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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 13, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it is heartbreaking to see so much rampant violence in the city of oakland this year. liz: his own daughter was killed by gun violence. now, community activist is pleading for peace in the midst of a deadly year. plus, an update to breaking news we told you about last night. california highway patrol shares new details overnight about an east bay amber alert. good morning. it is saturday, november 13. you are watching abc 7 news at 8:00. i am liz kreutz. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: we have a slight offshore
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wind in the upper elevations pushing that bayside. that is why we have a dense fog advisory until 11:00. it is also squishing the marine layer closer to the water due to high pressure building in. here is a look at how bad it is out there. anywhere from no visibility to 1/8 of a mile. doing better in livermore. in san francisco, the fog is close to the ground. 59 in half moon bay. 48 degrees in santa rosa. 50 in concord and livermore. we will keep the sunny skies throughout the day today. a beautiful afternoon. warmer than we should be by five to six degrees for everyone from the coast to our inland valleys. changes for sunday. details coming up. liz: thank you. we will start with an update in the search for a three-year-old boy at the center of an amber
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alert in the east bay. california highway patrol says the child has been found. the suspect accused of abducting the boy was a 30-year-old. authorities activated the alert. they believed he was on his way to san jose. police say the child was taken after a double shooting in sacramento yesterday afternoon. a man and woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect took the woman's three-year-old child. it is unclear the relationship between the suspect and the people shot. we have reached out to find out if he has also been located. a toddler, a concert attendee, and a man in the middle of his workday all hit by stray bullets in oakland this week. the latest case, a worker installing security equipment now in critical condition after he was shot thursday. tim johns has more on how the community and elected leaders are pushing and calling for change.
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reporter: in a matter of days, three incidents involving stray bullets in the city of oakland. the first involved the 23-month-old who was killed in his mother's car on 880. and then, a concertgoer wounded outside the fox theater. the third happened thursday afternoon when installer was shot in the job in east oakland. >> i wish i knew the answer. it is heartbreaking to see so much rampant violence in the city of oakland this year. reporter: he is the founder of a group that works to stop violence in the city. he says the current situation is the worst in years. >> you have to be on guard and be aware of your surroundings at all time. that is for anybody. i have never felt like that in my city that i love. reporter: it is a view shared by the oakland police chief who spoke at an event friday held for jasper wu.
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>> we continue to say the violence must stop. we need to see firearms removed from our streets. we are doing everything we can to address violence in the city of oakland. reporter: the violence is of major concern for city leaders. the open councilmember represents the district where the security installer was shot. he says he is working on an action plan to stem the violence. >> this takes a toll on everybody. it is time we step up to bring the resources necessary. reporter: he says his plan will focus on crime prevention and response simultaneously. he also acknowledges that while those may be long-term solutions, some things need to be done to help the community right now. >> we need to look at increasing our police force so they are available and ready to respond to deter in the areas where we know there is consistently high crime. reporter: in oakland, tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: a personal injury claim has
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been filed by six high school student in palo alto. they say they have been bullied since the start of the school year. they claim school administration has failed to do enough to protect them. there have been allegations of the n word bei word against the victims. according to the claim, one victim went to the emergency room with a bleeding ear and another to the school nurse after being hit in the neck. experts say there is a significant increase in bullying nationwide. x there are a lot of things kids are frustrated about. their lives have been turned upside down the last couple of years. we are seeing models of frustration aggression all around us. liz: the school's principal said we take reports of bullying and harassment seriously adding that protective measures are in place. if anyone in your family is
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struggling with bullying or mental health, we have resources on our website. moving in preparation for the holiday season, two bay area health departments are opening up booster shots to all adults 18 and older. san francisco and sonoma counties announced the policy change. previously guidelines recommended boosters only for high-risk individuals. a judge has sided with governor newsom allowing the states require teachers and students to continue to wear masks indoors at school. two groups challenged the mandate in court. the biden administration is still blocked from forcing large workplaces to require vaccines or weekly testing for all employees. critics who brought the suit claimed the policy would be government overreach. today, there will be vaccination clinics open for children 5-11.
