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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a live look at the golden gate bridge shows that crowd of protesters next to the roadway. you can see them on the right side of your screen. there are a couple hundred or so. this group is being held on the sidewalk or the chp, which has blocked off a lane of traffic. traffic is at least moving. sky seven is overhead. let's take you up type -- up top now. you can see a car has crashed. there was a car crash, minor looks like a fender bender, unrelated to the protest, we think, but it was tapped into one of those trucks there. the car appryarndheta traffic but he crashed right into a street sweeper. watch closely. you see that, looks like an accident, trying to get around the street sweeper, no one hurt there. we understand a chp officer who was monitoring traffic is injured, but we don't believe
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it's a serious injury. again, this happened in just the 10 minutes or so, so we just brought this tape into the newsroom for you. you can see that mishap. they have since cleared the car from this part of the roadway, opened it back up to traffic, and moved ahead. the cornell barnard has been there, watched the whole thing happen. he's there live with the very latest. cornell: dan, the bridge is a place that should be avoided right now. there is a lot happening. there is a protest happening on the bridge deck. a group of 200, 300 demonstrators making their presence known on the san francisco side of the bridge. and they have been getting a lot of attention from passing drivers. the peaceful protest started about 3:00 p.m. organizers say they are here to protest state and federal vaccine mandates in california for schools and for essential workers. group called advocates for citizens rights. first responders are here, some
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telling us off-camera they don't like being required to be vaccinated as a condition of their employment. advocates believe it is a violation of their rights. >> i am an advocate for choice in this issue. i don't want people to be forced to put anything in their bodies. there are a lot of black people whose voices are silent. and it's like a lot of black people who will be unemployed. we're talking about teachers who call me, firefighters. cornell: earlier, sky seven captured a tense moment on the bridge, where the chp arrested a man for stopping his car and attempting to stop traffic. chp officials say he was arrested for intentionally blocking a roadway and resisting arrest. the bridge's pedestrian walkway closes at sunset. it is closed now, crossing over into marin county. many demonstrators are heading back to their cars, but some are
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still up on the bridge deck, making their presence known. we're live in san francisco. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. dan: we're stripping live pictures of the protest and the traffic -- streaming live pictures of the protest and the traffic. it's also on our abc 7 bay area app, which you can download for your roku, apple tv, or similar device. ama: in brentwood, a man died and another hospitalized after an apartment fire. firefighters got the call around 1:30. before they arrived, neighbors were already trying to put out the flames. once firefighters arrived, they pulled two victims from the building. they were able to revive the injured man and transport him to the hospital. >> i called 911. he came out and he called 911. but i put the water hose and start screaming at them to get out. get out., the fire. they don't really hear me. ama: firefighters say a dog also
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died in the fire. no word yet on what caused it. dan: students and faculty at a santa rosa school learned a valuable lesson today about the potential dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. a strong odor forced the vaccination at bridge -- evacuation at the bridge from what turned out to be a carbon monoxide leak. 14 people, 12 of them students, were treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. turns out someone had covered a heating and air conditioning unit on the roof during the tarp -- with a tarp during the recent rains because it was leaking. that rated a potentially dangerous situation. >> in the process of covering the hvac unit with a tarp, they found the unit that would expelled it into open air, was distributive throughout the building. dan: all 14 people who complained of symptoms were treated at the scene and then released. ama: he was his parents only child.
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they are now devastated after their son was struck by a car and killed outside the san francisco school where he worked. as people process the shock of the deadly crash at franklin and union streets, they're also asking what can be done to prevent this from happening again. kate larsen has the story. kate: born and raised in san francisco, he went back to his childhood alma mater to teach. but on wednesday morning, right as school was about to begin, the 30-year-old educator was hit and killed on a sidewalk across from school. >> he was one of the nicest teachers i knew. kate: he was one of her afterschool teachers. >> he always helped me. when i got frustrated. kate: school is out for veterans day, but logan wanted to stop by and pay his respects. his mom witnessed the crash minutes after she dropped logan off at school wednesday. >> really shocking to see, to see him lying there.
