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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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last-minute deal, which means you may have avoided a major headache. >> plus, buses, trains, highways, and bridges. president biden set to sign his landmark and for such a bill today. the rest of his economic agenda facing a major uphill battle. >> make sure you are taking it slow out there. this is a live look outside. an extra foggy start to your commute. >> good morning on this monday, november 15. you are watching abc seven mornings on hulu live and wherever you stream. we are going to check in with mike. mike: it is really thick out there in many areas. the most prevalent area and the most widespread for that reduction in visibility is solano county until at least 11:00. the national weather service out of sacramento issuing that and also for pretty much the entire central valley. we have a light offshore breeze. it is drifting to the east. here is a look at san rafael. pretty thick there also.
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this will move into the bay if it has not already. look for increasing fog during the morning commute. that will slowly transition to mostly cloudy conditions and pays by noon with low to mid 60's. we don't warm up much this afternoon, staying in the mid 60's through 4:00. reggie: new this morning, one person is dead and an early-morning crash on interstate 280. it happened just before 11:00 last night nearly is more exit. officers say they arrived to find a body blocking part of the southbound lanes. chp is still investigating what happened. we should let you know all lanes are back open. >> new development hou developmt more than 1000 pharmacists reached a tentative deal with kaiser permanente. abc seven news reporter amy hollyfield joining us with more on this last-minute agreement. amy: you will not see pharmacists on the sidewalk picketing this morning or this
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week in front of kaiser medical center's across the bay area. a deal was reached. it would have been a week long strike starting today and would have lasted until next monday morning. kaiser has reached a deal with the union. kaiser members rushed to fill prescriptions before today's strike was set to begin. they reached a deal around 1:00 this morning, preventing a pharmacist strike. kaiser is already dealing with another strike. it's engineers are out on the picket line. that one started last month. engineers say they are holding out for more pay. >> kaiser is pushing everybody to take less then other people doing the same job. saying we are overpaid, and they are trying to turn the rest of the kaiser employees against us. we are just trying to keep up. if we start leaving because we have greener pastures us were, that hurts kaiser. amy: kaiser did have a backup plan. members would have been sent to walgreens and other retail
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pharmacies for the week. the co-pay would have been the same as it would have been at a kaiser pharmacy. strike has been averted. the union representing the employees says it has reached an agreement. it is a new three-year contract. kaiser says it includes wage increases each year. kaiser says it is still negotiating with the union that represents those engineers. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. >> thank you, amy. in the east bay, three people are recovering after being shot at what police called a peaceful vigil. it happened yesterday afternoon around 5:40 at hillcrest park in antioch. the victims are a 23-year-old man, 20-year-old woman, and -- they were part of a large crowd at a vigil when more than one person open fire. they are expected to survive. officers have not identified any suspects. >> today, president biden will sign his historic bipartisan infrastructure bill into law.
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the bill will create millions of new jobs and help the economy grow. the plan includes $110 billion to build and upgrade highways and bridges, $65 billion for high-speed internet, and $39 billion for public transportation. >> there are things that will go into effect right away to get money out to help upgrade our ports, airports, roads. we are going to work without delay to get that money working for the american people. reggie: the rest of president biden's agenda still hangs in the balance as concerns grow over inflation. the white house as passing the reconciliation package to go along with a construction bill will make things better. abc news w w w w w report at noon on abc 7 and wherever you stream. parents check bank accounts. the latest round of the child tax credit payments are set to go out today. parents who fall under the income maximums will automatically get a credit of up
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to $300 for each child up to six years old and $250 for each age six to 17. it will be the second to last child tax reddit payment unless congress acts. >> concerns continue to grow over a winter covid surge. nationwide cases and hospitalizations are going up after weeks of decline. more on what you should do if you are planning a holiday get-together. reporter: daily new cases are up in the past two weeks. nearly half the country is seeing an increase in infections of at least 10%. health experts are urging all adults to strongly consider getting a booster shot even though the cdc has not yet recommended it for everyone 18 and older. four states, including california, are advising fully vaccinated adults to get that extra shot at least six months after their second dose. >> we are seeing a little bit of a decline. we are seeing more breakthrough infections. the good news is that vaccines are holding up great against severe hospitalizations and deaths.
