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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 22, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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alvarez and all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, sandra bullock. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- sandra bullock. bill burr. and music from lizzy mcalpine. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us in southern california, where something pretty crazy happened not too far south of us on interstate 5 friday. an armored truck was full of money, somehow the door swung
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open while it was on the highway. and money started pouring out onto the road. this was the scene in carlsbad. it was a literal money grab. people were pulling over. how the door to an armored truck flies open, i do not know. the drivers had to be high, right? these police got hand cuffed. but for most of these people, it was the greatest thing ever. look at the celebrations! but it's a federal crime to take it. all those people who posted videos with the money are wanted by the police. it's illegal to pick up litter now? seems to me, if there's loose cash all over the road that falls under the finders-keepers clause of the constitution, right? authorities are urging those who took it to give the money back. right. there's a better chance of jfk
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jr. showing up in dallas than of police getting all this money back. by the way, these qanon nuts, more than a hundred of them are still in dallas waiting for jhn-john. today is the 58th anniversary of the jfk assassination. and like linus waiting for the great pumpkin, they are waiting for jfk and/or his son to come back from the dead and take his place alongside trump in the white house. at this point, it seems like maybe these people are just trying to get out of going home for thanksgiving. these qanoners they keep coming up with dates on which these crazy things are supposed to happen, and then the things don't happen, but they just keep blindly believing that some biblical victory is coming. this must be what it's like to root for the clippers. that's all i can think of. belated birthday wishes are in order for joe biden, who on saturday, became the first president to turn 79 while in office. to give you perspective on how old that is, bill clinton, you
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remember him? the guy who was president almost 30 years ago? h's 75 now. biden kicked off his birthday weekend with a colonoscopy. doctors said there were no traces of malarkey. everything looked good. or as good as the inside of an old man's butt can look. white house physician dr. kevin o'connor says joe biden is a healthy and vigorous male. "vigorous." why does every presidential checkup sound like an ad for cialis? we need them to run the country, not impregnate our women. after his colonoscopy, the president took part in the annual pardoning of the turkeys. he pardoned two turkeys from indiana named peanut butter and jelly. he also pardoned a yam. for no reason. today was the deadline for all federal employees to get vaccinated, or else. most of them are. 95% of federal employees are now fully vaccinated.
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even though nationally, only 58% of americans got the shots. which is low, but still, that's hundreds of millions of people who are vaccinated. so many of these anti-vaxxers said, "i'm gonna wait. see how it goes." it wept, okay? most of us have had the vaccine in us for a year now! it went fine! we're not magnetic. we're not infertile. our testicles aren't the size of casaba melons. you wanted us to be guinea pigs, congratulations, we were! you did it. we're dumb, you're smart. now go get the shots, all right? i bet you anything, your hero donald trump is on his booster shot already. trump made an appearance on fox news last night where he sat for an interview with the interminable mark levin for a wide-ranging conversation about all the dumb things he did and said as president. >> before covid flew in from the dust, came in from china, which
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by the way, dr. fauci -- i got along with him quite well, but i usually did the opposite of what he suggested. >> jimmy: right. and that's why one of you got raced to walter reed hospital and the other didn't. trump is making the rounds to promote his new book. it's called "our journey together." was that a journey? felt more like an ordeal. "our journey together" is a coffee table book of photographs from trump's time in office. he likes his books the way he likes his restaurant menus, pictures only. of course, the always obsequious levin laid the praise on very thick, and trump explained that this project for him was a labor of love. >> mr. president, the book is unbelievable. it's beautiful. the pictures are beautiful. >> i love our country. the only reason i did this book is because it is a beautiful book, and it is beautiful pictures, and it is mostly positive comments inside.
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i'm not ripping too many leaders of countries. maybe a couple. >> jimmy: the book goes for $75. and you can get a signed copy for another 155 bucks. that's right. for the low, low price of only $230 you can get a copy of the book that looks like trump signed it while driving a golf cart. the book was published by none other than donald trump jr. djtj claims his dad picked every single photo, and wrote all the captions himself. which is exactly what my son's preschool teacher says about his projects. basically, trump published an instagram photo dump. featuring all the classic photographs from trump's presidency. from trump awkwardly sitting in a chair. to trump awkwardly sitting in another chair. trump awkwardly sitting at a tiny desk. to trump awkwardly sitting in a tractor-trailer. to trump making a "who-farted" face next to the queen. not only was each photo tiny-hand picked by the former president, the captions are tiny hand-written by him as well.
