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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on abc7, hulu, or wherever you stream. we are asking local officials what actions they are taking against the brazen thefts across the bay this weekend. melanie woodrow was at the san francisco das office as he announced felony charges about 30 minutes ago. she joins us.
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>> the press confe confe confe e happening right now. i want to step out of the way. there are a group of protesters that are quiet now. moments ago, they were chanting recall. it sounded like they were going to start up their again. it is not clear if it was related, but the press conference was supposed to take place in the courtyard outside of the district attorney's office. all the photographers were set up. as the press conference was about to begin when the protesters arrived, everyone was moved inside. the press conference was to talk about the incidents in san francisco this past weekend. we have video of one of those incidents at the louis vuitton in san francisco's union square. here is what we know right now. nine individuals arrested and have been charged with felonies in connection to those incidents. as far as the louis vuitton incident, four individuals
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arrested, charged with looting during a state of emergency, a felony charge. second degree commercial burglary, a felony charge. grand theft, also a felony. receiving stolen property, a felony. also arrested and charged in individual in connection with the union square incident, a passenger in a car. the person charged with possessing a firearm from a prior felony, carrying a loaded firearm and a concealed firearm specifically in a vehicle. there are other incidents in addition to the union square incident that happened this past weekend. those include a cannabis dispensary, which was burglarized. three people charged in connection to it. and an incident at a walgreens. one person charged in connection to it. san francisco's district attorney said these incidents are not specific to san francisco. >> earlier today, i had a really
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uplifting meeting with every elected district attorney from the bay area, or representative from the california attorney general's office. we shared stories, compared notes, we identified commonalities in the crimes we are all seeing in our jurisdictions. we committed to sharing information and finding concrete, specific ways to work together to prevent these crimes and do a better job holding those and commit them accountable. >> what we saw the other night was a complete breakdown of our societal norms. this has metastasized into one of the worst examples of organized retail crime. >> you are looking at video right now of those photographers and reporters having to break down and go inside. perhaps related to the protesters that showed up as part of the recall effort. a lot of reporters asking the district attorney what he can say to the public to guarantee to them that these felony charges will not be reduced or
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dropped. that is something he has had to answer in the past and has received criticism about. his answer today was that he cannot guarantee it. he cannot answer it. his individuals have not even been arraigned. that is expected to happen this afternoon. a lot of it will depend on how this plays out in court and up to the judges. that was a question he was asked today and unwilling to provide a direct answer to other than to say it depends on how things will play out in the court process. a lot more tonight at 6:00. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow. >> thanks very much. you can hear the tension and pressure on this situation. earlier today, police chief bill scott renewed his push for more help from the city dealing with this problem. as tim johns explains, it includes revisiting city laws regarding surveillance camera footage and doing something
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about the department's staffing shortages. >> following his one-on-one sit down with abc 7 news insider film a tear, bill scott once again asked the city to help fight crime. one of his biggest requests is allowing police access to surveillance camera footage. >> we did not have access or the ability to look at it and call out license plate numbers and suspect descriptions in real-time. >> san francisco law only allows sfpd to review footage after an event occurs. except in certain situations. >> think about that, it really hampers our ability to do what we need to do. >> concerns over privacy have driven the city laws regarding this issue. something chief scott understands. but despite the worry, san francisco's mayor says the city has to be willing to look at possibly amending the laws as they currently stand. >> definitely is a conversation that needs to be had and a change we need to make. and we will work with our chief on trying to make changes to it. >> it is not just revisiting
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surveillance laws the police chief has in mind. he says sfpd needs more help from the city in general. in addition to revisions and security camera access, chief scott believes having real consequences for criminals is key. as well as getting more officers to staff his department. >> we are $400 short of where we should be. our officers are working a lot of hours. we've had to do what is necessary to prevent these things from happening. >> san francisco, tim johns. >> oaklands mayor responded to a plea for city leaders to take action to combat a rise in crime. the police chief called out city leaders after a weekend of organized group thefts like this one at a pharmacy. police also dealt with shootings and sideshows. the mayor once more help from the california highway patrol. she says more resources are needed on the every level. >> i will amplify my call to our city government to increase
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funding and increase the staffing for the oakland police department. we are at one of the lowest staffing levels we've had for more than a decade. >> the mayor will focus on the court system, which she says has been a huge problem and is not working the way it used to. >> increasing security in the south bay a priority after the organized group thefts at santana road and valley view mall. dustin dorsey talked with experts about some ways retailers can protect merchandise and employees. >> after a weekend like we had in the bay area, the immediate question is will we see more mass organized crime? silken valley center chamber of commerce president and ceo his own question. >> what can we do about that? that is difficult. you not only need a security presence, and it can be electronic of some sort, whether cameras and scanners and that kind of thing, but it also needs