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kate: jessica hopes the city can make the intersection safer. >> this could have been a kid so easily. and i think all of the parents and obviously the staff are extremely relieved that it wasn't a kid. but it's still heartbreaking that it was a teacher. kate: sf pd says two cars were involved in the collision at franklin and union. the san francisco supervisor says the accident is under investigation and charges could be filed. >> it's distressing that people run red lights. my mother was hit in the car on lombard. kate: peterson motors early -- marelli was his cousin. >> andrew was a wonderful person, very smart. all he wanted to do was help people. he was really, really a good kid. that's what makes it really hurt. kate: i spoke to andrew's parents today. andrew was their only son and they are devastated. she said andrew touched many lives and his father said what happened to her son makes her --
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happen to his son makes him angry. but they are comforted by the kind words from the school principal, and community. andrew yang shared this photo, and said they met five years ago. she wrote, what drew me to him was his patient and gentle teaching style. he loved his job and was always eager to contribute to the school community. i feel incredibly lucky to have witnessed him at his best every day. supervisor stephanie and ta plan to inspect the intersection on friday. kate larsen, abc 7 news. dan: you've probably seen the higher prices, but did you realize that inflation is at its highest level in more than 30 years? it's that bad. according to the labor department, inflation in october was worse than expected, and the consumer index, which measures what americans pay, was up 6.2%. it's the fifth straight month of inflation above 5%, so you can see the pattern we're in. add inflation to the list of issues. we're already dealing with
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supply chain problems, the pandemic, and fast approaching holidays. with thanksgiving just two weeks away, activity is ramping up at the alameda county food bank to meet enormous need. laura anthony is in oakland. >> we're actually able to get it, but it does cost a lot more than it was previously. laura: the hurdles just keep on coming for the alameda county food bank, where food costs amid rising need, are surging, just in time for the holidays. >> generally, what we're seeing is about one in four people through alameda county arewhat s really being strategic about the way that we're sourcing food items. laura: in one month, the cost rose $60,000. . the cost for one item alone, oatmeal, has jumped 18%. and then there are the supply chain issues. basic items like canned fruit are taking a lot longer to get here.
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>> previously, i would put an order in that would get here within six weeks. but having some visibility on the trends that were happening, with shipping, with backup at the ports, i extended that leadtime to maybe eight or nine weeks. laura: so far, the food bank is well-stocked for holiday distribution, which includes some turkeys, but mostly chickens. despite the challenges, food bank officials are confident they will provide for all of those who depend on them this holiday. >> we're going to ensure that everybody who comes has a male. and that means if we have to shift some of the items that we're purchasing, we'll do that. laura: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. ama: inflation isn't just affecting food, but also feel, taking a look -- fuel, taking a look at drivers paying more than half a dollar for gas than a year ago. some are on the verge of
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charging six dollars per gallon. as melanie woodrow found out, it's going to be especially tough as we move to the holidays. melanie: californians are getting crushed at the pump, especially locally. >> the bay area has been setting records for gas prices in the last week or two. melanie: aaa northern california spokesperson says typically, demand drops after labor day as kids go back to school. but there's been an unusual amount of demand in the last month or so. another reason for the rise in prices? >> the price in crude oil has been above $80 a barrel. melanie: state and local taxes contribute to price differences. this shell station has the most expensive gasoline in the city, according to the station's manager. despite these prices of $5.85 for regular, the location keeps customers coming by steadily. >> it hurts every time. sometimes i think it might be cheaper to get a flight. melanie: he fills up in the east bay, but was too close to make
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it. >> prices are cheaper, $.30 a gallon cheaper. so i like to fill up even when i don't need gas. melanie: thomas is onto something. as of this morning, the san francisco metro area was at $4.83 area, the oakland metro area $4.70. and the san raphael metro area, $4.88. >> i don't need to fill up my tank here. melanie: drivers trying to save money lined up here at this gas station in south san francisco. >> as long as crude oil remains very high, gas prices, especially in california, are going to be the highest in the country. . molly -- melanie: avila says expect prices to keep going up. >> 90% of those doing so by vehicle. melanie: luckily for thomas, he won't be going far. >> my family is from san francisco, so it shouldn't be too bad. melanie: in san francisco,
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melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. dan: tonight, the secrets of the camp fire, the deadliest fire in state history. you will see pictures and videos that have never been available before. he reveals the fire dangers we still face in california. also ahead. >> just all of a sudden, wham, last year and a half to two years and rising, it's epidemic. ama: has it happened to you? catalytic converter thefts are heading levels some auto shops haven't seen before. spencer: i'm spencer christian looking at springtime weather in november. i will have the weather coming up in just a moment. ama: and we are giving away 10 free annual subscriptions to new customers in honor of disney plus day. it's tomorrow. just go to to enter. enter. we'll welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears.
