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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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after their children were given the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> search potential. as families prepare together next week, there is uncertainty about what the weather will bring. >> the radically different plans for pieces of bay area land. >> the wild weather gripping some parts of the northwest, and the dramatic rescues that are underway. >> good morning morning and welcome to tuesday. you're watching abc seven mornings. >> we want to start with a check of our forecast with mike nicco. mike: good morning. nothing like that happening here, thankfully. just that atmospheric river pounding the pacific northwest. we've got some left over moisture, the clouds cleared out and now some fog is forming and it could hang around until 11:00.
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am not as concerned about this fog, at least its longevity. th win i bwing offshore, sothat t f that hung around for the better part of the morning yesterday. i expect faster sunshine today and temperatures about the same as yesterday because we do have some cooler and drier air in. low to mid 50's this morning, 58 to 61 at noon. 62 to 64 around the bay and inland. an update on thursdays rain, coming up. >> abc 7 news is on backseat watch as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. parents in the east bay are outraged after they say their kids were given double the correct dose of the covid-19 vaccine. in total, 14 kids got the wrong dosage in the east bay. that is where amy hollyfield is joining us live with what
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parents need to look out for. amy: some parents are concerned about the long-term effects this could have on their children. it happened saturday at the southern help -- southern health pediatric clinic in antioch. as soon as they figured it out, they contacted parents and advised them of cdc guidance in this situation. some parents called the mistake on acceptable. >> we would have assumed that there was more in place to prevent something like this happening. obviously there wasn't. >> i understand the mandate and i tried to comply with it and my children have been given a double dose and i don't know the long-term side effects. amy: a doctor we checked in with said while the kids may suffer from side effects for the first couple of days, he says those it should go away and no long-term problems should be expected. some parents tell us they want more answers and they want to know how this happened, calling
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it negligent. they reviewed the process to make sure this never happens again. kumasi: new this morning, pf has signed a deal to make its promising oral covid-19 treatment available in some of the world's poorest countries. the deal will provide equitable access to more than half of the world's population. the oral treatment is shown to reduce the risk of hospitalizations and deaths by 89%. the agreement is similar to agreement made by burke last month. reggie: there is still uncertainty about a potential winter surge. jobina is tracking what could come after the holiday festivities. jobina: as we gather for thanksgiving, there is still a level of uncertainty as to what is to come during the ongoing pandemic. last year, california experienced a surge of cases right before thanksgiving.
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this year, our numbers are much better. vaccinations are new this year. cases are about half of what they were in august and the delta variant was picking up. we are starting to see numbers tick up closer to the holiday. >> i am concerned about whether we have enough people vaccinated, to weather a winter surge. what happens now is going to determine what happens in december and january. jobina: doctors say the best way to keep california's case count from slipping is to get more people vaccinated and for those who are vaccinated to get a booster shot. england is already seeing a surge in cases because young people have been slow to get vaccinated. we will see what happens in california. kumasi: amazon has agreed to notify workers within 24 hours of new covid cases in the workplace as part of an agreement with the state. the california attorney general's office says the agreement also includes a half
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million dollar fine. the attorney general says the company often hit outbreaks and left health agencies unable to track the spread of the virus. amazon employs about 150,000 workers in california. reggie: several san franciscans have been recognized as the unsung heroes of the covid-19 response. the mayor led a ceremony on the steps of city hall yesterday afternoon. the people honored helped promote vaccinations and set up testing opportunities in their communities. kumasi: happening today, the alameda county board of supervisors plate attribute to elite supervisor. earlier this month, they were killed by a car while walking her dog in alameda. she will be remembered for her decades long dedication to public service. she was the first asian-american to be elected to the alameda county board of supervisors. that tribute will be today at noon. reggie: developing in the northwest, there is a flooding emergency. rescues have been underway in
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british columbia overnight for major flooding and rock slides. people were trapped in vehicles. check out this heart stopping situation caught on video, north of seattle. hi wind left this big rig denktash hi -- high wind left this big rig dangling. across washington, hundreds have been forced to evacuate their homes because of rising floodwaters. as trevor ault tells us, the threat is not over yet. trevor: a weather emergency unfolding in the northwest, forcing people to flee their homes. in washington, emergency officials say at least 500 people have been displaced in one county, a flooding being called the worse the area has seen in 30 years. >> the water just came in fast,
