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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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visit or call 1-888-xarelto >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> he was kind, caring, compassionate and honorary. >> former colleagues are mourning the lost of the security guard who was shot in oakland last week. he was working with a local news crew during an attempted robbery. the police department offering a reward leading to an arrest. good morning, it is sunday, november 28. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i am stephanie, and for liz this morning. we will have much more on that story in a moment. first, we are starting with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: good morning. kind of nice out there, despite the lack of rain and stagnant
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weather pattern. as you look at live doppler 7, high-pressure firmly in control. the cloud deck well to the north. the view, a little bit of haze. air quality is moderate in spots, 55 downtown. d7 in oakland, upper 50's at half moon bay. -- 57 in oakland. more 50's in the north bay and livermore at 50. big recovery from the morning lows in the 40's with two to four degrees of warming. santa cruz, could be a beach day. low 70's, lots of 60's threat the noon hour. mid and upper 60's by 4:00, the sun sets at 4:51. we have the lighting of the menorah tonight for hanukkah, we will talk about that and the extended outlook, whether or not we can get rain coming up. stephanie: a security guard who was shot in oakland last week while working with a local news crew has died. he was shot during what police say was an attempted robbery. he was a former police officer
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who worked for san jose hayward and colma police departments. our reporter is following this developing story. he spoke to one of the former employers. reporter: at approximately till: 30 wednesday afternoon, kevin was hoping guard a news crew reporting on a crime when he became a victim of one himself. >> a code-3 right now. armed security. the suspect is driving a white acura four-door, the shooter is the right front passenger. reporter: he was working with a local reporter near harrison in oakland when suddenly a man attempted to steal the reporters camera. he intervened, he was shot by the robber. saturday morning, he succumbed to his injuries. >> he was kind, caring, compassionate and very honorary. reporter: he works with the, police department, one of
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several agencies he worked with around the bay area. he says he was a model police officer, working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community. beyond being a former colleague, he tells me nishita was his friend and his family was hit hard. >> not too well. a very difficult time for them. they're very distraught. reporter: the suspect, believed to be driving a white 2004 to 2008 acura escape following the shooting. the oakland police department is investigating the incident and a reward of up to $32,000 is being offered leading up to the arrest of suspect. until that time comes, the commander says it is important to honor the sergeant's memory. >> being kind to one another and stopping the violence. it needs to stop. reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. stephanie: our hearts go out to the nishita family.
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gofundme has been set up, it is raised nearly $8,000. we posted on our website,, if you would like to donate. we have this badge on the abc 7 news facebook page, you can share it to show your support for former police officer kevin nishita and his family. turning to the omicron variant. while it has not been officially detected in the u.s., its impact is being felt by air travelers with bands about to take effect. our reporter is life of our vaccine team -- part of our vaccine team. she talked to an expert and worried passengers. reporter: starting monday, the u.s. will block entry to most travelers from eight southern african countries. she just arrived from london to the bay area. >> i thought things were getting better. this is also new, it is happening while we were there. reporter: as it continues to spread, the u.k., japan, brazil, thailand and singapore are among
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a growing list of countries imposing restrictions on travelers from south africa. carlton missed his flight to singapore after not meeting the testing requirement. >> i would have been here on time and everything. for the test results i got from the test center where the wrong type of test, that type of test is not accepted. reporter: strict guidelines are happening across the globe. this agent is getting flashbacks of the beginning of the pandemic. >> we are expecting more business coming in. now, the new virus, it makes a lot of tourists nervous and they will be traveling. reporter: italy and germany confirmed the first cases of the new variants. shell is glad he made it home. he was visiting both germany and italy. were you concerned you would get stuck? >> a little bit. reporter: this expert believes these travel restrictions are too late. >> transmissible, travel ban is not going to stop what is going to
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happen naturally. by the time you recognize something, it has probably already here. reporter: scientists say main concern is it has 50 mutations, that is more than any other variants, including delta. it has 19 mutations. >> we know the cure -- current vaccines -- reporter: many are hoping they will get to travel to see their loved ones this christmas. >> if it comes back with a lot of cases back on, we might not be able to go. reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. stephanie: israel has announced it is banning foreigners from entering the country for two weeks as fears rise over the new coronavirus variant. there is currently one confirmed case and a seven suspected cases of the variance in israel. all israelis returning to the country will have to quarantine regardless of vaccination status.
