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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. [shouting] >> a chaotic scene overnig s looting and vandalism. social media capturing the scene as thieves to steal items from at least one store in san francisco's union square. good morning. you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. before we get to that let's get a quick look at the weather with alisa. lisa: good morning. we have the fog in the valley to the east and it is starting to move into parts of our east bay and the north bay but not as pervasive. upper level wind will scour this out early. half-mile santa rosa, nevada even better.
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high pressure builds in and we will see moderate air quality throughout the weekend as the sun comes to visit us. north wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. they are getting quite strong and that is where the dry air is. that will mix out the fog, bring in more sun and allow for temperatures to warm today. we look at numbers in and around 60 degrees by noon time. that fog will be pretty much out of here by about 10:00. looking at a mild day throughout the afternoon. remember the sunsets before 5:00 and slightly warmer sunday but we do have changes for thanksgiving. we'll talk about them in a few minutes. liz: thank you. back to that developing news. several people are in police custody after thieves ransacked union square. soci med you shshaos that unfolded>> [beep]
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liz: this is video from right in front of the louis vuitton. officers were seen trying to stop thieves. police are calling it looting and vandalism. that may not be the only store. police are investigating vandalism at other retail businesses. this is view video of the fendi store. like nothing was stolen. police are calling this a fluid and evolving situation. if you have information, call san francisco police. >> hey, hey, ho, racist system has got to go. liz: calling for change after a not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trials. that verdict delivered in a kenosha, wisconsin courtroom yesterday. >> we, the jury, find the
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defendant not guilty. liz: rittenhouse burst into tears and collapsed in a chair after being acquitted of all five counts he was charged with. last summer he was 17 years old when he traveled from illinois to kenosha armed with a rifle claiming to protect lives and property. during the jacob blake protest he would shoot three people, killing two, and injuring the other. rittenhouse's lawyers argue he was defending himself. the jury deliberated his fate over the course of four days. we have more on how the bay area is reacting to the verdict. reporter: nearly 100 people took to the streets of oakland responding to the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the group marched from city hall to the federal building. they call the two white men
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rittenhouse shot and killed in kenosha last year he rose. categorizing the verdict as an emergency call to action. >> it is a great blight to every sniveling coward, to every white supremacist vigilante. reporter: this resonates deeply with the black community. in 2020, oakland resident xavier brown and his friend mobilized 15,000 to march against police violence in the killing of george floyd. he responded to the rittenhouse trial. >> i am going to be real, i was furious. i was so furious. reporter: rittenhouse's attorney said he feared for his life and acted in self-defense. hastings law professor rory little said the jury needed to answer one question. >> the jury was told to focus simply on the moments right before and when there was a shooting. there was no doubt he shot these folks so the jury was simply
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asked, do you find that he was justified in self-defense? or do you find the government has not proven beyond reasonable doubt he was not justified? reporter: there was one black juror in the jury. activists pointing to racism. >> i definitely think he is found not guilty because of the color of his skin. but it is also because we live in a country where, since day one, this country was founded on racism. reporter: professor little said there is racial disparities in the criminal justice system. >> what were to if he was black in the same situation? i don't know. liz: in kenosha, wisconsin dozens of activists and family members of shooting victims rallied outside the courthouse. a few protesters were detained but no violence was reported. in new york city, protesters marched through various burros and that also remained peaceful.
