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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is a a a a a a a a >> star workers and everyday shoppers. >> by road and by air. at numbers this morning on desk on just how close it's coming to pre-pandemic. >> let's get you a live look at our cameras across the bay this money. we have live team coverage on the problem spots we are seeing right now and that is a little
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later on. right? >> gooddd i don't know what noises i just made. >> was not doing too much? happy thanksgiving eve. >> hope you have a backup turkey ready in case that doesn't work out. >> it would be nice if we had options on the roads, but it's going to be, later. we'll get to that. let's talk about right now. it is cold in some areas the song says, baby it's cold outside. here is a a a the wind is pretty quiet and
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most of our lower elevations, but in the higher elevations they are howling. up to 45 miles per hour. there are some wind chill's to contend with. as far as us, we will see through 7:00 40's and 50's, near 60 at noon. breezes tapering. is going to be colder tonight. i will show you those temperatures. he's right -- here's reggie. reggie: a car power temporarily shut down the interstate lane of -- shutdown lanes of interstate 80. traffic came to a stop near the sugar factory. firefighters got there and extinguished the car power -- car fire within minutes and nobody was injured. kumasi: 53 million people around the country are going to be traveling and that means the roads are going to be busy.
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amy? >> if you are planning your getaway, you have come to the right place. i want to show you what it looks like out here. take a look. we are on interstate 80. san francisco is behind us. we are acting like we are blasting out of town and it doesn't look terrible. it's picking up. we are at the speed limit. we are not at a traffic.ffic.ff. it lets look at the times you should leave off. we've got the best and worst times to hit the road. at noon to 8:00 is when experts predict it will be the busiest. if you want to sleep in, that will pay off because if you blastoff after 9 p.m. that is the best time to drive. for your return saturday from
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2:00 to 7:00 is the time to avoid the roads. travel is expected to be at over last year's thanksgiving holiday. expected to be busier than yesterday. i'm going to show you a map of areas that are going to be very busy in the area. they are predicting that thehehe 580 in hayward is going to be congested. areas to avoid if you can. i've show you where to envoy -- i showed -- i have shown you where to avoid and when to go. plan accordingly. reporting live. kumasi: let's take a live look. more than 2 million people yesterday. six scraped -- since -- six
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straight day they have screened that many people in the holiday rush. workers are being denied affordable family health care in the -- in the face of covid-19 risks. if you are traveling for thanksgiving, we have all the tips you need for flying and driving. just head to our website for all the info. reggie: we've learned of another incident as local and state along with law enforcement tried to re-up -- reassurance that it's right to be ok for black friday it to suspects took $2000 worth of merchandise from -- merchandise. a burglary monday. police said they are looking to identify any suspects.
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the store management says this is the second time they have been burglarized in just the past month. kumasi: tracking these clock that striking these crimes and possible solutions is important to us as we work to build a better bay area. san francisco -- -- -- -- -- --- tuesday to say more will be done to crack down on these types of mass robberies. the california highway patrol says it will increase patrols around malls and these measures are being done because of what we are hearing from you, that you don't feel safe shopping in the bay area. at one viewer says she encountered violence on an east bay freeway just days ago while out shopping. >> the guy had a gun in his hand and jumped out of one car really fast and jumped into a car. my whole body was in shock. my head hurt from what happened on that freeway. >> she said if she wants to shop
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, she is willing to drive up to 90 miles away from the bay area to get it done. chp says it is immediately increasing patrols near major shopping centers. task force that helps police make arrests and recover stolen merchandise. governor newsom directed the chp to expand its presence through the holiday shopping center. >> if you observe any of this activity, all we ask is be a good witness. it try to intervene. give a good description of what the people potentially look like. if there is a vehicle, license plate, please describe that. kumasi: chp says it will have maximum patrol on highways, but will also be stationed around major shopping areas. reggie: smash and grab are
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motivating the police to push for a law that involves security camera footage. >> it doesn't make our life any easier when there are so many cameras in this city but we don't have any access to them live. the ability to look at it and call out license plate numbers and suspect descriptions in real time. reggie: the chief first brought up this issue. the city is going to try to revise the role that prevents police were looking at surveillance videos in real time, but activists and privacy advocates says monitoring live video violates privacy. kumasi: concerned about the increase of robberies in the shopping areas of san francisco. stores in union square have heightened their security.
