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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 25, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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thanksgiving with you, kumasi. thanks for being here today. kumasi: friendsgiving. mike: the north bay valleys and into lake and mendocino counties, it is colder than this time yesterday. look at the mid to upper 30's everywhere. lafayette and martin is around 40. in the -- martinez around 40 ara 32 in rohnert park, so freezing there. there will not be a lot of frost out there, even with the freezing temperatures. the air is way to drive. here's a look at your thanksgiving day forecast. no matter how many times you need today, you can go outside and enjoy wonderful weather and burn it off with temperatures in the low to mid 60's. kumasi? kumasi: final preparations are
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underway for glide's annual thanksgiving brunch at san francisco. breakfast will be served from 7:30 am to 9:00 a.m. london breed, the fire chief, and bill scott will all be visiting at 9:00 a.m. to help repair the -- prepare the meals. they're hoping to serve 2000 meals, including 220 five boxed lunches delivered to homeless encampments around the city. second valley harvest gave away lunches, but it still needs money and volunteers to meet unprecedented demand. >> even though it might feel like things are getting a little back to normal, we are still providing food to 80% more people than we were serving pre-pandemic. that has held pretty stable. kumasi: second harvest serves more than 450,000 people every
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month. its fundraising goal is 81 million dollars this year, and more than half of that comes in november and december. many food pantries are struggling to keep up with demand this holiday season. the pandemic and record inflation have left more americans in need. amy hollyfield joins us live in the newsroom with more on this. amy: food banks -- people remember them, especially as the cost of food is going up. the alameda county food bank says the cost of oatmeal has gone up 18%. the cost for seven core items that the food bank buys is up $60,000, and the number of people who need help is also going up. >> we are seeing about one in four people in alameda county at risk of needing our services. what we have to be doing is really be strategic about the way we are sourcing food items. amy: then there is the issue of
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shipping. basic items like canned fruit are taking several more weeks than usual to get here, but the bay area is full of generous people, and people are doing their part. the food bank has said it has enough turkeys for today. they are confident that they will be able to feed everyone who needs help this season. they are just asking that we remember them as the holiday season progresses. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: if you are able to help others this holiday season, you can give where you live. head to, and you will find a list of that hit organizations. covid testing sites have been busy up to thanksgiving. this was the line of cars in san jose. test site organizers at the santa clara county fairgrounds say the line has picked up after a plateau in recent weeks. everyone we spoke with, including a number of college students, say they want to do the right thing before seeing
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family. >> we are coming back from our first quarter in college, so we wanted to get tested to make sure we were all safe. we did not want to bring anything back from school. >> i am living in the dorms, so i am at a higher rate of exposure than most people. my college doesn't regularly test, so i think it is best that i get tested because i have been around kids for so long. kumasi: bart is facing lo e -- hundreds of employees after denying letters for vaccine exemption. bart will be seeking termination if employees do not get the vaccine, and do not retire or resign. >> it kicked me in the stomach when i came in this morning and read that. >> albert ross, who is in
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unvaccinated ordained minister and requested a religious exemption to the covid-19 vaccine mandate is reacting to the email he received wednesday morning, one day before thanksgiving, that said after careful review and consideration of the information provided, your request is denied. >> as a number of us have the same opinion, we are not giving in. we are holding ground, holding firm on what our beliefs are. >> the agency's vaccine mandate goes into effect december 14. as of right now, 600 employees are unvaccinated. direct a -- the director said this last month. >> we need to protect the safety of bart workers and writers. >> in a statement, bart says we are working to deliver safe, reliable service now and in the future. roth believes the loss of
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hundreds of workers could impact safety, same with employee rand and doyle, who received her religious -- rhiannon doyle, who received her religious exemption denial as well. >> a handful of us are civilians, but the rest are officers. that will impact the response time for emergencies. >> doyle says she is not an anti-vaccinxxer, but got covid n november and says it is not needed to fix what is not broken. >> i've been homeless before, and this is what i told the barge board. i'm not afraid to be homeless again. now they are tapping into people's rights, and i am not going to stand for that. not on my watch. >> bart says writers are depending on a healthy
