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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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to sol ivet. oaankld rorepting toea ddly ootings erovnight. enth a freewaythe t plaza. the grongwi iade to t cuthe olence. >> it's crazy. 'i's veryif dficult f aorll of us to live. reggie: watch your water or pap. the san jose water company is play no more games wh itthe drought. kusima: adele has arrived. her newlb aum 30 is falinly here. we heav a sne pakeek of wt hayou will hr eareggie: l alday long. reggiehi:ts was the oynl morning that i wteand to dri lveonger. kumasi: youlr aeadyta srted listening? ggreie: ilr aeadyta srted listening. e suis miss simuc. she said cishrtmas mus sictarts datoy asel wl.
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isth isn'a t christmaals bum newsli, hulu d ertrm. we are going to start with the accuweather forecast. mike: somehow i heard escapade on the radio again. it really set the mood. if this happens every friday, i'm good. reggie: leave your worries behind, mike. mike: we still have that chance of a spotty shower. the showers have been few and far between. they have been very light. in fact, look at this. the lowest level of live doppler is showing the few sprinkles toward emeryville. this is one of those areas that received measurable rain. you can see it is already bone dry. we've got a chance of scattered showers this morning. we haveemperature isn the mid-5'' wilav he a randomwer and atth will be t
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afrnoon. we will have more sunshine than showers. it's ait ltle cool terhan erage. reiegg: breakgin news we arere e trkiacng about0 3 months ago, the fdana nounced iits authorediz pfizer dan merodna vid-19 bstooer shots for all adul.ts ese are oppele who had the sendco shot lateast sixon mths ago. ere is another step. the cdadc visory cmiomttee is reewviing and votgin on the tada for boosters. the cdc redictor is expected of the final recmeomndation for boostersth, eas lt step othf e if it ispp aroved byhe tdc c, booster shots can be administered this weekend. we wl ilsee. kumasi:e' 'veea hrd it all. cut back,on cserve. w''ve been arheing it. now inhe tou sthay b, officisal ar teaking a ryve drastic step. million residents will gethe t
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ugtohest restrictison of any urban area in california. amy is live with more on our drought ndcoitions. y:am this is in eecfft right now. itoe gs into eecfft mutely. we been watching toee s ianf y sprinkle orsf been cinomg on. we hav'e't seenny a. this is the mniorngo tthink aboutpr sinklers d anyour rnmoing shower. th iiss the fit rscut backn i place in the utso bhay in five years. the werat companyer he in san jo sseays this is sioerus. residents edne to start ctiutng. the gl oais to cubat ck by 15% apas. e thsan joseat wer compa inys putting customers on a budget. theyus mt cut thr eiuse by 13% or pay. thcoe mpany sayson d't kill the meenssger. the dugroht has fceord thmoe ve. >> we are notry ting toe bthe
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bad coanmpy here. at the end of the day, erthe d t rise amy: if you don't cut 15%, you will be charged. seven dollars 13 cents for every unit you go over. a unit is 748 gallons. the state approved the plan this week. it wasn't enough to dry years. the water company says this will be in effect indefinitely, it depends on rainfall. this is how far residents have to go. in september, the customers cut back by 9%. the target is 15%. we are reporting live in campbell. reggie: thank you. it happened again.
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a shooting on the oakland freeway has claimed the life of another person. the highway patrol is looking for the person who started shooting during the morning rush-hour yesterday on interstate 80. this is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. a manic, woman, two children ron westbound i-80 in the shooting happened yesterday. the woman in the right front passenger seat is killed. the male driver and both children were uninjured. it's unclear who shot at the suv and why they were doing so. this is the latest deadly freeway shooting in oakland. drivers are outraged and afraid. >> there's a lot of angst out there right now. it's been pent up since the pandemic started. it creates a lot of anger. every day you go out there, you're putting yourself at risk. >> it's dangerous out here. you don't know someone's going to drive up next to you and do
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whatever. you accidentally cut someone off, you are in fear of your life. reggie: a few weeks ago, a shooting claimed the life of a two-year-old. he was shot in the forehead as his other drove on interstate 80. the family was caught in gang crossfire. kumasi: a city councilmember says it's time to install security cameras on more freeways. >> will stop the shootings? no. it gives us vital information of what occurred, possible license plates. the police are excellent at what they do. we need to give them more information. kumasi: he is reaching out to other officials to gather support for a camera network that would be funded by the state. there been 76 freeway shootings along interstate 5 and 80. cameras were installed in several areas.
