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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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carc? >> paul: i'm being told that sauce gardner has bruised ribs by the cincinnati sideline. he looks uncomfortable. you see him moving around and kind of tweaking and trying to contort his body in a certain way to stay loose. he doesn't look himself. he is a tough, tough young man. a wide receiver in high school, he told me. nothing is like being a corner. you're out on an island, one-on-one. he loves that attention. he loves that challenge. >> andre: almost think he's trying to bait ahlers into throwing the it. >> jason: ahlers scanning. ahlers down the middle and a big hit dislodges the ball. brian cook with the lay on omotosho. it's fourth down. >> andre: brian cook has had a couple of big plays. another, the pressure being brought on by curtis brooks, who i don't know if that young man has been blocked. a full play yet in this game.
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they talk about the games that sauce plays in practice, how much he loves to have fun. doesn't surprise me if he is trying to bait ahlers into throwing his way. >> jason: yeah. he is always in control over in that island. >> andre: if he's on the field, he's healthy enough to go. >> jason: ahlers, meets sanders. he got blind sided. ball on the ground. and cincinnati will have it one way or another. jabari taylor got in there and the ball ends up with marquise brown. and holton ahlers was under siege that time. >> andre: i don't know if there's two better defensive linemen that i've seen this year, that are better than brooks and jabari taylor. both guys have had a tremendous ball game here, right in front of us. >> jason: when holton ahlers was born, it was november 10th,
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1999. the first ecu game he was on the planet for, was an ecu win over cincinnati, 48-34. this is a different cincinnati team that that young man is facing tonight, as quarterback for east carolina. and the bearcats have shown so much ability to be resilient in this game, especially this defense. >> andre: they will turn around and give it to the car here to run this thing out, jerome ford. let him drive it for a little while. >> jason: not much of a chance for jerome ford. he is quite the successful touchdownmaker for cincinnati. it will be interesting to see cincinnati and houston for that american conference championship game. two very strong defenses. we look at today's hardest
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working player. brought to you by duluth trading company. cincinnati and alec pierce. >> andre: made a tough, tough touchdown catch for his first touchdown. he is so dependable. you can go for him on muddy downs, third down situations. and he always seems to come through for this offense. >> andre: his dad played football at northwestern. his mom was a volleyball player at northwestern. wildcat alumni. alec played basketball, football, one of those guys that you can put anywhere. >> andre: and volleyball scholarships, as well. i was on the field.
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he is well put together. and i asked coach dem ro, is heg looks by the scouts? oh, yeah. >> jason: ford has a first down at the 27 for cincinnati. the cincinnati ends up beating houston next week in the american conference championship, what percentage would you put on the bearcats to make the college football playoffs? >> andre: i have to see it to believe it. one of those. i don't care what percentage, the fbi and everybody else comes up with, i have to see it. i have just been in disbelief of what comes out of that room. i have to see it to believe it. i believe that cincinnati has done everything they need to do to get there. just need to see it happen. >> jason: here's another run for cincinnati. this should be worth a couple style points, into the 2 yard line. ryan montgomery. first and goal for the bearcats.
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you said fpi. you wouldn't believe it if the fbi -- >> jaso >> andre: they need to investigate it. the fpi. >> jason: this bearcats team has done everything that was asked of them. they went to notre dame, won a huge game in south bend. won that game on the road. they were undefeated in the regular season last year. first time they finish undefeated in the a regular season, since 2009. this is a touchdown for montgomery. cincinnati in one more time. the last 12-0 season, was brian kelly's final year, for some symmetry for you. >> andre: the ability to move bodies. they have a full complement of running backs.
