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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 21, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. airport scare. the chaos at the nation's busiest airport when a gun goes off at passenger security. people sent running for cover, waiting on the tarmac. flights grounded. the search this morning for a suspect on the run just as millions of people take to the skies. hitting the road. traffic building as americans set out to see family and friends. travel advice this morning on the best and worst times to head home, and will storms stall your travel? booster shots. americans rolling up their sleeves as most states see a surge in new infections. >> this is overwhelming our health care system. >> will a shot today protect you by thanksgiving? new images, but more questions. whether they really show chinese
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tennis star peng shuai nearly two weeks after her disappearance. the international outrage growing with demands to prove she's safe and able to move freely. short supply. supermarkets placing limits on holiday staples due to supply shortages, plus holiday deals already starting and we're saving you money right now. and the countdown to the amas. the red carpet ready for this year's biggest names in music. cardi b hosting. >> oh, the pressure on me. >> the wide range of performers taking the stage as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. great to have you with us on this sunday. eva, of course, on maternity leave, but very excited once again to have gio benitez, mona kosar abdi back at the desk with us, and mona came in, gio, bragging about how much sleep she got last night. >> i mean -- >> she anchors our early morning
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broadcast -- she was, like, wait a minute. what's going on here? >> when they said i was going to anchor, i was, like, oh, the pressure. >> join the party. >> you know what i was going to say is that i -- i cannot even say enough about the hospitality, the way that whit and gio have welcomed me here, so i would like to in front of everyone, welcome you to the overnight show. >> oh, there we go. we're officially part of your show. there we go. >> if you want to stay up. >> we'll try. you're the first person who's come to the show rested by the way. we are glad to have you. we are going to move on because we do have a lot of news, and just as the thanksgiving holiday travel gets under way, panic at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport when a passenger's gun is accidentally fired at a security checkpoint. >> the weapon in a passenger's luggage going off. that passenger and gun still unaccounted for. at least three people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries in the chaos. >> this as the tsa says the thanksgiving travel period will be on pre-pandemic scales.
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later in the show, we'll tell you how to best avoid the lines and the roads will very busy too. aaa expecting close to 50 million people driving for the holiday. but let's start with abc's zohreen shah with more on that frightening experience at the airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mona. this is not the start to the holiday travel season that so many people were hoping for. a gun accidentally went off at atlanta's airport injuring three people and setting off major panic. this morning, authorities searching for the airline passenger whose gun they say accidentally went off at a security checkpoint causing widespread panic. the chaos unfolding saturday at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international. people inside and out running for cover, fearing there was an active shooter. luggage left strewn across the floor. investigators say it all began when 42-year-old kenny wells was moving through security when the gun which was in the bag was detected by an x-ray machine. the tsa says agents opened the
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bag and wells lunged forward, grabbing the gun, causing it to discharge. they say he then took off running and now faces multiple charges. huge crowds left waiting as flights were temporarily grounded. the airline scare happening right as millions are taking to the skies. atlanta is expected to be the busiest airport during thanksgiving weekend, followed by dallas airport and then l.a.x. tsa already reporting a record number of travelers on friday, over 2.2 million people, and the most jam-packed moments are still ahead. wednesday and sunday expected to have the most travelers. in fact, sunday is expected to be the single busiest travel day of the entire year. now starting tomorrow, vaccine mandates will take effect for tsa agents. the agency insists it will not disrupt holiday travel. gio? >> all right, zohreen, thank you so much for that. and now to the situation on the highways with tens of millions of americans now hitting the road.
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abc's phil lipof is joining us with a look at gas and car rental prices and the best and worst times to go just about anywhere. phil, good morning. >> reporter: all of that right now. good morning, gio. 48 million americans expected to hit the road this coming week. if you are sitting there at home thinking, i'm going to be one of them, we have some information right now that might help you plan your trip. let's start with gas prices. aaa says gas prices have dropped a bit, but just a penny from last week is not going to help you that much. the national average still at $3.41 a gallon. if you are planning to rent a car, average price per day has gone up 66% since last year alone. the most expensive markets, new york city of course, $1.35 a day. charleston, south carolina, $1.23 per day. and while you're out there, here are some roadways and times you want to clear clear of. top three, atlanta, 85 south, wednesday between 1:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon. boston, 93 north between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon.
