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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> kind, he was caring, compassionate, and very honorary. stephanie: former colleagues are mourning the loss of the security guard shot in oakland last week. kevin nishita was working with a local news crew during an attempted robbery. one police department offering an award leading to an arrest. good morning. it is november 28. you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m. i am stephanie sierra this morning. we will have much more on that story in a moment. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning. not only are we going to see temperatures above average, but e we're going to end november on a dry note. live doppler 7 showing you the
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storm track once again well to the north, leaving california not only in the sunshine, but with high pressure built in, pretty nice afternoon. 2 1/2-mile visibility in sanity auto arosa with fog. 50 in heyward. we are 45 with some fog some santa rosa. mid 40's there. 43 in mountain view. we are anywhere from two to five degrees warmer this morning, so temperatures mainly in the 40's and 50's with 60's arriving by noon time. plenty of sunshine, mid and upper 60's for a clock that's setting at 4:51. a few 70's from the peninsula to the south bay. a clear night tonight, and as we start the workweek, we're talking cooler temperatures. details on that in a few minutes. stephanie: lisa, thank you. stephanie: a security guard shot in oakland last week while working with a local news crew has died. kevin nishita was shot during
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what police say was an attempted robbery. nashita was a former police officer who worked for the san jose, hayward, and colma police departments. we spoke to one of nishita's former employers. reporter: approximately 12:30 wednesday afternoon, kevin nishita was helping to guard a karen for newsgroup when he became a victim of crime himself. >> the suspect vehicle is a white acura tl four-door. the shooter is going to be the right front passenger. reporter: nishita was working with a local reporter on 14th street near harrison in oakland when a man attempted to steal the reporter's camera. when nishita intervened, he was shot by the robber. saturday morning, he succumbed to his injuries. >> he was kind, caring, compassionate, and honorary. reporter: commander sherwin lum works with one of several law enforcement agencies nishita
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worked with around the bay area. he says nishita was a model police officer, working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. beyond being a former colleague, lum tells me nishita was his friend and his death has hit his family hard. >> it is a very difficult time for them. they are very distraught. reporter: the suspect, believed to be driving a white 2004-2008 acura tl escaped following the shooting. the oakland police department is investigating. an award of up to $32,000 is being offered leading up to the rest of the suspect. until that time, commander lum says it is important to honor sergeant nishita's memory. >> just stopping the violence. it needs to stop. reporter: in san francisco, tim johns. stephanie: our hearts go out to the nishita family. a gofundme has been set up.
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it has raised more than $8,000 already. we have posted it on our website,, if you would like to donate. we have this badge on the abc 7 news facebook page you can share too show your support for former police officer kevin nishita and his family. turning to the omicron variant. while it has not been officially detected in the u.s., its impact is already being felt by air travelers with bans about to be in effect. luz pena talk to an infectious disease expert and some worried passengers. luz: starting monday, the u.s. will block entry to most travelers from eight south african countries. greg just arrived from london to the bay area. >> i thought things were getting better. this is all so new. luz: as omicron continues to spread, the u.k., japan, brazil, thailand, and singapore are among a growing list of
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countries imposing restrictions on travelers from south africa. this man missed his flight to singapore after not meeting the testing requirements. >> i would have been here on time, but it turns out the test results i got from a test center were the wrong type of test. luz: strict guidelines are happening across the globe. this travel agent is getting flashbacks of the beginning of the pandemic. >> we expected more business coming in. now is the new virus. it makes a lot of tourists nervous. they will not be traveling. luz: italy and germany confirmed the first cases of the new variant. michelle is glad he made it home. he was visiting both germany and italy. were you concerned you probably were going to get stuck? >> a little bit. luz: dr. peter ching believes luz: dr. peter ching believes these travel restrictions are too late. mething, it is probablyreally
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already here. luz: scientists say one of the concerning factors of this variant is it has 50 mutations, more than any other variant, including the delta variant, which has 19. >> we know that our current vaccines are a little more resistant, but they still work against these other variants. luz: many are hoping they will get to travel to see loved ones this christmas. >> if it comes back with a lot of cases, then we might be able to go. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. stephanie: israel has announced it is banning foreigners from entering the country for two weeks as fears rise over the new coronavirus variant. there is one confirmed case and seven suspected cases of the variant in israel. all israelis returning to the country will have to quarantine regardless of vaccination status. coming up on this week, with