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way faster than we expected. trevor: the governor declaring an emergency for parts of washington as authorities in two counties were forced to close interstate five due to floods and mudslides. >> anybody who wants to come pick us up and save us. trevor: a family north of seattle took to facebook to plead for help, as floodwaters outside their home rose so high, they reached the edge of the windows. >> it still rising. trevor: they were forced to stand on top of couches to escape the rising water. >> too late for any car. trevor: after three hours, a front-end loader finally rescued the couple and their dog. reggie: here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see it is starting to break a little bit in the pacific northwest, but this mass of clouds is making a straight shot for them, and nor -- and
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more rain is coming thursday, friday and possibly sunday. a little bit of fog out there but notice from our walnut camera, it is not as widespread as it was yesterday. you will run into some low visibility out there, but at least it is not as thick as it was yesterday. hopefully it is not as slippery for you during the commute this morning. temperatures are pretty mild, bid at upper 50's for most of the south bay. let's take a look at some other neighborhoods. 50 in danville and lafayette and also novato. here is a look at the south bay. we are in the 50's through 10:00, 63 at noon, 66 at 2:00. 65 at 4:00, down to 57 at 8:00
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stop a mixture of increasing high clouds as you can see on future radar and because we don't have those high clouds this morning, that is another reason why we will get out of the cloud cover and the fog faster than we did yesterday. expect more sunshine and grab those sunglasses. jobina: good morning everyone. we will start with a live look at the golden gate bridge. chp has issued a number of dog advisories for the golden gate bridge, also altamont pass and 580 between livermore and eaton canyon, also for 80 on the bridge. a lot to get through, but just reiterating, from what i am seeing on our traffic maps, it does not look so bad. a live picture showing those headlights are traveling westbound and here are the drive times. not bad coming out of tracy.
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reggie: coliseum. kumasi: ideas for the current home are taking shape. plus. >> oh my goodness. reggie: not the customer you want to see coming into the convenience store. the frenzied reaction of those inside. kumasi: we are taking a live look outside right now. wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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kumasi: a big question in the south bay, wildlife or warehouses? the city council is excited to vote today on the future of coyote valley. their decision will mean the difference between preserving the open space and making way for potential industrial parks. we look into the debate over the landscape. >> a look at the coyote valley from sky seven. today's farmland could be the eventual site of two warehouses,
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both expected to span the length of six football fields. on tuesday, san jose city council will decide on whether to read -- resume the area as open space or agriculture or allow it to keep zoning for commercial and industrial use. >> it will determine what the future of coyote valley will be. >> andrea mckenzie says there is too much at stake. the project would replace 126 acres of farmland, including the pumpkin patch and fruit stand site. former mayor chuck reed now are presented -- valley families says longtime property owners has a lot -- have a lot to lose. >> if you remove their existing development rights, it devalues their property. >> instead, he says an investment from the city could secure the open space. >> the only way to do it on a permanent basis is divide the land or development rights that goes with the property and the
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panel -- and the families are willing to settle. >> the city partnered with other agencies to protect almost 1000 acres in north coyote valley, a $96 million deal. on monday, a reminder that 71% of 2018 voters said they would be willing to invest city dollars to protect the land. >> that kind of support should tell us clearly what our residents want. >> tuesday's vote will determine the future of the open space area that for decades has been marked for development. more than $150 million currently protects 1400 acres on the valley floor. reggie: oakland where the city council is set to choose between two groups adding to redevelop the coliseum site. one group intends to reel in a wnba expansion to play oakland arena. the other group is
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stewart who wants to refurbish the arena for concerts and music production. oakland's counsel could enter into an exclusive agreement with one of those groups later today. kumasi: i need to get ready and look at this video, because a 7-eleven in lake tahoe had a rather large and curious customer on saturday. >> hey! stop! hey! hey! get out! kumasi: there is so much in this video but what really got me is that the bear opened the door, and then it is trying to t sanitize its paws because it tapped the hand sanitizer a few times. the employee says the bear bear already rummaged through the garbage cans outside before opening the door and coming inside. it had me thinking, is it holding the door open for somebody? another bear that was outside?