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the verdict in the rittenhouse case is just one of several across the country that bay area police say they are monitoring. another is the trial of three white men accused of killing a young, unarmed black man ahmaud arbery in georgia. > we are preparing and checking intelligence, we are hearing from other law enforcement at the state and federal lever. >> i think the more pressing cases across the country is this case. that is by al sharpton and jesse jackson are there. liz: closing arguments are expected monday. body camera footage of a police shooting at a shopping center last month and the video you are about to see may be difficult to watch. >> police! gun, gun, gun! [multiple shots] liz: they were investigating a stolen vehicle reported by san jose police. investigators say the suspect, michael nelson, got out armed
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with a gun. a detective opened fire on nelson who shot back. the shootout broke out between police and nelson who was hit by gunfire. nelson later died of his injuries. know by standards or officers were injured. friends, family and community leaders came together for the funeral of 23 month old jasper wu. he was killed two weeks ago by a stray bullet on interstate 880. dozens filled the piedmont services home yesterday. the family provided photos of the service along with a video honoring jasper. afterward the family burned paper toys and food, a chinese tradition. that it police chief said -- the police chief said we have to do better. >> we are all responsible. i totally agree. despite our opinions about police we have to realize there has to be a sense of safety in our community. so many families feel unsafe
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right now. liz: no arrests have been made in the shooting. a gofundme in jasper's memory raised around a quarter of a million dollars. our hearts go out to the family. another sad story to share with you, the mother of the antioch woman shot and killed thursday on an oakland freeway is asking the shooters to turn themselves in. 29-year-old morris was a passenger in this suv that came under fire as it approached the bay bridge toll plaza on 880. her fiance and two sons were also in the car. her mother told us by phone from her home in georgia that her daughter was headed for a job interview in san francisco. >> the coroner told me the kill shot was a bullet that went through the phone and shot her in the head. she died instantly. know would want to hurt mani. my baby, she was the one
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everybody came to. i can't see anyone coming after my baby. liz: authorities are saying little about the investigation so far including whether the shooting was targeted or random. anyone with information about any of these freeway shootings is asked to call the chp investigation tip line on your screen, 707-917-4491. 52 years ago today dozens of native american activists landed on the shores of alcatraz sparking a national debate on the rights of indigenous people. during a 19 month occupation they demanded the u.s. government recognized long-standing agreements with tribes and turn over the deed to the island. 20 armed u.s. marshals eventually rated the island and remove the activists. today there will be an event on alcatraz to mark the anniversary of the occupation.
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lisa, let's get a check outside. there was rain last night. lisa: it was really not just in the north bay. we had some in the east bay. weak one slow to move out and in its wake some fog. we are dealing with the fog for the early morning mainly in the north bay, pockets in the east bay. then it is sunny and temperatures will warm up a little bit not only today but for the weekend. it doesn't last through the holiday weekend. i have the answers next. liz: thanks. also, settlement reached. how much san jose state is paying former athletes sexually assaulted by a sports trainer. reporter: nearly one year since the fatal stabbing at a south bay church. this weekend marks
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♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. liz: a california man on the fbi's most wanted list has been found dead in south carolina. he had been on the run more than
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16 years. he was wanted in san diego for sexually assaulting eight girls. earlier this month a neighbor went to check on him and found his body. an autopsy determined it was he likely died of natural causes. he had been living in south carolina for 15 years. san jose state university reached a $3 million settlement with former female athletes who were sexually harassed by a sports trainer. in september the department of justice investigation found the school mishandled sexual assault claims by student athletes. at the time the university agreed to pay a $1.6 million settlement with the students but not all of them accepted the offer. the money from the latest settlement will be divided equally among 15 of the victims. elizabeth holmes took the stand in her own defense and san jose yesterday. the founder of theranos hiss facing counts of wire fraud. here are sketches of the test if
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testimony. abc news was in the courtroom watching the unexpected testimony. >> she walked to the stand and she took off her mask and she smiled. that kind of set the demeanor for the rest of her testimony. liz: there she is walking out of the courtroom with her partner. she testified for an hour at the end of the session and talked about the early days of the company, testing its blood, testing technology and her investors. she is expected to be back on the stand monday and tuesday. in the south one year homn bed several at grace baptist church in downtown san jose. in november 2020 a total of five people were stabbed, two of them died. as amanda shows us the congregation is getting ready to celebrate the lives of the victims today. ♪ amanda: the liberty theater pipe organ filled the century
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ahead of a special friday night vigil. in the foyer phases of transgender people who had been killed. pictured here is miss kimberly, one of the two people who died last year at grace baptist. >> it is painful still. amanda: for james it is emotional and physical. on november 22, 2020 was working as a shelter employee for grace solutions when he was stabbed three times. his lung collapsed and he needed surgery on his shoulders and spine. on friday he took us through the hall where it happened. >> down this hall there was footsteps. amanda: since the stabbing the church brought on a new senior pastor, george oliver. grace baptist has rededicated itself toward fighting for justice for the unhoused, trans rights and people of color. >> we have been able to turn back to life. to try our best to grow our church and be present. amanda: he said attendance online and in person has gone.