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storefronts were boarded up. a lot of luxury brands are locking the doors. once a worker or security guard sees you, then you are allowed inside. >> we know who is coming into our stores. >> i do get scared. yeah, but you do have to make your money somehow. kumasi: we spoke with several workers in the area who were not allowed to speak on camera. they told us friday's incident was traumatizing and some of these companies are providing mental health resources for them. reggie: a landmark lawsuit. the top pharmacy chains across the country accused of giving up pool giving appeals like it's -- giving out bills like it's a gumball machine. kumasi: new warnings for your water use. multiple counties being added to the emergency.
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reggie: water emergency for its customers in the bay area. it's asking people to reduce usage by 10%. it is voluntary right now. customers not just in san francisco, but other areas. the emergency declaration allows the agency to tap in to reservoirs and other resources.
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east bay. most of us in the low to mid 40's. mike: elsewhere, we've got 51 because of the breezes. that is breezy in concord. francisco. temperatures become a little more homogenized everywhere. 48 at 8:00 and 58 at 10:00. rapid warming thanks to that dry air and a little bit of an offshore breeze. that is warmer than average. your planner weatherwise, no fog, a little breeze in the hills. enjoy a comfortable commute weatherwise. it may be a little wind chill. >> we go to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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5:51 a.m. this morning, no backup before the toll plaza. just a few cars stacked up. a few brake lights headed into the tunnel. this is right near the oakland airport exit past the coliseum. moving nicely. no delays getting there. overall, you are seeing a lot of green which is lovely. we do have a little slowing for our early morning commuters. some of the drive times from the city, easy ride southbound. 880 up to the bay looking good. 10 minutes. 580 east
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more traffic after this. reggie: a mischievous seal meets an underwater diver. kumasi: the seal swimming around the diver before it tries to rip its cap off. a scooper that's a scuba diver has built up this -- a scuba diver has built up this report with steels -- with seals after years of diving. reggie: we see this all the time, but i won't -- but i don't want this seal eating me. no. i sayi sayi sayi sayi sayi say grammyammyammyammyammy talking about.
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the major nods are this. kumasi: if you are a beer and person release in the reggie: north bay coming up. reggie:-- in the north bay coming up. reggie:
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reggie: three mentor being charged with murder after the attempted robbery. was getting gas gas gas investigators say three men tried to rob them. a fourth man was waiting in a getaway car. when -- when joyner pulled out a gun and shot and killed one of the robbers, another suspect shot and hit joyner several
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times. >> they are saying that mr. joyner utilized deadly force in a reasonable way because he feared for his life and responded with deadly force. at the das office is not only saying that the defendants were participating in a serious felony of armed robbery, but that mr. joyner himself was acting with reasonable self-defense even though that was deadly self-defense. reggie: california law allows for defendants to be charged if they commit what is a provocative act. kumasi: an accomplished public servant is set to become one of the highest ranking asian-americans in the biden administration. deputy director for the office of management and budget. she is a proud wheel up enough american and she says -- she is a proud fili
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she is also a graduate of the ultimate school of public policy. reggie: big congrats to the bay artists who are getting a nominations -- grammy nominations. h.e.r. is up for eight the only other bay area artist in the category is saweetie. she is up for two awards. kumasi: that beatb --eep -- reggie:
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the grammys will take place in los angeles. a big crown given to the week billboarbillboar artist stayed -- hit stayed on the list for 90 weeks. there is a top-five song for 43 of those. chubby checker's the twist fromt the 1960's. he will not be at the grammys because he has told his label don't even submit me because remember, he got snubbed? for this album. the number one song of all time not nominated for a grammy last year. he said then you can skip me forever. how about that?
