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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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could have been avoided. >> honoring those who served on veterans day. parades and celebrations across the bay area. we will tell you all about it. good morning. it is thursday, november 11. we want to start with the forecast with mike. mike: good morning, everybody. i love giving you good weather news on a daily veterans day. a few issues this morning. petaluma. once you get to the golden gate bridge, absolutely gorgeous. some of this will slip slightly south but san rafael is clear right now. definitely cooler this morning. some sunshine at noon and we will stay in the 60's at the coast while the rest of us hit
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the 70's at 4:00. kumasi: if you're not eligible for a booster, think again. health officials are encouraging anyone he wants a booster to get one. the cdc only outlines certain groups as eligible. ryan curry is live with everything we need to know. ryan: good morning. it's a little confusing, especially since the cdc has bring the booster shots are people who only meet certain criteria. that is not what state health officials are saying, especially locally where they are saying anyone can go look and see if they can get a booster shot. dr. mark yeley encourages people to get the booster shots because the supply is there. californians can get boosters if someone in their home has a medical condition, for if they work around other people. the cdc guidelines only recommend people 65 and older, for those in high-risk categories to go get another
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dose. santa clara health officers echo with the state said. those guidelines are not as restrictive as some think. >> what the public heard was i have to be 65 away should not get a booster. that is not correct. that is not correct. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it. the supply is available. ryan: the doctor says when you factor in underlying conditions and increased exposure, there are a few people who do not meet eligibility criteria. pfizer is asking the fda to give them the green light for anyone over 18 to get there booster shot if they can do it. here in california the message is, why wait? they say people should look to see if they can get the extra shot. mariah carey, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. sonoma county is expanding its
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health order to include flu vaccinations. workers at certain facilities need to get their covid and flu shots. officials say flu shots are important this year to prevent hospitals from a overrun by flu and covid-19 patients, the twindemic. reggie: grief counselors will be ahead after 11 staff member was hit and killed in front of the building. there is no school today because it is veterans day. the crash happened at franklin and union streets yesterday outside of sherman elementary. kate larsen spoke with neighbors. they are saying they are not surprised a wreck happened. kate: just before the start of school, a car hit and killed a parent educator outside sherman elementary. police say two cars were involved in the collision that left a pedestrian, a man in his 30's dead. the selected five him as a beloved staff member and alum of the school. >> when i came outside i heard
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the crash. i saw the guy pinned against the wall. my neighbor, a nurse, she went there. she checked his pulse. she said no pulse. they put him on the floor. kate: he owns a market catty corner from the school and said the man was off the sidewalk when he was hit. there are flowers on the sidewalk where he was walking moments before the crash. >> it could have been me. me and him, just seconds difference. kate: he says the intersection is dangerous. this sherman parent says traffic speeding down franklin and making improper turns is unsafe. he dropped his daughter off minutes before the crash. >> san francisco, wake up. that intersection is not great, especially for my children. maybe i'm being selfish because my daughter goes there.
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i think i have the right to. i pay taxes. take care of my kids. someone died today because the intersection is not getting the attention it needs. kate: the principal wrote, "we are struggling to understand this loss of life, especially since he meant so much to so many students, families and staff." andrew todd was patient and kind and always a positive role model. kate larsen, abc 7 news. reggie: testimony resumes in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. the defense is effected a caller witnesses, including a kenosha police officer. he is facing charges for shooting three people and killing two of them during a protest over the death of jacob blake. yesterday, rittenhouse broke down on the stand. we are hearing from legal experts about how that could affect the jury and the judge. >> this is day 8 of the trial. it is getting underway after a day of intense courtroom drama.
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rittenhouse took the stand to tell his side of what happened. when he opened fire during a chaotic night. he said he acted in self-defense. at one point during the testimony he broke down, appearing to have difficulty speaking. chief legal analyst dan abrams weighed in on what this could mean for the trial. [crying] >> there were people right there. >> the problem with a breakdown like that is if you are inclined to believe him, you feel sorry for him. if you're i inclined not incli believe him, you think he is faking it. >> 's defense demented mistrial with prejudice over what they argued were out of bounds questions asked by the prosecutor. if the judge approves the request, he cannot be tried for the crime. closing arguments of expected early next week. back to you. reggie: the veterans day
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tradition is returning. the veterans day parade in san jose starts at noon at highway 87 and santa clara street. the travel to market street. streets will be closed. the theme is heroes in motion. the mercury news reports the parade will feature 70 units. last year's celebration was virtual. san jose has held the celebration since 1919. we have a full list events across the bay area at kumasi: sequoia national park is partially reopening after a wildfire closed it down in september. some main attractions are going to be off limits because the complex fire is burning. that includes a giant force at home to general sherman, the largest tree in the world. reggie: new details in a virtual summit meeting between president biden and xi jinping. it is set for this monday.
