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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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dc7 news, we all as a community needs to say that this is not tolerable. this is unacceptable and we should be willing to bring forth information to help get the people off the streets who are responsible for this for at least the third time in less than a week and innocent bystander is shot by a stray bullet in oakland. evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream the first incident was saturday. afternoon when 23 month old jasper wu was shot and killed by a stray bullet while riding in a car on 880 then on wednesday afternoon a woman who was just waiting in line outside the fox theater on telegraph avenue was hit by a stray bullet the most recent shooting happened around 4 yesterday afternoon in east oakland a man was shot while installing security equipment outside a home on 76th avenue according to the bay area news group. the victim is a 61 year old man. he was reportedly shot in the back by a stray bullet after a
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shootout broke out between groups that man is now in critical condition at least one home in a parked car will also hit by gunfire and today the oakland police chief said violence like this has to stop you cannot be allowed to behave in this way that you have to be held accountable. i think despite whatever circumstances people face we have to say that some things are untolerable violent acts are one of those things taking people's lives shooting randomly in communities. and to the point the killing of little jasper woo last weekend on an oakland freeway has renewed the focus on stopping violent crime. that is so pervasive passersby are going about their day are getting hurt or even killed today community members gathered to announce a $10,000 reward in the deadly shooting of jasper ab. have a news anchor dion limb has more on the call for unity and support being offered from the community. as 23 month old jasper woo's family shares new photos of their son who was killed by a
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stray bullet along 880 saturday afternoon. there was a show of unity in oakland's chinatown. we have to all wake up. about what happened here with the neighbors volunteer safety patrol group the blue angels looking on karl chan president of the chinatown chamber of commerce spoke of what he called the third pandemic not covid-19 or the attacks on asian-americans, but on the tire bay area criminals are taking over our streets. and the freeways oakland's police chief address, not only jasper's killing, but the city's 119 homicides this year and community fear over freeway shootings. i say to families out there to just know that the oakland police department truly does understand the impact that this type of case can have on a community and rest assured we have offered every resource that we have available to the california highway patrol harness. determination to find jasper's killer $10,000 is being put up by the group crimes against asian reward fund founded by the
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chamber burma superstar restaurant group and the sf police officers association, you know, i have a two-year-old son. and i love him dearly. and i drive down the 880 very frequently as many of our people in the bay area here. and just to think about that can happen to any one of us while chances action isn't just about money. he was grateful for the social media users who reached out pledging thousands more. we have two people from the instagram going to be on our audi academy. they're pledging 1500 dollars. and we also have a keep calm. oh my god. he's a pledging for 5,000 dollars as a gofundme for jasper's family reaches over two hundred thousand dollars. the woo family asked us to extend their appreciation to the community and continue to urge the shooters or anyone with information to come forward. so this never has to happen again any in oakland dion limb
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abc 7 news a 24 year old woman is in jail tonight after police in pittsburgh. say she stole a vehicle with a one-year-old inside triggering an amber alert last night. there was also a missing baby in a stolen car last night in concord abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley puts together the pieces of what happened and how shocked many are at the brazen crimes. here from sky 7 the dramatic rescue of a one year old girl still buckled in her car seat. she was unharmed 24 year old natalie. ayala was arrested for kidnapping and car. and is now in jail and martinez according to pittsburgh police the drama started at 5:45 pm at this auto detail shop on bliss avenue in pittsburgh the business across the street was stunned to see what their surveillance videos showed a woman in white pants jumping in a vehicle and speeding away and she came up and asked me for some cigarettes. i totally have any this man was a witness to the kidnapping and theft he said a friend a dad
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pulled in to say hello and stepped out of his car for only. or 20 seconds when the woman jumped in the driver's seat pittsburgh police say he left the engine running his daughter in the backseat. he tried to get back in but couldn't because she put it on driving less she spit out fast. they abandoned vehicle with the baby was found on army straight two hours later by midnight. the suspect was arrested walking on harbor street. i'm here for my kids. i told my what you know what we go anywhere bring the kids. i don't heard. she's 16 just take her out of the vehicle at ten o'clock thursday night conquered police responded to a stolen vehicle on ignacio valley road with a four month old inside within 30 minutes though. the car was found and the infant was not injured no arrests so far in the case earlier this week in oakland a dad stopped for a coffee on his way to school with his eight-year-old. literally the time it took to park in the seconds to walk. sidewalk already heard the glass match his laptop and passport
