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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 17, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- michael keaton. john wilson. and music from the war on drugs. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. thank you, thank you. hi, everybody. hi. welcome. mu muchos gracias. very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for all the clapping. by the way, thank you for joining us on national unfriend day. national unfriend day, or "nud" for short is an occasion that i concocted 11 years ago. it is a day on which i urge americans to purge.
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to remove those randos on facebook who are not your "friends." [ laughter ] of course, this was before arguments over vaccines and donald trump removed our friends for us. [ laughter ] it was a simpler time. here's a good way to tell if you shouldn't still be facebook friends with someone -- if they are still on facebook, that's it, really. [ laughter ] [ applause ] happy nud. i will say this. your only real friends are your dogs anyway. this is an invention that i'm not sure how to feel about. a professor in glasgow has developed an electronic device that allows dogs to place a call their owner, video call, whenever they feel moved to do that. it's called "dog phone." i guess they worked so hard on the phone, they didn't have time to come up with a name. [ laughter ] the idea is that dogs have had it pretty good during the pandemic. now that a lot of us are going back to work, they're feeling lonely and anxious. so she came up with the "dog phone."
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the way it works is when the dog calls, the owner is free to answer or ignore the call. which there's a special place in hell for people -- [ laughter ] -- who give their dogs a phone and then ignore the phone. [ audience aww'ing ] this is a photo of the inventor's dog using the device. i think this dog is calling to tell her he opened that bottle of wine on the table. [ laughter ] what if you have this and your dog doesn't call? how sad is that? [ laughter ] donald trump doesn't have a dog. not since he broke up with mike pence. [ laughter ] but he does have a my pillow guy. mike lindell has been licking master's butt again. the pillow man scored a one on one interview with the man who will eventually bankrupt him. lindell sat down with trump for 36 rambling minutes. it was quite a sit-down. it was like watching a convenient drill quist get interviewed by his dummy. [ laughter ] i won't subject you to the whole thing, but for the most part it went like this. >> they could have finished the wall in two weeks. they could have had the wall done, it was almost finished.
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we had a tremendous victory in texas and florida. these people made money being president. all of a sudden half the people like you. you talk about silencing the press. that's a part of the way it happened. >> uh-huh. >> we had some tremendous successes. >> uh-huh. >> i think we're getting them out. >> uh-huh. >> they nabbed another one. >> uh-huh. >> this we swapped them. >> uh-huh. >> obama what could be crazier than that? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: uh-huh, uh-huh. pillow talk, agreeing with every word that came out of trump's mouth. it's like trump is interviewing for concierge at the airport radisson. [ laughter ] that's mar-a-lago. tuxedo trump squeezed this interview in between raids on the fondue fountain at mar-a-lago. [ laughter ] mike lindell went through every one of his debunk claims of election fraud, the president ate it up and thanked mike with a bigly compliment. >> you are a fighter. this country someday, i really believe this country someday is
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going to be very appreciative of what you've done. >> oh, thank you. >> jimmy: he's a fighter. a pillow fighter. [ laughter ] i think that compliment was trump's way of saying, get me the hell out of here. about two seconds later, mike got the hook. >> i will say this, what i've learned is -- >> postmates for president trump? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: the post mates guy showed up. mike lindell. he is hosting a 96-hour black friday webcast, during which he claims he will file a lawsuit that will overturn the results of the 2020 election! the mike lindell moron-athon as they're calling it will run from midnight the wednesday before thanksgiving, through midnight on sunday. and what better way to spend the holiday weekend? you know those videos of 4,000 people stampeding into a
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walmart, beating each other with waffle irons? that's what's going on in mike lindell's head all the time. [ laughter ] other than that, it wasn't a good day for conspiracy theorists. jacob chansley, also known as the qanon shaman, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for storming the capitol on january 6th. [ cheers and applause ] chancely repented, gave a 45-minute speech to the court during which he cited jesus, gandhi, and quoted "the shawshank redemption." [ laughter ] he apologized for storming the capitol. and said he often looks in the mirror and tells himself "you really messed up, royally." [ laughter ] maybe if he'd taken a look in the mirror sooner, he would have noticed he had a dead raccoon on his head. [ laughter ] we also heard from his lawyer, a guy named albert watkins, who was asked about trump's culpability in the events of january 6th. >> what is an appropriate culpability for former president trump? >> if you're asking my opinion? you know, my opinion is meaningless. i will say that i would probably be far more effective over a beer with former president
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trump. even if he didn't have a beer. because i understand he doesn't drink beer. but i'd have a beer. and i'd tell him, you know what? you got a few [ bleep ] things to do, clean this [ bleep ] mess up, taking care of a lot of the jackasses you [ bleep ]ed because of january 6th. in the meantime, i might talk about some other things that i agree with him on. but my opinion doesn't mean [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what an eloquent gentleman. you know who he reminds me of? mr. rogers. [ laughter ] you remember, from the neighborhood? meanwhile, the big story for sports fans here in l.a. is that staples center, our staple centers where the lakers have won championships and the clippers -- play. [ laughter ] is getting a new name. starting christmas day, staples center will be known as " arena." which doesn't sound creepy at all. [ laughter ] is a currency platform based in singapore. they paid $700 million to get the name.