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to be good guys. it needs to be security or police. >> it is up to the individual retailers whether or not they beef up their own security. the apple store with continuous target for some time until they made changes like reinforced glass, undercover security, and the removal of items. things you can do if you are major corporation like apple. >> they come at it from a multifaceted approach. it works for apple. is it copyable in every store, in a best buy? i don't know. >> which brings it back to the idea of more security presence. the ceo says those calls have already began to come in. >> they want a stronger presence, more uniforms. >> the mass robbery was stopped by security before it can be a major crime. to answer our first question, security officers believe increased presence could prevent the next big event. >> if we stop income of the chances of turning around and
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committing a crime will be high. >> having a deterrent will deter nine out of 10 people. the 1% that do get by you, you dial 911 and let them do their job. >> in san jose, dustin dorsey. >> they are immediately increasing patrols on freeways near major shopping centers. the agency has an organized retail crime task force hoping police department investigate crimes, and recover stolen merchandise. governor newsom directed chp to expand its presence through the holiday shopping season. >> the alameda county district attorney's office charged three men with murder in last months attack on a former oakland police captain. he was pumping gas at an oakland chevron station when police say three men tried to rob him as a fourth waited in a getaway car. he pulled out a hand gun and fired at the suspects, hitting and killing one of them. one of the suspects returned
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fire, according to police, hitting him a number of times. he did survive. prosecutors charged king, and the suspected getaway driver with murder in the death of the man that joyner shot. they also charged marlon king with premeditated attempted murder. >> still ahead, placing blame for the opioid epidemic. a federal jury decided whether three national pharmacy chains contributed to the crisis. >> elizabeth holmes back on the stand. the new details about her company's partnership with walgreens. and why one expert calls it a bombshell. abc7 at
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the former ceo is accused of $1 million. she testified about key documents experts say could complicate the prosecution's narrative. stephanie sierra has the update from federal court. >> for the first time, we heard elizabeth holmes talk about her own mistakes and express regret for how she handled them. it gave the jury a different side of her as defense teams dived into detail about controversial deals made in 2010. the question is will the jury believe her? elizabeth holmes walks into federal court tuesday, accompanied by her mother and boyfriend as bystanders actually -- anxiously waited for her. she faces 11 counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud for allegedly swindling investors in her blood testing startup out of millions. in her final day, her defense attorney carefully painted her as a true believer in her own
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product, reassuring the jury she had no doubt what he promised investors was going to be delivered. >> attorneys are trying to portray she didn't have motive to defraud investors. it is all going to motive. they are trying to knock out elements the prosecution needs to prove to convict her on the charge. >> holden green says every detail is critical for the jury. >> we have to find her likable, credible. >> downey began referencing emails scientists sent holmes into unit -- 2010 reinforcing which test could run and how many were under development. questioning took a turn after new details revealed what happened in the early stages of the company's partnership with walgreens and how she was involved. >> one of the biggest bombshells was elizabeth holmes personally put the pfizer and schering-plough logos at the top of her documents. she suggested to the court she did not realize it was something
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that could be confusing to people. >> she got tightlipped about her former boyfriend, the company's former coo. the prosecution cross-examination is set to resume monday following the thanksgiving holiday weekend. elizabeth holmes has pleaded not guilty, but if convicted, can face decades in prison. in san jose, stephanie sierra. >> a federal jury ruled cvs, walgreens, and walmart pharmacies recklessly distributed massive amounts of opioids in two ohio counties. officials blame the chain pharmacies for not stopping the flood of bills that cause hundreds of overdose deaths. the amount of damages will be decided in the spring. the companies will appeal. walmart released a statement saying the attorneys sued in search of deep pockets while ignoring the real cause of the old pure crisis. >> a water emergency declared by san francisco's public utilities commission. commission. what enjoy the gift of being together.
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>> the holiday season is here. while thanksgiving is two days away, at pier 39, it is looking like christmas. spencer christian joins us. what a fun place to be. >> a great place to be. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. feeling a lot like christmas. it will feel more so like christmas when you hear about what we can expect from the tree performance. >> happy holidays. we are excited to have our performing christmas tree back this year. it will happen every night from 5:00 until 10:00 on the half-hour. it is synchronized and choreographed to holiday music. it is like a kaleidoscope of colors and song and music. it is dazzling and entertaining. at the end of the performance,
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the tree magically performs back to the standard elegance. a beautiful tree. >> i watched an earlier performance, and it was everything you described. when they call it the performing tree, it is a performance. like the tree is singing. and doing the kaleidoscopic lighting. >> it comes to life. we love it. >> you get to see it every half-hour. >> every half-hour. >> there is so much more to do here. apart from the tree, which is dazzling. >> we are happy to invite to enjoy the holiday season. if you have not been in a while, there is -- pizzeria that just opened up. it is family-style, it has artisanal pizza with salad bar
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and a full bar with fabulous views. >> i will check it out after the next lighting. thank you for joining us. it is getting chilly. so let's see how the weather is going to be. >> definitely chilly out. but a perfect night for the tree lighting. a great place to go and check it out and have some pizza. a live picture from our east bay hills camara. absolutely beautiful view. the post sunset view. some clouds passing through. some haze in the air. overall, the pattern looks fantastic. 62 degrees in san francisco. upper 50's from oakland to san jose in morgan hill. half moon bay, 55 degrees. this is another lovely view. san jose was comfortable. 62 in santa rosa. 57 in napa and livermore. cooler in most areas.
