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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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got frustrated. >> he was one of the nicest teachers i knew. reggie: a somber return to school for san francisco elementary students sharing the loss of a loved educator. he was hit and killed in front of the building. the man's girlfriend is now speaking out. >> first we a warm weekend across the bay area. how long the nice weather will last. good morning, it is friday, november 12. you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are excited about this forecast. mike: if you like yesterday, today, tomorrow, sunday. maybe going to be mild. we have an onshore breeze. the normal fog is developing.
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this is a look at walnut creek. you cannot see it from our camera. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's this morning. mid-60's to mid 70's. kamasi: this morning two mornini are safe after the cars there were left and were stolen. i want to show you some video. this is the reunion in concorde and pittsburgh last night. both babies left alone in vehicles in front of restaurants. the first incident happened outside a mexican restaurant in pittsburgh just below her -- just before 6:00 last night. a one-year-old was - - - - second case a four-month-old was left in a van in front of the wing stop in front of concorde. abc 7 news reporter ryan curry
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in concorde with more on what happened. ryan? ryan: a crazy evening considering two similar incidents happened not far away from each other in the same area. the first happening in pittsburgh and this one in concorde around 10:00 where somebody drove off with a four-year-old stuck inside a stolen car. according to police both incidents involve people getting out of their cars while the children were left inside. in concorde people say the police left to go inside the wing stop and that is when someone broke into the car and drove off. that happened just after 10:00 last night. police say the car is a white band -- a white van. they found the body in a residential court not far from where the baby was found inside. they are not hurt but they are still looking for that suspect. >> one of our officers located the vehicle with the child inside it will the child is a
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four-month-old baby. i believe the vehicle was unlocked. i do not believe it was running the keys had been inside it. to track the scent of the person. you do not have the scent for the concorde incident, they do for the pittsburgh incident and they're trying to find out whether those incidents are related. they did happen several hours apart and they were a few miles away from each other in two separate cities. policing they cannot rule out the possibility they could be connected. they are still investigating. the good news is those children are back with their families and they are safe. ryan curry come abc 7 news. reggie: grief counselors will be at sherman elementary school in san francisco. this is the first day back in school since an educator was hit and killed by a car right in
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front of the school. he was only 30 years old and is a san francisco native. he attended the school as a child and went back to become an educator there. he was hit and killed after two cars collided at franklin and union streets. he was on the sidewalk when the vehicles veered directly into him. his girlfriend says they met five years ago while working at sherman. >> i cannot believe it. i was in hard denial and i think part of me still is. reggie: feel awful for her. the cause of the collision is under investigation. colleagues say he was beloved on the campus by faculty and students. kumasi: the death toll from the crowd search at the astroworld music festival has risen to 9. a 22-year-old died wednesday night. families say she was a student at texas a&m university.
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she attended the concert with or cousin -- with her cousin and younger sister. >> horror, barbarity, capacity. that is what happened. >> i want my baby back. please give me my baby back. kumasi: that is heartbreaking. this nine-year-old boy injured in the crowd is also in the hospital and still in critical condition. nearly 60 lawsuits have been filed in connection with this incident. minute by minute logs written by houston firefighters detailed the chaos that unfolded at astroworld several hours before rapper travis scott begin to perform. according to logs obtained by our sister station in kuester, people were preaching -- in houston, people were preaching the main gate less than an hour before the venue opened. disco minutes after the festival opened, firefighter noted there was no control of participants.