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workforce. they plan to hold additional vaccine clinics for unvaccinated employees next week. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. kumasi: a security guard is in the hospital after being shot in oakland. he was working with a news crew when he was shot when police -- shot in what police say was an attempted robbery. a reward is being offered to help find the shooter. the guard underwent surgery and is now stable. vocal media outlets routinely use security guards just -- to accompany camera operators and photographers. police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at an apple store. we have blurred the faces because some of them are believed to be teenagers. the burglary happened just after 11:30 yesterday morning, at santa rosa plaza. police say the four people grabbed over $20,000 worth of
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merchandise before taking off in a car. giving local businesses a badly needed boost. the preparation for small business saturday. the great highway close for the long holiday weekend. the new program that's launching for the whole family to enjoy. mike: and we are taking a look at a little bit of fog out there right now, some of it developing in santa rosa. broner -- rohnert park is at 32, and a little more fog. we will talk about how this will be
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kumasi: happening now, the great highway in san francisco is closed between inking way and slope boulevard through thanksgiving, and will remain closed throughout the weekend as
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part of the pedestrian and bike only days. the city's recreation and park department is launching a new food truck pilot program so people can get plant-based burgers, organic coffee from two food vendors that will be a part of this program. vehicle access will be returning to normal on monday morning. mike: let's talk about the weather to expect when you head outside today. we've got the fog and i want to show you the winds blowing offshore. some of that fog could be moving into the delta and the são paulo bay before it evaporates. same thing with santa rosa. it will stay right there, but temperatures hovering near freezing. the south bay, 36 in santa clara, campbell, 37. mountain view, 38, along with morgan hill. 36 at stanford and the santa teresa neighborhood, 35. microclimates, we've got them in the morning, which we expect this time of the year from the mid 30's to even some 50's
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around san francisco, alameda, and half moon bay. some of these temperatures like napa and travis air force base, where the official temperature is taken, double digits, if not actually closer to double digits. look at these mid to upper 60's, well above our average high of 63 degrees. it will be a great day for outdoor activities, no matter where you are. kumasi? kumasi: thank you, mike. getting a workout in ahead of the holiday meal. the exercise events that are happening in the bay area. also, the guilty verdict for all
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you get the most reliable network with nationwide 5g included. and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. kumasi: now to the ahmaud arbery case and the guilty verdict for all three men charged in his murder. we are getting a look at what is
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next in this racially charged case that has captured the attention of the country. here's abc reporter andrew denver. andrew: this morning, the family of ahmaud arbery says thanksgiving is bittersweet. even though it will be a sober and solid >> thanksgiving, you can be relieved that you did not let your boy down. >> we the jury find defendant travis mcmichael guilty. andrew: the jury convicted mcmichael on all nine charges against him. a former police officer who chased arbery with his son was also found guilty, along with a man, their neighbor, who recorded the chase. while the verdicts were read, he removed arbery's father after he screamed for joy. >> when i heard that guilty
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verdict, finally pulling the trigger, i was really happy. [cheering] andrew: outside the courtroom, an explosion of cheers and chants. they f justified under a citizens arrest law at the time, but prosecutors argue the three men were the aggressors, targeting arbery because of his race. the charges against the men carry a mandatory life sentence. the judge will rule on the possibility of parole at a sentencing hearing in the coming weeks, but the legal battles not over. arbery's father says he plans to file a civil lawsuit and all three men have been indicted on federal hate crime charges, that trial set for february. in the meantime, there is another case connected to arbery's murder. a former district attorney was indicted on charges of violating her oath of office and
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obstructing police. state prosecutors accuse her of delaying the arrest of the three men using her past work with gregory mcmichael as motivation. andrew denver, abc news, new york. kumasi: on a special 2020 tomorrow night, ahmaud arbery's family is reflecting on his life and his mother's quest for truth and justice. this is a two hour 2020. you can find it on abc 7. bay area businesses are hoping to get a badly needed boost this weekend from small business saturday. there was a line of customers waiting to get inside this bakery yesterday. many small businesses survive the pandemic, but now have to cope with supply chain issues. >> a lot of things are sold out, but we have a lot of great looks to sell people and a lot of great recommendations, so we are excited. >> there is a sense of community here you might not get from the bigger downtown shops. kumasi: small business saturday
