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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it looks like the worst we have come across so far. >> this morning, concerns over a new covid-19 variant, first detected in south africa. the u.s. will impose a travel ban from multiple countries starting in two days. bay area scientists saying the next few weeks are crucial. gunshots rang out outside of a high school football championship game. spectators and players ducking for cover as panic sets in at the stadium. good morning. it is saturday, november 27. you are watching abc 75:00 a.m. -- abc 7 news at 5:00 a.m.
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start with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning. we are starting out with a little patchy fog in the north bay. the big picture shows the jet well to the north. it is 42 in mountain 52 downtown. patchy fog up in santa rosa. we are looking at moderate air quality lasting through the weekend into next week. not a whole lot of mixing. get set for 50's at 9:00 with clear conditions by noon. low to mid-60's and mostly sunny. warmer afternoon with upper 60's to near 70 from the peninsula to the southbay. look at that sunset, 4:51. while we are watching and waiting for rain, we will tell you what we come up with. >> thank. two people were hurt after a
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shooting near a high school football game in campbell. the gunfire sent panic through the stadium. >> stay down. >> saint francis and sarah high schools were playing for the championship. the game was at westmont high school, where gunfire broke out just before 9:00 last night. video posted online shows one team dropped to the ground while the other ran for cover. thankfully, no no no no no stadium was hurt. another man was taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. the game resumed about half anun hour after the shooting. sarah clenched a playoff berth. a new covid-19 variant detected in south africa has the world health organization concerned. the u.s. is going to restrict
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travel from south africa and seven other countries in the region starting monday. luz pena has more on the variant and what it could mean for our vaccines. reporter: the world health organization declaring omicron a variant of concern. >> it looks like the worst variant so far. reporter: it was first detected in south africa in early november. new cases have been identified in hong kong, belgium, and israel. >> south africa was having about 200 cases per day for many weeks. all of a sudden they were having 2000 cases per day. reporter: the president of the gladstone institute. do we have any idea how this variant emerged? >> it is thought that this may be a rose in one person immunocompromised, so the virus could divide in that person and be suppressed a bit. reporter: scientists created
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this mutation map to understand how to tackle this new variant. omicron has 50 new patients, more than any other variant, including the delta variant, which only has 19 mutations. >> these separate mutations that we have seen come together in this particular variant. reporter: to understand how transmissible this new variant is, experts say more data is necessary. they are pointing to the next three weeks as crucial. >> it is more than likely that no matter what we do this will spread to other countries. it may be that in the next few weeks we may have to go backwards. reporter: we need a robust, global vaccination plan. >> a vaccination strategy will be effective. the question is how effective. these antiviral pills that are coming online, they are targeting parts of the virus that have not been mutated in
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this variant. they should be just as effective. reporter: in san francisco, luz pena. anchor: dozens of people who flew to amsterdam yesterday from south africa are believed to have covid-19. hundreds were tested. the dutch government has banned all air travel from southern africa. pfizer and moderna are testing their vaccines against the new variant. pfizer says it will have more concrete answers in two weeks and modify the vaccine if necessary. new york's governor issued a state of emergency that allows health officials to limit non-essential procedures. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. go to happening now, l.a. police have declared a citywide tactical alert after an uptake in retail theft.
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one was last night at a home depot, where more than a dozen robbers cleaned out the tool section. the robbers jumped into getaway cars and drove off. this is the latest in a string of organized thefts, including one earlier this week where several people stole merchandise from a nordstrom. the tactical alert allows more officers to be available. shoppers were francisco union square for black friday. it was almost impossible not to see police there with patrol cars and a command center. our reporter shows us the lengths that some businesses are going to prevent theft. reporter: this black friday could not look more different. along with a return to in person shopping, also round-the-clock security at the cost of $30,000 a month. >> it can be daunting if you try to calculate in your head what
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we would have to sell to make that worthwhile. reporter: they closed earlier this year to protect staff from retail theft. patrick brussel was held at gunpoint for laptops in this video. safety will come first. profits later. >> we will make that up. we will do that in the future. our priority is safety. the people will come if we create that experience. reporter: the electric bike shop across th's -- across the -- ace street plan to reopen. >> hopefully it pays off. reporter: the extra precautions come at a time when retail theft mobs have hit across the bay area. from the high-profile louis vuitton robbery to independently owned wellspring pharmacy in oakland. 80 people stormed the nordstrom november 30.
