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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 14, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> still no deal. how this is impacting patients in need of medication. and a jogger becomes a hero after ksi saving a pet from a hire. how a door bell cam a ra made it possible. good morning. what >> it is nice when that fog burned off but once again that fog from our eastbound valley
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the sacramento valley is pushing into the eastbound and the north bay once again. as a result we do have a dense fog advisory. you can see the ridge to the north with the clouds but look at that strip of gray over to the east. that is that tulle fog that once again is for visibility less than a quarter of a mile. so remember use your low beam head lights with visibility at that. santa rosa is hard to see in the north bay liver mor can't see anything at all. as we go through the temperatures this morning lots of 50s and partly cloudy skies another mild afternoon but cooler weather maybe some rain to talk about in the next few minutes. >> thank you. kaiser and the union representing its farm sises will return to the bargaining table today one day before the potential strike. here's a combick breakdown of what's happened so far this weekend. yesterday kaiser reached a tentative agreement to avert strikes in southern california oregon and hawaii.
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the four-year contract covers nearly 50,000 health care employees and 22 unions but bay area pharmacists says they still have no deal. already impacting people trying to get their prescriptions filled. more on the development. >> with the clock running down before 3:00 deadline on monday pharmacists in the bay area say they're ready to go on strike if a deal isn't reached. >> we want a fair contract. >> john lee the president of the professional pharmacists the labor group leading the negotiations. why he said he hasn't heard from them in weeks. >> negotiation, a bold faced lie that didn't happen. >> the potential strike could impact patients all over the bay area. at the kaiser pharmacy in oakland kevin said he waited in line for hours. >> got about here 2:30, almost
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maybe a couple hours now. and it was a nightmare. >> he tells me while the staff on hand was working as fast as they could they simply couldn't keep up with the demand with many members getting the prescriptions they need for the next week now in case the strike happens. >> everybody's frustrated. and i don't blame them. what kind of bothered me most of all you have elderly people in line. >> the guild says their patients are their top priority. they tell me many of their members will work without pay throughout the strike in order to help meet their needs. >> we have always cared for the patients, we're going to do everything we can for the patients. >> the guild says the next round of talks is set to take place on subbed afternoon but in case things don't get resolved kaiser says it has contingency plans in place and that its mail delivery pharmacy will still be available. >> also without a deal is a
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group of kaiser engineers that went on strike on september 18, 58 days ago. they want better working conditions and higher pay. >> i've been an employee with kaiser since 1995, hopefully we can get this all resolved because i still want to be a proud worker for kaiser. because they've given, they've made my life possible and i just want to make sure we keep that going. >> the labor union that represents the striking engineers says that even though discussions to get a deal done have been moving slowly lately there has been some movement. this is the last day of business for two wall greene's stores in san francisco. the stor on clements street and the store on goth street are closing for good starting tomorrow. wall greens says prescriptions are being moved to other nearby locations. rampant shop lifting in san francisco has been cited for why the stores are closing. earlier this year, you probably
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remember this video she shot this viral video of this shop lifter clearing out shelves. another location will also close on wednesday. that will be the fifth wall greens to shut down in the city just this month. this morning there is new video showing the moments a three-year-old child was abductd in sacramento sparking an amber alert and warning some might find the video disturbing. you can see a man here tussling with a woman over the child. the frightening moments captured nearby a security camera. this happened on friday night. the man manages to rip the child out of a woman's arms. police say the child was located in hayward yesterday morning, the child is in good health and will be reunited with family the suspect is accused of shooting two people and then taking the child. investigators believe he knew the shooting victims and child though their relationship is unclear. the shooting victims are
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expected to survive and he has been arrested. turning now to the pandemic. right now florida currently has a much lower covid case and death rate per capita compared to california. that is according to data from the c.d.c. but local health experts say we need to start looking at the data differently. ryan has more on what they say needs to change >> the new covid case rate mapped from the c.d.c. shows a big difference between two ends of the country. california still in the orange substantial transmission group and florida now in the yellow moderate level. >> this snapshot comparison to me florida versus california is completely not surprising. it has to do with who gets recently hit hard. >> covid case rates fluctuated throughout the pandemic, he says each state saw surges at one point. we focus on infections of course all the going to look
