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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a retired police officer dies while defending follow news crew tonight. we remember sergeant kevin nashida several european countries announced their first cases of the omicron variant leading to travel restrictions from the pandemic to supply chain issues. why small business saturday is more important than ever. sunny and above average warmth continues through the weekend. i'll let you know how long this pattern continues abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. news good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream a security guard who was shot in oakland earlier this week while working with a local news crew has died. kevin. nashita was shot during what
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police say wasn't attempted. robbery. nishida was a former police officer who worked for the san jose hayward and colma police departments abc 7 news reporter. tim johns is following this developing story. he spoke to one of nishida's form. employers at approximately 12:30 on wednesday afternoon. kevin nashita was helping to guard a kron news crew reporting on a crime when he became a victim of one himself right now. he's gonna be one of the army security for the media. the suspect vehicle is gonna be a white accurate deal four-door and the shooter is gonna be the right front passenger. the shooter was working with a local reporter on 14th street near harrison in oakland when suddenly a man attempted to steal the reporters. up when nashita intervened. he was shot by the robber on saturday morning. he succumbed to his injuries. there was kind he was caring compassionate and most importantly very very honorary commander sherwin long works
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with the coma police department one of several law enforcement agencies that nishida worked with around the bay area. he says nasheeda was a model police officer working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community but beyond being just a former colleague lum tells me. it was also his friend and that his shocking death has hit his family hard. not too. well. it's a very difficult time for them. after they're very distraught the suspect who is believed to have been driving a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl escaped following the shooting the oakland police department is investigating the incident and a reward of up to 32,000 is being offered leading up to the arrest of the suspect. but until that time comes commander lum says, it's important to honor sergeant nashida's memory. it's about, you know, being kind of one another and and just and it is stopping the violence it just stop in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. and our hearts go out to his
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family a gofundme account has been set up for kevin nashida. it's raised nearly $6,000 already. we've posted it at our website abc 7 if you'd like to donate and we also have this badge on abc 7 news is facebook page. you also can share it to show your support for former police officer kevin nashita and his family. moving on a documentary filmmaker from new york in town to shoot for his latest project is targeted in a brazen smash-and-grab robbery. the incident happened tuesday night in san francisco's japantown cell phone video shows thieves breaking into his car and stealing a bag with film equipment including months worth of footage. i asked the filmmaker who wants to go by the name of frank if this experience would stop him from visiting san francisco in the future. i was a little disappointed uh, you know to just what happened to us this time around i i've always liked the city and i always like the surrounding
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areas and including a national parks around see i was still coming back, but i would spend a little less time in downtown san francisco itself. frank filed a police report and we are still waiting to learn if anyone has been arrested the good news and all of this is a good samaritan found his passport on the street and was able to return it. to the east bay now. we're in oakland family wants to get the word out about a brazen crime targeting their business thieves ransacked the 98 gift shop on international boulevard last saturday. take a look video shows dozens of people swarming the shop grabbing pretty much everything in sight the family behind the small business tells us $100,000 worth of inventory was stolen police have not made any arrests. well turning now to the omicron variant while hasn't officially been detected in the united states. it's impact is already being felt by air travelers with bands about to take effect abc 7 news reporter luz pena is part of our
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vaccine team. she talked to an infectious disease expert tonight as well as some worried passengers. starting monday the us will block entry to most travelers from eight southern african countries grape him intelligence just arrived from london to the bay area. i thought things were getting better quite frankly. and so this is also so new it was kind of happening while we were there. i'm a cron. from south africa carlston missed his flight to singapore tonight. after not meeting the testing requirements i would have been here on time and everything, but it turns out that the test results that i got from the test center where the wrong type of test and that type of test is not accepted strict guidelines are happening across the globe. this travel agent is getting flashbacks of the beginning of the pandemic we expecting more business coming in. but now is the new virus you can make a lot of you know, tourists
