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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 23, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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passengers caught up in a crash in a crash and east bay. the late-night derailment impacting a train headed to oakland. kumasi: charges expected as soon as today against a handful of people suspected of break-ins in union square. san francisco's da talking about the case and a crackdown on crime. reggie: i live look outside, starting the day with fog and areas, but mike says we will see some sun. good morning on this tuesday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: i know you did this yesterday, but i am happy today. [laughter] we are all back. reggie: this is nice. kumasi: friends giving gift. mike: shall we talk about the weather? let's do it. let's take a look at the visibility, i haven't it mapped out on live doppler 7. -- i have it mapped out on live
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doppler 7. some of this fog in santa rosa is going to creep slowly down 101, a lot of the fog in fairfield and what is developing in the san ramon valley is going to either stay there or possibly driftittle bit off to the east. some of the fog, it could develop over parts of the bay outside of the valleys, little bit of haze. let's talk temperatures, 42 to 52 at 7:00, 52 the warmest of the coast. with increasing clouds, temperatures not nearly as warm as yesterday. near 60 at noon, but at 4:00 also. mid-50's by 7:00. we will take a look at the updated thanksgiving forecast next. reggie: an amtrak train has derailed after the train smashed into a tractor-trailer that got stuck on the tracks. the crash happened last night on market avenue in north richmond, is in contra costa county. the truck was hauling as many as
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five cars, all of them thrown off the trailer upon impact. according to the fire department, the engineer was hurt, but the extent of injuries is not clear. none of the 30 passengers were hurt. we were put on buses to continue their journey. the train was headed to oakland from bakersfield. kumasi: san francisco's d.a. says his office is read to prosecute eight people in the brazen retail thefts. felony charges are expected to be announced today. this video shows what happened, dozens of thieves broke into the louis vuitton store in union square friday night and grabbed what they could before taking off. all of this happened in a matter of minutes. amy hollyfield is live in union square the new message from the d.a.. amy: good morning. you can still see the police response out here to what happened. they shut down stockton street here in union square to cars, they did this yesterday, too but at 6:00. looks like this might be an effort that goes into effect
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when the sun goes down. here is the video that louis vuitton being robbed ien edbo nnane torney is addressing it on cnn. i facin ral en orgabyritics whoay tgh enougon e on cnn, he said he is tough and will be filing felony charges against those arrested for friday nights attack in union square. >> let it be clear. i am doing everything in my power to keep san francisco safe and to make sure that people who come to our city to commit crimes are held accountable. this is no one person job. it is not a problem that is limited to san francisco. amy: he said police need to make more arrests, pointing out "they only made eight arrests friday"
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even though about 30 people stormed the store. they confiscated two guns into vehicles and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. the police chief said he does expect there will be more arrests. reporting live in san francisco, abv hollifield -- amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: reporter has more in his city leaders are searching for report: oakland police chief calling out city leaders monday after a weekend that not only included what he is calling robbery caravans, targeting retail stores, pharmacies and dispensaries, but shootings and sideshows seen for much of the year. >> 124 homicides, there has not been a call for an emergency being to discuss gun violence in the city of oakland. j.r.: city councilman was quick to respond, saying there is this
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special meeting scheduled for december 7 to discuss violence, also saying this is a major concern of theirs. >> absolutely. we are all concerned, i can attest to that. j.r.: that from a councilmember who, with another, as in support of getting the cease fire program to where it was pre-pandemic. they say funding has been doubled for violence prevention measures, like adding more violence interrupted. >> we save rounds prevention, people think it is long-term, years down the road. some of it is, but some of it could happen quickly. j.r.: oaklands police department was stretched thin this past weekend. the chief says they responded to more than two dozen major crimes in a ten-hour period saturday. abc 7 news insiders if chief armstrong's words monday were bold. >> i can't member a police chief said to city hall, you do not care. that is what he was saying.