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"many losers are too scared to look directly into an eclipse. not your favorite president!" "me and whoopi on the view." "here's me hitting the game-winning 3 pointer during game 7 of the nba finals." "bad dogs don't get treats." "i can't believe i ate the whole thing!" and "nice." if there's a part two, i hope next time he includes these -- the crazy hair. toilet paper on the tarmac. sunday brunch with the missus. and of course, orange you glad to see me? one of the great presidential photos of all time. donald trump's old pillow pal, mike lindell, is planning to march outside fox news in new york to protest the fact that they won't let him on the air anymore. which is sad. they were so good together. so now, he is relegated to his
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website,, where he is planning for what he calls a 96-hour "thanksathon." the mypillow guy will be spreading holiday cheer, and conspiracy theories for 96 hours straight starting at midnight wednesday night. and while you may be wondering what in the world mike will be talking about for 96 hours straight? it seems that one of the things might be me. >> jimmy, if you're watching this, because i'm going to invite you to the thanks-a-thon. pick your time, pick your slot. we're going to let you bump other people, because you've been so, you know, you've let me on your show, and i feel that the -- i should return the favor. >> jimmy: agreed. go on. >> he does so much for me. he's out there, keeping us in the news and, you know, this is big. i was hoping, i was just hoping that jimmy would reach out. he's the only guy, you know, you've got all these news outlets and late-night hosts.
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he's the only guy that says all these good things. >> you would both get along. you're both just givers. >> jimmy: he's right on that. we are both givers. and it's called thanksgiving, not thankstaking. unless i'm wrong. i'm not sure if i should do this or not. on one hand, he's out of his mind. i mean, even the right wing news channels won't let him on anymore. which is kind of an unusual thing. but on the other hand, i'm imagining how funny it will be when i explain to my wife that i have to step away from thanksgiving dinner thursday night to be on the thanksathon with mike lindell. so let me think about it. i'll get back to you, mike. you know, according to dr. fauci, if everyone who attends your thanksgiving is vaccinated, you can safely celebrate without wearing a mask. fauci said that if you have a family member who isn't vaccinated, wait until the turkey puts them to sleep then stab them in the neck with some pfizer. it can be stressful to have your friends and family all together
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in one room any time of the year. but covid adds an extra layer to that. so, in an effort to release some of that holiday tension, we gave people on the street the chance to put on a mask and anonymously address those people in their lives who they are not looking forward to seeing in a thanksgiving edition of "hide and speak." ♪ ♪ >> so who are you dreading seeing this thanksgiving? >> probably my grandma on my mother's side. >> why is that? >> she's just nuts. she'll walk in on you in the bathroom and ask you, what are you doing? like, what do you think i'm doing, gram? >> who are you not looking forward to seeing this eving? >> mostly my dad. i smoke a lot of pot, and he doesn't talk to me at dinner. >> are you high right now? >> yeah, i am. >> i'm dreading seeing my stepsister. >> what's up with her? >> she always tries to sleep with one of my uncles.
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it's very embarrassing. >> my uncle tim. i'm a vegan. two thanksgivings ago, he kept putting the dead turkey carcass in front of me over and over and over again. he's a bastard. >> what are you dreading seeing this snfg thanksgiving? >> my uncle. >> how come? >> i kind of [ bleep ]ed his wife. >> it just happened to be on thanksgiving sp >> yes. i was very thankful. >> my mother-in-law. she is brutal and mean to my kids. >> if you could tell her anything, what would you tell her? >> get [ bleep ] over it. >> these are your kids over here? >> yes, they are. [ applause ] >> there's no way she'll be able to figure that out. we've got a great show for you tonight. bill burr is here. we have music from lizzy mcalpine.
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and we'll be back with sandra bullock. so stick around.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> jimmy: tonight, his animated series on netflix is called "f is for family." the exceptionally funny bill burr is with us. then later, from philadelphia, this is her song, titled "erase me." lizzy mcalpine from the mercedes-benz stage. you can see lizzy on tour with dodie starting february 7th in chicago. tomorrow night, jon bernthal and "the bachelorette," michelle young, will join us with music from parker mccollum. so please join us for that.
