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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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to make that hold suspects accountable. >> step up conversation about the loss of life in the city. reggie: open please stretched -- oakland police stretched thin. kumasi: a new strategy to bring down gas prices. the announcement expected from the white house today. reggie: good morning. you are watching abc 7 mornings. we will start with your accuweather forecast and mike nicco. mike: can we jump ahead to the gas story? reggie: i have to fill up today. i have been waiting until that thing -- i'm on fumes. kumasi: a light came on when i pulled in today. i'm not getting gas in san francisco. my voice cannot get the word out.
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oakland, here i come. mike: move out of the way. i'm on fumes. reggie: i'm looking at off brands. i'm going to the gas station you are scared of a little bit. all of it. mike: every four or five days. it is brutal. let's talk about something that may be a little troubling this morning. we have some fog out there. this is your normal radiation os they are sliding south and southeast. a lot of this will stay put or move off to the east. i don't expect this to come into the bay like a normal offshore wind event. i wanted to go cancel adams. -- ansel adams. 40's and highs around noon to 4:00 only around 60. kumasi: thank you, mike. san francisco's da is ready to
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prosecute people in the brazen retail theft in union square. you have seen this video. it showed dozens of thieves breaking into the louis vuitton store before just taking off. all this happening in a matter of minutes. amy hollyfield is live with the message from the da. amy: the district attorney says he will do whatever it takes to make sure people feel safe in san francisco. this video of the store being robbed is being talked about on national news. the district attorney appeared on cnn to address what happened here and what is being done now. he's facing a recall election organized by critics who say he is not tough enough on crime, especially repeat offenders. he said he is tough and will be filing felony charges against those arrested for friday night's attack in union square.
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>> i am doing everything in my power to keep san francisco safe and make sure people who come to our city to commit crimes are held accountable. this is not a one-person job. it is not a problem limited to san francisco. amy: he said police need to make more arrests, pointing out, "they only made eight arrests on friday even though 30 people stormed the store." police say they arrested two women and six men and confiscated two guns and two vehicles and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. the police chief does expect there will be more arrests. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. in oakland, there is a sense of disbelief and anger over what was a weekend of nonstop crime. the police department was stretched thin according to the chief. he said they responded to two
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dozen major crimes in 10 hours on saturday. there were roving robbery caravans targeting retail stores, pharmacies and dispensaries. then there were shootings, then sideshows. a suspected carjacking suspect was shot dead by his officers after what is investigators say was a chase and gun battle in a residential neighborhood. >> i need help from the leaders of the city. there has not been one call for an emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the city of oakland. reicn o erpecial meeting scheduled for december 7 to discuss the violence. kumasi: organized robberies in san jose are prompting police. a group of eight people stole $47,000 worth of merchandise from the lululemon store at santana row. another made up of $7,000 in goods from the sunglass hut across the street at valley fair
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at the same time. san jose police say this is the first major organized robbery in the city. >> we want to put these people on alert. if you come to san jose, we will arrest you and bring you back here. kumasi: we have reached out to san jose's mayor and the santa clara county district attorney. both declined to comment. it is not just happening in the bay area. l.a. police say 20 people try to break into the north grove shopping center. one of the store's windows was smashed. getaway cars led police on a chase. officials have not said if anybody was arrested or how much damage was done to the store. reggie: the govst doubling downn efforts to end organized retail crime. he has met with mayors, officers and business owners. he's getting help from highway patrol. >> we met with retailers over the weekend directly, not just with lease departments. we asked them what they would
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like to see. they would like to see more presence. you will see an increased presence in and around large retail centers and shopping malls all throughout the bay. reggie: for the governor, crime hits close to home. >> my businesses have been broken into three times this year. i have no empathy, no sympathy for these folks. they must be helped to account. reggie: the governor says he's putting more money in next years budget to fight b tell crime. we have complete coverage of the organized retail theft and the fallout on we will continue to update the website and app with new developments, including announcements from prosecutors. kumasi: developing enrichment, and amtrak -- in richmond, an amtrak train crashed last night on market avenue.