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weird with spikes here spikes there. >> however what's interesting is the way both states reacted to the pandemic. california has implemented many restrictions while florida did not. one reason why florida has a low rate currently is because a lot of their population already contracted the virus and is also vaccinated. she seds having a mixed population like that can lead to a certain level of herd exmuent. >> there is no question that natural immunity is playing a role and it's not just the pieces that they had before. but what's happened since they got the vaccine. >> however, both doctors say we need to change the way we look at the virus, with vaccines now available they say the most important metric now is hospitalizations. that tells them how serious the pandemic is and how well the vaccines are working. >> we are not going to be able to eradicate pieces of this virus. when you go to the phase what's important is to track what impacts public health and
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impacts people's lives with just getting sick. >> both doctors pointed out the overall impact covid had on california and florida particularly in deaths over all florida ranks eighth, 54% higher than california. on the 27th anniversary of officer james gel of's death the san francisco police department held a memorial service to remember the fallen officer. ♪ >> on november 13th, 1994, officer was killed in the line of duty when he was shot by a car jacking suspect. he was the first to respond to the call of a man with a gun. upon his arrival, he was confronted by the suspect who opened fire with the semi automatic rifle. his older brother says that he loved his job. >> he would love nothing more than to be here with his fellow officers working for the city.
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he loved being a san francisco police officer. it was one of the joys of his life. >> officer served the san francisco police department for ten years. he is survived by two children. we have an agreement from nearly 200 nation that is took part in the high profile summit. they did e reach a global commitment to act fast on climate change. but still critics say it's not enough. >> the cop 26 climate summit in scotland is a wrap. nearly 200 nations adopted the climate pact aimed at keeping a key target alive limiting warming to 1.5 degrees celsius or 2.7 degrees farenheit. >> this is a fragile win. >> tensions rose on the final day as india proposed watering down language about the use of coal from phasing out to phasing down.
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>> countries have a right to their fair share of the budget and are entitled to the responsible use of fossil fuels but for heaven sake don't kill this moment by asking for more text different text deleting this deleting that. >> the president apoll jaysing for the controversial last-minute change. >> i also understand the deep disappointment but i think as you have noted, it's also vital that we protect this package. >> the ten-page document lays out how the world will attempt to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. there's still deep divisions including reluctance on the part of wealthier nations to provide financial support to countries more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. >> it's responsible for over 80% of global emissions. >> people are now reacting. >> there is so much more than that still needs to be done.
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but what we do have now is a viable roadmap. >> but climate activists aren't convinced. >> it doesn't meet the moment of the climate emergency. it keeps 1.5 barely alive. >> activist criticizing the conference on twitter saying the work continues. >> let's get a check outside. >> very foggy here in our eastbound valleys concord and liver more down to a quarter of a mile visibility and due to that you get sunshine later and perhaps a few more 60s today than 70s where the sun will be shining longer. so another mild afternoon we'll cool it down and talk about the possibilities of rain. >> thank you. also ahead, safety concerns in wisconsin. ahead of a verdict in the murder trial of kyle riten house. the national guard standing by. and the world's most famous container ship set sail the
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about rybelsus® today. >> remember that gigantic container ship that blocked the suez canal for nearly a week in march? it has been repaired and it is back out at sea. the ever given is on its way to shanghai now after spending a month undergoing repairs. containers were already being loaded on to its deck soon after it was tee clared sea worthy and more than 1300 feet long one of the largest container ships in the world. after shanghai it heads to malaysia then to europe on its first cargo voyage after the repairs. developing news former trump ally steve bannon is expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow. he faces possible fines and prison time accused of defying the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol.