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by 4:54 p.m. police reported dangerous crowd conditions and by 9:28 the logs say this is when it got real. houston police would not timeline -- would not comment on the timeline of events. reggie: now to the fight against covid. nearly two dozen states are seeing infections go up. jobina is at the live desk with what experts say is driving this. jobina: 22 states are reporting a surge in infections, mostly in the midwest and the south. california's positivity rate is also up, but not nearly as high as some other states. health experts say this latest search is fueled by unvaccinated americans, winning immunity from the backseat and colder weather as more people gather indoors. more than 107 million americans remain unvaccinated. some hospitals in hard-hit parts of the country are back to
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rationing care and dealing with a shortage of hospital beds because 70 patients are coming in sick with covid. the timing is not great because the holidays are right around the corner. >> the patients in new mexico that need the care most will receive the care during this time of unprecedented volume. >> people starting to make plans to get together. it is an important time to let everyone know we have to stay vigilant. jobina: colorado is joining california to encourage every adult to get a covid booster shot despite u.s. health officials not giving widespread adult boosters the ok. we have the statistic as well. the cdc says 1000 americans are dying every day from covid. the vast majority of those deaths are from the unvaccinated. reggie: happening today, chance for children to get vaccinated in sonoma county. department of health services will host three covid-19 vaccination next, a clinic at
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hillsborough elementary school of 3:00. rosemont elementary will hold its clinic at 3:30, and dunbar elementary will open its doors starting at 4:00. kumasi: a year and a half after closure the space and sign center in oakland hills is reopening. guests are going to be thrilled to see a newly renovated science center. new exhibits and murals from bay area artists and perhaps the most highly anticipated addition is the new nasa visitor center. visitor step into the role of a nasa researcher with spacesuits and experimental heatshield technology and other items. some have never been put on display for the public before. you are asked to reserve time entry tickets in advance online and masks are required. reggie: the bay area freeway that has just been named to the deadliest in the state for animals and the work being done to fix it. kumasi: plus a big day for britney spears. hours away from
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jobina: happy friday. a live look in emeryville. a crash coming in on westbound 80 at powell street. it looks like it is at the center divide but not causing too many problems. no injuries involved, which is good news. look at walnut creek. we have the fog there. on that note i will send it to mike because i do not know anything else about it. mike: stay in your lane. i am kidding. i'm glad you picked up on that. that is fog from the offshore breeze from the delta highway trying to fill in the san ramon valley. we have the usual fog in the
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north bay's. south on san rafael, the fog overnight. that is the biggest issue with your commute and it is mainly just this morning. temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. 47 to 52 degrees. 46 in brentwood and tracy. 50's for the bay, the coast, and down into the south bay. back to the north bay you will be 50's through 10:00. that fog will hang around through 10:00. 67 at noon and low 70's during the afternoon hours, back to 57 degrees by 8:00. we are book ended with 50's throughout the day. high temperatures throughout the bay sponsored by disney plus.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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kumasi: britney spears' independence day may have finally arrived. today a judge will determine whether to terminate the conservatorship that has control the popstar for 14 years. spears' father jamie had been in control since the -- until the judge suspended him. >> i think it is likely that on november 12 we will see the end of the conservatorship or at least the wheels rolling towards
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exactly how the conservatorship will end. kumasi: britney spears' is expected to attend today's hearing virtually. meanwhile her attorney may be looking to pursue criminal charges against jamie spears after new york times document and report found evidence of alleged illegal surveillance. reggie: a bay area freeway known of one is the most scenic in the nation is now bone -- is now known as the deadliest highway in california for wildlife. interstate 280 has been named the deadliest highway for wild animals. the crash for wild animals could add up to $6 million in cleanup in damages. it could cost up to $200 million to create fences and save wildlife passages on the deadliest highway throughout the state. the report says adding those fences is key to solving the problem. research shows black bears and mountain lions are the most vulnerable. kumasi: today is the last day of the cop 26 climate change
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conference but world leaders have yet to come together on an agreement on a plan to fight climate change. because of that the conference could be extended to finalize the agreement. the latest draft allows communities to continue using coal power if they could capture carbon dioxide. this technology is controversial because it is still in development. critics say the draft language leaves a lot of room for interpretation and has been weakened. 190 seven countries must agree to this document, which means the confidence might not -- the conference might not end tomorrow. reggie: if i say big red bow you probably think of new cars. we will see fewer of those in car commercials this holiday season. automakers and local dealerships are on track to spend far less on advertising because of the supply chain and production issues. the vp of general motors told
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reuters why would you with the supply vehicles at a third of normal levels. instead of december to remember, it might be a december to forget. kumasi: i know i forgot about trying to buy a car. reggie: i was listing to this report that said last year on average a 5% discount when you negotiate with the dealer. this year is way less than 1%. you cannot go in there expecting you will get any kind of discount. if you can even get it. kumasi: they are like, goodbye. if you do not want it now someone will buy it before you leave. reggie: exactly. mike: some of the ones i was looking at, they are like the average markup is between 3% at 8%. markup? what? kumasi: a lot is happening. reggie:eep fixing that car. mike: you do not know the half of it. 6:18 this morning. let's look at what is going on weather-wise.