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the truck was hauling as many as five cars. re thrn off the trailer on impact. according to the fire department, the engineer was hurt but the extent of the injuries is not clear. none of the 30 passengers were hurt. they were put on buses to continue their journey. the train was heading to oakland from bakersfield. jury deliberations will begin today in the trial of three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. we are hearing from his father about the trial. jobina: the judges moving deliberations to an interior room at the courthouse because of concerns about jurors hearing protesters outside. a defense attorney called for a mistrial because of the demonstrations. the judge denied the motion. travis mcmichael, his father gregory and william bryan are accused of chasing down and murdering aubrey last year. their lawyers say they had reasonable suspicion to believe he had stolen from a construction site before the encounter.
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they argue the killing was justified under a citizens arrest law. the father of ahmaud arbery is talking to gma about how he is feeling going into the liberations. >> i feel we will get justice. the evidence is overwhelming against those three white men that killed my son. ain't no way we can't get justice. jobina: the prosecution claims aubrey was targeted because of his race. all three have pleaded not guilty. if convicted, they face sentences up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. reggie: thank you. elizabeth holmes is inspected to take the stand today for the third time. she is testifying in a criminal trial. she is defending yourself against allegations she defrauded patients, doctors and investors. prosecutors will question her after thanksgiving. she pleaded not guilty to all charges. if convicted, she faces up to decades in prison. kumasi: coming up, thousands of
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afghan refugees are looking for a home. a local organization giving an update on his progress helping those in need. reggie: a sweater situation. did this nba player go too far with his wild wardrobe? we will discuss. mike: think of how many people he could've built another sweater for out of that. i have frost advisory for lake and mendocino county. keep everything protected until then. i have near record warm temperatures coming
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kumasi: pgd is facing millions in fines over safety problems with inspections at some power equipment. the california public utilities commission issued two citations
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equaling $7.5 million. one comes after deficiencies were found on a high-voltage power line. the other involves failure to inspect 55,000 poles on lower voltage lines. the coming plans to resolve the issues safely and as quickly as possible. reggie: the jewish family and community services of the east bay is expanding staff and services to help afghan evacuees. they say they are still are still 53,000 afghans on military bases in the u.s. they have welcome to 200 refugees and help them resettle in the bay area. to find out how you can help, good housing -- go to jfcs mike: the heaters are running as you're waking up this morning. 38 at santa clara. campbell, 39, alongsanta jose.
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39, napa. alameda and san francisco mile that 51. let's go back to the south bay. clear conditions there 8:00. jumping up to 57. a nice run into the 10:00 hour. low to mid 60's with a few more high clouds this afternoon. down to 54 by 8:00. future radar. a few radar returns off the mendocino and sonoma county coast. watch them disappear as the cold front comes through. you can see the increasing high clouds that will aid in dropping temperatures today. we clear out tonight. that is why it will be colder tomorrow morning. as far as activity planners, it will be dry outside. if you're running errands, a little fog early. if you're doing exercise, you may be need a jacket at all times today. here is a look at the commute. jobina: good morning.
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starting off with good news coming out of the south bay. crash we were following in san jose has cleared on northbound one before 280. speeds -- northbound 101 before 280. metering lights are on. people are starting to get off for the holiday. they flipped on that:34. a live picture from the san mateo bridge. things moving at the limit in both directions. dizzy or if you're traveling towards the peninsula. a teaser for you. lots of people will be traveling tomorrow. i have the worst times where you should not get on the road. we will talk about that event 6:30. kumasi: kyle rittenhouse speaking publicly for the first time since being acquitted. reggie: an announcement about blue origin's next space flight. one of the passengers you will definitely know. kumasi: a live look outside right now at 6:14.
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we will be right
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reggie: we are hearing from kyle rittenhouse. they gave his first tv interview since being acquitted for killing two men and attempt to kill another. jobina: the 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse appeared on fox news. he talked for the first time about being in the center of the trial that ignited a national debate on self-defense, gun rights and vigilantism. he was 17 when he shot killed two men and injured another during protest last year over the police shooting of jacob blake. he insists the case had never anything to do with race and resents becoming a political symbol. >> this is something i wish never would have happened.
