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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 22, 2021 4:30am-4:59am PST

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news. a chris parade in wisconsin. >> everyone was running and screaming. when the crowd cleared and everything, they were just, like, just so many bodies in the road. >> several people killed. dozens injured. children among the victims. witnesses describe what they saw as the terrifying moments unfolded. developing right now, new hope for the hostages. what we're learning about the american missionaries held captive in haiti for more than a month. two of them now freed. travel trouble. from the long lines to this week's weather, the heads-up this morning for the thanksgiving travelers. plus, the police manhunt after a gun scare at the nation's busiest airport. smash and grab strike again.
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after making off with more than a million dollars in merchandise in one night, w be toto tsera criminals. ejecd. biggest star. d iusy fectg how we l child ♪ good monday morning, everyone. let's get right to the breaking news from wisconsin. new details coming in overnight after that terrifying scene at a holiday parade. >> an suv plowed into the waukesha christmas parade killing at least five people, and leaving more than 40 others injured. several children are among the victims. more
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forward describing the chaotic moments. >> schools are canceled today as the community grieves, and as police try to determine how and why this happened. >> reporter: this morning, details emerging about the tragedy unfolding in a milwaukee suburb where an suv was seen plowing into a christmas parade. >> a lot of people lost people they loved today. they went to go have fun, and then they ended up being part of this horrific event. >> reporter: police say the driver first barreled through the parade barriers. video then shows an suv hitting several members of a marching band. the crowd watching in horror as the vehicle accelerates toward them before hitting several others. a board member at the waukesha school district telling "the milwaukee journal sentinel," quote, there were pom-poms and shoes, and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. i had to go from one crumbled body to another to find my daughter. authorities say at least five people are dead. >> the vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. some of the individuals were children, and there were some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> reporter: according to investigators, a suspect's vehicle has been recovered, and someone they're calling a person of interest is in custody.
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>> the vehicle just struck a crowd of people on the parade route, and we heard deafening cries and screams from people attending the parade, people marching in the parade. >> reporter: this morning, the archdiocese in milwaukee says one of its priests in among the injured along with multiple parishioners. and waukesha catholic school children. a group called the dancing grannies also asking for prayers. the group of dancing grandmothers seen here at a christmas parade in 2019 writing on facebook, quote, members of the group and volunteers were impacted, and we are waiting for word on their conditions. >> people were crying. i'm sure i saw some people who saw their family members get hit. it shook me too because i can't imagine having to see that. >> reporter: matt rude says the suv nearly hit his daughters as they were grabbing candy thrown from a float. so i said, yes, go ahead, but don't go too far into the road. you know, in just a split second, they could not be here
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right now. so all i can say is find your children. find your loved ones and tell them that you love them because you never know. >> a heartbreaking account. police overnight did not elaborate on the person in custody. >> let's get more from em nguyen. she's in washington following the investigation to what happened in wisconsin. em, what do we know so far. >> reporter: andrew, we know that right now there is no known connection to terrorism, but we do know the fbi and the white house are closely monitoring this situation in wisconsin. homeland security officials have warned that terrorists could use vehicles as weapons for years. we know that 86 people died in nice, france when a truck drove through a crowd of people in 2016. that driver was killed in a shootout with police. that same year, a suspected terrorist plowed into a christmas market in berlin, germany, killing 12 people, and isis claimed responsibility, and here in the u.s., a similar
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tragedy in 2015 was not linked to terrorism. four people died when a woman intentionally drove into an oklahoma state university meare happens just days after the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case in nearby kenosha, but again, authorities have not revealed any potential motive for this parade tragedy. andrew? >> all right, em. thank you. two members of an ohio-based missionary group kidnapped by a gang in haiti have now been released. christian aid ministries says both hostages are safe and in good spirits, but they're not being publicly identified. they were part of a group abducted last month including 16 americans, a canadian and five children. an 8-month-old baby was among them. the gang demanded $1 million per hostage. it's not clear if any ransom has been paid. in georgia, closing arguments are expected today at the trial of three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery.