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dan: updating breaking news, we have reports of three pedestrians injured in a crash on the golden gate rich at the sight of a protest against vaccine mandates. at least one of those three people is a chp officer, looking at live pictures on the bridge right now. protesters, traffic is moving. a driver appears to be getting around six cars that were stopped in the right lane, crashed into a trunk and is swerving. gets caught and goes right into the other car. there appears to be a chp officer between the truck and the bridge railing when the vehicle crashed. one chp officer who was monitoring traffic is injured. we will continue to keep you up-to-date on this breaking news situation on the golden gate ridge.
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catalytic converter thefts are being caught on camera across the bay area now and abc 7 news anchor dion lim says why these parts are so valuable and why one repair shop is calling it an epidemic. these are videos you will see only on seven. >> excuse me. hey. i'm recording your car. i'm recording you and i'm calling the cops. kristen: you're watching an oakland woman with a hand saw who she says is trying to steal a catalytic converter from middle amulets. meantime in union city, a woman who also doesn't want to be identified captured this video of a man getting tossed a saw, shimmy underneath to steal a catalytic converter. >> i felt like it wouldn't happen at work in broad daylight. dion: mary lou's 2004 honda was targeted, as well at site her workplace in alameda. in her case, security guards intervened before the job was done. >> so you'll see the catalytic
6:17 pm
converter hanging from the car. dion: the problem is now so widespread, insurance companies state farm estimates it is up 75% and a 12 month period during the pandemic. livermore and pleasanton police even formed a task force, which recently busted a catalytic converter theft ring, identifying 30 suspects and recovering more than 50 parts, cash, and weapons. so why are these so valuable to thieves? we came to downtown muffler and hayward to find out because this is a place where they were placed more than two dozen stolen catalytic converters a week. >> within the last year and a half to two years and rising, it's epidemic. dion: nicholson has been in the muffler business for 25 years and explained the part's purpose. >> it just dion: dion: cleans the exhaust system. semi precious -- cleans the exhaust system. dion: semiprecious metals are inside.
6:18 pm
sometimes as much as the price of the car as older models are the ones most targeted. >> anywhere from $2000 and up to $4000 depending on the area thaa lot of these metal plates, too, which can deter thieves, something this man is thinking about after his car was hit days earlier. >> i couldn't believe it, in front of my house. it's crazy. dion: in hayward, dion lim, abc 7 news. ama: donations top $2000 to the gofundme account benefiting the family of jasper wu, and a $10,000 reward is being offered to help solve the case. a freeway shooting erupted. a stray bullet struck and killed jasper in his car seat. no arrests have been announced. anyone with information can call the chp at this number. again, 707-947-4491.