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it is the most lucrative naming deal in the history of sports. it's twice as much as it cost to build the staples center! [ laughter ] but a lot of people around here don't like the new name at all. you know you're in a weird spot when fans are like, "we have to go back to when it was named after an office supply chain!" [ laughter ] it's a bad name. but thankfully, still isn't the worst-named arena in sports. that honor belongs to the new orleans pelicans, "smoothie king center." [ cheers ] in new york, the huddled masses will gather once again to watch the ball drop in times square on new year's eve. as long as you have proof of vaccination. no one was more excited about this than outgoing mayor bill de blasio, who reminds us we're going to miss his special brand of pizzazz he brought to america's largest city. >> it's coming back. this new year's eve, times square, everyone come on down. we're celebrating. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: all right, and that was that. ideas like that always start with, "you know what would be fun?" [ laughter ] the ball drop is back. and so is "the tiger king." joe exotic. season two of the netflix series i guess. i guess it's a series. who knew it would be a series? i thought it was going to be done. "tiger king 2" came out today. is anyone going to watch this? [ laughter ] i don't know, it feels weird. during the pandemic we were trapped in the house and it came on. now it's looking like text messages you sent during a breakup. [ laughter ] i was a different person back then. i just want to move on. [ cheers and applause ] but the creators of the show saw some kind of an opportunity in spite of the fact that joe exotic is in prison, and presumably not on the show. and with their star in the slammer, you may be wondering, who the center of the series is. and surprise surprise, turns out it's one of the more overlooked characters from season one. >> with joe exotic in prison, there's a new king in town.
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fasten your seat belts for the power of carole baskin's husband howard. >> you're following me again. >> whether he's filing papers -- >> this is the current legal stuff. >> laying down the law -- >> we had filed a motion for summary judgment. >> eating shrimp, or reading his fan mail -- >> by the way, that is a penis, a horse penis. >> that was my recollection. >> howard's on the chain and off the hook. >> go, charlotte! it's your birthday, we're gonna have a party like it's your birthday! >> "tiger king 2:the howardly lion." [ applause ] >> jimmy: well, that is -- that's big. that's big. but the b1g show busy news is the trailer for "spider-man: no way home." did you watch that, have you seen that? [ cheers and applause ] i was watching with my kids last night.
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do you watch this? >> guillermo: no, i didn't. >> jimmy: i watched with my daughter and son. my son loved it, my daughter hated it, she thought it was scary. i thought i would pay to see this movie trarg, i'd pay a dollar to see it. none of you would? all right. came out last night. everyone's talking about it. so much so, this hashtag was trending. as soon as the trailer came out. [ laughter ] they inadvertently messed up the capitalization of "doc ock." [ laughter ] you get it, i guess. doctor octopus is one of many villains in this movie. in the trailer, we saw five members of "the sinister six." and now we are, i am especially pleased to reveal who the sixth sinister will be in an exclusive second first look at the new, new trailer for "spider-man: no way home." >> you wanted everyone to forget
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peter parker's spider-man? we started getting some visits. from every [ muted ] universe. >> ha ha ha! ha ha ha! >> i'm sorry, what was yaur name again? >> they call me craven. >> ha ha! >> huchlt. huchlt. >> seriously, what is your actual name? >> they're a danger to our universe! >> are you ready to have your head hanging on my wall in my den? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> are you ready, you spider? he's not.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. really a dream come true. guillermo, i promise i won't forget you when i'm a movie star. [ laughter ] >> guillermo: all right, for sure. >> jimmy: we have a great show for you tonight. from "how to with john wilson," john wilson is here. [ cheers and applause ] we have music from the war on drugs. and we'll be right back with michael keaton. so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: tonight -- from an hbo show i happen to