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a gorgeous morning unfolding in san jose. no need to worry about too much fog. mostly site conditions this afternoon. high clouds late in the day. warmer than average temperatures that will repeat the pattern of fog. warmer than average afternoon temperatures. on monday we will start to bring autumn back into the forecast. here's a look at low clouds. finally the fog has gone by the time we get through the lunch hour. after the sun sets high clouds started to roll in. you'll definitely need the sunglasses this afternoon. temperatures the coolest. san francisco enrichment 69. santa rosa 75 degrees. tonight we are falling back into the upper 40's to low to mid 50's. we will have a light offshore breeze that will bring some fog into the same areas as this morning. that will not stop us from warming to today's levels, maybe
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even a degree or two warmer. more high clouds will shave degrees off and we reversed the winds and start blowing them back on shore. we can see the temperatures dropping back to average levels, low to upper 60's, and then low to upper 60's tuesday and below average with upper 50's at the coast and low to mid 60's for wednesday and thursday. a dry seven-day forecast once again. reggie? reggie: good morning america is coming up at 7:00. kumasi: ginger zee has a look at what is ahead. ginger: coming up, we have to start with the new fallout from the astroworld tragedy. chaotic new video from travis scott's deadly music festival showing the crowd out of control hours before the gates open. we also have exclusive with travis scott's attorney. we are tracking the latest on the fears of a new covid winter surge. cases are on the rise now.
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plus gma's expedition to antarctica. our crew now gripping the hurricane-force winds and we are getting ready to finally see the penguins. we will see some of that payoff. i know you're talking about this. red (taylor's dropping. the fallout from that. the most magical place on the planet. it is disney plus day. i am on your coast. so happy to be on your coast bringing you the latest. disneyland not the most magical place but the place i met my gmp. reggie: that is so sweet. we were there for the opening of galaxies edge. and we became friends. kumasi: the local northbay school learning the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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the reason behind the leak. reggie: a live look outside.
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reggie: most days i love my job, then there are days i really love my job. i had the pleasure of visiting hawaii to explore some of the beautiful islands. my first stop was maui nonstop flight from oakland airport. our sponsors at hawaiian airlines made it possible. we all need a little alo spirit from time to time. hawaiian airlines makes it easy to find a loja -- defined aloha in paradise. nurturing feeling to the ocean.
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if i look at the resort, while we have wonderful and beautiful facilities, it is one of my favorite places to be. vel simes :eten beautiful beaches with three pools catering to different desires, it is hard to want anything more until i was introduced to the longest resort waterslide in hawaii. there are plenty of authentic experience to try. there is one that awakens all of your senses. >> marine is a great way to celebrate as well. let's create an experience that starts with in a hawaiian massage and a beautiful breakfast featuring some of the local treats. mike: bigs to local produce, this gourmet meal does not disappoint.
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>> why is it for everybody that lives in the bay area to vacation here? >> i find it is an easy trip. with so many great nonstop flights in, we have families that are traveling, we have couples. we are all about treating people . we use the word which means to move forward together. i will offer a toast. cheers. mike: for more about the beach resort and how you can plan an incredible vacation to the wine islands, just had to friday. reggie? reggie: i had pancakes for the first time recently when i went to hawaii. everything changed. kumasi: everything? mike: life-changing experience. reggie: i did not even know that
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was something i needed. kumasi: i'm excited. reggie: it came into my life just like it came into mike's life. a bay area man with a chance of a lifetime. his custom car has the chance to be turned into a hot wheels toy. you have to see the before and after of his previously beat up right. kumasi: plus viral moments on the golden gate bridge.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the crying they flashed a light and saw the baby. reggie: two different car stolen
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with baby still in their car suits. our cameras and sky 7 following the searches miles apart. jobina: a chain reaction crash scene on the golden gate bridge. officers and bridge workers hurt. the protests that started. reggie: an entire day devoted to your disney favorites. some great deals for your holiday season and we are bringing it to you live from disneyland. i have been promised a special outfit from our reporter carl, who is out there this morning. i know donald and goofy are there with him. they are decked out. they are turning out winter fashions. mike: -- kumasi: i am ready for it. mike: more so than this button? kumasi: a little bit. mike: i am glad to have it. reggie: good morning. carl gets to be in front of the castle. i got a really nice loki pin.