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crime is going up, we have problems and have yet to have one emergency meeting to discuss what is right on your doorstep, the biggest problem we have had. >> is a council, we have not stepped up. j.r.: one councilmember would like to see police given more resources. they say filling open positions is key for the department. >> we have 730 seven funded positions and only 680 officers. >> the police chief has the authority to hire officers laterally who are already officers in other departments within the budget, which she ha. it is not easy, but he has the authority. j.r.: abc 7 news. kumasi: organized robberies at two malls in san jose or prompting warnings from police. on sunday, a group of eight people still $47,000 worth of merchandise at a lululemon store. another group made off with
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$7,000 in goods from sunglass hut. san jose police say this was the first major organized robbery in the city. >> we want to put these people on alert. if you come to san jose, we are going to find you, rest you can bring you back your to face charges. kumasi: we recheck to the san jose mayor and santa clara county district attorney -- reached out. both declined to comment. it is not just happening here in the bay area. los angeles police say 20 people tried to break into the nordstrom at the grove strapping center. you can see one of the stores windows smashed -- shopping center. one of the four getaway cars led police on a chase. officials have not said if anyone was arrested or how much the damage to the store will cost. reggie: the governor says the state is doubling down on its effort to end organized retail crime. he is met with mayors, officers, business owners in his getting help from highway patrol. >> we met with retailers over
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the weekend, directly. not just police departments. we asked retailers what they would like, they would like to see more presence. that is why today, you will see an increased presence in and around large retail centers and shopping malls all throughout the bay. reggie: for the governor, crime is something that hits close to home. hihihi target. >> my business has been broken into three times this year. i have no sympathy for these folks, they must be held accountable. reggie: he says he is putting more money next year's budget to fight retail crime. we have complete coverage of organized retail theft and fallout on our website, we will continue to update the website and app with announcements. kumasi: jury deliberations are set to begin today in the trial of three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. this morning, we are hearing from his father about the trial. amy: the --
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jobina: the judges moving deliberations tune into your room of the courthouse for concerns about jurors hearing protesters outside. a defense attorney called for a mistrial because of the demonstrations. the judge denied the motion. travis mcmichael, his father and a neighbor are accused of chasing down and murdering arbery last year. the lawyers say the men had reasonable suspicion to believe he had stolen from a construction site for the encounter. they argued the killing was justified under a citizens arrest law at the time. the father of ahmaud arbery is talking to gma this morning about how he is feeling as they go into jury deliberations. >> i feel we are going to get justice. the evidence is overwhelmingly against those three white men. eight no way we can get justice. -- ain't no way we can't get justice. jobina: all three men have
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pleaded not guilty. if convicted, they face sentences up to life in prison without possibility of parole. kumasi: more fallout from the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol building. this 36 euros from florida has pleaded guilty for his dge ehavior him weakfamouslyseep minded because he followed a lie. he faces six months in jail for the low level misdemeanor in will be sentenced february 25. reggie: the president and first lady off to nantucket to continue a long-standing tradition of spending thanksgiving with family. yesterday, the couple traveled to fort bragg to celebrate a friendsgiving with u.s. service members in military familiesheey and all the fixings to welcoming crowd. the president recounted his late son's service in iraq and says
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u.s. service members are the finest in the world. mike: let's talk about some obstacles to the morning, you can see some fog developing in the lower peninsula around foster city. we've got redwood city at 40. milder around pacifica, about 50 to 51 at half moon bay. 45 degrees right now. most of us in the 40's. dublin, 39. santa rosa, 39. milder in san francisco at 51. in the hills, about 55. for the peninsula, average high is 62 degrees. in the 50's, low clouds becoming more high clouds as we had from 10:00 to noon. we can see low 60's from about 1:00 to 5:00, 55 degrees with increasing stars at 8:00. here's a look at today's future radar, you can see a few showers possible off the coast from that