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from 2015 until 2018, chp says crime dropped in those areas by 68%. anyone with information and the jasper wu case, please call chp investigation tip line. the number is on your screen. reggie: new information about an amber alert we told you about. the alleged subduction of a 15-year-old girl turned out to be a prank. police say that her boyfriend and his friends decided to abductor girl as a joke. they took her on a road trip to los angeles. police sent us these images when they thought the kidnapping was real. the prank prompted an amber alert that was later rescinded. the girl returned to her home yesterday. police do not plan to pursue charges. kumasi: a judges overturned the
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new admission policy. in february, the school board voted to replace the merit-based system for lottery based one. the board violated the brown act, that requires open public meetings when making decisions. the supervisor was also apparent. he criticized the mistake, deemphasize it's important to revamp the process. >> the special academic based criteria should be evaluated and modifications considered. this needs to be part of an inclusive process. kumasi: while lottery admission is on hold for now, the district can adopt new policy as long as it follows the open meetings process. reggie: a dramatic scene as attire -- an entire big rig flipped over while carrying cargo. sue will fill you in on what's going on. kumasi: we've got you covered
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thanks to our friends at the griffith observatory. the full view of last night's
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the cloud cover, it was a show above overnight. this is the view from the griffith observatory in los angeles, of the ultra long lunar eclipse, the longest in six years. 97% of the moon was covered by the earth's shadow. it stretched into the 3:00 a.m. hour. we've got another lunar eclipse in may 2022, it won't be that extensive. look at this, live doppler 7 is quiet this morning. we have plenty of moisture out there and a weak spark in the form of a weak cold front.
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you can see very isolated showers out there. by noon it, they become even more random. this evening, one lone shower at 7:00. enthe amount of rain is going to be very light if you get caught in one of these showers. that could make things a little slippery. look how mild it is out there. it i i i i the rest of us are in the low to mid 50's. we will stay in the 50's all 12 hours. the upper 50's in san francisco with a little sunshine late this afternoon. we will take a look at the we can forecast in just a bit. sue: we had this very serious accident, a flat truck carrying wrecked cars. as you can see, it overturned. both northbound and
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101, chp has issued say please take 100 12 lakeville highway. that is the recommended alternate route at this ti.therf opening. northbound is very slow. avoid that if you can. maybe take a smart train. we had an earlier accident in the tunnel. that has been cleared. kumasi: the former professororor facing federal charges. he started wildfires to the dixie fire zone. reggie: the decision to skip the winter olympics. jobina: getting you ready for the american music awards. you will decide the winners in the all-new way. what the host cardi b is predicting. reggie: this is a live look
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outside. we will be right back.