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concerns mounting over the omicron variant, dr. anthony fauci will talk about the latest research into the new strain and what it means for the future of the pandemic. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning on abc 7. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. go to and click on the big blue box. a documentary filmmaker from new york in town was targeted in a brazen smash and grab robbery. it happened tuesday night in san francisco's japan town. cellphone video shows thieves breaking into his car and stealing a bag with film equipment, including months worth of footage. abc 7 news asked the filmmaker if this experience would stop him from visiting san francisco in the future. >> i was a little disappointed to what happened to us this time
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around. i have always liked the city and the surrounding areas, including national parks. i would still come back, but i would spend less time in downtown san francisco. stephanie: frank filed a police report. we are waiting to learn if anyone has been arrested. the good news is a good samaritan found his passport on the street and was able to return it. in the east bay, an oakland family wants to get the word out about a crime targeting their business. thieves ransacked the 98 gift shop on international boulevard last saturday. video shows dozens of people swarming the shop, grabbing everything in sight. the family behind this small business tells us $100,000 worth of inventory was stolen. police have not made any arrests. a vigil was held in remembrance of harvey milk and san francisco mayor george marchione, marking the 43rd anniversary of their death. it took place in the harvey milk
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plaza. attendees gathered and lit candles in remembrance of the civil leaders. leaders talked about to change the two brought to san francisco. harvey milk was the first openly gay politician and activist. george is remembered as the people's mayor. lisa has a check of your forecast coming up. lisa: it is in the 50's right now. a live look outside, where it is 60 degrees, light off-shore winds right now. certainly that inversion with us this morning, where we have the warmer temperatures. we'll talk about wide spread next.nilso reding fro banking on a b than to small business saturday. and it's the first weekend of the return of christmas in the park in san jose. organizers calling this year better than ever.
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building a better bay area. one topic we are focusing on is the economy and how it is being impacted by the pandemic. small businesses in the bay area are hoping to rebound with a busy holiday shopping season. yesterday was small business saturday. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard tells us store owners are counting on their community to support them. >> thank you very much. reporter: lindsay greco wanted a unique holiday gift and decided to make a detour away from momo toward sustainable exchange. >> we were trying to get christmas shopping done and
6:13 am
support our small businesses. reporter: that is the point of small business saturday. >> trusted everything we thought we knew about how to run the store. reporter: dan marr says it is more important than ever to support small retailers. the pandemic was crushing. businesses pouncing back with shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind gifts. >> in our store we try to source everything within 20 miles. most of what you see is local. reporter: between managing supply chain issues and competing for workers, small businesses are trying to make up for lost revenue. jeannie jarnot did some marketing on social media to attract shoppers to her store. >> the last year and a half has been challenging. foot traffic has been slow. coming in this morning with a line out the door has been encouraging. reporter: small retailers hope shoppers will consider them over the big box stores. american express estimates spending locally keeps and as
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average of 6 dollars locally. >> the families and individuals that own these businesses need all the help they can get. it has been a rough year. reporter: holiday shopping season is here. fingers crossed, it will be mary and bright and profitable for small businesses. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. stephanie: vice president kamala harris and the second gentleman stopped by a holiday market in washington, d.c., for small business saturday. they purchased maps showing neighborhoods of san francisco and l.a. harris asked for a map of oakland, but the shop did not have one. the vp made a special request that her hometown be added. on tuesday, it is a day of giving. we have created a list of local organizations that make an impact in helping to build a better bay area. you can find that list on our website,
6:15 am after getting cancelled last year because of the pandemic, san jose's christmas in the park is back. with it comes the tradition of lighting the christmas tree. dustin dorsey was there opening night, where a crowd gathered for this beloved event. reporter: we cranked up the christmas music, grabbed our favorite festive clothing, and officially started the holiday season. for more than 40 years, the southbay has done this with christmas in the park. it has reopened, back at its downtown location. >> this downtown event is why we exist. it is our main focus. it's our priority. i'm so excited to be back. reporter: 2020 was the first year in decades the park was not fully decorated with christmas displays for families. now it is back. organizers say it is better than ever. an all new inflatable beer and wine garden. a tree so big you can walk through. and much, much more. >> when people come downtown, i hope they enjoy themselves.