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for most adults, the risk of breakthrough infections has risen with the delta variant. i think people should be thinking about getting that booster. reporter: medical experts say they believe it is safe together for the holidays with family and friends that are fully vaccinated. our hospitalization numbers are going down. a federal appeals court has upheld a decision to block the biden administration's vaccine mandate for private businesses. the court called the mandate fatally flawed and staggeringly overborne. kumasi: thank you. two wild green stores closing for good in san francisco. you can probably guess why. 1 >> we were all just kind of in shock that there was a giant bear. they said it was really big. i called 911. reggie: this black bear in the north bay making itself the talk of town. neighbors talking about the hours long sunday show. mike: here is a look at some
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>> you have to see this. what is normally a small neighborhood waterfall turned into a gushing point. this was in canada by the washington state border. that area was delivered a significant atmospheric river of its own yesterday. at one point evacuation alerts put in place and mudslides damaged more than a dozen properties. mike: an atmospheric river continues. that is an indication of a la niña event where they get the bulk of the wet weather this winter. we have had a pretty good run.
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it has led to this, all this fog that continues to develop overnight. it is chilly in san mateo, foster city, menlo park. even a 57 in san bruno. pretty much everybody else save oakland at 49. the rest of us in the low to mid 50's 53 at eight on the peninsula. around 64 degrees for the better part of the afternoon hours. that is close to average. we are down to 57 by 8:00. we have got a cold front. some rain moving into mendocino county. there is possibility of sprinkles in the north bay as we head to bed tonight. this cold front will sweep through. it promises us more sunshine tomorrow. we will take a look at that wet weather coming here is jobina. jobina: we are starting with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights came on at 5:36. definitely our busiest spot for your money commute.
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the chp has issued fog advisories along 580 and between livermore and eaton canyon. you can definitely see the fog here. this is showing off 101. very quickly bringing in some drive times. i want to update the antioch to concord commute. it is getting the slow down around 25 minutes. reggie: thank you. a bear that was trapped for hours in petaluma has climbed out to safely. it caused quite a stir for neighbors. people were told to grab their pets and stay inside as officials waited for that bear to head back into the wild. here is abc 7 news reporter ryan curry. reporter: this neighborhood was on high alert sunday. >> we were all in shock that there was a giant bear. they said it is really big. i said it is really big. reporter: a large bear made its way up a redwood tree in the middle of the residential area.
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he says he woke up in the middle of the night to his dog barking. that is when they realized an animal was close by. >> we thought it was a person. we went out to the backyard. she was barking up a tree. then eventually an animal control person came in the backyard and said there was an animal, keep the dog inside. reporter: north bay animal services spent most of the day trying to keep the bear up the tree. authorities say a claim -- say it came to the neighborhood due to wildfires and drought. >> because of the drought. we have been doing this for a long time. you just do not normally see this. reporter: ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: closing arguments today in the case of kyle rittenhouse. signs that prosecutors are not confident of a conviction. reggie: an oakland a's legend hoping to make the coliseum stadium all his own today. kumasi: a 52 year long bank
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heist mystery now finally solved. detectives say they found the bank teller who walked off the job carrying the equivalent of 1.7 million in cash. reggie: a live
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reggie: the city of kenosha, wisconsin, on edge ahead of today's closing arguments in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. he is facing homicide charges after shooting and killing two people during police protests over the shooting and killing of jacob blake. jobina: the governor of wisconsin is deploying about 500 national guard troops to kenosha. rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three people, killing two of them during protests last year during the police shooting
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of jacob blake. rin has claimed self-defense, saying he was in kenosha to protect businesses. prosecutors have portrayed him as a violent vigilante who instigated the deadly chain of events that night. on friday, they asked if they could submit lesser charges against him, something the judge indicated he will allow. legal analysts say that is a sign prosecutors are not confident of a conviction on the more serious charges, which carry a life sentence. >> he is allowing the jury to say that if you believe kyle rittenhouse provoked this, then that is going to make self-defense very hard for you to invoke. meaning he is going to have to show he exhausted every other possible opportunity before doing it. that is a very important instruction. jobina: each side will have h and a half hours for closing arguments today. jury deliberations could begin this afternoon. kumasi: two while green stores -- walgreens stores have closed