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san mateo county is hosting a playland clinic that will include superheroes and even a red carpet at the san mateo county event center from 9:00 to 4:00. sonoma county will hold clinics at two schools listed on your screen. both are open from 10:00 to 11:00. pharmacists at kaiser permanente are planning a weeklong strike in northern california starting monday. the pharmacy guild has been in contract negotiations with kaiser since july 31. it accuses the company of unfair labor practices. other things may be affecte the company is asking its patients to fill subscriptions in advance or order refills online or by phone. in a statement, kaiser said in part, "we are disappointed the guild would ask members to walk away from the patients that depend upon them every day and
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elaborately disrupt their care. we are committed to continuing to bargain in good faith to reach an agreement." today, an annual memorial will take place to remember a fallen san francisco police officer. current and former members of the sfpd family will gather to honor james felt who was killed in the line of duty 27 years ago today. he was fatally shot by a heavily armed carjacking suspect in 1994. his death led the sfpd to change the way officers were armed. that's our money has taken place every year since his passing. tonight's event starts at 6:00. dozens of new trees will be planted at a spot that burned in a big fire a couple of years ago. 80 new trees will go into the ground at the cal state maritime academy campus. volunteers with the student conservation association are teaming up with the arbor day foundation and ups to make this happen. their goal is to plant more
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trees than the number lost to fire burned through part of the campus in 2019. the oakland zoo's back open. it is drawing thousands back the zoo. luz peña was there last night. >> glowfari! reporter: that is the song they have been singing the whole night. they have been looking forward to this day. displays of their favorite animals up close. >> i like dinosaurs. it is mind going. we never get to be this close to animals because they run away. >> the elephant will move the trunk up and down. reporter: we get a tour of the two-hour safari.
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they have five themes from winter wonderland to african savannah. okt there are over 100 animal lanterns. the real animals are asleep right now. >> i am kind of sad you cannot see the real animals. reporter: the zoo has a limit of 2300 guests which means you have to purchase tickets in advance. the glowfari opens from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. which means no bedtime for many. no bedtime for you either? >> around 11:00. 12:00 tops. reporter: are your parents listening? >> they are right there. liz: that sounds really fun. let's get a check outside. foggy this morning. lisa: you get a good perspective down through the valleys below. it will take a couple of hours
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to clear out. in the city, we have sunshine. temperatures this bonding to the high pressure. i will explain coming. liz: millions of americans are calling it quits. what the nationwide worker shortage means for your wallet. later, san fw venuee music conservatory. the special guest there to celebrate the building's
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get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. liz: vice-president kamala harris honored the six anniversary of the 2015 paris attacks. she dropped off flowers at a café that was one of the targets. the vice president was joined by the second gentleman. 130 people were killed when gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a sports stadium, music hall, and several other sites in and around paris. the islamic state later claimed responsibility for the attacks. a record 4.4 million americans quit their job in september.
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as businesses gear up for the holidays, workers and products are in short supply. it is contributing to the sharp rise in prices. rachel scott has more on how long this could last. reporter: the white house on the defensive amid the news a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september. jen psaki putting a rosy spin on the numbers. >> ultimately, that is a good thing. many workers feel this is a good time to look for a better job. reporter: experts say that is not the only reason so many people are quitting. there's also difficulty finding childcare during the pandemic, a mismatch between skills and jobs, and a large number of retirements. the government searched support for americans with enhanced unemployment, rental assistance, and food subsidies. the bottom line is businesses are desperately searching for workers. >> i could easily hire another
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10 people. it is hard to get even one. reporter: she owns a bakery and restaurant in maryland. because she cannot find workers, she has been forced to curtail her offerings and cannot see as many customers. the cost of ingredients is skyrocketing. >> a case of butter increased $15 last week to this week. eggs can jump $20 from week to week. reporter: the analyst says what we are seeing is a perfect storm. >> the worker shortages are conflating with supply chain problems creating this massive shortage of products and higher prices. reporter: he predicts inflation will remain high for more than a year. >> i think we are seeing the worst of the inflation right now. it will not get better fast. liz: covid-19 related supply chain problems have led to a shortage impacting california wine country. winemakers tell us glass bottles are becoming almost impossible
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to find. shipments of traditional 750 milliliter wine bottles are mostly manufactured in china and now delayed for months. wineries operate on seasonal schedules and need to make room for the next harvest so they have set out to try and buy go h glass bottles wherever they can. >> we have had an increase in calls from wineries needing to buy bottles from us because they cannot get them anywhere else. liz: winemakers say it could take months or years for the glass bottle shortage to resolve itself. let's get a check outside. a warm saturday this weekend. not your usual november weather. lisa: we are seeing a break in the city. everybody else is under a lot of fog. that is why we have a dense fog advisory. there certainly is some sun. we will spread it around for the rest of you today.