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nervous and then they won't be like doing the traveling tonight. italy and germany confirmed the first cases of the new variant. michelle is glad he made it home. he was visiting both germany and italy where you concerned that you probably were gonna get stuck. a little bit you see yourself infectious disease expert dr. peter ching hong believes. these travel restrictions are too late if it's going to be really transmissible. avaliban isn't really going to stop what's going to happen naturally and again by the time you recognize something. it's probably already here scientists. say one of the main concerning factors of this variant, is that it has 50 mutations. that's more than any other variant including the highly transmissible delta variant, which has 19 mutations. we know that our current vaccines show. they're a little bit more resistant, but they still work against these other variants. meanwhile many are hoping that we'll get travel to see their loved ones this christmas if
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india comes back with a lot of cases back on then we might not be able to go in san francisco. usmania abc 7 news. israel has announced it is banning foreigners from entering the country for two weeks as fears rise over the new variant. there is currently one confirmed case and seven suspected cases of the variant in israel all israelis returning to the country will have to quarantine regardless of vaccination status and if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. just had to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on that big blue box. tonight a vigil was held in remembrance of harvey milk and san francisco. mayor george moscone marking the 43rd anniversary of their deaths it took place at the harvey milk plaza in the castro district attendees there gathered holding candles in remembrance of the two civic leaders state senators scott wiener. spoke at the eve tal change thes
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the first openly gay politician and activist in the city while george mosconi is remembered as the people's mayor. just ahead a big day for small businesses. the pandemic has certainly thrown the bay area's mom and pop stores for a loop. see if they could finally cash in with the arrival of the holiday shopping season. and a little later a hardware store becomes the target of a flash mob robbery what the thieves were after that could be an indicator of a much bigger crime in the future. it's a beautiful clear evening. we had gorgeous weather today and if you like that we have quite a few more on the way just get i'm also tracking our next chance of rain and i'll tell you
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committed to building a better bay area and one topic we're focusing on is the economy and how it's being impacted by the pandemic small businesses in the bay area are hoping to found with a merry and bright holiday shopping season on this small business saturday store owners are counting on the community to come through and support them abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has this story thank you very much. thank you. happy always lindsey greco wanted a unique holiday gift then decided to make a detour away from the ball towards sustainable exchange in downtown novato. we're just trying to get some early christmas shopping done and support our small businesses. and that's the point of small business saturday very tough year, you know tested everything that we thought we knew about how to run the store. dan mars says this year. it's more important than to support small retailers. the pandemic was crushing but business is bouncing back with
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shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind gifts in our store. specifically. we try to source everything within 20 miles. so we have most of what you see is a local product between managing supply chain issues and competing for workers small businesses are trying to make up for lost revenue genie. jarno did some marketing on social media to attract shoppers to her store beauty heroes the last year and a half has been incredibly challenging foot. traffic has been really slow so actually coming in this morning with a line out. the door has been really encouraging small retailers. hope shoppers will consider them over the big box stores american express estimate spending locally keeps an average of 67 cents on the dollar in that business's community. well, i just want to spend money in the community support the local business. pandemic the families and the individuals that own these businesses. they need all help they can get. it's been a rough year and a half holiday shopping season is here fingers crossed.
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it will be merry and bright and profitable for small businesses in novato cornell bernard abc 7 news. vice president kamala harris and second gentleman doug em off stopped by a holiday market in washington dc for small business saturday at one shop the couple purchased maps showing the neighborhoods of san francisco and los angeles harris asked for an oakland map, but the shop didn't have one. so the vp made a special request that her hometown would be added. and on tuesday, it's the day of giving we've created a list of local invaded organizations that make a great impact at helping to build a better bay area you can the list at our website abc all right, if you've already bought gifts now is the time to ship them many of the major carriers were busy on thursday, but it is expected to get even busier the next couple of weeks. fedex is anticipating it'll deliver 100 million more shipments this year than it did in 2019 and that should break