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for good. the other at 300 gough st in hayes valley. both will transfer prescriptions to other walgreens pharmacies nearby. walgreens is saying the closers are because of shoplifting. earlier this year, we shot this viral video of a shoplifter clearing shelves at the gough street store. five walgreens are shutting down in the city this month. reggie: today, oakland a's legend dave stewart is making his pitch to buy the coliseum site. he and his group are going to present their plan to a city council group today. it has a revitalization plan that will work whether the a's decide to stay at that site or move to howard terminal. he says he has support from cc sabathia among others. they say the money and ideas are there and ready to be of limited. >> we are not talking about $115
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million over an eight or nine year period of time. when the site is given to our group, we plan to pay the $115 million upon approval. we are backed by true oak lenders, people who have grown up and it and continue to give to the area. reggie: this comes as the a's continue to explore sites outside of the bay area. kumasi: one of america's most wanted fugitives who pulled off one of the biggest bank robberies in cleveland's history has been identified. theodore john conrad died earlier this year. he was living under a fake name outside of boston. conrad walked into his job as a bank teller and then walked out a criminal with $215,000. that is equivalent to 1.7 million dollars today. the bank did not notice the money was even gone until conrad did not show up to work the next
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week. he vanished without a trace until u.s. marshals identified his body last week. mike: let's talk about what is going on. it is coming up on 6:19. we start by looking at a beautiful sunrise from sutro tower showing the fog that is overtaking many neighborhoods. the high clouds will get thicker as the day wears on. not a lot of sunshine in our forecast today. you can see the same thing from mount tam. a little more colorful this morning. dense fog, then mostly cloudy today. chance of rain thursday into friday, dry and seasonal weekend ahead. here is a look at that atmospheric river responsible in aiding those waterfalls we showed you, that intense waterfall. it is another one of a series that will continue to happen. as they are hitting the pacific northwest, we are seeing the overflow of cloud cover. that is why we are going to have thickening high and mid-level clouds today after the fog of
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the morning takes longer to burn off. 71 san jose. most of us in the mid to upper 60's. tonight, we have a cold front will promise clearing through tomorrow morning. a little drizzle is possible before that happens. there could be slick spots tomorrow morning. as we jump into the evening hours at 6:00, light rain moving into the north bay. it just kind of falls apart during the overnight hours. friday into saturday and sunday, it will be a mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperatures in the low to mid 60's. we will have one of our brighter days tomorrow. temperatures close to where they are today. with increasing clouds wednesday, temperatures will drop into the low to mid 60's. then just stay there all the way through the forecast. it is a one thursday night into friday. kumasi: we are checking in with ginger, who is live with what is coming up on gma. good morning. ginger: hi there. coming up on gma, president
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biden is set to sign that massive infrastructure bill. billions in spending on roads and bridges, high-speed internet, and so much more. when is the money going to start rolling out? a new poll shows the president is facing a new low in approval rating. we are live from wisconsin, the state, especially kenosha area, on edge with closing arguments set in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the governor is putting hundreds of national guard members on standby. gma live from antarctica, if you have been following along. amy and the whole crew making landfall overnight after a treacherous trek. this morning, they are taking us under the ice for a look at the wildlife. we are celebrating 50 for michael strahan. you don't want to miss it coming up on gma. reggie: i would be so nervous. i would not know what to get him. ginger: i had to pick out a gift. i went gag gift. reggie: that is the way to go.
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kumasi: smart. ginger: for the guy who has everything, bring him something he would really detest. reggie: i love that. everyone could use a laugh. ginger, thank you so much. we will see you at 7:00. hey at&t customers... there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve, for only $19.99 a month for 12 months. and, for the first time ever, we'll give you 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and you'll save hundreds over at&t.
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reggie: rain, hail, and a tornado hit parts of the northeast saturday afternoon with winds as high as 85 miles per hour. on saturday, a line of storms headed east and left a trail of strong hail and dropping temperatures. damage included a large tree that fell on a home in long island. mike: the first time they have had a 20. in long island since at least 1950, when records begin. let's take a look at all the fog that is out there. you can see it is starting to make its way through the san pablo bay and down into parts of
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the peninsula and east bay. it is going to be here for the morning commute. it will be gone for tonight's game, which you can watch right here. dress for 63. kick down to 59 by the end of the game. reggie: happening now, a migrang crisis overseas. thousands of refugees are trapped along the border of belarus and russia -- poland. migrants have been there for weeks. they are freezing. they are hungry. the eu is accusing belarus' dictator of going to the border after sanctions were imposed on his country. any of the migrants are from syria and iraq looking for a better life. kumasi: colorful hot air balloons lit up the night sky at the international balloon festival in mexico. the four day extravaganza finishes today. it is in its 20th year, but returned to an in person event after being virtual last year.