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but it did and we can't change that. how polarized it became is absolutely sickening. right or left, people using me for a cause that should never have been used as a cause. jobina: he says he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict and is looking forward to his future. he may face more legal consequences for his actions. the families of the people rittenhouse shot are willing to sue him. kumasi: thank you. more fallout from the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol building. adam johnson of florida has pleaded guilty for his involvement. he was carrying speaker nancy pelosi's lectern through the halls. a judge calls his behavior clownish because he followed alive -- a lie. he is due to be sentenced on -- reggie: yes yes yes yes yes
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to fort bragg to celebrate with u.s. service members and military families. they helped serve a thanksgiving feast with all the expected turkey and sides. the president recounted his late son's service in iraq and work in kosovo. he said he was service members are the finest in the world. kumasi: a big announcement from good morning america. michael strahan is going to space next month. >> i will be blasting often the next blue origin space launch. [applause] i'm going to space. >> you are a brave man, michael. kumasi: ok. he will be one of the six people on board blue origin's third fight on december 9. he's been busy getting ready for the new mission on the new shepard rocket. how did he get that coveted ticket to ride? >> they approached me. they asked if i wanted to be a crewmember. withoutes
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kumasi: the countdown is now on. it is 16 days to go until blastoff. stray handsets that amount of time will be spent training, going through the preflight safety checks that are needed for the flight. reggie: i mean i'm sure it will go great. kumasi: yes. reggie: i don't need that in my life. kumasi: i feel like his perspective can be interesting to show us how much you will be able to show us. reggie: yeah. kumasi: what? reggie: is it is just the same thing over and over again? they go up and come down. mam i too ove -- over it. your application is still being reviewed. mike: time of -- i am a few
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years older and probably not in as good a shape. he's about 6'4", i think. a look at san rafael. pretty quiet out there. high clouds will be on the increase today. a cold front will drop temperatures down to where they should be in the low to mid ef ra theext seveyso the north. that leads us to the possibility we get near record high temperatures and a few neighborhoods this weekend. here is that cold front. radar returns down as far as crescent city, possibly eureka. nothing for us other than breezy conditions along the coast today. that is keeping you at 62 at half moon bay. the rest of us around 63 to possibly 66 degrees. even colder tonight. widespread 30's in the deepest valleys. possibly around palo alto and stanford. everyone else in the 40's with a few high clouds hanging around.
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a couple of cities i want to highlight. chicago, major hub. st. louis, kansas city, dallas a few showers likely. they will be snow in the mountains to the west of denver but not in denver. all that rain heading up to the pacific northwest could cause issues. a look at my accuweather 7-day forecast. a little breezy in the hills tomorrow. temperatures about the same as today. a degree or two warmer for thanksgiving. look at all that sunshine with mid-60's to low 70's this weekend. reggie: now we will turn it over to ginger zee joining us from new jersey. she is joining us with a look at what's coming up on gma. ginger: that's right. amy goes to the bottom of the earth, straight hand -- strahan is going to space and i'm in new jersey. we get into the holiday season
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to talk about a tree crunch. i will get to that story. first, so many headlines coming up on gma. that includes starting live in wisconsin where that christmas parade tragedy left five people dead and dozens injured. the suspect expected to face a judge today. we are live there. alex perez giving us more about the victims. what you need to know if you happen to be one of the more than 50 million americans heading out for the big thanksgiving weekend. and, our dancing with the stars after party. comic away with the celebration. i would have said i was surprised into the last two weeks and then he out danced everybody. so good and explosive. i cannot leave without saying yes, there is an announcement you were talking about from michael strahan about being on the next blue origin flight. you'll see that and more coming up on gma. reggie: this is really something.
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ginger, you have been to a lot of places on the earth. just not outside of the earth. ginger: i have definitely done my fair share. just not quite on that part of the atmosphere. i have just studied that part a lot. reggie: that does count. ginger root get her turn, i'm sure. kumasi: if she wants it. reggie: if that's what she manifests for herself. ginger: that's right. for now, i'm here with my trees. re
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mike: let's look at what's going on with your thanksgiving forecast. 37 to 46. we will be in the mid to upper 50's by 10:00. wonderful smells inside. well, they may keep you inside but this will draw you outside. upper 60's. the next seven days, wave after wave of storms hitting the pacific northwest.