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u.s. is considering a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympic games in beijing because of human rights abuses. the boycott would mean dignitaries would not attend. american athletes would still compete. countries typically send high-level delegations to the olympics. symbolic would highlight the crackdown on freedoms. jobina: urging the president to boycott the winter limbic sin beijing if the situation isn't handled properly. she has not been seen publicly
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for more than two weeks since accusing a former high-ranking chinese government officia of sexual aaultams join those around the w her safety. wiiallms tweeted: presd sefor eyth repeateydl dismissed questions. e aryou ready? we a greoing to turn to cai rdb. it'sot n live. i wi tshhis wereiv le. it'oks . the rap supster iars hosting the ameranic music awards. we've g sotome more coming. regg:ie i thinkha tt's alwel could find. jobina: the feiv timema a winter
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is ufop r three arawds tshi she will she arthe agste with the cntoury's'favoteri musicians. it's the biggest showhw ere uyo decide whoak tesom he the top prizes. she spoke to lindseyav dis about hosting. >>' 'm so srecad it. i'som nervous. >>he t executi pveroducer sdai you weer going to exceithe t dience a pndush the milit. you will bree memberedor fever. >> the presse uron me. they'veot g a lot oprf essure. jobina: sh''s the best. she said she feels morhoe me peorrfming rather than being on the big agste hosting. youan c watch t ihenterewvi with rdcai b coming upon gma after
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moinrngs. regg:ie they ddi set dirty. you can't just say, s'e's going to be e thgreatest. tha''s tough. bijona: she is eagrt. hosting ais totally dfeifrent game. we' sveeen peop tlehat we love d when ty hehost -- ggreie: sometim iest doesn'' wo orkut. somemetis peopleou y're not alrely in lo wveith our good i inthk it' hsard to s heter up like that. that was interesting that eyth did thato ther. ke: let'' see whawet can do withhi ts weather fecorast and make imot re conduveci for outse you can tuacally seeal wnut thatas hn't be tenheas ce most of the week. torrmoow, the gfo is goin tgo be more prelevant. 've gssueed a few -- goa t few
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caplo cudy shorswe out this aftnoeron, incrsieang nssuhine and weekendar wmth. weil wl havere pttyuc mh dry nextee wk. you can see ourys stem is lacking moisturthe is we do have some rain and hhig elevatiomon untain it's justoi gng to be l aittle wet. the storm track for the week, this is going to bring us that extra sunshine. let'sal tk autbo your commute plan. 60's. 'w've got a litetl bit warmer temperatures in the south bay. weos psibly a creooler at lakertpo.
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this is going mtoove into the east bayal vley. wake upn i the low 40's'to early '5's. i''s goingo tbe coldesur nday moinrng. a big warmp u to 66-70 tha6- 676 fogun sday. nday, weil wlta srt coongli evywerhere. that wilhal ppen on estuday ether the eris a slit ghchance of a shor.we dnweesday, tnghisoo lking close tove arage. ggreie: we are goingo t bring in gingerhes with a look wathat's comingp u ogmn a. ging:er it's great to be with everodyby this mniorng. coming up, w aere trackg inthe latest oann uxpneected adroblock fothr e social spending will. tha''s after viken marccthy began thatec rord-breangki 8.5 urho speech. americans facing loa t as tyhe prepare fothr
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i am trainckg the hodaliy storm. we will llte you about the worst me to dri, vethe bestit me to fly. plus the items on yo huroliday table th matight be remo peexnsive th yisear. w''ve got one weetok gont uil black frid.ay will lk ooat some of thees bt aldes on tv's' are there american-dema tv's' theer are. i lookedha tt up. i n'd't knowha wt they a lreike. if i ever g wethen i leyot u ow. ggie: i am ilstl really rious, ino kwou yr slimming down wt hayou are yibung for peopleec bause the dyon't ndee one milln iotoys in e thhouse. how many toys? come pdyresenceil wl the kids get? what'gos ing to bthe e rule? nggier: we think ware e going to do one big anthd en a stoinckg. youon d't want toom ce to our
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with two of the turpin sisters about their escape from a southern california house of horrors. three years later, they are looking back on their first day of freedom. >> january 14, 2018. >> it's a big day. >> what was the first thing you did, that was your first moment
6:26 am
of real freedom? >> actually, being in the hospital. i got up and made sure it was clear that. i danced. gutyil to 14 felony counts, including torture, false imprisonment, child cruelty. both were sentenced to 25 years in prison. don't miss that special tonight at 9:00 right here on abc 7. reggie: a grand jury has indicted a former college professor for starting for wildfires near the dixie fire zone. the 47-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison and a to hunt a $50,000 fine for each count of arson. he worked at sonoma state. according to court documents, his arson spree included places he started in july and august that threatened to trap firefighters. jobina: you may have heard or
6:27 am
you will at some point today, the dells highly anticipated album titled 30 is here. ♪ ♪ jobina: posted this video ahead of the release, singing her new ballad. it's the fourth studio album for adele, her first since 2015. it documents her journey through divorce and motherhood. the single is already closing in on one hut is 55 million views on youtube. -- 155 million views on youtube. reggie: i like the song called i drink wine. that's a good one. the first song is such an interesting way to start an album. it's very old hollywood.