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the details have not been ironed out. yesterday, the u.s. and china announced a surprise pledge to cooperate in addressing the climate crisis. it is light on specifics and includes no commitment from china to join any global climate agreements. u.s. special climate o john kerry says he is pleased with the deal. kumasi: a new idea to give unified parents of boys they deserve. need foriversity in a local city police force. a recent staffing change that tipped the scales in a major way. >> he just said we have all the statements and we know you did it. >> what did they know? >> that i rigged the election. kumasi: a florida mom and daughter fighting back, accused the casting fake votes to win homecoming queen. the exclusive on why they say they did not do it. mike: a gorgeous start to the day. no clouds whatsoever. we will see an increase in air
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jobina: we will start with a look at mass transit. i was updating the graphic because bart has a major delay over 20 minute because of an appointmen -- any quitman problem on the san francisco line. i want to let you know about a crash we are following in san jose. i live look, caltrans camera. northbound 101 at oakland road. injuries reported here. emergency crews are on the scene. we don't have an estimated time for when this will clear so expect delays. mike: thank you. let's talk temperatures. mostly clear conditions.
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53 from sunset to chrissy field. we have mid to upper 40's in the north bay with thick fog. upper 40's run palo alto, pleasanton and livermore, and santa clara. temperatures up to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. dress for that. 56 at san francisco at 8:00. running up to 67 degrees, warmer than average by a couple of degrees into 2:00. down to 59 by 8:00. a look from mount tam. a gorgeous day developing. a lot of heavy dew on the cars and lawns. if you are teeing off or trying to hit the greens, it will be wet. sunglasses needed for errands and exercise. mild this afternoon. a look at high temperatures. it is sponsored by disney plus. >> lesko. we have a lot to talk about. ♪
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kumasi: tackling issues of race is key to building a better bay area. as of this morning, there are no black police officers in the palo alto police department. a former officer confirmed recent retirement of a sergeant left no representation on the force. throughout the entire department there are only three black employees.
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two dispatchers and a records specialist. some say the city has to do more to diversify the force and others say safety matters most. >> we can walk around and see what type of people are wearing the police uniform here. there is definitely not diversity. >> public safety is good here. i think is a higher priority than affirmative action or recruiting particular groups per se. kumasi: palo alto pd says recruiting has become more challenging in recent years with a shortage of applicants and other issues industrywide. when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. check out our resources at reggie: lgbtq plus parents may get their own advisory group at the school district. a resolution introduced this week calls for a clear and transparent advisory council.
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it would adopt affirming practices. our family coalition developed the council and says this is something queer plus parents have wanted for a long time. it will be discussed at a school board meeting. kumasi: a teacher has been given an extremely prestigious award. she won the 2021 global teacher prize. she has devoted her career to teaching english to immigrant high school is outside of washington, d.c. it also brings $1 million in prize money. the global student prize wante e jeremiah of sierra leone. he won $100,000. reggie: elton john says he feels so lucky after receiving a prestigious royal award. crenshaw presented him with the order of the companions of honor for his musical achievements and aids activism. it is one of the highest awards bestowed by charles's mother, queen elizabeth.