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this morning, dr. fauci says the u.s. must prepare for the oma con variants. he was asked by george stephanopoulos on this week if the new various it -- variance has been detected. >> we have not. we were pretty good surveillance system. but when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably, it will be here. the question is, will we be prepared for it in the preparation we have on going for we are doing now with the delta variant needs to be revved up. that is the bottom line, the preparation by getting more and more people vaccinated and getting the fully vaccinated stood. stephanie: dr. fauci says researchers will know in about two weeks whether the omicron variant is resistant to the vaccine or antibodies in the current vaccines in boosters can neutralize the virus. he says in one case, all vaccine companies are already working to develop a variant specific booster. if you have questions about
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covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team, good to and click on the blue box. a document refill maker from new york in town to shoot for his latest project is targeted in a brazen smash and grab robbery. it happened tuesday night in san francisco's japan town. cellphone video shows thieves breaking into his car into stealing a bag with film equipment, including months worth of footage. we asked the filmmaker, who was to go by frank, if this experience would stop him from visiting san francisco in the future. >> i was a little disappointed. you know, just what happened to us this time around. i have always liked the city into the surrounding area, the national parks. i will still come back, but i will spend a little less time in downtown san francisco itself. stephanie: he filed a police report into b are still waiting to learn if anyone has been arrested.
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the good news in all of this is a good samaritan found his passport on the street and thankfully was able to return it. in the east bay, an open family wants to get the word out about a crime targeting their business. thieves ransacked the 98 gift shop on international boulevard last saturday. video shows dozens of people swarming the shop, grabbing everything in sight. the family behind the small business tells us $100,000 worth of inventory was stolen. police have not made any arrests. vigil was held in remembrance of harvey milk and san francisco mayor torturous goni, marking the 43rd anniversary of their deaths. it took place at the harvey milk caused -- plaza. attendees gathered and lit candles in remembrance. the state senator spoke at the change they brought to san francisco. harvey was the first openly gay politician and activist. george is remembered as the people's mayor.
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they both leave behind an unforgettable legacy. san francisco animal care and control has released a coyote rescued after nearly drowning in san francisco's marina green. here is new video of the coyote, named phoenix, being released after it was treated and warmed up by shelter vets staff. on friday, bystanders flagged down first responders who made a lasso to keep the coyotes head above water, you can see here, until it could be pulled to safety. paramedics treated the coyote for severe hypothermia. turning to weather, lisa has a look ahead. lisa: as we look outside, montana looks a little hazy. we have our inversion and very little mixing for air quality to be moderate today. the temperatures are already climbing, 50 in livermore, 60 at the coast. stay tuned, i will in a how warm it will get into look at the first week of december. stephanie: rebounding from the pandemic.
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business has banking on a big day things to small business saturday. the first weekend of christmas in the park in san jose, organizers calling this year better than ever. we will be right back. this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today.
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stephanie: abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area. one topic we are focusing on is the economy and how it is being impacted by the pandemic. small businesses are hoping to rebound with a busy holiday shopping season, and yesterday was small business saturday. our reporter tells us storeowners are counting on the community to support them. >> thank you very much. happy holidays. reporter: she wanted a unique holiday gift and decided to make a detour away from the mall toward sustainable exchange and downtown. >> we are trying to get early christmas shopping done and support small businesses. reporter: that is the point of small business saturday. >> testing everything we thought
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we knew about how to run the store. reporter: they say this year, it is more important than ever to support small retailers. the pandemic was crushing, but business is bouncing back with shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind gifts. >> in our store, we try to source everything within 20 miles. most of what you see is local product. reporter: between managing supply chain issues in competing for workers, small businesses are trying to make up for lost revenue. they did marketing on social media to attract shoppers to the store, beauty heroes. >> the last year and a half has been challenging. foot traffic has been slow. coming in this morning with a line out the door has been really encouraging. reporter: small retailers hope shoppers will consider them over the big box stores. american express estimates spending locally keeps an average of $.67 on the dollar in that business is community. >> i want to spend money in the
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community, support local businesses. >> the families and individuals that own these businesses need all the help they can get. it has been a rough year and a half. reporter: holiday shopping season is here. fingers crossed it will be merry and bright and profitable for small businesses. abc 7 news. stephanie: speaking of shopping, vice president kamala harris and second gentleman stopped by a holiday market in washington dc for small business saturday. at one shop, they purchased maps showing the neighborhoods of both san francisco and l.a. they asked for an oakland map, but the shop did not have one. so the vp made a special request that her hometown be added. on tuesday, it is the day of giving. he created a full list of local vetted organizations that make a great impact in helping build a better bay area. you can find that list on our website, tion.