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enjoy very much called "how to with john wilson," john wilson is with us. [ cheers and applause ] then later, a really good band. their album is called "i don't live here anymore." the war on drugs from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night -- nick offerman and aunjanue ellis and music from alessia cara, so please join us for them. our first guest is one of the best actors ever. beetlejuice, batman, birdman, night shift, mr. mom -- go ahead, guillermo -- >> guillermo: batman returns. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "mr. mom 12." [ cheers and applause ] he's earned our respect. his new series for hulu is called "dopesick." please say hello to michael keaton. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> batman returns, the other batman and another batman -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: every time you walk into a room you should say "batman returns." >> that's right. yeah. >> jimmy: have you always been michael? does anyone call you mikey or mike, anything like that? >> yeah, actually. there are some people who still call me mikey. because -- it's funny. i was thinking about this. jimmy kimmel! at what point do you think or what age, let's say, do you think you go, i want to be -- you think at 90, will jimmy -- you're lucky, jimmy can work at
11:54 pm
90. >> jimmy: yeah, barely, yes. [ laughter ] >> no, no -- >> jimmy: i know what you're getting with, it's foolish for an adult man to have a name like a cartoon character. [ laughter ] >> no, no. did you ever think, maybe i'd switch off to james? >> jimmy: even if i did, no one would go along with it, i would be abused by all my friends if i tried to switch it. >> yeah. also the announcement, "james kimmel!" >> jimmy: by the time i'm 90, forget it. >> names, you know -- names, it can almost determine how you're going to act. because when i am called mikey, you know, there are guys -- you walk on the streets in new york or wherever you are, they're very familiar in the greatest kind of way. they'll yell out, "yo, mike!" i'm always mike. a guy says to me one time, i swear, comes up to me, i've never seen this man. he comes up to me in the street, yo, mike, when are you going to put me in one of your movies? [ laughter ] he said it like i've been
11:55 pm
holding out on him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maybe you have. >> yeah. yo, mike! names, they kind of determine -- they determine a lot. they can change -- i mean -- >> jimmy: you're right, you're right. >> yes. you're james -- does anybody call you jimbo? >> jimmy: yeah, every once in a while. >> how do you take that? >> jimmy: i don't mind. i don't care. >> jimbo. do you act differently when they go, yo, jimbo! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i start twisting balloons. yeah. juggling. >> yeah, yeah. like would the world have been different had hitler's first name been biff? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: really good question. >> because biff's the kind of name -- this is what goes with biff. "biff, dinner's ready!" not "heil, biff." >> jimmy: you couldn't say heil, benefit. i think maybe we would have lost world war ii if his name was biff that would have been bad. >> yeah, people would have said, you see what biff's up to? well, you know, it's biff.
11:56 pm
biff being biff. just biff being biff. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: speaking of nicknames, you know, you have -- we went fishing together. >> yes. >> jimmy: as part of a group. we all have nicknames in the group. it was me and you and a bunch of guys, your son sean. >> yeah. >> jimmy: cleto, cleto sr., we were all there together. we had a lot of -- >> really fun. >> jimmy: it was good time. >> man, it was so good. >> jimmy: be honest, you were nervous about integrating with my friends. >> yes. [ laughter ] yeah. well, i took my cue from you. if they're anything like him, i'm not so sure. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right, sure. >> no, no, honestly, it was really nice. >> jimmy: we had a very good time. a lot of good conversations. >> really good. we were -- my favorite part of the four, five days, whatever, was when we, you know, were floating down the river, like a flotilla of people with our
11:57 pm
guides. in the boat, two per boat. you pull over, have lunch on the riverside. a really nice lunch. so at what point -- whether 10, eating sitting around,- you, me, a couple of the guides. 10 or 12 guys, right? >> jimmy: yeah, something like that. >> you and i start talking. everybody's talking about different things. somehow he and i started talking about shows we loved. like "newhart." >> jimmy: oh, yeah, right. "the bob newhart show." >> right. then we're big "honeymooners" fans. jackie glee southern. >> jimmy: the greatest. >> great. as we were there talking, he and i were getting more and more engaged, how about that episode where ralph, and blah, blah, blah. and you actually did something that was uncharacteristic that i thought was really -- you got and up acted out a scene. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah. it was really good. not as good as -- what's your character in marvel, conrad the unholsterer? >> jimmy: craven the hunter,
11:58 pm
please don't play dumb, you know what my character's name is. [ applause ] we're start of the sinister six together. >> we'll get to that in a minute, that's realing the inte. [ laughter ] did you notice as we were talking, getting more and more involved, the specifics about these episodes, there were maybe 10 people there at the beginning. all of a sudden i notice people started to disappear. [ laughter ] like to leave quietly. because they were bored out of their minds. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, everyone left. >> then just you and me for 20 minutes, "how about the mime ma time mark carney came in?" >> jimmy: coring the apples? i will say for the cletos, they're tired of hearing me talk. [ laughter ] i think the guys wanted to get a jump on the boats. >> true. >> jimmy: first shot at the trout. >> probably so. >> jimmy: let's talk about "pider-man." so much fun to work with you on this movie. [ laughter ]