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reporter: not all is new this year, though. the familiar grove of community decorated christmas trees returns. 527 to be exact. whether it was first time decorators enjoying the sense of community -- >> is a place where everyone can come together, walking, driving, taking transit, riding a bike. it's a wonderful gathering place. reporter: or people renewing their 10 year tradition with friends and family. >> it brings hope and joy to the community. it is another sign of getting back to normalcy. we are super grateful and excited to be part of the event. great tradition. rerter: everyone is happy to be back celebrating the holidays as a community at christmas in the park. >> we have been around for 40 plus years. the history dates back to the 1950's. so even longer. generations have grown up with this event. there was never an option to not come back. it was how we were going to come back.
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and here we are. reporter: dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. stephanie: a big holiday tradition has returned to the fairmont hotel in san francisco. yesterday, the hotel held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its gingerbread house. it stands 22 feet high and 23 feet wide. it is made with real gingerbread bricks, icing, and lots of sugar. engineering and culinary teams started planning in july. it took more than 500 hours to put together. you can find the large holiday display in the hotel's lobby, which will be open for the holiday season. hanukkah begins today. there are several events across the bay area to celebrate. in san francisco's union square the traditional menorah lighting takes place at 4:45 this afternoon. a ceremony will take place each following night through the eighth and final night of the holiday, december 5. more lightings are happening today, including a nine-foot men
6:18 am
or amade out of legos. that one will be in alameda. the event locations and times will be on your screen. happy hanukkah to all of you celebrating. lisa, the menorah lighting in union square is set to take place around 4:45. jacket weather? lisa: yeah, 59 degrees, and i'm predicting each and every night of hanukkah with atun ts ptern high pressure leaving u across . not only today, but right on through next weekend. the rain, it's all headed up into the pacific northwest. they've had a lot of it around seattle. it's been high elevation snow there. 10 hasn't been great for the ski resorts, while conditions way above normal. right now, 44 in antioch. the higher you get in the atmosphere, it's a little bit warmer due to that inversion.
6:19 am
42 in dublin. 42 in pleasantton. patchy fog into the east bay, up to the north bay. not a huge deal. 54, san francisco, with 50 in pacifico. live look outside, good visibility here. and looking at a pretty nice beach day for november if you want to head to the coast, wide spread 60's. so clear and cool to start. i'm looking at sunny and warm conditions this afternoon. no rain expected for the next several days. we'll bring the weekend down, but otherwise not looking at a lot of changes. temperatures in the 20's overnight in the sierra nevada. mother nature not lending a hand, though. the next several hours looking at clear conditions throughout the day. a little bit ofngthe san mateoo. but if you're h half moon bay or montero, very mild for this time of year. rest of the day, overnight hours, cool. as we get into the monday, weak system allowing for high clouds
6:20 am
to arrive into monday afternoon. that's going to bring the temperatures down just a little bit along the shoreline. today, upper 60's downtown. more like the low 60's, where we should be this time of year into your monday. as soon as tuesday, temperatures begin to rebound. that sun not coming up until after 7:00. a look at the pier here down in santa cruz, where we've had 70's each and every day. today, no different. 68, half moon bay, all the way up the shoreline. mild temperatures from the mid 60's. 68 at stinson and bodega bay, mid 60's. another very mild afternoon. check out the tide tomorrow, where we'll see numbers come down, especially near the coast and into tuesday, beginning to rebound inland wednesday. we're back to near 70 inland. so 70's along the peninsula to redwood city. 73 in san jose, 71 in santa rosa. napa, about 70. upper 60's into the east bay.
6:21 am
the accuweather 7-day forecast, 70 around the bay shore and inland. maybe even a little warmer in spots. slightly cooler conditions at the coast tomorrow into tuesday. not going to be able to tell too much. patchy morning fog, mild afternoons, we get a little cooler by the end of the week. that takes us into the first weekend, dry weekend of december. stephanie? stephanie: it's been a few weeks since we had the storms move in, and it's nice to see the mild week. but we certainly need the moisture. lisa: yeah, we're losing ground here. still well above average this time of year, but nowadays, we're getting all our rain with those atmosphere rivers. we'll keep looking. stephanie: all righty, thank you. just ahead, don't be crabby, but crab season is delayed again. coming up, the economic impacts. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher.