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also the topanga nordstrom wednesday. shoppers we spoke with noticed the security measures friday. >> there is more of a presence of police today. the entrance and exit points are closed down. reporter: which seems to be reassuring. even for those who may have had concerns about shopping this black friday. >> a little bit. a little bit for me. >> not when there is 30% off. reporter: dion lynn, abc 7 news. anchor: definitely noticed that beefed up security. today is small business saturday, the perfect chance to help your community by shopping local. small business saturday launched back in 2010. 78% of independent retailers say holiday sales will impact their ability to stay open next year. as businesses battle the covid crisis and supply chain
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problems, every little bit goes a long way. on tuesday, it is the day of giving. we have created a list of local organizations that make an impact in helping to build a better bay area. you can find the list on our website. let's get a check outside. lisa: it is cool out there. a little bit of fog in the north bay. temperatures coming up today a few degrees. you can see visibility here in san francisco. we will be in the upper 60's in the city. what does that mean for your neighborhood? stay tuned. liz: it is the holiday season. events across the bay area getting into the spirit with tree lighting and appearances from favorite characters. remembering the great stephen sondheim. we take a look back at his life and the marquee has
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liz: broadway is mourning the
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loss of stephen sometime. he passed away yesterday. here is lindsey davis with more. >> ♪ i like to be in a a a a a reporter: for more than six decades, stephen sondheim has been writing the music and lyrics to some of america's most celebrated and beloved performances on broadway and inn the movies. from west side story to sweeney todd. sondheim revolutionizing what audiences saw on broadway for generations. >> theat theat i like to surprise myself. reporter: and surprised he did. ♪ >> in 1970, company, the first
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musical without a defined plot nominated for 14 tony awards. his first full score was in 1962, a funny thing happened on the way to the farm. born in 1930 in new york city, sondheim was brought up in the theater, learning from broadway legend oscar hammerstein. >> he taught me how to structure the kind of lyric he wrote, which is a story lyric. reporter: sondheim would go on to win tony's, grammys, and an oscar. sondheim spent the day celebrating thanksgiving with his friends. he was 91. >> one thing before i go go go o have made me see the passion of love, and i thought you should know. liz: a true legend. moving on now, a fire in the
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east bay nearly consumed a church yesterday morning. it started in the back of the st. james cathedral church of god in pittsburgh. the flames consumed the building under construction. firefighters were able to save the main tempo. that area sustained smoke and other damage. that is not going to stop the pastor from celebrating mass this weekend. >> we had church in the parking lot for a year and a half when this pandemic hit. i am going to have church outside. we are going to rejoice. reporter: the church was built in honor of the pastor's husband. firefighters have not determined what caused the fire. a coyote is safe after nearly drowning in san francisco. some quick thinking bystanders are to thank for this. ey kept its head above water
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until he can be pulled to safety. firefighters treated it persevere hypothermia. they named it phoenix. it is now recovering. people spent the day after thanksgiving picking out there christmas tree. abc 7 news is at this tree line in san francisco. it just opened up yesterday. they have a large selection. they are open every day until christmas. >> every tree you buy not only helps you celebrate christmas, but it helps us generate income that keeps our doors open to give people the opportunity to turn their lives around. reporter: they have multiple lots, two in san francisco and one in oakland. the holiday lights are on at. l.a. square. it was one of a series of events getting people in the holiday spirit. for many, it was a night they had been waiting for.