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a federal deprand jury indicted bannon for contempt of congress. >> steve bannon is now facing federal charges for contempt of congress after defying a congressional subpoena from the select committee zpating the january 6 seize of the capitol. once a top advisor to former president trump he's facing one charge for failing to testify and another for refusing to hand over documents requested by the committee. >> no one in this country no matter how wealthy or how powerful is above the law. >> bannon is a central figure in the investigation into the events of that day. house investigators pointing to his own words the day before the attack. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. you have made this happen and tomorrow it's gameday. >> bannon has said he's refused to cooperate at the direction of former president trump citing executive privilege, a president's right to have confidential communications but the justice department in its announcement made specific reference to the fact that bannon had been a private citizen since leaving the white
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house in 2017 arguing that there was no reason he should be able to ignore congress. the select committee saying this should be a warning writing no one is above the law. we will not hesitate to use the tools at our disposal to get the information we need. bannon is not the only one currently defying congress. the committee now says it's also considering holding former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress after he failed to show up to testify before the committee friday. meadow's lawyers said he would not participate until questions around former president trump's executive privilege claims were answered in court. bannon is expected to self-surrender to law enforcement and have his first court appearance on monday. if found depilty on both charges he could face up to two years in prison plus fines. >> wisconsin's governor has placed 500 national guard troops on standby outside the city of kin osha days before closing arguments of kyle riten
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house. troops have been activated as the country waits for a decision in the trial. he face as life sentence after fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during unrest in kin osha following the police shooting of jacob make. some community members believe any upcoming protests will remain peaceful. >> the community pleeves that beeve done a really good job over this past year of maintaining the peace here in spite of verdicts we've received in the case of jacob blake. >> closing arguments in the trial are expected tomorrow. >> oh my god. >> some very wild weather back east very strong wind and rain caused one driver on long island to panic there while she was stopped at a red light in new york. another long island resident shot video of a cloud formation you can see here forming off
5:18 am
the south shore and folks in new jersey also caught a demrimples of the ominous looking clouds. this video was taken a bit south in ocean grove the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of new york and new jersey. and lisa a good friend of mine who lives in brooklyn was saying it was warm one minute and it flipped like a switch. >> that's what happens we had temperatures here well into the 80s to the south of us, how about 86 yesterday in big sur. so looking at temperatures that are well above average and you get a clash of the air masses and that's a good old-fashioned cold front that will bring thunderstorms and lightning and gusty winds. showing the storm track well to the north but you can certainly pick out this feature here, that is that tulee fol fog in the central valley and that has been certainly vecting over into the bay area yesterday
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morning the morning before and right now mild visibility in concord look at that zero right now in liver mor. yesterday you weren't too bad but today a different story and lots of fog in the north and eastbound. that's why we have our advisory through noon time and we've expand that had an hour or so. so the big question is whether or not it's going to get into san francisco and the south bay yesterday it did not but we'll wait and see what happens because this does have a tendency to move around for sure. half mile in santa rosa. one mile napa. oakland had the fog grerds. right now no problems with you bking at temperatures in the low 50s in oakland. and as we go to the north bay some upper 40's. but with that blank eet of clouds mainly in the upper 40's to near 50, 55 in san francisco. so here is a look at the light winds and with the light winds and the trecks out of the north and east t transporting all of that fog
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our way. so it will dissipate. it will take some t yesterday napar took a while. partly cloudy and mild and cooler days that arrive this week. notice the clouds thin out we'll call it partly cloudy through crout the afternoon still temperatures above average though. that is your monday stopping it in the afternoon with increasing clouds and due to the thicker cloud cover we will be cooler into monday and then as we get into tuesday, we'll clear on out. there's a system to the north that's going to miss us and that's what's going to arrive bringing in the increasing clouds tomorrow. but as we look at the next seven days there's another system that looks like it could give us a little rain. we're talking thursday. and look at the amounts very little but still it is promising most of the activity of course into the pacific no inon in the mid
5:21 am
76 in san jose. and the forecast morning fog partly cloudy in the afternoon. so cloudy and cooler monday. we've got cooler afternoons more like november tuesday and wednesday bringing in a slight chance of showers later in the day on thursday. and then into next weekend it looks dry but cooler. >> all right. we will look forward to having that although we would like the rain so we'll cross our fingers. the county of santa clara and city of san jose allocated funding to food pantries to keep up with the unprecedented need during the pandemic as cases and deaths have decreased the fund is settle to stop at the end of the year. but the pantries worry the loss of funding could result in food access struggles only getting worse. >> as a volunteer at a food pantry, it pays off to have fast hands. that's because there's no time