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up 70% saturday. that community expected to come together to honor the stabbing victims in a series of events. at 11:00 services for transgender day of remembrance, at 7:30 p.m. a concert. >> we mourn their lives because they were precious souls to this congregation. amanda: while the pain runs deep james says it is fitting to dedicate time to those who died. >> it is good to take just a little bit of time to celebrate the beautiful things in life. i am just glad i am here today. i am here today. amanda: the events are free and open to the public being held here at grace baptist. amanda del castillo you, abc7 news. liz: the fda and cdc say all adults can get a booster shot of pfizer or moderna vaccine. the only guideline is you must
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wait six months after your final dose. previously only adults 65 and older are at high risk of getting the disease were eligible for booster shots. we have looked at places in each county where you can get a booster shot. that is on abc7news .com/vaccines. click on the first door you see. after the passing of president biden's infrastructure bill the city of oakland is celebrating the awarding of $14.5 million in. . federal grant money the city says they will be able to begin a number of transformative projects. the project project project prot historically underserved communities by creating more accessibility to oakland's waterfront. oakland mayor libby schaff talked about what this means for the city. >> this city is painfully aware good infrastructure saves lives. it is just a down payment on a total vision of equity, safety,
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resilience that cities across america just like oakland have been waiting for. liz: new fiber cables will also be in thstalled. california fish and wildlife announced crab season will open december 1 this year. that means no crab in time for thanksgiving but you could see fresh dungeness in time for the end of the your holidays. this season was delayed because pods of humpback whales were spotted through the fishing zones. san mateo's mall held its tree lighting to kick off the holidays. ♪ [rudolph the red nosed reindeer] ♪ ♪ liz: it was lit in the main square followed by a parade with all the favorite christmas characters. the sugarplum fairy, the grinch, and frosty the snowman made an appearance.
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kids took part in gingerbread house decorating and toys for tots set up a drive. the start of the show was santa claus. santa will be available for photos from now until christmas eve at macy center court. last year they took their kids to take photos with the grinch. this year maybe santa but last dry could see the grinch. lisa: that's cute. we have a nice day today with the sun making an appearance. it has been awfully great for some of us but yesterday, despite the clouds, a cold front took its time exiting the area. we picked up rain into the west bay, east bay and even the peninsula. it is all about the upper level wind now. concord, napa and nevada. half mile up in santa rosa. no problems along the peninsula
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and south bay but cooler from 5 to 9 degrees cooler where the fog is sitting. about 49, 48 nevada and pacifico. you can see the fog here. low clouds and fog in the north and east bay. looking at sunny and mild conditions for the weekend. we will add in some clouds as we get to it the week. weather system will ride over northern california on tuesday and that will work to cool temperatures down. unfortunately not looking at any rain inside the next seven days. it is going up into the pacific northwest and this is that likely scenario for la nina season where the pacific northwest gets the rain and the coastal communities in the bay area not so much. hopefully early december will bring better predictions because the next couple of days we are
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looking at temperatures even above average. 65 today should feel good in oakland and concord. antioch looking at upper 60's, santa rosa fog this morning. that should be lifting by 10:00. mid-60's from san mateo, 58 san jose, the game at stanford plenty with mid-60's. if you are planning thanksgiving, cooler than the next few days. waking up to 30's and 40's with a cloud cover and the clouds hold on through midmorning but breaking out into hazy sunshine with upper 50's to low 60's. we will look for dry conditions as we get to the holiday week. the accuweather 7 day forecast sunnier today and tomorrow with mild readings. cooler was a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday at chance of showers may shift into sonoma county. otherwise a quiet pattern and just some high clouds, dry
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conditions as we get to the end of the month. it would be nice to bring in more rain but at least for thanksgiving you can open the doors and even enjoy things outside. liz: that will be very nice. thanks. ve dd opened the way for thousands more workers to receive -- the ♪ ♪ when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at
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liz: the edd told over one million employed californians they may have to pay back benefits. now it is telling thousands more they may be eligible to benefits they may never got an reopening old claims. it seems like take and give. michael finney sorted out. >> nerve-racking to think we might have to pay back all that money. >> your giving me money but now you think i don't deserve the money? where my going to get the money from? michael: i told you about
6:25 am
einstein fo and heather mendoza, both received now the edd is requiring them to prove they are self-employed or pay the money back. on the other hand it just opened the door for thousands of others to claim those benefits. >> people who qualify will be getting text or other notices from edd. michael: the edd says new federal rules expanded the pool of workers eligible for pandemic unemployment benefits. the expired two months ago but these new claims would be paid retroactively. they were intended mainly for gig workers, contractors and the self-employed. that group just widened slightly. >> this group is about 100,000. it is a limited subgroup. michael: there are those who suddenly qualify for money.