11:59 pm
[ applause ] >> awesome. >> jimmy: you know, our -- >> you're frightening. >> jimmy: not only are we friends, but my son billy and your grandson are in the same class, and they're like best buddies. >> yes. >> jimmy: love each other. >> river douglas. >> jimmy: every day, river douglas, always first and last name, every time billy talks about river douglas. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i told him, they're both wearing spider-man stuff. river was wearing a batman mask over his face. >> mixed with spider-man. [ cheers and applause ] good boy. >> jimmy: i told billy, it's nice that river's wearing spider-man, but his grandpa is the vulture. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and billy will not accept that. >> really? >> jimmy: yes. he's like, "no, he isn't." he just can't accept that river has an evil grandfather. [ laughter ] >> right. wow. i didn't know this. i have to talk to river about this. this is interesting. i have to break that in. explain it to him. he does this really interesting thing.
12:00 am
he's really into spider-man a lot. yeah. halloween just happened. i asked him, like i didn't know. so what do you think, what are you going to be? he goes, spider-man, of course. he says to me, poppy, what are you going to be, batman? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and? you are. >> yes. i go, yeah, probably. he says -- he says, he's your favorite superhero, right? i go, yeah, pretty much. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: boy is he going to have a surprise coming. >> he asked me the other day, why you don't have so much hair? yeah, cute. [ laughter ] i let it go. then he asked me again. i said, how come you're so [ bleep ] short? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: michael keaton's here. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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12:06 am
you are fantastic in that show. the story is really genuinely upsetting. >> yeah. >> jimmy: obviously this big company decides to lie and say that their product, this painkiller, is not addictive. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they tell these doctors it isn't addictive, the doctors prescribe it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you play one of those doctors. >> and pardon me, every time you think, well, this can't really -- you know, there could be a scene, i'd say to danny, the producer, one of the producers and writers and show runner, who's really great. i'd say, wait, this is a little on the head, don't you think? he'd say, really? okay, read this. they'd show you something that actually happened, purdue pharma, the sackler family did and said. and you just kind of can't believe it. it was unbelievable. >> jimmy: the disregard for human life. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and honestly, i have to say, when i watch it, it made my go, oh, i kind of maybe get why people don't want to take a
12:07 am
vaccine. because you sow these seeds of distrust in society. >> that's the problem, you're right, exactly. you hit on it the head. there's so much distrust. now what when you see things like this -- but it's really well done. one of the things i really like about it, it doesn't -- you know, we saet it in appalachia, which that isn't the only place in the world this is going on, but it certainly is white hot down there, the issue. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and those people, we never disrespect them, you know? we never look down on them, you know? anyway, i'm glad you like it. >> jimmy: people in pain. >> yeah. >> jimmy: who want to not be in pain. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they're told this is something safe and not addict that i have they can take. >> when you watch it, and i hope you do, it's an eye-opener. it's one of those things, like when i did "the founder," or something, you think you know that story. then you realize, oh, i don't know this story at all. i didn't know 20% of this issue.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: and these people, the sacklers, really somehow were able to pay their way out of criminal liability? >> yeah, yeah. going on right now, actually. >> jimmy: what a great country this is. [ laughter and moans ] let's get back to the real serious stuff, batman. >> yeah, okay, okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're in the flesh, you can't deny it, in the flesh, in the flash? >> jimmy: both those things. we've seen you in not a trarp but the excerpt. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we know ben affleck is a batman in this as well. >> i wasn't familiar with that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you know that. >> of course i knew. >> jimmy: so you know that there are things you can't say. there are a lot of things -- >> right, i can't say. >> jimmy: we don't want to ruin anything for anybody. >> exactly. >> jimmy: here's the question. >> okay. >> jimmy: i think you can answer. >> i would doubt it. there's a lot of the things i can't say because i don't really understand what's going on. [ laughter ] i'm in two worlds. i'm in the marvel world, dc -- >> jimmy: you are the most