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popularity does not always equal awards, does it? mike: that's pretty impressive. it looks like a warm day is on the way. it is as that breeze relaxes. clear tonight and it's going to be even colder than this morning. some frost is possible, but the air is so dry. the weekend, we are what to keep this pattern going. high-pressure, it is very stubborn. it is locked into its ways and does not want to be told what to do. we are talking about it for a week. that means there's no rain. what we do have are gorgeous conditions. 65 degrees san francisco. a little cooler in livermore. look at the wealth of 30's and
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the inland valleys. those areas will be in the 30's tonight. everyone else in the 40's including san francisco. if you are traveling, watch out for flooding. for us, tomorrow is looking gorgeous after a colder morning. we will hit the low to mid 60's in the afternoon hours. friday will be one to two degrees warmer. a look at this string of 70's. you will fall back into the upper 60's next week. load to make -- low to mid 60's at the coast. mike: good morning america coming up. kumasi: ginger has a look at what's ahead. >> coming up, that great thanksgiving rush is happening. we are what to tell you how airports are bracing for the pit -- pandemic travel --
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pre-pandemic travel levels. also, we are counting down to black friday with some of the best deals out theree es that ae tonight. the ceo of kroger is joining t i handling shortages and rising prices. secrets for the perfect turkey and the best potatoes. haley stein failed, high -- can't wait to catch up with her. the cherry on top, the broadway cast of aladdin here performing live. live. i know it will cross - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. kumasi: the judge ruled tuesday that three of the nation's largest pharmacy chains recklessly tribute it massive
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amounts of pain pills in ohio counties. this is is is is judgment for national pharmacy chains and the national drug crisis. reggie: big news for beer lovers. the pilgrimage will once again resume. it will be back in february and you can get the beer in person. in person pick up back on. be prepared to wait. lines to enter the breweries in santa rosa have been ridiculously long. some even camped overnight to get a taste. we still haven't tried that. kumasi: maybe we will. reggie: my expectations are so high, they can't possibly be achieved.
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i wanti wanti wanti wanti wantit i want the street to be paved with gold. kumasi: a slow start for your ski season. reggie: a possible change to your holiday shopping habits. the new trend that might be to buy nothing at all. kumasi: local fishermen sharing what you might want to start looking elsewhere for that holiday meal. reggie: here's a live look outside. ♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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and you could fearlessly face the unknown. you still can. ♪ ♪ when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. reggie: the thanksgiving getaway day is here. here at home, deep ruts.
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we are tracking the best times to know when to get on the roadways and the roads you will want to avoid. kumasi: an expensive trip to the grocery store. the brands to know and the brands to avoid. mike: the reggie: reggie: tricks to use -- the tricks to use today to get everything tasting good tomorrow. here's my best tip. get invited. kumasi: good morning. it is wednesday, november 24. it is thanksgiving eve. we are checking in with mike. mike: good morning. barbara, what time you want to be home tomorrow? you're not helping? i'm working and cooking? of course. i will help. and then i will take a nap for the football game. kumasi: dishes. mike: i forgot about that.
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thanks for keeping me out of trouble. kumasi: i'm just trying to save a marriage. mike: god's work. until medical today, keep your pants, pets --plant --plant --pt protected. it's going to be a frost. we have a frosty 32 right now in rohnert park. we will near the low 60's by noon. sunshine and mid 60's every :00 falling back into the 40's and 50's 7:00. kumasi: happening now, the thanksgiving trouble rush is on. reggie: trouble lay -- the thanksgiving travel rush is on. that number is up 13% from last year making it the highest jump
6:33 am
since 2005. almost 49 million of us will be packing the roads. let's talk about the bay area. it won't be too friendly. amy hollifield with the trouble spots to know about. >> i'm checking it out for you. my tip is get in the car now if you can. sica look at what we are facing. already looking -- take a look at what we are facing. san francisco is behind us. it looks like people are already taking off. is that it is expected to be a busy holiday with aaa expecting 4 million more people driving last year -- this year than last year. that's a good sign. expect some delays. this is what it looked like -- looks like. of got some tips on how to plan your trip. here are the best and worst times to hit the road.