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again, there is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the shooter. dan: let's turn our attention to the weekend weather forecast. nice today and it looks like that's going to continue. ama: felt a little summerlike. spencer: i was going to say springlike, but felt more summerlike actually. you can see it's several degrees warmer right now in virtue of all barry area locations. this time yesterday, nice warm-up underway. here's a nice view from the rooftop camera,, current temperature readings mid 60's san francisco and oakland, mid 60's at san jose, and 59 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville looking back over the bay bridge, temperature readings on the mild side, 60, six to two degrees, napa at 50 62 degrees, napa at 57 degrees. these are our forecast futures. these areas will develop overnight, mild to warm days lie
6:20 pm
ahead through the weekend and we will see cooler and cloudier weather early next week. overnight, we won't see a lot of clouds. but you'll notice high clouds will be swinging by and some low clouds and fog will develop near the coast and bay, but we will be seeing some early morning clearing tomorrow and another sunny and mild day is on the way. overnight low temperatures in the inland valleys will drop to the mid-to-upper 40's along the bay show line and we will see low 50's and another glorious november, 65 degrees at half moon bay, lots of low 70's around the bay shoreline, move in them tomorrow, weather north bay, east bay or south a, high temperatures in the mid-70's, which is very unusual, but very positive for november. this mild pattern with sunny skies will last through sunday. we will see increasing clouds monday with a slight cool down, then a sharper cooldown on tuesday and wednesday and thursday. still no rain insight, but the clouds will be around. we can hope for rain but enjoy the mild weather while it's
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here. dan: we will indeed. in honor of service, we will show the biggest veterans day event in northern california back after being canceled last year because of the pandemic. and you won't see abc 7 news at 6:00 on monday because he will be watching monday night football instead. the los angeles rams play the san francisco 49ers here at home, levi's stadium. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen,
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ama: veterans day pageantry in san jose. thousands turned out to honor those who served. the event is the largest of its kind in northern california and san jose's largest tradition. it humbles the vets in attendance. some called for that support to continue year-round. >> every day, on the average, 22 veterans commit now, that says a lot about how america is taking care of its veterans. there are a lot of homeless veterans out there and there are a lot of people who really need a lot of help with drugs and alcohol abuse. and that's what we're really working on. ama: there were plenty of smiles in the crowd as service members came by, many very happy to have the event back after being canceled last year because of the pandemic. dan: in the east bay, the town of danville and the american legion commemorated veterans day with the goal of bringing the
6:25 pm
community together, which they surely get. last year, veterans celebrated a small outdoor event because of the pandemic. this year, they wanted to make the celebration memorable by displaying a q. week helicopter used as a training cap -- she we helicopter used as a training vehicle during the vietnam war. they hope it left a lasting impact. >> it's nice to see people come and say thank you. it was our honor to do it. dan: many veterans enjoyed seeing community members return to the veterans day ceremony. it was a way to keep the memories of serving in the armed forces alive, and to say thank you, which we should do every day of the year, not just on veterans day. they do so much for us. from all of us here at abc 7 to all veterans, a sincere and heartfelt thank you for everything you have done on our behalf. ama: absolutely. this week marked the third anniversary of the campfire, the deadliest fire in california's history.
6:26 pm
a broken piece of pg&e equipment sparked the fire. while the utility company already admitted they are at fault, there is still a lot we don't know. >> such secrets would be corrosive to a free society. ama:
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dan: that breaking news is on the golden gate bridge once again. you are looking live now. there are reports of five injuries now, up from three a few minutes ago at a crash that happened at a protest for vaccine mandates. two of those are police officers. one has been hospitalized. so, let's give you a better look at what happened. watch this video. just before 6:00, a driver appears to squeeze through traffic and crashed into a truck that was stopped next to the protest group. it appears the chp officer was between that truck and the bridge railing when the vehicle crashed, people owning that second truck. as you can imagine, it resulted in a massive traffic backup. cars are currently all the way up to lum bard. -- lombard.