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the cloud cover to the north is an atmospheric river pushing into the pacific northwest. we have a dominant ridge of high pressure overhead and a slight offshore flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere pushing the fog from the central valley into the east bay and stopping right about here where we have some sunshine and milder temperatures downtown. it is 50 five in the city. 52 in oakland. half moon bay at 61 degrees. temperatures near 70 today. glorious if you like it mild. we also need some rain. there could be a chance for the upcoming work week. 54 in nevada where you have visibility down to nothing and into parts of the east bay. concord very foggy. vacaville and san
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livermore is ok as well as hayward. in the next hour or two, weo, we get into hazy conditions and then full sunshine. there is the direction of the upper level wind north to northeast. that is all it takes on a long night to transport the fog. as it expands, we decrease visibility in the early morning hours. we have fog and sunshine on the way with mild today and tomorrow. tomorrow is cloudier. cooler next week. that is seasonal for this time of year. the fog is going to stick around in the central valley. we have full sunshine today. at the coast, mild today in the 60's. yesterday, it was 73. 70 downtown. high clouds tomorrow for a partly cloudy afternoon. it may be a few degrees cooler. today, mild, upper 60's, light
8:19 am
wind 70's in santa cruz. as we look at the week ahead, here is the first system to the north. the second system brings clouds on monday. here is the system that could see a little rain coming our way. we need more model agreement before we buy into that. in the meantime, cooler conditions as the systems travel across the pacific. 71 in oakland. 73 in fremont. if you like it mild, it will be nice. five to eight degrees above average even along the shoreline. we still had warmth yesterday despite high clouds. monday, we start the cooldown. tuesday and wednesday even cooler. maybe we will bring in rain. we have to buy a lot of models before we believe it. that one looked kind of aggressive but promising. liz: thank you. happening today, teenagers and marin county are getting a chance to show off their talents. they have created multimedia
8:20 am
experiences to tell the lost stories of marin city's black workers during world war ii. the executive director helped make it happen. she is joining us to tell us about it. good to see you. tell us more about who they are and what is happening today. >> the marinovato of middle school and high school students that worked over the summer with industry professionals. it was a great summer program. they learned techniques of vr and being in the sound room. they also did storytelling and worked with many industry professionals to tell the stories of black workers. what is exciting is they produced a great soundtrack that will be featured today. exciting part is we created the
8:21 am
history to put in qr codes so people can go to the posters and hear the voices of the original workers. it was one of the most exciting programs i have worked on in a very long time. liz: that sounds incredible. i note today is the first of 80 events leading up to the 80th anniversary of marin city next year. what are you hoping to highlight? >> there have been so many untold stories about the black workers who worked in the shipyards. marin city black residentstststs endured so many struggles to survive in marin county. leading up to the 80-year celebration, we are kicking it off today but the main project is starting next year in january. there will be a series of events leading up to september.
8:22 am
there is going to be a big exhibit at the marin center, the exhibit hall, the gallery. the work you see now was created by a local artist who lives in oakland and he created the artwork based on original works we have from the black workers. it is so exciting because marin city has been hidden. a lot of people know about marin , but when you think about marin city, they are surprised there are black people that live in marin county. it has been 80 years. the project is to focus on the untold stories of the black experience. liz: it is so important that we share these stories. i have 30 seconds. i know there is an album. there is an event today. tell us how people can support you and participate. >> you can go to our website.
