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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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no empathy whatsoever. people smashing and grabbing stealing people's items creating havoc and terror on our streets. none period full stop. we want real accountability. we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe. governor newsome promising assistance to stop the rash of organized retail crime scene across the bay area over the weekend good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm on a dates and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream the swarm of organized thefts happen in these five bay area cities, san francisco oakland, walnut creek, hayward and san jose groups of thieves smashed their way into stores stealing as much merchandise as they could possibly car. before running away and tonight as we look closer at this widespread issue plaguing the bay area. we're also looking at solutions and the impacts on our communities and our effort to build a better bay area. we have team coverage hearing from the oakland police chief on
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the violent weekend in his city plus, san jose police are investigating organized thefts at two malls in the south bay and we'll look at what happens to the stolen goods and the efforts secondary marketplaces are taking to avoid selling them. us we have a closer look at the word looting and in-depth context about its meaning and connotation all of that's coming up here, but we're going to begin in the east bay where trageohefts a wcide a huge s fao carjacking suspect by police abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more including reaction from the police chief and the challenges. his department is facing shootings a massive sideshow at brazen retail robberies and break ants unfortunately just another weekend oakland. i need cities help. i need help from the leaders of this city. once again, oakland police chief
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laurent. armstrong is standing before the public pleading for help and trying to solve the latest crime spree while also trying to reconcile what is shrinking police force can and can't do to stop it. at least at one point during the weekend one-third of opds more than 30 sectors were left on staffed these individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay bay area. these are not just people from with they are groups of people coming to target communities. the mayhem was almost non-stop saturday night at 17 year old boy was gunned down in east oakland earlier police shot and killed a carjacking suspect in the rockridge area after a brief chase officers. say the suspect tried to ramp their patrol cars. also saturday night and sunday a series of brazen commercial burglaries, including of several cannabis businesses in one case would be robbers exchanged gun. with security guards in the meantime as many as 500 cars
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gathered for a massive unabated sideshow near 90th avenue and macarthur and at least two oakland pharmacies the cvs near redwood road and the walgreens on high street had their front windows shattered and thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen oakland police have had officer stationed at this walgreens during business hours for the last several months, but in this case this last weekend, the store was closed and while oakland police did make a few arrests for the most part those who committed so many crimes this past weekend are still out there. it doesn't need to be more police every cd agency in oakland should be focused around violent crime in oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. in the south bay officials are putting thieves on alert following two organized retail thefts at malls in san jose over the weekend our team coverage continues with abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey. he talked with one of the security guards on scene and has the details. santana row is decorated for the
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most wonderful time of year, but not everything as mary and bright jeffrey grant was working security a few stores down from lululemon when a group of eight people ran out with 47,000 of merchandise, so they saw me chasing them and they hopped in their vehicles across the street. i went to try to stop them, but they indicated that they were willing to run me over so i i ceased that effort makers market has a store in santana row just from lululemon and another one near the nordstrom that was robbed in walnut creek employees are concerned and changes to their system are being made. we always have two people now closing we used to just have one person closing. we're not doing that anymore. so hopefully we can be of our surroundings and what's going on meanwhile at the same time the robbery was going on at lululemon. another crime was in progress just across the street at another shopping mall. another organized group attempted a big robbery at valley fair mall thankfully
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security on hand recognized the situation unfolding and prevented something bigger from happening the immediately notified the officers working with them all soon as the officers appeared those vehicles fled, however, and that particular case two suspects made of their way into the glass hut at valley fair where they stole sunglasses and excess of $7,000 sjpd sergeant christian camarillo says the suspects had covered license plates at both locations, but says, it's unclear if the robberies are connected. this is the first major organized robbery in san jose and the police have a stern message for others. we do want to put these people on alert. hey if you come to a we are going to find you. we are going to arrest you and we are going to bring you back here to face charges santa clara county district attorney. jeff. rosen did not want to on the robberies in san jose the city and mayor sam licardo also declined in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. and today governor newsome pledge that thetate in helping prevent retail thefts like we saw this weekend he calls the string of mob robberies simply unacceptable.