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charles mcclellan, who hasn't carried the ball tonight. he is another, along with montgomery, that can sub in for jerome ford. they are equipped at that position. tight end, wide receiver, and certainly at quarterback. they get a match-up next week against another top 25 team, in the houston cougars. so, it will be a good one. >> jason: 35-13, your score. hey, on espn-plus, sign up at monmouth at cincinnati, the bearcats, and wes miller with a 20-point win over illinois. they fell to arkansas for their first loss the other day. a big win against the illini. >> andre: attractive to the big 12, cincinnati, the football program rolling. now, the basketball program. they've always been tough. back to the days of nix van
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exel. >> jason: wow. look at that. more bob huggins guys. bobby brannan. >> andre: there you go. >> jason: yeah. 35-13, cincinnati. this is likely -- it's our final regular season game together. and we will see you next week for conference championship game, as well. and then, bowl season. big games tomorrow, as well, as bedlam happens. oklahoma/oklahoma state, two top ten teams. against the beavers.rivalry gam- >> andre: that will be a sneaky good game, north carolina/north carolina state. that will be a good one. the defense playing pretty good football. and mack brown, what does he have up his sleeve for the final regular season game? >> jason: you know how much alumni care about that n.c. state game. that's about to go on espn, by the way. i was going to say, it's been a pleasure covering you football
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with you gentlemen. paul downstairs, andre up here. >> andre: a lot of fun here. >> jason: and matt austin, who loves the touchback conversation. great to have matt with us, as well, back at home. we enjoy bringing you football. and we enjoy matt austin. he's a wonderful guy. does a great job with the rules. matt, do you have any final thoughts on the touchback discussion to share with us? >> matt: no comment. >> jason: no comment? >> andre: there you go. hey. we see eye-to-eye. >> jason: come on. >> andre: love you, matt. >> jason: i prefer off-the-record matt austin than on-the-record matt austin. we love having you around. >> matt: thank you. i've had a lot of fun. >> jason: i prefer off-the-record matt austin. mason garcia has checked in to
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play quarterback for ecu. it will be a first down for east carolina. this is a team that is trending up, after the coaching change from scotty montgomery. mcneill was let go before him. and mike houston has done a good job rebuilding here. >> andre: the winning streak, the four-game winning streak. that will come to an end. it's against one of the better teams in the country in number four, cincinnati. a tough one even being at home. there was some good points in this game for east carolina. some things on which to build on. >> jason: what i like about cincinnati, and tell me if you think i'm on-base, but there's some games where the defense has to win the game. and other games where smu, where the offense just blew the doors off opponents. >> andre: they can get it done in a variety of ways. and special teams will take over, as they did tonight, with a couple of blocks. one block for field goal for a touchdown. it's a complete win. offensively, over 450 yards.
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through for 300-plus. holding ecu for 1 poi3 points. four sacks and interception. a blocked punt, a blocked field goal and touchdown. they can get it done across the board, if you're looking for a team that needs to pass your eye test. this is one. >> jason: yeah. they've done everything that is asked of them. if they beat houston next week and not in the college football playoff, i would call it a travesty. >> andre: just call me. >> jason: i know what you're going to say. >> andre: well, call me and hear it again. >> jason: you don't think it's going to happen until it happens. >> andre: yes. >> jason: it never happened. >> andre: partly, that's a fault in my personality. and the other is the realist that you have -- when it comes to the playoff, i have devogot see it from a group five team to believe it. >> jason: that's fair. totally fair. i'm an eternal optimist.
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>> andre: if it happens, i'm calling you. >> jason: i'll wait by my phone. fourth down and one, for east carolina. a couple more plays left in this ball game. ecu will head to its first bowl game since 2014. but a huge game for cincinnati next week. what's your early handicapping on how cincinnati/houston goes? >> andre: you see -- all the way down the line, how evenly matched this is. and we know houston can obviously play defense. cincinnati can't turn the ball over the way they did tonight or they will find themselves playing catchup to houston. that's going to be a tough, tough football game. but with it being in cincinnati, you favor the bearcats. they turn it over, houston comes after them, they can score with anybody. they can run the football, with mccaskill healthy. he's a dimension at running back for houston they didn't have earlier in the season. it will be a tough one for cincinnati. >> jason: cincinnati will go into that 12-0.