6:26 am
workers who refused a job offer during the pandemic because the workplace was not adhering to covid-19 safety rules like masking and social distancing. contractors who worked for school districts with unstable work schedules that reduced their income. finally anyone whose hours were reduced because of covid-19, even if the place of business date open. edd did not say what documents it will require to prove someone is eligible a year or more after losing a job opportunity. that hits home for people like einstein and heather who say they submitted their documents from the start. >> we are backtracking. >> i will be really ticked off if they come and tell me i them a certain amount of money. that is what i am going to be [beep] off about. >> this is the most insane thing i have ever seen. san diego has shut down, literally. look at the freeway.
6:27 am
oh, my gosh. liz: traffic came to a halt in southern california after an armored truck dropped a load of cash on the freeway. yes. chp says the doors came open and scatter the cash onto both sides of i-5 an carlsbad. drivers got out and some began to scoop up the bills. authorities are saying any cash picked up off the freeway is considered stolen. a man and woman have already been arrested. chp is asking anyone who picked up the cash to bring it to their office immediately. something you don't usually see. still to come, a new study looking at the effects of the delta variant. the risk for people who contract the virus when they are pregnant. and we are one day away from one of the biggest music award shows. we have a preview of the american music awards and some of the artists w what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties.
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you are watching abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live in wherever you stream. let's get back over to lisa. lisa: we had a few drops last night and somewhat pavement this morning. fog is in the north bay with visibility anywhere from a quarter-mile in concord and napa and getting a little bit veteran santa rosa. there is a look at mount tam where we'll have e good air quality. the fog will lift by 9:00 or 10:00 complement of the strong north wind. nearly 40 miles an hour. there is beautiful santa cruz where it is nice and clear. 50 san francisco, 50 five half moon bay and looking at the sun coming up in another 25 minutes. 49 concord and the tower cam
6:31 am
with the fog. it will clear and we will be in sunny skies not only today and tomorrow but the temperatures will warm through the 60's. we will pinpoint your neighborhood and a look at the thanksgiving week coming up. liz: thank you. the cdc is endorsing booster shots for all americans over 18. it comes just as the holiday travel season gets underway in some states are experiencing a surge in infection. karina mitchell has the details. reporter: millions more americans now eligible for an extra dose from covid-19. >dr. rochelle walensky signing off on boosters for all americans 18 and older after aca some pointing out they were hesitant because of questions of eligibility. >> the guidelines were
6:32 am
generating confusion. today's vote clears that up. am i eligible? the answer is yes. reporter: cvs and walgreens will offer booster starting today. 14 states already expanded booster eligibility. meantime, people in some states are having trouble finding booster availability. >> for this location we don't have any. totally booked. reporter: covered infections are on the rise across the country. in new mexico, daily cases increased more than 60% in the past three weeks. >> we are seeing extremely high volumes of patients presenting with influenza or covid illness. most of these patients are unvaccinated. this is overwhelming the health care system. reporter: with health officials trying to prevent a surge they are urging parents to children vaccinated. >> i think it is safe if
6:33 am
everybody is vaccinated. if you have unvaccinated members, using rapid testing can make a difference. reporter: karina mitchell, abc news, new york. liz: there will be three clinics today. the locations of where shots are offered are right on your screen. the sites are concentrated in high-priority zip codes. more pop-ups are being planned for december and january. we are learning new information about the effects of the covid-19 delta variant. the cdc looked at over one million pregnancies. they were over twice as likely to have a stillbirth as those that did not have covid. a separate cdc study of pregnant women who died of covid-19 should the majority passed away from the delta variant when it became dominant. millions of people are getting ready to hit the road for thanksgiving and they will be paying the highest gas prices in seven years. according to aaa, the average