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is the saturday after black friday. it's a way to make an impact in your community by supporting independently owned businesses during the holiday season. this morning, thanksgiving events are being held in the east bay get you ge -- to get you out and move your feet before you eat. a turkey dip is being held at 7:30. they are also holding a 5k or mile run at the same time. the 5k oakland turkey trot starts at 9:30 this 9:30 this 9s morning, and another will be held at 8:30 a.m. at highland and magnolia avenues. piedmont is not accepting registration on race day, so you have to be already signed up for that. and if you are signed up for this, hats off to you. all i want to do is relax and eat today. reggie: i worked out hard yesterday. yesterday, in anticipation of today -- right? kumasi: be at peace with that
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plate. reggie: i did an extra mile in the pool yesterday. yeah, i am going to eat a lot today. we've earned it. mike: happy thanksgiving. from the east bay hills camera, it is pretty quiet across san francisco this morning. we got chilled and mild sunshine for this thanksgiving thursday, and extended period of dry weather -- it is looking really dry the next two weeks. you know what happens? we get warmer than average temperatures and the possibility of getting near some record high temperatures. also, this area of high pressure is not our friend. it is pushing all the wet weather well up to the north and it is not even their friend, because it is causing more flooding and damage in the pacific northwest. it should share some of that with us -- then that would not happen and we would all win, but it is not. this is a byproduct. mid 60's today, 62 in antioch
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and 68 in san jose for the extremes. tonight, more microclimates. not quite as cold as this morning. a few patches of fog, more than this, develop as moisture starts to return. today will be our dais today as far as humidity goes. up or 30's to upper 40's -- the king around, we have wet weather pushing into the east coast, the entire east coast late today, and look at portland and seattle -- wet. as far as airport delays, none here at home. the west coast looks pretty quiet. salt lake city has to deice some planes there, and in houston they are having some issues with that rain. but everybody else is doing ok. let's take a look at the forecast i put together for you. tomorrow is the same as today, a few high clouds, but mid 60's to low 70's. anytime we get around 70 to 72 degrees this time of year, those are close to record high temperatures. kumasi? kumasi: good morning america is coming up at 7:00 at -- on
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abc 7. ginger zee is here with a preview. >> we have so much to celebrate, from here to macy's, but we also have to talk about holiday travel, the biggest since 2019. people will be driving too, so we will tell you the best time to hit the road. in the southern part of your state, i am sure you have been covering the santa ana winds and the potential for hundreds of thousands of customers to be without power because they have to prevent the wildfires. also, the three men convicted of murder in ahmaud arbery's case are now facing life behind bars. thanksgiving also means holiday shopping, so we have everything from tech to toys. and it's one of our favorites at gma. thanksgiving 911. thanksgiving 911. yo mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: this morning, bay area
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air quality officials are warning people to not burn would in fireplaces or stoves today. air quality in the region is moderate, though -- so a spare the air alert has been issued for thanksgiving day. this can be particularly harmful for kids, the elderly, and people with less per tory -- respiratory problems. mike: we are finally seeing the pause in the atmospheric river that seems so long ago. look at last weekend look at this week. the entire sacramento valley, almost completely gone. the north bay almost completely out of the exceptional. we are still in the extreme, but we are seeing a bit of improvement. my worry is with no rain in the forecast the next two weeks, this may reverse course and get worse over the next couple of months, kumasi. kumasi: thank you, mike.
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52-year-old years ago this weekk so-called tribe nation took over the old prison of alcatraz and declared it tribal lands for 19 months. the documentary "escape to alcatraz" tells the story from its beginning to the dramatic end, and how it shape public policy for years after. >> 10 years have passed since the native americans stepped foot on alcatraz island. this time, they were not planning on giving it back to the federal government. they made their way back to alcatraz. >> three hundred 60 degrees of san francisco bay as seen from the center of it. it will undoubtedly become a nightly affair. the group held a traditional powwow, trial -- followed by chanting and dancing around the main cellblock building. >>
6:26 am
>> the start of the second day found the original group enlarged by 15 to 20 more indians. they had slipped onto the island sometime during the night. presumably, they carried supplies to supplement the meager two days of provisions brought over early yesterday morning. bread, potatoes, meat, cereal, canned goods, and beans. as the younger warriors slept, the community breakfast was being prepared at the campfire. the frying, the slicing, finally, the eating. newsmen were invited. cleaning up after took a special meaning. they did not want it to look like a white man's island. the don brought to life other additional changes in the landscape. >> we do not fear your threat to charges with crimes on our land. we and all other oppressed people would welcome the spectacle before the world of your title by genocide.