6:30 pm
ama: as of monday, it's been three years since the camp fire destroyed the town of paradise. pg&e admitted to 85 felonies. but still, much of the evidence is hidden from the public. dan: investigative reporter brandon rittman has been working for years now on a series called fire, power, money to bring more evidence to light. and you've seen his in-depth pieces here before. and tonight, he reveals images never before seen. ama: but as you'll also see, pg&e has also managed to keep the courts from a lot more details of coming out. these are the secrets of the camp fire. ♪ >> i never thought that i wo tho see a town decimated at the level paradise was. >> is a difficult thing to live with, to know that somebody died that way. >> trying to focus on this positive view of my mother
6:31 pm
instead of it being hijacked by the way she died. >> it cost it cost it cost ii and it cost thousands and thousands of people everything but their lives. >> i have a different neighborhood, different doctors, different stores, different church, a different job, a different house. i am doing it all alone. do i want pg&e to be held accountable for forcing this on me? yes. ♪ >> case to see this locked up behind me is troubling. such secrets would be corrosive to a free society. ♪
6:32 pm
>> in the morning, november 14. ♪ this is tower site one. 18ca ♪ brandon: we are revealing this video, and several of the images you are about to see to the public for the very first time. we obtained them through state transparency laws. you're about to hear pg&e's own worker points to the smoking gun against his company. >> see that bottom string hanging upside down? >> bottom string, oh yep. brandon: the reason it fell and cracked was dangling below. >> the broken hook.
6:33 pm
brandon: the fbi lab would later help find pg&e simply let this hook where out -- wear out for more than 97 years before it broke. >> they knew that they had this problem. that's the negligence portion of this, choosing to ignore. brandon: to get the hook. >> is it possible to do the same method, to put a guy string at the bottom to set out and bring it down? or is that not going to work? >> i don't think we have enough rigging for that. but i'm going to check. i will confirm. brandon: investigators had to haggle with pg&e. >> will give it a shot. >> if we can't, we'll adapt. brandon: the pg&e workers ended up pulling the evidence apart. >> easy now. brandon: with the camera rolling. >> literally, w w w w
6:34 pm
murderer into the crime scene and telling them to collect our evidence for us. brandon: this is the moment pg&e collected the smoking gun in its own homicide case, because they were the only qualified people investigators could find to do it. next came the electrical wire that fell when the hook broke. >> in some places, you can see where there's part of the wire that's missing. brandon: 115,000 volts blew bits of this wire off. >> it is melting the electrical wire. they are flying through the air. brandon: they landed like this on the ground, the sparks that let the camp fire. -- lit the campfire. ♪ this case still has many secrets. >> what exactly was that evidence that so scared them that they felt that they needed to plead to 84 deaths and a h ah
6:35 pm
arson case? brandon: in public, pg&e said it was fully cooperating with the camp fire investigation. but behind the scenes? pg&e's people didn't talk willingly. >> many of those witnesses came with attorneys that pg&e had bought for those witnesses. brandon: butte county da mike ramsey used a grand jury to super any -- subpoena dozens of pg&e employees and put them on the stand. >> and here is our case. brandon: these binders contain those transcripts. pg&e's employees and regulators talking for almost a year. the record's nearly 7000 pages. the closest thing the camp fire victims will ever get to a homicide trial. >> this is the people testifying and the evidence that flowed from that testimony. brandon: under california law, grand jury transcripts are supposed to become public 10 days after the case is done.
6:36 pm
but the prosecutors can't let us look in these binders. pages inside are sealed by court order. >> to see this locked up behind me is troubling. that right now is tied up in the third district court of appeal. ♪ brandon: a lawsuit in this sacramento appeals court, paid for by pg&e, sealed the transcripts. on behalf of some of the 200 pg&e employees named in the criminal case. please 22 current and former employees claimed they were afraid for their safety. they were supposed to be anonymous. but the lawyers pg&e paid for did improperly blacked out their names. their lawyers told the court they were low and mid-level employees. that wasn't true. two appear on a list of high-level employees pg&e turned over to a federal judge. the rest are a mix of managers and line level workers, some involved in the san bruno gas explosion.