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kumasi: i have a hat. cannot say we did not get nothing. mike: let's talk the weather. dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service in sacramento. that is their jurisdiction. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. you can see highway four from the central valley all the way in. visibility is just as low and they will be that way just as long. it is just the national weather service in monterey did not offer up a dense fog advisory. expect the same thing. a little haze and sunshine. 70's away from the coast at 4:00. reggie: a terrifying night in the east bay and an important reminder to everyone not to leave their kids in the car. police in the east bay still looking for the car thieves who took off in vehicles with babies inside.
6:32 am
this happened two separate times last night. first in front of a mexican restaurant in pittsburgh, and again in front of a wing stop in concorde. both the babies and the vehicles were found. the babies are physically found. this is video of those reunions. abc 7 reporter ryan curry is in concorde with the information we know. brian: definitely terrifying and strange considering the fact it happened twice in the same stretch and of the county. the first one happening in pittsburgh, the next one happening here in concorde around 10:00. the pittsburgh one has clarity to it. police say a man met with another person, got out of his car to talk to somebody, left his car running with the child secured in their car seat. police say the man was a few feet from his car when a woman approached him, asked him for a cigarette, and when both men
6:33 am
said they do not have any, the woman then got in the car while it was running and drove off with that child still inside. the amber alert was issued for that two-year-old and they found the child in the car, abandoned at an apartment complex. the suspect is still nowhere to be found. >> one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying they flashed the lights and saw the baby. when they saw the baby they call the police. we do not know where this person went. ryan: police say they are still searching for that suspect. they say she is a white woman in her early 30's with a face tattoo and did not say if the incidents were related. one happened in pittsburgh, the other happened in concorde. they are several hours apart from each other. they cannot rule out the possibility. it is strange to consider the fact that two incidents of car stolen with children inside happened last night. those children are safe.
6:34 am
police tried to figure out what happened. live in concorde, ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: two chp officers and a golden gate bridge worker are hurt after a chain reaction crash. sky 7 was over the scene as an suv crashed into a truck. chp was there monitoring a group of anti-vaccination protesters who gather near the plaza. chp told abc 7 the ford explorer was traveling northbound when it hit a sweeper truck, which careened into a bridge buffer truck, hitting the victims. at last check one chp officer is still in the hospital. donations to the gofundme account benefiting the family of jasper wu top $200,000. the 20 31 cold toy -- the 23-month-old boy was struck by a stray bullet while in the car with his mom. now the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is offering a reward. >> we are here to wake up people
6:35 am
and say enough is enough. if something has to be done it cannot be done by one or two people. it has to be all of us. kumasi: anyone with information is being asked to call chp at the number on your screen. 707-917-4491. the $10,000 reward is up for grabs for any information that leads to the rest of the shooter. reggie: developing news in the effort to replace alameda county supervisor wilma chan who was killed by a car while walking her dog. committed activists would like to see asian american woman taking her place, but chan's family once her chief of staff to finish her term. brown does not want to run for the open seat so we will have the time to finish her remaining projects. the board will have to appoint someone in the next 60 days or the duty falls to governor newsom. kumasi: students and faculty
6:36 am
learned an important lesson about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. a strong odor forced the evacuation of the bridge church around 10:30 yesterday morning. 14 people, 12 of them students at grace christian academy, had to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure. it turns out someone covered a heating and air conditioning unit on the roof with a tarp during a recent rainstorm because it was leaking. >> the process of covering the hvac unit with the tarp, the co from the unit that would normally be expelled was not circulated through the hvac unit and conversely distributed throughout the building. kumasi: everyone was treated and released. reggie: when we come back, a real trait -- a real treat. we will take you live to disneyland and talk about the first disney plus day, including ways you can get in with special deals. jobina: if you have a warriors
6:37 am
game on tap for the weekend are you are headed to j center, we will tell you the new way you can breathe through the vaccine checkpoint line to get in. jobina: good morning. we'll check in on traffic and start with this crash we are following in the san mateo area on eastbound 92 before skyline. thankfully it does not look like any injuries are. a live look at the bay bridge fall plaza. lights came on at 5:48. the backup is picking up. a heads up you will run into that. this is the most visual camera we have. walnut creek, it has been foggy throughout the morning and will impact your commute. mike says it will go away so i will turn it over to him. mike: it will go away around 10:00 or 11:00. we will be around for the entire morning commute. a slight improvement in the trap -- and the drought. extreme went down 3% and exceptional went down 1%. you can see an improvement in mendocino county.
