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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 20, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: a chaotic scene overnight in what police are calling little and vandalism, social media video capturing the scene as thieves steal items from at least one store in union square. it is saturday, november 20. you are watching abc 7 news live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa: good morning. we certainly have some sunshine around the bay area to start, but our north and east bay valleys, some of that fog is
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sitting kind of stubborn from napa to novato. looking at concord, where it is very foggy. cooler this morning, six to seven degrees cooler from concord to the dell -- delta. our air quality today will be moderate right on through the weekend. high pressure is building in an upper level wind will bring in drier air to the surface. as that happens, we will clear the clouds and we will be looking at a sunny afternoon. 57 in san jose. it is pretty sunny on top of mount tam and below you can see fog -- pockets of fog. we will get into the sun around 9:00 or 10:00, mid to upper 60's for most of us. milder than average for most of us. liz: back to that developing news, several people are in police custody this morning after thieves ransacked the louis vuitton store in san
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francisco's union square. video shows the chaos that unfolded last night. >> [beep] liz: this is video from right in front of the louis vuitton at geary and stockton. officers were seen trying to stop the apparent thieves and they are calling what happened looting and vandalism. louis vuitton may not be the only store that was hit. police are reporting vandalism in other businesses as well. this is video of the nearby fendi store. the last was smashed but it doesn't appear that anything was stolen. police calling this a fluid and evolving situation. if you have any information, call san francisco police. >> hey hey, ho graceless this must go -- racist must go.
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liz: calling for a change after a not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial in a kenosha, wisconsin courthouse yesterday. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. liz: rittenhouse burst into tears and collapse into a chair after being acquitted of all five charges. last summer, rittenhouse was 17 when he traveled from illinois to kenosha armed with a rifle, claiming to protect lives and property during the jacob blake protest. he would shoot three people, killing two and injuring the other. his lawyers argued he was defending himself. the jury deliberated his fate over the course of four days. luz pena has more on how the bay area is reacting to this verdict. luz: nearly 100 people took to the streets of oakland responding to the not guilty
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verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the group marched from oaklands city hall to the fellow -- oakland's city hall to the fellow -- activists activists as the verdict as an emergency call to action. >> it is a green light to every sniveling coward, every want white supremacist vigilante. luz: this not guilty verdict resonates deeply with the black community. xavier browned and his friend -- brown and his friend mobilized people to march in the killing of george floyd. he responded to the trial. >> i'm going to be completely real. i was furious, so furious. luz: rittenhouse's attorney claimed he feared for his life and acted in self-defense. a law professor said the jury needed to answer one question.
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>> the jury was told to focus simply on the moments right before and when there was a shooting. there wasn't any doubt he shot these folks. the jury was simply asked, do you find that he was justified in self-defense or really, do you find that the government hasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he wasn't justified in that moment? luz: there was one black terror. active it -- juror. activists point to racism. >> he was found not guilty because of the color of his skin but also because we live in a country where since this -- since day one, this country was founded on racism. luz: there is racial disparities in the criminal justice system. >> what would have happened if he was black? i don't know. luz: luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: in kenosha, wisconsin, community activists and family members shooting victims rallied
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outside the courthouse. a few protesters were detained but no violence was reported. in new york city, protesters marched through several boroughs. the verdict is just one of several across the country that the bay area police agencies say they are monitoring. the other is a trial of three white men accused of killing an unarmed, ahmaud arbery. >> we are checking our intelligence and hearing from law enforcement at the federal level. >> the pressing issue for african-americans is the arbery case. that's why al sharpton and jesse jackson are there. liz: closing arguments are expected on monday. footage of a police shooting at a shouting -- police shooting last month. the video may be difficult to watch. >> police. gun! gun! liz:
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were investigating a stolen car initially reported by san jose police. they say the suspect, michael nelson, got out armed with a gun. a detective opened fire on nelson who shot back. a shoot out between police and nelson, who was hit by gunfire. nelson later died. no bystanders or officers were injured. friends, family, and community leaders came together for the funeral for 23 month old jasper wu. the toddler was killed two weeks ago by a stray bullet on interstate 880. dozens filled the home yesterday. there was video honoring jasper. after that, the family burned toys and food, chinese tradition. chief lauren armstrong says we need to do better. >> we all are responsible.