8:23 am
we also have information. the event is at 12:00 today. we are hoping many people will show up. thank you for allowing me to tell our story this morning. liz: absolutely. thank you so much for joining us. what an incredible event an incb we look forward to the other events. you can check out the multimedia projects. there is an album that we mentioned. the art, the live music at the marin gateway shopping center today from noon to 3:00. >> ♪ liz: that will be music to your ears. a musical superstar comes to san francisco's newest concert venue for a very
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liz: department was in the holiday spirit. it helped make a very important delivery. that is video officers shared escorting the rockefeller christmas tree into manhattan. the norway spruce made a 100-40 mile trek from maryland. now that it has arrived, the fun part begins. workers will lift it up and it will be decorated in time for the holidays. northern california has only one music conservatory. it is located in san francisco. a new venue has been added that will offer free concerts for the public. a renowned musician was here to celebrate the completion of the
8:27 am
building. we had melendez got the lucky assignment and tells us who it is. reporter: it is as if each note coming from the steinway floated majestically through the air. the pianist demonstrated the quality of one of two pols at the conservatory's new center. it is surrounded by other in the heart of hayes valley. despite the concert halls, it has a recording studio, teaching spaces, and housing for 422 students. the conservatory president. >> it is able to house all of the students from the ballet as well as the conservatory. reporter: that is music to her ears. she is a vocal student at the conservatory. >> it is cheaper than living in an apartment in this area. it is great because you get to build a community with the rest of the students.
8:28 am
reporter: to concert hall is located on the 11th story overlooking the busy avenue. do you hear that? silence. that makes this the perfect location for any performance. imagine having someone like yo-yo ma perform here. [applause] >> look at this. wow. >> ♪ reporter: open to the public next february, unfortunately without yo-yo ma. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. liz: i t i t lucky assignment. still to come, healing
8:29 am
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. announcer: building a better bay area, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. we are going to start this half-hour with a look at the weather. lisa, it is starting out foggy but will warm up. lisa: livermore, you are sunny as well as san francisco. visibility is restricted from san jose to san carlos at 1/2 of a mile. 1/8 of a mile in oakland. you cannot see anything in
8:32 am
concord or novato. it gets worse before it gets better. then we will break out into sunshine in the 11:00 hour at the latest. 55 in san francisco. from pier 39, you can see the sea lions. a sunny morning for them. 50 in concord. the fog is drifting in from the valley across the bay. sunny by 10:00. upper 60's by noontime. another mild afternoon to above average. look at all of the 70's arriving with the yellows. a cool night tonight. the fog returns. we will talk about an opportunity for ray next week. liz: thank you. we have details on the three-year-old boy abducted incent clementa -- abducted in sacramento last night. the amber alert was called off after everybody was located.
8:33 am
the 30-year-old is suspected in the kidnapping. he is in custody. san francisco police say he is suspected of shooting a man and woman during the abduction. police say they are working on reuniting the three-year-old with his parents. he faces felony charges for the kidnapping and double shooting. most of us have seen a ranking system for national weather phenomenon hurricanes, but what about a ranking system for heat waves? they are working to create an early warning system for extreme heat systems. california would be the first state to use the ranking system. officials say heat waves are known as the silent killer. they are responsible for more deaths and injuries than any other natural weather event. >> heat related injuries and illness account for more in the e.r. compared to other extreme weather events. liz: the system will have three
8:34 am
levels from most to least threatening. the system is expected to protect seniors and those without insurance. the bill will be introduced to state legislators as early as january. you have heard the use of goats to cut the risk of wildfire danger. they are now turning to sheep to help homeowners protect their property. they have about 700 sheep they send around ventura and santa barbara counties. they eat the brush eliminating hazards and creating fire breaks. the owners say it is a green and sustainable way of creating fire breaks. reporter: the sheep can create a burn break. if a fire comes, it hits the landscape and stopped. their job is one thing, eat. [laughter] liz: she says the sheep can get
8:35 am
places where machinery cannot. these animals are hungry and can clear a big field in days. november is native american heritage month. here at abc 7, we are uplifting the stories of the indigenous community. today, we introduce you to the groundbreaking native american chef opening one of the only restaurants of its kind in the bay area. julian glover got a first look inside the restaurant before it opens to the public this morning. >> native american people, native american food is here. a lot of people don't know that. julian: through her colorful dishes, she is bringing authentic native american food to the heart of east oakland. how does it feel? >> it feels good. it feels about time. just having space in the restaurant is healing historical trauma from colonization. julian: the trailblazing chef