12:09 am
prominent cross-over -- >> maybe the only. >> jimmy: there's a couple others too. ryan reynolds. >> [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] [ applause ] yeah, i know you're in marvel -- >> jimmy: give me some time. [ laughter ] craven attacks aquaman or something. but -- >> by the way, you worked out for that. >> jimmy: i know what you're doing, you're trying to tap dance your way out of this question. >> no, i know -- >> jimmy: i know what you're doing. >> i'm afraid i'm not going to be able -- >> jimmy: i've experienced this before. >> i'm afraid i'm not going to know the answer. i get really confused. i don't know a lot of the lore. a lot of times i show up and they go -- do you want to know the truth? >> jimmy: yeah. >> you can't handle the truth. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know this is not your -- >> no, i enjoy it. i like it. i'm just not -- i'm not up to speed. >> jimmy: if this is about willie stargill you'd be all over it. >> i'd give you specifics. >> this is not a question that
12:10 am
requires knowledge of comic books. >> okay, all right. >> jimmy: you know you're in it. i assume they told you ben affleck was going to be in it. >> he's great in it. >> jimmy: did you ask them, is george clooney in it? >> i didn't. >> jimmy: you did not? >> no. >> jimmy: that did not occur to you? >> no, nor did i ask about the 77 other bat manz. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there are not 77. >> okay. >> jimmy: val kilmer did you ask -- >> i didn't ask about val. >> jimmy: you didn't? >> i didn't go, "hey, what other guys are going to be in it?" >> jimmy: no, you didn't say that? >> no, here's how bad it is. i'll show up. i'll go, hey, what point does spider-man show up? [ laughter ] i go, you know does hulk come in? [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. when i did one of the -- i shouldn't say this. when i did -- these guys are so cool. >> jimmy: say it, please, go ahead. >> all right. i showed up on one of the -- when i played vulture, which is really a fun character, i've got to say.
12:11 am
and they have to brief -- they have to brief me. and i see it in their eyes. they're going, so, you know, when -- then they'll say, when you did blah, blah, and your character comes in, he did that thing, remember? because earlier in spider-man -- and i'm going, "right, right." i'm thinking, no [ bleep ] way. [ laughter ] i have no idea. who's who, why, where, or even where i am. >> jimmy: all right. >> so i see it in their eyes. then they're really cool about it. they go, "you don't know what we're talking about." "well, i kind of do, but i'm a quick lerner." >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> i'm shooting tomorrow. >> jimmy: you're shooting tomorrow? what? >> vulture stuff. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're vulture tomorrow, all right. all right. michael keaton. he's batman, he's vulture, he doesn't know anything about them but he is them. "dopesick" on hulu. are you leaving? michael kekeaton.
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>> jimmy: music from the war on drugs is on the way. do not be fooled by his very common name. our next guest is an uncommon man with an exceptionally unique and fascinating show. season two of "how to with john wilson" premieres the day after thanksgiving on hbo and
12:18 am
hbo max. please welcome john wilson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks for coming out from new york. appreciate it. >> yeah, thanks for having me. michael keaton, wow. i didn't think i'd be in the same building as him. >> jimmy: same chair as him. >> i know. >> jimmy: not just same building. >> i often like to think of myself as the michael keaton of documentary. [ laughter ] because, you know. ask me to make a movie, it's almost kind of like summoning beetlejuice. [ laughter ] i'll get the job done, but you may not like what you get. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, i liked it. boy do i like the show. i get hypnotized watching the show. it's hard to explain. it's hard to explain this show to people. >> yes. >> jimmy: i wind of saying, "just watch the show."
12:19 am
how do you explain the show? >> yeah, the show is like a collage of weird footage on the streets of new york, to begin with. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it was an -- for me, i felt like it was extremely hard to pitch initially, just because people didn't understand the concept of a show where you wouldn't see the host. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you would just hear them the whole time. but when i was in the room with nathan pitching, he says -- >> jimmy: nathan fielder, brilliant person in his own right, pitched this with you. >> yeah. and you know, he said, have you ever listened to a podcast? it's very similar to that. >> jimmy: so when you talk about the footage, you have these shots that are -- it's a mixture of shots that are just mundane but somehow absorbing of things going on in new york. people walking around. objects you find on the street. >> yeah. >> jimmy: where do you get all that, that footage? >> so yeah the show is -- yeah, for those not familiar, it's all kind of first person.