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despite our opinions about police, we have to realize that there has to be safety in our community. many families in this community feel unsafe. liz: no arrests have been made in the shooting. a gofundme campaign in jasper's memory has raised about a quarter of a million dollars. the mother of the antioch woman shot and killed thursday on an oakland freeway is asking the shooters to turn themselves in, pleading. amani morris was a passenger in that maroon suv that came under fire as it approached the bay bridge toll plaza and interstate 80. morris' fiancé and two sons were also in the car. her mother told us from her home in georgia that her daughter was headed for a job interview in san francisco. >> the corner told me the kill
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shot was a bullet that went through the phone and shot her in the head and she died instantly. no one would want to hurt mani. my baby was the one that everybody came to. i can't see anyone coming after my baby. liz: authorities are saying little about their investigation so far, including whether the shooting was targeted or random. anyone with information about any of these recent freeway shootings is asked to call the chp investigation tip line, 707-917-4491. 52 years ago today, native american activists landed on the shores of alcatraz, sparking a natural -- a national debate on the rights of indigenous people. they demanded the u.s. government recognize long-standing deals with tribes
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and turn over the island. marshall's removed -- m m m removed the tribes it was nice that we had a little bit of rain last night. lisa: not just in the north bay, but also to the east day. kept things kind of damp, but it is the fog that is scurrying parts of our inland valleys. that clears, we get a sunnier and milder saturday. how long does that last? the feet -- the forecast feature some changes. liz: settlement reached, how much san jose is paying former female athletes assaulted sexually. >> nearly one year since a fatal stabbing at a south a church,
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ask your doctor about nucala. (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) every home should be a haven. ikea. liz: a california man on the fbi's most wanted list was found dead in california.
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he had been on the run for more than 16 years, wanted in san diego for allegedly sexually assaulting eight girls. a neighbor went to check on him and found his body. a -- an autopsy determi determid was mclean and he likely died of natural causes. san jose state university reached a $3 million settlement with former female athletes who were sexually harassed by a sports trainer. the department of justice investigation found the school mishandled lanes by student athletes. the university agreed to pay $1.6 million settlement with the students but not all of them accepted that offer. the money will be divided equally among 15 victims. elizabeth holmes took the stand in her own defense in san jose. she is facing 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. here are sketches of her
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testifying. she is accused of misleading investors and patients. abc news was in the courtroom watching. >> she walked to the stand and took off her mask and she smiled. that kind of set the demeanor for the rest of her testimony. liz: there she is walking out of the courtroom with her partner. holmes testified for an hour hor talked about the early days of the company, testing its lead testing technology, and her investors. she's expected back on the stand monday and tuesday. there were no cameras. in south bay, monday marks one year since a homeless man stabbed several people. in november 2020, a total of five people were stabbed, two of whom died. as amanda del castillo shows us, the community is getting ready to celebrate the lives of the
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victims. amanda: the pipe organ filled the sanctuary. people who had been killed. ms. kimberly is one of two people who died after last year's stabbing spree at grace baptist. for james, that pain is emotional and physical. november 22, 2020, he was working as a shelter employee when he was stabbed three times. his long collapsed and he need -- lung collapsed and he needed surgery. >> down this hall, there was footsteps of blood. amanda: since the stabbing, the church brought on a new senior pastor. the church has dedicated itself to fighting for the on housed, trans rights, and people of color. >> we've been able to be a life
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again. amanda: he says in person worship services have gone up 70%. saturday, that community expected to honor the victims in a series of e services for a transgender day of remembrance, a conference led by musician ron beck. >> weimer and both of their lives -- we mourn both of their lives. amanda: they say it is only fitting to damage -- dedicate time for those who died. >> take a little bit of time to celebrate beautiful things. i'm just glad i'm here today. i'm here today. amanda: saturday's events are free and open to the public, held at grace baptist church. amanda del castillo, abc news. liz: the fda and cdc now say all adults can get a booster shot of pfizer or moderna covid vaccine.