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♪ reporter: the holiday spirit was alive and well in san francisco. a packed crowd came to hear dello square -- gear a daily square >>. having the crowds and getting into the mood and festivities of christmas. reporter: layla came here with her daughter to see the square light up. they did not do much last year because of the pandemic. seeing the square reminds her of the days before covid. >> it is nice to have this in the city and have people visit our beautiful city. reporter: it was a joyous night with kids seeing santa and a variety of christmas trees designed by students. >> the significance is for families and people to get together. last year, we participated during the pandemic. the turnout was good. it was not as big as it is today. reporter: it was not just san
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francisco. christmas in the park returned to san jose this year. many came by to see the lighting of their giant tree. >> we are grateful and just excited to be part of the event and the great tradition. reporter: whether it is the city or the southbay, the message is clear. the holiday season has begun. >> it is beautiful in the christmastime. it is magical. we love to see it. liz: san francisco's union square. there will be several events in the afternoon including music and food. the ceremony will take place each following night to light a candle up until the eighth and final night of the holiday, december 5. two lake tahoe ski resorts are
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open. they have enough snow to get a ski run going. it is open seven days a week for the season. the resort says crews have laid down enough of a snow base to open up one beginner left. -- lift. is not officially here. we feel like it is. lisa: we have had high pressure with us hanging around, allowing for the sunny afternoons. we are going to see this high-pressure ridge filled in throughout next week. that is going to mean a more robust area of low pressure bringing in temperatures above average. we should be in the low to mid 60's. here is as as as as a seven, contract is in -- where the storm track is in.
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in typical la niña fashion, we are looking at warm, moist air continuing to affect the pacific northwest while we stay dry. high-pressure with us as we get into what looks like the first week of september. 36 43 castro valley. richmond checking in at 42. the rest of us in the low 40's except for san francisco. 46 in pacifica. a little hazy in the east bay. high-pressure not allowing for a lot of mixing. we have some upper elevation wins. not enough to clear things out totally. sticking with that moderate air quality from the north bay to the southbay and all points in between. holding until the first week of
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december. as we goas we goas we goas we go you will notice we get through some high clouds in the afternoon. this is saturday and looking at sunny conditions and a little fog along the coast. highs tomorrow into the upper 60's and low 70's. above average view along redwood city. that is a mild afternoon. 71 santa rosa. maybe a few clouds in the north bay monday. slightly cooler as a weak system rides to the north of us. tuesday, we are looking at little change. highs today from 67 to downtown in the upper 60's. as we look at our accuweather
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seven day forecast, very little change day to day with a steady pattern. mid 60's along the coast and 70 in bayshore communities. around 70 once again from mountain view to redwood city. as we get into the middle of the week, it is a dry start wednesday. looking at patchy fog. we have a little of that in santa rosa. no help from mother nature in the snow department for the upcoming week. liz: good to know. we will take what we can get. shipping holiday packages, why some are already worried their gifts will not get to their destinations in time. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c.
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about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. liz: people in the southbay are openly expressing fears their holiday packages are not going to get to their destinations on time. michael finney has more on their experiences. reporter: reviews on yelp
5:24 am
this federal express facility just 1.5 stars. a thread on next-door generated 200 comments blaming the same facility for packages being delayed several weeks. >> the location is like a black hole. >> my package was stuck there two or three weeks. >> it was really annoying. reporter: fedex blames the delays on a labor shortage and high-volume due to the pandemic and is asking for patience. christopher testes said a camera flash he ordered arrived in new york and did not leave for his home in mountain view for one full week. >> the following day, the status said arrived at newark facility. reporter: mark is a professor at stanford and shoots photographs as a hobby. he sent $1400 worth of camera
5:25 am
gear. two weeks after arriving in newark, the package had not left the facilities. >> they admitted they had not started to look for it. reporter: these were all the diapers alice had left when her shipment of diapers sat at the newark facility for two weeks. >> you have got to come on time. reporter: fedex says it is going on i hiring binge. we are accelerating our efforts to bolster capacity, which includes a focus on people, facilities, and technology. it says the last day to ship packages in time for christmas is december 22 for two day service in december 23 for overnight. >> whatever the problem is, i hope they fix it. i hope they get their act together. liz: if you have your gifts or
5:26 am
online orders in, it is time to ship. many of the major carriers have been busy this week. it is expected to pick up over the next couple of weeks. fedex is anticipating it will deliver 100 million shipments more this year over 2019. the busiest days will likely be cyber monday. week of december 13 will likely be the busiest of the season. a transgender oakland woman is making history on jeopardy. amy schneider has won eight games in a row. that has earned her a spot in the tournament of champions. she is the first trans person to qualify, winning four consecutive games or more. she will be back on jeopardy on monday to try to continue her winning streak. so far, she has won $295,000. she says she would like to use that money to travel to ireland.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. thanks for joining us. live on abc seven, hulu love and wherever you stream. we are going to start with a look at the weather. lisa, did you have a happy thanksgiving? lisa: i did. i hope you did it, too. the weather has been nice to enjoy even though we need rain. right now it is 46 in oakland. 52 san francisco with a little bit of fog in the north bay.