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were taken. his daughter was okay. i just think that with a number of incidents that happened clear that there's there's really something going on. so it was just important for me to say, you know, this this was something new to me was fairly bold. there was a lot of people around police always warn of leaving packages purses or phones inside vehicles during the holiday season, but it appears even cars with people pets or children inside them. are being targeted this year? in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. san francisco police have arrested a 70 year old woman in connection with the death of a sherman elementary school teacher susan venerucci is charged with running a red light and vehicular manslaughter according to investigators. vernorucci was driving west on union street when she drove through the intersection of union and franklin killing andrew zeman the 30 year old san francisco native attended sherman elementary and returned to become a paraeducator there a
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memorial for zeman has sprung up at the crash scene. ended fellow musician came to remember him today. drew is deeply loved by everybody. i know for 15 years. we make music together. we're in a group called city zoo. grief counselors were at sherman elementary as students return to school for the first time since the death of their beloved educator. there are new details tonight about thursday's protest at the golden gate bridge five people including two chp officers and three golden gate bridge district employees were injured when a ford explorer ran into a street sweeper the chp had lane of traffic to keep protesters from entering the roadway abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more the golden gate bridge district says hundreds of protesters gathered thursday a post to vaccine mandates did not have a permit to protest at the golden gate bridge unfortunately, they do not respond to our outreach and so we had to put together our safety plan with our law enforcement partners without
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cooperation from the event organizers that safety plan according to the bridge district spokesperson included closing the pedestrian walkway or sidewalk to protesters just after 5 pm protesters instead rallied near the plaza and there began to be comments being made that they were actually going to come off the sidewalks into the roadway and take over the traffic lanes the chp had already addressed that particular concern earlier in the afternoon when a driver they said was associated with the protest got out of his vehicle on the bridge with signs. they say he ignored orders to get back in his car became combative and resisted arrest to keep anyone else from entering the roadway the chp closed a lane of traffic and created a buffer with security between protesters and moving vehicles officer andrew barclay says a privately owned street sweeping vehicle drifted left out of its lane colliding with a ford explorer the vehicles then hit a golden gate bridge district employee managing traffic and temporarily pinned two chp officers to other golden gate bridge district security employees were also injured one of the two was taken to the
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hospital last night and released the two chp officers were also taken to the hospital and released last night. there's no choice that we have in that situation we have to serve as that. an organization that is going to prevent people from taking over the roadway. traffic was backed up through the city onto presidio parkway and lombard street with a permit. it's possible protesters would have been allowed to protest on the sidewalk, but would not have been allowed to protest during the height of rush hour traffic precisely because of these types of impacts to traffic abc 7 news reached out to protest organizers today to ask about the permit we have not yet heard back in san francisco know any woodrow abc 7 news it's a situ. that bay area of food pantry say is dire. but as the pandemic winds down a bit that needs certainly has not tonight. there is concern that the funding m
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funding for some bay area food pantries could soon run out that's because it was especially allocated during the pandemic when we saw the unprecedented need that's right. the money is set to end in just over a month and as abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains the pantries worry that the loss of funding could result in the lack of food access and that could make things only that much worse. as a volunteer at a food pantry. it pays off to have have have he that's because there's no time to lose. we saw with the start of the pandemic is a problem that was already significant prior to the pandemic simply could be magnified in our case. it was magnified three-fold loaves and fishes and martha's kitchen in san jose prov. more than 2 million meals throughout the pandemic. they normally operate on private funding but the city of san jose and county of santa clara provided 1 million dollars in american rescue plan funds to each of them to help with the pandemic burden that funding is
