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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. shocks, but not surprised tonight people across the bay area are reacting to the verdict and the kyle rittenhouse trial in kenosha, wisconsin. the far-reaching effects. it could have on the african-american community. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'mma dates you're watching abc 7 news at 5 live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. way the jury find the defendant kyle 8. kyle h rittenhouse, not guilty. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges this afternoon. he was 17 years old when he traveled from, illinois to kenosha wisconsin armed with a rifle claiming to protect lives and property during the jacob
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lake protests in 2020 writtenhouse claimed he shot three men in self-defense killing two of them. he has a huge sense of relief for what the jury did to him today? um, he wishes none of would have ever happened. the charges were dismissed with prejudice meaning writtenhouse can't be tried again. family members of the victims condemned the verdict these are all of our lives matter or none of them matter and i feel like in this case. it feels like the victim's lives don't matter. president biden reacted to the verdict today telling reporters quote the jury system works and we have to abide by it. well here in the bay area. there was a mixture of disappointment and even anger from many people immediately after the verdict was announced abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more on the local reaction. to today's not guilty verdict. people are shocked that it was so unanimous, but they're not surprised political scientists james taylor believes the not
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guiltyct t w resateee dply with ala bck communi etyvenho tugh the defendantnd a those he shot arell a white everyone in ameraic seems to have a common sensthe at ikyf le. house was latino or black? thatve erything wldouav heee bn mpcoletelyif dferent is happening in kenosha, rhtig? tbut i impacts all of us. it impacts black people ywerhere. it impac ttshe allies that stand with us iinn the demand for blackib leration in this cntoury everywrehe and wttrienhouseho st three people killing two durgin a black lesiv mteatr prostte in nosha. the teens attneorys successfuyll argueha tt he acted in selfef-dense. there was a dnyoubt that he shot theseol fks. the juryas w simply asked do u fi tndhat he was justified in seldef-fense or reay?ll doou y findha tt the gerovnment hasn' ptroven bendyo a reasonable dou tbthat he wn'a't justified. in thatom ment, iou wld say he eated his whole envirmeonnt and theforere he shodnul't get theen befit of being able to
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aiclm self-defense if he is the one that srttaed the whole event by the fact that he hadhe t gun d playing the gun and the verdict andhe t rittenhseou case isus jt one of sevaler acrsos the cntoury the police here on eay b area are watching closely anoerth'ss ithe trial of three whi mtean acc of killing a young black man aad m arrybu in georgia. we are preripang. we are checking our intelligceen. we areea hring from oerth law enforcenemt bhot athe ted feral and state level. ihi tnk the meor pressing cases as far as africanme-aricans are ncernedcr aoss the cntoury is e aubrey case. atth's w ahyl sharptonnd a jesse jacknso arehe tre laura anthony abc 7 wsne atea lst one businses inow dntown olaaknd was seen boarngdi up datoy. isth was a snece on the corner of badroway in 1h 9tstreet so you n casee crews. plooywd to proctte the gssla windows on the grodun floor abc crews aols saw olaaknd police putting u bparricade nsear police hdqeauarters this ternoon. this w aast seventh in shwaington seetrt saysel wl as on browaady, this is in preparatiofon r a pnnlaed thgaering tshi evening in responseo ttoday'ris ttenhouse
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verdt.ic and stay with abc 7 for cerovage tonigh''s event. you canlw aays go to abc 7 newsom.c foror me onhe t ittenhou vseerdict as well as cal resrcoues to help nigavate sues of reac equalyitnd a juicste in safrn ancisco an inveigstation. wayow n into a deadlyol pice shooti angfter aan mrm aed with a knife was shot by a police officer. haenpped at a ridesential helot on 5th and folsom abc 7 news report terim johns talkit wh people w lhoivehe tre and has e thlatest. arndou 8:05ri fday mniorng, san franciscpoo lice offerics spondedo t the cw helot on the 900 block of fsoolm strtee calls had come in regarngdi a man with ani kfe police say officers made contactit wh the speusctnd a at aslet one fired their wpoean fiofcers immiaedtely rendedre aid dan summodneed mics tohe t sce enfor theus spect he was juinredhe t susctpe was taken to ckzuerberg s fanrancisco general hospital where heat ler died some residentsf othe builngdi we srehocked by days event ass
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eayrl ases en a yellowap te right the erthe end tofhe restet. and i was like whatht eel hl haenpped on my block you come to findut o is happengni my hotel. what polic seay much soem rains dernv iestigati.on they confirmed that the suspect was kwnno to them sfpday ss it anpls to reaslee more informatnio in the comginay ds thwiin 10 days thean s fncraisco policeep dartmentil wl be nducting t aown hallee mting. for its commientmt to countabityli and transpareync and we wl ilprovide foinrmation it avaibllae they say tshi i tshe second time this yrea san francisc poolice havfie red on meone in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. pphaeningow n nursesnd aen mtal health clinicians i nnorthern lifoiarn are on e thpicket lines inol s. ready withhe t enginrsee union who hav yeet to reach an reementit wh kairse this sruption had aig snificant paimct on patien ctare here in the bay area abc 7 new rseporter liam meneldezho sws us the marches and rallies tkeald to veral emoyplees.