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to be fair, 93 north could always be a nightmare in boston. chicago 290 west wednesday between 2:45 and 4:45, avoid those times. the worst times to travel, wednesday, thursday, friday, late morning to mid-afternoon. best before noon or later on in the day, but the payoff here, thanksgiving this year in person for so many with your family. so no matter where you wind up on thursday, be safe and have a happy thanksgiving. mona? >> phil, thank you. regardless of planning ahead, weather is always a concern around thanksgiving. we're going to check in with rob marciano. rob, i see rain, lake-effect snow as part of your keywords up there. >> we have two systems affecting america over the next week. this one coming through tonight and tomorrow. chicago and cleveland seeing rain down i-70 and i-80, but clearing the coastline by tuesday at noontime, and that's
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when the winds will gust up to 50 miles an hour, and that will be difficult, lake-effect snows and the next system coming in thursday and friday. so two storms to deal with as we head through the holiday. whit? >> all right, rob, we'll check back with you in a bit. and millions of americans are preparing to travel over thanksgiving, as we mentioned, and many also lining up for covid booster shots. now the cdc has authorized them for everyone 18 and older. abc's elwyn lopez joins us with more on the new rollout. good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. a busy weekend administering that added dose of protection just in time for the holidays. this morning, that extra covid-19 shot in high demand as americans gear up for the holidays. >> i'm really happy about it because the holidays are coming up, and i would like to feel a little safer being around people. >> reporter: the cdc clearing the way for anyone 18 and older to roll up their sleeves for an added dose six months after their last one. >> we are seeing more breakthrough infections. that is expected to increase in the coming months because of the winter weather. >> reporter: this comes as 34 states are now seeing a surge in
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new infections. the u.s. averaging more than 94,000 cases a day. that's 20,000 more than a week ago. in new mexico, health care workers were at their breaking point. >> our situation right now is dire. most of these patients are unvaccinated. this is overwhelming our health care system. >> reporter: and in connecticut, the gravity of battling covid-19 still very real for glenn merritt iii. >> i wasn't able to talk. my body wouldn't move. >> reporter: merritt was in a coma for four months after getting infected with the virus back in march. >> i wanted to get the vaccine, but here in connecticut, they were doing it by age groups and my age group wasn't available. >> reporter: it wasn't until last month that the 26-year-old was released from gaylord specialty hospital relearning how to walk and now on oxygen seven months after he was infected. >> dialysis, rehab, constant pain. it's not a way anybody would want to live.
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so get the vaccine and just stay safe. >> reporter: whit, health care experts say booster protection isn't instant. it could take a week or two for antibody protection to kick in. if you get that booster shot this weekend, protection won't be guaranteed by thanksgiving. whit? >> elwyn, thank you. be sure to watch "this week" later this morning. martha raddatz goes one-on-one with dr. anthony fauci about booster shots and how to gather safely this holiday season amid rising covid cases, plus a special panel discusses the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. gio? now to that missing chinese tennis star and new images this morning that supposedly show her alive and well. until they emerged this weekend, she had not been seen since accusing a senior chinese leader of sexual assault. let's get right to abc's julia macfarlane. she's in london right now with more. julia, good morning. >> reporter: gio, good morning. it would appear that chinese tennis star peng shuai has made her first confirmed appearance
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back in the public eye. a chinese state media editor releasing a video appearing to show the former doubles world number one being introduced alongside the china open director at a youth tennis tournament on sunday. now, back on november 2nd, peng shuai wrote on social media accusing a former vice premier of sexual assault before they embarked in an on/off consensual relationship. she had not been seen or heard publicly since making those statements. this weekend, abc news did confirm that tournament took place sunday morning where she was seen smiling and waving, but we couldn't independently verify the authenticity of those images. this all comes amid the growing concern for peng's safety and well-being after she made those allegations, especially, guys, given the chinese government's history of silencing and censuring its critics. her reappearance comes after the editor of a state-run paper teased peng's return to public events in a series of
