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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 22, 2021 5:00am-5:58am PST

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weird deafening cries and screams. reggie: uncovering a tragedy at a christmas parade. a car plowing into jobina: umoja resort -- a mall jewelry store theft. t demeanor andth holme testimony late friday. jobina: holiday travel picking up what you can expect across the bay area. reggie: look at us. thiswangn wheveroustream: bi id
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beforweere all hoping for a surprise, work we? here is a look at what is going on. it is dry on live doppler 7. while trying to develop near napa. our shot shot shot shot how clear it is this morning paid dress warmly, tim just up in the 40's. 62 to 65 at noon. t 4:00. milder than average. mid to upper 50's by 7:00. we will take a look at thanksgiving, coming up. reggie: schools in waukesha, wisconsin will be closed after - with a deadly crash at a christmas parade. an suv plowed into the crowd.
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the tragedy was caught on the livestream. one person of interest is now in custody. >> enjoys christmas march turned tragedy as a red suv seen speeding through a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin. >> we have mass casualties. >> witnesses say the driver went through police barricades before slamming into a crowd of people. police confirmed five people were killed and over 40 hurt, including dozens of children. >> we do not have any specifics on the injuries at this time. >> devastation for the town. >> all of the sudden i heard a loud bang. the vehicle just struck a crowd of people on a parade route. we heard deafening cries and screams. >> a board member at the walker saw -- the waukesha cool districts of their work compounds, shoes, spilled
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chocolate everywhere. i had to go from body to body to find my daughter. police working with the wisconsin department of justice to uncover what happened. >> people were crying. i saw people and family members get hit. that shook me. i can imagine having to see that. >> there is no connection to terrorism at this time but the fbi and white house are closely monitoring the situation. jobina: san francisco, police searching for the person who stabbed a man to death one block from union square. it happened in front of a jack-in-the-box at mason. they saw as possible suspect and changed -- chased the person vanished. police in the bay area dealing with a rash of looting incidents
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. they happen in five cities over the weekend. one of the latest was last night in hayward. up to 10 people suspected of using sledgehammers to smash into cases at sam's a jewelry inside the mall. they all left the area in different cars pre-no one has been arrested. reggie: san jose police say people enter the store and took merchandise and left before police got there. police activity outside of eight home depot after eight looting incident. we have calls into oaklali tgemi this is what parts of downtown san francisco look like. some stores are boarded up and closing. it was the looting at the louis vuitton star that led to all of this. thieves emptied out the place in a smash and grab friday.
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amy hollyfield is live. i see the flashing lights hind you could what are the police saying? amy: let me step aside so you can see what police are doing. they have blocked off stockton and post. no cars allowed to turn into union square. they have been doing this in response to friday's looting. we have video of the attack that shocked the city. a pack of thieves can be seen running from the louis vuitton store carrying merchandise with them. police say they rested eight young adults, some known to police. the chief expects they will catch more as they look at video from the scene. we talked to a san francisco resident who says he has now had enough air he iss of the city mcoun this was the you use able to moved to
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another neighborhood but now what i see is it is in every neighborhood. there is no place to go. if you are in san francisco, you are going to get robbed. >> the district attorney tweeted he is outraged by the looting. he said don't bring that noise to our city and stand for felony charges. he is facing a recall election organized by people who do not think he is tough enough on crime. the supervisor said a total of eight stores in the greater area suffered damage in the attacks friday night. the police chief said they have recovered thousands of dollars of merchandise but they are still assessing the total amount of damage. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. jobina: elizabeth holmes expected to continue her trial. she is accused of misleading
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investors and patients and facing 11 counts of wire fraud e frau she took the stand friday. a news producer was in court watching the unexpected testimony and he said she was calm and collected and not overly rehearsed. >> her attorney asked her off the bat, did you believe you develop technology that was capable of running any blood test, and she said i did. jobina: she testified for an hour at the end of last week's session here to talk about the early days of the company, the blood testing technology and investors. her testimony is expected through tomorrow. reggie: thanksgiving coming up on thursday and holiday travel is picking up. our reporter tells us over the next few days the airport expects more than double the number of travelers compared to next year. j.r.: travelers trying to catch flights out of town. some doing so for the first time
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in a long time. >> this is my first journey for three years. j.r.: she left her home in the republic of cyprus 24 hours ago. >> it is the first time i have been here and first time for thanksgiving. j.r.: the busiest travel date so far was last friday, they still expect more than double the passengers they saw last year in the coming days. >> we had over 52,000 customers fly out and we expect to stay in that range up until thanksgiving. j.r.: this whole family fine for rse dec and first time ever with a two-year-old. >> the concern is that we will spend six hours in the lane. hopefully we are going to be fine. j.r.: an expert says planes are a safe way to travel because they are well ventilated and people wear masks.