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set to expire in 2022. we don't want to get to the place where we have to start deciding who we can serve and who we can't the food need is very dire and it and it's all over that's what's really amazing as this map created. our data team indicates. the issue is truly widespread the yellow shows all areas with low food access in the south bay. but if we add the filter of low income and low food access nearly 80 areas this highlights the importance of the grant funds to these food pantries. the reality is wild the pandemic may appear to be winding down from hospitalizations and from deaths. unfortunately from covid. our numbers are not decreasing our numbers continue to go up as much as we wish that our services weren't needed and these well didn't need help with food they do and until things change to pull the plug in and abandon them and and leave them without food resources is just a frightening and and horrible thought this month the san jose
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city council will discuss extending the grant contract until june 30th 2022 in san jose dustin abc 7 news. and after the break a trailblazing chef is again marketing her own path. culinary world as she gets ready to open a restaurant in the east bay being homage to her ro to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems,
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mice love it to death. the weekend is here son continues to shine alma. yeah, certainly does it's not feeling like where are we november sandisk or the latest now, it feels more like april. i mean, that's for sure deanna nama. it was spring like at least around the coast in the bay, but not everywhere. i want to show you the high temperatures for today. they're in it was 75 degrees in san jose 70 in the city 73 oakland. look at that san rafael santa rosa 71 degrees near 80 in cloverdale. but while it was nice. build along the peninsula and along the coastline you really have to see where it was not so
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mild 62 the high in fairfield 64 in concord, and that's because the fog just hung around most of the day and you can still see some of that fog right around solano county parts of contra costa county that's going to be with us first thing as we head into tomorrow morning. i want to show you the hourly forecast. it's fog and temperature is 7 o clock tonight 50 60s higher clouds will pass through armless and then tomorrow morning if you've got early plans, you know about the tule fog that fog is going to be blanketing parts of these solano county contra costa county area. also some around the bay shore line and we'll see our usual radiational fog in the north bay. so be prepared for some dense fog if your kids have games early in the morning by the afternoon, though should be a day looking at temperatures in the 60s and 70s by the time we had into the lunch hour and a little bit past so good day to be outside golden gate bridge camera is showing you a clear view there. mid-60, san francisco oakland right now. evan in san jose and 59 and half moon bay from our south beach camera looking good as well 67
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in santa rosa. it is 57 in fairfield once again foggy there. so it's cool 65 in livermore if you're stepping out tonight, you'll want to grab the jacket. all right bay area airports. this is our hawaiian airlines forecast tomorrow mild to warm light breeze sun will be shining low to mid 70s. so if you're flying out of here, you're just fine, but if you're heading to honolulu, it's gonna be a warm 185 degrees new york city looking at show. later in the day 60 chicago 41 and los angeles warm with sunshine. they had some 90s in southern california today. look at this glorious view from our emeryville camera post sunset sky areas of dense fog again tomorrow morning mild to warm days through the weekend and we have a noticeably cooler pattern next week. so as you look here, we're going to fast forward through this one. i don't know how that got in there. sorry about that morning temperatures will be in the 40s and the 50s afternoon highs will look like this in the south bay 76 degrees in san jose. gilroy warm one on the peninsula 74 redwood city 66 in pacifica
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downtown san francisco 69 degrees north bay. you're looking at mid 70s from sonoma to santa rosa in the east bay 70 at berkeley 71 oakland heading inland is going to be a nice day 72 walnut creek 74 in livermore accuweather 7-day forecast autumn warmth tomorrow still very nice on sunday cooler pattern begins with cloudier skies for a new work week more like november midweek. look at that temperatures in the mid 60. inland upper 50s along the coast so it'll feel like it but not until next week almond dan. thanks andy on november is native american heritage month here at abc 7. we're uplifting the voices and stories of the indigenous community tonight. we introduce you to the groundbreaking native american chef opening one of the only restaurants of its kind in the bay area abc 7 news race and culture reporter. julian glover got a first look inside the restaurant before happens to the public saturday morning. native american people native american food is here a lot of people don't know that through her colorful and mouth-watering
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dishes chef crystal lopepa is bringing authentic native american food to the heart of east oakland as wapi paws kitchen prepares to open this saturday in the fruitvale village. how does it feel it feels good. it feels about time. just having the space in this restaurant it is. healing from historica histo colonization. the trailblazing chef was the first native american featured on food network's hit show chopped now adding another accolade as one of if not, the only woman-owned native american restaurant in oakland for me being born and raised as a kickapoo native american and and also african-american from east oakland. if i can do it you can too chef whoppy paw invited us to get a first look at the all-new restaurant bearing her name as she finalized the menu. i was really excited to create this dish right here the hominy it's made with bison.