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relatively dry cold front. otherwise, the only real sensible weather is the increase in high clouds and cooler conditions today. the clouds go away, we lose the blanket effect, it is going to be significantly colder tomorrow morning. for today's activities, it is going to be dry. if you're outside, it is going to be foggy early, so visibility will be low. you will want to have a light jacket with cooler temperatures. thanks forecast, let us take a look. starting off 37 to 46. chilly in the morning, by the time we get to the afternoon, tim disclosed average. mid to upper 60's. we will take a look at the rest of the seven-day coming up and say good morning to jobina. jobina: we are starting with a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are traveling along westbound 580 between richmond parkway and all the way across the san rafael bridge, there was a truck driving with some sort of large debris, rocks, dirt
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from all of this stuff that is spread across all the lanes in various locations. it will need to be swooped out of the way. heads up, it can damage your tires. a in oakland, 880 at the coliseum. like the traveling southbound. no major blocking issues, drive times are great. looking at 32 minutes. reggie: a special guest at new york's metropolitan opera. the 30-year-old making a name for himself online. kumasi: pg&e facing millions in fines. the citations issued after inspections. reggie: a founder expected to reggie: a founder expected to take a stand mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold! mrs. claus t merrrs findss longest list you go to ross it shortens colds! so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: pg&e is reportedly facing fines over inspections of our equipment. they were issued to citations totaling $7.5 million. one comes after quote deficiencies were found on a-voltage power line. the other involves the failure
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to inspect 55,000 polls on the voltage lines. the company says it has plans to resolve issues safely and as quickly as possible. reggie: elizabeth holmes is expected to take the stand for the third time. she is testifying in her own criminal trial. reporter: elizabeth holmes takes the stand. 37-year-old seen hand in hand with her partner and her mom. the young founder became a silicon valley superstar when she dropped out of stanford at 19 to launch her own health care company. >> we made it possible to run comprehensive laboratory tests from a tiny sample or a few drops of blood. reporter: on the stand, defending herself against allegations she defrauded patients, doctors and investors if convicted, she faces up to decades in prison him about his pleaded not guilty.
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abc news, san jose. reggie: a new episode of the dropout is out today. the podcast, hosted by abc news chief business inspector, you can listen to it wherever you stream podcasts. kumasi: a special guest with two unique skills is debuting at the metropolitan opera. a polish artist whose online videoes have racked up nearly 8 million views. ♪ reggie: single. kumasi: singing and a high countertenor range, which is equivalent to the vocal range of a woman. >> when i was 18, i found breaking. it was like and enlightening for me, it combines everything i love. the music, physicality,
5:18 am
acrobatic stuff. also art. kumasi: ok. he is making his debut in the new opera. here it is. he has musical performances scheduled at stanford and berkeley in march. reggie: everything about this is a dream for me. i didn't think he would have the speaking voice he does. i'm confused. can i also sing this i? -- high? kumasi: you can do anything. reggie: i could do the breakdancing, maybe. [laughter] he speaks in a very regular tone. he even has a kind of deeper voice for a man. kumasi: then he hits you with it. mike: and hits you with english, too. multilingual, breakdancing, opera. reggie: and the fitness. mike: that is someone i want to see on youtube. kumasi: you can see him at stanford and berkeley. [laughter] mike: all right, let's take a
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look what is going on weatherwise. coming uposse uth bay. and 880. clouds get out of the high clouds, that with the cold front will help temperatures tumble from yesterday's mid 60's to low 70's. breezy and the hills tonight. thankfully, they are green, or we would be talking about a fire threat. definitely colder in the valleys tonight, so get ready for that. the weekend, the brightest and warmest afternoon in the forecast. here's like at the cold front, you can see some moisture with it. and some high-level snow, but note where it is. mainly in oregon and washington. we will see what it does to temperatures. 62 today and half moon bay, most of us aroundthat is average forf year. tonight, much cooler. 40's everywhere, even in san francisco.