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. making news right now at 6:30 booster breaking news the fda giving the green light and paving the way for the extra shot for all american adults within days plus everybody turkey trotting to the game the start of the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday at sfo how bay area airports will be looking this year and a chance to do your part this holiday toys for tots needs the usual toy donations, but they
6:31 am
also need something extra. year good morning, everybody and happy friday. it's november 19th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream and we are going to start with mike and a look at potentially rainy forecast. yeah potential. that's the key. jobina. good morning to you reggie. hi as you look at live doppler 7 realization of that potential not happening for many of us. we just have some scattered lights showers. that will become very spotty as we head through the morning. there'll be a few slippery spots out there, but they'll be few and twain, in fact just now look at that. that's the only real radar returns we have around a sand pablo and heading over towards alhambra valley road there in the east bay hills. so we've got a southerly wind it's bringing. easter into our sky and that's why we're seeing a little bit of fog and cloud cover and low to mid 50s mildered this morning. look at future radar almost drive by noon with 5. 62 are spread and then partly cloudy at four o'clock still hanging around the low 60s and by seven o'clock.
6:32 am
there may be one shower out there most of us drive for the evening we can forecast coming up. mike thank you. we continue to track breaking news and the fight against covid-19 and just the last hour. the fda authorized pfizer and modern vaccine booster shots for all adults abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in campbell without the what this means for anyone trying to get a shot and how soon they could get it into their arms amy. hi reggie. well, this should help clear up any confusion. you've possibly experienced at these national pharmacy chains like cvs and walgreens. we've heard from some bay area residents who have tried to apply or book an appointment to get a booster. at these pharmacies, but the screening process has kicked them out and that's because in california, they're authorized to go ahead and get that booster all adults over 18 can get it here in california, but it wasn't approved by the fdc yet. so the national rules were in place in that software for that online booking. well that will end soon because
6:33 am
moderna and pfizer both say that their requests have been approved by the fda and they say this is good timing as we head into the winter months and a concerns about a covid surge continue to grow the company say their clinical trials show that the booster prompted good responses from immune systems. so now the next step is the cdc the cdc must approve this the officials there have promised to quickly review this data. once the cdc gives it the green light. well, then it gets going nationwide. so they're the thinking is is that nationwide 18 and older can start getting that booster as early as this weekend reporting live in campbell amy hollyfield abc 7 news. thank you. amy. new this morning. austria is going back into a national lockdown as covid cases surge. it's the first national lockdown in europe this fall the country's chancellor says it will begin on monday and will last a minimum of 10 days, but could also be extended an
6:34 am
additional 10 days move comes only days after austria took the unprecedented step in europe of imposing. down measures for all of those age is 12 and older who are not fully vaccinated the government also announced it plans to make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory starting february 1st, next year a heads up for kaiser permanente patients tens of thousands of kaiser nurses and mental health professionals are expected to walk off the job today. it's part of a sympathy strike to show support for engineers who have been striking for two months sky 7 was over kaiser's oakland medical center yesterday as a different group of employees picketed to show support engineers from local 39 say they are demanding better compensation. kaiser needs to stop being a corporate bully. and sit at the table and negotiate a fair contract. because there hasn't been any movement after many hours of bargaining this week kaiser also says quote we question why leaders of other unions are asking their members to walk out on patients, november 18th and