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after being canceled because of the pandemic, san jose's christmas in the park is back. that comes the holiday tradition of lighting the christmas tree. our reporter shows us the sights and sounds. reporter: we crank up the christmas music, grabbed her favorite festive clothes instead of the holiday season. for more than 40 years, the south bay has done this with christmas in the park. it is officially reopened at the downtown location. >> this event is why we exist. it is our main focus, our priority. i'm excited to be back. reporter: 2020 was the first year in decades the park was not fully decorated with christmas displays. now, it is back and organizers say it is better than ever. and all new inflatable beer and wine garden, tresa big you can walk the rich and much more. >> when people come downtown, i hope they enjoy themselves. reporter: not always new. the familiar grove of community decorated christmas trees return.
9:18 am
537 to be exact. whether it was first time decorators enjoying the sense of community -- >> a place where everyone can come together, walking, driving, taking transit, riding a bike. it's wonderful. reporter: -- or people renewing a 10 year tradition. >> it brings a lot of hope into joy, another sign of getting back to normal. we are super grateful and excited to be part of the event. reporter: everyone is happy to be back celebrating the holidays as a community once again at christmas in the park. >> we've been around for 40 plus years. history dates back to the 50's, so even longer. generations have grown up with this event, there was never an option to not come back. it was just how we were going to come back. here we are come opening night. reporter: abc 7 news. stephanie: hanukkah begins today, there are several events
9:19 am
across the bay area to celebrate. in union square, the additional menorah lighting takes place at 4:45 this afternoon. a ceremony will take place each night to light a candle up to the eighth and final night of the holiday. december 5. more lightnings are happening today, including a nine foot menorah made out of legos in alameda. the event locations and times are listed on your screen. happy hanukkah to all of you celebrating today, we know that menorah lighting taking place in union square is happening just before sunset. temperatures pretty mild. lisa: they will drop to the 60's, so about 59 right before sunset. it will be kind of cool, bring the jacket. as stephanie said, that lasts through december 5. look away at in the forecast models for any sign of rain, it is looking like a pattern change hopefully the sixth or seventh. nothing huge and nothing is a
9:20 am
slamdunk, but looking at signs of change for december. live doppler 7 showing the big ridge of high pressure dominating our weather, sending the storm track into the pacific northwest. we still have an inversion, that ishenheemperature rises ead of the oer way around. cooler air at the surface and warm air above. very little mixing, trapping the pollutants near the surface. that is what is looking like in san francisco with a little bit of hayes and many other cities around the bay area. 55 in san jose, 61 bay. 57 in oakland and san francisco. you may be thinking it is a beach day, end of november. san jose air quality looks better with numbers and the low 50's up in the north bay, about four mile visibility in concord. some fog gifting and from the central valley. otherwise, very little going on. rewind and repeat day after day with the cool mornings in patchy
9:21 am
fog, sunny and mild afternoons. where can we get wind? we go but about 2000 feet, it was breezier yesterday. the wind still light, look at the direction out of the north. that light offshore flow, we get the rapid warming. already in the 60's, near here in santa cruz below 70 later today. many beaches closer to home in the mid and upper 60's. a little bit of hayes, 60's and 70's arriving this afternoon. no rain to next weekend. as we look at the hour-by-hour forecast, notice. , libido fog wants to come back along the coast later tonight, we stop this tomorrow evening. -- a little bit of fog wants to come back along the coast later tonight. a cooler day in the city and along the shoreline, but today it the opposite. you're well above average, anywhere from five to 10 degrees above average with mid 60's to ocean beach, 68 it half moon
9:22 am
bay. that is a warm day, wrapping up november in the 60's and 70's with temperatures cooler for your monday. into tuesday, you noticed lower 60's closer to the bay. back to the 70's as the ridge of high pressure moves back and by the end of the week, bringing milder air. highs today range from 68 in richmond, 71 in fremont. 70 in san jose. temperatures a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday. hanukkah tonight, upper 60's to near 70 throughout the day. tomorrow, more of a breeze with patchy fog into tuesday. we are back to above average steady pattern with very little change, the weekend looks cooler. we keep hoping december is looking like it will bring us some change in terms of an official rain. stephanie: we need it, the rainfall forecast is not low enough. we need it. and you. this to head, the christmas tree crunch.