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you must wait six months after your final dose. previously, adults six months -- 65 or older and those at high risk were eligible. we've looked at places in each county to get a booster shot on after the passing of the infrastructure bill, oakland is celebrating the awarding of $14.5 million of grant money. the city says they will be able to begin a number of transformative projects on broadway and martin luther king jr. they are creating more accessibility to oaklands waterfront -- oakland's waterfront. the mayor talked about how important it is. >> the city is painfully aware that good infrastructure saves lives. it's a down payment on a total
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vision of equity, safety, resilience that cities across america just like oakland have been waiting for. liz: new fiber cables will also be installed to improve access to the free public wi-fi service . california fish and wildlife announced crabbing season will open december 1 north of sonoma and mendocino counties. no crab in time for thanksgiving, but you could see fresh dungeness for the end of the year holidays. the season was delayed because whales were spotted swimming through the crowded fishing zones. -- mall had its tree lighting event to kickoff the holidays. the main square of the mall, followed by a parade with all the favorite christmas characters -- the sugar lump fairy, -- sugarplum fairy, the
8:19 am
grinch, and frosty the snowman all made appearances. the star of the show was santa claus, who will be available for photos from now until christmas eve at macy's centre court. hard to believe it is almost time to get the christmas tree. festive. lisa: we definitely have thanksgiving that we can enjoy with some calm weather, although some snow and rain would be welcome. we are going to plan on a sunnier saturday and sunday, so for the short term, things are drying out. we saw a little bit of light rain yesterday even into the early morning hours and the late evening. right now, the fog set up where it usually is, in the central valley, and we are looking at patchy fog obscuring visibility. in oakland, 18 of a mile, really bad in concord and novato -- 1/8
8:20 am
of a mile, really bad in concord and nevada. five to eight degrees cooler, kind of on the muggy side yesterday and as for today, upper level north wind bringing doubt -- bringing down drier air. pretty gusty on the you may notice breezy onshore winds and in the sierra nevada. in san rafael, it is so foggy and it has cleared out. 55 in mt. view, 57 in san jose, and a gorgeous view. the golden gate bridge is socked in with a lower cloud deck. in concord, all of your fog, and look at the sun in the south bay. it will be a beautiful day today, the sun -- the clouds and fog will lift and we will see the sun around 10:00.
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there was a system that wanted to bring us a chance of showers on tuesday -- right there -- but it looks like just a more high clouds and cooler temperatures. the next system well to the north of us on thursday and friday. that brings the warmest and sunniest days right now and tomorrow, with highs anywhere from 64 in san francisco, mid 60's in oakland. this is at or slightly above average. with more dry hair -- dry air in place for the second half of the weekend, we could see some -- cool conditions to start out, 30's and 40's. by 10:00, mid 50's. upper 50's to low 60's throughout the day. really nice for thursday, and look at friday. the forecast featuring more temperatures closer to average as we get closer to the holiday. the warmest days are today and
8:22 am
tomorrow, and sunniest. fog and a slight chance of showers on tuesday. otherwise, we are sticking with this drive forecast through the end of the week. longer-range models hinted may be some thing coming into play in early december. liz: that would be really nice. the edd opened the way for thousands more workers to receive pandemic relief. michael finney will have the michael finney will have the everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda - a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene.
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can be part of your story. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. liz: self-employed californians they may have to pay back unemployment benefits. now it is telling thousands more they may be entitled to benefits they never got and it is reopening their claims. it seems like take and give, who
8:25 am
is entitled to money? michael finney sorts it out. >> it's nerve-racking to think you might have to pay back all that money. >> you are giving me money but now you don't think i deserve the money? where am i going to get it from? michael: i've told you about this salon owner and stylist. both received unemployment benefits intended for gig workers and self-employed. the edd is requiring them to prove they really are self-employed, or pay the money back. on the other hand, it has just opened the door for thousands of others to claim those benefits. >> people who qualify will be getting texts or other notices from edd. michael: edd says new federal rules have expanded the pool of workers who are eligible for pandemic ellen -- unemployment benefits. the benefits expired but these new claims would be paid retroactively.
