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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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home shot up. this is real life. >> with 120 homicides and more than 500 shootings in his city, oakland police chief loron armstrong says behind those numbers are is an alarming escalation of firepower. >> we had nearly 200 rounds fired in the community that is unacceptable. [gunfire] >> this shot spotter captured one recrept barrage of bullets in the streets of oakland. a mother and their daughter was shot in their home. 11 days ago a boy was killed by
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a stray bullet wild riding on a family car in oakland. >> it's been a wakeup call that it can cause so much damage to families and also to community because the community is hurting as wellle >> oakland police have seized a large number of fire arms, more than 100 so far this year. already surpassing all of last year. >> you've recovered 1,000 guns but aren't there thousands throughout? >> that's what's unfortunate. while we continue to get those guns thousands continue to in our community. >> currently 681 sworn officers. are we are still have the same number of investigators in hurry homicide but we're having nearly double the homicides that we had in 10 to 19. >> city leaders direct resources away from his department.
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>> so i think it is about our ability to regain the trust of our community so that they don't believe that less police makes them safer. laura: now, ok, the spike in crime here comes amid the larger discussion about reimagining policing here in oakland. chief armstrong told us that he believes that it's possible to have robust and significant reforms while also maintaining the size of his police force and not necessarily cutting the number of officers on the street. amia? dan? amia: a former recent police captain was shot multiple times during a robbery at a gas station. any update on that case? laura: i did ask the chief about that case. we're talking about the former captain the chief would not go into specifics. he did say that the former captain joyner is recovering from his multiple gunshot wounds. at this point there have been no
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arrests. it is still under investigation. but the chief did say that captain joyner like iting -- likely will not be facing any charges because he fired on the would-be robbers. they fired at him. this is another example of a case or incident where many, many gunshots were exchanged. amia: laura, thank you so much.. >> almeida county sheriff's departmenty said they spotted a stolen pickup truck and the chase started t. driver ran across the freeway down into foothill boulevard where he had another stolen vehicle stached. that's when deputies caught up with him. >> there was a struggle inside the vehicle for the keys. one of our deputies was in the car fighting with the subject another deputy showed up tried to remove the suspect from the driver's side. he ultimately got the keys in
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the ignition. was able to start it. drug one of our deputies and struck another deputy with a car. >> it was intense the sheriff's office said the suspect sped off and crash into a number of cars. he was seriously hurt and arrested that's one other driver was injured. both officers will recover. >> turning you now to the story we brought you at 4:00. one woman accused of 100 separate thefts from target. we spoke to the district attorney as well as concerned business owners about rising retail theft in the city. >> admit -- amid a ongoing saga, the district attorney announced wednesday husband office has filed 128 charges against a woman accused of stealing more than 0,000 items from target. >> it is highly unusual to see a
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case with this many charges. they will be arrested before it gets to this it's thought. were it took place between october of 2020 and this november. charges include eight felony counts of grand theft and 120 misdemeanor counts of petty theft. >> it's been in the works for more than a few weeks. it's been on my radar for more than a few weeks. >> just one high profile case. theft is something they deal with on a daily basis. >> yesterday, we stopped one person. we caught them on camera. it was like it, hey, watch this guy. we watch him go to the store. he stuck it under his coat. his response is well, it's just human nature. >> while she and her team have grown accustomed to dealing with crime in their story. it still remains taxing and dangerous. she like it many other bunesses bieve that law
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foensh oenders often. >> the police know who they are. and i mean, the burglaries are one thing the theft inside inside the store is another thing. they're going into walgreens braisingly just filling bags, yes, they should be prosecuted. >> the district attorney says his office is working to bring more repeat offenders to justice and offers this message. >> we have your back. if you're in fear, our work is not done. whatever we can do, we will do. we want you to reach out. step up to help us help you. >> in san francisco, tim johns, abc7 news. >> donations to a rugby association has led to new charges in the widening corruption scandal at san francisco city hall. a federal indictment filed yesterday accuses rodrigo sanchez to make contributions to golden gate rugby association with the intention of influencing then city building
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inspect or bernard curran who was active. the two "engaged in a conspiracy and scheme for nearly three years." >> moderna announced it's asked the f.d.a. for a booster for all adults. they're expected to authorize them as soon as this week. last week they authorized the booster for high risks groups. opening it up for millions of americans to get a third shot. >> and keeping you and your family safe over the holidays. >> get a booster now. if you're 18 and over. meet the time line for getting a booster. boosters are essential if you're at high risk in addition get a flu vaccine. you can safely take it along with your booster. and remember that outdoor activities are still safer than indoor ones. >> despite reports of people having difficulty make making appointments.