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records the busiest days. this year will likely be cyber monday and then the first two mondays of december those holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching for us postal service retail ground delivery arriving by christmas. you should ship by december 15th. you can wait until the 17th if you're going with first class mail and the 18th for priority mail priority mail express items must be shipped by december 23rd. well, it is the season a big holiday tradition has returned to the fairmont hotel in san francisco. take a look today was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the fairmont hotel's gingerbread house. it stands 22 feet high and 23 feet wide made with real gingerbread bricks icing and lots and lots of sugar engineering and culinary teams begin planting back in july and it takes over 500 hours to put it together. you can find large holiday display in the hotel's lobby which will be for the holiday season. all right, francis deglassen is in for weather and that makes me
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hungry looking at cookie treats all the candy. yeah, and it also makes me grateful that this time this year. we're doing all these things that we want to that we couldn't do last year. so i'm grateful for that and hopefully you're grateful for all the gorgeous weather. we're going to continue to see in the next week. here's a look at live doppler 7 and the satellite radar image. so clear skies all around the bay area and that's going to allow temperatures to cool down very quickly into the overnight hours a live shot from mount ham shows you the beautiful buildings lit up on the embarcadero there and also the bay bridge and the sales force tower san francisco. it's one of the milder spots right now. it's 57 oakland down to 50. view 49 low 50s right now in san jose morgan and half moon bay and this time we're looking from the east bay looking west towards bay bridge in san francisco, and it's so gorgeous out there. you can see how the water is reflecting that the winds are really light and that also allows temperatures to cool down quickly. so in santa rosa, novato napa 48
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degrees fairfield down to 45 right right now concord 50 livermore 48 so we're seeing all these clear skies due to high pressure right now, and this is clearing out and pushing the storm track to our north. it means clearer skies warmer daytime temperatures with sunshine and high pressure will be in place for most of next week. so low tonight will be pretty chilly in parts of the north. they dropping into the mid 40s for santa rosa 45, napa 46 fairfield 43 and we'll see some mid-40s as well in antioch and livermore but look for near 50 degrees around the still on the cool side. we'll see some patchy fog possibly develop possibly near the coast and maybe in some north bay valleys, but we'll see some clouds also along the coast but for tomorrow plenty of sunshine for everybody very mild temperatures 10 degrees above average in parts of the south bay and san jose 73 santa cruz 72 and then on the peninsula almost t-shirt and shorts weather low 70s through redwood city palo alto mound view, even
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at the beaches. beaches. we'll see some upper 60s so 6 daily city and in san francisco with some partly cloudy conditions as you had closer to the coast and low seventies through santa rosa pet. alumina, novato san rafael 69 also in the east bay will find some upper 60s to low 70. so hayward at 70 oakland 69 degrees and in the inland areas, we'll see upper 60s to low 70s, so it will feel quite comfortable 69 in san ramon 70 in livermore. so we have high pressure keeping the storm track to the north. i want to show you what happens over the next week. not much change the storm stays to our north but then after next weekend, we are hoping for a chance of rain. this is december 6th and 7th this system. looks like it'll bring us some wet weather but in the accuweather 7-day forecast you can see plenty of sunshine. so sunny and mild tomorrow for the start of hanukkah and cooler at the coast. we have a trough coming in
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monday and tuesday, so that will drop temperatures. the beaches but everywhere else. we'll be staying the 70s all week long even for the beginning of december 70s all around for the inland areas and around the bay into the weekend with a little bit of slight cooling next weekend making way for that system that i told you about that might bring us the rain on monday and tuesday, but that's not till december 6th and 7th, although we're keeping our fingers across for that one teon we can worry about that when we get there. yeah, and enjoy all this beautiful weather and get out. and walk off that turkey. i know i'll be doing that. aren't we all okay francis. thanks. well, just ahead a holiday tradition returns if you are in need of a christmas tree, we'll take you to at least one place in the bay area where you can buy one this weekend and help out a good cause at the same time. hope will never be silene silene these steps harvey meltz spoke to a crowd about. hope hope for better a better
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tomorrow a better world milks fight and sacrifice was done for a future. he would never see milk took action to build a better bay area for everyone and so can w this is our moment join
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christmas tree tradition in piedmont has returned to in-person sales after going online during the height of the pandemic the piedmont scout tree lot opened early saturday morning and has adopted a hybrid model to sell trees online and in person the lot has a wide variety for your holiday needs everything from fir trees to silver tip trees. reads and garlands scouts were happy to return to the lot this year to help customers pick out the perfect tree and to load it into cars. i think last year with such a
11:24 pm