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tweets on saturday showing her out at dinner in beijing. yet, she has not still publicly spoken out or addressed her past comments or her safety, and her social media profiles remain silent. the wta chairman and ceo steve simon reacted to those early videos in the restaurant saying, while it is positive to see her, it remains unclear if she is free and if she's able to take make decisions and take actions on her own. mona? >> all right, julia, thank you. now to the killing of ahmaud arbery, the young black man shot to death while running through a neighborhood in georgia. the trial of the three white men accused entering the closing argument phase tomorrow. abc's alex presha joins us from brunswick, georgia, with the very latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: goog, mona. closing arguments will likely take all day monday, and after more than two weeks of testimony, it will be lawyers' last chance to sway a jury in this case centered around race in south georgia. defense attorneys will argue that 25-year-old ahmaud arbery was killed during an attempted citizen's arrest saying the
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defendants had reasonable and probable suspicion that arbery had just committed a felony. the prosecution has accused the three of excessive force and singling arbery out because he was black. friday, they argued over what specific charges will be presented to the nearly all-white jury. the judge telling both sides y'all have argued my brain into mush. it follows an eventful week both in and outside of the courtroom here. there was a surprise testimony by travis mcmichael, the 35-year-old teared up as he recounted firing the fatal shots in february of last year saying he feared for his life and admitted arbery posed no physical or verbal threat to him. prosecutors pointed out that with his coast guard training in use of force, mcmichael should have done better, and thursday, hundreds of faith leaders peacefully rallied, a direct pastorinhe courtroom. they arging documts by esday,
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but emains uno row the courttht. whit? >> that's been an extraordinary case. all right, alex for us, thank you so much. it's been a week of high-profile cases and joining us now is abc news chief legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, good morning to you. it's always good to have you. let's pick up where alex left off there. the three men on trial in the killing of ahmaud arbery, closing arguments begin tomorrow. what should we expect? >> remember, these are three defendants, so you're going to see three slightly separate arguments for each of them, but basically it's a two-prong defense. number one, as alex points out, they're saying that they were trying to effectuate a citizens arrest under a law that existed at that time in georgia, and number two, travis mcmichael is saying that it was self-defense at the moment that the incident occurred. now prosecutors are going to respond by saying, well, this is the first time that they started talking about this citizen's arrest.
7:14 am
they weren't talking about it back then when they were being interviewed by police immediately after the incident. that's going to be one of the stronger arguments for prosecutors in addition to the question of, you know, why were they chasing him down in this way? so i think that this is not an easy argument for the defense as they head into closing argument. >> and that important note there, three different defendants in that case. so another big case we were watching last week, kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges in the shooting deaths of two men during a protest in wisconsin. that was last year, but what happens next now? could there be civil cases? >> yeah, i think there could be. you may see some of the victims decide to sue kyle rittenhouse. remember, the legal standard in a civil case, much lower than in a criminal case. again and again in the context of this case, i kept talking about how tough the burden is for prosecutors to overcome self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt.
7:15 am
in a civil case, it just has to be negligence. you just have to prove it's more likely than not, and then of course, there's the flip side of it which is that kyle rittenhouse may end up suing people who said things about him that he says weren't accurate. so i definitely think you could see some activity in the civil courts as a result of this case. >> all right, a lot to watch ahead. dan abrams, we always appreciate it, thank you. >> okay, whit. >> gio? whit, now to the president's nearly $2 trillion spending plan just passed by the house. if it becomes law, it would be the biggest expansion to america's social safety net in 50 years. abc's rachel scott has a look at what it could mean for one community and its schoolchildren. >> reporter: this is the line to get to the bathroom at wilkins elementary school in jackson, mississippi. >> okay? >> reporter: here children miss precious class time to use portable restrooms outside. with low water pressure in the building, the toilets are virtually unusable.
7:16 am
should conditions like these be acceptable for any student? >> no, indeed. totally unacceptable. >> reporter: jackson, one of many american cities hoping to receive new federal investments from the infrastructure bill to upgrade their aging water system. it's a problem the biden administration has pledged to address, committing $55 billion to revamp water infrastructure systems nationwide. >> how are y'all doing? >> all: good. >> reporter: this school on a stop for epa administrator michael regan on an environmental justice tour through the south. >> that money comes through epa, and i'm here today because part of my job is ensuring that those resources get to those who need it the most. >> reporter: the mayor of jackson says the $459 million the state may get for water improvements is nowhere near the $2 billion he needs. >> it will not be. i can answer that, you know, very easily. however, it is a start, and we're appreciative of any resources.