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it recognizes people who made a major contribution to the arts, science, medicine or government over a long time. elton john was also indicted -- knighted in 1998. kumasi: parties -- arby'''s doesn't just have the meat, it has vodka. they will put up two french fry inspired vodkas. crinkle cut and curly fries. the curly fried vodka is dishabill -- distilled with four spices. they are only being sold online in 12 states, california is one of them, and they are $60 a bottle. reggie: these brands will do anything at all. kumasi: just anything. mike: these mash-ups are interesting? reggie: you are not talking about mariah. kumasi: he wasn't but now he is. mike: i knew you would turn it
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to mariah. let's talk about it. did you see it yesterday? reggie: she is announcing she has a mcdonald's for her mariah carey many. mike: if i look as good as she does, i will eat it everyday. reggie: there was a mcdonald's in the ocean. it was a lot. we were here for it. mike: yes, we are. even the producer is cracking up telling me we need to move on. let's take a look. on this veterans day, so happy to tell you how nice the weather will be. a little bit of fog from the east bay hills slipping out of the north bay. it is already taking over parts of the financial district. that continued to slide south before leaving us around 9:00, 10:00. sunny afternoon to follow. dry and mild conditions. we will continue the trend through the weekend.
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next week will be cooler but the transition does not show signs of wet weather. this high pressure will be parked here. that is why we have the extended dry spell. there is an atmospheric river right now but it's heading for the pacific northwest and british columbia, not for us. we have a lot of sunshine. a little bit of haze and a few low clouds possible at time. 68 to 72 degrees from richmond and san francisco. santa rosa, 62. tonight we are dropping down to the mid 40's, 50's. possibility of more fog around the bay shoreline and the south bay. a look at my seven-day forecast. temperatures along the coast hanging out in the mid-to upper 60's this weekend. an offshore breeze will bring a couple of degrees of warmth. it will not be quite as sunny saturday and especially sunday
6:21 am
as it will be tomorrow. temperatures drop two to four degrees on monday. we are back to the upper 50's to mid 60's tuesday and wednesday, where we should be. enjoy this wonderfully warm weekend. reggie: we will bring in ginger zee with a look what's happening on gma starting at 7:00. ginger: great to be with everybody this morning. coming up, the explosive day in court at the kyle rittenhouse trial. taking the stand in his own defense. this morning, only on gma, the one person shut by him and survived joining us for his first interview since testifying. the latest on the sky writing -- skyrocketing inflation. how the president is planning to take action. thanksgiving is two weeks away. the ceo of ocean spray joins us live on the latest on the cranberry sauce shortage. we have an incredible surprise for a brave man who protected lives and is now changing lives
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dedicating his life to supporting his fellow veterans. he has no idea. we are live also from nashville after country music's biggest night. taking you backstage with the winners. reggie, my purpose in life is to face time you. reggie: it was said right here. casey musgrave will facetiming. that is what i just heard -- will facetime that is what i heard. kumasi says claimant. -- claim it. i am saving this clip and i know ginger will come through. hey at&t customers...
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mike: after a record-setting october let's look at how november is unfolding. we are keeping the trend of above average rainfall. what is behind us?
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the south bay at 32%. the reservoirs are seeing a little bit of an improvement since the beginning of the month. all of us up one to 2% -- 1% to 2%. let's hope that continues. reggie: hey mom and daughter are accused of rigging a high school homecoming court election. they say they have evidence to prove their innocence. last year, emily was named homecoming queen. months later, her mother and assistant principal were accused of hacking into a computer system to rig the votes. authorities traced more than 100 fraudulent votes to her phone. in an expose of interview they explain why they are fighting the charges. >> how do you expand the number? >> i don't. we do have forensics people and we have an investigator helping us to try to explain it. there is evidence to prove she could not possibly have done that. >> can you share that is?
6:26 am
>> not right now. >> do you have an alibi? >> a lot of them. >> i can't get into that. reggie: ok. both are charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor. they each face up to 16 years in prison. kumasi: berkeley's department of public health is accusing the cal football program of failing to follow health protocols. they postponed this weekend's game against usc because several players tested positive. last weekend the team was without 24 players and five coaches. cal's athletic director says they were tested everyday, but they lay tested those over symptomatically. officials say the program did not abide by public health guidelines. >> there are people here to help us with all that on a daily basis. is everybody perfect and following every protocol? i don't know i can say that.
6:27 am
reggie: that head coach they will be multiple tests during the week. next, we just received a statement from the attorney of travis scott. his response on the state of the astroworld investigation. kumasi: is in-n-out thinking of moving to florida? reggie: an oyster shell solution. could this pacific coast delicacy be the key to saving the shoreline from climate change? kumasi: we will take a live look outside right now at the bay bridge.
