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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 18, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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the most for any work by a latin artist. it depicts frida with an image of her husband, diego rivera, on her tear-stained face. during a turbulent time in their relationship. rivera held the previous record, until now. and that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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struck and killed during a collision in cal hollow, they shared memories and made a pledge to not let his death be in vain. she was a heartbroken students were among those who shared their memories and their heartbreak wednesday night following the sudden loss of 30 year old andrew ziman. he worked as a paraeducator at sherman elementary school his childhood alma mater. i wanted to be in this class he was known by. his was patient athletic and had a weakness for reese's peanut butter cups. his students say he was fun. chill cool kids always loved him every time they would see mr.
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andrew. they would bring up to him. say hello, mr. andrew was walking on the sidewalk just outside of the school last wednesday when he was struck and killed as two cars collided at union and franklin streets. there are no words. adequate to express my sorrow. supervisor catherine stefani attended the memorial at the school. she says she was called for a hearing to explore pedestrian safety around every school in san francisco the family. i'm so sorry and to all of you. we've promised that we will do everything we can in andrew's name to make sure our streets are safe. police arrested a 70 year old woman for vehicular manslaughter and running a red light in connection with that deadly accident. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer and moderna boosters for all adults as soon as tomorrow a source with the knowledge of the process spoke to abc news. this news comes as temperatures drop in cases rise across the country, dr. anthony fauci warns
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the country needs to ramp up first doses and booster shots to avoid a winter surge when you have a virus as transmissible at delta. in the context of waning immunity that dynamic is going to negatively impact even the vaccinated people so it's a double whammy. 12 states including california have gone ahead of the fda and cdc guidelines and are already allowing a third shot to adults. 18 and older california's my turn website opens tomorrow for booster shot appointments. it's going to be the first time that all adult californians will be able to sign up on the site to get the shot last week the state announced that all adults should be eligible to get a booster, but many have found it difficult to actually get the appointment the only requirements are you have to be at least 18 and fully needed at least six months ago. a governor newsom toured ports in southern california as the supply chain issue continues. he says port of oakland is ready to help alleviate.
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the backlog but abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke with a trucking company that says there's already a backup here, too. governor gavin newsom wednesday hailed the progress being made to break the supply chain issue at some of california's ports. he said the port of oakland could play a major role at helping reduce the backlog. we're seeing an increase in cooperation with the carriers to move some of this stress to northern california. the port of oakland says they have the due to accept more cargo and claim its union will be adding more workers. they say this should benefit the whole state. we do have extra capacity here in oakland so we can take on more cargo. however trucking companies working out of the port say they are experiencing major issues billabudi with ab trucking says his drivers are sometimes waiting hours just to pick up one container from the port we should be able to do two moves in a day. we we can't even do one. is horrible unless we get in
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line pick up the container the day before and then we have to deliver it the next day. this is video. he provided us showing long lines of trucks around the port of oakland a -- says having these kinds of delays make it difficult to pick up their containers on time and sometimes he says they face penalties for the delays and the penalties are not cheap, but you're talking about anywhere. they started a hundred and thirty dollars a day all the way to $550 a day. the port of oakland says the workers hired need to undergo extensive training and that could take some time a dog workers' jobs. highly raiders this this this ts ground on the terminal who work on the terminal as governor newsome addresses the issues with the ports. moody fears, he is overlooking the truckers which he says are a crucial element of supply chain. why don't they come talk to the truckers to the people are dealing with this issue on the daily basis ryan curry abc 7 news. all right. let's move to the weather some
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rain in the forecast starting tomorrow. we'll get the latest now from abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel sandy. yeah, dan, and let's take a look at live doppler 7. here's how i would categorize this system week and light. it's a light level one storm on live doppler 7, and it's not going to bring us a lot. but at least it's something so we take a look at the hourly timeline four o'clock tomorrow the north bay. we'll see the possibility of a few showers as we head into 6pm east bay north bay not out of the question. friday morning, we do have some spotty showers showing up around 8 am. i'll let you know if it's going to spill over into the holiday weekend a weekday weekend and the holiday week i should say some more chances coming right up ama. all right, sandia. thank you. well, there's no denying. the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way agencies and organizations collect and distribute donations, and it's no different this holiday season taking a look at these efforts to build a better bay area is important to us here at abc 7 abc 7. border amanda del castillo shows