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stephanie: high school football team in southern california season has come to an end one game short of the state championship. the school for the deaf and riverside fell short to faith baptist last night at the southern section division ii championship. it was the team's first loss of the season. they won all 11 previous games against hearing teams, caps off by winning the championship last week. the first senate 68 year history. not to the christmas tree crunch. supply chain issues into climate change could make it hard to find a perfect tree this year. we have more on what you can do to make sure you do not miss out. reporter: many people are getting in the spirit, but
9:26 am
getting the perfect tree like the griswold's may be a little more difficult this year. the combination of labor shortages and trucking costs for christmas trees in ohio is going to mean the shortest season and a five decade history. >> we've got to cut customers down to keep them. they are not all going to get orders. reporter: oregon is the biggest producer of christmas trees in the u.s. many were decimated by record setting heat earlier this summer. >> they were hit hard. they've got brown needles all the way through, all up and down the tree. do not know if this is ever going to survive. reporter: climate change exacerbated natural droughts and heat, especially impacting the pacific northwest most popular tree, the noble for. -- fir. the biggest tip, by early. >> i think everyone will be able
9:27 am
to get one. if you want choice, be flexible. reporter: if you can't find a real tree, buying a fig tree could be challenging and cost more. -- fake tree. >> attempts into 30% increase in price. depending on how big the tree is. what i am concerned about is for christmas 22, it might be a much better deal to buy this year the next year. reporter: abc news, long, new jersey. stephanie: it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is only fitting disney is kicking off the happiest season of all with the sixth annual wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration. ♪ >> i'm a gigantic fan of disneyland. like a dream come true. stephanie: a lineup of musical performances includes kristin chenoweth, jimmy allen, gwen stefani and more. you can watch the celebration at 7:00 right here on abc 7.
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disney is the parent company of abc 7. still to come, the biden administration is standing by its decision to ban travel from several south african countries. what the vice president is saying about it. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. stephanie: good morning, you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is lisa. lisa: a little bit of haze there, you may have noticed in the early morning hours. you can see the wind, not enough of it to help us out. does that to the east for most of us, that is offshore. looking at the wind allowing for a quick warm-up today, or the lack of wind. 57 in san francisco. it is 61 already and half moon
9:31 am
bay, you can see the hazy view from emeryville. mid 50's and map -- in napa. everyone is two to four degrees warmer than yesterday, we will build on some of that warmth with higher afternoon temperatures. at 10:00, more 60's. a few high clouds, but overall upper 60's to near 70 at the warmest inland locations. the peninsula warming up, maybe a bit of haze throughout the afternoon, but overall, sunny and mild to warm. we've got low clouds late tonight and a cooler day on tap for monday. we will talk about december and rain chances when we see you in a few minutes. stephanie: more countries are banning travel from south africa after leaders identified the covid-19 omicron variance. officials in south africa are calling the restrictions a sort of punishment after the world health organization warned of overreacting to the variant concerns. here is our reporter.
9:32 am
reporter: growing concerns around the world about a new variant of covid-19 first identified in botswana this month, the world how the organization classifying omicron as a variance of concern. >> its ability to infect people who have recovered from infection and even people who have been vaccinated makes essay, this is something you've got to pay close attention to. reporter: the united states on the growing list of countries shutting down travel and several other countries getting monday. >> it is possible travel restrictions will help slow things down a little bit, but it will not have a large effect. reporter: officials in south africa unhappy with the bands, saying the countries being punished for its advanced genomic sequencing that helps detect the variance. secretary of state trying to mitigate south africa's frustration, praising the country for quickly identifying the variant and force transparency.