8:26 am
the benefits were intended mainly for gig workers, contractors, and the self-employed. that group widened slightly. >> this group is about 100,000, so it is a limited subgroup. michael: some of those suddenly qualify for money -- workers who refused a job offer during the pandemic because workplace was not adhering to covid-19 safety rules like masking and social distancing contractors working for school districts with unstable schedules that reduced their income and anyone whose hours were reduced because of covid-19, even if the place of business stayed open. edd did not say what documents it will require to prove when someone is eligible a year or more after losing a job opportunity. they submitted their documents from the start. >> we are backtracking. >> i will be ticked off if they tell me i/o them a certain amount of money. -- i owe them a certain amount
8:27 am
of money. michael: i am michael finney. >> this is the most insane thing i've ever seen, somebody dropped money all over the freeway. it is literally shut down. oh my gosh. liz: it is pretty shocking to see. traffic came to a halt after an armored truck spread cash onto the highway. drivers got out of their cars and some began to scoop up the bills. authorities saying any cash picked up off the freeway is considered stolen. a man and a woman have been arrested. chp is asking anyone who picked up the cash to bring it to their office immediately. still to come on abc 7, a new study looking at the effects of the delta variant. the risk for people who contract the virus while pregnant.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good this is abc 7 news live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's go over to lisa argen. lisa: settling into the valleys and -- and north of the east bay. otherwise, we are looking at sunshine. 52 in the city as well as oakland. 58 mt. view. 57 san jose. mid to upper 40's in the north bay. inland and the valleys is where we have the fog, from napa to concord to oakland. as it reaches the surface i evaa
8:31 am
chillier start, four to eight degrees from the north. gusty wind will mix out -- dry out the fog and mix up the air. as we go through the 9:00 hour, still in the 50's. 10:00, 60's and sun around the bay. mostly sunny in the mid to upper 60's, a milder afternoon. milder still on sunday but changes for turkey day. liz: let's go to the pandemic. the rush to get a booster shot is on after the cdc approved the extra dose. cvs and walgreens are ready to offer the boosters today. covid-19 cases are rising across the country. reporter ellen lopez has the latest. ellen:
8:32 am
booster shots are ready to go into the arms of anyone to 18 and older, after the agave tahe. >>'clarity and stamni of the recommendations so all americans can understand the vaccines that are recommended. ellen: ahead of a possible winter search, people across the country racing to get the extra shot before the holidays. in california, that added dose of protection is in high demand. at least 30 states are seeing an uptick in covert cases of at least 10% or more in the last two weeks, michigan with more cases now than at any point in the pandemic and the highest infection rate. those without their first shot -- vaccinating those without their first shot is key to ending the pandemic. >> in michigan, hospital rates are at an exponential rise. ellen: in new york state,
8:33 am
everyone in this household was hit with covid. >> there was a fork in the road and two of us got off easy and the other two didn't. ellen: the mother of four losing her 24-year-old son and husband just six days apart. >> i would say to anyone who is vaccine hesitant like my guys were, they were confident they could handle it from home, consider getting vaccinated. ellen: ellen lopez, abc 7 news, new york. liz: the -- unified school district is hosting vaccination clinics today. the locations are on your screen and concentrated in high priority zip codes. more pop-ups are planned. new information about the effects of the covid-19 delta variant. a study looked at more than a million pregnancies.
8:34 am
pregnant women with covid-19 were almost twice as likely to have stillbirth as women who did not have covid. the risk increased when the delta variant emerged. pregnant women who died from covid showed the majority passed away after the delta variant became dominant. food insecurity is a growing problem, especially around the holidays, and as the i team found out, disparities are only getting worse. stephanie sierra is digging into it. >> this is all i have. stephanie: natosha is struggling to make ends meet. she lives on 14th street and southwest oakland, a low income neighborhood defined as a food desert, which doesn't mean there aren't any grocery stores, but a large percentage of the population doesn't have easy access. >> it's overwhelming. stephanie: this neighborhood is one of 600 considered food deserts. that means in these areas, one
8:35 am
third of the population are living more than a half-mile away from the nearest supermarket were large grocery store -- or large grocery store. with no card or bus pass, she walks. >> i walk about two or three miles. mondays, st.d is closed and the closest grocery store is more than a mile away. >> for sarah jordan -- >> like 8, 9 blocks to safeway. stephanie: the distance isn't the problem but the price. >> california's price on food that food steps -- stamps for a month don't last. stephanie: now still buying the same amount, it only lasts two weeks. >> when food prices go up a lot, it hits the lower income households particularly hard. stephanie: james wilcox is a graduate school progress or -- professor of economics. >> lower income households spene
8:36 am
a larger fraction of their income as higher income households. stephanie: there are more than 170 low income neighborhoods in the san francisco metro area that also have low food access. that's more than double than what we found in the san jose metro at deveney nine. -- 79. reggie is the executive director director of the alameda county food bank. as the problem getting worse? >> it is high in alameda county. we are seeing high rates of food insecurity and our clients are not seeing a lot of -- stephanie: they've worked with dozens of nonprofits for food ring the pandemic. >> i just pray. stephanie: she hopes her neighborhood is next in line.