6:34 am
before noon, right now, one of the best times today. noon to 8:00, expected to be the busiest. after 9 p.m. the best time drive. if you want to progress and eight, there will be rewards waiting for you. for your return, saturday from 2:00 to seven, that is the what that is -- that is a time to avoid the roads. travel is expected to be up 13% over last year's thanksgiving holiday. a lot of people will be out on the road. now i want to show you a map of areas that is expected to be busy. this 80 that we are the busiest routes. it is looking congested already this morning. those are thehehehehe people will be taking. i'm giving you the times people will be heading out. hopefully you will feel very prepared.
6:35 am
a hasslefree trip thanks to all of our tips. thanks for checking in with us before you head out, and we wish you a very happy thanksgiving. kumasi: so whether you are elg, it is expected to be a more expensive holiday for most of us. inflation, rising price of goods has a lot of families concerned. general mills says it will raise product -- prices on most of its products. dollar tree may have to change its name altogether to one dollar 25 -- one dollar 20 five cents because that is what they are raising some of their items too -- $1.25 because that is what their prices are for some of their items. kumasi:
6:36 am
to consider after she gave her third and final day of testimony. kevin painted elizabeth holmes and a true believer of her own products. says she has no doubt of what was going to be delivered. she testified for hours about key documents that could complicate the prosecution's narrative. >> the attorneys are trying to portray that she did not have motive to defraud investors. what they are trying to do is not out some of the elements that the prosecution needs to prove to convict her on that charge. reggie: the former ceo faces counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud for allegedly swindling investors in her lead testing start up. there is a podcast about this trial. it is called the dropout. new episodes premier every
6:37 am
tuesday. listen wherever you stream your broadcast. kumasi: a plea for city leaders to help combat a rise in crime and crime. -- combat a rise in she says she wants more help from the chp. she says more resources are needed on every level. >> i will continue to amplify my call to our city government to increase funding and increase the staffing for the oakland police department. we are at one of the lowest staffing levels we have had in more than a decade. kumasi: she said she will focus on the court system which has been a huge issue and is not working the way it used to. crab season off the coast of san francisco is delayed again meaning there will be no local crab to eat for thanksgiving. reggie: it's not only impacting local customers. crab season cannot start and
6:38 am
sent -- in san francisco until mid-december because of the presence of humpback whales. >> i don't really have a paycheck from october all the way until crab. it opens typically november 15 traditionally. it would be great, you can start making money again. reggie: crab and fisherman's wharf is being sold for $30 -- crab at fisherman's wharf is being sold for about $30 a pound. this is video of a sugar bowl resort from last winter. at the resort had planned to open friday, but with more mild and dry weather and the forecast management says they will have to call that off. no new opening date has been announced. kumasi: a broadway a broadway ay arrested for charges related to the january 6 capital riot. reggie: you are looking
6:39 am
big board at the new york stock exchange. another update of how we are doing coming up. kumasi: spacecraft show to blast off in outer space. ♪ >> it's wednesday, feels like a friday today. let's take a look at some of your drive times. we have the chp indicating no accidents, no stalls to worry about. highway 82 from hercules to the bay bridge, you are looking at about 29 minutes. less than 30 minutes. a san francisco to sfo looking good. a short freeway. this is where amy has been focused on. i will be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- company at this hour.