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luke fickell, we asked him a number of times, are you enjoying it? he said i can enjoy it more. he will enjoy a 12-0 regular season for cincinnati. number four wins again. the bearcats douse their coach. he will be freezing on the bus. for paul carcaterra, andre ware, for our beautiful crew, i'm jason benetti. so long from greenville, north carolina. cincinnati wins.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> that's all i can do is give god thanks because it could have been worse. >> there's a lot of heat and fire that moved very quickly so we had to move quickly to keep the extension of the damage to the existing church to a minimum. >> a pastor thankful it wasn't worse after a building under construction next to her church was under flames. good evening. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00 live on abc 7, hulu live
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and wherever you stream. that fire is under investigation after flames destroyed a children's church. >> it happened at a church between 12th street and central avenue in pittsburgh. lesley brinkley has the latest from the east bay. reporter: at dawn, a roaring fire consumed a building under construction in back of the st. james coo theater ram church of god and kris in pittsburgh. >> we called a second alarm. we wanted to protect the existing church and keep the fire from extending into that structure. reporter: within an hour the blaze was under control. what was to be a children's curve -- church was a total loss. it was difficult for the pastor to take it all in. >> that was the church that i was building in honor of my husband, who was the live bishop james langston and i was doing that as a memorial for him. >> we had some water issues when we first arrived. one of the hydrants happened a
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partially closed valve and that delayed us putting water on the fire. reporter: as for what ignited the fire, investigates are looking at all possible causes, including drug paraphernalia and what knife a homeless encampment behind the church. while the church is still stand, they can't hold sunday services here. doors were kicked in. there's water damage, there are wires hanging so the pastors say they'll do what they did during the pandemic, holding church in the parking lot. >> there's no need of crying and getting all yum september. things could have went down first. >> no one was anywhered in the fire. >> a small fire at the berkeley marina is now out. video shows you the smoke. fire broke out after 2:00 this afternoon on a boat that was docked at the marinea.
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crews for able to contain the fuel so there's no lingers threat. >> the world health organization has just announced there is a up in covid variant of concern. first identified in southern africa and the u.s. and other countries are racing to impose new travel restrictions. wall street suffered its worst trading day of the year. reporter: fears over a new variant of the coronavirus are triggering countries to impose new travel restrictions, sending the global stock market tumbling. [bell ringing] >> the world health organization is now designating a covid variant that was first identified in south african countries, calling it a variant of concern. scientists say it could be more transadmissible and marine immune to vaccines. >> in variant has a large number of mutation and is some of them have worrying characteristics. >> the u.s. government, along
4:19 pm
with country this is europe and air asia -- aisha announcing new travel restrictions on several south african nations. >> we're going to be cautious and make sure there's no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region, except for american citizens who are able to come back. reporter: travel and hospitality stocks taking a hit on wall street. the price of oil also plummeting as investors fear global command could drop but health officials caution it's too soon to take measures. >> it doesn't really help to shun the rest of the world, close the borders. we have to find solutions to this variants together. >> in the u.s., a new urgency to get new americans vaccinated with covid cases already rising by 10% or more in at least 35
4:20 pm
states and hospitalizations you have in 21 states. >> we're getting all sorts of patients, old and young. mostly people who were not vaccinated. >> the debta variant accounts for 99.9% of infections in the united states. abc news, washington. >> filer and mo derna are already testing their rockies against this new variant. fiteer says it will have for concrete answers on the vaccine in about two weeks. in iowa more than 100 children under the age of 12 received a double doze at the clinic. the f.d.a. says america, covid-19 pill is effective but with potential risks of birth defects and problems during pregnancy. it will hold a public meeting on the pill last week. >> scenes like this last week in
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san francisco have retailersp s. the lennox lewis some businesses are going to in order to keep their staff and customers safe. reporter: this black friday couldn't look more different for ino vacation products store beta. around the clock security at a coups of a whopping $30,000 a month. >> it can be dawn. ing and overwhelming if you try to later in your held what we would have to sell to make that cost worth while. >> they closed earlier this week because of retail staff. safety for their workers and customers will come first. profits later. >> we will make that you have and we will do that in the future but right now our priority is safety. the people will come if and when we create that great experience. >> electric cycle shop across the street delayed their opening
4:22 pm
to instale $10,000 cameras. >> hopefully it pays off. and insurance as well of course. >> the extra precautions during a time when retail net mobs have hit across the bay area. from the high-profile lock upy vuitton in san francisco. that's targeted nordstromles in two spots. another location was hit in august. shoppers we spoke with noticed the beached up security measures. >> more of a police presence. is entry points were all closed down. >> which seems to be reassuring, even for those who may have had concerns about shopping this black friday. >> a little bit. >> not when there's 30% off. >> true.