8:37 am
abc seven news. liz: millions of people are getting ready to hit the road and paying the highest gas prices in seven years. the average price for one gallon of gasoline has gone up to three dollars 40 one cents, but in the bay area, gas prices are much higher at an average of $4.80. air travel is up 80% approaching pre-pandemic levels. or than 80 million people are expected to fly, paying 23% more than last year. still ahead, the marine corps's annual toys for tots program is underway. why they need more than just toys. here is a live look outside. you can see the fog taking over the city, the skyline so
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8:40 am
on thanksgiving, they will serve holiday meals and distribute hygiene kits to low income community members and unhoused people. they expect more visitors this year because of the pandemic. let's get a check outside, foggy. lisa: the valleys of the north and the east bay, a little bit of sunshine and as we get into santa cruz, it will be a nice afternoon with sunshine. if you want to head to the beach in november, this would be your weekend. a couple of days before things get cooler and cloudier for the thanksgiving holiday. liz: also next, no steph curry, no problem. the warriors had a full party in detroit. larry if you're an adult newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that's spread and tests positive for pd-l1 without an abnormal egfr or alk gene, your first option could be a chemo-free combo that works differently. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance
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liz: this weekend, americans have the final say on who wins at the american music awards
8:43 am
with fans casting their votes on an unusual platform, tiktok. cardi b is hosting the show. morgan norwood has more on what to expect from one of the biggest nightstand music. morgan: the country's favorite musicians are taking the stage for the american music awards, where the fans decide who takes on the top prizes. this year, it's up and stuck with show host cardi b. five time winner is up for three awards. cardi b: my goal is for people to have a good time. this is more like fun. i like to party. i want to whip people up so that's going to be me. morgan: olivia roderigo has the most nominations with seven. she also has some fierce competition looking to beat her to the coveted title of new artist of the year, including 24
8:44 am
k golden, mask leroy. the ama's categories including favorite trending song. along with favorite gospel artist and favorite latin duo or group. and it wouldn't beee without some unpredictable performances. rapper tyler the creator said to bring his theatrics to the stage. >> he's one of the most unusual, imaginative, out on out how on earth did he think of that? morgan: perhaps one of the most anticipated duos, megan thee stallion and bts as they look to butter up the ground with the first live performance of their remixed hit. >> i have a feeling it will not be like her duo with cardi b.
8:45 am
i think it will be slightly different. morgan: abc 7 news, los angeles. liz: you can watch the american music awards on abc 7. cal and stanford battle for the 124th big game. the golden bears are returning after the game was postponed because of a covid outbreak. kickoff is at 4:00 p.m. the warriors are back in action tonight at the chase center. the final game of their four game road ship -- trip. here is larry beil the highlights. larry: the warriors went heavy on load management last night in detroit. no staff bank, andre -- andre, just watching his understudy. jordan poole played for michigan and college, 24 in the first half.
8:46 am
andrew wiggins, play that d. steal, slam with a chris chio's a, 15th man, kind of looks like steph and shooting like him. on the bench, steph curry is pumped up. poole reversed the lead. this game would go down to the final frantic seconds. detroit needs a three. out to frank jackson. around and out. rebound loose. time expires. warriors hang on 105-102, 3-1 on the road trip. >> come in here and really contributions from everybody. it turned what would have been a good solid road trip into an excellent road trip to go 3-1. larry: lakers in boston, lebron
8:47 am
james back after missing the last eight games. these teams accounted for more than half of the nba championships, 17 apiece. jason tatum, game-high 37. celtics big, 130-108. santa clara hosting cal poly. j lynn williams. if once is good, twice has got to be better. williams led the bro career-high 26 points. the broncos are now 4-0. the 124th edition of the big game is this afternoon at 4:00 at danford. cal snapped a losing streak in 2019, chase arbors scrambling for the touchdown. the celebration has not been forgotten by either team. >> there's no greater feeling than winning and on the flipside of that, there's no worse feeling than losing.