6:34 am
price for a gallon of gas has gone up across the country to $3 .41 but we all know in the bay area prices are higher at $4.80. air travel is also up 80% approaching pre-tpandemic levels. people will be paying on average 23% more for airfare than last year. food insecurity is a growing problem, especially around the holidays. as the i team found out disparities are only getting worse. stephanie sierra is digging into it. >> this is all i have. reporter: natasha is struggling to make ends meet. >> all by myself. reporter: unemployed from the pandemic she lives off 14th street in west oakland. a low income neighborhood defined as a food desert.
6:35 am
a large percentage of the population does not have easy access to the grocery stores. > it is overwhelming. reporter: it is one of 600 in the area that are considered food deserts. that means in these areas one third of the population are living more than half a mile away from the nearest supermarket or large grocery store. with no car or bus pass she walks. >> i walk about two or three miles. reporter: on a good day it is a mile to st. vincent depaul but on sundays and mondays st. vincent depaul is closed and the closest grocery store in this particular food desert is more than a mile away. for sarah jordan -- >> eight or nine blocks. i go up to safeway. reporter: the distance is not the problem but the price. >> california's price on food, food stamps are $350 a month. reporter: that used to last a month. now it lasts two weeks. >> when food prices go up a lot
6:36 am
it hits the lower income households particularly hard. reporter: james wilcox is a professor of economics at uc berkeley. >> lower income households spend more than twice as large a fraction of their income on food as higher income households. reporter: abc7's analysis found there are over 170 low income neighborhoods in san francisco alone that have low food access. that's more than double what we found in the san jose metro area at 79. >> the need to still really high. reporter: reggie is the director of the food bank. is the problem getting worse? >> it is incredibly high in alameda county. high rates of food insecurity, clients are not seeing what other people may be seeing.
6:37 am
reporter: the organization worked with hundreds of nonprofits disturbing food to struggling areas throughout the pandemic. >> i just pray. that is all i can do. reporter: she hopes her neighborhood is next in line. >> got a keep praying. reporter: stephanie sierra, abc7 news. liz: still ahead, the marine corps annual toys for tots program is underway. why they need more than toys this year. here's a live look outside this morning. we have been talking about the fog. lisa argen will have the forecast are just a few minutes. ♪ hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory.
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it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing)
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♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. liz: today volunteers will get together to hand out thanksgiving grocery boxes to those in need. city team serves up to 10,000 families and seniors throughout the bay area a day. on thanksgiving they will serve holiday meals and distribute hygiene kits to low income family members. this weekend americans will have the final say on who wins at the
6:40 am
american music awards with fans casting their votes this year on an unusual platform, tiktok. cardi b is hosting in l.a. and morgan norwood has more on what to expect at one of the biggest nights in music. ♪ morgan: the country's favorite musicians are taking the stage for the american music awards, where the fans decide to text home the top prizes. ♪ morgan: this year it is up and stuck with cardi b, up for three awards this year. >> my goal is for people to have a good time. this is more like fun like, hey, good times. i like to vibe, i like to party. i want to wake people up. ♪ morgan: olivia roderigo has the most nominations with seven.