7:17 am
>> reporter: 9-year-old kingston lewis sharing the realities of living without reliable water. >> i don't like it because it takes a lot of time throughout the day, and it has an unpleasant scent sometimes when we go outside, and due to the water being down. >> reporter: the superintendent telling abc news improved infrastructure means leveling the playing field. >> everybody is all in, but the answer to the question, are the children getting a fair shake? absolutely not. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news, jackson, mississippi. >> our thanks to rachel scott there. it's time now for a look at the weather. rob marciano taking a close look at some western wildfires. >> this has been a headline all summer long, and even before that in spring. we're winding down wildfire season, but there are still some burning especially in california. this is the most heartbreaking thing as far as the environment goes. 75% containment on this fire, and lightning sparked this one, but one-fifth of all the giant sequoias have burned as a result
7:18 am
of this fire. we'll see the winds today, and critical fire danger with gusts 30-plus miles per hour in some spots, i think 50 and 60 in others. 75 and 85-degree temperatures, so above average and low levels of humidity of course, and in parts of colorado and montana where winds co lisa: good sunday morning. waking up to some pretty chilly numbers in the north bay. otherwise, 40's and 50's, plenty of sunshine on the way for another unseasonably mild afternoon. it will be dry right on through thanksgiving and beyond into next weekend. upper 60's concorde and oakland today. 71 in san jose. 66 vallejo, 70 in santa rosa. very little change tomorrow, i took a cue from mona this morning. saw her outfit, ran home and got my brown suit. >> as you should. i warned you yesterday and said, do you have any leather in your
7:19 am
closet? maybe a full leather suit. this is good. >> this is a very important moment though actually because rob brings out the macchiato suit as we get deeper into the fall. >> oh. >> noted, mr. marciano. >> i also love the control, the advice you took this morning. >> what you said about my hair. >> all right, rob, thank you so much. we do turn now to your money and the holiday shopping season kicking off early with deals from electronics to exercise gear. abc's becky worley has your ways to save. becky, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it's already been a really weird lead-up to black friday. the shipping crunch and supply issues have retailers dropping significant deals earlier than ever, so i've picked out a few that are live now and you can jump on them this weekend without fear of buyer's remorse. let's start with this chromebook from lenovo. it was rated the best overall in the category by wirecutter. it's normally $429, but it's fluctuating between $320 and $329 on amazon, the last time i
7:20 am
checked. another tech gift that's really popular, mesh wi-fi networks, that blanket your whole house in consistent wi-fi signals. another top pick, the tplink three-pack, it's normally $149, but it's on sale now for $109. i want to change gears literally to that home bike, the peloton. it's on so many people's lists. they don't regularly discount this bike, and so they say this is their best holiday price, $1,495, down from the full retail price $1,645, and the deal here is that they're throwing in $150 worth of accessories, we're talking weights, shoes, and headphones. final deal that's live now, it's called a gogo deal. give one, get one. in this case from target, you purchase a $75 gift card and they will give you a free $10 gift card. it's a nice perk for the gift giver or keep both and consider it $10 off like a coupon on your next purchase.
7:21 am
i'm just saying. right, guys? you can keep it. >> thank you, becky. you two were working it out, right? putting the christmas list together? >> i know that you're a fan of the peloton, gio, and so he was looking at that $150 coupon. >> nothing wrong with that. >> he loves a deal. coming up here on "gma," honored at last. the college basketball hall of fame about to induct len bias 35 years after his untimely death. this morning, his mother speaking out. and travel checklist. with air travel set to reach pre-pandemic levels this week, advice to ease some of that stress. and a sneak peek at tonight's american music awards. the big acts performing, the top nominees, and cardi b, ow, hosting. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. the gift that brings families together. wow... that's so nice! is that a photo of tepechitlan? yeah! the gift of ancestry®,
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning everybody. as the bay area continues to experience drought, more residents could be asked to cut their water use. the public utilities commission will meet tuesday to possibly declare a water shortage emergency.
