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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 24, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of malice murder, but guilty on all other charges. the other men is not guilty of malice murder and one felony murder charges, but guilty on three other charges, along with assault, and the death of ahmaud arbery in georgia. >> many have watched this trial as a measure of where the nation stands on social justice. our anchor has a from today's vertex. reporter: the guilty verdict in the murder of ahmaud arbery has led many to breathe a big sigh of relief. >> i was completely elated once the verdict came in. reporter: the cofounder of a project and a civil-rights rights attorney have watched the trial closely, both hoping this would be the outcome, while knowing the black community has felt failed by the u.s. justice
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system. >> it's not that the jurist would see that objectively, so that is why, even though the evidence is clear. reporter: those who welcome the outcome are not celebrating. president biden tweeted nothing can bring mr. arbery back to his family and community, but the verdict ensures that those committed this crime will be punished. vice president harris said, arbery should be alive, and criticize the defense counsel, saying they "dehumanize the young black men with racist tropes." >> ahmaud arbery is not an exception to the rules of what happens to black people in this country. you see this next door, right? reporter: they say although the fight for racial equity is far from over, the fact that this jury came to this conclusion
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shows real progress. >> i think progress, little marks along the way how. >> today's convictions carry a mandatory life sentence in prison. the attorneys for the defendant say they plan to appeal. don't miss a special 20/20 friday night, the family reflects on ahmaud arbery's life and his mother's quest for truth and justice, friday 9:00 right here on abc 7. kristen: developing news from oakland, a security guard was shot. this was an attempted robbery downtown, just before 12:30 on 14th st, near webster. the guard was shot in the abdomen and underwent surgery. local media outlets, including abc 7 news, retune the used security guards to accompany photographers and reporters. thieves have targeted news crews for camera equipment. the security guard is a retired
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bay area police officer. >> new developments in that disturbing retail theft last friday at union square. the suspects were caught and arrested. they appeared in court this afternoon. we were there and have a live look at what happened today. reporter: we are learning stunning new details about how the robbery unfolded saturday night, as five of the suspects charge made their first court appearance. perhaps the most attention grabbing was now to the amount of goods, but everyone's relationship to one another. video shows the police break the windows of a silver mustang. we know three men were inside. police say they were caught with $6,000 in stolen goods. one man has felony convictions back to 2017, and police say he drove the vehicle, attempting to evade police. also in court, a man detained
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leaving the scene. police say he had $13,000 of merchandise on him as he ran away and later found with another $14,000 stashed in goods nearby. he spent 42 months in prison for a number of convictions, including stripping cocaine. we spoke to the man's mother, who is also the aunt of another man. >> of course they done wrong. i know they done wrong. quit beating these young mens like that. that could be somebody else's child. reporter: back out here live, as for the two women who appeared today, abc 7 actually spoke to a woman who says she is the mother of one and the grandmother. document show they were caught in a vehicle with $28,000 in stolen merchandise. the judge acknowledges the previous criminal history is not as serious as the men involved, and their is $5,000 each. he also interestingly enough
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ordered both of the women to stay at least 150 yards away from the louis vuitton store. the arraignment is still going on, with calloway yet to show up. we are heading back inside and will bring you the very latest on abc 7 news at 5:00. dan: very good. thank you. we are learning learning learnil of the louis vuitton case. everybody is talking about this. a bay area group of prosecutors are joining to combat retail theft. our reporter has that part of the story. reporter: around the bay area, video after video is highlighted a massive problem in recent days. >> this is not just a theft problem, this is organized. reporter: prosecutors are creating an alliance between multiple counties.