9:33 am
starting tonight, israel says it will close borders to foreign visitors for two weeks. right now, it has one case of the variance. in europe, 61 people who arrived in the netherlands on two flights from south africa have tested positive for the coronavirus. they are in isolation. further tests are underway. >> they will be sequenced to find out if we have to deal with the new version of the coronavirus. reporter: germany identified two cases of the variance in people who traveled from south africa. italy has confirmed a case of the variant and a traveler from mozambique. a u.s. manufacturer of manufactf tests says it looked at the omicron variance and is confident its test will detect it. abc news, new york. stephanie: amid the the the vice president harris is defending the biden administration's decision on the travel ban. she's continued to urge everyone to get vaccinated. >> i cannot stress enough, one,
9:34 am
if you have not had the booster shot, get it. i cannot stress enough the importance of getting vaccinated for those who have not been vaccinated. i will say what i say every time, it remains true. they are safe. they are free and they will save your life. stephanie: the vice president says the administration will take every precaution to combat the new variant and asked if more traveling which actions could be imposed, she says they are taking it one step at a time. 52 years ago this past week, and occupation of alcatraz island native americans began. the so-called tribe of all nations took over the abandoned prison and declared it tribal land for 19 months. the abc 7 originals documentary escaped to alcatraz tells the story of the occupation from the beginning to its dramatic end and how it shaped public policy for decades after. >> native americans last step foot
9:35 am
on alcatraz island. this time, they were not planning on giving it back to the federal government. under the cloak of darkness, the group made its way back to alcatraz. >> they enjoyed one of the most enviable views in the world. 360 degrees of san francisco bay as seen from the center. it will undoubtedly become a nightly affair. the group held the traditional powwow followed by chanting and dancing around a campfire between the lighthouse and main cellblock building. ♪ followed the original group of 78 enlarged by 15 to 20 more indians. this up by the coast guard patrol and onto the island sometime during the night. presumably, they carried supplies to supplement the meager two days of provisions brought over early yesterday morning. potatoes, meat, cereal, canned goods, beans. as younger warriors wrapped in
9:36 am
sleeping bags slept, a community breakfast was being prepared at the fire. the flying, slicing finally and eating -- finally, eating. cleaning up took a special meeting. they did not wanted to look like a white man's island. they brought the light end camera, other additional changes in the landscape. we do not fear your threat to charges of crimes on our land. we and all other oppressed people would welcome the spectacle of proof to fill the world of your title by genocide. nevertheless, we seek peace. >> how long do you feel you can stay here? >> a man once said until hell freezes over. stephanie: you can stream it on demand right now through our app. it is free and available on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and injury tv. speaking of streaming, you have until tomorrow to get a great deal on hulu. they are offering memberships
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for just $.99 a month for an entire year. the supported membership regularly costs six dollars nine and nine cents a month. the offer ends tomorrow. disney is the parent company of both hulu and abc news. still ahead, and unforgettable experience. what hundreds of visitors unfolded their work at matt's inside grace cathedral in san francisco each week. -- work out mats. you can see the sea lions soaking up the sun, just about 61 degrees.
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stephanie: the first lady will unveil this years white house holiday theme tomorrow. a group of second graders from maryland will help her. this is video from last year's decorations. tomorrow, national guard members and their families will be on hand to enjoy the festivities. the first lady will deliver a speech, thinking volunteers who helped decorate the white house
9:40 am
for the holiday season. a christmas tree tradition in piedmont has returned to in person sales after going online during the height of the pandemic. the piedmont scout tree lot opened yesterday and has adopted a hybrid model to sell trees online and in person. the lot has a wide variety for holiday needs from for trees, silver tip trees, reads -- wreaths and garlands. >> i think last year with such a skeleton crew, it is not so much the scouts. this year, we have all of our scouts out helping and showing with the community means to them. stephanie: you can order trees online and pick up purchased items or have it delivered for a fee. the tree lot is the largest fundraiser of the year for scouts and explorers. the lot is open until all trees are sold out. it is not a bad day to do some of that tree scouting.