7:28 am
businesses and residents could be asked to reduce water usage by 5%. the reductions will not be enforced and those who not comply will not be punished. lisa, let's get check of the weather. lisa: nice and dry out there. look at this beautiful shot here, where temperatures are in the 30's north of the golden gate and you can see that we have clear skies. 54 in morgan hill and we take you to pier 39, a lot of sunshine, above average. it is 35 in santa rosa right now. liz: thanks for joining us. the
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stop! stop! >> welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. the countdown is almost over. walt disney animation studios "encanto" will hit theaters this wednesday. this will be disney's 60th animated feature film, and it features music written by none other than lin-manuel miranda. >> i cannot wait. >> gio's been helping us with the spanish lessons this morning. we do appreciate it and we're looking forward to that movie coming up. we do want to get to the other big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, the coast guard saying that oil sheen off the coast of orange county, california, it's because of repair work being done, and not
7:31 am
an oil spill. this is the same area where crews are repairing a damaged pipeline that leaked some 20,000 gallons in early october. also right now, increased holiday demand and ongoing supply issues due to the pandemic have forced public supermarkets to establish purchase limits for certain items. bacon, toilet paper, canned cranberry sauce, pie fillings, sports drinks, they're just some of the items customers can only buy a maximum of two of. no word on when that limit will go away. and the washington spirit are this year's national soccer league champions. bringing the league's ninth season to an end. kelly o'hara scored to give her team the win over the chicago red stars. this is the spirit's first ever league championship, congratulations to them. you played soccer, so they went into overtime. >> that's a long game, 97 minutes, that's for sure. congrats to them. fun to watch. we do start this half hour though with tonight's induction ceremony at the college basketball hall of fame with honors going to the late len bias. the basketball phenom tragically
7:32 am
never getting his chance to play in the nba, and we are hearing from his mother in a rare interview. janai norman here with that story. janai, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. len bias was on the brink of what many agree would have likely been an historic career. this is a guy who went against michael jordan in the acc in the '80s, and it was bias who was named acc tournament champion in 1984, but instead of his historic career, len bias' story has been called one of the saddest what ifs in sports history. >> bias l shoot for the top of the circle -- he's made it from absolutely everywhere tonight. >> reporter: he was a first team all-american. >> len bias with a great game. >> reporter: acc player of the year, back to back in 1985 and 1986, leaving his university of maryland basketball team. >> and there's len bias at the other end! >> reporter: a victory in 1985. >> the boston celtics select len bias from the university of maryland. >> reporter: drafted second pick
7:33 am
overall in the '86 nba draft by the boston celtics. >> there he is, len bias. >> reporter: but before ever playing a single minute in the nba, tragedy struck. two days after being drafted, len bias died of a cocaine overdose in his university dorm room. dr. lonise bias speaking exclusively with "gma" about her son's legacy and his bright future snuffed out before it even began. >> what i saw was my son. i saw my son len bias, but it wasn't until he died that i understood the magnitude of who this man was. >> reporter: lonise saying as she mourned her son's death, it became clear her sorrow was shared. >> i can talk to men and women now and they have tears in their eyes about what happened 35 years ago and the death of this beautiful athlete, this beautiful man.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this afternoon, the final chapter in a storied career cut short. bias will be inducted into the national collegiate basketball hall of fame just three days after what would have been his 58th birthday. following his death, maryland basketball coach lefty driesell spoke to "gma" about the university's star athlete. >> he's a great, fierce competitor on the court and off the court he was a great guy. he had a lot of friends and he worked hard. >> reporter: now after all that time, bias being memorialized as one of the best to ever play the gme, proving as the saying goes that legends never die. and dr. lonise bias is a woman who has suffered immense loss. not only with len's tragic death, but her son jay shot and killed in 1990. she has turned that heartache into messages of hope, and now, so many years later, for len bias to be inducted into the college hall of fame, this for many people in the '80s was one of those where were you moments when they learned about his death.