6:37 pm
some are scientists who knew about the hook swearing down. and there's a person from pg&e's finance office whose linkedin profile still tells today how he helped save $2.8 million from the maintenance budget in the years before the camp fire. these employees are asking for all pg&e worker names and job titles to be blacked out if the court ever releases those 7000 pages. the da hopes not, warning it could turn the record of this case into gobbledygook. >> will it be understandable? and will it be so heavily redacted that you really can't understand it? ♪ >> there's a tree on the line, started a fire. >> the tree grew into line or fell into the line? >> no, it fell, fell into the line. >> i've never been able to get out of it. now i'm right back and it. -- in it. brandon: these same prosecutors
6:38 pm
are investigating pg&e again for the 2021 dixie fire, which started in the same canyon as the camp fire. if earned more communities, including the town of greenville. >> all i hear is excuses. not only are we in the same position, but shasta county's in the same position. sonoma county's in the same position. they're not learning from their history, and that's where they keep repeating it. we had hoped that the job we did in the camp fire would cause that to change, and apparently it hasn't. i would like that every person in pg&e can read those transcripts, and they can see the mistakes that were made. and they can learn from them. and they can do a better job. but that's not happening. what we see from them, in terms of learning, is not so much learning how to do things safer. that would be the hope. but instead, what they're
6:39 pm
learning is how better to bury their crimes. some point, it's going to change. ♪ appeals has given both sides until november 15, that's monday, to say whether they want to make oral arguments in the case holding up the grand jury transcripts. you can see more of brandon reutimann's powerful work, including the investigations
6:40 pm
that go back years at fire, power, ama: fire risk is low right now because of recent rain to gate. -- today. we got an update to whether that's made a difference. >> counterfeiters are coming out in force. on michael finney.
6:41 pm
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dan: you've heard a lot about supply chain problems. that includes children's toys. there's worries it will bring coder foots -- counterfeits to the market. michael finney is here with some important warning spiritm before -- important warnings. m before, it was dangerous warnings because of the manufacturer. not this time. toys are much safer these days, but you can never relax. one of this year's issues is fake versions of out of stock items. we've seen the ships stuck at the ports, empty shelves at the store. now, toymakers say shop early. many toys will be out of stock, which could open the way for more fakes.
6:44 pm
>> as the holidays grow near and as we do have these supply chain issues, counterfeit toys are out there and growing numbers. michael: counterfeiters take advantage of parents desperate to find toys during the holidays. >> not every counterfeit or knockoff toy may be dangerous, it should certainly alarm parents that they could buy a product that has not undergone proper safety testing. michael: fake toys may look like the real thing, but they can be poorly made and don't adhere to strict toy safety standards. they may break or contain small parts that represent a choking hazard. or they may contain toxic chemicals and led. >> as we know, toxic chemicals in toys can be incredibly dangerous because they are just not visible to the consumer. michael: she says most fakes are sold online, where they are harder to detect. >> spotting counterfeits can be difficult, but we do offer some
6:45 pm
suggestions. michael: look at who's selling the toys on internet marketplaces. check their websites and reviews. be wary of ads on social media platforms. look for misspellings and bad grammar on their ad. avoid toys priced far cheaper than the toymakers prices, and tried to bite rec lead from the toymakers website just to be sure. the report has much more information on hazards found in toys. i've posted a link on our website, as well as responses from the toy association. absolutely amazing that every year, parents have to go through this. it's just never-ending. dan: never will be, probably. next, michael. ama: if you like today's
6:46 pm
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6:49 pm
close eye on the protest at the golden gate bridge. it's a smaller crowd than it was earlier in the evening, but traffic is still backed up. about an hour ago, a car crashed and resulted in injuries to five people. ama: this serves as your weekly reminder that california is in a drought. and despite the recent storms, we have room for improvement. 80% of the state is still in the worst two categories, which signify extreme and exceptional drought. it improved a little bit in the past week, but not in the bay area. doesn't sound like we have much rain coming our way anytime soon. dan: i don't think we are going to make any progress the next few days. spencer: not in the next seven days. our own conditions, after a sunny day, partly cloudy skies tonight, low temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. tomorrow, another sunny and mild day, 60's at the coast, low to mid 70's just about everywhere else. this mild pattern, earlyarlyarly
6:50 pm
week, becomes cloudy and cool but remains dry. dan: good enough. thank you. ama: let's get over to sports with larry beil. larry: the 49ers get set for a division rival that just added another all-pro. plus if steve kerr was a game of thrones billing, who do you think he would be?