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early this mniorng kseair union workersal rlied in olaaknd for a second day in a row todayur nses join the walkout to show tirhe pport for engineersho wav he been on strikein sce their contra ectxpired isen ptember. we thought we were making hewaady. twehought we wereon gna get a fair deal. justus jt market value deal sed on what other einngeers engineers kimang the b aayrea. r argues that but their salariesnd a benitefs their engineersre amo ang the best compsaented in their profeiossn. robinat wkins aur nse at kaiser said his job is getngtiar hder withtou the einngeers. they shodul beac bk in eth budiilng doing wt hatheyo, d you know fixing the equipmentyo, u owkn, helpinusg take ca oref rou as we can't do our job withtou them an fdor them to be outht is lg onmakes noen sse. mentalea hlth def icients every tim tehat we veha to tell them you have to wait for five sixee wks more
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metimes months between appointmtsen. 'i's horrible for them. th'e're psyiachtric symptoms worsen. and again kaiser is not dressinghi ts problem in a statemten kaiser ackwlnoedged that there is aho srtage of mentalea hlthce oans and ttha hiring more of them is a priorityai kser says it has more than 300 open positions in calirnfoia alone. tod'y's wkoalut force kairse to popostneom se non-urgent oceduresnd app aointments other bay area hostapils had to take in some of kaiser'' emgeerncy roomat pients. in oakland leannmee lendez a 7bc newsan sta cruz county ridesents are again qureired to arwe. went indoors weaerthac vcinated orot n health officials. ysa a potentialin wter's surge in covid-19 protempd this new ndat tehe county is already sengei an increase cinases and hospitizalations. some indoor activitsie such as tingri dnking obtaining medilca or cosmetic servis.ce do not require a mask theew n
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heal othrder issued today goes toff eecthi ts sunday night erevyone 18 yea arsnd oerld is now eligiebl for a cov-1id9 vaccineoo bster shot the cdc adviryso panelot ved to make that recommendioatn today that anyone vaccitenad wit fhiser or moderna at lstea six months ago and two months for those who reivceed the j&j vaccine the pane slpecificayll said peoepl a50nd olderho suld get bstooer otshhe tn we know when ppleoe art traveling or thgaering that tha ttouch that potential goes up for having addioitnal fections. so w weant peoe plthat there have lots of ways of pverenting their clsel or tirhe famieils from getting infecdte vacnecis and booersts are the nbeumr one thing. the cdc director qckuily prapoved the decision a few ates including califorani had aladrey extendde booster eligibitily to those 18 and older today's decision broadens eligibility to everyone across the country. newev delopments fmro the elizetabh holmesri tal wherehe s to tokhe standn i denefse this afternoon. isth is new vid jeoustnt io our
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newsomro of holme lseaving court homes faces 11 cntous of wire aufrd and conirspacy to commit re fraud reledat toer h mpcoany thenoras on the stand today. she talked abouthe t penatt. she filed and was granted and the agreentme she made whit pharmacy compaesni incdilung pfizerom hes accused of misleadi ingnvestors and tients orve theap cability of her company's blood testing technology. so wcoelme about two or three mis leyou fool. yeah. next stepiv fe the abc 7 nsew i team isak ting ann- idepth. look at odfo insecury itacross the area and why the problem is only gtietng worse inom se ignehborhoodpls us the mayor of san francisco is oerffing to foivrge the schoolis dtrict's6 2 million dollar lo,an buthe tre is a catch abc 7 news fative ntinues ain moment.