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the suspects have claimed self-defense, but the admitted shooter, travis mcmichael, testified last week that arbery made no threats before mcmichael raised his gun. he said arbery who was out jogging, quote, just ran. the three defendants face up to life in prison if convicted. jury deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow. meanwhile, protests were held in several cities this weekend in response to friday's verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case. one demonstration in portland, oregon was declared a riot. rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges in the shooting deaths of two men during the protests of a police shooting of a black man in kenosha, wisconsin. rittenhouse was seen smiling after the verdict and says he wants to correct what some people think about him. >> this case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully
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demonstrating, and i believe there needs to be change. i believe there's a lot of prosecutorial misconduct not just in my case, but in other cases, and it's awful to see how -- amazing to see how much a prosecutor can see take advantage of somebody. >> rittenhouse's mother says her son does have remorse and says he just wants things to return to normal. the man suspected of causing chaos inside atlanta's airport is still on the run. authorities say tsa stopped kenny wells saturday after x-rays showed a gun inside his luggage. as the bag was searched, wells, a convicted felon, allegedly grabbed the weapon. it went off, and he ran away. according to tsa, more guns have been seized at atlanta's airport than any other airport in the country this year. and the tsa set a new pandemic record friday screening more than 2 million travelers as the busy holiday travel week kicked off.wednesyndyil seerarsd excae of staffg inct longer
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than usual lin a federal vaccine mandate goes into effect today, but tsa officials say they do not believe the mandate will cause any disruptions. and a victory for janitors at denver airport. just hours after going on strike, they reached an agreement that includes a $4 an hour raise over the next three years. that would bring their top pay to $21 per hour. violence erupted during protests against new covid restrictions in several european countries. water cannons were used against crowds in belgium and the netherlands. austria entered a new total lockdown overnight in response to the current surge in covid cases. experts say the widespread increase in europe is not likely here in the u.s. >> we're a little different in europe in terms of our vaccination rate, and also in terms of testing, therapeutics, and how hard we were hit earlier which should give us some natural immunity. i don't think we'll see a similar widespread outbreak, but there can be localized
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outbreaks. >> one estimate says europe could see another 500,000 covid deaths by spring without urgent action. chinese tennis star peng shuai is safe, but the head of the women's tennis association remains skeptical. ioc officials say they spoke with peng over a video sunday he most aca oven official imesls youth tennis match in beijing, but the head of the women's tennis association says it's sill not clear whether peng is being coerced. time now for a look at your monday morning weather. >> well, good morning to you. we take you to the west coast to the east coast. we're looking at a lot of green here, my friends, and that means decent travel for you. areas in the yellow, there is that potential for some delays because of some winds and weather moving through from montana back into say chicago land, but hey.
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thanksgiving itself, dry weather for the southwest. we've got a little bit of rain for houston, and mild temperatures for the east coast. for accuweather, i'm meteorologist chris nallan. coming up, a massive marijuana raid on the west coast. also ahead, a major supermarket chain imposing purchase limits on some popular thanksgiving items. and smash and grab thieves strike again stealing $1 million of merchandise in one night. what's being done to stop them.
