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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 23, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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they're deaf, but they're 12-0 against teams that can all clear. this running back signing deaf people can do anything. we're not the stereotype that's out there. before friday's semifinal game, family and friends cheered them on from the stands. saying afterwards, deaf communities, this is for you guys. good for them. that's "nightline" for this evening. see you right back here same time tomorrow.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, find a solutions.
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>> there's a clear problem in this city, that this city has to deal with overwhelming violence and it is unacceptable for our residents, for our visitors. nobody should have to live through this. dan: shoppers and businesses still on high alert after a series of organized thefts in five bay area cities. the ramifications still being felt as city officials plead for change. in each case, thieves broke into stores, grabbing what they could and got away before police could respond, all in a matter of minutes. it happened in san francisco friday, oakland saturday, and sunday walnut creek. san jose on sunday. it was chaotic. good evening at thank you for joining us. ama: we have team coverage tenant as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. as thefts like these impact your quality of life. dan: we begin with j.r. stone who has more on how city leaders
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in oakland are searching for some solutions. j.r.: oakland police chief laron armstrong calling out city leaders monday after a weekend not -- that not only included what he is calling armory -- robbery caravans, but also shootings and sideshows that we have seen for much of the year. >> i need help from the leaders of this city. there has not been one call for an emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the city of oakland. j.r.: city council members were quick to respond monday night, saying there's a special meeting scheduled for december 7 to discuss new violence. also saying this is a major concern of theirs. >> absolutely. we are all concerned. i can attest to that for all councilmembers and the mayor. j.r.: that from one councilmember, who along with others are in support of getting the cease fire program back to where it was pre-pandemic.
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they also say funding has been doubled for vi prevention measures like adding more >> people think when we say violence prevention, they think it is long-term, years down the road. some of it is but some can happen very quickly. j.r.: oakland's police department was stretched thin. the chief scesney responded to more than two dozen major crimes in a 10 hour hour saturday -- period saturday. chief armstrong's words monday were bold. >> i cannot remember the last time the police chief said to city hall, you don't care. they say crime is going up, we have problems and yet we have not had an emergency meeting to discuss the biggest problem. >> as a council, we have not stepped up. j.r.: councilmember loren taylor would like to see police given more resources. filling open positions is key
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for the department. >> we have 737 funded positions and only 630 officers. >> the police chief has the authority to hire officers laterally who are already officers at other departments within the budget and to fill the gaps. it is not easy to do that but he has the authority. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: in san francisco's union square, some stores are boarded up after this weekend and now aders inhe trism indtr too. tourists.m a luz: multiple windows covered with plywood tell a story of a city that lived through a spree of organized thefts in the heart of san francisco's shopping district. >> we were shocked it was so brazen. luz: emily and her family arrived to the city from texas on sunday. by today, they knew about the crime that happened at union
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square. elaine dart drove from chico to san francisco to relax and was met with this. >> it makes me uncomfortable. it makes me a little nervous. luz: according to san francisco's police department, nearly 12 stores were hit at the same time by a mob of 80 to 100 people on friday. in union square, the christmas tree and ice rink should be the main focus, but these are the images that have gone viral. the san francisco hotel council is concerned this will be the image people will think about when they think san francisco. >> when a crime like this occurs, it is concerning to us as well. we would hope it does not have a long-term impact on us, our image for the city. it is a reality we have to deal with. luz: the executive director director of the union square alliance believes the large police presence is not only helping tourists feel safe but also retailers as well. >> it is helping considerably. it has been nice to have such a
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strong show on behalf of the police department. they leaned in immediately. luz: as a response to this crime, the police department is planning to close several streets in union square through 7:00 p.m. until the next morning. at the end of the day, it is all about perception. >> when we think of san francisco, with think of the toursist things like the golden gate bridge. luz: officials are hoping tourists don't leave think about this. luz pena, abc 7 news. ama: san francisco's top law-enforcement officials are weighing in on the brazen break-ins. the office is ready to prosecute. >> we know that more than 30 individuals were involved. the reality is only eight of them have been arrested. i'm planning on announcing felony charges against all eight tomorrow. we will work with the police to ensure they can bring the other individuals responsible to justice. ama: the mass theft at the louis
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vuitton store has received the most publicity but other businesses were hit on friday night. the police chief bill scott says he needs help on the technological front when it comes to fighting these crimes. >> we can't -- the view live footage. >> there's a camera perched up on union square that is showing live what is going on, you cannot watch the real-time feed on a weekend night? >> we cannot. ama: district attorneys from around the bay area have been talking about ways to be more aggressive after the wave of smash and grabs. dan: san francisco was just the start of the high and organized retail thefts in the bay area. a nasa group at the nordstrom in walnut creek just minutes before closing time. in san jose, security and police officers were not enough to stop the bandits. the south based on its first
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major organized retail theft on sunday. a band of these hit the lululemon shop on centeno -- santan a row. one man was working security just a few doors down and tried to stop them. >> they saw me chasing them and they hopped in their vehicles across the street. i went to try to stop them but the indicated they were willing to run me over so i seized that effort. >> stores are already making changes. >> we always have two people closing. we used to just have one person closing. we are not doing that anymore. hopefully we can be aware of our surroundings and what is going on. dan: while thieves were hitting lululemon, another crime was underway across the street at valley fair mall. >> as soon as the offices appeared, they fled. two suspects made their way into the sunglass hut where they stole sunglasses. dan: stores are looking into hiring private security after a
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mob of about 100 people swarmed the nordstrom at broadway plaza. >> if people are not able to give us enough coverage, hire security to patrol our small downtown merchant area. dan: that sentiment echoed by the president of the walnut creek chamber of commerce. >> our businesses are saying we want to have some certainty of safety. ama: governor newsom says the state is doubling down on its effort to end organized retail crime. he has met with mayors, officers and business owners and getting help from highway patrol. gov. newsom: we met with retailers over the weekend directly, not just police departments. we ask them what they would like and they would like to see more presence as well. that is why you will see an increased presence in and around large retail centers and shopping malls all throughout the bay. ama: for this governor, crime is something that hits close to home. his store has been a target for thieves.