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he said those traveling should be cautious who they should visit. >> the larger the group, the more unknown it is and you are taking risk. if you do, get boosted. j.r.: our friend has our booster and several other said not yet. >> i have to wait a few more weeks before i can get it. >> i will be doing it. i just haven't scheduled it yet. j.r.: some focusing on the tasty things. >> turkey. pumpkin pie. j.r.: those with aaa tuesday and wednesday to be the busiest when it comes to air travel. reggie: a new federal mandate goes into effect. all have to be vaccinated against covid-19 including tsa agents. some travelers. could lead to less workers and
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higher weights. the secretary offfff does not expect those weights. jobina: heavenly mountain and northstar won't until after thanksgiving weekend despite the massive storm we had last month. milder temperature in recent weeks. unless the forecast changes, resorts will have to rely on snowmaking machines mike:. they will have to rely on snowmaking machines. mike: they are going to have to rely on the snowmaking machines. only tomorrow and wednesday when a cold front rolls through will temperatures be below average. some mornings, hovering around freezing if not warmer. they have to go on the mountains to make some of that snow.
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we have temperatures that are chilly. san ramon valley, 37 to 39 degrees. 40 in livermore. lafayette and martinez, 43 45. 39 in nevada. low to mid 40's around the bayshore. 52 and 57 and san francisco.ncis warming from 45 at 8:00 to 55 at 10:00. low to mid 60's from noon until 5:00 and quickly falling to 52 by 8:00 this evening. fog staying in the central valley. sunny all day today here at high clouds will wrong and as we head into the overnight hours. i will show you with the cold front dust our temperatures comingp ne.orniwe take a look ao
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bridge, taillights westbound at a good clip across the flat section. a 17 minute drive from 88 -- from 88 drive times sluggish 580 over the altamont pass from 205 in the merge. reggie: coming up, the build back better built facing its next challenge. jobina: the premier event coming to san francisco. re
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missionaries kidnapped in they were taken outside of port-au-prince october 16. a notorious gang accused $17 million -- a notorious gang is accused and requested $17 million. it is not clear who has been released. jobina: the build back better built facing its next challenge. it passed the house but now there are questions if it will make it through the senate. biden administration said the $1.9 trillion bill will be fully paid for, even though an analysis from the congressional budget office shows a significant shortfall. >> more program sound good but they have to be paid for and sustainable. >> on the government does things it is not easy and it takes a lot of work and negotiation and is made all the harder because our republican crowns are
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intransigent against bill. jobina: the moritleerofs ld me - the majority leader said the bill is actually goal by by by december. reggie: we have the unforgettable moments of the american's accords. >> a star-studded red carpet any smooth sonic. cardi b, the five-time ama winter hosting for the first time, bringing the funny and the fashion to microsoft arena. new artist of the year going to -- >> olivia roderigo. >> olivia roderigo going into the night with the most nominations and a powerful performance. the biggest title in the hands of fans, artist of the year.
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and a big night for bts, the group taking home favorite pop song and pop duo. machine gun kelly with rock artist of the year. from awards to energy, top artists blazing the stage. tyler the creator brought his wids on the block battle it out for boston. orwood. gg:t ig's show, a san francisco native talked about his upcoming new year's eve concert happening in san francisco. fans will get to enjoy the tracks for his album. and check out the title. >> i think we will stretch out the mileage and play some of those tunes for that show because there are some new year's tunes on this album and other songs about san francisco that i would love to play specifically for that show. it will be nice to do that.