6:27 am
nevertheless, we seek peace. >> how long you feel you can stay here? >> a man once said, till hell freezes over. kumasi: "escape to alcatraz" is airing at 11:00 this morning on abc 7, and you can also stream it through our tv app. it is free and available on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. we are looking ahead to the best black friday deals. and keeping the peace at the thanksgiving table -- a tip when it comes to talking about covid and vaccines. also, an easy way to give to others this holiday season. as we had to break, taking a
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now now now now now noww thanksgiving traffic looking a lot like pre-pandemic times. the return of travel, big events, and big family gatherings. and mike is tracking a frost advisory and parts of the bay area this morning, but it will not last for too long. the seven-day forecast is showing off some 70 degrees days. i love to hear that, mike. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, november 25. happy thanksgiving. you are watching us on abc 7 mornings, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike, how long will it be chilly? we have plans. mike: until about 9:00, and then rapid warming with sunshine and extremely dry air. in the north bay, lake and
6:31 am
mendocino counties, we've got the valleys, and this is the most likely area for actual frost and some think, as the moisture content in the air is a little higher here. super dry in the east bay valleys, but we have the frost advisory for all those areas until 9:00. in some areas the air is so dry, frost might not even form. we are starting to climb out of the 30's. by noon, in the 60 degree range. by 3:00, 62 to 66. kumasi: millions of people are traveling on this holiday. take a look at this. in southern california, an estimated 4.4 million people are driving for the weekend. many are enjoying the return of big re-pandemic events, like the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york, but it is not without concern as these mass gatherings, mid rising covid-19 cases and hop of the locations
6:32 am
-- and hospitalizations. em nguyen reports. em: americans are packing train stations and airports. >> there's a lot of people. and people finally wanted to get out, since they have been closed in with covid from last year. em: and the traffic in southern california looked like this on the 5 freeway. in new york last night, a large crowd returned for a pre-think even tradition -- watching the inflation of the iconic balloons starring in today's macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> i saw two pumpkins, a turkey, carrot soup. em: three point 5 million people are expected to line the streets of new york to watch the parade. >> to start the holiday mood, with the music, i think this macy's parade really shows you, it's time for the holidays. em: in philadelphia, the
6:33 am
country's oldest thanksgiving day parade is making return after a canceled event last year. but hospital in -- admissions are climbing, along with relaxed restrictions, colder weather, and waning protection from the vaccine. some hospitals in michigan are so overwhelmed, they are asking for help from the military. >> it's very concerning about where this will go, especially heading into the holiday season. em: as for the macy's day parade, organizers have made a change in the pandemic. no one under the age of 12 is allowed on the floats, because there is a concern that so many remain unvaccinated. kumasi: millions of americans are taking road trips this thanksgiving, and prices are sky high. they are 62% higher than what they were this time last year. the national average for one
6:34 am
gallon is $3.40, the most expensive on a thanksgiving holiday since 2012. here in the bay area, we know prices are a lot higher than that. according to aaa, a gallon of gas at oakland and san jose will cost you $4.79, in san francisco, it's $4.88. we covid debts and hospital admissions will rise during the next four weeks, according to forecast models used by the cdc. it would be the first increase in those numbers since the summer search. covid cases are already overwhelming some hospitals in the central valley. fresno county health officials are pleading with the state to make it easier to transfer patients to areas like los angeles county. 66% of americans say they will spend thanksgiving with people outside of their households. half of them say that could include unvaccinated people. we know the holidays can sometimes be pretty stressful, especially now that many
6:35 am
families are getting together for the first time since the pandemic. as always, there are some topics that should not be discussed at the dinner table. a family therapist says politics is definitely a topic to avoid, and she has a tip when it comes to talking about covid and vaccination status. >> you have to know who you are inviting, who is vaccinated and whose -- who is not. talk about it right off the bat. say, i know some of us are not vaccinated, i know some of us are, then drop it. move on to your next activity. kumasi: the therapist says if you are a guest and do not want to stay too long, let the host know that you will only be there for a certain amount of time. most importantly, remember this is it time to reconnect and relax. many organizations are making sure that people in need in the bay area have plenty of food for thanksgiving. yesterday, second harvest gave out holiday meals as well as gift cards in several locations in santa clara and san mateo
6:36 am
counties, including here at the society of st. vincent depaul in san mateo. >> we are hoping to make a positive difference for everybody. not only our neighbors in need that come to see us, but those involved in the society and those that are part of this every single day. it warms our hearts to be part of this today. kumasi: second harvest also game out meals in south san francisco, mountain view, and san jose. many bay area families are in need this holiday season, and food banks are seeing a big demand with the pandemic and record inflation. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us live in the newsroom with more on this. amy: food banks are busy this holiday season, but they are also facing a combination of challenges right now. they are asking people remember them at this time of year. one issue they are dealing with, the cost of food is going up. alameda county food bank says for example, the cost of oatmeal