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mike: accomplice? reggie: i think that is the case. i don't think those screams are doing a thing, because the bear seems completely unbothered. screams are never going to challenge the smell of those hot dogs. mike: the hotdogs win every time. reggie: i'm proud of this bear because of the hand sanitizer thing. kumasi: they are learning a little too much. mike: and you open a door like this and then you are a gentleman. his lady was coming. kumasi: that is what i was thinking. mike: there are manners. we could learn from that bear. reggie: i'm not mad at that bear. mike: here is a look atnd880 ang clouds from the fog rolling through.
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mostly sunny this afternoon. a little bit cooler tonight. we will be in the 40's with a few high clouds and just a few foggy spots. looking at sunshine and seasonable -- and seasonal temperatures. for today, 63 in half moon bay and richmond. most of us around 65 to about 69 degrees, even a 70 possible in fairfield today. widespread 40's taking you closer to the peninsula. san mateo at about 50 degrees. a little bit of an offshore breeze, and it could be breezy up on our hills. thankfully because we have had all of this rain, don't have to worry about it being a fire danger. here is a look at the storm impact scale, thursday night into friday with scattered showers for most of us and breezy conditions once again. we always talk about the high-resolution and the median resolution.
5:18 am
notice how small the rain looks. this is at noon. thursday we will go all the way up and you see it switch over and how much bigger and broader the scale becomes. that is why we can't find tune the forecast until we get into those high-resolution ones. here, ed looks like it is going to rain everywhere, but it is not going to because of the high-resolution showing rain breaks. here is a look at my seven day forecast. it will be light, 58, 58, 58, 58 then load to upper 60's through the weekend. a little cooler monday. kumasi: officials are releasing new details about the response to a big oil spill off the orange county coast last month. 25,000 gallons of oil spilled and impacted wildlife, wetlands and shut down the shoreline for a week. state officials say better communication and detection
5:19 am
technology could improve on times srt-term,eg are looking to identify revelatory changes could prevent oil spills in the future. federal officials believe damage to the pipeline was caused by an anchor, but the spill is under investigation. reggie: new developments on the supply chain crisis. shipping companies are getting a one-week reprieve from the l.a. long beach airport complex. fines were supposed to start yesterday but they have been pushed back a week. activity has picked up since penalties were added with containers starting to get cleared out. a logjam led to the white house allowing the port to operate around the clock to get items unloaded ahead of holiday shopping season. kumasi: tesla's ceo is on a selling spree. he sullivan hundred 31 billion dollars worth of his stock yesterday. in total he sold nearly $8 billion over the last six training -- trading days. yesterday's sale as part of a plan he established over the summer to exercise his stock
5:20 am
options before they expired in august. he is also facing a huge tax bill. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: plus a space scare that sparks international debate. >> earlier today, the russian federation are closely conducted a destructive satellite test. kumasi: a weapons test sends members of the international space station scrambling for safety. that is not the only problem. reggie: a live look outside. all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. some east bay parents are asking how could this happen, after 14 children were given the wrong amount of covid-19 vaccine this past saturday. we know at least two kids were given double the recommended dose at a pediatric faxing clinic in antioch. reggie: pfizer announced a deal to make its covid-19 treatment in -- available in 94 countries. kumasi: the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial will begin to liberations this morning. he is charged with killing two people during a black lives matter protest last year. if convicted, he faces life in prison. reggie: a state of emergency in
5:23 am
washington state. major flooding has caused rock slides and at least 275 people have been rescued. mike: if your travels take you through the valleys -- of our inland neighborhoods, visibility could be down to a quarter of a mile. that is why we have a dense fog advisory. jobina: the chp has issued a number of fog advisories the golden gate bridge and altamont pass. kumasi: a alameda county supervisor -- she was killed by a car while walking earlier this month. at noon the board of supervisors will honor her dedication to public service. reggie: now to an amazing survival story. an 11-year-old girl was the sole survivor of a commuter plane crash in michigan over the weekend. we have the details in today's gma first look. >> and abc news exclusive.