5:22 am
to lose. >> we saw with the start of the pandemic is a problem that was already significant prior to the pandemic simply could be magnified in our case it was magnified three fold. >> loaves and fish and martsdas kitchen provided more than 2 million meals. they normally operate on private funding but the american rescue plan funds to help with the pandemic burden. that is set to expire in 2022. >> we don't want to get to the place where we have to start deciding who we think and can't serve. >> the food need is tire and it's all over. that's what's really amazing. >> as this map created by our data team indicates the issue is truly widespread. the yellow shows all areas with low food access in the south bay but if we add the filter of low income and low food access, nearly 80 areas this high lights the importance of the
5:23 am
grant funds to these food pantries. >> the pandemic may appear to be winding down from covid our numbers are not tee creasing. our numbers continue to go up. >> as much as we wish that our services weren't needed and these people didn't need help with food they do. and thl things change to pull the plug and abandon them and leave them without food resources, is just a frightening and horrible thought. >> this month the san jose city council will discuss extending the grant contract until june 30th, 2022. >> coming up, the rising cost of goods and inflation director of the white house national economic council will talk about the rising cost of goods and inflation. you can watch that full super view on this week at 8:00 this morning here on abs 7. >> it takes a special kind of person to go into a burning house to save animals.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> a family in the santa cruz mountains is on the look out from the humble hero. maybe you'll recognize him. >> there's smoke coming out of the top of your house. >> that was the jogger who rang the ring doorbell at the scots valley home of courtney to say that her house was on fire. she wasn't home but remotely opened the door to let the good snareten in to rescue their two dogs rabbit and cat. the fire department was called and they managed to contain the blaze to the garage. she never got a chance to thank the jogger who warned her of danger. >> i want to give him a hug, buy dinner, thank him so much
5:27 am
and let him know how thankful we are. we would be devastated if we lost our pets let alone our home. >> the jogger took off before she arrived home. the fire department says this is the first time they've heard of a ring camera being used to alert home owners and 911 of a fire. i hope they can reconnect. whale watchers were delighted when greeted by a huge pod of killer whales off the coast. these images show some of the amazing sights captured on the prin says monterey whale watching adventure. somewhere between 80 to 100 stretched over a few miles. this really is a rare sight to see as killer whales are typically seen traveling in smaller pods between april through may and late august through october. and there was a special ceremony for a new boat dock in san francisco. recks and park leaders held a ribbon cutting.
5:28 am
the 130 foot dock was updated and brought into compliance with standards to better soy visitors with visibilities. the project was paid by a community fund after advocacy by community supporters. still to come, state health officials are pushing adults to receive their covid booster shots but it appears that some sites didn't get the memo. plus the strategy of one bay area school to fight the nationwide teacher shortage. how they are empowering their staff and students at the same time.
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tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> good morning everybody. you're watching abc 7 news live here. we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather. it certainly feels a little like spring more than fall.
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>> we get through the morning. the morning certainly has that fall and winter feel with the fog that's moving in from the valley and once again weaf dense fog advisory for north and eastbound valleys. you can see it right there that fog and we'll look for that to obscure visibility already down to just about nothing in terms of visibility in liver mor and look at concord two-and-a-half miles as well as nevada with one mile in napa. it's pretty bad in the north bay. the south bay not so much yet. we'll be looking at 50s throughout the morning hours. 10:00, 11:00 we still have the fog but 60s for a mild day with a mixture of clouds and sun. so the last above normal day above average, we'll get some more november like weather doesn't include rain. i'll have the answers coming up. >> developing news out of the eastbound a freemont police officer was injured after being involved in a major crash with
5:32 am
another vehicle. this happened around 6:40 yesterday evening. while the officer was responding to a call the officer was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. a passenger involved took themselves to the emergency room with complaints of pain. the crash is currently under investigation. vaccine delinics in the bay area are really busy this weekend many giving out booster shots. california health officials are now encouraging any adult who wants a booster to get one but there is still some confusion. >> getting the booster is for our health and to be with family, too, and friends. so i think it's a good thing. >> she just got her covid-19 booster shot at this vaccination clinic along with her mom and husband. this family looking ahead to the holidays. >> you want to stay safe, you want to be with family also, and it's a good thing. it's something that we all need to do.