6:51 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: good evening.
6:53 pm
the 49ers have so many issues right now, broken down secondary, issues at tailback, you pick your poison if you're kyle shanahan. and here come the fully loaded l.a. rams on monday football, again you can see right here on abc 7. for the moment, not much angst about the quarterback position. so much else is going wrong. jimmy garoppolo has thrown for more hundred dust more than 330 yards -- more than 330 yards. you have george kittle back and brendan are you because starting to make plays. that can help unlock this offense. jimmy g on establishing an identity. >> i think that kind of comes naturally. you don't want to say this is art identity -- our identity at the begin of the air and stick to it. your identity kind of changes with the season and away. i think we've had some games where our identity is clear-cut, like chicago ran the ball very well, at some play-action off of it. i think we're trying to find
6:54 pm
that still. larry: while the 49ers are trying to figure things out, rams are going all in, according von miller, receiver odell beckham jr. tried to sign a one-year deal. obj talked his way out of cleveland. the fit wasn't right there. when healthy, the man is so dangerous, and he joins a rams offense already number one in the holy. the rams have their sites of reaching the super bowl, which will be played in their home stadium. niners are 3-5, need a win to keep realistic playoff hopes alive. rams are 7-2, but coming off a loss, kickoff and 5:15 here on abc 7. buster posey heads into retirement with one more piece of hardware, winner of the silver slugger award, given to the best hitting catcher of the national league. posey hit .304. he nl catchers in average, on-base percentage, and slugging, the fifth time he has won the silver slugger. lawyers have won -- the warriors
6:55 pm
have won six straight games. tomorrow night, the warriors end a season-long home -- home stand against the chicago bulls. tied for the best record of the east, a marquee matchup a few expected would be so consequential so early. not like steve kerr has been making a list of the experts or anything like that, right? >> i'm like arya of game of thrones. i have the names for the media members who picked us to be outside the playoffs and i'm just checking off the box. every time i see one of those guys, i give them a little glare and they know what that means. >> what face will you be wearing when we go? >> nobody knows. the man with no name, they know. but nobody else knows. larry: that explains why steve canceled our lunch. defending national champs stamford, first home game of february, 2020, steals and
6:56 pm
scores. she led the cardinals with 12. it was 21-3 after one quarter. and wilson, younger sister of russell, the quarterback, steal, hoop, foul, 35-10, and break is 6-4. you can't teach that. 91-36, a decisive win. so is steve kerr the night king from "game of thrones?" remember, arya night king. you didn't see it? forget everything i just said. ama: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, "sation 19," followed by grey's anatomy, and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan: we appreciate your time.
6:57 pm
pittsburgh police want people to be on the lookout for this vehicle they say was stolen about an hour ago with a two-year-old girl still inside. ama: 2007 chevy tahoe with black rims, license plate 5vsk465. if you see or have seen this vehicle, please call 911. dan: we will keep you updated on this story and the protest on the old and a bridge all evening. see you tonight at 11:00. have a good evening.
6:58 pm
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no one outpizzas the hut. from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, th is "jeopardy!" ♪ today's contestants are a ph.d. student from starkville, mississippi... a lawyer from portland, oregon... and our returning champion, a software developer from san francisco, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!" -- ken jennings! thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" now, before we get started, i want to take a moment, since it's veteran's day, to honor the service of all our us military veterans. i also want to celebrate our new champion. andrew he, yesterday, with a james holzhauer-style
7:00 pm
all-in daily double, and then got final jeopardy! correct, pulled off an impressive payday. willa, tucker, good luck. let's play "jeopardy!", shall we? here are the categories for our first round. we'll start off with some... then... and we'll finish off with... andrew. now that you're the returning champ, where to? serving, $1,000. - andrew. - what is top? - yes, a six top. - treys, $1,000. - andrew. - who is rainier? rainier the third. you got it. 2-letter words, $1,000.


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