6:35 am
19th in sympathy for local 39. this will not bring us closer to an agreement and most important. it is unfair to our members and patients. apple has a new deadline for february 1st for employees to return to the office many will have to come in at least three days a week, but some workers will have to be in. office for four to five days a week the company will offer some teams up to four weeks of remote work. each year vaccinations are not mandatory but unvaccinated workers will have to test every day taking a live look at sfo this morning where today is expected to be the busiest day for thanksgiving travel 50,000 passengers are expected to go through security checkpoints sometime today in oakland airport officials are preparing to see twice the number of passengers. they saw last year. overall. the tsa says 20 million people will fly this thanksgiving the busiest days across the nation will likely be tuesday and wednesday, so they are advising you to of course be prepared where that mask get your
6:36 am
questions answered before you head to the airport. the more patients you bring the better off you as a person to be for your trip. so then it's less stressful if you come early enough where you're not like stressed out if something goes wrong just give yourself extra time. sfo is even recommending that you book parking in advance. so take a look at this a big fire breaking out at the studios housing the james bond franchise and know this is definitely not a part of the movie for hearing from firefighters and you're looking live at the big board this morning where we are significantly down as we start the day another update in how the markets are doing next. well, that's mariah's december dominance like it or not. we're listening to her smash hit earlier than ever that and how much she's getting paid each time and coming up good morning america is digging more into the investigation our 7 on your side team has been following for months frustration over fraud from the popular banking app
6:37 am
zell and the ways to protect yourself that's up at 7 am. alright, let's talk about what's going on with our friday forecast and we'll stretch some wonderful weather through the weekend at 6:37 1100 so far in san jose same thing at sfo overnight. let's head out to brentwood same number there, but some light rain just about an hour ago in santa rosa has pushed you up to 300. so that's going to be our most likely area for some slippery spots this morning future radar starting at seven o'clock cold front still has enough umpf to crank out a couple of showers, but notice those move off as we head towards the lunch hour if you're worried about any storms being around you can always follow live doppler 7. there's one little wrap around shower possible at seven o'clock for the most part i wouldn't even worry about if you're heading out this evening. i would be more concerned with the temperatures that will fall into the 50s and staying warm if you're going to be dining outside up to 300th of an inch of rain as possible out of these spor.
6:38 am
hours through the morning hours temperatures. they are milder this morning. we still have some 40s around san ramon doubling and pleasanton 48 to 49 there low to mid 50s with a little bit of fog and upon our inland east bay neighborhoods also down in the south bay in the north bay, and we'll see even more of this tomorrow but temperatures tomorrow morning will be significantly cooler. all right. go back to the east bay valleys. we're stuck in the 50s through about 10 o'clock. we'll hit 60 to 62 from about 11 o'clock to four o clock so a little bit cooler than average and there you go your evening temperatures down around 56 degrees. so we've got our coolest morning and our warmest afternoon this weekend. i'll show you the news numbers coming up. let's get back to for the commute. hi sue. good morning, mike. good morning. everyone bay bridge metering lights for on relatively early this morning. we're seeing a big stack up here. we did have an earlier accident involving three cars in the tunnel that has been cleared out, but damage is done you're looking at a significant delay getting into and a cross the bay bridge this morning.