6:37 am
has gone up 18%. the cost for seven core items that the food bank buys is up $60,000. then there is the demand, the number of people who need help is also going up, and there is the issue of shipping. basic items like canned fruit are taking several more weeks than usual to get here. >> previously i would put an order in and it would get here within six weeks. but having some visibility on the trends that are happening with shipping, with the backup at the ports, i extended that lead time to eight or nine weeks. amy: the people in the bay area, though, are generous. the food bank and alameda county says it does have enough turkeys for today and they are confident that they will be able to feed everyone who needs help this holiday season. the ask is that those of us who can give don't forget them, just know what they are up against and that they would appreciate
6:38 am
help. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you, amy. you can buy something from a vending machine and help make the world a better place. three giving machines are now up at oakland temple health through january 2. these machines allow you to buy a gift for one of six local and global charities. the church of jesus christ of latter day saints introduced these giving machines in 2017 and have raised more than $9 million in donations. if you are able to help others this holiday season, you can give where you live. head to action, and you will find a list of vetted organizations. another smash and grab robbery at a california nordstrom overnight. what police have revealed about this crime and the list of organized retail theft in the bay area, including suspects first court appearances. and the guide to black friday
6:39 am
shopping. we are checking in with mike for a look at our forecast. mike: happy thanksgiving, everybody. here's a look at what is going on with the visibility. we definitely have some fog out there, and the visibility is improving, which is nice. i think it is running into this dry air and just evaporating, but look at how the wind is coming through the central valley, drawing right through the delta and the offshore breeze will bring us a nice afternoon, pulling some of that fog and moisture to the east as we head through the next two hours or so. temperatures in our coldest areas, where we have the frost advisories, mid to upper 30's. i would not be surprised if some neighborhoods are definitely feeling the freezing temperatures in the east bay valleys. rohnert park, dirty -- american canyon in napa, nearly 20 degrees cooler this morning then yesterday morning at 35. san francisco, 48 to 54 degrees,
6:40 am
clear conditions, and as we head down the peninsula, we've got 36 in palo alto and santa clara and 40 in hayward. for san francisco, the average high is 61. look at where we will be at 2:00 and 4:00, we will hang out around 53 degrees as we head into the evening hours. now, look at that. it looks clean out there and our air quality will be moderate, which is not only today, but through the weekend, where we will push some record high temperatures. we will take a look at those, but first, here's high temperatures where you live. this is sponsored by disney's "encanto," now in theaters. >> it's a mystery full of hidden secrets. ♪ that keeps surprising you. >> their magic is strong. >> disney's "encan
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kumasi: new this morning, more robberies are happening. the latest in l.a.. that's where police are looking for five suspect accused of stealing $25,000 worth of merchandise during a smash and grab robbery. this happened last night at the nordstrom at the west append a mall. the suspects ran out with eight expensive purses. they assaulted and used bear spray on security guards. that guard is expected to be ok. we are learning about some of the suspects accused in the smash and grab robbery at the loon -- louis vuitton store in union square. prosecutors say cousins, tomika miller, and jimmy c calloway
6:44 am
were inside this silver mustang, and calloway had a loaded gun. nil or has felony convictions dating back to 2017. his mob says -- mom says police beat the two before the arrest. >> i know they have done wrong. they have done wrong, by all means, but don't beat these young men. that could be somebody else's child. kumasi: a third suspect spent 42 months in prisonsonson convictions, including distributing cocaine. police say two others were caught with $26,000 in merchandise. in walnut creek, three suspects in saturday night's massive smash and grab at the nordstrom in broadway plaza have been charged with felony conspiracy, burglary, robbery, and organized retail theft. the mayor of walnut creek asked the suspects be "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
6:45 am
the role district attorneys have formed an alliance to combat organized retail theft. they say if suspects have committed crimes in multiple counties, they can charge them for everything in one county. next week, the san jose city council will discuss investing in technology like license plate readers to help and the city is pushing to hire more officers. the department is at its lowest staffing level in a decade. thanksgiving dinner isn't even ready yet, but many of us are probably looking forward to black friday. i had the chance to chat with kristin mcgrath from retail me not about the details we are looking for this year. >> we are in the middle of this pandemic, so that makes this thing, among other issues, a lot this year. what do you see as the biggest challenges? >> yeah, i think there will be challenges across the board for shoppers and retailers.