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have been working with cities up and down the state including san francisco walnut creek and others that were impacted over this. weekend by these organized retail theft operations the governor says the state re-established its retail theft task force in july pumping millions of dollars into fighting organized retail theft in addition. he says starting today, there will be more officers on major highways near malls and shopping areas. where does all the stolen merchandise land and our retailers able to trace? products abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that part of the story. the images are unforgettable. most recently someone running from union square's louis vuitton with an armful of stolen merchandise nearly 100 people running from the walnut creek nordstrom in a flash mob style. robbery and over the summer others running from union square neiman marcus with armfuls of stolen handbags. i think that these brazen items
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are not just organized crime. they're borderline domestic terrorism. rachel. michelin is president and ceo of the california retailers association. she says the stolen merchandise is being fenced. they're not usually keeping it for themselves. they're selling it. there's a lot of places that these items go. we're seeing more and more technology and more and more retailers that are able to tag their products. so they know where that products ending up abc 7 news reached out to online retailers ebay tells us they are committed to providing a secure. line shopping experience and have zero tolerance for criminal activity on their platform writing in an email statement quote. we have programs and policies in place to monitor our marketplace for stolen items. we also collaborate with government agencies to help prevent the sale of stolen goods on ebay ebay fashion file and the real real tell us they use leads online a database for law enforcement to search items. it over the summer fashion file told abc 7 news leads online ensures their products are scrubbed against as many theft
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databases as possible giving them the ability to spot stolen merchandise before it enters the resale ecosystem. the real reel said they get police departments nationwide full visibility into their inventory including details like serial numbers and photos even if retailers do recover stolen goods those items are often evidence in a case. so it doesn't necessarily mean that they're immediately going to have back and be able to sell it in their store. it's not just retailers who ultimately lose money michelin says cities like san francisco and walnut creek also loose because they don't get the sales tax revenue in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news. now some bay area police departments have called. happened this weekend looting we saw similar crimes happen in the wake of the george floyd protest, but are these weekend crimes truly considered looting race and social justice reporter. julian glover is here to give us some context into that word looting julian. hi, good evening, dan.
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yeah, if you look up the california law, which i spent some time doing today. the answer is no according to the textbook definition. these tests did not happen under any type of state of emergency or disaster, but we know that some bay area police departments are calling what we saw looting other simply calling it organized. robbery analyst i spoke to today says the distinction matters. here's why the louis vuitton store was burglarized and looted the burberry's and westfield mall was burglarized and looted that's san francisco police. chief bill scott detailing his department's response to a wave of seemingly organized retail theft netting a million dollars in stolen luxury goods. here's san jose pd spokesman today. so we're talking about two incidents. we're not going to call this looting. okay. this is organized. robbery is what it is. he's talking about the forty thousand dollars in merchandise stolen from lululemon in sant rose saturday similar crimes hit hayward and walnut creek this weekend with waves of suspects r stores leading to major losses, but according to the california
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penal code what we saw was not looting looting is theft or burglary during a state of emergency resulting from an earthquake fire flood riot or other natural or man-made disaster to some the distinction may be small, but lorenzo boyd professor of criminal justice and community policing and a retired veteran police officer told me words matter because looting is a term that we typically used when people of color or dwellers are doing something we tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing to be clear. we don't know the identities or races of the majority of the thieves, but we do know there was no local emergency declared in the bay area cities that experience smashing grabs this weekend. however, the crimes did follow the contentious verdict in the cal writtenhouse trial friday a jury found the team not guilty on all counts for killing two men during a protest against police brutality last year in wisconsin. local protest this wkese were sl
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these types of massive organized smashing grabs were happening. before the writtenhouse situation happened. it's a false equ. ivalency it's people trying to politicize crime. do you think that that was an accurate use of the terminology this seems like it's an organized smash and grab robbery. this doesn't seem like looting and we're thinking of scenarios where first responders are completely overwhelmed and folks often maybe on their own mort adults co-executive director of the robert c major institute of journalism education. thanks back to katrina when largely black new orleans residents were labeled looters for crimes of survival stealing water food and supplies before federal government. aid arrived people draw their own conclusions if you determinologies that you use are tethered to people's understanding of how they have been used in the past. and both experts stress the importance of media literacy for viewers like you out there