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us that there is no effort too big or too small in san jose. from a grassroots effort to a grand operation groups across san jose collecting toys for kids as we enter the second holiday season under the pandem. for marine tots for toy san jose covid-19 cut the number of donation drop sites in 2020 from 370 to 73 this year unimprovement coordinator sergeant manuel. gomez says, they've doubled locations and they're seeing the return of local donors a lot of companies have been in contact with me saying i was in able to contribute last year because of pandemic but we contributed a couple of years ago. so it's just glad to know that those companies and organizations are reaching back out and for the first i'm with just two toy collection sites small business owners from san jose's japantown and local social media influencer at san jose foods are building the san jose toy drive from the ground up a grassroots hybrid holiday donation effort with in-person and online contribution options
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state of grace owner taki kitamura says its community helping community. i think there's a really rich multicultural tapestry here and you know, and i think we're seeing that with this event if you look at the list of donors, i mean they come from all walks of life all different. of occupations ethnic backgrounds cultural backgrounds, you know, it's just and that to me is what san jose is about and in the end. it's all about the kids. the main thing is unity, you know, everyone kind of wants to do things on their own, but once we all come together, you know, that's one great things can happen. we're not a big company. we're not a non-profit or anything. we're just a bunch of people people who understand that during the ongoing pandemic some may need a little extra help during the holidays. we try and get toys in the hands of as many of this fortunate kids within the county as we can. thought of them not having a great christmas, you know, it it can break your heart for more information on either efforts. be sure to visit abc 7 and click on this story in san jose. i'm a manitowoc studio abc 7 news. tonight we're one-on-one with
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oakland police chief laurent armstrong. he discusses the recent violence plaguing his city. tens of thousands of northern california kaiser workers will be walking off the job tomorrow as part of a solidarity strike how kaiser is preparing for any impacts and three weeks ago in north bay food pantry was underwater literally, but today they're celebrating. a flood
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and a 5g phone on us. get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. oakland has endured 120 homicides and counting so far
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this year today police chief laurent armstrong sat down with abc 7 news reporter laura anthony to discuss the unprecedented. firepowe on the streets and why he believes his shrinking force can't fix the problem. at least not on its own. cars shot up homes shot up. this is real life with 120 homicides and more than 500 shootings in his city oakland police chief laurent. armstrong says behind those numbers is an alarming escalation in firepower. we had a shooting last week where we had nearly 200 rounds fired in the community. that is unacceptable. this shot spotter audio recent baraja bullets on the streets of oakland sunday night a mother and her 11 year old daughter was shot in their home eleven days ago a boy not even two years old was killed by a stray bullet while riding in the family car on interstate 880 in
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oakland. it has been a wake-up call for all. us that firing guns and communities can cause so much damage to families but also community because the community is hurting as well oakland police have seized a large number of firearms more than 1,000 so far this year already surpassing all of last year you've recovered a thousand guns, but aren't there thousands more out there. that's what's unfortunate that while we continue to recover guns daily more guns continue to our community currently only about one-third of oakland homicide cases result in an arrest in charges armstrong claims that's partly due to having a smaller force currently 681 sworn officers. we still have the same number of investigators in our homicide division, but almost nearly double the number of homicides that we had in 2019 armstrong expects. his force will shrink further as city leaders direct resources away from his department. so i think it is about our
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ability to regain the trust of our community so that they don't believe that less police makes them safer the spike in crime here in oakland comes am they'll have robust reforms while still maintaining his department's budget and the number of officers on the street in oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. developing news engineers at kaiser permanente on a strike now for two months. we'll get a show of support tomorrow labor leaders. say more than 40,000 workers will take part in a one-day sympathy strike. they'll pick it at several facilities including the kaiser medical center in san jose striking kaiser engineers repair and maintain medical equipment in a statement tonight kaiser said vote we are offering local 39 employees wages that are similar to our other employees, but union leadership wants more asking for an reasonable increases far beyond any other union at kaiser permanente
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instacart is introducing shopper safety alerts the feature, which you see here will notify shoppers of nearby critical incidents drawn from police social media or local news instacart shoppers in the area of an incident will immediately see the alert depending on the degree of risk instacart. stop operations entirely in some stores or regions. the san francisco company says it is committed to shopper safety thanksgiving came early today for more than 100 north bay families in need this holiday, but it almost didn't happen abc 7 news at 11 covered the story several weeks ago the historic storms that hit the bay area. month left the ritter center in san rafael flooded and heavily damaged thousands of dollars in donated food supplies had to be trashed, but thanks to some generous abc 7 viewers who stepped up to help in a very big way today's food giveaway went on his planned, but the good news is thanks to abc 7 airing the segment about the flood the public really listened and they responded they opened their hearts. they opened their wallets and we