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a dry cold front came through. the pacific northwest is seeing the rain and snow. we don't have any in-store, even though we need it. high clouds associated with the front. winds picking up. 32 in mount st. helena. mount diablo, 29. gusty winds overnight over the higher terrain. here is a view from the golden gate bridge camera. chili with patchy frost overnight. gusty in the hills. beautiful thanksgiving. sunny and mild weather the upcoming weekend. low to mid 30's expected in the east bay. for part of lake and mendocino county, in effect from 2:00 until 9:00 a.m. bring your frost sensitive plants inside. it will get cold and cause harm. wendy in the hills. the only thing holding temperatures up at the higher elevations. anywhere from the low 30's the upper 40's. some of the coldest air of the
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season under clear skies. tomorrow afternoon, a milder day. low to the upper 60's. plenty of sunshine wednesday. in case you are traveling, it looks pleasant around the state. sunshine expected. 64 -- 60 in yosemite. 72 in l.a. after morning fog. wendy in san diego. red flag warning's are going. pacific northwest and parts of the midwest are the only locations you may encounter delays. nationally, the weather looks quite. in the bay area, thanksgiving looks fantastic. a crisp start. 40's in the morning at 8:00 a.m. by noon, sunshine and high clouds. mild afternoon with low to mid 60's. a chilly morning, sunny day. it will be dry for black friday. warmer for the weekend. including hanukkah. low 70's inland. >> thank you.
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>> the san francisco public utilities commission declared a water emergency for its 2.7 million customers in the bay area. it is asking people to reduce usage, but it is voluntary, not mandatory. they have customers in san francisco, alameda, san mateo, santa clara county. it allows them to tap into reserves and other resources. >> thanksgiving getaway traffic expected to be a headache. after the break, when and where it
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we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. >> if you are heading to san francisco international airport, hundreds of union workers are expected to protest from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. it is by members of the union unite here local two. they represent cashiers and food service employees and those who prepare the food and drinks served on planes. officials claim workers are being denied affordable family health care in the face of covid-19 risks. a spokesperson says a permit has been issued to the union for the protest. >> if you are going to drive for the holiday, it is best waiting until after 9:00 p.m. interstate 80 is jammed up.
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it is expected to be even worse tomorrow. the double ribbons of headlights and taillights. the east shore freeway will be the sixth worst road in the country to navigate. the peak time will be between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., eastbound 580 from hayward to livermore expected to have double the normal traffic. >> president biden taking action to lower gas prices. he ordered the release of 50 million barrels from america's strategic reserve to bring down costs. he says it is part of a coordinated effort with other major energy consuming nations where gas prices are even higher than the u.s.. >> i have worked hard the past few weeks. on calls and meetings before our leaders, policymakers to put together the building blocks for the global announcement. while our combination -- combined action will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will make a difference. >> today's announcement follows
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president biden's call for the federal trade commission to look into whether illegal conduct is driving up prices. in recent weeks, the price of oil has dropped 10%. the price at the pump has not. the president said it is unacceptable. >> finally tonight, the city of oakland's 30th annual day of about it.d a difre >> normally we would be having folks sitting down enjoying a community meal with music and guests. this year due to covid, we are doing a hybrid event. 3100 meals going out to 16 community sites and 400 meals passed out from the marriott convention center. >> the meals with the traditional thanksgiving fair will be given out to low income families, seniors, and the unhoused. 3500 feel -- more than last year. they hope to return to a sit down meal next year. everyone is hoping for that. thanks for joining us. world news tonight is next. i am ama daetz. >>q i'm dan ashley.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. and the breaking headline in the christmas parade tragedy. the suspect in court just a short time ago. shackled and in a bulletproof vest, now charged with intentional homicide. and we've just learned tonight a sixth victim, a child, has now died. and the new images emerging tonight after the crash. the home surveillance of the suspect and what he said as police were moving in. also tonight, as millions hit the road for thanksgiving, president biden and the major news on gas. the president tapping into u.s. oil reserves, releasing more than 50 million barrels of oil. tonight, the question, how soon before we see prices fall at the pump? the jury now deliberating in the ahmaud arbery case. three white men accused of chasing, shooting and killing arbery.


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