6:27 am
typical la niña pattern. plotting possible in portland. seattle with two to four inches of rain over that seven-date period. reggie: baby, it is cold outside. maybe that is what kyle kuzma was saying. kumasi: he wore this oversized pink sweater before he took to the court last night. nba players are roasting him on social media for it. his response to many phone rang it was because it is cold out. the cost was nearly $1700. reggie: i was ready to give it a chance. kumasi: i am, because he pulled it off. the walk, the face. he is modeling this. that is fashion. reggie: it is very muppety ok.
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next, more than 100 places could undergo a name change. we will axley why. -- we will explain why. kumasi: and the announcement of how the district attorney is .gg: a live look outside at 6:28.
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>> this is abc 7 news. reggie: he's accused of not being tough enough on crime. san francisco's d.a. says he is making moves on the recent ni e it -- eats getting into the marijuana business. reggie: nasa about to embark on a daring mission to deliberately destroy an asteroid.
6:31 am
kumasi: good morning, everybody. you are watching abc 7 mornings. we are starting with a check of the forecast with mike. mike: i have seen those movies. one turns out better than the other. the science behind that is fantastic. more moisture in the air so we more fog develop in the inland east bay neighborhoods. you can see by the walnut creek, looking down to the san ramon valley where the fog is thick. it will hang around through 9:00 and then fade away to hazy conditions and high clouds. they will increase from 7:00 this morning until noon. you will see temperatures jump from 30's and 40's into the upper 50's to near 60. low to mid 60's as we had through 4:00 this evening. the high clouds go away and we weakly fall back to the 50's. reggie: felony charges are respected in the organized retail theft at union square. dozens of thieves broke into the
6:32 am
louis vuitton store friday. eight were arrested. amy hollyfield is live in union square with what the da is saying. amy: police have a presence out here at union square, trying to make sure people feel safe since the attack on friday night. the district attorney now saying he's doing all he can and will do all he can to make people feel safe in san francisco. the video of the store being robbed friday night has made national news. the district attorney made an appearance on cnn to address it. he says he will be filing felony charges. when asked about critics who say he is too soft on crime, he turned the spotlight on police and the job they are doing. >> we are doing everything we can. we need police to make arrests and bring us higher-quality investigations. take the incident and union square a couple of days ago.
6:33 am
we know more than 30 individuals were involved. the reality is only eight have been arrested. amy: he is facing a recall election organized by people who complain he takes a radical approach to fighting crime and is not tough enough on criminals, especially repeat offenders. on cnn he said the eight people arrested in the union square attacks will face felony charges and his office will be working with police to bring the others who committed this robbery to justice. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. we have the interview with jason booting on and are streaming apps. some stores in union square are boarded up after the weekend thefts. leaders in the tour ms. him -- tourism industry worry the buildings will have an impact on them and the economy. the hotel council is concerned this video will be what people
6:34 am
think about when they think about san francisco. >> when a crime like this occurs, it is concerning to us as well. we hope it doesn't have a long-term impact on us for our image for the city. in reality it is something we have to deal with. reggie: the union square alliance believes the police presence is helping businesses feel safe. as a response to these crimes, police closed several streets from 7:00 p.m. until the next morning. kumasi: kenna conversation with abc 7 news, phil scott says he needs help on the technological front when it comes to fighting these kinds of crimes. >> the sfp cannot view the footage. city and county ordinances. >> if there is a camera perched on union square showing what's going on at a possible swarm, you cannot watch it on a weekend night. >> that is correct. kumasi: he says he believes the
6:35 am
thieves are arriving in large groups because it overwhelms the stores and makes it harder for police to respond. another issue is the consequences for these kinds of thefts are not harsh enough. where does the stolen merchandise land? are retailers able to trace the stolen products? the short answer is the items are being sold on the street and online. it is actually pretty easy for retailers to find those stolen goods being sold online. >> they are usually not keeping it for themselves. they are selling it. we are seeing more technology and more retailers able to tag products so they know where the product is ending up. kumasi: what if the goods are recovered? they are usually entered as evidence. in cities like san francisco, walnut creek and san jose, they lose out on sales tax revenue. >> we are talking about two
6:36 am
incidents. this was organized robbery. kumasi: the word describe what we saw is being debated. according to the penal code, what we saw was not booting. looting is "theft or burglary during a state of emergency resulting from an earthquake, fire, flood, riot or other natural or man-made disaster." experts are concerned about the use of the word and the history behind it. >> looting is a term we typically used when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. we tend not to use the term for other people when they are doing the exact same thing. kumasi: we don't know the identities or races of the majority of the thieves but we know there was no local emergency declared in the bay area cities that experienced smash and grabs over the weekend. reggie: have complete coverage on abc 7.