6:41 am
she also has fierce competitioni looking to beat others for the coveted title of best new artist including mask leroy. the ama also adding favorite fae trending song. along with favorite gospel artist and favorite latin duo or group. morganand it would not be the as without performances. tyler the creator set to bring his theatrics to the stage. >> he is one of the most unusual, imaginative, just how on earth did he think of that? morgan: but perhaps one of the most anticipated duos firing up the audience? megan thee stallion and >> i get the feeling it is not
6:42 am
going to be quite like her duet with cardi b. morgan: morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. liz: you can watch the american music awards tomorrow at 8:00 right here on abc7. liime for e thanksvi recast. just days away. lisa: it is days away and we had rain yesterday but look at this, the fog is back. it will be clearing and we will be left with sunny skies and temperatures at or above average not just today but thanksgiving. we talk about the week ahead in the holiday forecast next. liz: also, no steph curry? no problem. the reveal has the highlights and sports. ♪
6:43 am
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my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. liz: here is a live look
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outside. you can see the sunrise here at 6:44. so pretty. in sports, the battle for the axe in the big game. the golden bears are returning after last week's game was postponed because of a covert outbreak. kickoff is at 4:00 p.m. at stanford stadium. the warriors are back in action tomorrow at chase center. last met they were without key players against the pistons. the final game of the road trip. here is sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. larry: good morning. the warriors went heavy on load management last night. the final game of the four stop road trip but steph curry was just chilling on the bench watching his understudy go to work. they are up five at the break against the pistons. andrew wiggins play that d!
6:46 am
steal, slam with authority. 15th man from a distance, looks like steph curry and shooting like him. couple of big threes late in the third. back on the bench s curry looking all right. 32 points but this would go down to the final frantic seconds. detroit needs a three to tie. out to frank jackson, around and out. rebound loose. time expires! the warriors hang on 105-102 and go 3-1 on the road trip. >> to come in here and really get contributions from everybody it turned what would've been a solid road trip into an excellent road trip. larry: lakers in boston lebron james back after missing the last eight games because of
6:47 am
abdominal strain. these teams accounting for half the nba's championships. jaso game-high 37. celtics big 130-108. santa clara hosting cal poly. j lynn williams! if once is good, twice as got to be better. they roll 87-57 in the broncos are now 4-0. the one 24th addition -- addition now going on this afternoon. the resulting celebration has not been forgotten by either team. >> there is no greater feeling the winning. on the flipside there is no worse feeling than oozing. >> i remember the fans pouring
6:48 am
onto the field and it was a great feeling. larry: that is it on sports. i am larry beil. have a great morning. liz: foggy this morning. lisa: it is a new can see here the visibility is back to nothing in nevada. quarter-mile napa and concord, p ier 15 has the breeze. moderate air quality today, tomorrow and monday. high pressure building in that it is good air quality. south-central bay a little bit of a sea breeze and away from the fog but these northerly winds will scour out the fog. upper elevation wind from 12 to 38 miles per hour. 34 miles per hour around mount diablo. dry air mixing down to the surface, evaporating the fog. beautiful view 280.
