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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 13, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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that's the message to kaiser patients ahead of a potential pharmacist strike on monday. i'll have the latest on where the negotiations stand you cdc data showing florida having a better covid case of death rate than california the local experts say we should now be looking at the data differently miles warren temperatures continue tomorrow. enjoy it while you can because a cooldown is on the way abc 7 news starts, right? building a better bay area are moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i had to stay in line twice nearly took me a two hours. stocking up on pills and patience kaiser permanente members in the bay area line up to get their prescriptions filled before planned strike by pharmacists. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. you're watching abc 7 news at 11
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live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream we begin with developing news no deal tonight to avoid a strike by kaiser permanente pharmacists in the bay area. here's a quick breakdown of all of today's developments kaiser today reached a tentative agreement to avert strikes in in california, oregon and hawaii the four-year contract covers nearly 50,000 healthcare employees in 22 unions pharmacists in northern california. tell us they still have no deal and they're set to walk off the job on monday abc 7 news reporter. tim johns learned late tonight a new new route of negotiations is planned. with the clock running down before a 3 am deadline on monday pharmacists in the bay area say they're ready to go on strike if a deal isn't reached with permanente want a fair contract. john lee is the president of the guild for professional pharmacists the labor group leading the negotiations. he says that while kaiser has said active talks have been taking place before tonight. he hasn't heard from them in
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weeks in negotiations and bargaining with the guilt, which is a boat la bowface lie that didn't happen the potential strike could impact patients all over the bay area at the kaiser pharmacy in oakland. kevin lee says he waited in line for hours to get his prescription filled got here about so about 2:30 today and almost maybe a couple hours now and it just was a nightmare and he tells me that while the staff on hand was working as fast as they could they simply couldn't keep up with the demand with many kaiser members getting the prescriptions they need for the next week now in case the strike. happens everybody's frustrated, you know, and and i don't blame them, you know, and and what kind of bothered me most of all you have elderly people in line the guilt for professional pharmacists say their patients are their top priority. they tell me many of their members will work without pay throughout the strike in order to help meet their needs. we have always care for the patients. we will lead, you know do
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everything we can for the patients the guild says the nets round of talks is set to take place on sunday. afternoon, they're calling me to the table tomorrow. are to negotiate the employee at 1 pm. but in case things don't get resolved kaiser says it has contingency plans in place and that it's male delivery pharmacy will still be available in oakland tim. johns abc 7 news. also without a deal tonight a group of kaiser engineers who went on strike september the 18th that it was 57 days ago. they want better working conditions at higher pay now. i've been an employee with kaiser since 1995. hopefully we can get this all resolved because i still want to be a proud worker for kaiser because they've they've given, you know, they've made my life possible and i just want to make sure we keep that going. the labor union that represents the striking engineers says that even though discussions to get a deal done have been moving
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pretty slowly lately. there has been some movement three year old has been found safe in hayward after an amber alert last night new video tonight shows the exact moment that the child was taken and we want to offer this warning first that some might find it disturbing you can see a man tussling with a woman over the child frightening moments captured by a security camera. this happened yesterday outside of home in sacramento the man manages to rip the child. right out of the woman's arms police say the child was located this morning in good health and will be reunited with family the suspect joshua yago is accused of shooting two people then taking the child investigators believe yago knew the shooting victims and the child although their relationship at this point is unclear. the shooting victims are expected to survive in iago has been arrested. florida currently has a lower covid case and death rate per capita compared to california this according to data just from tweak from the cdc. however, local health experts say we need to start looking at some of this data differently
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abc 7 news reporter ryan curry live in the newsroom. so ryan, what is it exactly? they'd like to see changed. larry i spoke with a couple doctors tonight from ucsf saying they want to see hospitalizations be the new statistic that we metric going forward when comparing the two states. they did say overall, california is doing better in the pandemic compared to florida. the new covid case rate map from the cdc shows a big difference between two ends of the country, california still in the orange substantial transmission group and florida now in the yellow moderate level this snapshot comparison now to me, florida versus california, it's completely not surprising it has to do with who gets recently hit hard dr. peter chin hong says covid case rates fluctuated throughout the pandemic. he says each state saw surges at one point if we focus on sections of course is always going to look weird with spikes here spikes there. however, what's interesting is the way both states reacted to