6:40 am
if you are headed to san jose airport, it's looking good all the way to the airport. mike: can you freeze those traffic conditions for later today? we are starting off 38. stanford 37. san jose 51. the breeze is keeping you in different microclimates. 50 in san francisco. 49 in brentwood. some areas almost two degrees warmer. -- almost 20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. got 25 to 45 mile per hour wind gusts in the hills. those breezes will taper as we head into the afternoon hours. sunshine and low to mid 60's
6:41 am
from noon to 5:00 peeking at an average 63 at about 2:00. let's take a look at what's going on. showing that gorgeous day. it is going to be sunshine, light breezes, chilly this morning, but no jacket needed this money. we are going to take a look at high temperatures right now. in theaters --
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reggie: jury deliberations have rezoned. the jurors have spent more than six hours reviewing that case. they move -- they were moved to a quieter room with no windows away from crowds outside. they will decide the fate of the three men were charged in the death of ahmaud arbery. >> when three people chase an unarmed man with two pickup trucks with guns in order to violate his personal liberties, they claim we are not really responsible for that. under the law in georgia, no one gets to say that. reggie: if the jury does not return a verdict today, they will resume deliberating friday. donald trump says he was paid a visit by kyle rittenhouse. he was a teenager that was acquitted after fatally shooting to people and wounding a third. donald trump said he hosted the
6:45 am
teenager at his resort. praised him as a poster self-defense. donald trump came out and defended -- and supported kyle rittenhouse. kumasi: names james justice is part of the traveling production of jesus christ superstar. this video is from an interview reggie did with justice. court documents allege that he is a member of the oath. on january 6, he was a part of a group that pushed their way into a capitol building. reggie: new jobless claims have reached another new post pandemic low. 199 thousand new claims were filed last week. that is down 71,000 from the
6:46 am
prior week. continuing claims decreased slightly to just above two million. that is down 60,000. the labor department released jobless claims because of thanksgiving. black friday and cyber monday just a few days away. it was critical to plan ahead to get their holiday shopping done in time. rising prices have pushed many to start their holiday shopping earlier. experts say many shoppers are planning a return to physical stores on black friday this year. if you are one of them, they say go early and get ready for long lines. >> in the completely marks the beginning of the holiday season. this year, people should really consider it a deadline for when they need to get the bulk of their shopping done. i would not wait because inventory is so limited
6:47 am
especially for items like toys and tech. reggie: experts say say s items that are facing major shipping delays. it may be a better bet to buy smaller gifts for clothing and electronics online. taking a live look at the exchange. there it is. we are still down about 100 624 points. this is an everlasting how you are preparing your cranberries for the table. kumasi: canned or fresh? or none russian mark -- or none? if you are doing it, which i know a lot of people are, a new survey put together shows how the country might be thinking about this. look at this map. the lighter red is for you if you like fresh, the darker red
6:48 am
for canned. california 2.7 more likely to buy fresh compared with the national average. this is based on a instacart orders in november of last year. florida is always canned. reggie: really? i grew up with why i like it because it reminds you of growing up with your family, even though it was trash. mike: and the ridges. those are serving sizes. reggie: that's how you know what your brother gets, what you get. and one day you go to someone else's table and you see what cranberries actually look like. and i was honestly confused. i was like this doesn't taste as sweet. why,ma? mike: and it's a little chunky.
6:49 am
why is it not smooth and go she? i get it. -- smooth and gushy? i get it. here's a look at what's going on. wewewewewewewe and mild temperatures. breezes will taper later. a colder night ahead of us. it's going to be dry and warm through the extended forecast. how about 70 degrees temperatures for several days without a poor air quality. it will be moderate. look at the 30's. at the peninsula definitely in the 30's along with our inland east bay and the north bay.
6:50 am
the threat of frost is out there. for thanksgiving, wsgiving, wsg, to start off warming from the 40's all the way to near 60 and then the afternoon low to mid 60's. it will be nice for afternoon activities. if you are traveling, we do have that red flag warning today, tomorrow and friday. conditions down there going to be really easy. no snow, no rain anywhere in the state which is a troubling trend, but there's nothing we can do about it so enjoy these wonderful temperatures. look at the wealth of mid-60's 70. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. happy thanksgiving. kumasi: nasa successfully launched a spacecraft in santa barbara county. >> 3, 2, 1.