6:37 am
-- we will update with announcements from prosecutors. kumasi: the driver accused of running into a christmas parade in wisconsin will face a judge today. 39-year-old darrell brooks is being charged with five counts of first degree homicide. he was out on a $1000 bail on charges he ran over the mother of his child and what appears to be the same suv earlier this month. investigators believe he was trying to get away from another crime scene and he plowed into this parade. in addition to the five people killed, at least 48 people were hurt, including 18 kids. 10 of those are now fighting for their lives. >> there was like so many bodies in the road. i saw them start to pick them up. they were like little kids. >> i literally saw a roughly 10 people bounce off the car. you could hear god, thawed,
6:38 am
thawed -- thud, thud, drove through them. kumasi: many kilter part of this group, the dancing grannies. more than 100 places in california might soon have to change their name. the interior secretary has issued an order to take out offensive names from federal sites. haaland is the first native american to hold the title. your declares the word "squaw" as derogatory, racist and sexist. 113 sites in california contain the word. in september, the swat valley ski resort changed its name. reggie: the daughter of malcolm x has been found dead in her brooklyn apartment. according to police, her daughter found her unconscious in her living room. her death is not appear to be suspicious. this comes as two men convicted of killing malcolm x more than
6:39 am
50 years ago were exonerated of their crimes last week. shabaz was only 56 years old. kumasi: president biden is taking action to lower gas prices. he will order the release of oil from the nation pose strategic petroleum reserve -- nation's strategic petroleum reserve. the price of a regular gallon of gas is $3.40. in california, it is $4.71. nowhere is it more painful than here in the bay area where you are paying on average $4.88 a gallon, the highest price in the country. nearly two dozen democrats in the house and senate are urging the president to tap into this reserve. , last week the administer ration accused gas companies of holding back stock to drive up the cost. releasing some of the reserve and bring the price down. president biden is inspected to discuss the move today. >> no president controls the gas of price.
6:40 am
oil is sold on a global market. everybody is coming out of covid. there is a huge increase in demand. the supply has not caught up. kumasi: the white house is hoping this is a -- hoping this can be a coordinated effort by large oil consuming nations. the administration is calling on china, india, japan and south korea to do the same thing to buy time for the supply to catch up with demand. abc news will ever report with the announcement around 11:00 this morning. you can watch it live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. reggie: a lipid gold-medal skater kristi yamaguchi was back on the ice. downtown eyes open last night in downtown san jose's cesar chavez plaza. some were going slow. tiny reindeer. this is the rink's 20th
6:41 am
anniversary. -- 25th anniversary. >> what better way to celebrate with friends and families outdoors in this beautiful setting. i'm so ready for it. i hope other people are. it's just amazing. reggie: a portion of ticket sales will go to kristi yamaguchi's always dream literary program. tickets are available online. the rink is open through january 9. "dancing with the stars" has a new champion. kumasi: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. up slightly about 10 points. reggie: a popular brand is signing off of social media. what cause it is hoping to bring attention to. kumasi: we are checking on the traffic with jobina. jobina: i had a teaser earlier. we look at 80 in emeryville. the worst time to get on the road tomorrow according to aaa.