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for savings of 40 to 70 percent on all your holiday needs. back now with police in oregon announcing a massive marijuana bust. $500 million worth of illegal pot was recovered from these
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warehouses near the california border, and more than 100 people have been detained and questioned, including migrant workers living in what are described as sub par conditions with no running water. some americans may have to improvise to get thanksgiving dinner on the table with one of the limits on certain items. publix is limiting the purchase of more than a dozen products filling and gravy, so the good - stuff. customers can buy only two of each item due to shortages. more retailers are taking action after smash and grabs. thieves are erntding stores at all hours of the date making off rorte tsmorn more n dollars in smash and grab robberies hitting retailers right before the busy holiday rush. the latest, saturday near san francisco. 80 thieves running into a nordstrom stealing goods and smashing shelf. >> we probably saw 50 to 80
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people in, like, ski masks, crowbars, a bunch of weapons. they were looting the nordstrom right here. >> reporter: stopping one car, arresting a man and woman. a third suspect caught on foot. >> i thought they were going to start maybe beating cars. i had to start locking the front door, lock the back door. >> reporter: a day earlier in san francisco, more than $1 million in merchandise was stolen after thieves broke into several stores. but critics say there's a lack of accountability with the system letting criminals back onto the streets that's causing this problem. one of the people arrested for friday's breakins was also arrested in march on a gun charge. >> we have to ensure there's consequences for this, and that we won't tolerate this type of behavior. >> reporter: walgreens is already closing several san francisco stores after videos of brazen shoplifters went viral, including video appearing to show a man riding his bike out of a store with a bag full of stolen items. the chicago area has also been
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hit hard. just last week 14 suspects ran into this louis vuitton store grabbing $120,000 in purses and other items before fleeing in getaway cars. >> once they entered the store, they pulled out the garbage bags from their coats and started filling -- fillin them with merchandise. >> reporter: police say the store security guard was on break. illinois' attorney general has now formed a task force for this type of crime, and in addition to more police on patrol, san francisco is changing traffic rules in one area to prevent shoplifters from parking their getaway cars near stores. andrew, mona? >> megan, thank you. and coming up, adele forcing a big change in the music industry. but first, lebron james ejected. the brawl on the court. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible
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near the scene. we turn to a dramatic confrontation on the court involving basketball's biggest star. a bloody brawl at the pistons/lakers game, involving isaiewart,hitr >> stewart and lebron. >> reporter: an enraged stewart tries to confront james. with blood running down his face, the 6'9" pistons forward breaks free and tries to rush lebron, knocking down a member of the coaching staff. players and coaches try to calm stewart as fans are ordered to stay in theirses. just as the incident appears to be over, stewart again runs towards lebron, knocking down more staff members. >> he's out of the game. >> reporter: stewart is restrained by his teammates and
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escorted back to the locker room. he and lebron are ejected. the second time in his career, lebron has been ejected from a game. anthony davis later defending lebron james' actions. >> he did it and he went back in, my bad. i didn't try to do it. >> reporter: the on-court drama comes almost 17 years to the day, after the infamous nba brawl known as the malice at the palace. that fight also involving the detroit pistons. the lakers eventually won the game. neither player appeared at the postgame news conference. a new step in tiger woods' comeback. he posted this three-second video with a caption, making progress. it shows him making a full swing. it's been nine months since the car crash left him with multiple fractures. on "sunday night football," the chargers needed a long touchdown to win a wild game against the steelers. they beat pittsburgh, 41-37. coming up, the daredevil,
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she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with music's hottest night. >> cardi b. she wore a gold mask and matching fingernails. her sole judge "up" won favorite pop song. >> bts were crowned artists of the year. the boys performed with cold play. ♪ baby you are my universe, yeah and i just want to put you first ♪
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>> olivia rad reed a rodrigo ha nominations. adele asked and spotify listened. >> adele asked spotify to stop shuffling her album, so fans can hear the songs in the order she inremoving the shuffle button. >> she said, the albums are our story. big plans for shape in el salvador. >> bitcoin city was announced by el salvador's president. >> it will use a volcano as power. a wild ride competed by a french motocross rider. >> he raced through the alps before flying off a ramp and making two front flips and
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> all heard a loud bang
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weird deafening cries and screams. reggie: uncovering a tragedy at a christmas parade. a car plowing into jobina: umoja resort -- a mall jewelry store theft. t demeanor andth holme testimony late friday. jobina: holiday travel picking up what you can expect across the bay area. reggie: look at us. this


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