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our first guest is a very congenial bird boxing oscar winner with a new movie that will grab you by the heart and squeeze it. "the unforgivable" opens in select theaters wednesday and premieres on netflix december 10th. please say, "hello to sandra bullock. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: how are you, everything good? >> i missed you. >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> i look like prince. and i'm okay with that. >> jimmy: you've got a little bit of princeiness to you. how many movies have you done? >> no idea. >> jimmy: i did not check. i should have checked. >> when you were going to ask that question, maybe i should check it so i look smart and you chose not to do that. >> jimmy: which one do people mention the most to you?
11:53 pm
>> i think -- probably "miscongeniality." >> jimmy: do you have an idea of why that in particular is the one they mention the most? >> i think because we made it for young girls, and so then those young girls started doing all those sing songy things that annoyed the parents. so the parents had a grudge, and they would bring up their daughters. so the girls grew up and they remembered that. then i had a daughter, and now i understand why the parents got angry. >> jimmy: i see. has your daughter seen it? >> she has. >> jimmy: do your kids watch your stuff? >> she does. louie does not. i'm not his cup of tea. >> jimmy: he's older, yeah. >> well, he's 11 and he has really good taste. >> jimmy: what does he like? >> he likes japanese anime. he's obsessed with spiderman. the whole youtube fans favorite,
11:54 pm
like what's going on. it's off the chain. >> jimmy: do you know there's a big rumor that you were going to be in the third spiderman movie. >> you know what? if that were a rumor that my son had heard, do you know how much i would get him to do in the house? i would be so successful in my requests. >> jimmy: like three santas combined. >> who did they say i was going to be, like his grandmother or something? >> jimmy: no, no. there's madame web is the name. madame web was the character, not a main character. madame web was paralyzed in some way, and had psychic powers. >> this is amazing. >> jimmy: and would advise spiderman on the future. >> why was i not hired for this? what happened? >> jimmy: the reason we decided to go in a different direction -- >> i think i would be amazing with like the psychic-ness.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: now i'm thinking you're being coy and you are in the spiderman movie. >> i am not! >> jimmy: because you come one this back story about your son. >> how about we just perpetuate that. you get it on youtube. my son louie will see it. and then the look in his eye will shift. mommy, do you need any help? can you pick up your clothes? y e, i can, mom. >> jimmy: wouldn't that be offset when he sees the movie? >> i can say i was cut out, take it up with marvel. >> jimmy: has marvel approached you? >> i don't think i'm marvel material. i've never been approached by marvel. >> jimmy: never? >> you're making me feel like i have and i'm not saying anything. >> jimmy: i never know, because every single time people come out and lie to me and i find out oh, yeah, you're this hero or that. >> i understand why people lie to you.
11:56 pm
but i've never been approached, ever. ever. no, i've never, ever been approached for any -- not true. i was approached for something that wasn't marvel, but my son said not to do it. >> jimmy: oh, he did. was it a d.c. -- >> no. it was kind of not in the place that louie felt i should be. >> jimmy: and that's smart. >> he was right. i saw it when it came out and i went oh, that's unfortunate. it came out and everything, and again, he was like, 6 when he asked me not to do it. >> jimmy: so we know it was the last four or five years or so. >> i forget their ages often, so it could have been 4, 7 or 8. >> jimmy: you know, jennifer coolidge -- did you watch "white lotus?" >> i did.