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mweeet the hero, the all-new nissan froientr hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tensiobun ilds... the plot twi the he prorevails in hlyolwood , th wisould be the d.en but our here , were a jusget tting stteard. introducin g the alnel-w nissan frontie
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- hi, i'm evste. - i'm a.le and weiv le in nortpoh le, alas.ka i'- m a tireredsc hool couelnsor. [l] eai'm a reretid artet acher. [svete] we metnl oine abou t 10 yea arsgo. as iot g older, my heari wngas not sgoo od so i g hotearing my vioisn was not as goo das it us tedo be, goa t change in prescrtiipon. but the thg inmissing was mmyemor i saw a prageven commeiarcl ani d thought, "thamat kes sens"e. i stju didn't veha to work so hard rtoemember inthgs. prevagenhe. althier brai n. bett lerife. prleobm, especlliay aroun tdhe hodaliys and as the abc 7 news
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i-amte found out disripaties are only getngti worse in the most lnvuerable neighborhdsoo across theay b aare itemep rorter. stephanie. sierra isig dgingnt io it. she joins us live frothm e wsneroom steanphie. s, i' am most of us d'o'tav he to thinkwi tcebo aut getting to the groceryto sre, but th't's nothe t caseor f some peleop lingvi in moreha tn hdruned w-loincome ngheiborhoodscr aoss e bay area and as w feoundut o one part of the rioegn in particulars ichalleng wedith a disadvangeta. all i have natasha hardman is ruggling to meak ends mtee unplemoyed from the pandemic. she now lives off 14thtr seetn i sohwutestak oland a lownc-iome neighbhoorod defined as a fdoo desert, which doesn't mean there are''t anyro gceryto sres in the eaar, butha tt aar lge percengeta of the population doesn't'have easacy ssce to em. overwhelmingar hdma''s nehbigorho iods one of 600 in the san francisco olaaknd rkeley mroet area thatre a nsidered food destser. that mea insn thesere aas e-onthird ofhe t living more than a half mile
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awayro fm the nearest supermkeart or large gcerory orste with cnoar or bus. rdhaman walks well walk about two or three miles to get food. yeah on a good day. 's a mile walk to saint vincten de paul, but onun sdays and mdaonys saint vinntce de paul here in oakland is closed and thelo csest grocery store in thisar pticur lafood desert is more than ail me away fosar rah jordan leik eig nhtine blogs easpking. you can go up to safayew. the stdiance is''t the prleobm tbu theri pce californ'a's price on food is so up ttha ouroo fd stamps $025 aon mth. n'tas lt that used to buy enou fghood to lt asfor a now still buyinghe t samemo aunt it on llyastswo t weeks wn hefood ices go .up it hitshe t househol pdsarticulay rlhard james wioxlc is a graduate scolho profeorss ofco enomics at bkeerley lerow-income hoehusolds houhoselds spenmod re anth twice as larger fraction of
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their income on food as higher inmeco hustleso d abc 7'' data analys fisound therere a more than 170 lownc-iome neighbhoorods in the san anfrcisco metrore aa that also haveow l food aesccs. atth's meor than doubl wehat we fodun in the san joseet mro area at 79 and thene ke that our communitiears e sineeg ists ill reallyig hh reggie young is the execivute direcrto ofhe t alameda cntouyom cmunity fdoo ba fnkrom wherwee were is thero pblem gtietng worse the problem is incredibly high here in alamed. we're still seeing a highat res of food and security our clients are not seeing a lot of enormously that other people within the community may be seeing. ushe t organization hasor wked thwi hundreds of npronofits distritibung food to struginglg eaars throughoutht e pandem.ic i stju pray. massages hdmaran hopes, her neighborhood is next in line. justot gta goit wh thelo fw. epke prayingp. u th'a's it. now our data teamas h launcdhe the eitquy reporwht ere for months now we haveee bn dignggi