6:46 am
shoppers might be fixated on, will i get my stuff on time? re ss tohoea fast, and get stufe it sells out. kumasi: that's hard. you have to have a strategy before you do that. so what are you telling people to think about? >> i think it's important to think about black friday as more than a day. a lot of the retailers have already put their sales live a week early, and cyber monday is coming right around the corner. we need to have the mindset this year that if you find something that is at a good price and is an item on your list, don't worry. get it early and cross it off your list rather than waiting for something better. kumasi: we definitely have to keep that in mind this year. how do you think the retailers are navigating this, realizing they do have these supply chain issues and balancing those things?
6:47 am
>> what a lot of retailers are doing, they are putting limited inventory behind some of those low prices. those low prices get consumers intrigued, but they are not necessarily going to get that item because of the low stock likely behind that low price. kumasi: a lot of people are still doing black friday online. we have seen a lot of the deals in-store the same as online. are you noticing that is a trend for this year as well, or there might be some better deals to be had in five stores? >> there's no reason reason rean store if you don't want to. all the deals would be on line the same as in-store. kumasi: is there one take you have for viewers as they are watching and thinking about black friday this year? >> there's no such thing as an early start. if you are thinking, i am going to start my shopping, you are already a littl late ine
6:48 am
the game. kumasi: we put together a guide to help you find the best black friday deals, available now at if you are paying more for your thanksgiving meal, you are not alone. supply chain issues are making prices much higher for holiday staples. the cost of turkey is up 24% and officials say it's also hard to predict demand for meat. americans are spending 5% more this year. thanksgiving meals are about 14% higher than average last year. so, if you are cooking a turkey and need a little bit of help, fear not. the butterball turkey talk line is celebrating its 40th year. experts are available via phone, text, you can even do online chat and tiktok. they are reminding everyone about the three teas -- thought, thermometer, and the two hour
6:49 am
rule -- experts make sure to say you slice the meat off the bone and put it in a storage container or ziploc bag in two hours or less. you can call the talk line at 1-800-butterball. have you ever wondered why ocean spray's cranberry sauce labels are upside down? the company says this is intentional. ocean spray says it wants you to store the cans with the side that you open facing down. that's because that lets the sauce settle and an air bubble forms at the top. when you open it on the bottom of the label, you can slide a knife along the edge of the can, on the inside, and break the vacuum. then, your cranberry sauce can slide out intact, in a single piece. did you know that, mike? mike: no, i want to hear the vacuum sound. kumasi: ok, mike. just do what you want, then.
6:50 am
[laughter] the lemurs at a zoo in chicago,, they have their bellies full of all the thanks favorites as well. these are ringtail lemurs. ramses, dogwood, and butch, enjoying their annual thanksgiving feast. the zoo treated them to turkey made of primate biscuits with honey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans and a pumpkin sweet potato pie. they are setting included holiday napkins, they had some make candles, gourds, and they even had a football game on a fake tv screen. these lemurs are living today. mike: they are so happy. that's a pretty good plate, mike. 6 kumasi: it sounds wonderful kumasi: -- kumasi: that's a pretty good plate, mike. are you watching football today? mike: my alma mater is playing
6:51 am
basketball, and then football. then i will be right back here with you tomorrow. kumasi: yay! eating good, relaxing, watching movies, some hallmark or -- you know? i like to get in the spirit. mike: when i got home yesterday from swimming, hallmark was on. getting in the spirit. hopefully you are too. it feels like it outside. look at these temperatures -- it's cold in places like rohnert park and as you head up towards petaluma and novato, all the east bay valleys are running at temperatures that could cause some frosts to form. here's a look at how clear it is from mount tam. sunshine today, freezing to fabulous, a clear sky tonight, almost as chilly as this morning. if you are out early shopping, grab that code, and great for outdoor activities through the weekend. have an increase in high clouds
6:52 am