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: she's so great. i'm kind of interested in the story, because she says you guys worked together in a restaurant in new york. >> we did. 19th and park. i started in the coat check world during the winter holidays, and it's where you take a lot of fur coats, you get a lot of tips. i then was moved to hostessing, which i failed at, because i didn't know who the seat and who not to seat. you say, can you grab a cocktail. you make them wait and then seat them when all the special people are gone. then they moved me to the cocktail area, where i killed it. i was amazing. >> jimmy: were you a bar tender? >> no, they wouldn't let me behind the bar. but they let me serve people alcohol in the cocktail area, because i was -- i think i was very good at it. >> jimmy: wow. how much would you make in a night, do you remember? >> i never made more than -- oh, my gosh. i just remembered this story. i made like $500 a night one
11:58 pm
night because peter gabriel's drummer was coming in to celebrate his birthday. long story short, it wasn't his drummer. but i got a nice tip. so the owner wanted me to give my tip back. i was like, i live hand-to-mouth. i'm not giving my tip back. so i quit. >> jimmy: so a guy stole a credit card and tipped like crazy. what about jennifer, do you remember her? >> i think we passed like ships in the night. i think she might have come on to the hostessing stand and done a really good job as i was walking out and quitting on the principle of the stolen credit card. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back, we'll see a clip from your movie. sandra bullock is here. the movie is "the unforgiven." we'll be right back. >> announcer: portions of
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. i'm getting information you got yourself a lawyer. what is that going to do? >> none of your business. >> it's none of my business? you trying to contact your sister? >> it's my right. >> you lost those rights. there's a reason why your sister
12:04 am
hasn't contacted you. you're a convict. she's probably scared of you. let that girl live her life. >> that is sandra bullock in "unforgivable." this is one of those movies that you're heart is hurting through the whole thing, because it's about this woman who -- it's about this woman played by sandra, who was in prison. >> not in the marvel movie. >> jimmy: for 20 years for murdering a police officer. and i'm not sure what more i can say without ruining it. >> well, i'm obsessed sort of i like "dateline." but there has to be -- they have to be caught. it can't be a cold case. the first thing you're going to kill is your spouse, duh. but i love a great sort of
12:05 am
thrill where you try to put the puzzle pieces together. why would she do something like this and be unapologetic for it? and then when you see what happened through her eyes, and you see this woman who doesn't seem to want to apologize or doesn't need forgiveness, just keeps sabotaging herself all the time. and you see why. you understand how millions upon millions of americans live every single day who don't have the benefits of funding or help or support or finances and just are born into the system of poverty, you know? >> jimmy: and coming out of prison and getting a job -- >> is nearly impossible. >> jimmy: and your character gets a job as a carpenter. and also in a fish processing plant. >> yes, salmon. >> jimmy: salmon processing. you've got these sharp knives and you are gutting these salmon. >> yeah, i went after it. it felt good. >> jimmy: did it feel good? >> oh, yeah. i watched enough of the "dateline" that i know how to
12:06 am
sever the heads and get through the spine with just an extra little bit of effort. but it's the momentum of the first cut that's very important. so the second is sort of a follow up. >> jimmy: i did notice that you go at it your first time and they're teaching you what to do. you chopped almost the whole head off the first shot. and i said to my wife, i go, that doesn't look so bad. >> i wanted it to be quick painless. you don't want someone or something to suffer. >> jimmy: but the fish were dead already. >> i was trying to telegraph she did what she did and she had no problem with it. so the fish was another way to go, see? >> jimmy: that's something i missed. but now totally get it. and they will get it, as well. are you cooking for thanksgiving? >> i am not. >> jimmy: you do not cook? >> i am not going to cook anything this thanksgiving at all. i'm going to sit and let other
12:07 am
people do it. >> jimmy: i have a little something for us. [ applause ] i thought you might be interested. do you like candy corn? >> i love candy corn, but that's not the flavor i'm familiar with. >> jimmy: this has a bunch of different flavors. green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glaze carrot, sweet potato pie and stuffing. >> i want to try stuffing. >> jimmy: let's see, which one is the stuffing. some of them -- >> the green is obviously the green ones. that's an unfortunate yellow. >> jimmy: yeah. this is the stuffing. >> it's like that after taste that comes through your nose. >> jimmy: it tastes like the car that picks you up when you visit mexico.
12:08 am
>> i've not tasted that car. that has an interesting kind of -- >> jimmy: green beans. that's a healthy treat. >> can you imagine hand thing to your kids? >> you let it linger long enough. >> jimmy: it's better than the stuffing. it's not great. >> it comes back in through the nose again. >> jimmy: here's one, cranberry. >> let's see. >> jimmy: uh-huh. uh-huh. mmm. >> that's kind of -- >> jimmy: tastes nothing like cranberry. it tastes like bubble gum and like maybe you shouldn't be swallowing it, but we just did. finally, turkey. there's some turkey. >> look at this color. can you guys see that? it's like, you know, when billy was a bibaby or jane and they h
12:09 am
their first -- >> jimmy: you're not going to like this one. oh, but the turkey just hit at the end. >> my turkey hit at the beginning. >> jimmy: it does have a little bit of turkeyness to it. >> oh, my god, that is so bad. >> jimmy: one other thing i want to mention -- >> can i just -- >> jimmy: bill burr, our guest who will be out here in just a moment. one of the funniest guys there is. you did a movie with him. >> i did "the heat" with bill. >> jimmy: and after you did that movie, his wife posted this. >> it happened during the movie. >> jimmy: on her instagram. during the movie -- oh, you guys saw this. look at who the hunky co-star is. they're constantly joking. >> they're constantly joking and cutting up together.