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the pandemic california has implemented many restrictions while florida did not dr. monica gandhi thinks one reason why florida has a low rate currently is because a lot of their population already contracted the virus and is also vaccinated. she says having a mixed population like that can lead to a certain level of her immunity. there is no question. the natural immunity is playing a role here, and it's not just the cases that they had before but what's happened since they got the vaccine. however, both doctors say we need to change the way we look at the virus with vaccines now available. they say the most important metric now as hospitalizations that tells them how serious the pandemic is and how well the vaccines are working. we are not going to be able to raticate pieces of this virus when you go to the endomicity phase. what's important is to track? what impacts public health and impacts people's lives, which is getting sick. and both doctors pointed out the
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overall impact covid had on california and florida particularly deaths. yes, natural immunity is a factor right now in florida, but overall florida ranks, eighth worst in this in the country in total deaths 54% higher than california in the newsroom ryan curry abc 7 news, right? thank you. on the 27th anniversary of officer james jeff's death the san francisco police department held a memorial service to remember the fallen officer. jeff was killed in the line of duty shot by a carjacking suspect shelf was the first respond to the call of a man with a gun upon his arrival officer. jeff was confronted by the suspect who then opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle. jeff soldier brother says he loved his job. he would love nothing more than to be here with his fellow officers. working for the city. he loved being a san francisco
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police officer. it was one of the joys of his life. officer jeff served the san francisco police department for 10 years. he survived by two children. we have some developing news now out of the east bay of fremont police officer was injured after being involved in a major collision with another vehicle. this crash happened around 6:40 this evening on niles canyon road while the officer was responding to a call. we're being told the officer was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries a passenger from the second vehicle involved in the crash took themselves to the emergency room with some complaints of pain that crash currently under investigation the climate and environment issues we focus on in the effort to build a better bay area the cop 26 climate summit wrapped up today now india made a late change to the agreement leaving many countries unhappy with the final version abc news reporter ty hernandez tells us nearly 200 countries still signed the pact two weeks of talks at the nearly 200
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nations adopted the controver. agreement aimed at keeping a key target alive limiting warming to one and a half degrees celsius. we now have in place the glasgow climate pact agreed amongst all the parties here. this is a fragile wind tensions rose on the final day as india proposed watering down language. about the use of of of of of off adage of negotiation you can't let that perfect. be the enemy of the good the 10-page document lays out how the world will attempt to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. we emerge from glasgow having dramatically raised the world's ambition to solve this challenge in this decade and beyond but there are still deep divisions including rel. is on the part of wealthier nations to provide financial support to countries more vulnerable to the impacts of
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climate change. i mean g20 is responsible for over 80% of global emissions if we don't agree on reversing that we will see more extreme weather reaction already pouring in british prime minister boris johnson on twitter calling this the moment humanity finally got real about climate change, but the executive year of greenpeace saying the deal is weak, but it doesn't meet the moment of the climate emergency. it keeps 1.5 barely alive should have been much bolder ty hernandez abc news, new york. onto the weather now live look outside on a clear night. we enjoyed a warm day temperatures almost 10 degrees above average abc 7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan here to let us know if this unseasonably warm weather will continue. we hope tomorrow francis. yeah. larry is so nice today. i ordered another one for you for tomorrow. so enjoy it while you can because things are changing as larry showed you here's a live
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view from the exploratorium winds were light. we had a slight offshore flow and that allowed temperatures to really warm up with a lot of the sunshine. tomorrow will start off with some dense fog again. we already have some dense fog in concord and also parts of the north bay and tomorrow temperatures warming up into 70s, but then some cooler weather and possibly some rain on the way coming up larry. all right, francis see you with a full forecast in a few minutes in the east bay of solution that helps both athletes in oakland as well as unhoused residents the athol tennis courts next to lake merritt had been fully renovated. the grand opening was held today. the courts were previously a homeless encampment. city council president nikki fortunato bass says housing was found for all of the residents the courts then got some new resurfacing and hardware people can book time to use the courts on the city of oakland website. supply chain delays now impacting one of california's most valuable agricultural products. the state's not farmers finding themselves stuck their shipments