6:51 am
and lift off of falcon nine and dart. kumasi: nasa is rooting for a crash which is being billed as a double astroid redirection test. the rocket is going to send the spacecraft into space with the goal of rushing into the asteroid and redirecting its path. >> asteroid impacts into may the only natural disaster that we can predict very far ahead of time and we can also do something about. kumasi: nasa says there are not any asteroids currently threatening earth but could save the planet in the future. reggie: the mission is too standardize and streamline the way ufo reports are handled in the military and other government branches. intelligence replete -- released a report about sightings, most
6:52 am
of them logged by navy pilots. they could not conclude that anything they spotted was from out of this world. kumasi: here's another way that you can get into the spirit for the holidays. after a hiatus last year, the miracle on 1st street holiday pop -- holiday cocktail pop-up is returning to san jose. first street is going to become a holiday wonderland complete with seasonal drinks. >> everything will be festive and joyful and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back. >> kumasi:kumasi: this transfer -- this transformation is based off a holiday themed pop-up. this is the third year for miracle on san jose street. -- third year for miracle on 1st street. it might be thanksgiving tomorrow, but in just over a
6:53 am
month christmas is going to be here. spencer christian helps in the holiday season. every half-hour from 5:00 p.m. to tpm desk to 10:00 p.m., the tree comes to life. the tree will be lit until january 9. reggie: a group has a perfect solution for gifting. don't buy anything. the buy nothing project has been around. instead of going out and buying gifts, or recycle consumer goods and provide services to friends, family or complete strangers. download the buy nothing at and you can volunteer to give something to someone. if you like something you see, you can ask for it. >> the nice thing about gifting is you know where your things are going. staying in the community. reggie: more than half a million people using the app across 30
6:54 am
countries. let's seelet's seelet's seelet's your family. turkey tricks for thanksgiving. kumasi: he has some -- some last-minute tips to get you ready for your big day. >> we are down to the wire. do we still have time to brine the turkey? >> absolutely. you have to do it right this second. do it now. you want to brine it one hour per pound. mix it with -- two cups of salt, two gallons of water, half a cup of sugar. let this boil. add some ice. this is where you get to choose what you want. onions, herbs, lemons, whatever it is. kumasi: that's a lot of salt. reggie: ok. kumasi: don't come with the dry
6:55 am
flavor, no flavor. the chef also has tips on how to get the perfect crispy skin on the turkey. that's coming up on gma at 7:00. have you ever prepared the turkey? i haven't done that. reggie: i did it one year with my friend. it turned out pretty good. it wasn't the disaster i expected. we did not brine it. we didn't do anything fancy. once you put enough gravy on anything it's good, right? kumasi: no. but i'm proud of you because i haven't attempted to do the turkey. reggie: try it at least once. my think is to get invited. kumasi: you've got that thing down. up next, things you need to know today. reggie: by always catch our newscast live and on-demand.
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it is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon tv and roku. kumasi: we are taking a live look outside at thanksgiving eve.
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shop black friday deals! sunday through friday at kohl's! earn $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent. and take an extra 15% off! get the fitbit versa 2 - $119.99. google nest doorbell is $129.99. and get 30% off fisher price toys! kohl's.
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know. nice giving travel rush is on today. if you are planning to hit the road, aaa says so are millions of other people. the worst time to travel today is from noon until 8 p.m.. experts say wait until after 9 p.m. tonight. that will be the best time. reggie: a live look at sfo. tsa says they have screened at least to me and people every day for the last six days. -- at least 2 million people every day for the last six days. mike: we have the potential for freezing cold neighborhoods this morning until 9:00.
6:59 am
northbay valley, east bay area even colder temperatures tonight. kumasi: europe wednesday morning holiday traffic -- >> holiday traffic not in get -- nonexistent. later later kumasi: police say two suspect took $2000 worth of merchandise before getting arrested. this is the latest in a rash of retail thefts. reggie: the san francisco public utilities commission has declared and water emergency. it is asking people to reduce usage 10%. kumasi: these performers, particularly this man, reggie: hit it, hit it, hit it. kumasi: getting ready for macy's thanksgiving day parade.
7:00 am
it is returning to pre-pandemic form. it is going to be feckless. reggie: that is me. we should good morning, america for our viewers in the west. on this wednesday morning, the race to thanksgiving is under way. bracing for the holiday rush, airports expected to be back at prepandemic levels while millions more hit the road facing the highest gas prices in years. president biden's big move to bring them down. will it make an pa sn? the best and worst times to travel for the holiday weekend. security tightened outside the courthouse. the fates of three men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery in the hands of the jury set to begin a second day of deliberations. christmas parade tragedy. the suspect appearing in court for the first time as we see video of him after the deadly incident and new details about a


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