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it's really good. thank you each menu offering features authentic indigenous foods using only locally sourced and in season ingredients, we call it a wild rice cake our blue corn turkey and waffles. it's one of my favorite. in this the ancient porges which is quinoa emirates and wild rice. it is topped with the spicy chili and a duck egg everything you see right here is something that i up in something that inspired me the chef pulls her inspiration and strength from her ancestors in the kickapoo tribe native to oklahoma. this is one of a dish that is actually good memory of my grandmother. so when i see this dish and when i taste it i can just close my eyes and go back into the kitchen with her. she visions the restaurant as a cultural exchange where people unfamiliar with native cuisine can get a good meal and a good lesson we have turtle beans for incense and we have by visiting her native american food pantry.
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our foods are harvest and i wanted to display that that is my main purpose of letting them see where our foods come from the decor also showcases hand-painted murals by native american artists the meaning of this one is actually corner's life in a corn dance. so if you kind of look more up the corn is looking at you and dancing many of her staff from back of the house to chefs are also native american and say the significance of this space opening during native american heritage month is not lost on them. i worked a lot of restaurants, but never native american one. it was always trying to making someone else's food. so this is the opportunity to kind of make my food here. chef wopepa calls her team his food warriors fighting for rightful space in our history and in our understanding of what native food is because we are warriors when it comes to our food. we're in the front lines of saving our foods and reviving our foods one plate at a time.
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carpet. you see that was rolled out to welcome visitors to disneyland this morning complete with free goodies like hats and it's all part of the day-long celebration of disney plus day marking the second anniversary of the streaming. platform and the celebration expands. well past just disneyland already our parent company says there are more than 115 million subscribers on disney plus and today even more magic is available. yeah, that's because 25 new pieces of content were just added including upcoming marvel titles moon night echo she-hulk and agatha house of harkness and reporter george panaki over la sister station tells us there's also a new home alone movie just in time for the holidays. mom dad uncle blake blake blakeb even know i'm here. they don't even know i'm here in
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home sweet home alone. a family travel mix-up leaves a young boy by himself for christmas ellie kemper and rob delaney play pam and jeff a couple who decide to break into the family's home when they think it's empty. they want to retrieve a valuable heirloom. they mistakingly gave away. the two are not really bad just desperate to get money to keep their own house in this story pam and jeff. get to indulge in a lot of antics and the great silver lining is that they're actually good people. i can't go to jail. i wouldn't last 30 seconds in genpop. what are you doing? they're afraid and they're motivated to try and set things right. so yeah, what's nice about this is you get to know them and really appreciate why they're doing what they're doing. so it it's i mean it might sound silly on paper, but when you watch it, it really starts to make a lot of sense. jojo rabbits rgh plays the
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resourceful 10 year old max the macaulay culkin of this news story ashley b takes over the catherine o'hara role as his frantic mom like kevin in the original max digs deep and realizes he can defend his home against the amateur robbers using a series of clever homemade tricks and traps. there's something fun. oh archie thinks this is rick movie for families over this holiday season it's fun. it's violent. what more could you ask from a family-friendly pg film and that's what children like funny mary violence in hollywood george panacchio for abc 7 news. all right, true. i suppose with the younger kids. all right world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'mma dates for sandhya patel all of us here. thank you for joining us tonight, and we'll see
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tonight, breaking news. steve bannon, one of president trump's closest allies, indicted by a federal grand jury for refusing to comply with a subpoena to answer questions about january 6th. bannon facing federal charges now after refusing to appear before the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol and what led up to it. the day before the riot, bannon on his podcast telling his listeners, quote, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow, and, quote, tomorrow is game day. it was the next day, the attack, and as part of it, rioters could be heard yelling, "hang mike pence." tonight, the interview with former president trump months after the riots. our jonathan karl asking him, were you concerned about the vice president's safety? and how he answers. when jon presses about the
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