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this district attorney says talking to one another will increase prosecutors ability to be tough on crime. >> if somebody has committed the crimes in these three counties, all in a single spree, the law will allow us to put that together in one complaint in one county. we will get a heavier punishment that way. reporter: yesterday, the san francisco district attorney announced felony charges against nine people in connection with recent burglaries, including louis vuitton. >> this is not limited to san francisco. we are seeing similar crimes around the bay area and across the country. reporter: he says his office has previously prosecuted for theft at least two of the nine people arrested. that they are a mother and daughter. the district attorney says there was certainly coordination. >> we have seen the good stolen
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in one place and sold in another place. that is a network we are in the process of uncovering and taking down. reporter: while prosecutors see an opportunity, one public defender sees a problem. the alameda county public defender says i am concerned about the one-size-fits-all approach. the pandemic has, havoc on our communities and the many committing crimes out of desperation and despair. incarcerating everyone involved will not solve the root cause of the problem. this response has only led to the mass caging of black or brown people. it has never resulted in justice. bay area crime sparking conversations about our judicial system. kristen: prosecutors filed felony conspiracy, burglary, and robbery charges today against three suspects in saturday's massive smash and grab theft and nordstrom. this video shows some of the 90
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or so people running from the store, most got away. police say they were able to capture and arrest a 30-year-old, a 32-year-old, and a 19-year-old. the district attorney says her office is committed to stopping those participating in organized retail theft. dan: two suspects in custody in san jose, accused of stealing from two macy's stores last night. police arrested the 19-year-old and 22-year-old on felony grand theft and burglary charges. officers chased down the two men at the shopping center at about 6:30, after they allegedly stole $2000 worth of cologne and perfume from macy's, after hitting another mole. >> has this event is going on and unfolding, we get another call that oakridge mall, saying we were a victim, a theft, over $2000 and cologne and perfume. we obtained a description of
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those suspects, which matched the two suspects we had in custody at valley fair mall. dan: police say that to match the descriptions of individuals involved at a theft over the weekend. new crime-fighting technology could be coming to san jose to catch organized retail thieves. >> we know that with technology our officers are able to do more , are able to apprehend many who have been involved in these organized criminal efforts, and we want to ensure they have the resources they need. dan: today, the mayor said he is among city leaders pushing for surveillance technology, including license plate readers. the city council will vote on that measure tuesday. sunday, thieves entered a store and took about $40,000 worth of merchandise from lululemon. the santa clara district attorney says felony charges have been filed against several suspects tied to recent retail theft spirit kristen: today, we
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spoke with the oakland mayor, who told us that police are increasing staffing to address the recent increase in violent crime. >> we are limiting time off from our officers so that we can ensure that we don't fall below certain staffing levels. we need to keep staffing up, even during the holiday season, especially during the holiday season. kristen: the mayor is calling on the state to help. >> we need state-level help. we need them to provide intelligence so we can see these plots being planned clearly. they are using social media platforms to generate that volume of participation, so we have got to interrupt these things with good intelligence before they happen. kristen: the mayor says the police department has the lowest staffing in a decade and says she is pushing for the city to hire more officers. dan: holiday travel, the thanksgiving commute underway, and now is the worst time to hit
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kristen: the busy holiday travel rush is underway. you are looking live at 80, near emeryville. definitely busy. the worst drive in the area now. aaa estimates more than 48 million people hitting the road is weekend. dan: here are other roadways around the bay area from san jose, golden gate bridge. it is moving along fairly well. san mateo in the bottom left-hand corner moving along slowly. travel is expected to be up 13% compared to last thanksgiving. our reporter looks at what you can expect over the next few days on the roads. reporter: interstate 80 in emeryville, and 580 in hayward are expected to be the most congested freeways for travelers. this does not surprise the residents. 80 is always packed. especially here. it is really crowded.
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a lot of people taking off early. if you go any later, it will be bad. reporter: that is the advice of travel forecasters. you should dried before noon on the wednesday before thanksgiving, or after 9:00 p.m. times to avoid or saturday between 2:00 and 7:00, sunday from 1:00 to 7:00. there will be more traffic than last year. aaa expecting 4 million more people this year than last year. airports will be busy. the tsa expects close to 2019 levels. amtrak says tuesday and wednesday will be the busiest days of the holiday and recommended an early arrival for passengers. with traffic and gas prices in covid concerns, it is a lot to juggle, but travelers say there is only one concern they are focused on this holiday. >> family concerns, right? that is what we are supposed to be celebrating with i'm focusing on that. >> it is exciting that people are starting to be with family again.
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2021 is looking like a better year for a lot of people. dan: travelers ran into a pickup line outside sfo. frontline workers staged a protest, claiming they are being denied family health care despite covid risks due to increased travel. organizers say many employees are at heightened risk since they working in cramped kitchens and come into contact with customers from all over the world. kristen: the country saw a surge in covid 19 cases after last thanksgiving, when vaccines were not available in health experts say we are in a better place now. cases in europe in the u.s. have been rising again. california's numbers have remained low. the who is urging people to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status, and the cdc suggests wearing a mask inside with people who are unvaccinated.