12:10 am
who says cutting up? >> jimmy: whoever writes "the enquirer," i guess. you can see you're absolutely -- >> smitten. >> jimmy: do you think of bill as hunky? >> right there, heck yeah. >> jimmy: i want to put a little wind in his sails when he came out here. all right. it was great to see you. happy thanksgiving. thanks for being here. the movie is called "the unforgivable." it opens wednesday and fpremiers on netflix december 10. sandra bullock, everybody. [ applause ] 3,000 bags of marshmallows, 5,000 world's best elf mugs and 3,000 bolo ties. gifts for elves... check. now i just need a dang coupon code... hold your reindeer, santa! samuel! what's up? i got a gift for you! capital one shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them. just download it to your computer!
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>> jimmy: music from lizzy mcalpine is on the way. our next guest is one of the all-time standup greats, with an excellent podcast and a very funny animated show on top of that. a new season of "f is for family" premieres on netflix thursday. please welcome bill burr. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hunky co-star. >> i believed that story. i thought it was real. i'm on any way, i'm going to be on the cover of "people" magazine, sextiest born orange man from the east coast.
12:17 am
>> jimmy: sand a could be falling for comic bill burr. >> everybody got a big life. >> jimmy: i think it's nice to be included in that context. in any situation really, right? >> people just making up [ bleep ] about you? no. no, i'm not into that. i like to be left alone. and ifout're going to talk [ bleep ] about me -- >> jimmy: if it was me, no one would believe this. >> look at you. you got a suit on, you look kind of smart. >> jimmy: that's true. >> i leave you. >> jimmy: thank you, bill. it wasn't the last time, but at the beginning of the pandemic, i drove to your house to interview you, and i had a camera, i had my iphone in my car and you were standing in front of your garage. >> i still don't understand why you wouldn't get out.
12:18 am
you just pulled up like you were afraid of me and yelling these questions at me outside. i was thinking, that's no way this is going to play. no way this is going to look good on tv. but it did. >> jimmy: i give you a roll of toilet paper at that time, and you wouldn't even touch it with your hands. you picked it down the block. >> they didn't know yet whether it could transiffer that way. >> jimmy: now here you are, back on the road, in las vegas, probably the dirtiest place in the whole world. >> the key with vegas is you get up early. you can walk the strip in like ten minutes, because all the degenerates are face down from whatever they did the night before, trying to jump from a balcony. and you can just cruise right down. i was there with my wife. we did the gondalas.
12:19 am
it's like white trash europe. you want to see the pyramid? we don't need to go to the egypt. the one in egypt got a big light going up to the big space shuttle? i don't think so. we got whores in our pyramid. >> jimmy: ever stayed in one of those rooms as at the luxor? the rooms are slanted. >> my first apartment was like that. i lived on the top of an old house. they converted an attic. so when you would walk in, when you walked in, you had to walk right down the middle of the roof. and then it expanded to the living room area. yeah, i lived there with my brother. we had a little tv. i remember sneaking, because he used to -- wouldn't let me watch his tv. so i was taking time off of the tube. so i was watching the pistons versus the lakers in '88.
12:20 am
i heard his car pulling in, and i shut it off. he came upstairs and put his hand on the back of the tv, you've been watching my tv! we didn't have money, you know? so it was a lot of fights over nothing. >> jimmy: you were going on tour the beginning of next year. >> i've been on the road the last seven out of eight weeks. 85% of the people are totally cool. it's like extreme left, extreme right have lost their minds. everybody else is just sitting there. >> jimmy: you're right. >> like when are mom and dad going to stop yelling at each other about gender neutral bathrooms that you can hang an ar-15 in or whatever they're flipping out about. i think everybody is else is just like -- >> jimmy: this is your action figure from "the mandalorian."