4:23 pm
>> abc 7 news. >> got to get that 30%. shoppers were out in tokers in san francisco's union square, one week after a brailsen mob style robbery at the luis vuitton store. also, san francisco police have increased their presence in union square with patrol cars, motorcycles and a command center. >> a huge crowd in l.a. and the lines looked more like it was 2019. other cities across the country had people lining up too. in a new york city suburb, there was a decent crush at a all in but nothing like we saw prior to covid. >> people seeking out black friday bar going. >> as our reporter found out this morning, black friday doesn't quite look like it used to. >> there was a line this morning before the business opened at 5:00 p.m. but these customers didn't spend the night out here
4:24 pm
as in years past. instead they waited about an hour. >> got in like 15 minutes before. we came in for some it was. >> he said it is definitely not the time commitment it used to be. >> yeah, we used to wait like three hours sometimes. come pretty early to do it at 12:00, like mind. now it's a little different. >> black friday deals now tend to roll out before black friday, dilute -- diluting the highly around this day. >> i actually like it better than this. wouldn't have to wait in line in the cold. >> even best buy is telling customers, if you want to skip the line, you can order online and pick up later at curranside. a pandemic strategy that is still in place but some shoppers tell us they just like the black friday tradition. >> i'm still so old school. i like the whole festive feel of catching that deep in person.
4:25 pm
reporter: and shoppers say the deals are good. >> apple tv. we god -- got an air fryer and another tv for my grand knorr. >> how much do you think you saved? >> probably over $200. >> but it's foot traffic and spending like this that has forecasters predicting a healthier season than last year with black friday several today expected to be up 20% compared to 2020. abc 7 news. >> tuesday is day of giving. we created a list of local organizations. you can find the list on our web site. abc 7 news/take action. >> it's been a nice day after thanksgiving. it's gorgeous outside. i mean, if we're not going to have raven. >> i love it. i'm into it, spencer. spencer: i am too, republicany. here's a look. a what's bringing us this mild, dry pattern.
4:26 pm
high pressure is in control of our weather right now. it's going to remain the controlling feature in our weather for several days. partly cloudy sky over the basement 60 in san francisco. 61 in oakland. mid 60's in san jose and morgan him. and the view at the golden game. also shows partly cloudyskies but again, a pleasant day with bright skies. 61 degrees right now in santa rosa. low 60's at fairfield. concord. where from our rooftop camera, we bring you this view. a few clouds overnight, mainly high clouds. may be some areas of patchy fog. sunny and warmer will be the pattern this weekend and a dry pattern will hold into the beginning of december. we have a beach hazard warning in effect until 6:00 this
4:27 pm
evening. there's a risk of sneaker waves and strong rich current. overnight, lots of high clouds passing by. maybe apache or two of low clouds and fog developing mainly over the debta area and low bay. tomorrow, perhaps even sunnier than today and likely milder as well. overnight lows not quite as chilly. inland valley lows in the low to mid 40's. on the bayshore line, mid to upper 40's and the same range of lows on the coast. highs tomorrow, on the south bay, nice and mild. 73 at morgan hill. upper peninsula, upper 60's to low 70's. on the coast, many i would to upper 70's. downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow for the north bay. 71 at santa rosa. east bay highs about 69 at oakland. and the inland east bay will top
4:28 pm
out also in the upper 60's to around 70. the mild pattern continues through sunday. hanukkah begins sundays evening and monday, the highest depth readings up to about 70 degrees. there will be a slight drop in temperatures going to tuesday and wednesday and then back up to about 70 in our inland communities on thursday. mild and dry, the pattern taking us into early december. we're still on the hunts for rain. >> hope we find it. thanks, spencer. just ahead, earth on the edge. our series on the growing climate crisis. >> we'll take you to greenland.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. 24 is abc 7 news. reggie: abc 7 news is focusing on the climate and environment as part of our e. to help build a better bay area. reporter david ono takes us to greenland where sunny tests are studying the polar icecaps. >> it's one of the most important cities on earth but only about 9,000 live here. 24 is the capital of greenland. you've heard it many times, we are in trouble. but let me show you why. i came here with josh willis and crew from that is ai's jet propulsion laboratory.