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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. nuts one of california's most valuable agricultural products now also being impacted by the supply chain crisis right now companies are struggling to obtain shipping containers. at the california valley nut company in manteca shipments that were supposed to go out in october are just leaving next week for some products with a shorter shelf life. like let's say walnuts. the clock is ticking the product becomes ruined and so you lose that money. the buyer loses out and the and the seller loses out. executives at the nut company say they're also having to pay a
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premium for those shipping containers last season of container might cost about $2,200 and now prices are close to five or six thousand dollars per container. special ceremony today for a new boat dock in san francisco recs and park leaders held a ribbon cutting at lake merced joined by the california dragon boat association. the 130 foot dock was updated and brought into a compliance with standards to better serve visitors. disabilities the 1.68 million dollar project was paid for by a community fund after advocus advocacy by community supporters whale watchers were delighted when they were greeted by a huge pod of killer whales off the coast of monterey these images sent to us from that s capredria between 80 to 100 offshore killer whales stretched over a few miles they yesterday morning a rare sight to see is killer whales are typically seen in
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monterey traveling in smaller pods between april through may and late august through october great afternoon for whale watching or whatever you want to do francis. dean. austin is here and 70 and sunny in the middle of november. we'll take it. i know. and we have another day coming our way with warmer than average temperatures. sunshine as well, but we do see some increasing clouds and that's because of a that's going to bring us some cooler weather but not until monday. here's a look at live doppler 7 the satellite raider image. so most of us under some clear skies, very calm winds out there, but there is some thick fog developing already, especially in parts of the north bay and east bay visibility is down to half a mile in santa rosa only a fourth of a mile in backville and concord so we could see some dense fog once again, especially during the early morning hours for parts of the north bay and the east bay but right around the bay area, it's just looking so gorgeous. side from emeryville you can see clear across the bay bridge and san francisco in the beautiful
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city lights temperatures are mostly in the 50s right now san francisco still. hang on to 57, oakland 55, sanf0 degrees and this time from mount tam. we're looking south towards san francisco. you can see the very distinct salesforce tower there santa rosa currently 53. so low 50s for almost everyone else through napa fairfield conquered and livermore and this time from the east bay hills you see a very gorgeous view of the east bay and san francisco and here's what you need to know about the forecast. so we're going to be dealing with early morning dense fog mailing north bain east bay, but another mile to warm day tomorrow temperatures above average but noticeably cooler for next week and you'll notice the cooldown will begin on monday. here's a look at the forecast animation model and you'll see some clouds at the coast. we'll see some high clouds passing through but high pressures in place, so that's enough to keep the system. to our north so we'll be dry for the next few days. but with those high clouds we
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will also see increasing fog tomorrow morning and some low clouds temperatures in the low 50s around the bay and some upper 40s through parts of the north bay like was a vallejo in parts of the east bay as well concord and livermore at 48 degrees now tomorrow we're going to warm up once again low 70s for almost everyone san francisco 70 san jose 76 oakland 73 so mild with those high clouds passing through it will still be a nice day to head to the beaches half moon bay at 69 and then santa cruz at 76 degrees. so here's what i mean when i say we're above average over the next seven days in the south bay where normally at 6. and but tomorrow will be at 76 then he gets a little bit cooler monday, but then noticeably cooler towards the end of the week as another system comes towards the bay area and this one might even bring us a chance of rain on thursday. so here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. we have another gorgeous day
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great time to do anything outdoors clouds start to increase on monday, but the system stays to our north but it will cool things down throughout the week and then system we're looking out for that could bring us some sprinkles. i say sprinkles and mainly for the north bay will definitely bring cooler weather for everyone towards the end of the work week. so enjoy the gorgeous warm weather while you can this weekend larry. yeah francis will hope for rain. let's say thursday in the meantime, enjoy all that sunshine, right? all right coming up let it roll a spot in san francisco. that is undergoing a major transformation now an outdoor roller skating rink, but for a limited time