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stephanie: whit johnson joins from us new york to tell us what's coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up here, global concerns over the new omicron variant. cases now confirmed in europe as the u.s. prepares to implement travel restrictions in just hours. and it's all happening amid an increase in new covid cases here at home. plus the buildup to cyber monday, where to shop and save following massive black friday numbers, with americans spending billions in holiday shopping already. and a major moment for our very own michael strahan. the new york giants retiring his iconic number 92. it's all ahead here on "g.m.a.." stephanie: crab season off the coast of san francisco is delayed again this year. it is not only impacting customers, but also our local economy and fishermen. ryan curry shares their struggle. reporter: it is the end of
6:25 am
november, and at fisherman's wharf, it is empty docks and vacant crab bends. crab season is delayed once again. matthew would normally be on the water this time of year. the california department of fish and wildlife says crab season cannot start until mid-december. >> mendocino, sonoma county line is going to be delayed because of the presence of humpback whales. reporter: crab is expensive in fisherman's wharf. crab is going for at least $30 a pound, and it is not local. this delay is a financial burden for fishers. he says the money he gets from crab fishing is a huge part of his income. >> i do not get a paycheck until crab season opens. it opens typically november 15 traditionally. it would be great. you start making money again. reporter: he does not like going out on the water in january because the weather can make conditions dangerous.
6:26 am
the money he would normally get from starting in november helps him by holiday gifts. >> it is difficult to get that cash flow until it comes in. christmas, you always want to get the best for our kids and family. sometimes it is like, well, i will make up for it at birthday. reporter: the department of fish and wildlife says crab fishers use special tools that could hurt the whales if they come in contact with them. he hopes they can work something out with the state because if it continues to be delayed, he will not make money. >> i wish we could come up with something with fish and wildlife that we can work together to go back and forth as the whales migrate out, we can come in faster. reporter: in san francisco, ryan curry, abc 7 news. stephanie: it is the most wonderful time of the year. disney is kicking off the happiest season of all with its sixth annual wonderful world of disney magical holiday
6:27 am
celebration. >> i am a gigantic fan of disneyland. >> it is like a dream come true. stephanie: the lineup of musical performances includes kristin chenoweth, gwen stefani, and more. you can watch the celebration at 7:00 tonight on abc 7. disney is the parent company of abc 7. still to come, the biden administration standing by its decision to ban travel from several southern african countries. what kamala harris is saying about it. deadly child custody dispute. a wife demanding justice for her husb
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we begin with a look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking our mild start to the sunday. lisa: that's right. hi, everyone. 50's in the city. 40's elsewhere with patchy fog. but the city is sparkling this morning. visibility is pretty good. so most of you in the clear as we look at our tower camera. you can see how sparkly san francisco is. numbers here, mild, in the mid ns 46 in san jose. we're looking at visibility up in nevada at a half mile. it is five miles up in santa rosa, so getting better there. we're looking at more low 40's arriving inland. you see the camera shaking a little bit. northerly winds in the upper elevations there. that's the view from mount tam, 43 sanity rosa. 44 in concord. numbers are milder, anywhere from two to five degrees warmer this morning. high pressure is overhead, allowing for moderate air
6:31 am
quality once again. the coast is mild, upper 60's to wide spread 70's today. maybe warmer in the peninsula and south bay. good day for the niner game. we'll talk about that, coming up. stephanie: thank you. more countries are banning travel from south africa after leaders there identified the covid-19 omicron variant. officials are calling the restrictions a sort of punishment after the world health organization warned about overreacting to the variant. here is abc news reporter christine sloan. reporter: growing concerns around the world about a new variant of covid-19 first identified in botswana this month. the world health organization classifying omicron as a variant of concern. >> its ability to infect people who have recovered from infection and who have been vaccinated make us say this is something you have to pay close attention to. reporter: the u.s. on the growing list of countries
6:32 am
shutting down travel from south africa and other countries beginning monday. >> this is already likely global. it is possible travel restrictions will slow things down a bit, but it will not have a large effect. reporter: officials from south africa unhappy, saying the country is being punished for its advanced genomic sequencing that help detect the variant. secretary of state antony blinken praising the country for quickly identifying the variant and its transparency. israel says it will close borders to foreign visitors for two weeks. right now, it has one case of the variant. in europe, 61 people who arrived in the netherlands on two flights from south africa have tested positive for the virus. >> it will be sequenced to find out if we have to deal with a new version of the coronavirus. reporter: germany has identified
6:33 am
two cases of the variant in people who had traveled from south africa. italy has confirmed a case of the variant in a traveler from was in b. avent laboratories says it has looked at the omicron variant and is confident its test will detect the variant. stephanie: amid growing concerns about the omicron variant, vice president kamala harris is defending the biden administration's decision on the travel ban. vice president harris: i cannot stress enough that if you have not had the booster shot, get the booster shot. cannot stress enough the importance of getting vaccinated for those who have not been vaccinated. i will say what i say every time because it remains true. they are safe, they are free, and they will save your life. stephanie: vice president harris says the biden administration would take every precaution to combat this variant. when asked if more travel restrictions could be imposed, she said they are taking it one step at a time.