6:26 am
visitors get to enjoy traditional dance and music shows. reggie: different instances of racist graffiti and vandalism hitting a bay area business and place of worship. community leaders are telling us what they are doing kumasi: a sleeping on top of storage containers. the cause he says he is willing to do it for. reggie: no health concerns for queen elizabeth. the growing worries after another change to her public schedule. kumasi: we take a live look outside at santa cruz. how beautiful is that for a - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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>> kaiser strike averted. a last-minute deal helped avoid a potential headache this week and a new update on another strike ongoing. kumasi: a live look at the white house. the president and first lady hosting a tribal nation summit there for the first time. policy announcements coming today. reggie: forecasting the future of fashion. a top clothing executive claims he knows the way acknowledging will change the things we wear. kumasi: good morning and happy monday. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven and hulu live. mike: good morning. let's take a look outside and show you what's going on as far as there is a ton of fog. a dense fog advisory until at least 11:00 for solano county. that's not the only area withthy starting to fill in with fog
6:30 am
things to the slight offshore breeze. you can see is you head southbound through the san ramon valley into the hills we definitely have some thick fog. even some slippery spots. up her 40's to mid-50's this morning. 58 to 65 at noon and about 50 eight to 66 degrees at 4:00. reggie: a prescription for averted. pharmacist make a deal with kaiser to stay on the job. amy is live in walnut creek with the last-minute agreement. amy: pharmacists will not be out here on the sidewalk. it is quiet out here this morning at kaiser permanente in walnut creek. all bay area kaisers will be quiet. pharmacist will be at work because a deal was reached this morning between kaiser in the union. the strike would've impacted 2100 employees and wap -- lasted
6:31 am
for one week. kaiser warned its members to get their prescriptions filled beforehand just in case. some told us they felt conflict about pharmacists possibly walking off the job. >> kaiser is pushing everybody to take less than other people doing the same job. turn the rest of the kaiser employees against us. we're just trying to keep up. if we start leaving because of greener pastures elsewhere it hurts kaiser. >> kaiser is already dealing with another strike. engineers have been on strike since last month. kaiser saying those negotiations continue and they feel confident they will reach a deal with the pharmacist union. kaiser reached a deal for a three year long contract. pharmacies will be open today. kumasi: the oakland chinatown
6:32 am
chamber of commerce is condemning racist graffiti founded one of its businesses. the control group was out yesterday when it noticed these phrases scrawled on the side of the market. they immediately called the chinatown present who urge them to report this to police. it's something he says is crucial to uniting the community. >> when we see thishishishishiss taunting our community, it is very concerning. there's a reason why want to support the naacp and the jewish community. >> the chamber issued a statement saying in part -- >> the islamic center of san
6:33 am
francisco is reaching out to an unknown suspect after a glass bottle got thrown inside of the mosque. members were inside when they heard the sound of glass shattering. they went to see what it was and that's when they noticed the shattered window along with broken bottle. they are asking the suspect to come forward so they can educate them about who they are and what islam is. >> we would love to have a sit down and dialogue with any individual interested, especially who committed this act of vandalism. >> a donation pages been set up. kumasi: hundreds of marchers took to the streets as part of the towns campaign against tate. they carried signs and messages of inclusion to end racism to stop asian hate. last month, new city
6:34 am
band -- outside of a person's home in a bid for tolerance. california has the county ranked second out of the states 58 counties. moto county came in at number one. the report lifted number of categories including health insurance. marin county has the highest disparity. reggie: the president and first lady will take part in a tribal nation summit. this is the first summit since 2016 and the first time it's been at the white house. president biden announced steps to improve public safety and justice for native americans to protect the tribal lands, treaty rights and sacred places. native american heritage month honors the rich ancestry and culture of those who first inhabit this land.