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an infectious disease specialist has some other tips. >> on think masking is the hardest thing to do in private homes. -- i think masking is the hardest thing to do in private homes. keeping the window open, testing people unvaccinated, testing people who do not feel well. kristen: the fair grounds were busy. officials tested 2500 people yesterday compared to -- 1500 people yesterday compared to tuesday. dan: with the string of robberies, small businesses are making the case of why you should shop with them this holiday season. i reporter spoke with business owners in san francisco. reporter: there was a long line of customers waiting to get inside the bakery, assign, perhaps -- a sign, business is coming back to creek-covid levels -- to
4:18 pm
pre-covid levels. it is what convinced her to become the new owner of this gift shop. >> thank you to the community for welcoming me as a new business owner. we are here. we have loads of things. we have you covered. reporter: many survived the covid crisis, but now small businesses have to contend with supply chain problems. they have been preparing. >> we had some great early holiday shopping. there are huge supply chain issues in bookstores, so a lot of stuff is sold out, but we have wonderful books and lots of great recommendations, so we are excited. reporter: the dramatic polluting last weekend around the bay area may lure people to neighborhood shops. still, at least one small business was burglarized after a truck smashed into the building. on saturday morning, one of the windows at the business was mannish -- smashed and merchandise stolen. >> there have been reagan's, but
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there is a sense of community that you might not get from the bigger downtown shops. -- there have been break-ins but there is a sense of community that you might not get from the bigger shops. kristen: excitement is building for the return of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is the last rehearsal before the event. last year's parade was canceled due to covid. the route goes through manhattan and features 15 giant balloons, 28 floats, dozens of marching bands, and santa claus. dan: so glad to have that back. it is just a hallmark of thanksgiving. the weather around here looks like it will be spectacular. spencer: not frightful at all. i was looking at conditions in new york. it looks like some clouds and some rain in new york tomorrow, but not an all day event. here, bright, lovely, and
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wonderful mainly because of this big ridge of high pressure today. it will be a controlling factor for the next few days with mainly clear skies and mild conditions. most locations are warmer than this time yesterday, so not much is change. sunny over san francisco. 64 in the city. 62 in oakland and mountain view. 65. 57 at half moon bay. clear over the golden gate. some high clouds moving through. that will be the pattern tonight and tomorrow. 64. 50 nine. 62 at napa. concord at 65. 61. the view from the east bay hills camera looking towards the bridge. these are the forecast features. mostly clear. chilly in the inland valleys. beautiful weather for thanksgiving. sunny and mild this weekend. overnight, once again, mainly
4:21 pm
clear. some high clouds. the absence of clouds overnight. temperatures dropped into the chilly range. inland valleys in the sunshine during the day tomorrow as high clouds return. overnight low temperatures in the mid to upper 30's in many north bay locations. closer to the bay, low 40's tonight. upper 40's and the inland east bay. 30's in the south bay as well. tomorrow, 63 at half moon bay. at the bay shoreline, most locations will have highs around 65, 66. similar high temperatures for inland areas but the south bay will see 68 at san jose. low to mid 60's inland, east bay. thanksgiving day, the forecast, the steam rising from the turkey, this is the day planner, mainly sunny skies, high clouds, crisp, early-morning pattern, temperatures below 40 in the inland valleys. by noon, filtered sunshine bringing milder pattern with
4:22 pm
high temperatures -- come noontime temperatures around 62. the highest temperatures will be in the mid afternoon with high temperatures about 66, 68 around the bayshore line in inland. in the evening, sweater weather. we will get chillier. here is the seven-day forecast. it will warm up more over the weekend. sunny skies and hide to butchers in the upper 60's to near 80. hanukkah begins sunday at sundown. that mild pattern continues into monday. midweek next week, partly cloudy and temperatures tapering off a little bit. dan: thanks so much. a helping hand this thanksgiving , but because of covid, things look different. kristen: how can help
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kristen: many organizations are making sure people in need in the bay area have plenty of food for thanksgiving. second harvest of silicon valley gave out holiday meals at several locations in santa clara and san mateo counties, including here in san mateo. >> we are hoping it makes it a positive difference for everybody, including not only neighbors in need, but those involved in the society and those that are part of this every single day, it warms our hearts to be part of this day. kristen: second harvest also
4:26 pm
give out meals in south san francisco, mountain view, and san jose. you can buy something from a vending machine and make the world a better place. three giving machines are available at oakland temple hill through january 2. you can buy a gift for 16 local, global charities. giving machines were introduced by the church of jesus christ in 2017 and have raised mor t $9 millidonations. dan: it is the news beer lovers have been waiting for, the annual pilgrimage to sonoma county. it will be back in february. you can get the beer in person. last year, you can only get it online because of the pandemic. remember, you will have to wait. lines to enter the buries have been -- breweries long, but everybody says well worth it. kristen: on the edge, the climate crisis.