skeleton crew. it wasn't so much the scouts and this year. we really have all of our scouts out out helping and showing what they meet with the community means to them. yeah, a really nice to see you can order trees online and pick up the purchased items or have them delivered for free the tree lot is the largest fundraiser of the year for the scouts and explorers the lot is open until all the trees are sold. all right, chris alvarez joining us now with a preview of sports. are you ready for christmas chris? i'm getting there. yes. i am always deon coming up in sports stanford looking at end their season with a win over notre dame. plus cal needs to win out to become bull eligible. could the bears get past? cla to keep those bull hopes alive. i've got your answer in sp the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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sponsored by river rock casino it has been a long season for stanford football taking the field at three and eight trying to end on a high note looking for an upset of number six lunar name andrew luck and john lynch in the house. good to see them down on the farm first quarter jack cohn notre dame's quarterback to brayden lindsey. 16 yards seven nothing fighting irish third quarter now notre dame with the ball again, but here comes the defense jonathan mcgill good anticipation steps in front of the receiver picks it off and he takes it to the notre dame 14 the cardinal would punch it in a few plays later. here's jones from five yards out first touchdown notre dame has give it up in three and a half games out as a crazy stat, but notre dame would get it back on the ensuing drive. it's cone to kevin austin jr. and there he goes 61 yards down the sideline gets pushed out of the two irish should score two plays later in fourth quarter. tyler buckner gonna, keep it himself go 33 yards for the touchdown notre dame wins 45-14
11:29 pm
sanford finishes three and nine cal quarterback chase garber's catching up with the brother ethan who plays for ucla brotherly. love their second quarter pitch it to christopher brooks 14 yards of peter and cal now down 10-7 ucla would fumble the kickoff and cal answers four plays later. it's garbers for the touchdown bears up 14-10 ucla led 17-14 at the half all bruins in the second half dorian thompson robinson up top greg dolsich. what a great catch 29 yards for the score 27 15 bruins after three and then early fourth quarter zach charbonnet punches it in ucla scores 32 unanswered points bruins win big 42-14 eliminating cal from bull contention the oregon ducks looking to rebound from last week's blowout loss to utah taking on oregon state in the civil war first quarter anthony brown rolling right and fires to devon williams 50 yard touchdown 14. nothing ducks late second
11:30 pm
quarter, oregon up 17-3 calls his own number brown that is 243 oregon at recess early fourth quarter twenty four nine now brown little play action finds chris hudson seven yard score oregon wins 38-29. that means oregon will face utah in the pac-12 championship game in las vegas. you can watch the game friday right here on abc 7 kickoff five o'clock from las vegas abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. okay, chris. thanks. well just ahead. to a bigger crime thieves hit a home depot. but what they took maybe an indicator of something even bigger and more brazen plus a stunning story out of texas where i custody dispute ends with one man shot to death. his widow is now opening up about what happened and telling her side of the story exclusively to a
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news, but i would not be priced at all to see that omicron is already here and possibly spreading in small clusters. fears are rising over a new covid variant that is spreading rapidly. it's serving as a stark reminder that the pandemic is far from over governments around the world are restricting travel because of the new variant of covid-19. the world health organization says omicron is now considered a variant of concern so far dozens of cases have emerged abc news reporter elwyn lopez has more on the new travel restrictions a new variant of covid-19 omicron has been classified by the world health organization as a variant
11:35 pm
of concern health experts say it is different for two reasons. we've seen it really take off in prevalence across multiple countries, but particularly south africa in very very short order meaning it probably is a lot more contagious. the second is the mutations in the spike protein where our antibodies will work making a lot of us concerned that our vaccines may be less effective against this variant the responsible for shutting down travel to the us from south africa and several other countries. i decided that we're going to be cautious make sure there's no travel. to and from south africans six other countries and that region and except for american citizens who are able to come back. scientists have confirmed at least 87 cases of the new variate 77 in south africa 6 in botswana hong kong and one each in israel in belgium and now two
11:36 pm
cases confirmed in the uk both related to travel to south africa, the two individuals concerned are self-isolating alongside their whole household whilst further tests and sequencing is carried out and contact tracing the two cases are linked dr. anthony felt you speaking on nbc saying he would not be surprised if the omicron variant is already here in the us we have detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you're already having travel related cases that they've noted in israel and belgium and in other places when you have a virus like this it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over health experts stress the emergence of these variants underscores the importance of getting everyone vaccinated a win lopez abc news, atlanta, georgia. a home depot in los angeles county was hit by several robbers police say eight to nine
11:37 pm
people ran into the lakewood store last night and grabbed hammers crowbars and sledgehammers from the tools section. they then ran out of the store and jumped into a getaway vehicle about an hour later police arrested four of the suspects during a traffic stop. the theft comes as similar tools have been used in recent smash and grab robberies at stores across the us. well, your next can of craft beer could come with a hefty price tag because of the supply chain crisis ball corporation. one of the world's largest aluminum can suppliers says the demand for cans is exceeding its supply. the price per can will jump 50% for non-contract customers, like small breweries ball will also require them to order no fewer than five truckloads of cans this in turn could force small breweries to raise their prices or perhaps even shut down. a wife is demanding justice for her husband who was shot and killed during an alleged child custody dispute in texas. jennifer reed just released cell phone video of the shooting and