5:20 am
the green you see, those are some of the higher elevations. plenty of 30's in the north bay valleys in east bay valleys. the travel forecast, we highlight the pacific northwest for wet weather. kansas city, st. louis not as bad as chicago. chicago is a major hub if you are trying to fly. if your turn to fly to the east coast, pretty clear. definitely cool over there, 40's and 50's w the warmest weather around dallas where there is a stray shower possible , about 74. the accuweather 7 day forecast, tomorrow starting off cooler. winds will come, high clouds hang around. temperatures top out about the same as today. feel better without the wins. thanksgiving, look at this. 64 to 68. about the same for friday, then we lose the clouds. near 70 around the bay and inland with mid to upper 60's at the coast. that is going to feel fantastic. kumasi: at least $20 million,
5:21 am
that is the likely cost for tiffany's most expensive piece of jewelry ever. the necklace was just unveiled in dubai in features when 80 carats of diamonds set in platinum. the centerpiece -- 180 carats of diamonds set in platinum. tiffany's has not said how much it will cost, but experts it could be anywhere between $20 million into $30 million. reggie: coming up, seven things to know. kumasi: a statement getting a lot of reaction online. reggie: smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪
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kumasi: here are seven things to know this morning. san francisco district attorney says he will announce felony charges today against the eight arrested for friday nights attack in union square. he says police need to make more arrests after dozens of people were seen storming the louis vuitton store. reggie: governor newsom says he is working with mayors, business owners and law enforcement to bring down crime across the state. he is also putting more money and extras budget to fight we till crime. kumasi: jury deliberations are set to begin today in the trial of three white men accused and
5:24 am
charged of killing ahmaud arbery. all three have pleaded not guilty. reggie: president biden is expect it to announce he will release oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to stop the surge gas prices. you can watch the announcement live at 11:00. mike: so many of you are traveling the next few days. we will do a travel forecast for the entire state. the only issue you have to worry about is fog, here and in the san joaquin valley. jobina: if you're traveling to work, brand-new crash coming in and san jose that is beginning to start a backup. northbound 101 before 280, injuries are involved and one lane is blocked. kumasi: spoiler alert. a new couple. basketball s s s s s s s s took on the top prize on dancing with the stars. coming up, we will hear from the seasons winners.
5:25 am
starting today, shoppers in san francisco's union square can check out a modern twist to annual tradition. the windows of macy's will debut its holiday display the videos of rescue animals from the aspca looking for forever homes. this change started last year because of the pandemic. the tradition has helped more than 10,000 animals find a home. the display will be up until january 2. reggie: i a : you've got rooster. re that's tr in a the gold-medal skater was back on the ice during the opening ceremony for a holiday tradition area -- tradition. it opened last night. some tiny reindeer joined in on the fun. this year's the 25th anniversary. >> what better way to ring in the holidays then have this opportunity to get together with friends and family outdoors in this beautiful setting? i am so ready for it, i hope
5:26 am
others are too. it is amazing. reggie: ticket sales go go go go literary program for underserved children and their families. look get snoopy skating, that is cute. tickets are available online. i like his little hat. what is this? baby, it is cold outside. that is maybe what washington wizards player was saying when he decided to wear this oversized pink sweater before he took to the court last night against the hornets. nba players are roasting him on social media. his response to many was because "it's cold out." the sweater cost nearly $1700. kumasi: these players where any and anything. it's become like the bear catwalk. if that is what he wants to express himself wearing. reggie: it looks like reckitt
5:27 am
ralph -- wreck-it before him. or the hope. -- hulk. kumasi: if it is cold, i like my shoulders to be covered. reggie: can you imagine how long his actual arms are? coming up at 5:30, a christmas tradition some consider a nightmare has returned. the festive decoration that came back to life. kumasi: a popular brand is saying goodbye to social media. the awareness is hoping to spread. reggie:
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i am planning on announcing c criminal charges, felony charges against all eight. kumasi: ready to prosecute.