8:36 am
was the first native american featured on food network's "chopped." >> for me being born and as a kickapoo native american and also african american from east oakland, if i can do it, you can too. julian: she invited us to get a first look at the only restaurant bearing her name as she finalized the menu. >> i was excited to create this dish. it is how many made with bison. julian: really good. each menu offering features authentic indigenous foods using only locally sourced and in season ingredients. >> blue corn turkey and waffles is one of my favorite. this is one of the ancient porridges topped with spicy
8:37 am
chili and a duck egg. julian: she pulls her inspiration and strength from her ancestors from the kickapoo tribe, native to oklahoma. >> this is a good memory of my grandmother. when i taste it, i can close my eyes and go back into the kitchen with her. julian: she envisions the restaurant as a cultural exchange where people unfamiliar with native cuisine can get a good meal and a good lesson. by visiting her native american food pantry. >> i wanted to display that. that is my main purpose of letting them see where our food comes from. julian: the ducouer also showcases hand-painted murals by native american artists. >> this is the corn dance. the corn is looking at you and dancing. julian: many of her staff are
8:38 am
also native americans and say the signi space opening during native american heritage month is not lost on them. >> i was always making some else's food. this is the opportunity to make my food here. julian: she calls her team indigenous food warriors, fighting for a rightful space in our history and understanding of what native food is. >> we are warriors when it comes to our food. we are in the frontlines of saving our foods and reviving our foods. julian: one plate at a time. liz: it looks delicious. the restaurant is located at 3301 in overland and opens today at 11:00. what a great thing to check out this weekend. still ahead, san francisco's
8:39 am
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liz: today is the final day of national animal shelter appreciation week. it is a time to recognize the people and organizations that provide care for millions of americans every year in our country. this month is adopt a senior pet month which is why we are bringing san francisco's muttville senior dog rescue into the conversation. joining us live is founder sherri franklin. who do you have with you? >> this little girl's name is yoshima. she is up for adoption at muttville during adopt a senior pet month.
8:42 am
we have 50 to 60 adoptable dogs right now at muttville. we would love to have you come and visit. liz: we are showing other cute videos. the entire month is your time to shine. what else do you have going on this month? >> we have a big something really fun is august home has this. it is great for me because i have multiple dogs in my home. i now have it on my door. i show my hand and it opens. i don't have to mess with keys with dogs in my hand. they are donating to every adopter this month, they are getting one of those free from august home. i put it in myself which was
8:43 am
amazing. if i can do it, anybody can. liz: you have a special event today. what is going on? we have a big open house today where we have a lot of adoptable dogs. bear with me. i am going to bring up one more. these two spent the night at my house. that is why they are here. misha. liz: tell us about misha. >> this is a 13-year-old bichon that was brought to a vet clinic to be euthanized. the clinic called us because they realized this little girl had a joy of life and they did not want to euthanize her, so they brought her to us. we work with all different kinds of people. we take dogs from shelters,
8:44 am
senior dogs from shelters all over. we have big dogs, small dogs. today, we have a big adoption open house. there will be a lot of dogs for you to meet. even if you are not interested in adopting today, it is a great day to go get some senior dog love at muttville. we are there from 11:00 until 3:00. you should definitely come by and get some cuddles today. who knows what will happen? liz: tell us about the joys of adopting an older dog. a lot of people go for puppies. >> first of all, i had to wake them up this morning so you get to sleep in a little bit with an older dog. [laughter] you don't have to puppy proof your house. a lot of people don't want to make a 15-year commitment to an animal. and adopting a senior dog, you
8:45 am
don't have to make that long of a commitment but you are rescuing them and they know it. they are so grateful. they fit into the home easily. they are good with children. we match make. if they are good with children, we will put them in a home with children. they are great for senior citizens. they only need to walk around the block, not a big hike. some of our dogs do like hiking. liz: the ones that you have shown us are adorable. we hope everyone can check this out today. thank you for joining us this morning. thanks for being here. >> come to and check out all of the dogs. even if you cannot make it today, you might see a dog that interest you. we are here to help. liz: thank you. we help a lot of people check it out today. >> thank you so much. liz: you can check out the adoption event today at the muttville headquarters at 225