4:32 pm
it's the very last day of a yearlong project called oh, oceans melting greenland 18. >> it's been six years since we've been flying around greenland and it's dominated my life during that time. we're trying to measure out the oceans are changing and how the ice here is changing in response to the oceans. so oceans melting greenland is about how the oceans are eating away at the ice here. david: thanks to josh's six years of hard work we now noa lot more about how our polar isles caps are meting. the mission takes place on a beautiful world war ii era plane that's loaded with state of the art research equipment. i buckle in and we go to work. they've studied over 200 glaciers and today i get to see one up close. as we approach our target zone
4:33 pm
we're given an opportunity to absorb the beauty of the moment. it's a view so few are privileged toiseach. i'm first amazed at the ice floes. freshly broken off icebergs working to the open sea. the pilot invites us into the cock punishment as we approach and there it is. it's remarkable. you're looking at the face of a majestic glitchier that is several him feet all the and it's right here where this frozen behe moth metes the watch that is vitali important to our climate crisis. from the plane we're going to be dropping probes into the water. >> these probes that we push out of the plane, they actually fall through the water and measure the temperature not just at the surface but at each level down to the sea floor. david: through precision flying by the pilot and timing from the crew, i'm allowed to take part
4:34 pm
in actually doing the launch. i'm standing at the ready bill the tube and on their mark, i let it go. >> drop, drop, drop. david: it hits the water and slowly sinks, sending in data immediately. they record every didn't. >> we're getting the depth right there. 16 meters. david: this is something they've done hundreds of times all over greenland. it's within those numbers that we find the truth. >> climate change is inescapable and affects everyone around the world. we're learning more about it from scientists all the time. it's one of the reasons we're here, to understand it better. david: back on the ground i talk with dr. john moore of the state department. he flew all the way here on this last day to witness what's happening and learn as much as possible. >> it was a tremendous opportunity to see with my own eyes the nature of the situation here in greenland, including the melt of the ice-cap.
4:35 pm
david: weeks later i meet with willis at g.p.l. in pasadena after he's studied his findings. as expected, the news isn't good but now they're -- there's clarity. >> it's revolutionized our understanding of how the isles melt is going to melt. before we thought it was warming from above. david: remember those probes we sent out? they've taught us that it's not the airplane. it's the water. the glaciers are meting from underneath. >> the oceans are playing a huge role in eating away that ice. >> the oceans, because they store over 90% of the heat that we trap with the greenhouse gases, they're warming and that warmer water is going to have a bigger and bigger impact on the glaciers. david: what happens at greenland lands at our doorstep. our oceans are rising, far faster than we ever expected.