6:35 am
those who identify as afro indigenous are often left out of the conversation. activist and tiktok star is a member of the chappaquiddick tribe from an island off martha's vineyard. she is using her platform to educate followers on what it means to be black indigenous. >> i do get comments from a lot of people in the black community that sometimes think i'm trying to disown or separate myself from my blackness. that's not the case. reggie: that identity harbors a shared experience of disempowerment from european colonization with many in the woodlands having a significant degree of african american industry. -- ancestry. kumasi: returning to lockdown, the drastic measure in effect for millions in europe today. reggie: you are looking live at the big board and we are up more than 100 points.
6:36 am
kumasi: plus a new way you can watch your next movie. mike: we are going to step outside inc. issue of the monday blues, a gorgeous looking sunrise from around 10:00 this morning. a nice serene scene there. what we will talk about underneath ofll t fognd how it's ndering th morning commute possibly with a reduction in visibility. the windshield wipers, the roads could be slippery. be careful all through the morning commute. let's head out to the southbay, you can see some of the fog forming in mountain view and stanford. 52 in los altos hills, 50 in san jose. 1800 feet, it's 70 if we could tap into that today we would be that warm but it's not going to happen.
6:37 am
temperatures in the 40's and 50's. mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. the southbay will be the warmest today. jumping all the way to 62 at 10:00. near 70 for a couple of hours from the afternoon drop to 58 by 8:00. here's a little the cold front to our north. green to yellow right there coming in to garber ville into mendocino county. we've got a few sprinkles possible tonight up in the north bay and then some drizzle possible of the cold front rolls through. tomorrow morning it is gone but there could be residual moisture left on the ground. but by far the heaviest of the rain will stay up in mendocino county. another chance of wet weather thursday. i will show you that coming up.
6:38 am
before san pablo. it's not clear if injuries are involved. chp has had a number of fog advisories this morning also along 580 and between livermore and eaton canyon. a heads up to you. if you're moving through that area and the bay bridge toll plaza wrapping up with a live look.
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6:40 am
reggie: oakland police are investigating a shooting that left a young girl and woman injured. both the sort taken to the hospital. their conditions of not been released. you can see a front window of the room was hit. police have not released any details about a suspect. >> three people are after being shot in what police call a peaceful vigil. it happened around 5:40 at
6:41 am
hillcrest park in antioch. the victims are a 23-year-old man, a 20-year-old woman. they were part of a large crowd at the vigil. more than one person opened fire. all three were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. officers haven't released any information about suspects. reggie: a 10th person decide after the disaster at astroworld music festival in houston. the nine-year-old died after being on life support for days. he took his son to see the wrapper travis scott perform and had them on his shoulders when he got pushed over and knocked out. but the time he regained consciousness he could not find his son. police said ezra had been trampled by the crowd. former trump advisor steve bannon is set to turn himself in today charged with contempt of congress. here's a live look -- i guess we don't have that.
6:42 am
he went into the courthouse with reporter staked out ahead of his surrender. he was indicted for refusing to answer the -- and not turn over documents. former president trump's chief of staff mark meadows also a no-show on capitol hill. bannon could face up to two years in prison. the talk of -- former new jersey governor chris christie on good morning america. saying the point is for the republican to stop looking backward and move forward to be a competitive party. when asked what his relationship former president trump he acknowledged they have differences. >> you now can agree with everybody everything they do in politics. the policies they pursued was one i was generally aligned with. we have to stop looking
6:43 am
backwards and start moving forwards and say what's our party can stand for, how will we be infective contrast of joe biden. reggie: he explains his battle with covid-19, what he wants to work with moving our country to a better place. kumasi: y y y blast from the past when it comes to the design of everyday items. the current computer shift is forcing some manufacturers to turn to lower tech models that use less of those chips. analysts say you might see more washers the kind of look at the 100 grandma's over new snowmobiles that come without those large gps screens. you can use bitcoin and several other we -- cryptocurrencies at amc theaters. amc is also accepting the theory him and light calling along with google pay, apple pay. the company is hoping to expand
6:44 am
to more cryptocurrency in the future. a live look at the new york stocking train -- stock exchange. reggie: the fbi is addressing reports of hackers compromising agencies enough system. saturday released 100 -- at least 100,000 emails went out warning of a cyberattack. one of those emails claimed to be a warning from the department of homeland security there was a target of -- of a sophisticated attack. the agency was aware of those fake emails. the fbi saying they are the result of software misconfiguration. agents are warning people to be cautious of unknown senders and report suspicious activity. kumasi: a chicago pastor will spend the winter months as part of his effort to bring a new community center to the city southside. he is trying to raise $30 million and this has worked in the past, he spent 10 years --
6:45 am
10 years ago he's been 94 days on the roof of a hotel across from his church and ended up raising $450,000 to tear it down and buy the land. his is the impact of what he wants to do will be much greater this time. >> it will be a safe haven, a place of transformation and life change. businesses are leaving every single day so it's important we get an economic base in this community, and entrepreneurial start back up. it is urgent. >> he says the community center will have job training, recreational spaces. there's new evidence of the devastating impact climate changes having on australia's great barrier reef. the study reveals 90% of that reef is now impacted by bleaching when warmer temperatures because a living breathing coral to lose its vibrant colors. eventually temperatures could kill the reef, there is hope.