4:27 pm
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current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. dan: as you probably know, we are focusing on the climate and environment as part of our effort to build a better bay area. this week, we are looking around the globe. it is not just man-made climate change that causes problems. natural disasters like volcanic eruption's can affect the climate and profound in
4:30 pm
devastating ways. david ono from our sister station has a look from iceland. ♪ >> there are few things more fascinating, more powerful than a volcano. they are mother nature's way of showing that she is in charge. this volcano is just outside of record vic, iceland. it came to life -- reykjavík, iceland. >> it is shown lava coming from underneath. reporter: a volcanologist has visited it many times, studying its progress. he shows me the lava as it spews out of a new crater. >> these cracks opened up and baba started coming out. it started bubbling. ♪ reporter: he says as far as volcanoes go, this one is small.
4:31 pm
nevertheless, to stand up that lava field in person is a marvel. people flock to it, taking in the beauty and incredible danger. >> you can see the end of it right here. there are a lot of tourists getting a look at the lava flow, but you get a sense of how giant this is when you go with me in this direction. you can see it because the full expanse of this valley over there in that direction. if you keep going in that direction, you get to the volcano. reporter: i quickly learned how strong and putrid the smell is. there are a number of gases a volcano puts out that are toxic. >> like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, and fluorine. reporter: that is why volcanoes are in the climate change conversation. sure you why, we travel east to this lava field. it is the largest of its kind in the world. it came spilling out of the
4:32 pm
earth in 1783 from a volcano best known as interruption. 218 square miles of hardened lava now sit here as a reminder. in real life, it seemingly goes on forever. here is what i find really fascinating about this lava field. here is your typical lava stone. you have probably noticed what is grown on top of this, a moss, soft, comfortable, beautiful, as far as the eye can see. think about this, 250 years ago this was a tragic, frightening event. today, it left behind this incredible beauty, and so peaceful. with a rainbow in the background , it is hard to imagine how this molten monster killed people and livestock. it's stole valuable land, dried up rivers, and that was just the tragedy on the ground. even worse was what it through into the sky. reporter: it is estimated to be
4:33 pm
100 million tons. reporter: that enormous cloud of gas and ash change the world. for comparison 1991, in the philippines, the biggest volcanic event and the last 100 years. for days, the massive gas cloud shot 25 miles into the sky. as big as it was, iceland's interruption is estimated to be six times larger, and traveled all over the world. >> you can think about it like a fog, a cloud in the atmosphere, initially staying at 10 kilometers to 15 kilometers. reporter: that cloud set in the atmosphere for months, impacting whether currents, heating, cooling, changing the world's climate. >> the surface cooling was one degree centigrade on a hemispheric level for two or three years after the russian. that is significant -- that
4:34 pm
direction. that is significant. -- the eruption. that is significant. reporter: areas were so hard-hit that millions died. >> the important message is you can live very far away from volcanoes, but you can still be affected by him. reporter: today, as we deal with man-made climate catastrophes, what happens if interruption equal to its strikes? >> there is no return. the more we stress of the environment, the less of an event do we need to tip the balance. that is the worry. reporter: there are 1500 active volcanoes in the world waiting to blow, and an untold number of others that could suddenly appear. >> there is nothing we can do about these corruptions. they have the potential of wiping out whole cultures. reporter: in a final bit of wisdom from an expert, it's not
4:35 pm
the earth that need saving. >> mother earth is fine and will be finding keep operating whatever happens. to me, this whole issue of climate change is not so much about saving our planet, as it is about saving us. reporter: the reminders are everywhere, even here in this peaceful place. this is not our world. we are guests, whose time may be limited, depending on how we behave. dan:dan:dan:dan:dan:dan:dan:dan: on friday, the series continues as we take you to the polarize cash in greenland and see how climate change is moving at a rapid pace there. fascinating stuff. i will be thankful tomorrow for no volcanic interruptions -- your options -- eruptions. kristen: yes.