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received $20,000 in donations. thoseonations helped by more supplies allowing britters food pantry to reopen. they also paid for some new office furniture damaged in the storm as well. all right. well, it's not exactly a storm that is coming. but some rain armor is on the way. yes. how excited should we be here? we're excited because we have some raindrops coming, but i know it's one of those borderline level one systems storms. i mean, whatever you want to call it. all right, dan, and i'm a bottom line is we're not going to get a lot. me show you a live picture right now from our east bay hills camera and you will see just how stunning it looks as we look across the bay. now, if only we can hang on to conditions like that. we just might catch the partial lunar eclipse happens tomorrow night. it begins at 11:20 and maximum eclipse. is that 103 the partial eclipse ends at 2:47. so it's really tomorrow night into friday morning that you have this opportunity at its
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peak. the moon will be 7% covered by earth's shadow. it's the longest eclip in six eclipse and 600 years and our next total lunar eclipse will be in the may of 2022 so next year. so i hope you have a chance to see it despite the fact that we're expecting increasing cloud cover right now. we do have some clouds and fog on live doppler 7 visibility is falling down to five miles in fairfield seven miles in napa livermore. so the usual areas north and east bay valleys seeing some of that thicker fog tonight. but it's not dense yet temperatures right now. they're also falling numbers in the 40s and 50s a chill in the air as you look from our live picture from our suture tower camera downtown. san francisco is just sparkling chili overnight with clouds and areas of fog spotty showers tomorrow afternoon evening into friday, and we do have dry milder weather for the again, so your morning temperatures cold enough to where you'll notice you will need your heavier jackets upper 30s to the upper 40s just a couple of low 50s
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right around san francisco and certainly clouds and fog to start the day for the afternoon. it's going to be breezy. you're going to see 50s 60s on those temperatures and then that level one system comes in tomorrow afternoon evening and to friday isolated tomorrow spotty your showers on friday breezy with under a tenth of an inch of rain. it's not a lot but at 4 o'clock tomorrow if you're in the north bay, you may need those umbrellas going into 7 pm across parts of the east bay and then for the rest of you friday morning's commute will be wet in the north bay at 5 am still in that same general vicinity but a few showers. slipping down into san francisco certainly possible. look at the rainfall totals anywhere from nothing in the southern end of our viewing area to about a tenth of an inch in santa rosa. here's a quick preview of the thanksgiving forecast. it's going to be in the 40s morning fog at seven o'clock 10 am sun breaking through 50s 60s for the afternoon. it's looking fantastic now, it's over seven days away. so stay tuned accuweather 7 day forecast isolated afternoon
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south asian community leaders to participate in a belated diwali ceremony this evening here. you can see the mayor taking part in the lighting of the diva at the la cocina municipal marketplace in the tenderloin neighborhood. she was joined by other city officials as they celebrated to india's biggest and most important holiday of the year. very nice. yeah. all right, the 49ers had a huge win on monday night. how now do they follow up this week? that's good question. larry beils here with sports larry. dan armor the challenge for shanahan very clear. make sure the niners do not have
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rock casino good evening, 14 players in major league baseball. offered qualifying contracts only one took it brandon belt who will return to the giants next year the self-proclaimed captain in full. arm posting this this hilarious about passes up on free agency to accept a one-year deal for 18.4 million dollars hit 29 homers last season, but health has been an issue belt in the giants can still negotiate a longer term contract if they want to extend it and congrats to saint mary's alone. corbin burns named the national league cy young award winner burns an mlb best 2.43 era formula milwaukee and robby ray of the blue jays the al cy young winner. we're talking about saint mary's and to here. they are the gales. hosting bellarmine out of kentucky final seconds. they have logan johnson to beat the halftime buzzer flying in for the layup finished with 10 bill orman's out of the atlantic sun conference. they made this thing a game,
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dylan penn. he's lefty. he goes left and scores peller been up 55-54 but the gaels took over late long past to matthias tossu. throws it down. he finished with 25 saint mary's a 4-0 73 to 64 valparaiso visiting stanford. where is trey lance? the house though not pictured here first half action branded angel hit three threes. led the team with a karate 13 points cardinal up by 10 later in the first noah tates. quarter three splash splash spls celebration cardinal up 19 michael o'connell steel and lob to jaden de laire with softball fairies everywhere stanford win 74 to 60. all right, the 49ers sky high after knocking off the rams monday night now the challenges avoid a letdown the niners visit jacksonville on sunday, you know, the jags are terrible you throw. dotten all over it. kyle. shanahan knows maintaining focus will be key. i don't think that people let
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down after something like that, but you got to realize the emotions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we were coming from with how bad we had played before that. so the motions were high and house, you got to watch for that stuff your emotions.
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