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toinea hlth inequieits veinstigatin egverythingro fm ceacss to hlteah iurnsance life peexctancy tocc aess to qliuaty food. so f aor closelor okou y can head to oureb wsite abc 7 and cckliqu eity rorept toea lrn moreor f the items stephaeni sierraba c 7ew ns. all ghrit,te sphanie. thanks very much a histocri park in san francisc''s western editn iowill get f aacelift. thanks to a new stateun fding announdce today moray london brdee andta ste senorat scott weiner. we'r' athe t buchanantr seet le todayen sator wneier secure 4d.8il mlion dollars in funding for rovenations to the park whichcc oupies five blocks beeetwn eddie andro gve street the rovenations include a counmmityar gdenpa sce altdu exerci esequipment barcubees and more. thela pn is toak me it thein kd of spaceha tt's usleab that's welcinomg. that makes everyonfee el like they'r' welcomeo tbe here. construconti on the first block
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betweenur tk and golden gate streets is scheduled to ben giin rleay 2023. san franccoisay mor ldoonn bedre says the cy'i's schools face an unrtceain and direut fure the districts iea dling with an expected25 1 millionol dlar budget shortfa nllext year cabeuse of that cyit oerffed to forgive 2a6 milli donollar loan madeo tthe distctri. 2019 the loan heldpe to cover educorat wesag, b tutheis dtrict must fir fstind a watoy stab. its finceansef bore the ln oais forgiven the mayor says well teafrhe t break figinhtg greenhouse gases h oowne chtenology bnor in the bay aare is helpingo ttrack internatnaiol emission goals.
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btoe a thrir vethwi mesttaatic breast cancer means askingor f what wweant. andee nd. and we nd eeremo time. so, wean wt kisqali. women e arliving lgeonr anth ever berefo witkih sqali wh en tenak with an aromata se hiinbitor orul fvestrant in postmenopsaaul women with hr+, her2- mesttaatic breastan ccer. sqkiali is a pill that's significantly more eecfftive
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at delaying sediase progssreion versusn aaromatasine hibitor or fulstverant kisqali can uscae lung proembls, or an noabrmal heabertat, which n calead to atdeh. it can cause serious skin reactions, liv perroblems, and lowhw ite bl ood cellou cnts th matay resul t in sereve infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, in cluding eabrthing proble,ms cough,he cst pain, a change in your arhetbeat, dziizness yellowg inof t shekin or eyes, dk arurine, tidnreess, loss of appitete, doabmen painbl, eedi,ng br uising, feve cr,hills orth oer sptymoms of an feinctio a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to beceom pregna, ntor breaseetfding avoid grapefru it ridung treatntme. k asyour docrto ab out livi lngonger wi kthisqali. tonhe leangdi edge in the fight against grehoenuseas ges, and the''re lerevaging technology that abc 7 news first profiled sevel rayears ago. so ''m gonna just turn onhi ts qukic change tank to simulate a natulra gasea lk when we fstir
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profiledg& pe's mobile gasea lk tedection syemst five yes arago. much ofhe t focus was on safety mobileuv ssut ofittedit wh methean dettiecon thnecology cruising bayre aa streets identifyingot pentially ngerous leaks but flash forward and a tecolhnogy has soal elvvoed into a signicafint ol in the fightga ainst climeat cnghae. so the technolyog now i asbleo t esmatite the seiz of the lksea that a dreetected tbyhe and so we are using tshi to use a car across our terriryto. so it covers in one year the fuller trito oryf pg&e francois. roger is the head of reseahrc d delevopme antt pg&e's gas divionsi. pheoints to findings by shingtonta ste universy itthat 2% of leaksre a responsleib for more than half the methane reasleed by the gas distrutibion stsyem. soha tt's what is cool value the perimetecor ncept findinang d pareiring. pesurmi etterea lgues has thrtus anothe bray area-badseom cpany