6:42 am
eastbound 80 between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. they say that is a big no no. 580 to pablo dam road. they expect traffic to be 278 above normal. eastbound 80, you should be avoiding that anyway. the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is fairly mild in that area for being 6:42. it looks like a lot of people might be off of the holidays. giving you drive times. antioch to concord commute picking up. 29 minutes for that drivetime. tracy to dublin, 15 minut -- 50 minutes. mike: we need to give mike a ride too and from work. going into the call the cut --
6:43 am
-- caldicat. pretty quiet other than fog in the east bay. light breeze is on the bay for your fairy ride. -- ferry ride. temperatures around san francisco around 50 to 55 degrees. some milder temperatures along with coma. santa clara, 38. 36 in american canyon. 39, petaluma. everyone else in the 40's. san francisco locked into the 50's through 10:00. the average high is about 62. quickly dropping to 5 dropping 5 that is one high clouds start to scatter out. a few radar returns early this morning. increasing high clouds. you will need the sun glasses if you heading out to lunch. overnight the clouds clear out.
6:44 am
tomorrow will be cooler with some of the driest air of the season on the way. it is healthy air.good to deteir quality not only today, tomorrow, but if you're outside for thanksgiving, then also. temperatures coming up. i want to show you high temperatures around the bay. this is brought to you by disney's encanto. >> >> make your family proud. >> critics are raving. it's a mystery full of hidden secrets. >> yeah. >> it keeps surprising you. >> the magic is strong. >> from the studio that brought you frozen comes a movie experience you can only see in theaters. >> it was acting. >>
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♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here!
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kumasi: the red cross is asking for help dealing with the lowest holiday blood supply in more than a decade. is asking people to consider donating blood over thanksgiving and into december. you will get a free gift if you do. the ongoing pandemic and fever blood drives at schools and colleges have contributed to the recent drop in donations. people who give their december 16 will get a free pair of socks over a dollars amazon gift card, and you can -- $10 amazon gift card, and you can win a private screening of "matrix resurrections" for you and your friends. reggie: -- seem to be working. >> in the last 10 or 11 days, we have seen stability. some good signs. that is good news. today, we lay claim to having the lowest positivity rate in the united states of america. 1.9%.
6:48 am
reggie: the governor brought that good news during a visit to a san francisco clinic yesterday. he's encouraging vaccinations for children five to 11, and promoted the availability of booster shots for adults to prevent a spike during the holiday season. if you have questions about the vaccine, ask our vaccine team. go to now for the morning many report. you can order a different kind of green with the uber eats it'cada.bis. they pick it up at a shop called tokyo smoke. sales have been booming north of the border. they are projected to hit four billion dollars this year. a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading getting underway into positive territory. up about 85 points. kumasi: an excitement in space you will not want to miss. nasa wants to see if it can redirect --
6:49 am
reggie: nasa is redirecting the camera. kumasi: they will redirect an asteroid. this is the first time it has tried anything like this. the plan is to change the course by crashing a rocket into it. nasa says the asteroid is not a danger to earth, but he wants to test its planetary defense capabilities for the future. the mission is set the lift off from vandenberg space for space in santa barbara county -- space force base in santa barbara county. the technique could be used to change the course of any space rock that might threaten earth. reggie: now for the best story of the day. a holiday display in canada just got a facelift. woody the talking christmas tree is back at the micmac mall in nova scotia. the tree is with face and the face talks the children.
6:50 am
the person he tweeted the video wrote, "our local nightmares back. after 15 years" woody fell into disrepair and the previous owner decided to stop displaying it. i can't imagine why. the new owner of the mall brought woody back to life. he talks to children about their christmas wishes. mike: mind your parents. kumasi: i wonder what the voice is like. reggie: i don't know, but if this is not sponsored by rejividerm, they are missing an opportunity. mike: did you see the before picture? scary. reggie: she got fillers and botox. kumasi: she got lashes. reggie: what is the thing that grows your lashes? she got that. mike: a chemical peel. reggie: micro dermabrasion. then the face got beat. she said i'm back. mike: it looks like some kid
6:51 am
took their troll doll or garden k blinged it. i thought you would enjoy this this morning, the soft morning light. locale tranquil and peaceful the bay looks this morning. let's see if it translates into the forecast. high clouds as the dry cold front comes through. that will help temperatures tumble today and bring breezes to the hills tonight. it will be colder in the valleys tonight. tomorrow night with the driest air of the season. brighter and warmer this weekend. the storm track is well to the north. 62 to about 66 degrees for the highs today. faster breezes along the coast. breezes in the hills see areas
6:52 am
in green. warmer temperatures at higher elevations. st of us in the 40's. north bay valleys and east bay valleys into the 30's. if you're traveling around the state it is pretty quiet through friday. watch out for a little fog and some fog in the san joaquin valley, especially on highway 99. around the country chicago will be an issue because it's a major hub. st. louis, kansas city, dallas to a lesser extent wet. a little snow in the mountains. seattle and portland definitely wet. we have high clouds and sunshine. low to upper 60's for thanksgiving. that is not even the warmest day. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's. check out saturday and sunday. possible low 70's in some neighborhoods. that will be near records. kumasi: a cosmetic brand that is popular among teenagers is saying goodbye to social media. lush cosmetics is leaving
6:53 am
facebook, instagram andplatforms damage mental health. they plan to stay off those channels until they insure safer environments for users. they will use twitter and youtube. the brand has used its reach to champion social and environment of causes. reggie: selena gomez is creating a mental health platform called wonder mind to focus on connecting people with educational resources and ending the stigma around mental illness. it will provide a safe space online for people to engage with uplifting content and daily exercises to strengthen mental health. gomez announced she has bipolar disorder. wonder mind will launch in february. chaion out it was the only conh no prior dance experience. >> my god. iman and daniela.