7:35 am
so this means a lot to a lot of people, guys. >> i love that message of hope. >> and it's so relevant to today because -- i mean, we just hit a new record, 100,000 overdoses in this country. a lot of families can relate to this story. janai, thank you for bringing that to us. >> absolutely. we're going to turn now to rob with the weather. hey, rob. >> because you keep asking for snow -- >> always. >> there you go. >> always, always. >> the shame on your face. here we go. boston, massachusetts, a little bit of snow over the last couple of days. cold air coming in, and this kind of rotated down. that cold air is going to be swinging out, and this front will be swinging east as well. this one, it's basically two storms coming through for this holiday week. one comes through later on tonight and tomorrow, and these are particularly strong, snow, rain behind this thing, and a pacific west storm but the west coast looks to be quiet. cold across parts of the north. for thanksgiving day itself, some rain across parts of the south and here's our friend, the
7:36 am
turkey. turkey, texas, 55 degrees, cobbler, missouri, 42. cranbury, new jersey, and thankful, north carolina, and i didn this weather report has been sponsored by carmax. i'm thankful for carmax. all of our sponsors as a matter of fact. i'm thankful for you guys. it's thanksgiving. >> i love when you learn city names on the air. >> exactly. as a weatherman, i should know every city out there, but thankful, i've got to come to you guys. >> he does his research live on the air. we love you, rob. coming up on "good morning america," air travel advice to make that thanksgiving trip home
7:37 am
a little less stressful. also ahead, the american music awards. the top performers taking the stage at tonight's show. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point.
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headaches over thanksgiving. a record number of travelers are expected to fly this week since the pandemic started, and many have not taken to the sky in a long time. so right now, here on "gma," your ultimate travel checklist. >> reporter: tsa lines are already looking long, so you may save time with tsa pre-check, but if you hope to use it by wednesday, today may be the last day to apply. tsa says most applications are approved within three to five days. there's also clear which you can get right away at an airport or online. this helps you skip that long line. check your credit cards first though because some of them will refund the cost of clear and pre-check. also before traveling, check to see if your ticket includes baggage. if it doesn't, pre-paying your baggage fees online may save you money and time once you get to the airport. just make sure they meet the airline's size requirements. you can prepare early. check your flight status for disruptions a day ahead, and
7:42 am
choose morning flights. >> if you don't mind getting up early, you're much less likely to be affected by a big cancellation event if you are flying out at 7:30 in the morning than flying out at night and that's because you're not waiting on another plane and crew to get in. >> reporter: here's one you probably haven't heard. consider booking a refundable fare as a backup. >> either with miles or points, a plane is taking off two or three hours after your original itinerary. just make sure you keep your eye on the terms of that, and you cancel it in time if your first flight does go off on time. >> that's one i never thought of. just remember, airports are busier than usual right now. you have got staffing shortages and longer lines and you have more documents that need to be checked. at least two hours before, get there. i would say 2 1/2. why not? >> got to have a plan, got to have patience, and be friendly to each other. that's for sure. gio, thank you for that. coming up here on "gma," hitting the supermarket for thanksgiving fixings. fixins? do we say fixins?
7:43 am
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all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys back now on "gma," a look at the thanksgiving dinner table. a lot of us make our shopping lists for crowd favorites, but the big question this year, how easy will it be to get? joining us now is carlos abrams-rivera, the u.s. zone president for kraft heinz. welcome, carlos, how's it going? >> thank you for having me. >> what kind of products do you expect to fly off the shelves this year? >> it's interesting because at kraft heinz we have such a vast scale of portfolio products that
7:47 am
actually are part of the holiday tradition for many families. whether that is heinz gravy, philadelphia cream cheese, you know, those are products that many of us grew up with, with this holiday season, and we're going to be there. >> that stove top stuffing has a warm place in my heart. we have been reporting on supply chain challenges as well as inflation. how will those issues affect your company, and maybe trickle down to consumers? >> we will tell you we anticipated this. so we've actually been planning for this to make sure we can make everybody's holiday excellent. you know, we know that this is the first time many families actually are getting together for, you know, like a two-year period, so we wanted to make sure that we're there for them. so we have actually been able to invest more, drive more production in our facilities to be ready. now i'll say make sure you shop early so that you can have all your favorites from stove top to everything that you want to have on your holiday table. >> definitely.