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dr. colfax says the city has the capacity to administer center 25,000 vaccines a day. noah davis is santa clara medical center is longest patient to be discharged. we were there when we were released earlier this month and went home for the first time. today he returned to the hospital to thank those who took care of him. dustin dorsey has the story. dustin:it's not often a patient receives a party when arriving but that's what noah davis got when he arrived at santa clara medical center [applause] >> you get close to a lot of these people. i feel like i came back saying hi to people i've known my whole life. we were there after he battled covid for mean the months.
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he considered this to be another homecoming. >> i mismy dog and my family when i was here now, i miss my family now that i'm home it's crazy. it's like it switching. >> he still cannot walk. sleeps with oxygen and struggle with nerve pain in his left hand. dr. stephen mckenna says he was lucky to be admitted there. their work saved his life before. but the journey is still ongoing >> we're all hopeful that he will continue to make improvements in terms of standing. we don't know what the future hold. brief walking and maybe go get a point where he could be out of the wheelchair whoa where ongoing therapy. >> i can't believe i took breathing for granted back then and walking for granted. and i sure can't wait to get back to that. i won't take it for granted again. >> i am fully vaccinated now.
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i have both shots for pfizer just for any and all precaution i can get. i wouldn't wish this on anybody. >> there's no progress without struggle. it looks like it a lot to deal with and it is. but davis keeps fighting. dustin doorsy, abc7 news. >> receive noose continue to climb and now the state is expected to have another budget surplus. >> plus, president bide calls into an investigation whether oil and gas companies are doing anything illegal causing the record-breaking prices that we're seeing here in california.
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to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto dan: hayward school district employ eyes and its supporters are marching right now in opposition to a plan to close four schools and eight facilitys in the distribute. those numbers have been revised downward actually from eight schools and 10 facilities. proponents say it's necessary to
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deal with declining enrollment, a $14 million short fall and $900 million in repairs the hayward board of education is expected to vote at 6:00:30 tonight. ama: california is said to have a surpluses of $41 million. despite the pandemic's nick impact receive noose are growing because the predicted suffer plus, so large, the state will pass the constitutional spending limit by more than $14 billion that means lawmakers will cut -- will have to cut taxes or other options. dan: the leaders gathered one day after los angeles reported a 29% drop in the amount of cargo sitting unloaded at its port since last month. leaders credited recently
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enacted policies for reducing the backlog. additional help is coming including a role for the port of oakland which hasn't seen in problems. >> we've seen an increase in corporation with the carriers to move some of this stress to northern california. we have commitments from two carriers to go into oakland. a third in january to start to relive some of the stress here at the ports. so there is progress being made. >> governor newsom says leaf aggressively pursue a share of the $17 billion for ports in the infrastructure bill signed monday by president biden >> president biden is asking the federal tradecommission if large oil and gas companies are involved in illegal activity that's causing the price of gas to sore. sid garcia has more. sid: in a letter to the f.t.c. chair, the president alleges that there is mounting evidence of anti-consumer behavior adding
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to those companies have significant prices. why have they gone uppers more than $1.50. dr. ramcaren is a profess or at u.s.c. now, that the vaccine is readily available, people are now venturing out. >> with the advent of the vas seen, there's a rush to now go and spend. there's a rush to come back. and so that sort of catches the oil market off-guard and so you get this big jump or this big surge in prices in oil, which then translates into gas prices. >> the doctor points out that higher gas prices also have an effect on items such as groceries the price of fuel to deliver groceryies will be passed on to you. drivers are feeling the pain at the pump. some are saying it's getting too expensive to drive people around. >> i'm actually looking for
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something else to do, a different profession. because it's getting too tough. sid garcia. abc7 news. dan: still ahead, as officials finalize the redistricting maps. dolores huerta talks about the impact it could have on the impact it could have on the latino community which makes up i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. dan: leaders from california's latino community are calling on state law makers to be fair and mindful during the redistricting process for the 2022 midterm elections. during a virtual event the latino community foundation noted there are currently no people of color on the state commission who draw up the electoral districts. they said that could impact the way -- the latino latino latinoo >> the maps are being decide on