5:33 am
>> he was getting his booster kids are now eligible to roll up their sleeves. his son was getting his first shot. >> we are going to travel tat holidays and christmas time and feeling much more comfortable about it with the booster. >> a possible winter surge has health officials concerned now urging booster shots and first and second shots for those still unvaccinated. >> it's especially important now as we start seeing more cases. in marine county about the past two weeks we started to see ever increasing numbers of cases, unfortunately if the winter surge is going to happen it has begun. >> state health officials now urging any adult who wants a boost tore get one. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot i encourage you to go out and get it. supply's available. >> but we found some unline booking portles haven't caught up with that messaging. still asking if you meet certain eligibility criteria. confusing, yes says dr. willis
5:34 am
who wants to make one thing clear. >> anyone who has been six months after their vaccine or two months after j and j should seek a booster. it's especially important now as we start seeing more cases. >> a vaccine clinic for kids in san francisco was held at the china town ymca. the organization partnered up in an effort to get more young children the shot. officials say the community has not gotten fully on board with vaccinations. >> there's i think a lot of families want the kids to be safe. i think they just need a little more push, a little more hearing from professionals and doctors and what not to be able to say this is safe and i think that if they hear that message more people will come out more and get the vaccines for the kids. >> officials say the turnout was not as high as hoped for. state data shows nearly 150,000 children in the state ages 5-11
5:35 am
received their first dose of vaccines since last week about 4.2% of all california children this that age range. europe once again facing an alarming surge. cuntries are now scompl implementing lockdowns and calling in the military to support mass vaccination efforts. the dutch prime minister has ordered a three week partial lockdown. restaurants and bars are being asked to close early and spectators have been banned from major sporting events. case counts are rising in germany, france, and in parts of eastern europe the german army is mobilizing 12,000 soldiers to staff mass vaccination clinics. queen elizabeth did not attend her first scheduled public appearance after her hospital stay last month. the 95-year-old monarch sprained her back and had to miss remembrance sunday services in london. other royals attended the ceremony to honor british service members.
5:36 am
last week the palace said the queen was well enough to resume her schedule of public events. doctors had urged ten to uiem. education is a part of building a better bay area. one of the biggest challenges facing school districts across the bay area and the state is hiring new teachers. a middle 62 on the pence lanla is a rare exception. how this particular school has escaped the teacher shortage. >> the students are fortunate unlike others there's no teacher shortage here. gabby one of nine at this school recruited through teach for america bay area. which looks for college grads who may not have planned to be classroom teachers. >> a very rewarding career. even if you're not going to do it for the rest of your life. >> originally a public policy major she is in the second year of teaching sixth grade english and social studies.
5:37 am
being in the classroom will give her more insight into what's needed. >> a lot of change starts within the classroom and starts within districts. and then we can move it to bigger scale hopefully one day of enshuring that all students are cared for. >> teach for america bay area has been working with school districts in oakland, richmond, and san francisco where teacher vacancies are a challenge. it provides support in the form of teacher coach ray mays who monitors their progress to ensure success. he too was a teach for america classroom recruit. >> having educators of color really allows for students to thrive in their classrooms. we see students demonstrate more learning and also grow confidence when they see teachers who look like them. >> over half of the program's teachers stay on after their two year commitment easing the teacher shortage. she exfokets stay on. she feeds on the energy of her students. >> they really are the future and i think having someone that tells them that they're the future that they are possible
5:38 am
of creating change for us, it's something most kids need. >> when you see a teacher this passionate and kids so engaged you know it's a win-win >> still ahead, amazon rejecting returns. how to keep that from happening to you. and here is a live look from our camera looking out over the beautiful san francisco skyline all lit up this morning. still dark out there right now as we await the sunrise we will check in with lisa when we get
5:39 am
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>>im customers return 15 out of 100 purchases. with the holidays sneaking up what can you do to ensure your return goes smoothly?