6:38 am
the rest of us were in extreme and exceptional. in san francisco it is mainly clear to sunny with temperatures around 55 to 59 degrees. pretty mild. you can see fog around palo alto and mountain view, also while we are continuing to watch fog in the east bay and the northbay fog. let's bring back to san francisco where we see sunshine around 10:00. the average high is 65. we'll be there from noon and still around average at 4:00. heading out this evening, 58 degrees. worried about the air quality as we warm up? it will be moderate but that is still healthy. i want to show you high captures around the bait sponsored by disney plus day streaming. >> we have a lot to talk about. >> yes, i like what you are saying. >> we are going to do this together. >> awesome.
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>> what happened to your shirt? >> i've been looking for this place for a long time.
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disney plus is putting up some big numbers in its first few days.the new streaming reggie: today a big celebration for the disney family and any disney fan. the first ever disney plus day. our parent company is going all out. kumasi: the report of our sister station carl schmidt's live from the happiest place on earth. i just have to see that outfit. reggie: those ears. carl: i told you i would wear something special. the happiest place on earth is celebrating the most merry time of year. check out sleeping beauty's castle.
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we are celebrating disney plus day. can you believe it? two years. we have had a fabulous disney plus and will be hearing about all kinds of exciting things rolling out across the day. we have a preview. take a look. it is the most magical time of the year. the disneyland resort is ready to be mary. at disneyland gasket enjoyed holiday favorites from the christmas tree on main street to sleeping beauties windsor castle and the return of the christmas fantasy parade. at disney california adventure there is more at mary magic with the disney festival of holidays featuring special appearances by maribel, and from tokyo disneyland to disneyland paris and walt disney world and right here at disneyland, the parks famous icons have been lit up in blue to celebrate disney plus day. to think it's more than 118 million subscribers, there is a treasure trove of new content,
6:43 am
including the hit movies jungle cruise and legend of the 10 rings. tales including all off presents. >> in the old days you would get a dvd or blu-ray and now you turn on disney plus and can watch all at one time. that is so awesome. carl: what else is also midseason two of the national geographic series the world according to jeff goldblum and will smith series welcome to earth. >> i told them i wanted to do things people had never done beforeannaaleo jn smith as he tp with lead explorers for the vacation of a lifetime. coming with -- coming to disney plus a new series featuring the personal health companion from big hero six and the proud family is returning louder and prouder. look for that in february. i love my disney plus.