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get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. skaters can enjoy an outdoor roller rink set up in the dogpatch neighborhood this event showing off the new 28 acre waterfront neighborhood that is still under construction at historic pier 70. this is the first time the pier has been open to the public in
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more than a hundred years once a giant producer of shipbuilding. it's currently being restored to feature restaurants. spaces and homes, even though the first phase of the project will not open until mid-2023 people are taking advantage of what the site currently has to offer skating is freedom. skating is fun. skating is inclusive skating is a type of thing that takes you away from all you problems of the world and put you in a happy place where you can dance skate. have fun. i love it. excellent summation last day for this free event is tomorrow and it opens at noon looks like a good time also free right now chris alvarez with a look at sports and you're loaded tonight. yeah, actually, let's go skating larry, that'd be fun would be fun coming up in sports sharks. hit the ice at full strength in san jose state looking to become bowl eligible in stanford struggles. i continue big play so the beavers and the cardinals with a cardinal that has another tough loss in corvallis. in sports
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river rock casino start to a stanford football looking at bounce back from last week's embarrassing 52-7 loss to utah visiting oregon state here on saturday fire up the bbq in corvallis. oh that looks. very good stanford with their fourth starting quarterback of the year. it's freshmen ari pattu opening possession. watch out. three and out for the cardinal beams in the red zone right away chance nolan the quarterback easy score seven. nothing osu beavers led 14 nothing at the break open the ball with or as you see that fan. that is really nice open the with the ball in the third nolan quick pass to trevon bradford breaks tackle. turns on the jets and he is
11:29 pm
going to take it to the house 21-nothing another miss tackle there oregon state cardinal finally got on the board their next drive for two to benjamin euro sec turns the corner on fourth down got in stanford down 14 put two though left with an injury. so isaiah sanders in a quarterback. and a bad pitch to austin joness beaver's recover stanford falls 35-14 the struggles continue for david shaw squad cardinal follow three and seven. they will host big game next week. all i know is is we can play much better. i don't care who's hurt. who's not hurt. who's up who's down? we're going out to try to win these football games and now our focus shifts to the big game, you know the axes on the line, you know, cal it didn't play this past week. we got some guys out with covid. will they get enough guys back, but we get some guys back off injury and go out there and play one hell of a game next weekend. congrats to san jose state pr man. lawrence fan working his 500th spartan game. nice. san jose state still just one
11:30 pm
win away from both eligibility late first kenyon reed picks it off in zips down the sideline 58 yards to the house first career interception and spartans in the lead in less than a minute later. villiani, fihoko the strip sack watch out kate hall is going to recover it. tyler nevins would score to make it 14. nothing spartans. so looking good, but the aggies go on a 48-3 run logan bonner dialing up for distance to derek wright in the spartans fall 48-17 now san jose state needs to beat fresno state on thanksgiving day to become full eligible. well after dealing with covid the past couple of weeks, san jose sharks back at full strength in colorado tonight. welcome back head coach bob bugner behind the bench. is and if sharks got off to a nice start first period logan couture one-timer and slaps it in a rocket on the one-timer one. nothing team teal, but it's all downhill from there bad change. nazim qadri makes it to one abs and they never look back second
11:31 pm
period now logan o'connor shorthanded breakaway and he's in a beat aiden hill that made it four one abs win six two abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. larry big game. obviously, the winds aren't where they want it but that's always a fun game and a lot on the line next week. absolutely both teams need a much better than they have recently. no doubt about it. yeah. thank you, chris. all right getting a boost health officials say now is the time for the covid vaccine booster, but still so many questions about who qualifies we will clear up the confusion. just want to take us on my mom won't be so like worry when i go to school. making mom proud of vaccination clinic today focused on younger kids in an area where
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. vaccine clinics in the bay area are very busy this weekend many giving out booster shots, california health officials are now encouraging any adult who wants a covid-19 booster to go get one, but there is still some confusion about this abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard helping to clear up the confusion. fine getting the boosted as for our health and to be with family too and friends. so it's a good thing jacqueline rivera just got her covid-19 booster shot at this san rafael vaccination clinic along with her mom and husband louise this family looking ahead to the holidays. do you want to stay safe you want to be with family also, and it's a good thing. it's it's something that we all need to do right where sykes from mill valley was getting his booster kids are now eligible to
11:36 pm