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san francisco's da taking action after the brazen break-ins in union square. his message about high-profile crimes. reggie: diving into where the stolen merchandise ends up. turns out, it is not too hard to find. what happens when it is recovered. kumasi: an urgent need for blood donations ahead of the holidays. what you can get forgiving. >> you want it -- won [laughter] reggie: the winning moment on dancing with the stars. the history making mirabal champion. kumasi: i am excited. i tried to vote for him 70 times, it finally got through. my vote pushed him over the edge. it is tuesday, november 23. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: we are going to start with a check on the weather. mike: let's take a look at what is going on weatherwise. a little more moisture in the air this morning, you can see some fog forming down to the san
5:31 am
ramon valley. we've got some fog along highway 37, also highway four. that will hang around for the better part of the morning commute. it is pretty chilly out there at 7:00, upper 30's and the north bay and san ramon valley, 40's elsewhere. san francisco is a little milder in the 50's. by the time we had to noon, we get rid of the low clouds and fog. it will leave some hates -- hayes -- haze. not as comfortable as it was yesterday, about 60 to 63 with a blanket of high clouds dimming the sunshine. as we head toward 7:00, the clouds go away and we are down to the low end upper 50's. a couple of chilly nights on the way with some gorgeous afternoons. see you in a bit with the seven day forecast. reggie: felony charges are expected today in the organized retail theft in union square. dozens of thieves broke into the louis vuitton store on friday, eight were arrested.
5:32 am
amy hollyfield is live in union square with what the da is now saying. amy: police are here again this morning, they are blocking the street to traffic to keep cars from going to union square. this appears to be a new late-night overnight tactic. last night, they reopened at 6:00 a.m. thwaitinjust ore beieaving theus bbed friday nighs mastrt attorney made an appearance on cnn to address it. he says he will be filing felony charges against the eight people who were arrested. when asked about critics who say he is too soft on crime, he turned the spotlight on police and the job they are doing. >> we are doing everything we can, we need police to continue to make arrests and ring us higher-quality investigations. take the incident in union square a days ago.
5:33 am
we know more than 30 individuals were involved. the reality is, only eight of them have been arrested. amy: he election organized by people who complain he takes a radical approach to fighting crime and is not tough enough on criminals, especially repeat offenders. on cnn, he said the eight people arrested in the union square attacks will face felony charges in his office will be working with police to bring others who committed this robbery to justice. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: in a conversation with abc 7 insider, the san francisco police chief says he needs help on the technological front when it comes to fighting these kinds of crimes. >> we can't -- the sfp view live footage. city county ordinances, that is correct. >> there is a karen perched up
5:34 am
on unions -- camera perched up on union square, you cannot watch it? >> that is correct. kumasi: district attorneys have been talking about ways they can be more aggressive after a wave of smash and grabs. reggie: some stores in union square have boarded up after the weekend thefts. leaders in the tourism industry say this can have a big impact on them into the economy. abc 7 news reporter has more. reporter: multiple windows covered with plywood to tell a story of a city that lived through a spree of organized thefts in the heart of san francisco's shopping district. >> we were kind of shocked itedd was so brazen. reporter: this family arrived to the city on texas -- from texas on sunday. she drove from chico to san francisco to relax and was met with this. >> it makes me uncomfortable.