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>> my business has been broken into three times this year. i have no empathy, no sympathy for these folks and they must be held to account. ama: the governor also says he is putting more money in next year's budget to fight retail crime. dan: we have complete coverage of this weekend's thefts on our website. you can find more of our exclusive interview with the san francisco police chief and stories on one happens to stolen merchandise. where does it end up? we will continue to update our website and app with any new developments, including any announcements from prosecutors. ama: in san francisco, the governor also pushed kids to get more of them vaccinated. doctors weigh in. dan: thanksgiving travel already breaking records. the crowds at sfo. ama: christy m iguchi opens an ice rink in san jose. sandhya: i'm sandhya patel. i will let you know how long the holiday forecast. dan: all of that is coming up,
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but first a look at what is ahead on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: thanks. i'll the show -- host the show, you just sit. you are not going to like this one. [laughter] ♪
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the prosecution said today that three white men chased him because he was a black man running down the street. the defense said it was self-defense after he violently resisted what they say was a legal effort to detain him to laes in the area.o ama: a candlelight vigil was held to remember the five people killed and dozens injured when a driver plowed into a christmas parade in waukesha. ♪ a large crowd gathered in the milwaukee suburb of waukesha, holding signs and candles in honor of the victims. the suspect is excited to make his first court appearance tomorrow. investigators say he may have been on the run from another crime. first responders are being held for their efforts to save people. >> our first responders were there with their families, left their families to treat people. ama: at least 16 people remain
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hospitalized with some of them in the intensive care unit. dan: governor newsom visit of a san francisco vaccination clinic today and not only touted booster shots, but urged more families to get their kids vaccinated into the holidays. rob mcmillan with our sister station in los angeles has more with the governor's message. rob: it has been three and a half weeks since the fda gave emergency authorization for kids between five and 11 to get the vaccine. if you look at the numbers, the vast majority of kids that age have so far not been vaccinated. >> all of our kids that go into public school have to receive 10 vaccinations. it's never easy. the measles, mumps, will been cough -- they are hard. including these vaccines. rob: at an event this morning, governor newsom reported 12% of kids between five and 11 have received at least one shot statewide. >> the vaccinations recently opened to that age group, so i
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think there is more education to be done. rob: the riverside county deputy health officer says parents concerned about side effects for younger children should consider this. >> they also get quite a bit of fatigue or they can have some arm soreness, similar to adults. in general, the percentage of kids that are getting these side effects are less compared to the percentage of adults. rob: booster shots for anyone over the age of 18 have now been given emergency authorization as the covid-19 positivity rate in california continues to drop. >> today, we lay claim to having the lowest positivity rate in the united states of america, 1.9%. [applause] rob: as we approach the holidays, some have wondered whether they could be implications for federal employees who have yet to be vaccinated. the white house has not given a deadline on how soon those who refuse to get the shot could lose their jobs, but secretary
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of transportation pete buttigieg says it unlikely will not be anytime soon. >> people are not immediately getting pulled off their posts. it is part of the process to make sure everyone is safe. ama: a holiday getaway is underway. a live look at sfo where they're preparing for a. double passengers the last year. dr. fauci travel and gather with family under one condition. >> people who are not vaccinated are the major source of infection in the community. ama: the sunday after thanksgiving is expect to be the single busiest travel day of the year. dan: it is beginning to look and feel like the holidays in the south bend.
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kristi yamaguchi was back on the ice for an opening ceremony for holiday tradition. kristi yamaguchi downtown ice opened tonight in downtown san jose's cesar chavez plaza across the street from christmas in the park. some tiny reindeer joined in on the fun as you can see. kristi says this year is the rank's 25th anniversary. >> what a better way than to ring in the holidays than to have this opportunity to get together with friends, family outdoors in this beautiful setting? i'm so ready for it. i hope other people are too. dan: a portion of ticket sales will go to kristi yamaguchi's always dream literacy program for underserved children and their families. tickets are available online. the rink is open through january 9. that is a lot of fun especially into thanksgiving holiday weekend. kristi is such a nice lady. ama: what a great effort.