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can it get any better? of course it can. keep an eye out on the disney plus twitter account. they will be revealing exciting things. reggie, i promise you these are coming to you. reggie: all of these promises. where is donald? where is donald? carl: listen, where am i? exactly. reggie: carl, we have our hats on, we are ready for a donald duck appearance and i see no donald duck, no goofy, where are our friends? carl: if he pans you will get a light stand. goofy is over there. goofy is on the others. reggie: during the most important live shot of the morning? carl: he should have had me on earlier. that is all i can say. i've been waiting for you. the mouse does not wait for
6:45 am
everybody. reggie: if you see donald, you tell him hi for me because his christmas alfred's iconic and -- his christmas outfit is the moment and he is iconic. >> i will be looking for the years. -- i will be looking for the ears. carl: these will be coming in the mail and i told goofy i want to snowboots. those snowboots are phenomenal. reggie: they're turning up the fashion and i am not mad at it. sorry donald was not there. we love you anyway. have a magical day. carl: thank you. same to you and happy disney plus day. reggie: disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: now to your morning money report. the united states postal service has a message for americans as we approach the peak holiday season. we are ready. postmaster general says the usps
6:46 am
set targets earlier in the year and immediately went to work expanding its facilities, equipment, modes of , enjoying knowledge the postal service was overwhelmed and unable to meet the high demand. i' leading computer chip maker's understanding a senate leadership change and that could impact the global chip shortage problem in the near future. the company has announced a wave of resignations on its board of directors, as many of four directors have stepped down immediately. the company was blacklisted by the u.s. last year after washington accused smic of being owned or controlled by the chinese military. disappointing news for gamers. there will not be as many playstation 5's under the christmas tree as expected. sony has cut its production target to 15 million consuls, which is down one million from earlier estimates.
6:47 am
bloomberg says it is because of a chip shortage in the supply chain issues. reggie: santa claus is coming to the bay area. your kids can take photos with st.k at t stanford shopping center in palo alto and stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton. visitors encouraged to make an appointment for the santa experience. while cops are available as space permits. -- walk ups are available as space permits. the oakland zoo getting that up for the holidays. kumasi: a wildly illuminated lantern festival kicks off this evening. visitors can take a mile long stroll to see larger-than-life blowing animals. we have some video. it looks pretty cool. there is an african safari with elephants and giraffes. a rainforest with giant pandas and a gondola ride to the land of bubs that features a 65 foot queen ant tunnel.
6:48 am
we were just talking about this yesterday. i'm excited about it. reggie: i want to see that kumasi: it goes until the end of january so we have time. with we can finally here we know a lot of you are ready to have some fun. reggie: we are managing the pandemic as fairly well so let's get some ideas from jobina. jobina: we love seeing new restaurants and this weekend sole slice in oakland is hosting its grand opening saturday. the food is not exactly pizza. think of it is more like an open faced biscuit with good contemporary soul food on top. >> oprah, black-eyed peas, people in california cannot get down with -- [laughter] jobina:
6:49 am
and ceo carter lewis but he has brought his louisville kentucky roots to the west coast and hope you enjoy it. >> want to do something connected to the african-american heritage and the contributions african-americans have had to the american culinary landscape, but also about making sure jobina: saturday's grand opening will feature a dj, free drinks, food, and a good time. how about washing down the saul slice with coffee? the san francisco coffee festival were for its fourth year at the mason center for arts and culture. you can enjoy the best specialty roasters and coffee shops with snacks and live entertainment. coffee combos are returning this year and so is the latte arts contest. if you want to start your weekend right away, check out
6:50 am
five dollar fridays at san francisco circus center. it is opening its doors for demos and plate spinning, balancing acts, handstands, and stretching. you can try out some moves if you want. this is me in the video. if i can do it, you can do it, too. jobina: i would like to add that my back hurt for two weeks after that. that is not all that is going on this weekend. on the front page of our website we put together a list of covid friendly events through the bay area. reggie: thought you were a teenager again doing that? jobina: i did gymnastics, cheerleading, i was like this will be nothing. it was something. reggie: just to recap, we have seen jobina in tights, and mike in a swimsuit. it is ratings. [laughter] it is november and it is
6:51 am