5:41 am
>> you might call matt a frequent amazon shopper. he says he has enough stuff from amazon to last a lifetime. >> went on a spree for sure the past few years, so got everything i need i think at this point. >> matt bought a pair of ear buds but says they didn't fit his ear quite right. so he returned them by ups along with two other items he purchased. amazon accepted his two other items but declined to refund him for the ear buds saying the return was incomplete. >> i kind of felt guilty like i did something wrong. they're saying send us the right product. and so i don't know it was confusing. >> matt appealed the decision saying he didn't know what he supposedly failed to send back. amazon says its goal to make
5:42 am
shopping pleasant for everyone. >> that includes the return process which we know can be a headache sometimes. >> she suggests the easiest way to return an item such as this mug is to use the box free label free option. >> all i knee is my phone and on the app you get a qr code that match it is item. and then you can make the return at one of thousands locations. >> the amazon employee will verify everything is right with your return. >> make sure that the item if it's multiple pieces it's all there and then they tell you you're good to go. >> matt says he chose the option to have ups pick up his returns because he found the dropoff locations to be inconvenient. when amazon denied his appeal he felt at a loss until he turned to 7 on your side. you see, we reached out to amazon which agreed to refund his money. >> thank you guys for helping us out.
5:43 am
it was truly on our side. >> amazon tells us you can return gifts the same way using your gift receipt or gift order number. >> hard to believe it's already really time for us to start holiday shopping. >> i know and the weather has definitely made it feel that way in the morning with the fog and cool temperatures. the afternoon mild yesterday today not quite a repeat performance. more clouds and the dense fog advisory to talk about this morning. my forecast is next. >> also next, the struggles continue the cardinal with another tough loss as oregon state makes big plays. the details coming u
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if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> green bay parkers quarterback aaron rodgers is expected to play today. he finished his ten day nfl quarantine period for covid. the reigning mvp touched off a controversy after it was revealed he was not vaccinated. he tested positive for the
5:46 am
virus and missed last week's game against the kansas city chief. he says he is allergic to an agreement. the nfl find the packers. rodgers was also hit with a fine of more than 14,000. the warriors are back in action the dubs started a four-game road trip this afternoon in charlotte. tipoff against the hornets is at 4:00 p.m. yesterday they hoped to rebound from their huge loss last weekend, the high lights of that in this morning's sports. >> good morning. we're going to start you with football looking to bounce back from last week's embarrassing 52-7 loss to utah. fire up the barbecue. that looks good. their fourth starting quarterback of the year opening possession three and out and watch out. in the red zone. nolan this was easy for him.
5:47 am
7-0 oregon state. they led 14-0 at the break. love the fan right there. gets it out of his hands quick. bradford breaks the tackle and then how about 67 yards to the house, 21-0. cardinal finally on the drive, turns the corner stanford down 14. he had to leave with an injury so sanderson at quarterback and a bad pitch to jones and the beavers recover. 35-14 the struggles continue. cardinal now -p and will host a big game next week. >> all i know is we can't play much better i can't care who's hurt we're going out to try to win these football games and now our focus shifts to the big game. the axe is on the line, cal didn't play this past week, we've got guys out with covid.