5:30 am
looking at our air quality, it will be moderate for the next several days. we have high-pressure that is going to stick around for the next several days. 9:00 in the 50's with sunny skies. look at 1:00, already in the mid to upper 60's. that does surpass average high's this time of year. 70's arriving from the southbay. that could bring us up 10 degrees above average. coastal temperatures will be mild. by 3:00, patchy fog returns. we are good to talk unsettled changes for the second half of your weekend and the first week of december when we see you next. liz: thank you. there are growing concerns about a new coronavirus variants, omicron detected in south africa. the u.s. restricting travel from eight south african countries. here is christine's long with
5:31 am
the latest. reporter: scientists struggling to learn more about a new covid variant that is taking the global stock market. the world health organization naming the strain omicron, naming it a variant of concern. scientists say omicron was first discovered in southern african countries. the biden administration joining more than a dozen countries moving swiftly to restrict flights from southern africa. in cape town, the rush of travelers catching flights out of the region, looking to beat the bans. airlines for america, the group that lobbies on behalf of major airlines releasing a statement, saying international travel is critical to reviving economies around the globe. it is critical that government
5:32 am
decisions regarding travel restrictions be rooted in science. though much is known about the variant of arkham experts say the current science is worrisome. current evidence suggests omicron may pose a higher risk for infection and bay me -- and may be more transmissible than delta. dr. anthony faucher on cnn cautioning it is too early to know for sure. >> it is something we are learning more and more about. reporter: health officials zeroing in on the unvaccinated, urging them to roll up their sleeves. >> we are not out of this pandemic. i expect to see a bump in cases across the u.s. next week. reporter: christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: the pandemic and record inflation are not the only problems when it comes to helping people in need. abc news reporter andrea 4g
5:33 am
explains. reporter: the pandemic and record inflation leaving more americans in need. feeding america says 42 million people are going to bed hungry this year. in some areas, the need is even greater. >> we are seeing one in four people in alameda county need our help. reporter: the food bank in oakland says the cost of seven core items they need rose, forcing them to choose chickens over turkeys this thanksgiving. getting turkeys is too difficult or expensive. food prices have increased by nearly 3% compared to last year. next year, they are expected to rise another 2.5%. extreme weather hitting crops nationwide, and supply chain
5:34 am
issues creating more challenges. supplies of canned foods stuck overseas due to a lack of shipping containers. >> previously i would put in an order that could get here in six weeks. having visibility on the trends that are happening with shipping and the backup at the ports, i extended that lead time to eight or nine weeks. reporter: these obstacles are not stopping volunteers. in north carolina, members of the carolina hockey team helped give out 1000 turkeys to people in need. in indiana, a high school football team joined volunteers going door-to-door with meals. >> to help our community, that is what i want them to do. reporter: abc news, new york. liz: now to a strange website that is drawing in the wrong kind of people. what started as a joke has led one man to help out law
5:35 am
enforcement track would be murderers looking for a hitman. i spoke with the north bay man behind in a quiet park in fairfield. >> the case is from indonesia. reporter: wearing dark sunglasses to protect his identity. bob inez showed us pages and usa pages of printed emails. >> this is just a lot of solicitations. reporter: he has been getting these messages from over a decade from people hoping for help. >> cyber crusader, the webmaster of rentahi reporter: a website he launched into thousand five. >> it was a play on words. rent ias in hire us, a hit as
5:36 am
on a website. reporter: he had hundreds of unread messages with several dark requests. the game changing one came from a woman who wanted three family members murdered. >> i responded back with a simple email. do you still require our services? would you like me to put you in contact with a field operative? she responded yes. reporter: he responded to law enforcement, and she was arrested. since then, he says he has prevented 150 murders. just this month, a woman in michigan pleaded guilty to using his website to attempt to hire a hitman to kill her husband. >> there are several red flags on the website. there is a banner ad that opens up the internet crime center run