ratings. mike: there is even a longer version with more shots of someone in his -- reggie: the directors cut. [laughter] mike: we will have to get that online somewhere. let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. 6:51 on a friday and we will take a look at the fog. look how thick it is looking south from north main. you can barely see a couple of hundred feet. in east bay hills you can see some of the fog leaking out of the north bay and out of the central valley through the delta and trying to make its way into the bay. it will have a short lifespan, probably an hour or two, but the fog in the valley will hang around until 10:00 or 11:00 and then we will have sunshine and above average highs, not only today but all the way through the weekend. next week it will feel much cooler, but no real rain in the forecast. the transition will be dry. the atmospheric river, we talk
6:52 am
about them only when they hit us. there is one out there anytime of the year. this is nearly 35 to 4000 miles in length. that is an impressive one and it will flood the pacific northwest and completely miss us. most of us in the low to mid 70's today. we are close to the 70's. san francisco enrichment 67 to 69. tonight will be a repeat of this morning. we'll have a few more high clouds tomorrow. temperatures about the same, may a degree or two warmer, the high clouds will shave degrees from our highs on sunday. you can see the onshore breeze comes back monday and that will bring us more clouds. temperatures close to average tuesday in the 60's, and a little bit cooler than average. low to mid 60's wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. kumasi: the golden state warriors taking on the chicago bulls at chase center. if you're headed to the game the
6:53 am
team wants you to download an app to avoid the bottleneck of fans entering the stadium. it is the clear app and you can also use it for free to get into nba games and other events. once this is downloaded you select health pass and upload your vaccine information along with other details. the warrior say now that their welcoming fans in person they have had big backups in lines. >> open up the app, and as you're walking through the clear lines you show your app and it is a seamless entry. we have one on the west plaza, these plaza, it is clearly marked by flags and banners. it saves times with fumbling around, not only requiring your vaccine regard -- finding not only your vaccine card but also your drivers license. kumasi: with the san francisco mandate, warriors fans 12 and up are required to show proof of fullback's need to enter chase center. reggie: a union city man is
6:54 am
hoping his custom car turns into a hot wheels toy. every year hot wheels searches for a vehicle worthy of being turned into a toy car insult worldwide. this is john ashley robinson's car. he made it at a san mateo shop, he turned a nissan 350 z and what you see here. his car is one of 10 that made it into the hot wheels legends finale. >> to be able to do this and to note that forever people can appreciate something i've made, made with my own hands. was not trying to do this at all. was just having fun and now it will be part -- it is in stores everywhere and across the world? it is supercool. reggie: the winner will be announced this weekend at jay leno's garage in burbank. kumasi: it is pretty cool. i did not know if that was it because you are sensitive about yesterday. reggie: kumasi comes to lunch
6:55 am
and says did you get your special disney cup? i was like, what? kumasi: it is cute, right? reggie: kumasi: you have a high standard for any disney gear. we could've had moana onnnnnnnn we could've had poor unfortunate souls. something. thank you for the cup. kumasi: up next, seven things you need to know. reggie: a live look outside at 6:55. we could've had ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c!
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, here the seven things to know this morning. two separate incidents involving
6:58 am
children in stolen cars. the latest happened at a win stop in concorde. a four-month-old was inside this band that was taken. the infant was found safe. reggie: a similar story in pittsburg. one-year-old girl is safe after being found in a stolen car. the car was stolen last night leading to an amber alert. the suspect has not been found. kumasi: the death toll from the crowd surge at the astroworld music festival has risen to nine. a woman died wednesday night after spending a week in the hospital. reggie: britney spears could be freed from her conservatorship today. a judge is expected to decide whether to terminate the agreement that has control her life her 14 years. mike: fog reducing visibility in the east bay and northbay. temperatures from 69 to 74 for highs this afternoon. seven degrees warmer than average. jobina: the commute has been
6:59 am
pretty nice for the most part. our busiest spot this morning will be the bay bridge toll plaza. kumasi: we have been telling you about our numbered 7 all morning. it is disney plus day. our parent company disney is dropping movies, new shows, and new episodes of your favorite shows to celebrate this. if you're not a subscriber yet you can sign up now for just $1.99 for your first month.
7:00 am
good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, on this friday morning, the new fallout over that concert tragedy in houston. out of control hours before the gates even opened, the death toll now rising to nine as a college student attending her first music festival passes away. her family demanding answers. what travis scott is saying overnight and this morning, an exclusive with scott's attorney. he joins us live. new winter surge. covid cases on the rise in nearly half the country. hospitals in crisis mode. this as california joins colorado in encouraging boosters for all adults without waiting for cdc approval. inflation crisis. the new chalng


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