6:54 am
[applause] reggie: the basketball star and his partner won season 30. they scored nothing but 10s. he's the first nba player to win the mirror ball trophy, also scoring all 10s jojo sewah. they had a factor in most of the audience. cody rigsby comes in third. amanda kloots in fourth place. i know you are happy. gma is having get after party this morning. all the final couples are on the show, including the winners. >> did felt like the whole season -- it felt like the whole season i was telling danny you are great at what you do. everybody was saying she did not have a mirror ball yet so i'm really happy she got one now. you can get rid of that excuse.
6:55 am
it has literally been amazing to be a part of dancing with the stars. reggie: coming up on gma, the full interview. hear what he says was the most special part about being on the show. that's at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. kumasi: you know his wife can dance. tianna. she is a singer, actor, dancer. people are like she was practicing at the house. we don't know if that was true or not but he had his part together. every week he brought it. reggie: that was great. shout out to cody. he had covid during the show. somehow kept on the show. that's a lot. and jojo. kumasi: this was a good season. reggie: i'm happy for you mostly. kumasi: thank you, friend. reggie: you did vote.
6:56 am
you made the difference. they really don't do us right. kumasi: up next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: we are coming right back.
6:57 am
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anythi li thabere ing e by and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ it's going to be a long bus ride♪ red roses too ♪ense. ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. san francisco's district attorney will announce felony charges today against the eight arrested for friday night's attack in union square. he said police need to make more arrests after dozens were seen storming the louis vuitton store. reggie: the governor is working with mayors and business owners and law enforcement to bring down crime across the state. he's putting more money into next year's budget to fight retail crime. kumasi: jury deliberations are set to begin in the trial of three white men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery. all three have pleaded not guilty. reggie: president biden
6:59 am
inspected to announce he will release oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to stop the surging gas prices. you can watch that announcement live here on abc 7 at 11:00 a.m.. mike: a little moisture in the form of fog in the east bay valleys and north bay valleys. a little fog in the central valley. your only issues traveling around the bay and california this holiday week. jobina: a live look at the bay bridge. we are gettingor c of a cast thto lights came on at 5:44. kumasi: gma coanchor michael strahan is going to space. he will be one of six on board blue origin's next specified on december 9. -- spaceflight on december 9. reggie: that's exciting. what about him? kumasi: we just made it past that and he you go. bringing this backup. reggie: this tree with a face.
7:00 am
mike: you want to send out the space? reggie: i wanted off this earth immediately. keep it there. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. overnight the wisconsin community remembered the parade victims with a candlelight vigil as we learn more about how the chaos unfolded. christmas parade tragedy. new details on the victims who plow asuv throh crowin the driver now set to face a judge. police say this isn't the first time he used his vehicle as a weapon. jury deliberations expected to begin in the trial of the three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. prosecutors arguing the unarmed black man was under attack and hunted down. while drivers face the highest gas prices in years, considffts to ng taleheroblem. this as americans get ready for the biggest travel week of the
7:01 am


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