6:39 am
our biggest problem continues to be the sigalert in novato. it is southbound 101 where we had a flatbed truck. that was carrying. debris like a crash from earlier vehicle debris and it is still blocking lanes. there are no estimated time of opening 101 to lakeville highway to 37 to back to 101 would be your best alternate. but the abc 7 storm impact scale today's storm is level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app anytime on the abc 7 news app download it now. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. investigation underway as to what started this big fire at britain's famed pinewood studios the longtime home of the james bond franchise a commercial workshop was 100% destroyed that according to the local fire
6:42 am
brigade. the studio is located about 18 18 miles west of central london near heathrow airport. happening today jurors are entering their fourth day of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse. trial the 18 year old is facing five charges for shooting three people killing two of them during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last year prosecutors say he provoked the crowd by pointing an ar-15 style weapon at one of the victims writtenhouse says he fired himself defense after the men attacked him the county sheriff has issued a warning for the community to remain peaceful as they await a verdict. don't come to kenosha to be part of we're calling it a circus. don't be part of the circus. don't add to the animals in the act. just watch on tv. see what happens and just like what we're trying to do and the people here most of them are being very respectful. alright yesterday the share of handed out coffee and cookies for peace to people gathered outside the courthouse. in georgia, the defense has
6:43 am
rested in the ahmad arbory case three white men are accused of chasing down and killing arbery a 25. old black man who was out for a jog travis mcmichael who fired the fatal shots admitted that before the shooting arbery posed him no physical or verbal threat didn't plot any guns. no, man did platini knife? no. never reached for anything. did he? oh, no, he just ran. yes, he's just right. mcmichael his father gregory and a neighbor have all pleaded not guilty. they say they are trying to make a citizens arrest the bay area is about to receive more than six million dollars from the federal government to put more police officers on local streets. the money is part of a hundred and forty million dollars in grant funding from the justice department that will allow law enforcement agencies nationwide to hire new officers and advance community policing efforts. the money will be enough to hire about 50 new officers here in the bay area and all funding is
6:44 am
headed to 183 law enforcement agencies nationwide. that's have to put more than a thousand additional officers on the street. happening today california's who were denied unemployment benefits have a chance to claim some of that money under a new federal rules about a hundred thousand people will qualify if they were denied for one of the following three reasons one if you refuse to work for an employer violated covid-19 safety standards, two if you were laid off or had course cut because of covid the third reason you were a school employee whose work schedule was affected by the pandemic. today the edd will send out emails and text messages to those who qualify. now for your morning money report tesla is recalling thousands of its 2021 model x and s vehicles because of a problem with the airbags specifically the driver's side airbag the national highway traffic safety administration says the fabric could tear if deployed which would not provide safe cushioning in a crash.
6:45 am
the defect was discovered during a quality testing. there are no reports of injuries and tesla says it will replace the airbags for free. other major us companies are starting to take matters into their own. is what the computer chip and supply chain shortages ford and general motors are forging ties with semiconductor companies to bring some chip development in-house. they're hoping to speed up automated driving capabilities and avoid supply shortages and macy's says it's reconsidering when it will close dozens of stores as it rethinks its business strategy. the change comes as the company reports stronger digital sales and areas with smaller physical locations that aren't at malls macy says, that's the clear path forward macy's posted another strong quarter thursday and raised its full year outlook ahead of the holidays and taking a live look right now at the new york stock exchange as training gets underway this morning, you can see we are down about 179 points new details about apple's
6:46 am
autonomous car a self-driving electric car may be the tech giants next big thing apple is reportedly working on putting a futuristic vehicle on the road by may 25 sources tell bloomberg the goal is to make the apple car fully autonomous. that means no pedals. no steering wheel no input at all from anyone on board. whoo. okay. walmart's drone delivery service is taking flight. the nation's largest retailer has launched the service and its home state of arkansas. it's partnering with the company called zipline. this is wild. look at this lot. walmart will make deliveries of select health and wellness items. i just keep thinking. what like are you? okay, lady. someone gonna get hit right. was it about to hit your head? a zipline is familiar with us since it already delivers medical supplies around the globe. maybe that's what going to a band-aid.
6:47 am
i hope so. it's lightweight so that if it bumps you you're good. she's so pleased. i love her reaction. me, too. she's a doll. season officially kicked off in union square with the lighting of the macy's great tree, maryland and breed was in attendance. although it was a private event the mayor spoke to all of san francisco as she celebrated the ceremony. what we want to do. this tree is to remember that we have lived through a global pandemic and we weren't at one point able to come together and shop and go into stores and spend time with family and friends and loved ones. we can never forget that. the community can view macy's great tree today through january 1st. it is friday. the weekend is finally here a lot of you want to get out and have some fun. yes. so the bay area still managing the pandemic well.