5:35 am
it makes me a little nervous. reporter: according to the police department, nearly 12 stores were hit at the same time by a mob of 80 to 100 people on friday. in union square, the christmas tree and ice rink should be the main focus. but these are the images that have gone viral. san francisco hotel council is concerned this will be the image people will think about when they think san francisco. >> when a chronic this occurs, it is concerning to us, as well. -- crime like this occurs, is consumed us, as well. we hope it does not have a long-term impact on the image of the city, but is a reality we have to deal with. reporter: the large police presence is not only hoping tourists feel safe, also retailers. >> it is something considerably. it is been really nice to have such a strong show on behalf of the police department. reporter: the san francisco police department is also planning to close several
5:36 am
streets in union square from 7:00 p.m. until the next morning. but at the end of the day, it about perception. >> we think of the things we want to do, like alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, union square. reporter: city officials hope tours do not leave thinking about this. in san francisco, abc 7 news. kumasi: where does all the stolen merchandise land? are retailers able to trace the stolen products? the short answer, it is pretty easy for retailers, the victims, to find the stolen goods being sold online. >> they are not usually keeping it for themselves, they are selling it. there's a lot of places these items go. we are seeing more and more technology and retailers able to tag their products, so they know where it ends up. kumasi: what if the goods are recovered instead of going back to the stores, they are usually entered as evidence. in cities like san francisco,
5:37 am
one a crick in san jose that suffer the most, they lose out on sales tax revenue. we have complete coverage on our website and will continue to update it and are apt with any new developments, including announcements from prosecutors. reggie: a driver accused of plowing his suv through a christmas parade in wisconsin is expected to make his first court appearance this morning. jobina is at the live desk with new information about him and some of the victims. jobina: authorities are seeing the suspect in this horrifying incident, a nine-year-old darrell brooks is being charged -- 39-year-old being charged with intentional homicide and is expected to appear before a judge. earlier this month, he was accused of running over the mother of his child and what appears to be the same suv in the christmas parade. he was released from jail on $1000 bail. investigators believe during the christmas parade, he was trained
5:38 am
to get away from another crime scene when police say he plowed straight into the crowd. in addition to the five killed, at least 48 others were hurt, including 18 children. >> there is just, like, so many bodies in the road. then i saw them stripped pick them up, they were, like, little kids. -- start to pick them up. >> i saw a roughly 10 people bounce off of that car. you can hear thud, thud as he drove through. jobina: many of those killed were part of the group dancing grannies, the group of seniors is known throughout wisconsin four-color for -- colorful costume dance routines. he faces a life sentence if convicted. kumasi: a new effort to control the surge in gas prices across the country. president biden's expected order today. reggie: dancing with the stars after party on gma this morning,
5:39 am
the new champs and all finalists flying overnight from california to new york. the reaction after the history making win. but first, check on the weather. mike: 5:39, look from south beach pretty clear as look at the western span of the bay bridge. there are more pockets of fog to contend with during the morning commute in the north bay and inland east bay. otherwise, minimal breezes if you are out on the water. it will feel like november all day, subject weather all day. heavier in the morning. the coldest temperatures are up across lake county, we've got a frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. keep everything protected until then. here's look at the foggy and cool temperatures, also in the inland east bay neighborhood. san ramon is the cheapest thoughts, all of us in the low to mid 40's outside of there. elsewhere, mid to upper 30's and north bay valleys. san francisco 51, low to mid 40's for the rest of the bay
5:40 am
sure -- shore dentist in auclair valley. we try to warm it a little bit, but not really until we get rid of the fog around 10:00 to noon. then we hang out in the low 60's, dented 53 by 8:00. good news, even with stagnant air, the air quality is going to be good to moderate, which is clean. not only today, tomorro for outg activities. we take a look at how warm it is going to be coming up in the seven day forecast. jobina: thank you, i am working on my outdoor set. we are starting with a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. i know it's is singular, but it is not as scary as it seems. with the chp is telling us is that a truck dropped off some dirt and rocks, it is in the roadway, going to be on westbound 580 between richmond parkway all across the san rafael bridge. this street sweepers are on the way.