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that's thinking critically about the language being used by public officials and also us here in the media the bottom line words matter and precision is key as we're all trying to understand these complex issues. facing our society reporting live. i'm julian glover abc 7 news alright so much julian. and we have new details on the gas station shootout involving retired oakland police captain. ursi. oakland police say three suspects have now been arrested surveillance video shows a joyner being robbed by three people at one point joner joyner fatally shot one suspect join. her himself was shot. he's since been released from the hospital one suspect was arrested in houston the other two in elk grove. all right, if you're getting ready to hit the road for thanksgiving holiday gas prices may be top of mind. why experts from aaa say they think prices in california may finally have peaked. let's listen to this target says it will never open on thanksgiving again. why the ceo says he decided to
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visit or call 1-888-xarelto is making excellent progress against the recent uptick in covid cases. in the last 10 or 11 days, we've seen some stability. some good signs. that is good news. in fact today. we lay claim to having the lowest. positivity rate in the united states of america 1.9% the governor hailed the state's efforts during a visit to a san francisco clinic today. he also encouraged vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11 and promoted the availability of booster shots for adults to prevent a spike during the holiday season according to the governor 4.9 million californians have now received a booster 450,000 children ages 5 to 11 have received their first dose of a vaccine and overall
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91.3% of all eligible californians have received at least thanksgiving is just three days away and that means holiday travel is getting underway at our local airports over the next few days sfo expects more than double the number of travelers in last year friday. was that airport's busiest day so far with more than 52,000 passengers the airport says it will stay in that range right up until thanksgiving ucsf's dr. peter chinhong says planes are safe because they're well ventilated and masks are required on board. he says if you're traveling you should still be cautious of who you're going to visit elij. group is the more unknown it is so then you're taking a little bit more risk particularly if you haven't been boosted because again immunities wearing off. aaa expects tomorrow and wednesday to be the busiest at airports. all right, let's move now to the latest on the supply chain in what is potentially good news for consumers? yes 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with that for us michael. finally the word good news and
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supply chain coming together, huh fears at the holiday gift you're eyeing is stuck on a container ship somewhere. it may be easing somewhat. that's because a backlog of ships and the ports of los angeles and long beach is both port say they've seen a 33% decline and aging cargo on the docks in october now. that's when the ports announced they would begin finding lingering ships $100er dayoreacg up space at theasked. so well authorities and ounce of are now being lifted. target is getting into the holiday spirit. it's announced that it stores will be closed on thanksgiving from this year. onward the closure started last year due to the pandemic ceo brian cornell decided to make the thanksgiving closures permanent after hearing from employees. they really appreciated the day off other large chains will be closed on thanksgiving this
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year, but none have actually extended the policy into the future. triple-a is predicting gas prices may. finally have peaked here in california the average price in the state stands at $4.70 a gallon in both santa clara and alameda county the average price of unleaded is 10 cents higher than that in san francisco yikes. it's seeing an average gas price a four dollars eighty nine cents a gallon those prices are actually roughly the same as they been for the past few days aaa thinks it won't be long before. i said start to drop prices normally do fall at this time of year. but so far. we haven't really seen that people seem to really be trying to hang on to their prices these days armored there. i'm ready to let them. oh, thanks, michael. well sexual harassment scandal rocked a university's athletic department in the bay area leading the school's president to resign now a new interim president has been named what we know about his background and when h
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have an interim president in place when the new year begins cal state, sacramento. provost steven perez will take over on january 3rd this photos from the university's website. perez will hold the post until a permanent president is announced. most likely late next year current president. mary papazian is stepping down next month in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal in the university's athletics department and while we're talking about higher ed two bay area students are among 32 nationwide chosen as roads scholars for need to stanford senior sia kohanim is a bioengineering major from san diego. varsha starvation is a great has graduated from uc berkeley last year with a bachel. degree in political science. they're among the record number of 22 women named rhodes scholars this year the scholarship covers all expenses for two or three years of graduate study at the university of oxford and england. they are well on their way.