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at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: the attorney for travis scott just sending out a
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statement on the astroworld concert catastrophe. plus, the local artists pledging support to the victims. >> get that added protection for the thanksgiving gatherings you may attend. reggie: if you think you are not eligible for a vaccine booster, think again. the encouraging message from health and human services secretary ahead of the holidays. kumasi: the holiday spirit has returned but things might seem different this year. hey look at what to expect at union square. reggie: if you're liking nice weather, get ready. mike is tracking seriously good weather. we will tell you how long it lasts. that's a beautiful shot. thursday, november 11. it is veterans day. thank you to all who have served. you are watching abc 7. we will start with mike. mike: let's talk about the veterans day forecast. i'm so happy it will be a gorgeous day. we start off with an issue in the north bay. the visibility in petaluma is
6:31 am
less than a quarter of a mile. showing some of that fog south across san francisco. it will not last long. definitely a brighter day than yesterday. one that is starting cooler with mid 40's to low 50's at 7:00. look at the sunshine by noon. 65 to 70 showing up. by 4:00, 63 to 71. it will be cool this evening, dropping to the 50's to low 60's by 7:00. reggie: we are on vaccine watch. the confusing messages we are getting about booster shot eligibility. the cdc says you have to meet certain guidelines to get the extra dose of the covid vaccine. listen to our california health officials. it sounds like they are saying almost anyone can get it. ryan curry is live at walnut creek this morning. brian: -- ryan: it is
6:32 am
confusing. state health officials saying the supply is there, get your shot. ending at the possibility many people are eligible for the vaccine that originally thought. that is contrary to what the cdc is recommending in terms of that vaccine. they say booster shots are available for anyone over 65 and older, or for those in a certain risk group. dr. mark galli says it is plenty more than that. santa clara county officials say californians can get booster if someone in their home has a medical condition or work around people. pfizer hopes to have fda authorization for anyone over 18 soon. if the state says almost anyone is eligible, why wait? >> what the public card was i have to be 65 away should not get a booster. that is not correct. that is not correct. >> we urge people out there with underlying medical conditions
6:33 am
and over 65, but everybody pretty much is eligible for a booster. ryan: as we mentioned, the state saying it's about supply. it is there. don't wait to get the vaccine. now it's about finding about what makes you eligible, and where to go to get the booster dose. i was looking at appointments here at walnut creek at this cvs. they are booked all day, as are many other pharmacies in the area. the hurdle is figure out what makes you eligible and finding out where to get the booster dose. ryan curry, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. in-n-out's refusal to enforce vaccine mandates is attracting politicians in florida. the owner of in-n-out had a call with the florida governor about the possibility of expanding to the sunshine state. when asked about the conversation, the office said no restaurant should be forced to
6:34 am
require vaccinations. in-n-out has no plans to open locations in florida. this comes after some bay area locations were shut down for violating vaccine mandates. kumasi: a shooting in front of the fox theater is under investigation. it happened on telegraph avenue after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman was taken to highland hospital. investigators have not revealed details about what happened or how badly the woman was hurt. last night's concert by all-time low had to be canceled. reggie: the attorney for travis scott has released a statement regarding the deadly astroworld concert stampede. "there has been multiple finger-pointing, much of which by city officials who set inconsistent messages and have backtracked from original statements. the investigation should start proceeding over finger-pointing so together we can identify exactly what transpired and how to prevent this from happening again." two people are still in critical
6:35 am
condition following the deadly crowd surged at the astroworld festival. eight people died and hundreds were heard during the travis scott performance last week. investigators were at the venue yesterday. the police chief says the are reviewing video and talking to witnesses. the governor announced the formation of the taxes task force on concert safety. a musician scheduled to play at astroworld is planning to do his profits from the event to victims families. chaz play the second day that was canceled after the deadly incident. travis scott another performance that made similar pledges. the festival promoters are offering full refunds. kumasi: alec baldwin is being sued in connection with last month's deadly shooting on the set of his movie. it is the first known lawsuit of what could be many from the incident. jobina has the details. jobina: the chief of lighting is
6:36 am
accusing alec baldwin, the production company and others onset of negligence that caused him to have severe emotional distress. he said the bullets narrowly missed him as it hit the cinematographer, killing her. he says he held her in his arms as she died. he claims there were dangerous conditions on the set and the weapons were not handled properly. >> it should not be the chief of lighting walking around the movie set who has his responsibility telling them to make the guns safer, remove the guns from being unattended in the dirt. kumasi: the -- jobina: the attorneys for baldwin have not commented on the lawsuit. the santa fe district attorney is considering whether to press charges in an exclusive interview on abc news. she is looking into how the live ammunition got on the set. kumasi: thank you. this is an issue affecting
6:37 am
americans all over the country. prices are rising on almost everything. new numbers on inflation suggest the economy is seeing its biggest increase in prices and more than 30 years. ike: president biden acknowledged the pain with the ongoing supply chain issues. americans are hurting. it's happening all over the country. >> gas prices are outrageous. ike: americans alarmed at rising prices. >> i was on the new jersey turnpike and it was $4.14. i decided to drive to delaware. i think it was $.10 more. ike: to the grocery store. >> most prices have gone up. ike: the labor department releasing new numbers showing consumer prices have surged 6.2% in the last year, the largest increase since 1990. prices are increasing everywhere.