6:48 am
without further ado everybody. here's your guide to creating a better weekend. aloha to all surfers with kids surfing moms is inviting you to the beach. we are an organization for momss dads aunties uncles any care of children and what we do is we promote maternal physical and spiritual health by getting back out into the ocean after having kids the organization started in hawaii a few years ago, but officially launched as a nonprofit in september and made its way or should we say waves to the mainland? basically, you meet at the beach bring your kids and swap so that each parent gets about an hour on the water. it's the gets rid of the feeling of the guilt, you know, the guilt of mom guilt up like oh i i don't want to do this thing for myself because then i'm gonna be away from my kids and who's gonna watch them or i feel really bad because that person's watching my kids. but what have i given back to them? and so this sort of eliminates all of that in the bay area
6:49 am
surfing moms. just launched in pacifica stinson beach and the was chapter is starting up in santa cruz friday and they'll meet weekly anybody's welcome. any any level? we're not like professional service here. we don't discriminate you don't have to be you know, super good. we just want everyone to come and have fun if you're into design consider checking out art on the square at the san mateo county history museum saturday. it's free and will feature dozens of artists showcasing everything from jewelry to glass work and much more. it starts at 10. am and masks are tired after the festival you could make your way to san francisco's chinatown for some more fun. the clarion performing arts center is hosting a free musical performance at 2pm. their goal is to make the arts accessible for everyone. so they'll have free shows shows for the community every week. and that's not all that's going on this weekend right on the front page of our website. we put together a whole list of covid friendly events happening all over the bay area.
6:50 am
it's up right now on abc 7 a little special shout out. one of our viewers sharon because she sent me the art show the festival that's going to be happening tomorrow and her work is going to be featured. so thank you. yeah, thank you sharon. so what's everybody got going on reggie? i really want to see a movie. pound i haven't been to the movie theater in a while and that would be really cool. i also need to figure out i just got a text from my husband, but my dog rooster keeps hiding in our closets. i need to figure out what is going on with that. just woke up and found. class -- maybe they like the smell of shoes. you think that or you think the rooster was like daddy this is where used to be. true. how about change the topic christmas music at noon? 96.5 koit 100% yes, it's bad. it's back right give a little closer mariah all of it you all
6:51 am
right. i am so excited my wife and i son is playing baseball again. so yes, we've got three games this weekend and i'm gonna take some sunscreen especially sunday is going to be a gorgeous weekend for outdoor activities. here's a look at sandra fell looks pretty dry on 101 as we look south into the abyss of gray clouds a few showers still possible with drying conditions this afternoon much cooler tonight, but unfortunately fog is going to be issue as the wind start to draw it in and blow off shore this weekend. we'll have highs though average saturday to above average sunday. look at how dry live doppler 7 is isn't that nice to see we do have a few sprinkles out there this morning as the southerly wind is still pumping up moisture and bumping it into our mountains and that weak cold front and that's why we have a light shower here and there and also some haze some fog out there, but the visibilities are not towards dangerous levels. only expect them to be more likely that's going to happen
6:52 am
tomorrow. so for today, we've got 57 in lakeport 59 in richmond about 60 to 62 elsewhere south bay. you're going to be the warmest 63 to about 66 degrees. so temperatures a little cooler than average and look at this sunrise from santa cruz absolutely gorgeous out there football friday dry, but chilly light breezes out on the bay if you're running errands definitely need the sunglasses temperatures falling into the 40s and many neighborhoods tonight the peninsula and the coast right around 50 watch out for that tule fog in the east bay and also the north bay valleys less tulee fog sunday morning, but temperatures will be even colder likely our coldest morning so far this fall in the 30s and 40s, but look at that rebound into the mid. in their 70 cooling onshore breeze hits the bay and coast on monday. it moves inland tuesday slight chance of a shower no need for a storm impact scale and dry wednesday and thursday with low to mid 60s. thank you mike for more than 70 years our parent company disney has supported the us marine
6:53 am
corps toys for tots foundation disney kicked off the ultimate toy drive with a $500,000 donation to toys for tots, which is really awesome and more than 25,000 goes towards buying toys for the cool, san mateo, san francisco and marin county chapters this year besides the need for 40 to 60,000 toys. there is also a call for warehouse space to house all of those items right now. they are using pods storage units at the us marine corps training center based parking lot in. bruno we finished collecting toys roughly around and say december 14th. i want to say would be the latest and then after that we do all the sorting roughly. we're looking for 50,000 square feet. hopefully if not, we can get something smaller. we can always adapt and overcome is what the marine corps does. if you want to help out find toy drop-off locations near you visit toys for tots dot org you if you have a warehouse space and you would like to donate it just for a few weeks. so that's really all need.