5:24 am
>> we are just taking baby steps, one step at a time. it is such a tragedy. >> kristi perdue is the mother of her 11-year-old daughter. they were on a commuter plane from beaver island, michigan when it crashed. she was the only survivor. this morning, christie is opening up to gma about her daughter's survival story. >> laney told me in the hospital that her last memory is dad grabbed her and held her really tight. i know that his hug saved her. i don't know that for sure but i do know that it protected her. >> we will have much more of this abc news exclusive interview coming up at 7:00.
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missile test that threatened the crew of the international space station. they blew up an old russian satellite, creating debris that passed uncomfortably close to the iss. nasa quickly ordered for americans, one german and two russians to shelter in their castles -- in their capsules. >> the irresponsible behavior jeopardizes the long-term sustainability of outer space and clearly demonstrates that russia's claims of opposing the weaponization of space is disingenuous and typical -- disingenuous and hypocritical. kumasi: a big piece of debris hit the space station -- hitting the space station could be catastrophic. reggie: united airlines is serving hard alcohol once again. mini bottles of booze are available for flights in the united states over 300 miles. american airlines and southwest have halted alcohol service in
5:26 am
the main cabin until early next year. still to come, a hollywood starr leads the charge for justice right here in the bay area. kumasi: what the actor is asking san francisco to do. reggie: booster confusion. are you supposed to get the shot or not? we sort through conflicting information. kumasi: taking a live look outside, looking at sfo this morning.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: mixed messaging. confusion about the covid-19 booster has a lot of people wondering. we have answers. kumasi: tackling a problem that has long plagued the streets of oakland. the plan to crackdown on illegal dumping. reggie: california's share of the historic infrastructure bill. kumasi: and cows come back after a covid outbreak sidelined the bears. the team makes an announcement about the annual showdown. reggie: you are watching abc seven mornings. kumasi: we want to start with a check of our forecast with mike. mike: good morning. we start by taking a look at san rafael. you can see the rain is not -- the fog is not as widespread as it was yesterday and it won't
5:30 am
spread to areas it touched yesterday. this is mainly confined to the north bay and eastay in fact, look at the temperatures. we are in the 50's butom 7:00 te morning low clouds go away. a lot more sunshine in our forecast. petaluma and napaapa you can see some high clouds start to roll in towards 4:00. low to mid 60's at 4:00 and if you are heading out this evening, mid to upper 50's. a chance for rain thursday into friday. i will show you the latest on that. reggie: our state and county leaders have been telling adults, go ahead, get the booster shot. don't worry about cdc guidelines. so why when you try to sign up for the shots are they asking that you have to meet certain criteria?
5:31 am
amy hollyfield is live this morning. amy: good morning. you may find that the software the national pharmacy chains used to book appointments is not in line with california guidelines. california says any adult, anyone over the age of 18 can now get the booster if it has been six months since the original round of shots, but californians trying to make an appointment find they are not making it through the screening process because cdc guidelines say you must weigh -- you must be 65 or older, have underlying conditions or a job that is high risk. even though california says adults can get it, the system does not seem to know that. >> we don't care what santa clara county says. we only care what the cdc says. i'm not going to lie, i am a very honest person. amy: local health officials are recommending that adults get the
5:32 am
booster before the holidays. they say if you can't get through the booking process and don't want to lie when answering those questions, just try walking into a clinic. state officials say they have directed clinics to not turn away anyone who wants that booster. they also say the state online booking system should be updated to accept all appointments later this week. be patient with the online systems, or just try walking into a clinic. reggie: it is cap located. -- it is complicated. if you have questions, you can always ask our vaccine team. just had to and click on the big blue box. kumasi: the game will go on. cal is getting ready to take on stamford after a covid-19 up recommend the bears.
5:33 am
cal was forced to postpone their game on november 7 after more than 40 players and staff tested positive for the virus. these seem to be breakthrough cases since cal says 95% of its team is vaccinated. the football team was accused of failing to follow proper health protocols. the head coach says it will be multiple covid-19 tests during the week. reggie: the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial is beginning deliberations today. the 18-year-old is charged with shooting and killing two people during black lives matter protests in wisconsin last year. jobina is tracking what we can expect. jobina: he is facing life in prison if convicted on the most serious charges in connection with the shooting. in closing arguments, his defense team needed him as a quote, kid trying to help a community facing violent protesters. prosecutors say he was a real threat in wisconsin that night.