6:38 am
energy, food, new cars are among the largest contributors. economists say it's a result of the pandemic and supply chain issues. president biden at the port of baltimore touting his bipartisan infrastructure package, also acknowledging rising prices, assuring americans it will be addressed. >> we are tracking these issues to try to figure out how to tackle them head on. ike: an economist is calling on the reserve to take stronger action and says the biden administration should consider removing tariffs affecting prices. abc news, washington. kumasi: california's dmv thanks it has come up with a way to alleviate global supply chain prices. it would nearly double available slots for commercial driving tests. the ideas to get more commercial truck drivers on the road to help fill the current shortage. how lack of drivers has been cited as one reason shipments are stalled at ports, including los angeles and long beach. reggie: today is veterans day.
6:39 am
brisbane will hold a flag raising event at community park is evo at 9:00 a.m. marin county is holding a celebration at 9:00. the mayor island naval cemetery will hold the ceremony at 10:00 a.m. the uss hornet will host an event at 11:00. operate and fly over art 1:00. veterans are invited to check out free art today at sf moma. they can see the easy him's newest -- museum's newest exhibit. they open today from one :00 to 8:00. the underwater garbage collectors going direct keeping lake tahoe blue are pushing into winter and talking about everything they found so far. kumasi: you were looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. down right now. reggie: plus, this is not how
6:40 am
you were supposed to ride a hot air balloon. the man who pretended to play asked or not and set a world record doing so. -- play astronaut and set a world record doing so. jobina: we will not have a great time at the moment. if you're writing on the san francisco line, they are experiencing delays in all directions. they are recovering from an equipment problem this morning. there are major delays in the dublin pleasanton direction. you are looking at over 20 minutes of slow downs. plan accordingly. a live look at a caltrans camera showing the residual delays from a crash that cleared not too long ago on northbound 101 at oak glen road. it may not -- oakland road. the metering lights have flipped on at 624 time -- 6:24. light traffic because of veterans day. mike: that is good. hi, veterans, and thank you.
6:41 am
let's take a look at some temperatures. we start in the south bay. we are in the mid 40's to mid-50's from 46 in santa teresa to cupertino at 53. the bayshore up to san francisco in the low to mid 50's. upper 40's at lafayette, danville, fairfield. upper 40's with that thick fog in the north bay valleys. temperatures nine degrees cooler than this time yesterday. let's head back to the south bay. 55 was sunshine. 63 at 10:00. upper 50's under a clear sky by 8:00. i look at walnut creek. pretty clear here as he looked south on 680. fog mainly in the north bay. some of that is trying to slip into san francisco but it will be foggier than the north bay.
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reggie: hey shooting investigation underway off the lake mayor and shoreline. this was just after 3:30 this morning. a number of evidence markers and crime scene tape in the area.