4:36 pm
spencer: let's look the conditions overnight. mainly clear skies. some high clouds. temperatures in the chilly range. tomorrow, high clouds return, filtered sunshine, and a mild day. overnight, low 40's. the coast, upper 30's. chillier in the inland valleys. tomorrow, filtered sunshine, gloriously lovely, low 60's of the coast. mid to upper 60's in other locations near the bay and inland. it gets even warmer over the weekend. it remains mild through monday before it cools down a tad. that is a meteorological term. dan: is that a little bit more than a scosh? kristen: a blueprint for fighting climate
4:37 pm
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kristen: time now for the four at 4:00. so many people are traveling for thanksgiving. aaa estimates 48 million people will drive somewhere. here is a live picture of the worst drive in the bay area right now. interstate 80. from the toll plaza to san pablo. we knew that. here is bay traffic a couple of
4:40 pm
hours ago. eastbound a little heavier. aaa says right now through 8:00 at night, that is the worst time to travel today. if you're traveling and returning over the weekend, the best time to do so is before noon, so avoid the and you're good. what he think? >> here is an idea, but i have family in southern california. we did thanksgiving the week before thanksgiving and had no traffic, no ticket prices that were crazy, no trouble woes. it was easy. dan: my wife sent me to the grocery store today. that was packed. this afternoon, packed on the roadways. a very crowded day. spencer: i came across the bay bridge at midday. it was a little slow. the outbound traffic was backed up at a near standstill. unbelievable. kristen: it is busy today, for sure, right, but it could've
4:41 pm
been worse if it were not for the fact that a lot of people are working from home now. you spread out the travel a bit longer. dan: that is a good point. if you like your food shaped like a can, how do you prefer your thanksgiving cranberry sauce, fresh or canned? a new survey shows how the country might be thinking. if you look at the map, the lighter red is the fresh stuff, darker red is the can. california was 2.7 times more likely to buy first compared to the national average. it is based on orders placed on november last year. i grew up in my mom always served the stuff in the can. i never liked it. i prefer the fresh. our partner in crime prefers the stuff. we were talking about this yesterday. spencer? spencer: fresh and organic. like you, i grew up eating the stuff out of the can. i never cared for it. dan: how about you?
4:42 pm
reporter: i will be an outlier. i prefer the canned stuff. i'm not big on fruits and vegetables. it's all about the turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes. i only have so much room in the plate. if i go cranberry, i go canned. dan: is that because that's what you ate when you were a kid? reporter: probably. people get too crazy and things can go wrong. dan: what about you? kristen: i do the fresh. i like a little bit with the turkey. once the thanksgiving dinner is over with a shopping begins. -- over, the shoppin over, the this year, it is poised to break records. 2 million more people are expected to shop over the thanksgiving weekend. many have begun, citing concerns about supply chain issues in the sales that began earlier than ever.
4:43 pm
the national retail federation says 42% of shoppers began earlier than ever this year. has black friday become more like bleak friday? would he think? reporter: i went to target today. the black friday stuff was up. they are trying to spread it out, more online, but people, adjustment time with your families. this is such a rare thing where we can all get together. dan: spencer, i'm not going shopping. spencer: nor, i will stay home and eat leftovers. -- nor willlll i will stay home and eat leftovers. dan: sometimes we will go out on saturday for a couple of things, but i will not hit the malls. spencer: nor am i. dan: billboard is out with its hot 100 artists list.
4:44 pm
the beatles ranked number one for the fourth time. they previously topped the list in 2008, 2013, 2018. madonna at number two,, by elton john, elvis presley, and mariah carey, a couple of surprises, stevie wonder placed sixth. janet jackson finished ahead of michael jackson. that is a surprise. whitney houston and rihanna round out the top 10. there are so many artists to be fans of. what he think, spencer? spencer: just in terms of the excitement of their performances on stage, not necessarily a comparison of quality, but the excitement generated on stage, james brown, who i saw in person in his heyday five or six times, and sly and the family stone. they put on an incredible show. dan: i would have loved to see the godfather of soul. spencer: he was amazing.
4:45 pm
dan: how about you? reporter: this is an interesting chart. it is just based on sales. it is more about the music. there is also the performance aspect. it is a whole different thing. this is just sales. i found it surprising rihanna was in the top 10. maybe because she has been featured on so many other big hits, in addition to her own music. i can see that being why she is the top. kristen: i definitely think the beatles belong there. i don't know who is missing. i have always had a place in my heart for abba. dan: there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity.
