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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 25, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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♪ finally tonight, after two gut-wrenching verdicts in less than a week, we're mindful of the words of maya angelou who said, equal rights, fair play, justice are all like the air. we all have it, or none of us has it. that's "nightline" for this evening. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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thanksgiving, unvaccinated employees will be terminated at a bar. >> travelers tried to tell about the conditions before >> getting home for thanksgiving. >>hour-by-hour holiday forecasts coming up. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> bart is facing losing hundreds of employees after denying covid-19 exemptions. if they don't get vaccinated, reside or resign, bart will seek their resignation. >> reporter j.r. stone spoke with two employees at dart and got their reactions. >> it just hit me in the stomach when i came and read that. >> is a 19 year employee who is in ordained minister and requested a religious exemption is reacting to this email he
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received wednesday morning one day before thanksgiving that said, after careful review of the information provided, your request is denied. >> there is a number of us that have the same opinion. we are not giving in. we are holding firm on what her beliefs are. >> the agency's vaccine mandate goes into effect december 13. about 600 employees are unvaccinated. the >> board directors said this last month >>, we need to protect the safety of writers. >> in a statement, bart says we are working with our labor partners to deliver safe and reliable service now and in the future. the loss of hundreds of workers could impact safety, and so does a community service officer and or dean year employee who
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received her exemption denial wednesday, too. >> in my department, there is 60 of us. i'd say big good handball -- hand fall are civilians. and that is going to impact the response time for emergencies. >> doyle says she had covid in september, and believes taking the vaccine would be an attempt to fix something that is not broken. doyle and roth are against being told what is put in their body and are ready to walk if need be and daily testing is not allowed. >> this is what i told the bart board, i am not afraid to be homeless again. now that they are tapping into people's rights, i'm not going to stand for that, not on my watch. >> bart says writers are depending on a healthy workforce. they plan
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unvaccinated employees next week. >> weekly covid deaths and hospital admissions will rise during the next four weeks, according to a forecast used by the cdc it would be the first increase of those numbers since the summer search. covid cases are already overwhelming hospitals in the central valley. fresno county officials are pleading with the state to make it easier to transport patients to areas like los angeles county. 60% of americans say they will spend thanksgiving with people outside of their households, about half say that could include unvaccinated people. >> test site organizers at santa clara county fairgrounds say they have been busy after a blotto in recent weeks. everyone we spoke to say they want to do the right thing before seeing family. >> we are coming back from our first order in college. we want to get tested to make sure we are all saved, we don't
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want to bring anything back from school. >> i'm living in the dorms, so i am at a higher rate of exposure than most people. my college does not regularly test, so i figured it would be best advised contested because i have been surrounded by some midgets. >> yesterday, so many -- more than 25 hundred people were tested at the sides. >> some stretches of the east bay area freeways have been packed. experts say thanksgiving travel is back to pre-pandemic levels. reporter ryan curry spoke with drivers who save the hassle is worth it. >> it is the wednesday before thanksgiving, i-80 is packed. both sides of the freeway were filled with cars as people head out for the holiday weekend. >> we planned this out for a while. >> alec is on his way to santa rosa, coming all the way from marino. he says last year he had covid and could not travel. >> it feels great.