6:46 am
peter harrison and a group of graduate students are releasing 3 million coral larvae hoping to restore the reef. >> we need action internationally and in australia on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. otherwise the future is very bleak. kumasi: harrison currently has about a dozen experiments around australia. research can be expanded. reggie: h&m is laying out his vision for the future of fashion. the chief tech officer tells bloomberg the company is pushing to make smart clothing mainstream. we are talking about jackets that can monitor heart rate or hydration levels. he insists the technology is not so far off. this executive picks smart clothing will compete and eventually overtake wearable watches or health apps. do we need this?
6:47 am
do you want this? kumasi: i don't want or need it. mike: i just want to look good. reggie: yeah. i don't understand what has to be that complicated. why would you have clothing, all these pairs of shirt or pants that have tech in it where you could have the one wearable. right? what am i missing here? mike: dry cleaning, with all that tech -- in it. reggie: they tried a shirt out that are supposed to make it feel like you were getting a hug. kumasi: that's nice. reggie: i don't need my shirt to hug me. [laughter] i need a person to hug me. mike: what if i'm claustrophobic. the skin, the touch. let's move on. want to show you some beautif pictures out there. we are trying to start this week off on a positive note. look at this gorgeous sunrise.
6:48 am
we will move on to another one just barely sticking his head above, peeking at the rest of us is salesforce tower. morning fog and then mostly cloudy afternoon. a little bit cooler than yesterday. you set a record high of 76 yesterday. that is not going to happen today. cold front tonight brings us some drizzle and early fog. one more chance of rain thursday and friday. the member those two areas of high pressure we talked about last week they are losing their grip and that's why the tail end of this is moving over us. here's a look at our temperatures today. maybe a little more sunshine in the southbay. most of us in the 63 to 60 degree range. tonight we see some clearing by that cold front. before it does we have the chance of and fog. mid 40's to mid 50's. we are a one on the storm impact scale.
6:49 am
the 1500s in the north bay up to a third of an inch in our north bay mountains. these are our medium-range models. it's not quite as fine as those high resolution ones. coming into 6:00 at night you can see some rain moving into the north bay and then some drizzle for the rest of us as we head into fridays morning commute. that could make it slippery -- slippery. we have our own issues with this morning's commute. tomorrow there will be a little bit out there but not like this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 60's. kumasi: israel is the latest country to approve pfizer's covid vaccine for children ages five to 11. the minister of health expects shipments to get from the u.s. this week. last week a panel of experts in that voted in favor of approving the vaccine for kids. the israeli prime minister is urging parents to get their kids vaccinated as soon as they are available. israel began offering booster shots to children as young as
6:50 am
12. reggie: cuba will reopen to tourists of the first time since the pandemic started. visitors could be faced with protests. if you are visiting you won't have to quarantine if you are fully vaccinated you have perfectly negative covid-19 tests. cuban officials hope reopening the border will help to revive the island's economy which was hard-hit by the pandemic. it's a totally different story in europe where a lockdown for millions of unvaccinated people in parts of austria began today. that applies to austria and salzburg. unvaccinated residents 12 and up are only allowed to leave for specific and necessary reasons like buying groceries or going to the doctor. covid patients take up 20% of austria's icu beds and that number is going up fast. >> queen elizabeth has delayed her return to public life. she did not attend their remembrance day service after straining her back.