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congratulations for them brad's that's wonderful. well job. well done. yes. all right, so let's get a check on our weather this holiday week abc 7 meteorologist, sandhya patel is here with that. yeah, the fabulous weather is a head for us, dan and alma. i want to you right now a lovely view. from kingsbury you can see just how gorgeous it is up. there is the sun has set if you are traveling just keep in mind that it is going to be dry if you're heading up tuesday. you're good to go wednesday thursday. you've got sunshine there so for thanksgiving looking nice and then friday it is going to be mild with a mix of sun and clouds. here's a look at the national travel forecast for wednesday. there will be some snow. is across the rockies the northern plains as we had into the latter part of wednesday theres a lk le picre our kgo cara, lovely view here 61 in santa rosa upper 50s, napa novato and conquered livermore 60 degrees by the way the high
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temperatures today mid-60s to mid-70s for november. not bad. here's a view from our pier 39 and it is clear out there in san francisco 62 trees oakland 59 san jose morgan hill, you're in the mid-60s a look at your thanksgiving forecast a cool morning. you're looking at 40s 50s sunshine and high clouds at noontime in the afternoon. it is going to be nice and mild with 60s for most of you. still comfortable at 6 o'clock. you're looking at upper 50s to low 60s live doppler 7 right now no rain to speak of i know we need it. i don't see anything on the horizon from our san jose camera. you are seeing the sun right now high clouds pass out through overnight tonight slightly cooler tomorrow afternoon, and it is going to be nice for thanksgiving dry through the weekend. so here's get the forecast you see those high clouds so weak system to our north at five o'clock in the morning. there will be a few sprinkles off. the coastline could see a couple of sprinkles come through the north bay, but for the most part it. to remain dry and comfortable but a little cooler as that system passes through speaking
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of cooler tomorrow morning. you might want to bundle up temperatures in the upper 30s to the upper 40s l 50s up of patches of fog a then for the afternoon for your tuesday, you're looking at 63 in san francisco 64, san rafael mid-60s around santa rosa oakland, san jose 63 degrees in antioch want to show you the long-term forecast over the next seven days. we're basically looking at all those staying well to the north. so if you are traveling the pacific northwest could be the problem area as they are expecting the wet weather over the next seven days the accuweather 7-day forecast a little cooler tomorrow chilly in the morning on wednesday gusty in the hills and thanksgiving is looking fantastic bright for any black friday shoppers doing outdoor shopping and it looks nice for the weekend as i mentioned. no rain in sight as much as we use it don't have it. so just that's the way it's panning out right now on my --. well, we can't you might as well enjoy it. thanks. right. well you can now order a whole
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out. yeah, incredible. sounds great. all right. we're on the street with david mirrors next. we appreciate your time. i'm danish. i'm on a dates for sandhya patel michael all of us.
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tonight, the major new developments after the deadly christmas parade tragedy in wisconsin. a man driving right into the parade. tonight, police identifying the suspect behind the wheel and horrifying new images emerging of the red suv speeding through the parade, right into a marching band. at least five people killed, more than 40 injured. six children in critical condition tonight. the police chief emotional today, reading the names of the victims. ages 52 to 81. and what we've learned tonight about the man behind the wheel. this evening, the news on covid and boosters in this country. the long lines. and not everyone having an easy time finding a booster. with covid cases on the rise just as we head into thanksgiving, what you need to know tonight.


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