5:34 am
they called him an active shooter who killed anthony hubert and joseph rosenbaum. >> the defendant walks away, like he is some sort of hero in a western. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> my client when this happened was 17 years old. his actions are to be judged as a 17-year-old. jobina: rittenhouse claims he was acting in self-defense, reacting to being attacked, himself. three sot, videoks of ttimonyts the city prepares heard's possible's protests following the jury decision. reggie: concorde police are investigating a reported arbery at sun valley mall. you can see display cases smashed. this happened last night. police have not confirmed reports that a group of young men are responsible.
5:35 am
>> we are here every saturday and sunday, cleaning up. we were here on sunday, and when we came back the next day, it was smashed. kumasi: illegal dumping is a quality-of-life problem that has long plagued the streets of oakland. anyone year span from october 1 of last year to september 30 of this year, oakland public works cleaned up more than 23,000 tons of illegal dumping. now as laura anthony tells us, the city is launching a new program to try and keep up with demand to help build a better bay area. >> i have never seen oakland at this level when it comes ura:on tse th has already -- streets of oakland, a problem that has already grown. >> as much as we have worked to invest this year, we know there is still more that needs to be done. having more options for our community is critical.
5:36 am
laura: now all oakland residents can schedule no charge drop-off off appointments with waste management of alameda county. apartment tenants can also get free curbside bulky pickup service that was unavailable before. >> we are drawing a line in the sand. every resident in the city of oakland will have an opportunity to dispose of their bulky item collections in various ways. laura: as it looks now, there are teams of people that go out and pick up garbage in oakland on a daily basis, but the big issue is almost as soon as they pick it up, it is back. >> people come and do illegal dumping late at night, usually after midnight. laura: while most residents want to do the right thing, the bigger challenge is those who profit from illegal dumping. >> we have no enforcement in oakland, but i know who the illegal dumpers are. oakland needs to be more serious about enforcing the laws and
5:37 am
rules that we have. laura: next month, a city council committee will consider installing more cameras in known hotspots. kumasi: the fight for reparations takes on a new chapter in san francisco. the call for a city-owned building to be donated back to the community. reggie: new firefighting technology coming to a forest near you. how it is helping get a jump on wildfires. first we check in with mike. mike: we are looking at mostly cloudy conditions for the east bay. temperatures from 51 in castro valley, richmond at 52. 57 in union city. the fog is kind of holding at bay as the wind is blowing offshore, as fast as it was yesterday. let's hope that continues, and it should through the morning commute. most of us around 50 to two to around 56 degrees.
5:38 am
go back in the east bay, in the 50's at least until 10:00 but we are seeing sunshine. that will help push us into the mid 60's. the average high is 64. 65 at 2:00, 64 at 4:00 and down to 57 at 8:00. for your outdoor activities, it is a pretty nice day. it will be damp early and then if you are exercising, you definitely need the sunglasses or the shaded swim goggles and if you are at home, may be the heater this morning but not this afternoon. cold front ushering in dry air as we speak. however, the sunny conditions will be short-lived. a lot of sunshine through noon, but then you can see the increasing high clouds for the rest of the afternoon. it should be a gorgeous sunset. tomorrow, we will wake up to a little bit of cloud cover, which will keep us from being much colder than we could be. i will show you that coming up and also our one on the storm
5:39 am
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kumasi: now we are turning to president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill. california is benefiting in a big way. jobina: california will receive the largest share of the bipartisan bill, more than $45 billion. the mayor of oakland and san jose were at the white house when president biden signed the bill yesterday. they spoke with abc news after the event. >> we were all cheering for investment in our future, and infrastructure we critically need. those dollars will come back to the bay area in the form of transit and broadband infrastructure and connect thousands of families who are on the wrong side of the digital invite -- digital divide. jobina: billions of dollars will
5:42 am
be up for grabs for public transportation and electric vehicles to combat climate change. president biden says the law will create hundreds of job opportunities for people across the country. reggie: if you are hoping to nab reese's eno pie, you are out of luck. it sold out less than an hour. it weighs a hefty 3.4 pounds pos includes the same ingredients as a regular sized peanut butter cup. only 3000 were available for purchase. they were $45 plus tax but you are too late. kumasi: you wanted one of these? reggie: i wanted to bring it to friends giving. that. i'm sorry to you. reggie: are you?