6:54 am
the marines are asking you to them asohe is on your screen right here. it's i can't read the rest at toys for my vision. sorry, no, i struggle through that last hour. okay, it's still hard to read. okay, the queen of christmas is tightening her reign over her kingdom. we are learning more about mariah carey's true dominance over the december airwaves and the november airwaves and the october airways her all i want for christmas modern day classic isn't going away anytime soon. it has been the number one single every season since it's debut in 1994. read data shows people are actually listening more a record of nearly 200 million streams last year and they're doing it earlier. so they're starting this during halloween. mariah made nearly two million dollars in streams alone last year and 1.7 million the year
6:55 am
before that doesn't include album sales that doesn't include downloads. that doesn't include merch dolling. it's just the streams and we are lamb, so we're just i'm forever a lamb. here's my money mariah. and her new song was good in 2022 people need to listen to that and her heard song by frank it's on there excuse me. yes. i don't know wait. just recently dropped. okay, send you the link please do video is very cute. okay, i can even believe this is breaking news to me how i miss this. you got me on adele and i was listening to that. i love wine and the commercial break right? i only made it halfway through but those lyrics it's good right very and so is the news we have coming up next because it's the seven things you need to know today and as we had the break a live look outside at 6:55, ah, the tahoe camera giving us some
6:56 am
life this morning, beautiful. we'll be right back.
6:57 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
6:58 am
us here the seven things to know this morning number one. the fda has authorized pfizer and moderna covid-19 booster shots for all adults who had their second shot at least six months ago the cdc could sign off later today. number two president biden at walter reed medical center this morning to undergo a colonoscopy as part of his physical. so he is going to be put under anesthesia as a result. he'll transfer presidential power to vice president harris during the procedure. number three breaking news the house just passed president biden's 1.7 trillion dollar. bill, it passed 220 to 209 with no republican supporting the bill. number four some south bay water customers are gonna have to pay up for not conserving enough during the drought under this new plan if you don't cut back
6:59 am
by 15% you'll be charged more than $7 for every at you go over. number five not much on live doppler 7 this morning, but i can't give you the all clear because there's enough moisture out there for a few light showers during the morning for six. we're following the biggest issue with your commute. it continues to be the sigalert southbound 101 in novato with that overturned car carrier blocking lanes. they should have the southbound lane number three open shortly number seven. get out, whatever. you need to stream it everybody because adele's new album 30 dropped overnight and you're going to want to hear it. it's her first studio album since 2015. it is good. i have an idea for adele if she is watching this morning, which i assume she is. of course, obviously, we need adele and a big lavish old-fashioned hollywood music like like a musical. oh, right. i feel like someone should write
7:00 am
something for her though. oh, yes. yes. yes she have stage fright, though? the ship what i thought she had stage fright. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, breaking overnight. an unexpected roadblock for president biden's build back better bill. still no vote. president biden's social investment bill delayed after house republican leader kevin mccarthy's record-breaking 8 1/2-hour marathon speech. tensions high after the stall this morning. fight against the resurgence. the decision on boosters for all adults hanging in the balance as cases climb ahead of holiday gatherings. this as austria is now set to impose a national lockdown and mandatory vaccines for the entire country. dr. jha joins us live with the latest. the defense rests in the case of the three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. the one who fired the fatal shots grilled by the prosecution as both sides now gear up for closing arguments.


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