6:45 am
we have a called oakland police for more info and will bring it to you as soon as we get it. kumasi: investigators have searched the home of former windsor mayor dominic piccoli. this video shows the sheriff's detectives leaving the house. he resigned as mayor in may after being accused of sexually assaulting multiple women over 16 years. investigator spent two hours in the house and were seen leaving with a backpack. piccoli was not home. >> this is evidence we are looking for, electronic equipment they could prove or disprove a crime occurred. kumasi: the attorney for -- a piccoli accuser says there is proof of the former mayor's assault on his client. photos and videos can often be used as evidence in domestic violence cases. reggie: the holiday spirit has moved into san francisco's union square. the ice rink is open, the
6:46 am
christmas tree is in place. there is a noticeable change this year. the economy a key part of building a better bay area. some stores have closed. a few landmarks have yet to reopen. in stockton, there are five empty storefronts within a block of each other. the sir francis bacon hotel is closed. summer pointing out the good things happening in the area. >> botega is under construction. we have a few more tenants that will be expanding. reggie: the christmas tree will be lit beginning next week. there is some hope the display will be good for nearby businesses. kumasi: now for the morning money report. it is not just inflation surging across the u.s. yet is at record levels. household oh more now than ever before. $15.2 trillion. credit card balances, auto, student loans all rising the last three months.
6:47 am
mortgages make up the largest piece of consumer debt partly due to increased homebuying during the work from home era. tesla's ceo elon musk held true to his word. he sold a total of about $5 million with the tesla stock to cover $1 billion in taxes. he did a twitter poll asking what his followers should do. 60% asking his followers what he should do -- 60% said yes. it is the first time he sold a lot of tesla share since 2016. trading is underway this morning. still down by about 45 points. reggie: uber is being accused of violating the americans with disability act. the justice department filed suit, accusing them of charging wait times to passengers with disabilities. the fees start after the driver waits two minutes.
6:48 am
it is for discriminating against individuals with disabilities. uber says it has been in discussions with how to address confusion before the surprising and disappointing lawsuit. uber says any rider who certifies they are disabled will have automatically -- automatic fees waived. today, south korea demonstrated his future generation flying drone air taxi system. south korea aims to introduce this by 2025 to try to fly you right to or from your rideshare or pick a vehicle. it remains to be seen how they can handle a large number of travelers. kumasi: ok. another new story for you. a hot air balloon ride like never before. a frenchman holds the record for standing on a hot air balloon at altitude.
6:49 am
he is 28 and shared this video of his experience. you can see him dressed up as an astronaut, standing on top of a hot air balloon more than 13,000 feet in the sky over western france. the altitude was not random. it matched the phone number of a telethon campaign to raise money for neuromuscular diseases. mike: changes my attitude about the whole thing. kumasi: it does not change mine. people like to put that like it is still not crazy. that is crazy. reggie: how did he get up there? how was he attached? kumasi: why was he on the phone recording it? reggie: why was he in an astronaut suit? kumasi: because it's for a good cause? mike: you the guinness book of world records was like if you stand on a hot air berlin at 30,000 feet, you get in the record book. i did not know that was a thing. neither of you will be partaking in that.
6:50 am
fair enough. west take a look. hopefully you will partake in the weather forecast. it will be so nice to be outside to the weekend. a look at the east bay hills. look at the fog trying to slip southward out of the north bay valleys into san francisco. this is the way it looks under it from the roof cam. you will be sunny everywhere this afternoon. cooler this morning but expect milder temperatures this afternoon. most of us a couple of degrees above average. clear tonight until the valley fog forms again. increasing high temperatures this weekend thanks to high-pressure blocking any storms from rolling our way. there is an atmospheric river. it is bringing much-needed rain north of us and mountain snow. high-pressure locked in. the air will stagnate a little bit. a little bit of haze this afternoon. 63 the cool spot.
6:51 am
68, san francisco, lakeport, san mateo. the rest of us at 70 to 72. a little more fog around the bayshore and south bay. the north bay will have the usual fog. mid 40's to low 50's, like we are dealing with this morning. tomorrow afternoon, two to four degrees warmer. high clouds increasing but that is what happens when warm air comes in over cold, damp air. saturday and sunday are the warmest days. we cool on monday and tuesday and wednesday are the coolest days. no rain in this forecast. reggie: will smith talking but his new series dropping a disney close next month. >> the best modern-day explorers taking you to the ends of the earth. reggie: the series follows smith on an adventure around the world as he explores earth's greatest wonders and hidden secrets.