9:41 am
lisa has a look ahead. lisa: you may want to head to the beach. temperatures are warming quickly. 61 degrees here in santa cruz, we saw low 70's yesterday. we do it again today. the ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere anytime soon. i will explain next. stephanie: cal needed to in the final two games to become bowl eligible. can the bears beat ucla to keep the hopes alive? we have the highlights coming up we have the highlights coming up in this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ when you open a jar of better than bouillon
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we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. stephanie: the warriors will try to win their seventh straight game in the western conference. they take on the clippers at staples center. tipoff is at 12:30. the conference game for the 49ers at levi's stadium. his san francisco battles the minnesota vikings. both teams are five and five, tied for the last two wildcard layoff spots. kickoff is at 1:25. sanford season came to an end,
9:44 am
falling to sixth-ranked notre dame. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning, it has been a long season for stanford football. taking the field at three a saturday, turned to end on a high note and looking for and observe number six notre dame. some stanford legends, jack to lindsay, 16 yards. seven up notre dame in a hurry. to the third quarter, notre dame with the ball until jonathan steps in front of the past and picks it off. he takes it to notre dame 14, good news for stanford. he punched in a few plays later, jones from five yards out. first touchdown notre dame has given up and 3.5 games. we get right back on the ensuing drive. 61 yards, almost a touchdown. pushed out at the two. fourth quarter, tyler butch and
9:45 am
her -- butchner going through yards for the score. stanford finishes the year 3 wi bther uclinbrooks. 14 yards, down 10. ucla fumbles the kickoff, four plays later it is garber's for the touchdown. up 14-10. all bruins and the second half. robinson up top, what a great catch. 27-14 bruins. punching it income ucla scores 32 unanswered points. bruins win, and limiting cal from bowl contention. oregon ducks looking to rebound. losing to utah first quarter anthony brown finding devon williams 50 yard touchdown 14-0.
9:46 am
17-3, brown keeps it. 24-3 oregon. 24-9, brown finds chris seven your connection. oregon wins 38-29. the ducks will face utah and las vegas. you can watch it right here in abc 7 with kickoff at 5:00 that is a relook at sports, back to you. stephanie: turning to weather, lisa joins us with a look at the game day forecast. 49ers, vikings, 70 as a high. sounds nice. lisa: if they can play like last weekend, slamdunk. e orm track which is welling you out of the bay area the pacific northwest. that has not changed. not much has. in version and very little mixing this morning allowed for some haze you can see from the
9:47 am
north bay. 57 oakland, san francisco was a 60 on top of mount tam. the warmer air, six to one in mountain view. 65 in san jose. 64 degrees along the coast. a look at san jose, air quality is moderate. 51 santa rosa. novato's 57. livermore is the cooler spots. a little bit of fog moved in from the central valley. if we look at the current levels, we are all moderate except for the south-central bay , where they have better air quality. as you get to the afternoon, getting into a little more mixing. that inversion should mix out and we get better conditions. overall, there is not a weather pattern that will change things dramatically. we with this regime, high-pressure weakening tomorrow. it builds back as we get toward the end of the workweek. overall, you know what we need
9:48 am
end it is not coming soon, rain. -- and it does not coming soon, rain. not until next weekend. 60's and 70's in the afternoon. the rain is of the pacific northwest from seattle to portland, down through california nothing. we are looking high and dry. the ridge of high pressure keeps everything away. in santa clara, temperatures in the low 70's throughout the mid afternoon. 1:00, 70 degrees. as the vikings are in town with 63 by the afternoon. a pretty nice day, the next few days as we wrap up november. certainly above average, we will look for low 70's from cupertino to sunnyvale today. mid 70's around morgan hill. the peninsula at 71 yesterday. redwood city does about the same with upper 60's from san bruno. very mild along the coast. if you want to head toward a half moon bay, ocean beach, montero, upper 60's.