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i love coming to california, i love the air. >> a lot are making travel plans this year. according to aaa, they expect they did 3 million people nationwide to travel this thanksgiving. in california, 7 million, with most of those travelers on the road. >> wednesday before thanksgiving is usually pretty crazy. the reason is thanksgiving this year is going to be the second busiest on record. >> aaa says these numbers are not quite to the level seen before the pandemic, but they are higher than 2020. sitting in traffic is not the only hurdle drivers have to face, but also have to deal with high gas prices. >> it's ridiculous how it is. >> elon is on his way t stockton, but he says the drive is not cheap these days. >> i year ago i was paying three dollars and $.75 a gallon, now
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it is five dollars and something a gallon it is ridiculous. >> despite the crowds and gas prices, both are excited to enjoy the holiday weekend. >> i'm going to stockton,o stoc, more my sister and her daughters and everybody is there. >> i can't wait to spend time with family. >> let's get to to to to to to o sandhya patel. >> as far as travel looks terrified. tomorrow morning it is going to get cold, in the 30's and 40's at 8 a.m. on meg's seventh son and high clouds, then the upper 60's a the hourly forecast starts to cool off a bit. it is chilly in some of our inland areas. 37 right now in napa. a frost advisory has been issued for tomorrow morning. nor that is bear valley's 3:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m., expect some
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frost. and i will let you know what is in store for the rest of the holiday week. >> and as you celebrate this thanksgiving, head to and find your forecast, as well as organizations are can donate to. >> a security guard is in the hospital after being shot in oakland did he was working with a local news grew when he was shot during an attempted robbery on 14th street near webster, the guard was working for kron television. every word is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. the guard is now in stable condition. we wish him all the best. local media outlets routinely use security guards to accompany reporters and photographers. thieves have targeted news crews for equipment in recent years. >> police are investigating a
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smash and grab at an apple store in santa rosa. investigators leased these photos of the suspects, at least some of them are believed to be juveniles. police and the four suspects grabbed over $20,000 worth of merchandise before taking up in my car. >> we are learning about the suspects in the smash and grab robbery in you and me in. -- union square. two cousins were inside this silver mustang, and callaway had a loaded gun with them. miller has convictions dating back to 2017. his mother says bullies beat the two during their arrest. >> i know they done wrong, but great -- quit beating these young men like that. >> a third suspect is spent already two months in prison for
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convictions including distributing cocaine. two women were also in court. only say they were caught with $28,000 in merchandise. >> in walnut creek after the massive smash and grab, suspects have been charged with felony conspiracy, burglary, and organized retail act. the mayor of walnut creek and asked that that suspects be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. several bay area da's have formed an alliance to combat organized retail theft. they say have suspects that committed crimes in multiple counties, they can charge them for everything in one county. they will discuss investing in technology like license plate readers to help arrest suspects. the oakland mayor says the city is limited time offer officers and is pushing for the city to hire more. that apartment is at its lowest staffing level in a decade. >> the cdc with any warning about the flu --
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>> we find the defendant guilty. we find william barr brian guilty. >> after six hours of
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liberation, a jury reached a verdict in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery, unarmed black man adam georgia. many have watched the trial. liz kreutz has reaction from today's verdicts. >> the guilty verdict in the murder of ahmaud arbery, who was shot and killed by three white men while on a run through a georgia neighborhood has led many to bigger that -- breathe a big sigh of relief. >> i exhaled for a minute. >> the cofounder of the oakland-based anti-police terror project have watched the trial closely, while knowing how so often the black unity has felt veiled by the u.s. justice system. >> they say the jurors jurors it objectively, that's why it is so significant, even though the evidence is pretty clear.
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>> those who welcome this out, not celebrating. president joe biden tweeted nothing can bring mr. arbery back to his family and community, but their verdict ensures that those who committed this crime will be punished. vice president harris said are buried should be our right, and criticized the defense counsel. an offense lawyer brought up arbery's dirty toenails. >> you see this next door, and other sites that have suspicious people in their neighborhoods. >> although the fight for racial equity is far from over, the fact that this jury came to this conclusion shows real progress. >> this is a marker along the way, but i think little marks along the way held. -- help. >> this friday night, ahmaud
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arbery's family reflects on his life and his mother's request or -- quest for truth and justice. >> the centers says flu season may be getting underway. agency says cases of flu among young adults and college students are on the rise. experts anticipate low vaccine rates could lead to an increase of the flu this winter. the cdc is warning doctors to be on the lookout and encourage them to offer the vaccine to anyone who is eligible. >> as many as 400 fedex packages have turned up in a ravine in alabama. sheriff's deputies checked out the boxes, fedex released a statement saying, we are committed to treating our customer's packages with the utmost care.