5:41 am
moving down to san jose, a crash we are looking at. this is a solo car spin out were injuries are involved just before 280. at least one lane is blocked, speeds are down to write eight miles per hour. heads up if you are coming out of the south bay. wrapping up with a live look and walnut
5:42 am
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kumasi: the red cross is asking for help, saying he is dealing with the lowest holiday blood supply in more than a decade. it is asking people to consider donating blood over thanksgiving into december. we will get a free gift if you do. they say the ongoing pandemic into fewer blood drives have contributed to the recent drop in donations. people who give through december 16 will get a free pair of socks or a $10 amazon gift card. you will also be registered to win a private screening of the new matrix film for you and 50
5:44 am
of your friends. reggie: governor newsom says efforts against a recent uptick in covid cases in california seem to be working. >> in the last 10 or 11 days, we have seen some stability. some good signs, that is good news. today, we lay claim to having the lowest positivity rate in the united states of america. 1.9%. es eff tohe a visit to san francisco clinic yesterday. he also encouraged vaccinations for children ages five to 11 and promoted the availability for adults to prevent a spike during the holiday season. kumasi: president biden is taking action to lower gas prices. today, the president will order the release of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. that could bring down prices continuing to search. nationally, the price of a regular gallon of gas is $3.40. in california, is $4.71.
5:45 am
nowhere is a more painful than right here in the bay area, where you are paying four dollars 88 cents a gallon, which is the highest price in america. nearly two dozen democrats in the house and senate are urging the president to tap into the reserve. the hope is to give some relief to american consumers who are seen sticker shock every time they go to the gas station. president biden is expected to discuss the move later today. >> the president controls the price of gas, oil is sold on a global market. as we see is everyone is coming out of covid, there is a huge increase in kumasi:ted effort by large oil consuming nations. the biden administration is calling on china, india, japan and south korea to do the same to buy some time for supply to catch up with demand. abc news will air a special report for the president's
5:46 am
announcement, expected around 11:00 this morning. you can watch it live right here and wherever you stream. reggie: i doubt you are ready for this next story. a unique holiday display in canada got a facelift. woody the talking christmas tree is back at the micmac mall in nova scotia. the tree has a large face in the mouth that moves. the person who treated this video wrote our local mall christmas nightmare is back after 15 years. according to local media, woody fell into despair into the previous owner decided to stop displaying it, which was a smart decision. the mall's new owner brought him back to life. when he talks to children about their christmas wishes. --dyo children about maeir christbo her can mike: 'm nere to knock masi: but? mike: but after covid, z the
5:47 am
first thing you want to see when you go to the mall. reggie: absolutely not. mike: does he have his own cartoon like and frosty and rudolph? kumasi: i'm just laughing. [laughter] mike: the word has been spoken. let's move on, it is 5:47 tuesday. good morning, here's a look at what is going on from south beach. clouds will be on the increase today, high clouds. that is going to shave a few degrees off the afternoon temperatures. look at this, no chance of rain. the seven day forecast, all the goodwill we put up -- built up in october is slowly slipping through the hands like grains of sand. a sunny weekend, some areas get near record warm saturday and sunday. as far as what is going on, we do not do the visible satellite in the morning.
5:48 am
let's jump on ensure you what is going on with infrared satellite. the winter weather is going to stay north, that is what stays the next seven days. temperatures for us back to average due to the dry cold front. we've got temperatures around 62 to 66 degrees this afternoon. it will become breezy in the hills, that will continue during the overnight. that is what we see a lot of green, those are temperatures in the 50's. the cold front will usher in the driest air of the season. expect our deepest valleys, look at the north bay. mid to upper 30's, that will happen in the san ramon valley. there's possibilities around stanford in palo alto falling into the 30's tonight, will the rest of us are in the 40's. some issues around denver, kansas city, st. louis, chicago, seattle and portland if you are traveling tomorrow. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast, if you are staying with us, expect more of the same tomorrow to mature wise in the afternoon after the colder morning. a beautiful thanksgiving, high
5:49 am
clouds, sunshine. sick 4068. check out temperatures, -- temperatures. kumasi: a new couple crowned myhrvold champions. basketball star iman shumpert and his partner ended up taking home the top price. here is abc news reporter. reporter: that news is the credits rolled over the final seconds of s. basketball star iman shumpert and his partner are the new champions of dancing with the stars after a night of scoring nothing but tense. of the final four, iman was the only consistent with no prior dance experience. with the help of his partner, he did it his way. >> it is about the connection with people, sharing a good time, a good energy. i am just honored to be a part of this franchise. daniela picked at who i was at the core, right away.