roll up their sleeves his son mcrae was getting his first shot. we are gonna travel at the holidays and christmas time and really much more comfortable about it with the coke with the booster a possible winter surge of the virus has health officials concerned now urging booster shots and first and second shots for those still unvaccinated especially important now as we start seeing more cases in marin county about the past two weeks. we started to see ever-increasing numbers of cases. unfortunately, you know, if the winter surge is going to happen. it has begun state health officials now urging any adult who wants a booster to get one if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot i encourage you to go out and get it supplies available, but we found some online booking portals for county run sites and pharmacies haven't caught up with that messaging still asking if you meet certain eligibility criteria confusing. yes, says doctor willis who wants to make one thing clear anyone who has at least been six months after their vaccine if
11:37 pm
they got pfizer or modena or two months after their j&j should seek a booster. it's especially important now as start seeing more cases in marin county courthouse bernard abc 7 news a vaccine clinic for kids in san francisco held today at the chinatown ymca the organization partnered up with the san francisco chinese hospital and department of public health and effort to get more young children in chinatown vaccinated officials. say the community has not gotten fully on board with vaccinations. there's i think a lot of families want the kids to be safe. right? i think they just need just a little more a little more push in a little bit more hearing from professionals and doctors and and what not to be able to say. hey this is safe. and i think that they hear that message more people will come up more and get the vaccines. officials said the turnout was not as high as they were hoping for state data shows nearly $150,000 kids in the state ages 5 to 11 receive their first dose
11:38 pm
of vaccine since last week, that's about 4.2% of all, california children and that age range. so still a long way to go a federal court yesterday declined to lift its stay on the biden administration's vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more workers the new orleans based circuit court of appeal. granted an emergency stay last saturday halting the requirement that those workers be vaccinated by january 4th or face mask requirements and weekly testing lawyers for the justice and labor departments argue that stopping the mandate will only prolong the covid-19 pandemic if you have questions about vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team go to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on the big blue box developing news. now former trump ally steve bannon possible fines andimacsei coitte igating juary 6tnit abc news reporter mary alice parks explains a federal grand jury indicted bannon for contempt of congress.
11:39 pm
steve bannon is now facing federal charges for contempt of congress after defying a congressional subpoena from the select committee investigating the january 6th siege of the capitol once a top advisor to former president trump. he's facing one charge for failing to testify and another for refusing to hand over documents requested by the committee. no one in this country no matter how wealthy how powerful is above. the law. bannon is a central figure in the investigation into the events of that day house. gators pointing to his own words the day before the attack. oh hell is going to break loose tomorrow. you have made this happen and tomorrow it's game day. bennett has said that he's refused. to cooperate at the direction of former president trump citing executive privilege of president's right to have confidential communications, but the justice department in its announcement made specific reference to the fact that bannon had been a private citizen since leaving the white house in 2017 arguing that there was no reason he should be able to or congress select committee
11:40 pm
saying this should be a warning writing. no one is above the law. we will not hesitate to use the tools at our disposal to get the information we need. bannon is not the only one currently defying congress the committee now says it's also considering holding former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress after he failed to show up to testify before the committee friday meadows lawyer said that he would not participate until questions around former president trump's executive privilege claims were answered in court. bannon is expected to self-surrender to law enforcement and have his first court appearance on monday if found guilty on both both charges he could face up to years in prison plus fines mary alice parks abc news, washington just days before closing arguments in the trial wisconsin's governor has placed 500 national guardmen guard troops on standby outside the city of kenosha troops have been activated to ensure public safety is the country waits for
11:41 pm
a decision in the rittenhouse trial. he's facing a life sentence after fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. this was following the police shooting of jacob blake some community leaders believe any upcoming protests will remain peaceful the community. leaves that we've done a really good job over this past year of maintaining the piece here in spite of verdicts we've received in like the case of jacob blake. closing arguments in the trial are expected on monday. medicare premiums are about to see their biggest increase in five years medicare part b. premiums are set to go up 14 and a half percent in the new year. that means monthly payments for those in the lowest income bracket will go up from 148 dollars to 172 dollars on average the federal government blames the pandemic for that increase also citing the cost of a pricey new alzheimer's drug. that's hitting the market the drug could cost patients.