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reggie: he takes the stage with the san francisco symphony in the -- symphony. i will have to look into this. jobina: i do to. i was introduced to him on netflix. reggie: you missed the glee years. jobina: i did. mike: christmas present for me would be that jacket. i really liked it. reggie: i need to do something with your collar. the right side is something. mike: i'm sorry. let's go that way. my goodness, i'm not going to do it. it is sunny and milder than
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average today. a dry cold front and a cooler day today, especially wednesday morning. a nice rebound with average to above average and dry temperatures through the weekend. this area of high pressure dominated the forecast and brought us the gorgeous afternoon to be outside. it is being shoved off to the east as the cold front doesn't look impressive. it will roam through and bring us a change for tomorrow for today, temperatures hovering around the upper 60's to mid 70's. 68 in san francisco. 68 in san rafael. 72 in san jose. tonight, temperatures as this. a few clouds out there but not much in the way of fog. let's talk about future radar. here is the dry cold front.
5:20 am
a storm track in the pacific northwest all week. if you have to connect or travel into portland or seattle, look at all that rain come up to two inches. here is the seven day forecast. four to eight degrees cooler and breezy. breezes will go away. you can see the wonderful weather for thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. jobina:a sports event is coming. the 2022 league of legends world finals will be hosted at chase center. it will make stops in mexico city, new york city, and toronto, before finishing in san francisco. >> we are excited to bring the energy and excitement to the
5:21 am
fans across north america, whether they are veterans who have been to events over and over or whether they are first-time fans. jobina: north america hasn't hosted a league of legends world championship since 2016. coming up, the seven things you need to know. reggie:
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jobina: here are the seven things to know. number one, schools across wisconsin closed today as the city deals with the aftermath of a deadly crash at a christmas five people died and dozens others injured after police say an suv plowed into the crowd. reggie: number two, businesses dealing with a rash of looting incidents. it happened in five cities over the weekend, including san francisco. more than a million dollars stolen from stores in union square alone. jobina: numhe open -- the oakland police chief will speak about homicides, looting, and italy shooting today. reggie: number four, governor newsom will be visiting -- looting, and shootings today. reggie: number four, governor
5:24 am
newsom will be visiting. mike: number five, a quiet pattern. a frost advisory for lake and mendocino counties through 10:00. sue: starting off your monday morning commute quietly. no issues here. traffic flowing nicely. jobina: number seven, tiger woods back on the golf course. he posted a three second video he has not played in attornment since his car accident last february. reggie: finding a christmas tree may be harder to find. mona: will there be a christmas tree crunch this year? getting that perfect tree at the griswold. >> there it is. namae difficult thr.lashtaged tt season in five decades
5:25 am
st dow they are not going to get their orders. mona: one cells 500 trees but this year the supplier closed so they have no trees to sell. >> owner told us he had a hard time finding cutter's and transportation to get trees here . they decided to quit doing it. mona: coming up, expert tips to reduce your stress and have a happy holiday. jobina: special for coach yamaguchi ice here the rank opening to skaters -- ice -- opening for the christie yamaguchi ice rink. reggie: made a spotify change procedures. jobina: a mask mandate could
5:26 am
affect holiday plans. >> when care about me, i don't know what to think. jobina: two of the sisters sharing their emotional sisters on years of abuse. this morning, they are talking about the reaction to their interview with diane sawyer. reggie: a live look outside. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started.
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: a person of interest in custody after a deadly christmas parade crash. a witness describes the chaos after a red suv sped past it. >> this is a coordinated activity. this is an organized group of people working together. jobina: irrational looting incidents under investigation across the bay area. new security measures after a flash mob robbery at walnut creek. reggie: an indoor mask mandate in effect. the new world that could affect holiday plans. jobina: good morning. you are watching us live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: i am not in the cafeteria anymore. i don't know if you want me, but i am here. mike: hard to get you down here, i lobbied you know i did. reggie: i love it. mike: thank you for being here.
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look at this. it is that time of year. let'sk about what to expect today with this clear sky. upper 30's in santa rosa to a few areas in the san ramon valley. 50 in san francisco. look how quickly we warm with full on a total sunshine, dry air and a light breeze period of us in the 60's, 60 to 67 degrees already by noon. at 3:00, around the mid 60's to even a few low 70's holding on around fremont and san jose heading up this evening, we will cool as quickly under a clear sky, dry air, and light wind into the low to upper 50's by 7:00. looking at the rest of the forecast, coming up. reggie: we are starting with a rash of looting incidents targeting stores across the bay area.