5:50 am
reporter: also scoring all tense, the show's same-sex dance team. when fewer votes were factor in -- viewer votes were factor they came in second. >> everything i set out to do and so much more. i got my own mirabal right here. -- mirror all here. reporter: a fitness instructor and his partner finished third, owed b tears shared behinthi'm happy n would've been happy for any contestant. reporter: the crew is already striking the set. while the show has not been officially renewed for season 31, i expect you will see me back and this ballroom in the fall. in los angeles, abc news. reggie: gma is having a dancing
5:51 am
with the stars after party this morning. all of the final couples are on the show, including the winners. >> i felt like the whole season, i was telling her, you are great at what you do. everybody was saying she didn't have a mirabal, i am happy she got one. you can get rid of that excuse, she got one. it has been amazing to be a part of dancing with the stars. reggie: coming up, catch the full interview and hear what he says was the most special part e really dance? he was dancing away. reggie: this top three, they are all good.
5:52 am
and jojo. she did really well. kumasi: that is why you have to vote. reggie: more about who will join blue origins next flight to space. one of the crewmembers is a very familiar face. kumasi: ditching social media. a popular cosmetic brand decision to stop using for popular platforms. reggie: the effort am when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor. mix it into a stir fry.
5:53 am
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feels moisturized and clean. my friend stefanie, her skin was dry. i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today. kumasi: a popular cosmetics brand is saying goodbye to social media. lush cosmetics says the decision was made to raise awareness
5:55 am
about how the platforms damage mental health. they are planed to stay off of those channels until they ensure a safe environment for users. it will continue to use twitter and youtube. and youtube. transition away from single-use plastic and use paper-based bags or cardboard instead. amazon is responding to complaints about deliveries causing mountains of waste throughout germany. the changes expected to be done by the end of the year. reggie: some impressive sand art. a welcome surprise first -- for beachgoers in santa cruz. it shows different sized piles of sand arranged into a circle. the photographers says people on the beach told him two women were working on the art. then, everybody joined in. he says he lives nearby and word quickly spread, prompting even more people to come into checkup the art -- check out the art.
5:56 am
that looks like so much work. mike: a lot of sand to move, that is amazing. was talk about thanksgiving, it is going to be chilly that morning. 37 to 46. but 10:00, 55 to 58. her gorgeous afternoon with mid to upper 60's. let's take a look at what is indicative, look at the pacific northwest. this is the next seven days, wave after wave. and the possibility of some flooding is going to develop once again. over the next seven days, places like portland could have two inches, seattle three. even more as he had to canada. that is where all of the wet weather is. kumasi: new at 6:00, the afghan refugee crisis is far from over. a bay area organization is giving us an update on its effort to place thousands of people in need. reggie: san francisco is da addressing organized retail crime. the announcement he is expected to make today. kumasi: kyle rittenhouse looking
5:57 am
back on the day he shot three people during unrest in kenosha. what he
5:58 am
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and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato nbn by not bas or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> this is abc 7 news. >> did people don't feel safe, they can go about their business. we have work to do. kumasi: san francisco district attorney says he is making roads
6:00 am
to make that hold suspects accountable. >> step up conversation about the loss of life in the city. reggie: open please stretched -- oakland police stretched thin. kumasi: a new strategy to bring down gas prices. the announcement expected from the white house today. reggie: good morning. you are watching abc 7 mornings. we will start with your accuweather forecast and mike nicco. mike: can we jump ahead to the gas story? reggie: i have to fill up today. i have been waiting until that thing -- i'm on fumes. kumasi: a light came on when i pulled in today. i'm not getting gas in san francisco. my voice cannot get the word out. oakland, here i come. mike:


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