7:48 am
now every household has a unique thanksgiving. we have rice and pasta. don't ask. what are you planning for your own thanksgiving table? >> well, i'll tell you. it's really unique because my wife is actually from chicago, and i'm from puerto rico. so we actually serve both traditional american dishes and we have sweet potato casserole with marshmallows along with plantains and pork. we have quite a bit of mixture in our household. >> definitely. i'm inviting myself over. i understand that you've got a new presence at the thanksgiving day parade this year. let me know. what's going on? >> yes. so for the first time heinz is going to be in the thanksgiving day parade. i'll tell you it's a float. it's a car, but it's about us acknowledging that, you know, sometimes kids know that they are -- some conversations could be a little dry. i'm not talking about the food, just the conversation, so we
7:49 am
actually have the gravy pirates who are going to make sure that we continue to bring some fun and stop the dryness that sometimes can happen at thanksgiving. so you'll see us talking about new ways in which we can bring some of that delicious heinz gravy into the family table, and you'll see that great float that we have for the first time. >> i absolutely love it. carlos, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. enjoy the holiday. >> thank you. >> i'm getting hungry just listening to that conversation. thank you so much. stick around here. "pop news" is next. maybe there will be gravy pirates. we'll see.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
e just tedsave some his morningt time so i ha time for "pop news," and here is whit with the challenge. taking all the time to talk about my pants. it's time for "pop news." we are hours away from the american music awards, with cardi b making her hosting debut and the awards determined solely by fan votes. >> reporter: the finishing touches are made, and the red carpet is ready for this year's biggest names in music. tonight's star-studded lineup includes performances by olivia rodrigo who leads with most nominations. ♪ and i just can't imagine how you could be so okay ♪ >> reporter: j. lo -- ♪ and it goes like this ♪ >> reporter: r&b superduo, silk sonic. ♪ leave the door open girl ♪ >> reporter: and country star walker hayes performing the viral hit "fancy like."
7:55 am
hayes giving us an inside look into the performance. >> there will be dancing and i will be making my way to my wife at some point during the song. >> reporter: fans will have to wait a little longer for the iternational hit "butter," from meg thee stallion and bts. the "savage" rapper dropping out of the show saturday due to an unexpected personal matter. >> i haven't heard the details yet. i just know that we love megan and we'll see her the next time. >> reporter: and part of the show's new "my hometown" segment, the original boy bands from beantown will perform, the battle of boston, new edition and new kids on the block, on stage together for the very first time. >> a few tears. lot of goosebumps. >> tonight is going to be history. >> the amas will air tonight on abc at 8:00 p.m. eastern. finally, we want to send a special shoutout to the todaallyurhe big 5-0
7:56 am
happy birthday to you, michael. >> happy birthday. [ applause ] >> i think he's feeling good. still young at heart. and this amazing cake thanks to cake boss buddy valastro. >> we love this. it's a great mix. gio and mona, great to have you guys this weekend. eat up. happy birthday, michael. have a great week, everybody. happy birthday, michael. have a great week, everybody. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. today, hundreds of families will get a turkey for their thanksgiving meal, thanks in part to the -- the rapper donated turkeys and gift cards to the giveaway. this is the fourth turkey drive for the club.
7:57 am
they will be handing out hot meals today. the giveaway starts at 11:00 today at vallejo motors on tennessee street. the second harvest of silicon valley spent the day getting ready for thanksgiving as well, providing this video of busy volunteers putting together boxes or families in need this year. the food bank in san jose says nations are down this year, so they could use donations of food or money. $50 can provide up to 100 meals. lisa, it is chilly out there right now but it is going to be a nice day. lisa: that breeze is kicking up in parts of the bay area. he can see the camera shaking here. it was pretty windy in san francisco, but that is working to mix the air and allow for some 50's around the bay area, while we had 30's in the valleys of the north bay. 51 in san francisco, 43 in mountain view, morgan hill, much warmer than usual and we are near 60 at half moon bay.
7:58 am
it is pretty mild out here and as we look at the numbers in the north bay, still cool up in santa rosa. uimproving. 45 in novato. sunset issssss have plenty of sunshine. this morning, temperatures are 10 degrees colder in santa rosa. how about 71 today in the south bay? liz:
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. acquitted. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> a wisconsin jury finds kyle rittenhouse acted in self-defense. the high-profile case drawing sharp responses. what does the verdict say about the criminal justice system in america? our abc team standing by to tackle the fallout this morning. boosters for all. >> if you are 18 or older and you have been primarily vaccinated, go get boosted. >> the cdc approves covid booster shots for all adults as case counts climb with the winter season nearing. dr. anthony fauci joins us this morning with what you need to know to stay safe this holiday season.


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