12:21 am
>> i look a little russian. >> jimmy: you do look russian. you're almost doing duck lips. >> sandra bullock would have dated that guy. >> jimmy: no question about it. >> i'm doing the thing that used to get your friends on myspace. >> jimmy: are you a "star wars" guy? >> i'm a sports guy. >> jimmy: that's what i thought. >> interesting to go in that world, because those fans are just as rabid as sports fans are, but their vibe is totally different. "star wars" fans are like, i really liked you in that episode. they're all respectful. but i know it's a sports fan because i'll hear hey, billy, the pats suck! thank you for listening to the podcast! the "star wars" people can get a little creepy. they seem like they would be in your bushes, possibly.
12:22 am
whereas a sportsman would be urinating in your bushes. >> jimmy: this is your -- this is the fifth season -- >> i need to see what his living room looks like. >> jimmy: "f is for family" is not for children, even though it is animated. >> no, not for children. >> jimmy: i was watching the first episode and you say the "f" "f" word to a child in the episode. >> yes, it's a character loosely base on my dad. >> jimmy: is it you or are you basing that on your dad, your friend's dads, people that you know? because he seems to be a very angry guy. >> yes. he's sort of an amalgam of everybody's dad in the room. the show takes play in the '70s.
12:23 am
so we would ask potential writers to tell stories about their childhood. and if they were just like, yeah, i would walk down the hall and my brother punched me in the shoulder for no reason and throw me down the stairs. all right, send us a script and we'll see what it looks like. >> jimmy: so you look for strife. >> i wanted to re-create the '70s that i remember, which i kind of hate how the '70s are viewed. it all became lava lamps, "saturday night fever" and the pacer. i remember the day the pacer came out, me and my mother laughing going, what in god's name is that? the '70s, there was a lot of rust belt stuff, rundown cars, a lot of people in the '70s still driving cars from the '60s.
12:24 am
so it was really important with the look of the show to have it lack like that, and not be big collars and lava lamps and people going, groovy, man. that's not what it was. >> jimmy: i don't know why, but i think of holly hobby when i think of the '70s." >> i remember holly hobby. that was a girl's toy. >> jimmy: what, you didn't pray with one? >> i grew up with all brothers. >> jimmy: my sister had one. holly hobby. it was like this weird, faded -- >> yeah, sure. it was my sister's. i only had it because i was hiding it from her. i wasn't really doing anything. >> jimmy: do you remember "free to be you and me" that album from the 'seths? >> no. >> jimmy: that's a marleau thomas album. >> you've known me throughout the show, you could have called
12:25 am
me. >> jimmy: i just assumed, yeah, i i don't know the free to be you and me album and hang up on me. >> i would have been thrilled that you called. >> jimmy: when i have musings, i will call you from now on. >> i send you stuff. >> jimmy: you did send me something crazy, totally inappropriate already television. >> it was top ten things rittenhouse's mother is going to drive him to next. i think she only drove him to the police station afterwards. no disrespect. it just struck me as a funny thing. > jimmy: she seems lovely. great to see you. you're very funny. the show is called "f is for family. " >> november 25th. watch it this weekend. >> jimmy: thanksgiving night. a wonderful way to wrap up the
12:26 am
meal. bill burr, everybody. we'll be right back with lizzy mcalpine. this black friday, do you want a tv? or do you want.
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>> jimmy: i want to thank sandra bullock, bill burr, and lizzy mcalpine. apologies to matt damon. ran out of time for him. tomorrow night, jon bernthal and bachelorette michelle will be with us, with music from parker mccollum. "nightline" is next. please don't show up empty handed.
12:37 am
thanks for watching, goodnight. this is "nightline." >> tonight, holiday horror. how could it happen? the christmas parade that turned deadly in an instant. >> there's like seven injured that way. >> i literally sawus extremism. the ground breaking lawsuit trying to hold organizers of that deadly charlottesville riot account an financially. >> this is a turning point in history. this is a turning point in our understanding of hate crimes. >> the plaintiffs hoping to bankrupt the extremist groups.
12:38 am
>> we hope


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