that will run over the top of this high pressure, teething temperatures -- keeping temperatures around 62 in antioch. most of us are around 63 to 66 degrees. tonight, there could be a few more patches of fog and some light offshore breeze once again. not as cold as this morning, upper 30's to upper 40's. traveling around the state, look at this. bone dry tomorrow, saturday and sunday. 60's through the central valley, 70 in monterey. 52 in tahoe -- sorry, no snow, but we have the issue with the santa ana's down in socal. critical fire danger -- there are tens of thousands of folks without power right now because of the cripple fire danger. can you imagine that on thanksgiving? we've got to do something about that. temperatures mid 60's at the coast and low 70's elsewhere saturday went a. -- saturday through wednesday. kumasi: we are now about a year into this experiment at chrissy
6:53 am
field, and the early results are providing a potential blueprint for the way we might build in the future in the face of climate change. here's spencer christian. >> it's heavy. >> spencer: wildlife ecologist jonathan young is dissuading into the waters of the title march to see the difference a year makes. his focus? oysters, making their home in prefabricated pods and panels put in last year. >> the goal is oyster recruitment. spencer: the project began with the opening of quartermaster reach, chrissy field and allowing this historic freshwater stream. young showed off raised panels temporarily removed for inspection during a recent dive.
6:54 am
like the dome-shaped pods placed in the marsh itself, the panels provide the native olympia oysters a home to attach themselves to along this cement wall of the culvert. >> all of those are oysters. we want more oysters. spencer: this is not just experiment in urban ecology, but how we adapt our coastlines to climate change. this was created by designers from the california college of the arts. >> it is part of a very new way of thinking about infrastructure, design and ecology together. >> the san francisco seawall, they will be protecting both airports, the port of oakland is looking for a different strategy , so this kind of work definitely informs. spencer: young says the team is still learning about the physics of the marsh, which areas the
6:55 am
oysters will thrive in and what other species might benefit along with them. as projects continue along chrissy field, the marsh will evolve as a kind of living tree dish, potentially giving ecologists and engineers innovative designs that can be duplicated around san francisco bay. >> things are changing, and we need to adapt. these are opportunities to use science to advance our knowledge. kumasi: that was spencer christian reporting. a number of cities, including seattle, are experimenting with urban designs meant to bolster local fish and wildlife populations. coming up, the holiday tradition returning to the bay area tomorrow. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app, available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. you can download the app and start streaming. and isn't this a beautiful view of the city on a thanksgiving? we hope you are having a good
6:56 am
morning so far.
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: san jose is making sure this holiday season is merry and bright with an emphasis on the bright, clearly. we got a sneak peek at the eliminated holiday at lake -- eliminated holiday at lake cunningham park ------- illuminated holiday at lake cunningham park. the mile-long path features light displays, synchronized to music. >> we have 140 thousand pixel lights. each light is capable of 14 million different colors. we started setting this up in early october and are setting it up as i speak right now. kumasi: really cool. both blinking is illuminated
6:59 am
holiday, christmas in the park open tomorrow. mike, you said last year we needed reservations. you have to figure out about this year. check before you go out there. mike: i am trying to find out if there are tickets or anything. we will find out. here's what is going on, i on, i significant other has to have that morning cup of coffee or soda, it will be cold out there. look at what our day has. temperatures in the low to mid 60's at noon and low to mid 60's at 3:00 with increasing high clouds. today and tomorrow are the coolest days with low to upper 60's, and you can see mid 60's to low 70's, but the record highs will be threatened as we head through a very dry spell. kumasi? kumasi: thank you, mike. happy thanksgiving, everyone. i have enjoyed hanging out with you, mike, and hanging out with you two. have a great day, and we will be back here with a news update in about 21 minutes.
7:00 am
we will be here with you for the whole day for breaking news and everything going on, but thank good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this busy thanksgiving day, the big holiday rush and western fire alerts right now. critical fire danger in the west. the red flag warning in effect in southern california. this fire fueled by strong winds forcing evacuations. this morning, could the power for nearly 150,000 customers be cut on this thanksgiving day? thanksgiving sprint. it's the biggest travel week since 2019. the holiday rush picking up speed this year as millions of americans take to the skies and hit the road with gas prices still climbing. guilty. all three men convicted of murder now facing life behind bars in the killing of 25-year-


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