12:20 am
but -- i shoot about three-quarters of the show. i have an amazing team of second unit shooters that actually shoot the rest of it. i can't be everywhere all at once. so they usually go out and i give them a scavenger hunt list of stuff to find on the streets of new york if i want to -- you know, if i need a shot of a bunch of tangled cables or something like that. or, you know, flat tires. if i want to make the audience feel sad. something like that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and is that fun for them to get an assignment like that? >> yeah, but -- sometimes, you know, things get lost in communication. there was this really funny moment where i was, you know -- i have strange requests all the time. i was explaining one of them to one of my shooters. nelly cruz. and she -- i said, i want to have a bank of magic hour images. i like to have images that are shot at sunset, that i can just -- >> jimmy: you call that magic hour? >> yeah, magic hour.
12:21 am
so that, you know, it adds i think an extra kind of emotional dimension to it once you put it in and it automatically makes people feel something sometimes. so i said, yeah, tell the second unit team is that i want a bank of magic hour images. then i start getting the footage a few nights later. i start combing through it. and i just start seeing these gorgeous shots of bank of america. [ laughter ] chase bank. investors bank. at sunset. and i realize in that moment that she thought that i'd said "banks at magic hour." [ laughter ] and not a bank of magic hour images. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so you really have to be so careful. >> yes. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i think we have some of that. >> so yeah, this is some of the footage here. here's the chase. that's a bank of america. here's a very beautiful citibank.
12:22 am
this very nice investors bank right here. [ laughter ] so yeah. and -- but, you know, i'm really glad that there was that miscommunication now, because otherwise we wouldn't have these beautiful shots of banks. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: sometimes miscommunication is the best. you start out with kind of a mission, like how to appreciate wine. >> yes. >> jimmy: and then you learn these things that people somehow know about, but it's interesting watching you go through the process. but then sometimes it just takes a weird turn and it's something totally different. like you start with wine, then somehow you wound up with what? >> yeah, so in this upcoming season, i have an episode where i try to teach you how to appreciate wine. and it detours almost instantly. but i -- you know, i get him to talk about -- i get him to talking about the age of wine and being able to appreciate
12:23 am
eating, consuming old things. and i kind of teleport into this man's bedroom. [ laughter ] who is obsessed with eating vintage mres from the military from vietnam. like the meal ready to eat. >> jimmy: he finds them? >> yeah, he gets rare meals from the vietnam war, meant for soldiers, and he eats them to completion. [ laughter ] and so, you know, i use that as a way to basically teach you how to get in the mindset of someone who's -- who can appreciate something like an aged wine. >> jimmy: uh-huh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> you know. it's -- i thought that he just, you know -- he has a youtube channel with kind of a modest following. and that's how we found him. but, you know, when we were done eating the meal together, he --
12:24 am
i thought he was just going to throw the rest out. but he insisted on eating the -- saving the rest and eating it while i was gone, even though it was 60-year-old ground beef. >> jimmy: 60-year-old ground beef? >> which honestly tasted like anything i would eat at laguardia. [ laughter ] [ applause ] like, now. >> jimmy: wow. it's almost impossible to describe how absorbing this show is. so you just have to watch it. so this season you've got, what, appreciating wine. i have a list here. how to invest in real estate. >> yes. >> jimmy: how to find a spot. oh, that one. >> yeah. so as you may know, parking is very competitive in new york city. and i tried to tackle that subject with an episode called "how to find a spot." i brought a gift for you, which is actually a calendar with photos from the -- [ laughter ] from the irreplaceable chris
12:25 am
maggio, open parking spots around new york city. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. oh, that's a beauty there in august. >> i think for a new yorker, it's something to salivate over. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. he makes tv shows and calendars too. season two of "how to with john wilson" premieres november 26th on hbo and hbo max. john wilson, thank you, john. we'll be back with the war on drugs.
12:26 am
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>> jimmy: i want to thank michael keaton, john wilson, and the war on drugs. apologies to matt damon. tomorrow night -- nick offerman and aunjanue ellis, with music from alessia cara. "nightline" is next, so please, give them a kiss for me. thanks for watching. i like it when you do that.
12:37 am
goodnight. ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, on defense. the dramatic moments in court for the man who killed ahmaud arbery. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> i was thinking of my son. >> claiming he feared for his life. will this surprising turn on the witness stand work? >> anything to try to justify the unjustifiable killing of ahmaud arbery, who was lynched for jogging while black. >> the reverend jesse jackson, who's become in the court with the arbery family. >> he never was a threat to anybody. he should not have been killed. plus seaweed solution. how underwater farms c


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