5:48 am
hopefully we get some guys back off injury and play next weekend. >> congrats to san jose state pr working his 500th spartan game. san jose state still just one win away from bowl eligibility. first reed picks it up and zips down the sideline. first interception in spartan's in the lead less than a minute later, the stripped sack watch out. scoring to make it 14-0 spartans. so looking good but the aggies go on a run. dialing up for distance, and the spartans fall 48-17. now san jose state needs to beat fresno state to become bell eligible. after dealing with covid issues the sharks bat at full strength in colorado. first period, sharks score
5:49 am
first. one-timer a really tough angle an absolute rocket 1-0 but all downhill after a bad change, scoring on the break away. 2-, take the lead. second period, o'connor beats hill on a shorthanded break away made it 4-1. 6-2. that's your look at sports. >> let's get a check of the forecast. the hope is that we'll get some rain but right now seems dry in the forecast. >> that fog is what has been certainly a challenge the past couple of mornings. showing you that strip of gray on the right there the central valley and the storm track well to the north. so they had rain in the pacific northwest while we have what we call a dirty ridge of high pressure allowing for high clouds to move and that stable atmosphere allowing for that fog and those light easterly winds to transport that from
5:50 am
the valley into the eastbound and north bay this morning. so it is certainly a problem where we're looking at a quarter mile visibility in livermore and santa rosa. the airport already down to nothing so this does move around with the north bay anywhere from a quarter mile to just over two miles. so it took really until noontime yesterday for parts of the north bay to clear out and that certainly will be impacting our high temperatures. add in high clouds so still above average but with the fog this morning and some clouds this afternoon some subtle changes for the second half of your weekend. it is 50 in san mateo as well as foster city. peninsula certainly getting in on that fog. even men low park. 46 degrees gives you an indication on the clear side down there where we're at 50 napa 49 santa rosa and san jose no problems at 48 but you were certainly foggy yesterday. so if you have a flight in or
5:51 am
out, probably dealing bt fog later this morning. a look at the light winds. when we get behind this next upcoming weather system into the middle of the week, we're going to see return to an offshore flow some stronger winds coming into thursday and friday. we haven't talked about that in a long time. so definitely the weather pattern has a mixed bag for us the next seven days. there's a look outside. dense fog partly cloudy cooler days for the week ahead and can we get any rain? maybe just a little bit. partly cloudy throughout the afternoon today we'll take you through monday afternoon. the clouds increase there's a weather system to the north it's going to miss us and as it does it keeps the clouds with us throughout the day on monday we clear out on tuesday we get an offshore flow behind that system and we're looking at thursday the possibility of perhaps getting a little bit of rain in here and i said a little bit because it's just over a tenth of an inch san francisco-santa rosa maybe a
5:52 am
little more. we get those winds out of the east come thursday and friday and then we're looking at cooler weather into next weekend. 76 in san jose a mild afternoon. look for low to mid 70s again. san francisco about 70 today a mix of clouds and sun. 73, notice the high clouds there. 7 , 75 in union city. if you head into our eastbound valleys it's going to be 73s today in the san ramon valley. we've got if clouds this afternoon, the fog this morning, dense in spots. and then more mid level clouds for your monday. it's cooler through the middle of the week, a slight chance of showers on thursday, and then we'll get into some of that colder air bringing those winds out of the east the end of the workweek. but it looks dry. unfortunately just that slight chance of rain come thursday.
5:53 am
>> all right. thank you. hopefully people are safe in that fog. coming up next, fancy footwork, roller skaters take over san francisco's historic peer 70 and how you can get in on the
5:54 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> roller skaters can enjoy an outdoor rink. the skating park is to show■of the evolving development at the historic pier 70 the first time the pier has been open to the public in more than 100 years. once a giant producer of ship building it's currently being restored to future restaurants, retail spaces, and homes. >> skating is freedom. skating is fun, skating is inclusive the type of thing that takes you away from the problems of the world and puts you in a happy place where you can dance, skate, have fun. i love it. >> the skating rink at peer 70 opens today at noon.
5:56 am
next, kaiser returns to the bargaining table today as pharmacists prepare to strike. what this means for patients and their medication. and two different states two different strategies. doctors explain why florida has a lower covid transmission rate than california.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> everybody is frustrated. i don't blame them. >> no deal. kaiser employees are preparing to go on strike. how this is impacting patients in need of medication. a jogger becomes a hero after saving a pat from a fire. how a doorbell camera made it possible. good morning, everybody. you're watching abc 7 news on ab seven, hulu live. let's start with a click -- quick look at the weather. lisa: we have a lot of dense fog. it's working its way into the north and east bay. as we have our ridge of high pressure deflecting the storm to the north, we've got low clouds and that fog that will stick around through noon in some of our valleys of the north and east.
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