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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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you save up to 20 gallons of water each time. finish quantum with activblu technology has the power to remove the toughest stains without pre-rinsing for dishes so clean they shine. join finish and skip the rinse to save our water. clinics >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> tonight concern is growing over newly identified variant of the coronavirus. several countries, including the united states announce new international travel restrictions. dan: you're watching abc 7 news at five :00. the world health organization has names this newly detected variant in. the virion was first -- in variant was first identified by south african authorities. it is a virus of concern, as the
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same classification these for the delta variant. there warning about overreaction before the variant is better understood. >> there are many stays underway in south africa and other countries to characterize the variant in terms of transmissibility, severity and any effect on our countermeasures. dan: the white house at the u.s. will restrict travel from south africa and seven other countries in the region starting monday. >> make sure there is no travel between south africa and six other countries in that region, except for american citizens. dan: there was no immediate indication whether this variant causes more severe disease, as with other variants, some people display no symptoms. ama: here in the bay area, businesses and -- are gearing up
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for this mu variant. they've sent out reminders to get the booster shot sooner rather than later. >> to give you an idea of how quickly the world health organization is responding to this, yesterday it was called variant of interest. today it is called a variant of concern. does that mean? it means that countries are being asked to step up their surveillance efforts. restaurants in san francisco are taking a similar approach. last tuesday, about 18 hundred members of the golden gate restaurant association received an email recommending that every employee get a covid booster shot. executive director lori thomas then sent in the mail this morning to her own employees after hearing about this new variant. i sent >> a notice we are not requiring a booster shot yet, we are strongly recommending it.
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reporter: priscilla owns village rotisserie in san francisco's noe valley. >> all of our staff are fully vaccinated. that is something we require when we interview or bring new employees on. reporter: this dr. says there's reason to believe the current covid vaccines are effective against this mu variant. -- variant. >> a lot of these patients were on symptomatically. that is important. it means the vaccines work against them. >> we don't want to panic or anything. not of us can afford a closure again. reporter: in light to lie, even though many people work vaccinated, the delta variant left its mark on businesses. any restaurant saw a significant drop in reservations. two days ago, san francisco sent out notices automatically extending the permits required
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to continue operating the outdoor shared spaces through june 30. >> we are always optimistic, we are expecting whatever comes our way. we will deal with it. ama: when the delta variant began spreading last july, companies quickly decided to delay bringing employees back to the office. whether that happens again may depend on how effective the vaccines are against us mu variant. dan: fears of this mu variant sent stocks plunging today with the doubt reporting its worst date in more than a year. -- the dow closed down 900 points. the nasdaq fell nearly 2.23%. s&p tumbled two point 27% to 4594. ama: there was much much
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feeling in union square today following last week's robbery. there was a heavy police presence, my comes to the crowd, it looked a lot more like what we would expect to see prior to the pandemic. the sidewalks are bustling as people got his start on their holiday shopping. dan: earlier, the true diehard black friday's were lined up to get good bargains at best buy. even this tradition has changed slightly compared to years past. reporter: there was a line to get into the best buy in milpitas this morning. these customers did not spend the night out here, as we have seen in years past. they said they waited about an hour to get inside. >> we came for some tv's, it is our annual thing i do with my mom. reporter: he said it is definitely not the time commitment it used to be. >> we used to wait three hours sometimes, come pretty early at like midnight to be in line, ready to go. it has changed.
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reporter: black friday deals now tend to roll out before black friday, diluting the hype around this day. those who did show up today say they don't miss the huge crowds. >> i like it better like this. in and out, don't have to wait in line. reporter: even best buy's tongue customers they don't need to be here. they have a sign saying if you want to skip the line, you can order online and pick up later at curbside. the pandemic strategy that is still in place. some shoppers tell us they just like the black friday tradition. >> i'm old school. i like the whole festive feel of catching that deal in person. reporter: shoppers say the deals are good. >> apple tv, we got an air fryer for my grandmother and another tv for my grandmother. reporter: how much do you think you save? >> probably over $200. reporter: it is foot traffic and spending like this that has forecasters predicting a healthier season than lester,
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with black friday sales today expected to be up 20% compared to 2020. dan: in the south bay, there's no better way to kick up the holiday season than christmas in the park. the sin has a holiday tradition is back at the downtown location for the first time since 2019. dustin dorsey is live at the annual tree lighting ceremony. reporter: it absolutely is, when people think of black friday, ec shopping. to me it means the start of the christmas season. no better place to enjoy that then here at christmasn the park. we are literally walking through a winter wonderland right now with all these beautiful community decorated trees. it is just one thing that makes christmas in the park so special. the countdown is on. today we cranked up the christmas music, grabbed our favorite fesveas.fore than 40 y
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soutbay s this with christmas in the park. it is now officially reopened, back edits down, take -- back edits downtown location. >> it is our main focus, our priority. reporter: 2020 was the first year in decades that the park was not fully decorated with christmas displays for families to visit and enjoy. now it is back. organizers say it is better than ever. and all new inflatable beer and wine garden, tresa big you can walk through it and much more. >> when people come downtown, i hope they enjoy themselves. reporter: the familiar growth of community decorated christmas trees return, 537 to be exact. weather was first time decorators enjoying the sense of community -- >> it is a place where anyone can come together, whether they are taking transit, riding a bike, -- >> reporter: for people renewing their tenure tradition with
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friends and family. >> for us, it is another sign of getting back to normalcy. we are super grateful and excited to be at the event. reporter: everyone is happy to be back celebrating the holidays as a community once again christmas in the park. >> we been around for 40 plus years. the history of the event dates back to the 1950's. generations have grown up with this event. we just -- there was never an option to not come back. it was how we are going to come back. here we are, opening night. reporter: this night is always opened up with the lighting of the annual christmas in the park tree. this one is the biggest they've ever had, 65 feet tall. it is going to be lit up in just a couple minutes at a 6:00 ceremony. we will be back live with that. make sure to tune in. we will keep it right here on abc 7 news. dan: tell me about the drive-thru event.