8:48 am
after losing, i think that was the worst i ever felt. >> all the fans poured onto their field like it was yesterday, just overall a great win. larry: that's a wrap. i'm larry beil. liz: lisa, it's essentially time for the thanksgiving day forecast. lisa: we certainly have a sneak peek. we are looking at the valley fog, live doppler 7. fog in the north bay and east bay valleys, and the wind is an issue in upper elevations. napa and concord, cannot see a thing. a little bit better in oakland. sunshine around the bay area, cooler weather from the north bay, eight to 12 degrees cooler. looking at gusty upper level wind, pretty gusty from mount tam to mount saint helena, 24 miles an hour, out diablo at 33 miles an hour -- mount diablo at
8:49 am
33 miles an hour. several thousand feet in the atmosphere, that will work down. the direction of the wind flow is north, offshore, and that will aid in clearing the fog. you can see the look of the fog. it's going to be a nice day for air quality. sunny skies in san jose, and this fog is shrinking. the debt was right up to the tap -- deck is right up to the tower. 49 in napa, 48 in fairfield. concorde at 49. a beautiful view from mount tam, doesn't even look real. the low clouds and the higher clouds, a gorgeous shot, looks like a painting. sunshine, wind south,outh, shaking from the upper level wind working to bring us more sun and milder temperatures.
8:50 am
mild on thanksgiving but cooler. -- we did have a shot tuesday, not likely anymore. that will bring our temperatures down and bring more high clouds. sunny in morgan hill at 66, 65 in sunnyvale. san fransan fran around average, 64. the north bay temperatures will be even higher with cooler numbers on the coast. sunshine and upper 60's in santa rosa, 64 in oakland and berkeley. mid 60's in concord. for thanksgiving, chili in the morning, 30's and 40's with cloud cover -- chil morning, 30's and 40's with cloud cover. sunny and mild today and tomorrow.
8:51 am
a little bit cooler and a slight chance of a shower in the north bay. otherwise, we are drive-thru thanksgiving and it should be -- dry through thanksgiving and it should be pretty seasonable. liz: feels like fall. for more than 70 years, disney has supported the marine corps toys for tots foundation. disney kicked off the disney ultimate toy drive with a 500,000 donation with more than 25,000 dollars for the local san mateo, san francisco, and san marin county chapters. the marines need more than just toys. >> around this time of year, we usually see festive issues -- pictures like this when reporting on the toys for tots foundation in the bay area. instead of leading - - - - the u.s. marine corps training center-based parking lot in san bruno where pods storage units are taking the place of an actual facility. >> covid has changed a lot but
8:52 am
we are making due. we have to do what we have to do. >> this year is different because in addition to the need for 40,000 to 60,000 toys, there is a call for warehouse space to house those items. joining me is staff sergeant josh garza. >> we facilitate so many toys and we are one of the largest toys for tots foundation areas in the united states. >> you ask about 25 different facilities for a place to put all of the toys and what do they keep telling you? >> no, they can't. either there is no warehouses or there is a boon in the business so there is not enough warehouses. >> it is not forever. it is just temporary. >> we finish collecting toys around december 14 and after that we do the sorting. roughly we are looking for 50,000 square feet.
8:53 am
if we can get something smaller, we can adapt and overcome. >> one thing there is no shortage of, the spirit of the holidays. >> i love every second of it. it's a great thing, a great experience. you get to help a lot of children. >> if anyone has a space to donate, you can go to our website, an early happy holidays in san bruno. liz: if you are able to help out , to find a toy drop location near year -- near you you can visit if you have a warehouse space to donates, the marines ask that you email them. next, remembering the anniversary of the apollo 12 splash down. how a bay
8:54 am
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8:56 am
will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the apollo splash down, the second flight to land on the moon. the hornet picked up the crew in 1969 from the ocean. just months before, the hornet recovered neil armstrong, buzz aldrin, and mike collins. the museum will have a model rocket on display and astronomers will talk about what the apollo program meant for the future of space exploration. it runs from 10:00 until 5:00 today. that should be a fun event and it will clear up a little bit. lisa: we certainly have some fog in our inland valleys, the north and east bay's. oakland is looking at fog as is napa, a quarter of a mile in concorde as well. and mostly sunny sky with numbers in the low to mid 60's downtown to the upper 60's for fremont, and san jose.
8:57 am
69 in oakland. cool tonight and another sunny and mild day tomorrow with some high clouds on monday. cooler on tuesday. could be a stray shower. otherwise, it looks dry thanksgiving with higher clouds in temperatures where they should be this time of year. liz: it's time to start making those pies. thank you for joining us. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. we have a huge day of espn college football ahead. michigan state battles ohio state in columbus. brassica faces number 15 wisconsin in madison. third oregon takes on 23 utah in salt lake city. that is followed by toyota after the game around 8:00 tonight. abc 7 news continues at 11:00 p.m. also back tomorrow morning.
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