11:38 pm
is speaking exclusively to abc news. we do want to warn you though the video you are about to see is disturbing. abc news reporter's irene shah has more on this story. chad reed was attempting to pick up his nine-year-old son from his ex-wife christina seen here in the white shirt. reid's current wifnt wif capturing this video from her car speaking exclusively to gma he would do anything for time with his kids. kyle carruth. christina's new partner joins the argument brandishing a rifle. call 911 truth shoots a chad's feet. then chad appears to reach toward the gun. that's when carruth fires two fatal shots so far. no charges have been filed in the case. did you ever think that this could happen? no, i thought it was likee gun or a taser gun or something like who's gonna bring out
11:39 pm
they're having a discussion about a custody thing carruth attorney writing in part all texans, may lawfully brandish a firearm to protect themselves though. reed came unarmed he announced his intent to kill kyle carruth with kyle's own gun and took immediate powerful action to do so, which was unsuccessful jennifer reads lawyer believes self-defense does not apply whenever mr. kruth out that firearm out. he's the one that escalated and provoked the situation according to abc's local station the district attorney rick used their office the police department turning the case over to texas's attorney general the attorney general is going to be looking at justification of stand your ground justification. was there the threat potentially that chad could harm kyle or get his hands on the weapon and so as a result kyle shot him jennifer is also fighting to get custody of her husband's kids zorene shah abc news, los angeles what a wild story will
11:40 pm
still had on abc 7 news at 11:00. we're going to we're going to take you inside the village get a sneak peek at a new abc 7 originals documentary that shines the spotlight on native americans and temperatures hit the low 70s were well above average. i'll let you know how long that trend will continue and how long you can enjoy all this gorg
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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forced relocation acts of the 1950s to today many indigenous people feel they're stripped of their culture, but now a coalition of native groups is creating a cultural hub known as the village. we went inside the creation of the village for our latest abc 7 originals piece. the need really comes from the historical context of the state.
11:44 pm
essentially during the gold rush the people here suffered an invasion of people came more and more and the land grabs and the genocidal nature of the assaults. decimated the people that were here. as time starts to go by and w get into the early 1900s. you saw a lot of people moving from the reservations in the north and the south to cities to work in war industry in the 50s. governments now once again grappling with the quote indian problem and relocation was essentially one-way tickets to unknown destinies in san francisco was one of those relocation destinations. so you had these groups o people who were primarily rural people coming to an urban area with little or no support. and they were put into a
11:45 pm
lifestyle that created ghettos essentially. poverty pockets that were populated by native people from far away. perhaps we can help the others as they come into a strange area such as san francisco relocation and termination was really an attempt to take aware of culture to take away our ways to remove us from our land people were just sick and tired of not having a place to call their own people. we're sick and tired of not being seen and not being heard and not being respected for their sovereign rights the choice now lies with the leaders of the american government. to use violence upon us as before. to remove us from our great spirits land or to institute a real change in its dealings with the american indians.
11:46 pm
the simulation process as a very heartbreaking process while they were on the island. they created a whole community. they had community events where they had powwows. they had ceremonies they built a small village on. alcatraz folks really went out there and they occupied the island and they changed federal indian law in a huge way with a lot of those movements that have an impact into today. times more likely to be homeless. we've got the highest suicide rates the highest. rates, you know, we've got the the lowest graduation attainment rates of any other folks in the city. the village is like a beacon of hope it is going to be a social service one stop shop for native americans in their urban areas
11:47 pm
serving multiple generations from the onions all the way to the elders. so that our children can come back to something better than what we had, you know, so that we can continue to pass down that knowledge and build that base so that our elders have a center to go to that we can continue to honor them for the knowledge they give hoping that it will be a turning point to where you know the more recognition that we get the more services that we're able to provide the more people that were able to reach. we're here and we need this and we need these services for our people. yo extended story of the village right now through our abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's available for roku amazon fire apple tv and android tv. all right one last check of the weather and frances. do we really need you here? because honestly, it's just gonna be nice all week.