6:34 am
your next can of craft beer could come with a hefty price tag because of the supply chain crisis. one of the world's largest aluminum can suppliers says the demand for cans is exceeding supply. the price per can will jump 50% for noncontract customers like small breweries. they will be required to order no less than five truckloads of cans. this could force small breweries to raise prices or shut down. a wife is demanding justice for her husband who was shot and killed during an alleged child custody dispute in south texas. jennifer is speaking exclusively to abc news. we want to warn you, the video you are about to see is disturbing. our reporter has the story. reporter: chad reed was attempting to pick up his nine-year-old son from his ex-wife christina, seen in the white shirt.
6:35 am
reed's current wife jennifer capturing this video from her car, speaking exclusively to "gma.". >> he would do anything for time with his kids. reporter: christina's new partner joins the argument, brandishing a rifle. >> call 911. reporter: caruth shoots at chad's feet. i fires two fatal shots. 10 far, no charges have been filed in the case. >> did you ever think this could happen? >> no, i thought it was like a stun gun or taser gun. who is going to bring out -- they are having a discussion about custody. reporter: the attorney writing in part all texans may lawfully brandish a firearm to protect themselves. though reed came unarmed, he announced his intent to kill with kyle's own gun and took immediate, powerful action to do
6:36 am
so, which was unsuccessful. jennifer reads lawyer believes self-defense does not apply. >> whenever he brought that firearm out, he is the one who escalated and provoked the situation. reporter: according to abc's local station, the police department turned the case over to the texas attorney general. >> the attorney general is going to be looking at justification of stand your ground. justification, was there the threat potentially that chad could harm kyle or get his hands on the weapon? and so as a result, kyle shot him. reporter: jennifer is fighting to get custody of her husband's kids. stephanie: 52 years ago this past week, an occupation of alcatraz island by native americans began. the so-called tribe of all nations took over the abandoned prison and declared it tribal land. the documentary escape to alcatraz tells the story of the
6:37 am
occupation from beginning to its dramatic end and how it shaped public policy for decades after. >> 10 days had passed since the native americans last step foot on alcatraz island. they were not planning on giving it back to the government. under the cloak of darkness, the group made its way back to the island. >> they enjoyed one of the most enviable views last week. 6 360 degrees of san francisco bay. it will undoubtedly become a nightly affair. the group held the traditional powwow, followed by singing and dancing around the campfire. between the light house and the main cellblock building. ♪ >> the start of their second day found the original group of 78 enlarged by 15 to 20 more indians that had slipped by the coast guard patrol and onto the island during the night.
6:38 am
they carried supply to supplement the meager two days of provisions brought over early yesterday morning. meat, cereal, canned goods, beans. as the younger warriors slept, the community breakfast was being prepared at the campfire. the slicing and the eating. news men were invited. cleaning up after took a special meaning. they did not want it to look like a white man's island. the dawn brought to light other additional changes to the landscape. >> we do not fear your threat to charge us with crimes on our land. we and all other fresh people would welcome the spectacle of proof of your title by genocide. nevertheless, we seek peace. >> how long do you feel you can stay here? >> until hell freezes over. stephanie: you can stream escape to alcatraz right now on our tv
6:39 am
app. it is available on roku and apple tv and amazon fire tv. still ahead, christmas tree crunch. the issues that are making it hard to find the perfect tree this holiday season. we're going to take you live to this beautiful shot in soon acruz. you can see the pier and the sunrise, just starting to peek out. peak time will be 20 minutes away. lisa will have the full forecast.