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the drive-thru is getting even bigger, it sounds like. reporter: what i'm most excited about. this is right tradition, but the drive-thru is going to be something brand spanking new. they've designed this with the great mind of jr matos, they saw lester on the great christmas light fight here on abc. he created such an awesome display that is brand-new. no one has seen anything like this, lights synced to music. it is going to be a little something like this, a much larger scale at lake cunningham park. we hope you check it out, tickets are selling fast, make sure to get it on the website. ama: an early-morning fire destroyed the construction site of a children's church and classrooms in the east bay. why there was a delay in getting wired to fight the fire. dan: a generous donation for wildlife rescue center that helps injure
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reggie: marking six months since the shooting at the sin railyard. he killed nine workers and himself. a remembrance was held on zoom today with virtual candle lighting, music and reflection. they also had counseling on site. ama: the cause of a fire edit pittsburg -- happened a between 12 street and central avenue in pittsburg. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the latest from the east bay. reporter: at dawn, a warring fire consumed a building under construction in back of the st. james cathedral church of god in christ in pittsburg. >> the fire moved quickly, we pulled a second alarm, we want to protect the existing church, and keep the fire from extending
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into that structure. reporter: within an hour, the plays was under control -- lays was under control. >> that was the church that i was building in honor of my husband. who was the late bishop james langston. i was doing that as a memorial for him. >> we had some water issues when we first arrived, one of the hydrants had a partially closed valve. that delayed us putting water on the fire. reporter: as for what ignited the fire, investigators are looking at all possible causes, including drug paraphernalia and what might have been a homeless encampment behind the church. the main building was largely fine, but there was some minor damage. reporter: while the church is still standing they can't hold sunday services here. doors were kicked in, there is water damage and there are wires hanging. so the pastor said they will do what they did during the pandemic, church in the parking lot. >> there's no need to cry and
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get all upset. things could've went down worse. reporter: no one was injured in the fire. reggie: wildlife rescue is getting a huge donation to help injured animals. the south lake tahoe care center got unexpected attention this past summer when the bear cub tunneled under a fence and escaped. the cub was being treated for severely burned paused suffered while fleeing the tamarack fire. after the cub escaped, the center was prohibited from caring for more injured bears until they could make repairs to the fence. since then they have received $500,000 in matching donations for a new animal hospital, construction begins in the spring. ama: if you're getting right to ama: if you're getting right to buy to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali.