4:36 pm
that meeks high tides and storm surges willen exponentially worse. prompt loss, beach erosion but there's far more to it than that. >> the oceans are controlling our climate and the airplane is reacting to what the oceans do. david: rising oceans are changing our weather patterns. droughts, hurricanes. blizzards. when you first heard about climate change 10, 20, maybe 30 years ago and thought there was time, there's not. the more we learn, the more we realize we were wrong. david owno, abc 7 news. reggie: obviously that's alarming, on monday, we're going to look at solutions. we take you to the world's first carbon capture plan. is this the future? >> shop or do nothing. >> shop or do nothing. and the worst times to hit your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure,
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>> time now for spencer and chris joining us today. holiday shopping season is now underway. finding the right gift can be very stressful and then many people end up overspending and getting themselves into dealt. a study a few years ago found 60% of those surveyed sufferedded from holiday stress. this year, toss in some supply shortages. john, you -- i don't know, you
4:40 pm
guys getting stressed out over the holiday, chris? >> chris: venmo is a great thing. just go straight to the source. so far i'm not stressed but you want to put some thought into it. but venmo or something along those lines is the easy way to do it. >> spencer? spencer: i began shopping online probably a month ago and the little bit of this-person shopping my wife and i have done we also did early. i'm not finding much stress at the moment. the most stressful part for me is finding the right gift for each other. >> reggie? >> reggie: now i'm stressed? [laughter] i wasn't until now, really. i guess i just figure that -- i don't plan very much ahead so when the spirit moves me, i guess, which could happen at any moment. then i'll get into it. ama, you actually have a child to look out for so what are you
4:41 pm
doing? ama: it's funny because everyone is asking what should we get he were? so i haven't really thought about what we were getting her but we're going to take her to target to maybe buy some toys to do the nate to toys are to the and maybe get her in the center of helping others. reggie: i like that. that's very sweet. a good way to start. hopefully a lifelong philanthropy. >> or you could do this -- participate in buy nothing day. you don't do a thing. you just sit down and watch others shop. this started a while ago and now folks are jumping on this bandwagon. the whole deal is to deemphasize consumerism in a very con sucher-driven culture. of course, at this point, our economy depends on it. this is a tough one because we
4:42 pm
want to support our local businesses, especially, but i guess i can understand the thinking about behinds this, right? ama, you were just talking about donating to others. our friend ginger at "g.m.a.," we've been talking about this because she decided she's really paring down all her gift giving. for aller kids it's about one or two gift. and yes, that's what we thought about, you don't need more toys. let's go to kids less. we don't go crazy with presents in our family. spencer: for me, black friday has always been buy nothing day because i don't want to be out there with everyone else. ama: next, we have holiday pet peeves so let's talk about holiday traffic. let's take a live look outside. this is 0.
4:43 pm
plenty of cars out there. a lot of people heading to the mall. what's a driver to do this holiday weekend? if you need to get somewhere, best to drive in the morning. predicted the worst traffic on saturday will be from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and on sunday, the rush starts at 1:00 p.m. as people return from their holiday trips. obviously none of us are returning from our holiday trips. but nobody likes traffic, right, consider is? chris: i used to say that but when we had the pandemic and there was no traffic, and now we're getting back to normal -- i could see a little less but small businesses, for sure, let's donate to those guys. ama: suspenseer? chris: i feel -- spencer: i feel the same way. it was nice to have things slow down during the shutdown but it's nice to see people out,
4:44 pm
going to restaurants and interacting. this time, especially as we approach the holidays, it feels good to see some normalcy. reggie: i'm so happy to be sitting down. it's been such a beautiful weekend. i was taking a run before i got here and thinking there's nowhere else i would rather be, not driving anywhere, not flying anywhere. for a lot of you, this weekend is the time to start decorating, putting christmas lights up. the tree and the house. check out this house in germany that includes more than 70,000 lights. the own earn says it started with a single string of lights and every year keeps getting bigger but homeowners supply them with sausages and muhammad wine. the great christmas flight premiering on abc 7.