6:40 am
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i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc stephanie: first lady jill biden will unveil the white house decor tomorrow. this is video from last year's decorations. tomorrow, national guard members and their families will be on hand to enjoy the festivities. the first lady will deliver a speech thanking volunteers who helped decorate the white house for the holiday season. a christmas tree tradition in piedmont has returned to
6:42 am
in-person sales after going online during the height of the pandemic. the piedmont scout tree lot opened yesterday and has adopted a hybrid model to sell trees online and in person. the lot has a wide variety, from for trees, silver-tipped trees, wreaths, and garlands. scouts help customers pick out the perfect tree and load it onto cars. >> last year with a skeleton crew, not so much the scouts, and now we have our scouts out helping, showing with the community means to them. stephanie: you can order trees online and pick up purchase items or have it delivered for a fee. the tree lot is the largest fundraiser of the year for scouts. a lot is open until all trees are sold. if tree scouting is on your schedule today, good news, you will not have to worry about wet weather. as much as we need it.
6:43 am
lisa: i know it, in fact, temperatures 10 degrees above average in parts of the bay area, especial the north way. 43 in santa rosa, but it's 50 in san rafael. we had wide spread 60's and 70's yesterday. what about your sunday and beyond? stay tuned. the answers coming up. stephanie: cal needed to win the final two games to become bowl eligible. could the bears beat ucla? chris alvarez has the highlights coming up in sports. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value for the same price.
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6:46 am
against hearing teams, capped championship last week, the school's first in its 68 year history. the warriors will try to win their seventh straight and stay alone atop the western conference. the dubs take on the clippers. a big conference game for the 49ers at levi's stadium. san francisco battles the minnesota vikings. both teams are 5-5, tied for the last two wildcard playoff spots. kickoff is at 1:25. standford's season came to an end, falling to notre dame. here is chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's sports. chris: good morning. it has been a long season for stanford football. taking the field on saturday, trying to end on a high note, looking for an upset of number six notre dame. some stanford legends right there. jack coan, notre dame's
6:47 am
indsay. 7-0 notre dame in a hurry. to the third quarter now. notre dame with the ball untilte 14. good news for stanford. the cardinal punch it in a few plays later. jones from five yards out. first touchdown notre dame has given up in 3.5 games. notre dame would get right back otten suing drive. coan to austin jr. 61 yards, almost a touchdown, gets pushed down at the two. irish score two plays later. fourth quarter now. he is going to go up 33 yards for the score. notre dame wins. stanford finishes the year 3-9. brotherly love there. second quarter, pitches it to christopher brooks. 14 yards to pater. pay dirt. cal down 10-7. it is garber's for the touchdown.
6:48 am
bears up 14-10. ucla led 17-14 at the half. all bruins in the second half. dorianp top. greg dolsic, what a great catch. ucla scores 32 unanswered points. bruins win big 42-14, eliminating cal from bowl contention. oregon ducks looking to rebound after last week's blowout loss. first quarter, oregon up 7-0 against oregon state. anthony brown finding devon williams, 50 yard touchdown. 14-0 ducks. late second quarter, oregon up 17-3. # brown keeps it himself. 24-3 oregon at the half. early fourth quarter, brown finds chris hudson. that means the ducks will face utah in las vegas. you can watch the game friday. kickoff at 5:00. that is your look at sports.
6:49 am
back to you. stephanie: chris, thank you. time to get a check of the bay area forecast with meteorologis. nice day to be out at lee vie's to watch the niners win. lisa: athat's right. if they can play like they did last week, wasn't that amazing? beautiful day in the south bay. temperatures coming up a few more degrees today for the peninsula, the south bay, so we're talking some 70's. live doppler 7, once again, the same picture where the storm track is well to the north, sending the rain up through seattle and oregon, and this is the south bay, where temperatures are in the 40's. 46 in san jose. it is 54 in san francisco. good morning to you, oakland, 47. 44 in mother began hill. and along the coast, dropping through the upper 40's. san francisco, our tower camera, where visibility is good. air quality, moderate. from time to time, we're looking at some haze around. we don't have a whole lot of mixing. yesterday, the upper elevation winds were stronger. we have a light off shore flow,
6:50 am
and that certainly is aiding in our warm-up. 43, santa rosa, as well as livermore. the delta at 44. a little fog there. we've had fog in spots from santa rosa up through nevada, and this is san rafael, where it looks nice and clear. clear and cool this morning, sunny and warm this afternoon, looking for dry conditions not only to last through the week. we'll have a minor dip, and then warming back up. but then no rain as we look to cool down just a little bit into the first weekend of december. so where is all the rain? once again, you guessed it, from seattle to portland, and even down into northern california, not really seeing anything. maybe .001 with mist and drizzle as we get into the middle of the week, but that doesn't even look likely. south bay, the vikings and the niners, 1:00, about 70 degrees. we'll be looking at those warm temperatures throughout the afternoon, dropping through the low 60's by about 4:00. so not really feeling like the
6:51 am
end of december, but we're kind of getting used to this weather with low 70's, wide spread here from sunnyvale. once again, low 70's at the beach in santa cruz. along the peninsula, very mild with upper 60's for half moon bay and pacifica. look for low 70's, redwood city yesterday, you had about 70 degrees. the winds have been light, so we'll look for those temperatures to come up through the early afternoon pretty quick. we should see low 60's downtown. 68 today. and in the north bay, as much as 10 degrees warmer, 72 for calistoga. vallejo, about 68. numbers on the east bay, just as mild as yesterday, 70 in hayward. look for 71 in union city. oakland, about the same, near 70 degrees. you head inland, we've got temperatures very mild once again, and a little warmer than they should be with san ramon in the upper 60's. 70 in livermore.