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tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. ama: if you're looking to put up your christmas tree this weekend, getting a real tree may
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be more challenging. reggie: supply chain issues combined with the drop because crunch. reporter: i'm inside this in valencia. this place has around nearly 50 years. because of the drought, because of what is going on at the ports, it is tougher to get that big tree in the smaller trees are more expensive than they have ever been. the manager and owner of this fine establishment said it is like the grinch is trying to step in and steal christmas, still the holidays. how tough is it? >> it's been a little harder this year. a lot of things with the trees themselves, we had the issue, dropping one pager one. we won't get those big tree in until next year when they've had a refresh from all the rains they got this last couple months. the shortages of labor, people not wanting to work has spiked the tree prices up north as well as gas prices. in all the freight charges
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bringing tree south, we still have a big selection, they've just gone up my percent to try 5% this year. reporter: last year around the holidays, this tree will cost what? >> this would cost a hundred 1999. >> this would've now it's a $30 increase. as far as prices go we are going to try to get them down next year if freight goes back down. it's just kind of wait and see. >> we heard on the news a few days ago there might be a tree shortage. we were like we gotta get ours right away, day after thanksgiving. reporter: we know they're more expensive, you don't care? >> we are going to get one tomorrow white costs because it's christmas. >> we are excited to shop local. >> once we are sold out, it just gotta wait till next year, get a
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figtree. -- fake tree. ama: get on if you want one. two lake tahoe ski resorts aren't -- open in time for the holiday weekend. it is now open seven days a week for the season. palisades tahoe also partially open today. the resort says crews have laid enough of the snow base to open one beginner left. reggie: be careful -- the national weather service is warning the public to stay out of the ocean because of powerful swells. the advisory affects coastal areas from punter race to big sur. as well is strong rip currents and waves that can pull people into the ocean, san francisco firefighters rescued a team from the ocean -- from the water at beach this morning. ama: let's check on the weather and all things combined. >>
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keep forgetting it's reggie today. we have a beach hazard statement in effect until 6:00 this evening. in a report he read there. coastline if you we do see things coming down a bit. the big focus of travel lately, let's talk about thetomorrow, st breeze, temperatures ranging from 67 to 71 degrees. lovely dave traveling from bay pair -- bay area airports. honolulu, sunny, high of 81. new york, -- chicago, cloudy, hive 40. los angeles, hive 77. let's look at what's producing the weather conditions we have. high pressure the controlling factor right now. the circulation on the highs pushing some moisture into the
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pacific northwest but keeping us high and dry. here's a view from emeryville, colorful sunset going on right now. 58 degrees in san francisco, upper 50's in oakland. half moon bay. at the golden gate, skies have mainly cleared, traffic moving nicely, it is 59 degrees up north in santa rosa. napa and fairfield, 60 eight concord, 50 at livermore. looking westward, you see more orange and red and yellow hues in the post sunset sky. a few clouds will develop overnight, could be a few areas of patchy fog. sunny and warmer over the weekend. this dry pattern will hold through next weekend, into the beginning of december. overnight conditions will look like this, high cloud sweeping by, maybe a patch or two of fog. not a whole lot. mainly sunny skies to start the day. sunny skies throughout the day tomorrow. overnight lows will be in that
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mid to upper 40's, perhaps a little lower in some of the colder north bay locations, highs tomorrow, mid 60's coast, 70 around the bay, about 70 degrees inland. here's that seven-day forecast, this mild pattern will hold through the entire seven-day. with minor variations here and there and no rain in sight. reggie? reggie: this sunset was one for the books. i'm never here for that. ama: a general manager of the san jose sharks is taking temporary medical leave from day-to-day operations. the sharks tweeted the news today did not giving details about why. our media partners say wilson's condition is not believed to be covered related. assistant manager will take over day-to-day operations. reggie: so sad to hear about american musical theater legend stephen sondheim. he has died. his career spanned decades that include broadway classics like
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west side story, into the woods. his compositions reshaped artistic standards for the american theater in the second half of the 20th century. sometime sag -- sondheim's ballad at send in the clouds has been report -- reported dozens of times. he was 91. there will never be another like him. ama: holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. you will want to make sure those gifts
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reggie: hulu has a special deal on black friday that you could buy any this weekend. ♪ >> are you kidding. reggie: the streaming service is offering memberships for $.99 a month for the entire year. the ad supported membership usually today president biden took to sweat -- twitter. he wrote i wrote -- i know how big an impact shopping small can
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have. small businesses are not only the engines of our economic process, they are the heart and soul of our communities. reggie: a lot of your buying things for your family and friends today. let's talk about shipping. many of the major carriers have been quite busy yesterday. it is expected to pick up on the next couple weeks. fedex anticipating it will deliver 100 million more shipments this year compared to 2019. it should break records. the busiest days, likely cyber monday. and then the first two mondays of december. ups expects the week of december 13 to be it's busiest of the season. ama: those holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching. for usps retail ground delivery arriving by christmas you should ship by december 15. you can wait until the 17th if you're going to do first class mail and the 18th for priority mail. priority mail express items must be shipped by december 23. reggie: first we have to buy things. world news tonight with david
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call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. tonight as we come on the air in the west, a new fast-moving covid variant first detected in south africa is raising alarm around the world. the u.s., canada, the eu and uk all issuing travel bans for south africa and several other countries. president biden late today saying, "this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations." the w.h.o. labeling the new variant omicron and calling it a variant of concern. the strain with a large number of mutations. dr. anthony fauci says it's too soon to tell if the variant can evade current vaccines. health officials in the u.s. now on alert with cases of the delta variant on the rise in at least 35 states. dr. ashish jha here answering your questions tonight. the new variant sends stocks plummeting around the world. the dow suffering the worst day of the year.
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