5:37 am
by the fbi. >> a lot of these people are not very bright. >> they are not rocket surgeons. >> despite multiple news reports about the website, the requests keep coming. some are hoaxes. some are real. >> it is scary. they walk among us. i have had cases out of lake county and stockton and l.a. i am working on a case with the l.a. sheriff's department. who is out there? are they your neighbors? you never know. liz: in all this. his website has a information statement. it is surprising how many people fall ford according to him. moving on now, we are following up on an environmental project
5:38 am
we first told you about last year. the goal to encourage oysters to make the san francisco bay their home. here is a live look outside. so pretty looking out over the skyline. we will
5:39 am
5:40 am
liz: welcome back. here is a live look outside over the bay bridge. thanks for waking up with us. volunteers will gather at grace cathedral in san francisco to help put together a unique holiday tree. the world tree of hope is the largest origami tree in the world. it stands over 23 feet tall and is decorated with 7000 origami cranes and stars. each one is hand folded and inscribed with wishes for the future of the world. the tree will be lit on december 6. in the east bay, a renewed
5:41 am
holiday tradition. for 50 years, the scouts have raised money by selling trees in piedmont. this is their biggest fundraiser. customers will have their choice of trees. the scouts typically sell about 1500 trees per year. the lot is on red rock road in piedmont. this weekend, start your holiday shopping by supporting local businesses and artists. it is the 50th anniversary of the crane way craft fair. more than 200 exhibits will be featured with arts and crafts items, clothing accessories, and more. it runs tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00. admission costs $12. everyone must show proof of vaccination or a recent covid-19 test. >> are you are you are you are e liz: hulu is offering memberships for $.99 per month
5:42 am
for an entire year. the ad supported membership regularly costs $6.99 per month. disney is the parent company of both hulu and abc news. that is a good deal. have you refrained from doing too much shopping this weekend? lisa: i have refrained. good morning as we look outside towards the east bay. temperatures today in the livermore valley eight to nine degrees above average. another mild afternoon. october brought you three quarters of an inch of rain. we will talk about what december might bring coming up. liz: next, steph curry leads the warriors to their 10th straight double-digit victory at home as they beat the blazers. chris alvarez wil
5:43 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. liz: here is a live look at the
5:45 am
golden gate bridge this morning. not too foggy, which is nice. let's talk sports. tonight, stanford closes out there 2020 one season, hoping to end -- their hoping to end a six-game losing streak. the golden bears battle ucla at the rose bowl at 7:30 tonight. cal needs to win tonight and next week to qualify. the warriors are flying to l.a. ahead of tomorrow's game against the clippers. last night, they won their sixth straight game, beating the trail blazers. here is chris alvarez. chris: good morning. steph curry entered friday night 50 13-pointers away from breaking ray allen's all-time record. steph curry and golden state looking to extend their winning streak to six.
5:46 am
golden state goes on a big run. jordan poole had 14 straight points. just like that the lead cap growing. first half winding down, steph curry and draymond green in sync. w's up at the break. draymond green lobbed wiggins. warriors up 20. steph came to the rescue. not just one three, but two down the stretch. 44 away from the record now. w's move their nba best record to 17-2. great truck. great hat. sharks hosting toronto friday night. second of the year, we are tied at 1-1.
5:47 am
he gave up three straight goals after that. aiden hill would replace him. the sharks lose. todd goldman, usf looking to improve to 8-0. johan, that was good. coming up huge in the second half. he had 23. the shot no good. the dawns now 8-0. stanford and south florida and the bahamas. game-high 23, lacey hall go ahead three cardinals up one. sidney harvey will break stanford's hearts. nb a theanta ara womecc teamn the quarters. they scored twice in five minutes. izzy scores twice.