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dan: a project along san francisco bay's merging architecture with wildlife conservation. kristen: spencer has the details. spencer: we are one year into the experiment. the early results provide a potential blueprint for the way we might build in the future in the face of climate change. >> it is heavy. >> this ecologist is sloshing into the waters of the newest marsh to see the difference a year makes. his focus, oysters are now making themselves at home in prefabricated pods and panels put into service in november. >> it maximizes oyster
4:49 pm
recruitment, to settle on the panels to grow. >> the project began with the opening of a restored tidal marsh, stretching inland, connected by a covert system, allowing the tides to mix with the freshwater. he showed off the p temporarily removed for inspection. like the pods in the marsh, the panels provide the native oysters home to attach themselves to a long the cement walls of the culvert. >> those are oysters, oysters, oysters, oysters. all those are oysters. that is the goal, more oysters. >> it is an ongoing experiment in design evolution, and the way we adapt to climate change. the fiberglass panels were designed, created with the help of two and designers from the california college of arts. >> it is part of a new way of
4:50 pm
thinking about infrastructure, design, and ecology together. >> the san francisco seawall, they will be protecting both airports, the port of oakland, looking for a different strategy , so this work informs. >> the team is still learning about the physics of the title marsh, which areas the oysters will thrive in, and what other species might be benefiting as well. as renovation projects continue, the marsh will evolve as a living petri dish, potentially giving ecologists and engineers innovative designs it can be duplicated around san francisco bay. >> things are changing. we need to adapt. these are opportunities to use science to advance our knowledge. spencer: indeed. a number of cities, including seattle, are experimenting with urban designs meant to bolster local fish and wildlife populations. dan: fascinating.
4:51 pm
nice job. really interesting. the commercial crab season is delayed again this year, meaning no local crab for thanksgiving tomorrow, unless you captured yourself. the state department of fish and wildlife said the season can't start until mid december because the presence of humpback whales. the fear is the whales could get entangled in the gear and commercial fishing nets. the season usually starts around november 15, but not this year. kristen: another magical disney movie comes to theaters. >> gift or no gift, i am just as special as the rest of my family. >> alright guys, where do i drop the wagon? >> maybe you are in denial? dan: we will with the directors.
4:52 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? but our here, we are just getting started. salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. kristen: tonight, the goldbergs, the wonder years, the connors, home economics. at 10:00, the family sing-along, followed by the news at 11:00. disney's newest animated film is now in theaters. it is the story of family and hope in magic. i spoke with the directors about the new movie. nice to meet you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> great buzz. great review. stunning, nation -- stunning animation.
4:55 pm
compelling story. yes, yes, yes, right? >> it is great to hear. it is a five-year labor of love. the family is a family that lives in the mountains of columbia. in latin america, they are places of spiritual beauty and inspiration where you feel a sense of spirituality and heightened magic. this family roles are represented by the magical gifts. everybody in the family has a gift, except for one person. for some reason she was not given the same gifts. it is a movie about perspective, how you see your family and how your family sees you, and how challenging that perspective can really be. kristen: when kids watch the film, what is the experience you hope they will have? then, what is the takeaway for adults? >> there is an accessibility for conversation about families and how we don't really see everyone
4:56 pm
in our families fully. also, the people in our lives. we are quick to pigeonhole someone, but there is so much more to all of us. we need to ask each other questions and see each other as multidimensional. it is really important. kristen: what about onset? >> it is so hard. >> so good. >> incredible. >> great. >> laughing all the time. >> oh yeah, the person who plays the big strong sister, she is a cut up. her song is outrageous. no matter where you went, people were bringing their a game. a lot of the movie is halep. we were lucky to have a hilarious cast. -- movie is ad-libbed. we were lucky to have a hilarious cast. this is disney's first set in
4:57 pm
latin america. we have never tried anything like this before. having 12 characters is unheard of. we did this movie from our homes . everybody had to go to their homes because of covid, so this movie about a giant family in a house was made at everyone's houses with their families. >> we would see people's kids running behind them in diapers, pets. >> that's private. >> we are so proud of our 800 people, our crew who put their hearts and souls into this. it is incredible. kristen: congratulations to you. best of luck. i don't think you needed. it looks amazing. congratulations. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. kristen: they told me a lot of the jokes are ablated -- a d-libbed. the music is incredible. it is in theaters now.
4:58 pm
disney is the parent company of abc 7. that will do it for the news. news at 5:00 is next. entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. ama: is the bay area continues to real emissaries of organized retail fast, a security guard is in the hospital after being shot during an attempted robbery. just hours after the oakland police chief met with authorities. dan: you are watching --you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. that security guard was shot this afternoon during an attempted robbery. he has gone -- undergone surgery at parkland hospital. -- highland hospital. the guard -- police


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