5:31 am
first was a louis vuitton store in union square. this is video of the looting and the boarded up in the aftermath. amy hollyfield live in union square this morning, where there have been a lot of changes. amy: the mayor said what you saw happened here was horrible. pe e here blocking the square at stockton and post. they are not letting cars through here after what happened here on friday night. but he of the looting was postee louis vuitton store friday night carrying merchandise from the store. shocking to see it in action. but store owners say it is just happening in union square we talked to a man who owns a store and has been robbed several times but can't imagine what he would do if there was a swarm of
5:32 am
thieves like what happened on friday night. >> it was never part of my original employee handbook now it will be what to do and what type of protocol and i tell my employees, don't chase. it's not worth it. amy: district attorney tweeted he is outraged by the looting. he said don't bring that noise to our city and for everyone to stand by it for felony charges. he is facing a recall election organized by people who do not think he is tough enough on crime. police have made eight arrests and expect to make more as they review video from the scene. as for the street shutdown, officials know it wibackup in tt they say they have to do it to keep the area safe. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. jobina: new security measures
5:33 am
after 80 people stormed eight nordstrom store. we have a look at the new measurement to prevent this from happening again. >> there was a mob of people. police were flying in. >> witnesses couldn't believe the chaos outside the walnut creek nordstrom store. a flash mob robbery unfolding. 80 to 100 people rushing in minutes before closing. two store employees were assaulted, one was pepper sprayed. she was shopping in the store. >> i was panicking. i not going to lie. anno why the were here and we receive reports that people with masks and dark clothing were running into nordstrom and clogging the streets with vehicles. >> the cars, some with license plates covered help them make a getaway. three people were arrested. >> i am horrified to see this
5:34 am
happen. >> the mayor said security measures have increased at broadway plaza. more police officers in street closures. >>rganized, group of people work tr, using email or social media to communicate with each other. >> in may 2020, broadway class was vandalized and looted following the death of george floyd. luxury retailers like louis vuitton were vandalized and looted last week by a group of people. walnut creek police investigating if the crimes are connected. >> i don't of the answer. only people involved would know the answer. >> that would've been so scary being a customer or a worker here. >> shoppers admit they are uneasy about the crime.>> this l community. you shouldn't have to fear walking down the street and a gang of people stealing materialistic stuff.
5:35 am
>> the mayor khan for stiff release for those arrested. >> -- the mayor pushing for stiff release for those arrested. >> ideally they will spend a lot of time behind bars. >> authorities reviewing videos and asking the public for tips or information they can provide. reggie: it also appears thieves went after the target stores in hayward. the one on wiggle road and others were hit. when we stopped by, there was visible damage to one of the doors. in oakland, look at the surveillance video showing dozens of people forming a pharmacy around 7:30 at night. they are overwhelmed and devastated. they worked through their day off to restore the pharmacy to
5:36 am
make sure the patients continue to get medications in time. and in chinatown in oakland, and attempted robbery -- an attempted robbery at a jewelry store. one person appears to have a crowbar and a carjack. the shop owner says the metal gate invented the thieves from getting in. the group sped off in several cars. shop was rocked in february. -- was robbed in february. after the incident they will be moving to a safer location. jobina: investigators now sing the driver who plowed into a parade in wisconsin was not aiming at people but was speeding through to get away from an earlier incident. one person of interest is in custody. at least five dead and 40 injured after the suv hit several people. the car was seen on camera barely past crowds and marchers before slamming into a high schohe was at the parade with hs
5:37 am
daughters and is on gma describing the chaos. >> the next thing i knew my back was against the wall of the building hunkered down, screaming, crying and saying to get down because we didn't know what was going on. my main concern was the safety of my children. jobina: police say an officer fired to try to stop it. reggie: closing argument set for the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. two weeks of testimony. the defense that he was killed during an attempted citizen's arrest because the men had reasonable suspicion that he committed a crime. the prosecution says the men singled our ahmaud arbery because he is black. >> and he never yelled at you guys? >> no. >> didn't pull out any guns? >> no man -- no ma'am. >> you never reach for anything,
5:38 am
did he? >> no got. -- no. reggie: deliberations may stretch into the holiday. jobina: an indoor mask mandate in effect in private settings. if you're getting together with others who don't live in the same household, the county said you should mask up the guard is a. businesses required to follow guidelines and you can take your mask off when you are eating or drinking. reggie: today, governor newsom in the area to promote vaccinations and rooster shots. all adults can get a booster -- and booster shots. all adults can get a booster shot. jobina: if you are fully vaccinated, there is no reason why you can't enjoy thanksgiving with your family. that is the message from dr.