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hopefully it does not melt. a little mild outside. [laughter] sandhya: at night, it is cold. i think they plans for this, all right? i want to show you satellite radar. live doppler 7. it was unbelievably mild. three to 10 degrees above average today. mid 60's to mid 70's. gilroy getting up to 81 degrees. the pacific northwest continues to see the precipitation. the tail end of this cold front is trying to approach the northwestern portion of the state. it will start to break up tomorrow morning so we are not getting anything out of it other than clouds and really taking you through the next week, nothing. everything goes right over the top of the bay area. if you are traveling, a look at the tahoe forecast. temperatures in the 40's. some of those resorts have delayed their opening because it is so mild. highs in the 50's towards the back end of the holiday weekend
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and as we head into early next week. if you are traveling across the state, it will be dry tomorrow so you are good to go. mild on friday. really comfortable whether. nationally, a quiet picture except for the pacific northwest. on wednesday and the southern plains to the midwest is where we are expecting the wet weather. that could possibly cause some problems for those of you traveling for thanksgiving. here's a look at the forecast. crisp start at 8 a.m. it will be comfortable at noontime, 50's and 60's. a nice afternoon with a mix of sun and high clouds. still pleasant at 6:00 p.m. the high clouds with the week front in the north bay right now. we are not expecting much out of it. certainly some fog down below. 2.5 mile visibility in concord. livermore down to four miles. if you are going through those areas, watch out. 40's, 50's on the temperatures. you can feel the chill in the air. a live picture from the kgo roof
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camera. cooler tomorrow afternoon. it will be nice for thanksgiving, right on through the weekend remaining dry. temperatures in the upper 30's to mid 50's. most of you will be dealing with the chilly conditions, so grab that heavier coat or jacket. for the afternoon, a little bit cooler than today. mix of sun and high clouds. upper 50's the low 60's around the coast. mid-60's along the bay shoreline and the inland valleys. minor cooling tomorrow. morning chill on wednesday with gusty conditions in the hills. thanksgiving is looking beautiful with lots of sunshine and dry for those black friday shoppers. the weekend is going to be bright and mild, even bordering on warm for some parts of the bay area. i know we need the rain. don't see anything yet, but maybe towards the end of the month. dan: we will just enjoy what we have. thank you. ama: a surprise on a santa cruz beach. the sand
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ever. the dancing with the stars after party. >> the mirror ball champions and final couples will be going to good morning america. don't miss the dancing after party tomorrow. ama: some impressive sand art. it was a welcome surprise for some beachgoers in santa cruz this weekend. this drone video from above sunny cove shows different piles size of sand. the drone photographer says beachgoers has two women were working on the art and more people decided to join in. he lives in a nearby neighborhood and word spread quickly, prompting even more people to come check out the art. awesome. dan: that is good until the tide comes up. chris alvarez is here with sports. chris: coming up, a busy night
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of local college basketball. tom brady showing off his scrambling ski
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>> abc 7 sports. chris: buster posey has been named nl comeback player of the year. he hit .304, 18 home runs while playing great defense during his final season. the giants signed anthony desclafni with $36 million deal. monday night football. tom brady and the bucs posting the giants. second quarter, giants down 10-3. it is a big man touchdown. daniel jones tackle eligible to daniel thomas. tom brady threw for two touchdowns. tampa bay snaps their two-game losing streak 30-10 over new
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york. it's a bicycle on the ice. sharks hosting the hurricanes. san jose was held scoreless for six straight periods until kevin the bank s -- lebanc snaps the streak. alexander scores. look at hertl. that is a great pass. 2-1 in overtime. st. mary's taking on notre dame and the maui classic from las vegas. tommy cuzy dishes. a 60-58 lead. saint mary's wins and improve to 5-0 this season. warriors toscano anderson sitting courtside at the game. led by 10 at recess. look at him dribbling at the top of the key. he's going to bury the triple. dons win 83-67 and now 6-0.
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santa clara taking on tcu in the socal challenge. get out of my way. the broncos up four. jaylen williams, dribbled, drive and beat the buzzer. they go on to win 85-66. cal taking on 23rd ranked florida in the fort myers tip-off. sam slam and the this game was all gators. florida beats cal. sports on abc 7. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ ama: thank you for watching tonight. dan: for sandhya patel, chris alvarez and all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, sandra
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campaign with tiffany where they wore the necklace that audrey hepburn wore in "breakfast at tiffany's." the necklace was inspired by -- the tiffany necklace made for the 1930s's word fair. the diamond was sourced from botswana. >> also one more note about this. it's a "d" color which means it basically is colorless. it's the highest grade. what president biden is expected to do to combat skyrocketing gas prices. plus the launch later tonight. nasa's mission to save the planet. and the breaking news overnight, a professional wrestler attacked by a fan. you're watching "world news now."
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