5:48 am
turnbow last one. they will play in the semi's next friday at home. that is your look at sports. back to you. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. lisa: we need a brain, obviously. it is kind of nice to be able to enjoy some of the weather outside with lots of sunshine the past several days. the ridge of high pressure deflecting that storm track to the north of us. they have had a lot of rain from seattle to portland. red flag warning into southern california the past few days. 46 berkeley. along the coast, it is in the low 50's. it could get a lot colder with some upper elevation wind. the atmosphere to be mixed allowing for temperatures to stay up this money. for the afternoon come it is
5:49 am
providing moderate air quality today, tomorrow, monday. this ridge of high pressure is our dominant weather feature. allow for a lid on the atmosphere. as we get into the afternoon today, we are going to see slightly milder conditions. a little cooler by tuesday. sunny today and tomorrow. the dry pattern looks to hold into early december. there were signs of some rain. the closer we get, the further out that has become. let's concentrate on the weekend. we have high clouds visiting us today. it is blue sky and a mostly sunny day today into your sunday. a little bit of fog early on. once again, it is a sunny afternoon. temperatures well above average. 71 today in san jose. 70 santa clara. santa cruz and the low 70's. peninsula even milder with 71.
5:50 am
redwood city low 70's. 69 san bruno. on the coast in the mid 60's, water temperature in the 50's. looking at highs today four to five degrees above average. in the north bay bay, one country should be mild. looking at 67 in napa. santa rosa starting out in the 40's. by the afternoon, we are talking low 70's on the east bay. by the afternoon, light winds allowing for temperatures to climb through the upper 60's. union city at 69 as well as fremont. you are looking at temperatures warmer than yesterday. we will gain three to four degrees, 70 in brentwood. ice afternoon looking at high clouds. try to look at the discernible differences. you cannot find any. the forecast featuring sunny conditions and the study weather pattern.
5:51 am
that should be a nice afternoon and evening tomorrow night into monday. december starting out dry. as we look towards the next 10 days, it is looking like we are still looking for rain. liz: we will keep looking. thank you. we are about a year into the experiment at chrissy field. the early results of a future blueprint on how we might build to deal with climate change. we have the details. >> wildlife ecologist jonathan young is sloshing into the waters of the presidio's newest title waters to see the difference a year makes. wasters now making their home prefabricated pots and pans. >> the goal is to
5:52 am
oyster recruitment to settle along these panels. reporter: the project began with the opening of quartermaster reach, a restored tidal marsh allowing salty bay tides to mix with a historic freshwater base dream. young showed off raised panels removed for inspection during a recent dive with dome-shaped pods placed in the marsh itself. they provideheymwasters a home h themselves to. >> all those wasters them are oysters. reporter: it is an ongoing experiment in urban ecology. the textured fiberglass panelsgs were specially designed, created with the help with evan jones and designers of the california college of the arts. >> it is part of a very new way
5:53 am
of thinking about infrastructure , design and ecology together. >> the san francisco seawall, they are going to be protecting the airports. the port of oakland is looking for different strategies. this kind of work and forms. reporter: the presidio team is still learning about the physics of the tidal marsh, which areas they might thrive in and in which areas might benefit. the marsh will evolve as a kind of living petrihan engineers i that can be duplicated around san francisco bay. >> things are changing. we need to adapt. these are opportunities to use science to advance our knowledge. liz: that was spencer christian reporting. a number of cities, including seattle, are experimenting with urban designs meant to bolster fish and wildlife populations.
5:54 am
a san francisco christmas tradition is returning today. what it takes to make this fairmont hotel staple massive
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5:56 am
liz: today is the return of a san francisco christmas classic. the gingerbread house is back at the fairmont hotel. engineer and culinary teams have been planning since july. the display is made up of 1000 pounds of powdered sugar, 150 gallons of egg whites, and 1900 pounds of candy. it took more than 500 hours to put this together. there is going to be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the gingerbread house at 11:00 this morning. it will be up through the holiday season. hard not to want to eat it. up next, stepping up security as the shopping season begins. the lengths businesses are going to prevent robberies.
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we have come across so far. liz: a new variant is detected in south africa. the u.s. will impose a travel ban. bay area scientists say the next few weeks are crucial. and spectators and players ducking for cover as panic is in the stadium. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, november 27. you are watching abc 7 live at 6:00 a.m. i am liz kreutz. before we get to those top stories, let's send it over to lisa argen. good morning. lisa: hi, liz, good morning to you. it is a sunny day with high-pressure building in as the jet stream continues its track to the pacific northwest, leaving us high and dry. 45 san mateo, and a


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