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what those electoral districts are going to look the commission does not have any representation on the commission it that should have. dan: according to the grouper there are nearly 9 million eligible latino voters. that's the largest latino voting block in the nation. ama: we need to get a check on this weather midweek. department we do indeed. inching toward the weekend. sandy more rain comeing? sandy: we industrial some showers on the way. dan and ama we're going take you for a tour. look at this. there's so much blue sky out there yes action few high, thin whipsy clouds. absolutely gorgeous day to be outside. i want to show you the satellite and the radar. storm track is aimed at the pacific northwest but this system is heading in our direction. and it will will bring us a little bit of wet weather. i want to show you the view from
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our santa cruz camera as we look toward the pier. low 60's from san francisco, oakland, san jose. 54 degrees right now in half moon bay from our san jose camera, we are seeing a few whispy clouds. 61 in santa rosa. it's in the mid toer 50's. 56 in livermore and 6 60 in concord. look at this beauty from our emryville camera. increasing clouds. we do have a chance of a couple of showers tomorrow afternoon evening. scattered showers, better likelihood on friday and dry and milder weather for the weekend t let me show you the morning temperatures. anywhere from the low 40's to the low 50's. we will have some fog underneath the blackett of higher clouds so that clouds increase. tomorrow it's a mostly cloud cloudy to cloudy day. breezy along the coast. upper 50's to the mid 60's for your thursday. this is transition day as we introduce a light level one
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system. tomorrow basically in the afternoon evening hours there's a chance of a stray how we are or two. light showers. breezy. less than a .10 of an inch. tomorrow afternoon 3:00. it's right around the mendocino lake county area. as we head into 8:00 pool p.m. you see this random shower. could just cross san francisco. but certainly friday morn morning you're going to need the umbrellas as scattered showers move in the north bay if you are in the east bay or the san francisco area, the peninsula, you will see some spotty shower heading into the noontime hour. you go into the south bay and you might be asking yourself what rain? because some of you will not measure at all as you can see from the precipitation estimates 167800 in nevada. about .900th of an inch in cloverdale. a chance of a few drops. afternoon even evening tomorrow. but it's a light level one system. we're going the turn things around, warm it up for the
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weekend and brighten it up. i know we need the rain. but don't have any other than friday. we might see something thanks giving weekend. between black friday and that weekend. but it still so many days away so stay tuned. >> something extra to be thankful for. i'm bit of help today in the effort to solve san jose's affordable housing issue. the building includes 63 one-bed loom units and 643,000 -- square feet of the retail space. it provides supportive housing for the chronically homeless and special needs senior population.
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that's more speed and you'll save hundreds over at&t. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, for a limited time, get $300 back and a 5g phone on us. get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. ama: just a reminder that you can get our live newscast, weather and more with our app on apple tv, android tv. fire tv and roku. just download it thanksgiving came early today for more than 100 north bay families in need. a a a san raf
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came through. dan: colonel bernard has the story. >> there's a turkey for you. thank you. >> veron johns got tall ingredients he needs for the perfect thanksgiving. >> that means i'm going have food on the table. it's hard to come by meals these days. >> the ritter center helping the underserved for 40 years. this year, the need has increased by 20% due to covid. >> with the rise of cost of food and g our goal is to make sure that every single family have food on the table thanksgiving. >> but this giveaway almost never happened. fierce storms in late october left the center heavily damaged. >> they had to shut down their operation because things were literally under water. >> the water was all the way to
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here. >> thousands of dollars of items had to be trashed. computers and furniture destroyed. we covered the aftermath and many of you stepped up to help >> the good news is thanks to abc7 airing the segment about the flood, the public really listened. and they responded. they opened their hearts and their wallets. and we received $20,000 in donations. >> those donations helped buy more supplies allowing the food pantry to reopen and paid for some new office furniture at the health clinic too. there was a lot of gratitude >> that human generosity of spirit is still there with compassion for all of humanity. there are thanksgiving tradition was allowed to go on at a time when it's needed most. in san rafael, colonel bernard, abc7 news. dan: one of my favorite parts of this time of year how people come in and help.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the dramatic turn in the ahmaud arbery case. the defense calling its first witness, one of the defendants, travis mcmichael, who was seen on video firing the deadly shots, killing ahmaud arbery. you will hear what travis mcmichael says on the stand. the other trial the nation is watching, kyle rittenhouse. today, with deliberations under way, the defense calling for a mistrial amid a key question over that drone video. and all of this as jurors returned to the courtroom, no cameras, after a request to see the video again. tonight, the coronavirus and could boosters for americans 18 and older be approved as soon as tomorrow?
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