5:43 am
it was stuffing in a box. kumasi: listen. it is too early. mike: fair enough. that is true. my soul has left my body. i am used to the abuse. reggie is going to capture a soul and kumasi is going to thing about what she said. 101, 180, can see a little cloudiness in the south bay. much cooler tonight. a few high clouds and a few foggy spots. for the weekend, temperatures prickles to average. we have 65 in san francisco. palo alto at 67. livermore, san jose, santa rosa at about 69. a really comfortable afternoon on the way. tonight, a lot of us falling back into the 40's.
5:44 am
it will be breezy up in the hills. that is why you see some green. also around san francisco and san mateo. let's jump ahead to thursday. high-resolution model showing a very mature system heading our way. i want to stop it at 10:00 thursday evening. you can see rain moving into the north bay. the high-resolution model. this is what a lower resolution model looks like. it looks like a lot more rain. it looks like it is going to rain just about everywhere, but i was checking the vertical moisture profile and there just is not a lot of low-level moisture. rainfall amounts, may be up to a 10th of an inch if we are lucky. it is not a real good rain producer. what it will do thursday and friday is drop our temperatures into the 50's at the coast, 64 for the rest of us and then a bit warmer saturday and sunday with more sunshine. jobina: thank you and good
5:45 am
morning. we will start in lexington hills where we are following a fire. there is a transformer on fire in the area along state route 17 at bear creek road. there is a slight slow down on 17, so just a heads up. a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. we have slow traffic heading in the westbound direction toward the peninsula. no blocking issues in that area, but it has been interesting to see that pickup in the 5:00 hour. a live look in san jose, 101 very clear as well and that drivetime is continuing to pick up, right now sitting around 48 minutes. kumasi: a technology we have been following is now expanding to help provide -- help fight against wildfires across california. pg&e is announcing a new artificial intelligence system along with an expanded network of fire cameras. dan ashley has the update on the system we told you about seven months ago.
5:46 am
dan: with devastating cycles of wildfires now medicine california, pg&e is expanding its network of cameras like these that sit on top of mount tam. the utility installed nearly 140 new high definition cameras and 46 of those will have an added capability, artificial intelligence. >> it will alert us if it spots smoke. it sends a text message and email messages. dan: the system is made by a south korean company. earlier this year, we profiled a pilot test of the monitoring software at the fire command center in sonoma county. >> a lot of alerts within minutes or moments of the actual 911 calls. dan: in several cases, the director says the technology was able to send an alert slightly ahead of 911, but an even more significant advantage may be on the horizon. the country -- the company is about to launch a beta version of night vision technology
5:47 am
provide -- designed to provide 24/7 surveillance. >> it gives us a whole other set of eyes at night, when people are not awake to call 911. dan: experts say it can be a volatile winter for fires. for now, pg&e will only test the current version of the ai software with its current cameras but it is part of a broader commitment to up their fire prevention give abilities. >> every bit of data helps. the sooner we can determine, is this a real threat, it is safer for everyone. dan: with a potential head start against the kind of wildfires that have caused so much damage across northern california. kumasi: even with the power of ai added to the system, experts say 911 and the public are still often the key defense. reggie: the director of calfire is retiring. he will step down december 10
5:48 am
after overseeing some devastating fire seasons, including the two largest wildfires in california history. the uc berkeley grad has worked for calfire's 1999 and has helped -- held the director position since -- ahead, if you are putting your deodorant on in the morning every day, you have been doing it wrong. the science to back it up. kumasi: a could be san francisco's first reparations for black residents. the request by actor danny glover and other activists that involves a nearly vacant city-owned building. reggie: someone new has moved in to sesame street. at only seven years old, she has already made history. kumasi: taking a live look outside right now.