5:39 am
anthony fauci. about 70% say they plan to spend holidays with family and friends from outside of their own home. dr. fauci: if you are vaccinated and hopefully you are boosted you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving meal or holiday with your family. there is no reason not to do that. jobina: he urged unvaccinated people to get a shot to prevent a new surge of infections. new infections on the rise in 38 states. 60 million eligible americans have not been vaccinated. the feature ad spotify so you can listen for a certain way. reggie: new information on the effort to protect trees for flames move in. mike: it is really sad to read
5:40 am
that. thousands of sequoias are gone. look at this, mid to upper 30's. miller valley in the upper 40's -- middlmill valll valll valll l upper 40's. father developing along highway 37. 36 -- fog developing along highway 37. 51 in alameda. y the teeror most of us cooler than yesterday morning. we will be around 44 at 8:00. 54 at 10:00 with hayz haze. gorgeous shot of our golden o
5:41 am
camera. a beautiful bridge this morning with a ship coming in. hopefully it is heading over to the port of oakland and bringing goodies we desperately need. light breezes. cold this morning but not this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. air quality will be nice. we will take a look at the seven day forecast coming up. let's see how the meaning -- morning commute is. sue: taking a look at your commute from highway four to the maze and bay bridge back up, 27 minutes from highway four into san francisco, all in the green and looking great. heading to sfo, a 10 minute drivon 1e sure bunching up with
5:42 am
headlights but moving at a good clip as you make your way from golden gate field towards the macarthur maze. over to oakland by the coliseum, headlights heading toward south bay and the drive heading to oakland airport is 12 minutes from the macarthur maze into the airport. moving nicely with no major incidents. incidents. smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪ rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. that's how you rolo. ♪ see you later teeth stains. colgate optic white renewal deeply whitens with the power of hydrogen peroxide. and, try the optic white whitening pen to remove 15 years of stains in just 1 week. when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor.
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reggie: we are hearing from jordan and jennifer turpin, two of the children who suffer terrible abuse from their family. they spoke with diane sawyer on 20/20 and they are talking about that special, escape from the house of horror. they say it was hard to watch and relive their escape from
5:45 am
that california home in 2018. >> it brought back a lot of stuff. when i saw the camera film of mother and father, it was very scary. my heart dropped to my stomach. >> it was the first time we had seen that footage. i lived it but the actual footage was like, w o w o w o wo i'm glad we got out of there. reggie: you can watch the full interview coming up on gma at 7:00. jobina: the oakland police chief plans to hold a news conference to talk about illegal sideshow activity, among other things. 90th and macarthur saturday
5:46 am
night. at the news conference, he plans to talk about homicide, looting, and a police shooting. reggie: a show of support for more than one million people killed in traffic crashes every year. sunday was world day of remembrance for traffic victims. first responders and others gathered to remember victims, including wilma chan, killed earlier this month while walking her dog. >> nobody should be dying on our streets because they are walking their dog across the street. reggie: another event held in san francisco in front of city hall. 25 people killed in traffic crashes in the city this year here people attending urged city leaders to prioritize traffic safety there they want speed limits to be lowered and streets to be designed to make it occult for drivers to speed. jobina: devastating new numbers on the amount of mature sequoias
5:47 am
lost in fires. we have lost 1/5 of them in two years. last year 10 to 14% of sequoias were taken out including trees that stood for or than 1000 years. >> before the castle fire, we had never seen a losses of a large trees like we had in that fire, 7500 to 10,600 large sequoias lost in a single fire event. jobina: the destruction changed what crews are willing to do to protect the trees. they resorted to rapping the largest in an aluminum blanket. crews are using specular systems that sprayed trees of the 40 feet in the air and dropping fire retardant from aircraft on hard-to-reach areas. reggie: spotify is removing the shuffle but as a default on all albums. adecouldnrder.she sd our story t
5:48 am
time i listened to adele. i agree with her that i didn't like listening and out of order sequence. jobina: i am the queen of skip. reggie: which i think is fine, but should it be a default shuffle? jobina: i think a first time, put it through. after that, at your discretion. mike: i agree with that totally. find out the ones that really talk to you and the ones you want to listen most, but i bet her album is 100%. jobina: it really is. here is a look at what is happening weatherwise when you are not listening to christmas driving around. we are looking at clear conditions.