6:49 am
55 in san jose with a clear start for you and we are above all the fog. you can see 44 santa rosa and cooler in these locations with 48 nevada, 50 napa, 54 livermore. san rafael socked in with t low cloud deck. by 8:00 or 9:00 that is dissipating. partly cloudy skies to clear conditions. 60's arriving with a lot of sunshine and even some upper 60's in some of our inland valley. should be a nice day throughout the afternoon and we are going to be looking at not only clear conditions but we are going to be seeing a situation change a little bit as the system moves to the north of us. we will look for conditions to bring slightly cooler air our way as we get into the thanksgiving part of the holiday. as we go for the next several days we are looking at the storm
6:50 am
track which will be well to the north of us. as we look at san rafael you will notice it is cloudy with a sunny weekend ahead. ilme the north. the activity is well into the pacific northwest and that is kind of a typical pattern for what we call la niña. mid-60's by thishishishishishi we should be about 63 degrees for the afternoon game. downtown 61 today so the average high in and around where you should be for this time of year. 68 santa rosa and sunny conditions after several gray days. 66 in castro valley and in the east bay it will be comfortable with mid-60's. kind of nice to have the dry conditions proceeding
6:51 am
thanksgiving but we would like some activity throughout the end of the month in terms of precipitation. thursday starting out with clouds. then it is a nice day for a hike with high clouds and sunshine. the seven day forecast today and tomorrow the warmest and sunniest days and then we bring in clouds on monday. few sprinkles to sonoma county but otherwise looking at morning fog, afternoon sun and a pleasant holiday thursday and friday as well with temperatures where they are expected to be for late november. we are going to plan on december bringing more rain hopefully. liz: cross our fingers. for more than 70 years our parent company disney supported the u.s. marine corps toys for tots foundation. disney kicked off the disney ultimate toy drive with a $500,000 donation to toys for tots with over $25,000 going toward buying toys for the local
6:52 am
san mateo, san francisco and marin county chapter. as dion lim shows us they need more than just toys this year. dion: around this time of year we usually see festive images like this when reporting on the marine's toys for tots foundation. but instead of meeting up like last year to see how the drive is going we are at the u.s. marine core training center in san bruno where storage units are taking the place of a facility. >> covid changed a lot. we are making do. there is a lot of kids that need toys. dion: this year is a little different because in addition to the need for 40,000 to 60,000 toys there is also calls for a warehouse to house the items. joining the is staff sergeant josh garza. tell me about why you need the space. >> we facilitate so many toys and are one of the largest toys for tots foundations areas in the u.s. dion: you asked about 25
6:53 am
different facilities for a place to put all of the toys. what do they keep telling you? >> they can't. there is either none to give what there is a boom in the business so there is not enough warehouses to give to us. dion: it is a big ask. however, it is not forever. >> we finished collecting toys roughly around december 14 i want to say. after that we do all the sorting. we are looking for 50,000 square feet. if not we can get something smaller. we can always adapt. that is what the marine corps does. dion: one thing there is no shortage of is the spirit of the holidays. >> i love every second. dion: i can tell. >> you get to help a lot of children and i think that is the biggest thing. dion: if anybody has the space, go to our website with information on how to volunteer. abc7 dion lim, abc7 news. liz: are you able to help?
6:54 am
to find locations near you visit toys for if you have a space to donate the next few weeks, the marines ask you send them an email. the addresses on your screen, remembering the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 12 splash down. how a bay area museum is celebrating its role in the mission. ♪
6:55 am
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enter the golden state with real california dairy. liz: today the uss hornet in alameda will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 12 splashdown. the second spaceflight to land on the moon. the uss hornet picked up the crew in 1969 from the pacific ocean after the historic mission. just months earlier the hornet recovered neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and mike collins from the first moon landing. today the museum will have a model rocket on display and
6:57 am
astronomers will talk aboutitnt. 10:00 to 5:00 today. really cool. i think i heard some of those names. lisa: you what? liz: i think i heard of some of those names. lisa: of course. and john glenn, too. little bit of fog in the north and east bay but that will give way to a nice afternoon with mid and upper 60's. tons of sun and the wind bringing down the dry air. the second half of the weekend is just as nice. temperatures coming down to seasonable readings and that includes thanksgiving. dry and comfortable afternoon. liz: thank you. thank you all for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc7 continues at 8:00 a.m. gma is next. have a great day. ♪
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good morning, america. jury acquits. >> we the jury find the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> kyle rittenhouse cleared of all charges in the deadly kenosha shootings. rittenhouse emotional, breaking down. >> these are your unanimous verdicts? >> what he said moments after the verdict as we're joined live by his attorney. the intense reactions on both sides. >> it feels like the victims' lives don't matter. >> from protests overnight to the exclusive interview with the father of anthony huber shot and killed by rittenhouse. we're live on the ground with the latest this morning. boosters approved. the cdc green lights additional shots for anyone 18 and older. where you can get one today as cases are on the rise. what to know ahe


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