9:49 am
even daly city, 60 degrees downtown. seven degrees above average with 70 in novato. as we had to the east bay, already mild in the 60's. 70, no problem a new work today. heading inland, a little haze with sunny skies this afternoon. upper 60's to near 70, accuweather 7 day forecast tonic at tonight's clear with upper 50's downtown. one day, cooler but little change throughout the middle of the week. the high get stronger toward wednesday and thursday. into next weekend, we bring in slight cooling. stephanie: grace cathedral in san francisco is breaking their and building community with weekly yoga sessions. every tuesday night, 500 plus visitors unfolded their mats for an unforgettable experience. ♪ >>
9:50 am
every tuesday night, we have a yoga class. ♪ >> i have not found anything else like this. beautiful practice, life music. i need to reset, energized. >> the artwork, the beauty of the stained-glass windows, the openness just energizes me and makes me want to keep going. >> having the sense of unity is so powerful. the experience an implicit version of that every tuesday evening. it is the true spirit of yoga and san francisco. it is open to all, any level, religion, no religion. come as you are. you are welcome here. ♪ >> yoga on the labyrinth started about 15 years ago. we broadened it and added in life music and made it more of a community event. also, keeping with that intent
9:51 am
of yoga, joining together all the separate parts of san francisco and b-1. just for an hour -- be one. just for an hour and 15 minutes. >> part of it is the community of all the different people who come to the door. we are here to share a yoga practice. when we are here, you are looking up and seeing the lights to the stained glass, hearing the bells. it is quite extraordinary. ♪ >> there is something more to our bodies. they are sacred. when we tap into that source, we do not just do something physical that is good for us. also learn about ourselves. >> yoga studios, gyms are great this is to practice. but they are typically small. when you are doing a sun salutation in this beautiful gothic space, you get a sense of your place in the universe. when people come into the
9:52 am
cathedral, they are invited to put their matt anywhere -- mat anywhere. heim the altar, on the labyrinth, between the pews. >> we have some ohm ohm ohm ohmo voice comes together. i'm not a religious person, but this is the breathing in harmony together. closest. i had a student that was an atheist, i think they are appreciating we aren't telling them what to think or believe. we are holding space where they can sit with whatever is going on in their world and life. >> it is a space that is beautiful but also inclusive in a way that many other churches are not. our bodies are connected through these invisible ligaments of grace. the things that separate us begin to fall away. >> i was really excited at the
9:53 am
opportunity to teach at grace cathedral because when i was a young gay man, i had a lot of guilt and shame. every member reading this article about this cathedral out and san francisco that was ordaining gay and lesbian priests. so the opportunity to teach in such a progressive, welcoming, open space was a dream come true. >> my hope is when people come away from this practice, they know themselves a little better and that self-knowledge leads to a greater sense of humility awakening to the world's needs and an ability to reach out to the world of love into service to make a difference. ♪ roll out my yoga mat. next, a winter wonderland is coming home to the home of the
9:54 am
warriors. the kickoff to the holiday the kickoff to the holiday season celeb this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today.
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♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin.
9:56 am
stephanie: here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. the powerball nobody picked all six numbers. the lucky ticket purchased in sacramento matched five of the numbers to win more than $1.6 million. tomorrow night's jackpot increases to $253 million. today, the warriors may be on the road, but their home is so limiting the start of the holiday season. right sha center is hosting a winter wonderland. the weeks long event brings family fun activities every week until christmas. today, there will be a festive hanukkah celebration with a ceremonial menorah lighting area live entertainment, storytelling, facepainting, arts and crafts and more. the event is free and runs and
9:57 am
-- from 3:00 to 6:00. let's get a final check of the forecast. lisa: it is going to feel more like spring instead of christmas. if you are going to enjoy the weather today, beautiful at the beaches with mid and upper 60's. otherwise, we are waiting on the rain for quite some time as this pattern is locked in place. air-quality kind of hazy, moderate threat the day. should be getting better through the afternoon, upper 60's to low 70's in santa clara. the accuweather 7 day forecast, little bit of cooling at the coast. morning fog, mild days. it'll change to the week. as a start december, it is just december on the calendar. the weather is not changing. stephanie: hard to complain with that forecast. we need the rain. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news continues continues u tonight, have a great day.
9:58 am
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