5:49 am
already red and green on the ferry building. ro ven. a dry pattern for the weekend with mostly sunny and continued mild conditions. temperatures warmer than average. at the 70's. santa rosa 72 at san jose. santa cruz at 73. mid to upper 60's everywhere else. tonight, almost as cool as this morning. temperatures in the 40's. a few isolated areas in the east bay valleys that could drop into the 30's. we are seeing absolutely nothing happening weather-wise today as far as any wet weather. here is your cold front. everything stays way up to the north, which is unfortunate for those folks.
5:50 am
look at rainfall amounts in seattle and portland the next five days, nearing more than an inch and three quarters to almost two inches. it may cause problems for them and us if you are trying to travel there. look at this thanksgiving planner, a chilly morning. mid to upper 50's by 10:00. low to mid 60's from 1:00 to 4:00 with high clouds and sunshine. my seven-day day forecast, tomorrow will be four to eight degrees cooler thanks to breezy conditions. wednesday will be calm or but just as chilly. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, warmer than average. reggie: new at 6:00, south bay tax drivers stopping service. the new policies they are fighting and how it could affect your holiday travel. jobina: a bloody brawl on the court and what led to it and lebron james getting ejected
5:51 am
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jobina: i saw this over the weekend and it really is wild. this scene at the detroit pistons game against the lakers. lebron james hits isaiah stewart in the face while battling for rebound position. stuart started bleeding from his eye, which after james and other lakers lawyers. personnel had to hold him back. he kept going back and back. this was a disaster for a while on the court. eeded ve s ejected. just a second time that lebron james has ever been tossed out of a game. the lakers ended up winning. reggie: tiger woods said he is making progress on the golf course. he posted a three second video
5:54 am
of prospects -- of practice on social media ban he has not played since his car accident on friday. car accident in febr he suffered serious leg injuries in the crash. jobina: lori loughlin back on television with a new christmas show. it will be on the hallmark show and it is her first role since she was named in the college admissions scandal. she spent two months in prison after she and her husband admitted to paying half $1 million in bribes to get their daughters into college. it airs december 18. reggie: the facebook parent company met they won't get and and -- and to end encryption.
5:55 am
critics say the feature puts children at greater risk of exploitation because only the person sending it and receiving it are able to see those messages. big plans f b in being c"b city." e id ancedt.acd by bitco w fund it. e boo of a volcano to use the energy as power. what are the words that i just said? jobina: i don't know. reggie: i guess this is the future, mike. i don't know what is going on. mike: we are all a little confused. a frost advisory for lake and mendocino counties. temperatures will start warming. around the state, fogged in the central valley. that will fade away.
5:56 am
make 60's -- mid 60's to the central valley. no chance of snow in tahoe. a red flag warning, the santa anas are kicking in and they did not receive the kind of rain we received back in october there they are still super dry and very dangerous, critical conditions here. heading that way, be aware of that. jobina: if you one -- if you're one of the millions traveling for thanksgiving, we can try to help you make it stress-free. reggie: one man is fed up and leaving san francisco. jobina: what the moon that just did that hasn't been done since the year 1440. ie: ok. moon is doing stuff.
5:57 am
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clicks -- >> this is abc 7 news. >> people were crying. there were some people who saw their family members get hit. i say driver plows through a christmas parade in wisconsin. what we >> that is really no place to go. if you are in san francisco, you
6:00 am
are going to get robbed. >> dealing with the aftermath of widespread looting. >> and why dri dri service. >> you are watching live wherever you stream. we will get a look at our weather. >> let's show you how quiet it is. there have been reports of fog in the north bay. a little bit of an offshore breeze. we will see if it moves into eastern parts of the county. a beautiful shot getting in the festive mood. 40's for many of us. 63 to 68.


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