4:45 pm
my dad was definitely the jon grissom would of the family but in high school he won the neighborhood award. the aqui family was very outside profit any of you have that tradition in your family? spencer: we decorate but sort of modestly now. the tree is you have. oh, yeah, are you kidding? my wife puts that tree up before thanksgiving. ama: chris, do you decollete -- decorate? case: i do not. i have a small place but my brother's wife started decorating before thanksgiving. i thought it was a little early but she's in the spirit. ama: we did it this morning, actually. all the ornaments are on the bottom row of the treu tree because that's about as high as she can reach reach right now. one by one, we'll slowly move
4:46 pm
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reggie: a strange web site is drawing in the wrong kind of people. what started as a joke as led one man to help law enforcement track would-be murderers are looking for a hit man. ama: liz introduces us to the
4:49 pm
north bayamon behind rent a >> i brought some show-and-tell. reporter: in a quiet park in fairfield -- >> nevada police report. reporter: wearing dark sunglasses to partially protect his identity. bob ennis showed us his pages and pages of printed out emails. this is -- >> this is just a lot of solicitations from people around the world. reporter: ennis has been getting these messages from over a decade from all sorts of people helping for some help. how do you describe yourself? >> cybercrusader. the web master of rent a >> yes,s a website he launched in 2005 when he started an i.t. business. >> it was a play on words. rents as in hire us. history as in web hit. visitor, analytics, that kinds of thing. reporter : the site took a life
4:50 pm
of its own. when he checked the emails attached to its side -- sight a feweaat hd hundreds of requests. one woman wanted three family members murdered. >> i responded back with a very simple email. do you still require services and would you like me to put new contact with a field operative and she responded yes. >> ennis forwarded the merges to law enforcement and she was eventually arrested. since then ennis says he's prevented 151 murders. just in month, a 50-year-old woman in michigan policemen guilty for attempting to using his website to kim her husband. this, "sportscenter" indications, the website is a scam. >> i think a lot of these people around very bright.
4:51 pm
>> they're not rocket surgeons, you might say. reporter: and despite several news reports written about the website. ennis says the requests keep oncoming. some are hoaxes but some are very well. >> it's scary. i've had cases out of l.a. and stockton. i'm working on a case right now with the l.a. county sheriff's department. it makes you wonder who's out there. you never know. reporter: thankfully bob ennis is here to try to stop them. reggie: that is wild. what did i just -- [laughter] ama: i don't know what to say. spencer, let's go to weather. spencer: mainly clear skies overnight although a few high clouds moving there result bay area and a patch or two of low fog. look for another mimed sunny
4:52 pm
late november day from temperatures mid 60's at the coast to you to around 70. here's the a.c. day seven-day forecaster. just as mild on monday and tuesday. minimal cooldown tuesday and wednesday and temperatures bounce right back up on thursday. still with a dry and mild weather pattern. ama: banking on the box office. >> fans are dying to get back to the theater. reggie: when will easing
4:53 pm
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>> coming up tonight on abc 7, santa claus is coming to town followed by 20/20 at 9:00 and don't miss abc news at 11:00. >> the first hollywood movie at the box office since pandemic restrictions started to ease. >> a hopeful hollywood is banking on big bucks at the box office. >> killer replica. >> a recommend liuka of what? >> as pandemic restrictions ease and more kids are getting vaccinated against covid, movie fans are clamoring to see a slew of film being released exclusively to theaters that promise something for everyone. including disney's animated musical comedy. >> i understand you. >> and ridley scott's fashion
4:56 pm
guard bio pic house of gucci, starring lady gaga. which is already angling for awards season kudos. >> there's some real evidence that fastens are dying to get back to the theater, especially this year after this sort of nightmare of what we've been living through with covid. people just wants to have a good time. >> fan favorite will smith is also getting oscar bulls for his turn as serene us greats venus and serena's father in king richard. 91% rated it prepare and was was released simultaneously in theaters and on demand. >> my sense is everyone want to see the -- come back. there's going to be a case by case evaluation of what is the right distribution strategy for
4:57 pm
every might have. you still have more options as people continue to go into theaters. >> awful this as the holiday season is just heating up with the matrix continuing with keanu recoveries returning. >> hi. >> have we met? >> and steven spielberg's take on the sinema classic west side story, out in time for christmas. ♪ reggie: last year this five day holiday stretch only made $2 million in ticket sales. this year expected to be between $1 is00 and $150 million bucks. ama: you can get our updates and more with our abc 7 bay area app. reggie: i'm headed to the movies
4:58 pm
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you save up to 20 gallons of water each time. when you finance through gm financial. finish quantum with activblu technology has the power to remove the toughest stains without pre-rinsing for dishes so clean they shine. join finish and skip the rinse to save our water. clinics >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> tonight concern is growing over newly identified variant of the coronavirus. several countries, including the united states announce new international travel restrictions. dan: you're watching abc 7 news at five :00. the world health organization has names this newly detected variant in. the virion was first -- in variant was first identified by south african authorities. it is a virus of


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