6:52 am
lots of sunshine, mild conditions today. hanukkah lighting tonight with the sun setting at about 4:50. temperatures in the upper 50's in the city. looking at cooler conditions at the coast tomorrow. little change elsewhere. we're still above average throughout the middle of the week, and then looks like some neighborhoods getting back into the 70's by the end of the week, but next weekend we're dry. we're cooler. no rain in sight yet. stephanie: just need the rainfall potential to move down to our area. lisa: you got it. stephanie: lisa, thank you. now to the christmas tree crunch. that could make it hard to find the perfect tree for your family this year. ginger z has more on what you can do to make sure you do not miss out. >> many people are getting in the spirit. >> maybe it needs a little love. >> there it is. >> maybe a little more difficult this year. the combination of labor shortages and trucking costs is
6:53 am
going to mean the shortest season and a five decade history. >> they are not all going to get their orders. >> oregon is the biggest producer of christmas trees in the u.s. many were decimated by the record-setting heat this summer. >> they were hit hard.yothbrown needles all the way through the tree. we do not know if this is ever going to survive. >> climate change has exacerbated natural droughts and heat, especially the noble fur. fir. >> we have lost 77 of the nobles. >> i think everyone will be able to get a tree. if you want a choice, go early. be flexible. >> if you cannot find a real tree, finding a fake tree could be challenging and cost more. >> there is probably a 10% to
6:54 am
30% increase in price depending on the tree and retailer and how big it is. what i am concerned about is for christmas 2022, it might be a better deal to buy this year. ginger zee, abc news, new jersey. stephanie: coming up next, a winter wonderland is coming to the home of the warriors. a kickoff to the holiday season celebrations. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. stephanie: today the warriors may be on the road, but their home is celebrating the start of the holiday season. right outside chase center, there's a winter windland. the weeks long event brings family-friendly activities every week until christmas. today, there will be a festive hanukkah celebration with a ceremonial menorah lighting. arts and crafts and facepainting and more. the event is free and runs from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. time to get a final check of the
6:57 am
weather. lisa? lisa: yeah, looks pretty behind you, stephanie. the sun coming up just after 7:00, and by the afternoon, we are going to be warm again with 70's from the peninsula, redwood city, palo alto. low 70's in san jose. 68 in concord, as well as san francisco. the accuweather 7-day forecast, little change. some high clouds, slightly cooler along the shoreline tomorrow. that holds for true, and then we're getting back into a steady pattern with cool mornings, sunny, and mild. afternoons, unseasonably mild. a little cooler, but dry into next weekend. stephanie: great, temperatures outside for the men or alighting on union square at 4:45, looking forward to that. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm stephanie sierra along with lisa argen. the news continues at 9:00 a.m. have a gate day.
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good morning, america. global concerns about the new covid-19 variant. >> a new variant thrown into the mix is exactly what we don't want at this time. >> israel now closing its borders as more countries around the world confirm new cases. and 13 of those 61 airline passengers from south africa to netherlands find out they're infected with the omicron variant. travel restrictions. we're hours away from the u.s. limiting travel to people coming from eight african countries. >> we're going to take every precaution. >> why the move has angered south africa. heading home. the record number of travelers expected at the airport. how to prepare, plus the best
7:01 am
and worst times on the highway. "gma" helping you steer clear of traffic troubles and any bad


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