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into t chelimate spotlhtig. exal balkakins is ceo of santa clara bsas picar ion 2016. he showed uas in miaturized rsveion of the technology pg&e using capable ofea mrisung grnheeouse gas lesike methean do twno parts. tnake ofhela gsgow cl he bieelves the cpaomny is providingri ctical tools for tracking international emiiossn goals eveborydyro fm china to the eureaop cnommutyni to north america. 're getting big gerovnmenlta ntracts to helphe tm with tshi extraordinarily important issue of geolocating finding where they are finngdi theee ndle in the haystack and prodiving a itic lalayer to aas ft-growing netwk orof intertinaonal. monitoring pgrroams iluncding the airrnbo meethane decettion igflhts started byas na jpl and the statef o california with a ace-sebad veronsi in eth wos.rk you need t loook at it glollbay
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d so y noueed multiple chnologies to b berought to bear on this enormous pblroem a challenge nowei bng attacked from the airro f smpacend a on e groundit wh innovative technology pneioered in califoiarn and herine the bay ea it's really great stu.ff these greenushoe gas llcoaborations a greaining moment pumg&e assteisd with the nasa j iplmaging proamgr and has deloveped its own detection drone wit ahdditiona hlelpro fm mucerced. wsohat ty'h're doing' 'm a fascatining as you can tell certnlaiy is. all l't's get to o wureather a ttlile gra oyut therebu, t it's a littl beit of sun too. ahye. it w gasray litt mleisty in the ci ftyor time andt' ' ssome rt osf the east bay sanadi wh'a's on top of the weendke? 'i's going to dry out this weekd enan idt's going to turn ldurand a brighteasr well, dan and maam but today needed those wipers across parts of the bayre aa andon tight a ysou look at liveop dpl 7er. we still have c aouple of rispnklesho swing up in theas et bay liverremo's reptiorng some lightho swers as we get y iounto street lev reladar. also heangdi out towards thel. a
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nort vhasco road, just be prepared visibility i aslso low as this week front came through we did see some showers today and it mearesud but w aelso have some f oogut there. so l'e's lookt athe our inrafall totals this i sso far 7 livermor 1e100s inan sta raos only a hundredth of annc ih in san francisco trace at oakland rpaiort 400s in concord in san jose had a hundredth of an inch aov lely vie fwro omur emerilyvle camera. we do still have some clouds around upper 50s from san anfrcisco t ooakland sanos je. 'i's been aoo cl day 55 in rgmoan hil alnd the closud are stkeacdp u in the south bay as you can see 57 right now in santaos ra fairfldie livermore 58 dreeges if y'u're getting a thisee wkendou y're looking at sunnyki ses at our bay area airpor ttsomorrowig lht breeze w loto upper 60. honolulu is looking at a warm sunny day 85 dreeges, new york city 47 chicago 48 with some ouclds and sun and los angeles rtly cloy ud70 degrees. here'' the view from our golden gate bridge camera. now while vibisility is fine
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here. i''s not so great everywhere so clouds fog and areas of drizzle tonight sunnier and milder this ekweend, and we do have s ahower chance tuesday, but dry for thanksgingvi hourlyor fecast still watchut o tonightet bween 6 and p 9 fmor a little bit of mist and drilezz out thcle ouds will away qckuily tomoowrr by 8 o'occlk. u'y're alrdyea seeinghe t sun d it's going to b ae nice day temperatesur in the rnmoing will be in the 30s to the 50s. so definity elturning ilchlier th some eaars of then for the afternoon wil blrighten uitp. w''ll warm it u ipnto the upper s for santa rosa frfaiield fronemt, san jose 64 in the cyit 65 s,an rafael 6 d1egrees and halfoo mn bay and 65 in oakland. here'' your thksangiving pnnlaer fog to start the morning at 7 'clock upper0s 3 to upper 40s. u're lookingt apartly cloudy skiesem tperature isn the 50s and then we bump up those mbers into t lheows 60s with me sunny bakres by p 4m. i'' lsookingic ne. hsoopefullyf iyou haveol hiday nds, a tndhey incdelu the outdrsoo. sithould be a nice looki ongne