6:52 am
this is a six-part series by disney plus and national geographic. >> they managed to terrify me every episode. i think that is part of the plan that they have. i wanted to do something and things people had never done before. nat geo for sure delivered. reggie: tomorrow is a celebration of the disney plus global community. we are giving away 10 free annual subscriptions. go to to enter and we will announce 10 winners tomorrow. disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. the examiner is reporting there's an effort to save san francisco's shoreline using oysters. researchers are using shells to restore oyster reefs. that will buffer against the impacts of climate change. re tryg to attract more oysters to create living shorelines that are important in providing habitat and green
6:53 am
infrastructure. reggie: scuba divers updating their progress on a mission to beautify the entire circumference of lake tahoe. the nonprofit queen of the lake set sail in may. they are trying to remove thousands of pounds of litter at the bottom of the lake. they have been delayed a bit because of the caldor fire and wildfire smoke. they are getting close and have covered nearly 44 of the 72 miles around the lake. scientists have been pinpointing locations that accumulate more trash than others. >> things are out of sight are out of mind. sometimes when you're in certain parts of the lake you might not see the trash but often it is there. it is either covered in silt or buried in the sand. reggie: they have collected 18,000 pounds of trash, including a diamond engagement ring, a bb gun, cell phones, vap e pins, poker chips and a stapler.
6:54 am
they are aiming to finish by early next year. kumasi: a family in peru got a new puppy, but it turns out it was really a fox. now it is living at the zoo. let's go on this journey. the family named it run run. they got it from a vendor in lima but they realized it is not so much of puppy because it started attacking chickens. it would live up to his name and run away. wildlife officials captured run run and brought him to the zoo as a fox, not a husky which is what they thought when they got him. reggie: can you imagine living in the neighborhood and apparently put the chickens and guinea pigs are all disappearing? kumasi: you are looking around. not my run run. reggie: did you know your dog was a little like a fox?
6:55 am
it is cute but it looks a little like a fox. kumasi: they did not want to receive it. reggie: you mean my husky? might your business. me and my husky are going back to my house and take care of your own chickens. kumasi: that was fun while it lasted. reggie: i hope the fox is doing well. kumasi: next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch our webcasts. download the app now and start streaming. kumasi: taking a little look outside from our mount tam camera. is that
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6:57 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ kumasi: if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. breaking overnight, south
6:58 am
africa's last apartheid president has died. here is least -- released nelson mandela from prison. he was 85. reggie: grief counselors will be on hand at sherman elementary tomorrow after a beloved staff member was hit and killed in front of the building. police say two cars were involved in the crash. kumasi: sonoma county is expanding its vaccine mandate to include the flu vaccine. workers in certain health care and congregant facilities will have to get the flu and covid-19 vaccines. reggie: it is veterans day. there are many ways to celebrate , including in san jose were a parade kicks off at noon. we have a full list of events at mike: it is going to be a gorgeous veterans day. i want to start off with a little magic. the bay bridge is gone. a little bit of fog this morning. temperatures are two to five degrees above average.
6:59 am
jobina: we are experiencing a bit of an issue on bart recovering from an equipment problem that started this morning. you will face major delays up to 20 minutes, maybe more on the san francisco line. kumasi: luke combs took took t biggest awards of the night, winning entertainment -- entertainer of the year. jennifer hudson got a lot of attention for her tribute to aretha franklin. maybe she likes country music. reggie: did she listen to country music at one point and is that the tide? kumasi: beyonce performed for the dixie chicks, that made sense. beyonce had a country song. reggie: she sure did. mike: they were knocked last year for lack of diversity. maybe this is one way. they had some people win last night. maybe there is a new beginning. reggie: that is nice.
7:00 am
if the industry is not diverse, you can't start taking up people from other places and putting them on stage and saying look, rainbow. tes good morning, america, for our viewers in the west as we start this thursday morning together, an emotional day in court in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the accused killer taking the stand. the teenager charged with killing two people and injuring a third testifying in his own defense, while prosecutors questioned his decision to show up at the protests armed with an ar-15. and the only person shot by kyle rittenhouse who survived joins us this morning for his first interview since testifying only on "gma." sky rocketing inflation. the biggest price surge in three decades. food prices soaring. gas prices climbing. this morning, how the president is planning to take action. and with thanksgiving just two weeks away, how you can prepare for the


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