11:42 pm
56,000 annually bummer f bum bargain hunters the supply chain slowdown means it'll likely be harder for them to find some of their favorite luxury brands unless they want to pay full price. all right, and was a gorgeous day we haveemratures warmer than average tomorrow once again, but we will be dealing with some dense fog overnight in the early morning hours and i'll let you know when we
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east bay starting monday any tenant in oakland will be able to schedule a curbside bulky item pickup without having to go through their landlord tenants will be eligible for one bulky pickup a year per unit at pickup is for four cubic yards of bulky waste including furniture bag trash or any other items that don't fit in the regular bins tenants can call. management directly to schedule a pickup time. also once a year a tenant can do a drop off at the waste management facility in san leandro. well, you may have a tougher
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time than normal finding some designer brands at your favorite discount stores discount chains like ross burlington t.j. maxx. they often carry the excess of those premium apparel and shoes for lower prices brands like under armor ralph lauren and steve madden say they're stepping away from the discount chains. due to the global supply chain issue brands were already kind of moving away from discount store chains pre-pandemic saying they tend to be less profitable and dilute brand image. santa's are also in short supply this holiday season. oh tight. market has many people across the country unable to book one of santa's helpers to visit kids ahead of the holidays back in october abc 7 news spoke with organizers of christmas in the park in san jose and they were concerned about being able to just find santa's after a number of them decided not to volunteer this year according to reports the demand for santa's is up over 120 percent. preparations are underway for
11:47 pm
the macy's thanksgiving day parade the parade returning to prepandemic form this year after scaling back. last year today, this year's new balloons were unveiled at balloon fest where the balloons get blown up and tested one new balloon. this year is grogu better known as baby yoda from the disney plus series the mandalorian and they'll be dozens of balloons on display. got 10 marching bands. the character balloons. we've got 28 floats. we've got a whole host of performances over 30 heritage balloons. it's the spectacle that we all know and love bust up with a couple. features so really excited to be back. the macy's thanksgiving day parade goes through manhattan passing in front of the retailers flagship store last month's weather record setting the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says october's temperatures were the sixth warmest and recorded history. the average temperature was 57 degrees and lower 48 states. also the ninth wettest, october
11:48 pm
we have ever seen nationally for california. it was the fourth wettest october month that we've ever recorded largely. thanks to the atmospheric river event. we experienced a few weeks ago speaking of weather francis is here one last look at the forecast with half the weekend still left. you have the weekend still left and temperatures will be once again above average through sunday. but before we start off the afternoon, we're going to be dealing with some very dense fog. you can see some of the fog here through the central valley. there's a dense fog advisory for parts of the north bay and the east bay through tomorrow noon where visibility will be less than a fourth of a mile and it's already down to a fourth a mile in santa rosa vacaville and conquered to be careful give yourself extra time if you're driving through the area temperatures will drop into the low 50s for the most part around the bay and some upper 40s a little bit farther from the bay. so that'll be foggy as well tonight and into tomorrow morning and then tomorrow temperatures above average with lots of 70s around the bay area. i want to show you the forecast
11:49 pm
animation for the long-term model which shows a system dropping in by thursday. we might get a chance of some rain for the north bay. and then it starts to clear out by the weekend. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. enjoy another day of fall warmth with more sunshine but increasing clouds on monday with much cooler temperatures by the end of the week, and then that chance of rain, we're keeping an eye on for thursday for north bay areas. and then saturday looks like the sunshine returns for next weekend. larry looks fantastic. thank you francis. all right from weather to sports chris alvarez here with a preview of what's coming up. larry coming up in sports. we got the best place in college football and a college hoops double header at chase how the don's put up a show against stephen curry's alma mater davidson. hey, thr
11:50 pm