11:48 pm
yeah. i know if you liked yesterday and today, i mean you like the next seven days so i can just be on repeat for the next week. here's a look at live doppler 7 and satellite radar im. so we've got clear skies all around the bay area but with those clear skies that really allows temperatures to cool down overnight because the clouds act like a blanket when we lose heat overnight temperatures will drop into the mid 40s for the north bay santa rosa napa in the mid 40s fairfield dropping down to 43 as well as concord and around the bay. we'll see low 50 san francisco 50, san jose 49 degrees, but then tomorrow with the sunshine and the warmth, we'll see low seventies. in some of our neighborhoods like san jose 73 morgan hill even 75 and we'll see low 70s through parts of the north bay right around the bay upper 60s to low 70s so san francisco 68 oakland 69. i want to tell you how far above average we are for example in san jose average high 62 this
11:49 pm
time of year and all week long, especially wednesday and thursday. we could be warming up even more will be about 10 degrees above average. so here's the accuweather 7-day forecast so sunny and the start of hanukkah tomorrow slightly cooler monday and tuesday at the coast, but then notice we'll still be above average for the beginning of december will almost have t-shirt and shorts weather slight cooling into next weekend and i am tracking a system that might bring us some rain after next weekend dion so enjoy it while you can yeah, and i'm not saying that we don't need you. it's just what that kind of on vacation. yeah, you catch my drift francis. thanks. all right one last check of with chris alvarez, chris. dion coming up in sports. the warriors are rolling in the niners are battling for the playoffs plus a wild saturday in college football highlights from some of the biggest rivalries across the country. we'll show you in sports.
11:50 pm
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abc 7 sport 7 sport 7 sport rock casino it is rivalry weekend across college football on plenty on the line for some of the top teams in the college football playoff rankings number three, alabama taking on auburn in the iron bowl just over two minutes left in the game bama down 7 4th and one from midfield and they are stuffed at the line. although they have two timeouts and even if they get the ball back, alabama would have around 26 seconds left, but the tigers give the tide a gift coming up right here tank, bigsby. running back gets the outside, but you can't do this. he goes out of bounds bama saves the time out and gets the ball back with one 35 to go. so it's fourth and seven for the tide bryce young hits jaleel billingsley 14 yards to the 28 move the chains first down and then on third and 10 young out
11:54 pm
of the gun up top to jacory brooks for the touchdown game tie with 24 seconds left to go we go to overtime fast forward to the fourth ot. point conversions now auburn did not score an alabama did young that john metche the third and bamba survives 24-22 number two, ohio state taking on number five, michigan pregame shoving in the tunnel jim harbaugh owen 5 against the buckeyes, but he also has hassan haskins who had 28 carries for 169 yards and five touchdowns. this one made it 21:13 wolverines haskin was doing it all leaping over the defender. that was a big play in the red zone then next play scoring from four yards out and michigan with the biggest win in the jim harbaugh era 42-27 wolverines now 11 and 1 advancing. to the big ten championship game if the nfl season ended today, the 49ers would be in the playoffs as the seven seed in the nfc which makes tomorrow's
11:55 pm
game against the six-seated vikings even more important both teams supporting five and five records. this game could go a long way in determining playoff seating at the end of the regular season niners return home to levi's playing their best football of the year as they look to push their winning streak to three and get over the 500 mark the first time early october i think guys have had that awareness last couple weeks. honestly, you know our backs are coming up against the wall and we've kind of responded pretty well these last couple weeks. so i think guys have that in their mind already. you know, we just got keeper on this momentum we got right now, you know, we're on a two-game win streak trying to we're going for three now every week. we're trying to just make it want to know want to know, you know, so i think it should be great. hoops now and last night stephan curry scored a game high 32 leading the warriors to a 15-point win over portland. he hit six more three-pointers and now is 44 shy of breaking ray allen's all-time record. the dubs extended their home winning streak to 10 completing a perfect month at chase center golden state hits the road for two one in la against the clippers and then phoenix before returning back to chase next
11:56 pm
friday night. the dubs have been looking to build a new home court identity since leaving oracle and now in year three the building it seems is dubs are finding their way. well, we have a really good team. that's the main thing if you're if you're good and you can defend like we're defending then you're going to win a lot of home games. i love the way that we've established that early in the season. well we're doing is special, you know thing. we're a pretty good team right now, so something special and some that we should just all enjoy. i mean, it's good basketball. like i said, we started seasons all by just trying to create an identity here because everybody compares it to oracle and the whole deal and our history, but this is a different place and you have to establish a different presence and identity and atmosphere here and we got to do our part obviously to win games. number seven stanford women's basketball taking on number two, maryland in the bahamas first quarter winding down hannah jump hits the triple cardinal led by 17 after one. she had three threes in the first third quarter now stanford up 23 haley jones hooping the foul. she scored 15 late third sharing
11:57 pm
is caring great ball movement jump fairies another three game-high 21. she hit seven from downtown stanford wins big time for their largest ever win against a top two opponent abc 7 sports sponsored by rock casino dion chris thank you very much. and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dion limb news continues tomorrow morning bright and early at 5 o'clock for francis deglassen and chris alvarez and all of us here. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. have a wonderful evening. have a wonderful evening. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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