5:49 am
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kumasi: san francisco civil rights leaders and actor danny glover want the city to donate -- to the african-american community. they say it is reparations for slavery against blacks in the city. luz pena has the details. luz: in 2007 at -- the field more heritage center became a musical center. before that, it had been hailed a cornerstone of the black community in san francisco. today, it's fate is in limbo after being closed on and off for the past six years. >> i was born there. i come here with my dad and i see the magic that was happening on the street down here. the magic when i went up there. i saw people that look like me. luz: hollywood actor danny glover joined forces with
5:52 am
activists and politicians, demanding this building be given to the african-american community as part of the reparations process. >> deliver justice, fairness and inclusion for the culture, the history, and the good sense of the african-american community. luz: the center is located in the fillmore district, once known as the harlem of the west and a key location for civil rights. >> there is a location of the san francisco black panther party headquarters. luz: the san francisco reparations committee is requesting officials prioritize this building as rumors of its potential sale are circulating. >> there are some rumors this building will be sold off to the highest bidder. luz: that left -- we questioned the mayor at a different press conference and she said it is complicated. >> there were things we are obligate it to do as a city under redevelopment laws which will require money. until we have a clearnding of wd
5:53 am
entail and what that would mean, we don't know if that is going to be possible. luz: we asked if she would like to see -- what she would like to see. >> i would like to see the venue become a huge success. i don't want to see the venue continue to be a financial drain on the city. reggie: san francisco is investing two point $5 million to try and revive the live music and entertainment scene. the program is called the sf live initiative and it will fund a series of performances at parks, plazas and local venues. the mayor made the -- made the announcement in front of bottom of the hill. >> we want to make sure we are supporting this industry, that we are keeping nightlife and entertainment alive in san francisco, that we are all just -- when you think about it, the city starts to reopen and when it starts to reopen and all of a sudden, you hear music and there is some thing about that that makes you smile. reggie: the money will cover
5:54 am
artists, production for -- production costs and city fees. mike: if you are just joining us, i want to give you an update on this dense fog advisory to tell 11 -- until 11:00 in the north and east bay valleys. visibility is extremely low and injurious. not quite as much in concord and livermore. you can see the wind is blowing more on shore which is kind of putting up a roadblock for the tule fog, unlike yesterday when we had that onshore breeze will stub some of this north bay fog you could see slipping southward and fill in parts of the bay as we head for the morning commute. it is the difference between today and yesterday. >> i just started skateboarding. i'm not that good at it yet. reggie: that is sesame street's
5:55 am
first asian-american puppet. she is korean american. besides sharing a love for rock music, she also confronts anti-asian sentiment and bias. >> i think it was inspired unfortunately by the past year and the rise in attacks and racist incidents against asian people, especially during covid. reggie: she will be formally introduced on thanksgiving on a sesame street special. kumasi: major legal action taken against tiktok. you or your child could earn a piece of a $92 million settlement depending on the trend. >> now i have to live live livee wonder what is going to happen down the road? reggie: it is a top story this morning. parents outraged after their children were given the wrong dosage of the covid vaccine. kumasi: amazon style warehouses
5:56 am
or valley farmland? an intense battle over one bare area -- one bay area open-space. reggie: a live look outside. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at surprise. several children getting sick after getting a mistaken dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the east bay clinic sharing its response and parents saying it's not enough. >> the water just came in faster than we were expecting. our house is under four feet of water. reggie: and flash flooding emergencies, causing mudslides and evacuations. the dramatic rescues coming in overnight. kumasi: and let's give you a live look outside, shall we? there we go. you know, there is not nearly
6:00 am
the same amount of it, but mike is tracking the amount of rain in the next few days. reggie: good morning, you are watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. let's check in with mike. mike: the big story is the fog, the dense fog that is out there. a fog advisory was issued by the national weather service in monterey for the north bay valleys and the east bay valleys. visibility dropping down to a quarter of a mile and could remain there through 11:00. that's the entire morning commute. the lowest visibility is right along 101, which you would expect this time of the year, in the north bay. one let creek south on 680, you will find more fog as you head into the valley. low to mid 50's, 58 to 62 with high clouds and sunshine. those clouds will increase and keep us around 57 to 64 degrees this afternoon. kumasi:


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