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[click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. sponsored by river rock casino the 49ers have a lot of issues these days of broken down
11:53 pm
secondary injuries at tailback and right tackle subpar special teams pick your poison and here comes the fully loaded rams on a monday night football game. you'll see right here on abc 7 for the moment isn't a lot of angst about the quarterback position. jimmy garoppolo is thrown for more than 300 yards and each of the last two games first time. he's done that since this first season with the niners in 2017 having george kittle back in brandon iuk starting to make some place can help unlock an offense that has sputtered a lot this season. jimmy g on establishing an identity i think that kind of just comes naturally, you know, you never want to say this is our identity at the beginning of the year and we have to stick to it. think with injuries as the season progresses your identity kind of changes with the season in a way and i think you know, we've had some games where our identities clear cut and you know, like chicago ran the ball very, well. i hit some play action off of it and i think we're just trying to find that still seems unthinkable now, but stefan was not highly recruited out of high school, and that's how he ended up at davidson and the rest is
11:54 pm
history. bob mckillip saw sets potential early. there. he is coach don's coming out with the pressure khalil shabazz of the steel and head to sorry booye, the layup such great name later buoye now quick hands and number one the steel and the showtime right near living room fun atmosphere at chase on saturday wildcats defense turns off. it's luca. rakovic the big man throws it down. he had a team high 17 for davidson among those in attendance our man zaza pachulia dons by seven at the break usf pulls away in the second half davidson bad inbounds shabazz grabs it and booye throws it down so nice, we show it twice. he had a team high 14 davidson hung tough, but the don's hold on 65 60. they're huge. like these are the games that we win now and later on down the road. they're gonna help. when it comes time to pick teams to go to the tournament, so i think it's a really big win. it's important for sure and good players want to play in these types of venues, you know, they like that the atmosphere they like the environment and so to
11:55 pm
give our guys the opportunity to play in here at least once a year is huge and i know they really appreciate it was a big time atmosphere and the game had a lot of exciting moments and in fact it became as close as it did there at the end made it one that i thought got people to their feet and you're exactly right. this was an ncaa type tournament game. game one of the double header usf women and cal's number 30 is jada curry, and this is what curries with number 30 do a chase center splash 13 in the first half don's trying to stay in it led by you wanna chromile who had 15 to lead usf, but don't go against the curry at chase center. jada was the miss, california basketball state player of the year. she gets that jumper to go. she finished with 27 bears roll 70 to 41 college football big 12 battle eighth. oklahoma 13 baylor bears quarterback jerry bohannon threw one touchdown ran for two more 14 yards and in baylor up 24/7 late in the fourth, oklahoma got
11:56 pm
within 10, but with 43 seconds ago bay line up in the victory formation. take a knee fans think it's over. so they're gonna try and storm the field, but hold on craziness right here baylor call a timeout three seconds left. why you ask because in the big 12 the tidebreaker, then the season is point differential and these two teams could end up being tied for first. so baylor adds a field goal and now you can storm the field. there we go. baylor wins 27-14 our play of the day south dakota down three to south dakota state one second left final play of the game. carson camps pass is he winds up is gonna bounce off two defenders and into the hands of jeremiah webb for the game-winning score. are you kidding me? knock the ball down south dakota wins? 23-20 women's soccer first round of the ncaa tournament defending champ. are taken on stanford scoreless in the second corner kick makoto nizu with her first goal of season and check this out. she got some help went off a foot of a stanford defender
11:57 pm
santa clara advances one nil the final abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, larry. all right. thank you chris that is going to do it for our report tonight. i'm larry beil and for dion limb abc 7 news continues bright and early tomorrow morning at 5. am you don't have to get up? it's a dvr if you want for francis dig austin and chris alvarez. thanks for joining us tonight. enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody. have a good night. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ st. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started.
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