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cuweather 7-day forecast snyun an mdilder bright fallay d for ur sdauny. 'w're gngoi to clou idt up a little b fitor the srtta of the work into that chance o sfhowers on tuesday. miust say o mneodel ishs owing the sspoibility of the oth oerne is not so we'reus jt going anchce. as i mtienoned dry for thangiksving holiday and black friday as wlel and dan the model's not in agreement. , tnkhas. well another hug sehow support for marin cntouy food distribuonti cenr.te w''ve been epkeing you d.up on theit suati aont the ritter ntceer in s ranafael devtaasted lbyas mtonth'sis htori sctorm our initial story led to an outprioung of suppo srtome $20,000 in donations, which allodwe wednesd'a's food vegiayaw to go on a pslanned today thrie tter center, let us knowha tt since our storyir aed this week. it has receid veanother $1000,0. ntfaastic. all right. well stillhe aad get ready for awa srdhow unlike any other because this sunday's ameranic music awar wdsill be host. by rapper cardi b, and we'll tell you what to expect coming
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live newassct breakingew ns atweher a mndore with our new abc 7 bay area app on apple tv dranoid tv fire tv a rndoku just search abc 7 bay are aand wnload it the broenz bear statueta snding ouidtse. the govnoerr's office has moved vernor newsom tweeted o tuthis deo today calling i tt ehend of an erahe t statue was vingly refreerd to as the bactiaer bear bauecse capital touris ltsike t toouch it.
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the anx neis beingen rovated. so the has n aew home outside the gerovnor' tsempora oryffice. ilw aays lovedac bteria brea wiernns up trehe. all right. wellin fally tonight some of the ggest micus supersts arwill be in losng aeles this and for the american music awards right here on abc 7li oa virodrigo leads all artists with seven nominations, and she's also set to perform k-p bopand btsil wl rfpeorm twice cardi b is hosting and i us fpor a three ardwas e's' aslso excited to just be a fan and wah tcthe performances. i fstir met btsou cple of yeats ago, and i dn'i' ktnow much abouthe tm andow n my daughter lovests b and i love atth she stens to theus m bicecause it's so fun and fenridl kyid iendly and evethrying. sot' 's likhee 's gonna beat them 'i's something likeey h, do you know my daughter love y'all? she love y'all. the american music awards will be broadcast from the mroicsoft theater in los angeles. you can watch the sho swunday ghnit right here on abc 7 at 8 'clock. good fun. all rightor wld news tonight
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th david muir isex nt. 'i'm o dnates thanks f joroining ausnd i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel all of us here. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an we'll see you again in half an ho
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the clsiasc hoywlld oostory. mweeet the hero, the all-new nissan froientr hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tensiobun ilds... the plot twi the he prorevails in hlyolwood , th wisould be the d.en but our here , were a jusget tting stteard. introducin g the alnel-w nissan frontie
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tonit,gh breakinneg ws -- leky rittenhseou found n ot guilty on all counts. ttenhousshe aking ashe t rdveict is rd.ea t noguilty oaln l charges. collapsing in tonight, famieils of thewo t otpresters hshe ot and kleild withn aar-15 norew acting, one yisang today's verdi sctends e unacceptab mleessage tt ha med civianlis can show uinp any wnto, then u tsehe danger they have created to justify ooting ppleoe in thetr seet. toghnit, ritteounhse's attneory soal respondg inafter the verdt.ic sayingyl ke rittenushoe wishes no onef this er vehappened. terry moran and dan abrams both here >>al> so breakg inat this urho, e cdc dictreor has n ow ofcifially sigd neoff boosrste now forll a adults in
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this cntoury 18 anold der. night,


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