6:51 am
buckingham palace as the queen is deeply disappointed to miss the event. prince charles laid a wreath at the ceremony on behalf of his mother. she served as a mechanic during the second world war. >> we have become so used to see her be very visible and busy despite her advancing years. she did say herself none of us will live forever and this is a reminder she is 95 and it is possible her timetable may have to be modified in the future. kumasi: the palace insists the 95-year-old queen is in good spirits and she will continue to do light duties for the rest of the week. reggie: britney spears is free from her conservatorship after nearly 14 years. there are several big steps to take next. now that she can make around decisions she has a team of her choosing to support her. her conservator will stay in her life to help with that transition. the temporary conservator will work for her but have limited
6:52 am
powers. subpoenas have been issued to her father and former management firm. >> in addition to the financial terms we could also see personal damages. any ie h attorney was asked if she would ever perform again and they said for the first time in years that is up to her. a big honor for vanessa bryant. she was honored a fundraising gala saturday night for her support of children in need through the nonprofit baby to baby. the organization provides essential products like diapers and clothing. vanessa and kobe have longtime supporters of that nonprofit. she said in her speech he loved attending baby to baby galas mr. plus one. kumasi: taylor swift's release broke records which you holds the title for most streamed female artist and most streamed
6:53 am
album by a female artist. it features collaborations with phoebe bridgers, chris stapleton and at sheron. the previous album record was also swift. snoopy headingo nasa a stuffed toy they are calling asnoopy into sa zero gravity indicator. this is part of the artemis one mission scheduled for early 2022. nasa is working to learn the first woman and first person of color on the moon. this would be the 50th year snoopy will be helping out nasa with its missions. reggie: a -- i don't want to say plump squirrel -- a thick squirrel. his attempts to get his next meal from a birdfeeder did not go according to plan paid this video was recorded from a couple frequently visited by squirrels prayed it gets really close but
6:54 am
then ends up sliding all the way back down. the couple says the squirrel is by far the thickest they have encountered. there is nothing wrong with being thick. kumasi: what about big boned? reggie: this squirrel is is is s literally trying to get ready to survive for winter. kumasi: i feel like next week that's what might all of us -- that's what all of us might look like after thanksgiving. reggie: let's do it. kumasi: got my stretch pants. things you need to know. but first and important schedule change because of monday night football. the l.a. rams play the san francisco 49ers at levi's stadium. you can watch right here on abc 7. kumasi: you can watch our
6:55 am
newscasts live and on-demand on our app. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. reggie: as we had to break, a live look outside. enjoy this. we will be right back. ♪
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without having to get up. a vacation where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi that's fast and reliable, are all included. because when you're on a real vacation together where you don't have to think about anything, you can finally enjoy everything. come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess. kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning.
6:58 am
a last-minute agreement has been reached between kaiser permanente and the union representing 1200 pharmacist they were set to strike this morning. reggie: a violent night in oakland. a girl and woman injured when someone shot into a home no arrests have been made. kumasi: former democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke is running to become the next governor of texas. he is hoping to unseat republican governor greg abbott. reggie: president biden is set to sign his $2 trillion infrastructure bill into law today. abc news will area special report for the signing around noon. dense -- mike: dense fog is an issue for morning commute. you can see that fog is moving into more neighborhoods than just solano county. >> the fog is impacting your commute as well. chp issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and for the carquinez bridge as well. here is a live look in san rafael showing off 101.
6:59 am
kumasi: baby yoda, ronald mcdonald and pikachu are all joining the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the parade is back in person this year after having to go virtual last year because of the pandemic. reggie: did you see that little girl. she must be from a series i don't know. >> i think it is ada. reggie: she is cute. that's her right? >> that is her. >> these are really cute. reggie: i'm glad to see this back. mike: that's can feel so nice watching that thursday morning. reggie: can i say something real quick? this is cap's last day here -- cat's last day here. she helps us look good or mildly good on a daily basis so we appreciate everything she has
7:00 am
done for us. we will miss you. a new adventure in texas. cheers to you. >> congratulations. [applause] ♪ good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this monday, president biden set to sign landmark legislation to invest in our country. a major week ahead in washington. the president about to sign his massive infrastructure bill into law. billions in spending on roads and bridges, high speed internet, transportation. with prices sky rocketing, when will the money start rolling out? and this morning, top trump adviser steve bannon set to surrender, turning himself in on contempt of congress charges for refusing to cooperate with the investigation of the january 6th insurrection. tensions running high in kenosha, wisconsin. closing arguments set to get under way in the high stakes kyle rittenhouse trial. national guard on stand by.


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