us. this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. and i can't believe i'm experiencing it with mona and andrew on the other side of the fence. a once-in-a-lifetime view, and a perspective of cinematic proportions. i'm on top of the world. city climb is open seven days a week, from 7:00 to 6:00 p.m. tickets are 185 bucks. and you get this. andrew? mona? >> andrew, andrew.
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i would like to give a shoutout to everyone at city climb. not only our motivation speakers. but right now on "america this morning," drama in the courtroom. what could happen next in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. >> don't get brazen with me. >> will a mistrial be declared. what legal experts are saying and why basketball star lebron james is weighing in. inflation nation. we all know prices are rising but this morning the eye-opening new figures when it comes to how much less your paycheck is buying these days. what can be done about it. not ready to return to the office? just how many americans want to keep working remotely. the new lawsuit in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. what a crew member is now revealing about conditions on
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the set. is america on the verge of a new baby boom? the key signals.


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