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the packages fell as far as 60 feet, some were busted open, others were not. >> bay area businesses are hoping to get a badly needed boost from small business saturday. there was a long line of customers outside of a bakery today. many small businesses survived the pandemic now have to cope with the supply chain problem. >> a lot ostfdso lots o rate recommendations. >> there is a sense of community that you might not get from the bigger downtown shops. >> small business saturday is always after black friday. it is a way for consumers to make an impact by supporting independently owned businesses during the holiday season. >> many major retailers have opted not to open for thanksgiving. target and walmart will close for the second year on tomorrow. macy's will open at 6 a.m. friday. best buy will welcome customers
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at 5 a.m. friday. walgreens and cvs will keep normal business hours, most safeway stores will be open. starbucks hours will vary by location. >> a lot of organizations are making sure people in need have plenty of food for thanksgiving. second harvest about holiday meals as well as gift cards in several locations in santa clara and san mateo. including the vincent de paul in san mateo. >> we hope it makes a difference, not only for our neighbors in need, but those in the society and it wants our hearts to be a part of this today. >> just a wonderful thing they do. in second harvest give out meals in south san francisco, mountain view, and san jose. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade is back. preparations are underway in new york, where 15 giant balloons are coming to live.
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one new balloon is -- is that how you say it? >> i think that's right. >> from the disney plus series amanda lorien. last year, that event had to be scaled back because of the pandemic. >> always fun. the parade is back, the weather is shining. >> let's get to sign dev patel for the latest. >> i want to show you live pictures right now from the golden gate bridge to the exploratorium to sutro tower, just absolutely amazing views tonight. we have temperatures that are following, most areas are in the 30's and arteries. tomorrow morning they are going to be bottoming out in the mid-80's at 5 a.m. -- mid-30's at 5 a.m. but a lot of you still have to run up to get some last minute
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things for thanksgiving. the afternoon will be pleasant while hopefully you are enjoying your meal, 50's and 60's. here is our east bay camera looking towards sutro tower, still a little gusty, mainly clear and chilly. we are looking at sunny and warmer weather for the upcoming weekend. if you are doing some traveling, we have crossed advisories in the north and east valleys. also parts of monterey and in san benito county, and of freeze warning around san luis obispo county. we have dense fog advisories for the usual spots in the san joaquin valley. if you are traveling, watch out for that bog, otherwise you are good to go. 57 in eureka, 54 in fresno. los angeles and san diego with red flag warning's tomorrow, strong santa ana winds. 57 in tahoe on friday.
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high pressure is building in, keeping the storm track well to our north, which is why we are expecting a mild and dry pattern. some was because passing through, that will not keep us insulated. it is going to be: a firm frost tomorrow morning. 38383838 look at afternoon highs in the south bay. 68 in san jose. on the peninsula, 67 in los altos. downtown san francisco 63. hi to mid 60's sandra by dell. -- san raphael. and linda areas, areas, a and 60 dear antioch. -- 64 concord temperatures will be rising to
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the conference on later on today. thanksgiving a cold start, a comfy afternoon. and as we head to the weekend, we are looking at 70's around the bay, 60's coast and and linda. -- inland. >>
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>> san jose is making sure this holiday season as mary and right. -- mary and the bride. -- merry and bright. >> christmas in the park transformed last year into her drive her. they were so popular they decided to re-created. >> we have 140,000 pixel lights, each light is capable of 14 million colors. we started setting this up in early october.
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we are still setting up as we speak. >> there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed
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>> good evening, how good are things going for the warriors? they have won eight home games and tomorrow. dubs vs. seth. seth has never been the high-scoring curry. 17 points in the first half, as golden state trailed by 19 at one point. but the dubs came roaring back. who is going to hold that pose? steph started chipping away, ties it up at 63. and of the third, just look at the step after he hits that 30.
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three. the hammer.e hammer.e hamm he outscored his younger brother by one. the dubs go from down 19 to winning by 20. undefeated st. the bouncing ball. tommy because of the rack and ad wisconsin comes all the way back. steps right into the three, thr, taking on number 21 seton hall. cal had cal had cal had cal hada five minutes to play. there was the chance for the lead, no good. the bears fall 62-59.
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pre-thanksgiving ice cream with these two. timo myers flips goes up, 2-1. on the pyre light -- power play, they tied it at three. the sharks this rarely happens during thanksgiving, but my sources tell me team turkey one. -- won.
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>> right now in jimmy kimmel live, and from michael keaton
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back now with a delivery discovery in northern alabama. police are looking into how up to 400 packages that were supposed to be delivered by fedex wound up in a ravine. the packages are being protected overnight, and t


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