8:46 am
alabama street from 11:00 to 2:00. that might make you want to get another one. lisa: i have a senior. he is perfect for me. still kind of hazy with the fog. temperatures this afternoon another five to seven degrees above where we should be for mid-november. we will get back on track. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. ♪ ♪ ♪
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look at his former student work on alex caruso. curry driving to the left and finishing with the right. time for your nightly gary peyton steel and slam. steph curry did the rest. 15 in the third. pull up j. 9-17 from d. finished with 40. the smile tells the story. the warriors roll
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college hoops. he scored the first five points. the broncos had the next 21. early christmas present for the broncos. pipes with 24 points. shockingly, all santa clara. justice bringing the house down. broncos 88-72..... saint mary's and texas southern. he has his moves down. spending, baseline, scoring, plus the foul. they have the lead for good. career-high 19 off the bench. in baseball news, the giants rewarding gabe kapler with an extension that will keep him managing through the 2024 season. he guided the giants to a 100-7 win season along with the n.l. west title, feeling very much at home in the bay area. >> i was given an opportunity to
8:51 am
show our organization and some people in the city and the bay that i can do a good job in this role. i don't take that opportunity lightly. this feels like an endorsement of what i already felt which is that i belong here. >> team usa and mexico, world cup qualifier. scoreless in the 74th minute until he made it 1-0. 2-0 team usa is your final. have a great weekend, everybody. liz: let's get a check of the weather. it is certainly going to feel like spring this weekend. lisa: yesterday. many cities around the bay socked in with fog. dense fog in oakland and
8:52 am
mountain view. you can see the perspective of the blanket of low clouds. 51 in napa was 50 in livermore. a few cities are in the clear such as livermore and half moon bay. the rest of us, zero mile visibility in hayward. you were doing pretty good. it is getting closer to the bay. it is getting more dense and getting worse in spots. then it evaporates and lifts. we have the dense fog advisory through 11:00. noticeably cooler week. here is the plan. 10:00, 11:00, 11:00, the fog is on the bay. we have full sunshine the rest of the day. our beaches will have mostly sunny skies. high clouds increase for sunday. that is sunday afternoon. still above average but a little below average. we should be 64 in san francisco to 67 in santa rosa this time of year. mid-70's.
8:53 am
santa cruz at 75. the peninsula mid-70's. downtown, upper 60's. looking at widespread 70's from novato to san francisco. when the sun comes out, it will turn out to be a nice afternoon. low 70's in oakland. inland, temperatures quite mild at 74 in pleasanton and livermore. we have changes for sunday. the accuweather forecast featuring the warmest day of the week today. high clouds tomorrow. clouds increase bringing temperatures down on monday. further cooling on tuesday. more like november on wednesday. thursday and friday, a mix of clouds and sun. that could be our next opportunity for rain. we will keep you posted.
8:54 am
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>liz: streets lr britney spears. yesterday, the judge terminated the conservatorship controlling the popstar. her father stepped down from the controversial agreement in late september. it has controlled her life, medical decisions, and $60 million estate for nearly 14 years. she tweeted yesterday that i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day, best day ever, praise the lord, can i get an amen. the popstar is free but has said she wants to see her father in jail. taylor swift fans swarmed a new york theater to celebrate the hit many say is the best song of her career. the grammy-winning singer screened short film that accompanied a 10-minute version of her hit. it was part of the release of her re-2012 album. >> it is really beautiful more
8:57 am
than anything. i am 31 years old. i am getting to look back on the music and just see music and art and see experiences i have had in concerts and things fans have told me. it was mine. now it is really shared. liz: after the screening, she brought out her guitar and sang ian acoustic version case you missed country music's biggest night, you can still see your favorite artists come together for the cma awards. the show features performances by the hottest stars and collaborations you cannot see anywhere else. the cma awards are streaming only on hulu. let's get a final check of the weather. it is going to be pretty nice today which some people might enjoy but it does not feel like november. lisa: temperatures well above average.
8:58 am
a lot of folks not even seeing the sun yet because we have a lot of dense fog from concord to hayward to oakland and even toward santa rosa. that lifts in the next two hours. today is the sunniest and warmest day of the week. who with high clouds tomorrow. back to average the rest of the week. liz: thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. next at 9:00, the michigan wolverines face penn state. at 12:30 the boilermakers take on ohio state. the fighting irish play the virginia cavaliers. thanks again for joining us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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